Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here is a new game from Prague - Penalty Floorball

Let us do a super big quote again

"We have prepared a contest for goalkeepers and shooters which is called the PENALTY FLOORBALL
It is a contest for all lovers of tricks and penalty shootings. Every team particpating in Prague Games is allowed to nominate one team consisting of two players (goalkeeper + shooter).  The number of participants is restricted because of the limited amount of time and space available in Harfa.
The teams will be alloted into play-off brackets.
Contest time: 17:00-21:00
Location: pavilion on the 2nd floor of Harfa Gallery
Rules: Every game in Penalty Floorball is played on one set" ......... 

read the rest of this forward thinking story about sets in Penalty Floorball at the original site

USFbA to investigate the future of Female Floorball

News for girls from USFbA


USFbA has decided to investigate the possibilities of forming a U.S. National U19 Women's team taking aim at the 2016 World Floorball Championships.

This will cover both possible players and ways to develop a team in both logistic as well as economic terms.

Anders Buvarp in Colorado has been assigned as General Manager and Michael Borg of Wisconsin will act as Senior Adviser for this project.

A U19 team is a crucial way to build Floorball for the future. The next female U19 World Floorball Championship takes place in 2014, the following time, in 2016, the city of Belleville, Canada will host the WFC.

"We think the US must be represented as the World Floorball Championship comes to Canada in 2016" says Borg. "But we also know that it will be hard work to form a competitive US female U19 National Floorball team for 2016" adds Buvarp. "However we think we have some good ideas on how to accomplish this task." Buvarp concludes.

The rest of the article available from its source

Update, this is some information that spilled over from Canada, just so you all see how serious they work with this task for their own team.. quoted in from Facebook for their U19 girls team..

Posted Yesterday by Mr. Crawford
Congrats to all players selected as our "Lucky 13" group. It was a difficult group to select from... Over 70 players took part in the 5 camps during the spring. If you were not selected there are still 7 spots open and a total of 30 players can be added to the IFF list before the tournament in May 2014. We will be adding names to that list before the fall semester of school starts and adding the last 7 names before Christmas 2013.
I will be attending the Hockey Canada Skills Academy Coaching seminar in Calgary, Alberta next week where Anthony Harrington will be highlighting floorball and promoting the sport and making an emphasis on Women's Floorball as we get ready for U19 2016 worlds in Canada (Belleville, Ontario).
Our next big push is to expand our U19 floorball database outside of southern Ontario and into the Western Canada and Quebec. We are targeting for 2 players from these regions for 2014, and 6 players for 2016. Please help out in anyway by spreading the word. 

Have a great Canada Day Weekend!

All Petitions are bad to start with - but this one is growing fast

Yup, any Petition with only one name on it are always very bad. But then on the other hand all Petitions starts out like that, ehhh  if not the first few people put their names on the paper at the same time..

We just went to and wrote a Petition for Floorball in US schools. Of course it is rather hard for most Americans to sign such a Petition since they do not know what Floorball is - yet.

Therefore the best solution to have this Petition filled with names must be to ask Europeans and Asians, that knows Floorball to sign this so we get some steam under this idea. And hey You will not sign your life away, nor will it cost you any money... The Petition only asks the US Governments department of Education to start a Floorball program in US schools - and this would certainly be good both for Americans as well as for all others that likes Floorball too.

Sign it now - do not wait - and here it is..
and we need, right now, 98 more initial signatures to make it real for the first step at you can be a founder in this and make a difference in the lives of many - get real -
- please help give US kids Floorball! and hey, please share this away on Facebook etc too... We know you can do it.

Floorballcentral Thanks all 98 of you that are first and you who invites others in this...

A bunch of people have signed - U sign too so you are among the first 100!
We expect this petition to be advertised at several other Floorball sites - this will only grow from here!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fantasy for the minor league?

Many people play a fantasy league on, like the NHL, NBA, NFL or something. The idea is normally to "manage" the team or some players and then perform in different ways as a coach and in comparison to others.
Most often this is done with the very top notch league.

A company in Sweden however figured out their own version of the game - but instead they aimed for the minor leagues in soccer... well this was last year.
It sounds like this was very successful. Small team suddenly had a fantasy league to offer their own close fans and the interest for the little team soared.  But that was not the only thing - the players also really liked this, since the fantasy system suddenly also keeps their own statistics in order, and another good thing from this is that the local club also can make some extra revenue on these fantasy leagues.

If we understand this right is was all a success. And right now the company guldfemman expanded to cover minor leagues in Ice Hockey and Floorball in Sweden too- starting this fall.

If this is a fantasy - for sure it is not - here's a page that describe this in a cryptic foreign language..

Fatpipe has always had a developed affection for the USA

Oh yes we have much more comin' - then on the other hand we do not think Ms. Peggy found her stick yet, by the way.

Then it is time for the classic US Open 2013

Come Vacation in Southern California and Play Floorball on the Beach!
This Year the US Open will have a "Beach Floorball Game" plus Woman's division along with youth and Advanced.
Hurry and book now - Travel discounts available through Floorball Gear USfba National Sponsor.

Sign up and all the other stuff you need to know.. is here

Thank U Erik!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some of the fastest Ladies in the World!

We love You and Czech Floorball that produced this one..

Colorado Floorball Raises again

Earlier Edition of the Colorado Mountain Lions

Mr. Buvarp from Monument Colorado informs us the he talked to the Sundance Mountain Athletic Center that they plan to play in that gym on Mondays.
They plan to start Monday, July 1st at 8pm.

If you are in the area it is $8 for the rental and here is a map and details of the facility:
Sundance Mountain Athletic Center
1808 Woodmoor Drive, Monument, CO 80132
719.488.4664 phone

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Mr. Buvarp: 
anders(at-sign) replace at-sing and brackets with @ or it will not work u drufus ;-)
He is looking forward to see some old and new players again!

And two "maybe babies" too - a Colorado Floorball Camp... and boards?For the summer of 2014, Mr. Buvarp further mention they have discussed arranging a Colorado Floorball Camp with a possible special guest from Sweden. Note however that this is at this point still entirely tentative. We here will still mark a reminder in the back of our head.
And what about Boards?
Apparently Mr. Buvarp has dug up some used boards in Uppsala, Sweden and he is now trying to get a good deal.  He say, "However, the shipment itself is pretty expensive. I am thinking maybe we can pool some money for the shipment. Playing with boards brings the game to a whole new level of fun."
We here may only say amen - yes boards are not for free as we try to play frontier Floorball - and yes the game becomes so much better with boards - Good Work and Good Luck Colorado! Have fun and play nice.

ADM at USA Hockey post on Floorball

Posted this Monday for the first time on Facebook about Floorball we think.

Way to go ADM and USA Hockey.

Here it is if you want to see it for yourself..

The violence in the sport of Floorball

It is darn right terrible when the refs starts to beat up players - instead of the other way around.
This must be stopped and the sport must develop a much more loving attitude with peace and sensitive feelings..

;-D   ;-D   :-D  wow watch out... and a better swing could make the difference LOL

Ukraine - building future sports too with leaps

Here - U R welcome to the Ukraine Open

Ukraine Open 2013 STORY (trailer) from Yuriy Kovalisko on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OK it seems like clips from European Hockey practice are interesting?

Here is another practice clip, it is from Leksands Hockey club and we are sorry it is all in Swedish...
In this clip we do not meet the Forsberg of yesterday and the Avalanche.
Nope here is instead Sweden's new stick-handling wiz - Filip Forsberg (he is NOT related to the other big guy).

If the new Forsberg is good at hockey? This is what wikipedia say "At World Juniors in Brno he was also selected Best Forward of the tournament. In final rankings done by NHL Central Scouting, Forsberg was the highest rated European forward available in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft."

They do an accommodated version of Floorball in Leksand, the goalie use a stick and stand up with padding.. the game play is a bit more rough as compared to regular floorball.. and it is way too much talk in this clip. But is it the top team - with Filip Forsberg from Nashville as the first guy they speak to. We are sorry about all the talk in this clip ..and by the way...who won? The younger side of the team won over the older 11-3 or something.. and what did the others say about Forsberg playing Floorball? Well, they say that he is doing things with the stick... - no-one else can do. And yes they talk about a Floorball stick.

By they way, yesterday we had the highest hits on this blog ever during a summer month... off season training seems very popular here..

Turn Fall to Spring? Holiday in Australia>

Come visit one of the best global travel destinations in the world and at the same time play in the premier Australian Floorball event – The Northern Beaches Floorball Open (NBO).
The best teams from all over Australia are competing annually for the NBO title. Become the first international team to measure up and give the Down Under teams a run for their money.
Date: October 12 & 13, 2013

Read the rest of this invitation at its source

Dear Lord Stanley...

Well we just wanted to chime in a bit on how Floorball connected to this years cup. One team in the finals have like four Swedes, that all are raised with it in school and at their Hockey Clubs too..
This is from Djurgården Hockey Club in Sweden.. Where Jonny Oduya, now Chicago, played two seasons plus he has played for Frölunda HC too - and we know they use Floorball too..

Then of course Hossa likes Floorball too - and yes well you know what team won...

Hm, this is by the way the last guy to score a hat trick in your final..

OK, maybe it is a bit noteworthy that the first score is one handed and the last is a tennis hit?

What Peter Forsberg himself say about Floorball as in relation to Ice Hockey and America?
The rest of this post is sourced via an interview posted by and you find their full post here BUT...
Peter Forsberg mentions three main benefits from floorball in his own hockey game:

1. Stick-handling

2. Agility and Quickness

3. On -Ice Vision, Game Sense

Why did you get involved in Floorball?

- It's great to get into a growing sport. I've always liked floorball and when the chance came up to buy into an established brand, there was no hesitation. There are several major equipment manufacturers in the Swedish market as Salming and Unihoc, so it will be a lot of work to get Exel on the map.

What does it take to make floorball a success in North America?

Canada has chosen to work closely together with hockey to develop floorball. They have signed agreements with Hockey Canada where the pitch have been off ice training, especially at youth level.

- One thing you should keep in mind is that it is incredibly difficult to break Americans patterns. I myself have been at baseball games and thought that nothing happens, but the Americans love it. Soccer made it pretty big over there. What unites floorball and soccer is that it is relatively easy to get started. What needs to happen is that you need to get started with floorball here and there and in that way get the Americans to open their eyes to the sport. Floorball is such a fun sport and a great way to exercise; they will also realize this if they pick it up.

The Floorball ball was first invented for golf...

Yes as a smaller practice ball like some 60 years ago.

Now we are back to the roots in Canada - as they raise money for the upcoming WFC in 2016 with,, yes..
Go Belleville GO, picture via their Chamber of C

The traditional love for Open Water Floorball - World Championship

We should do this in America too - they grow like crazy over there..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Critical Mass and Wheel Caps..

Some folks, including us, babble about a critical mass and the ability to determine when you may reach a critical mass in a specific market. This means when you on a market have enough penetration to go from Early Adopters to the larger crowd and when all people wants the same thing..
Well the product is still the same - so it is more about the psychology with the user.
Think I-phone and you get it?

We think this makes sense, but we also realize that Floorball is utterly far in the USA to be even close to such a critical mass. But we know Floorball exceeded this mass on other markets and we say it have this potential to do the same here too. OK this will not happen tomorrow. But one day...

Anyway some clever researchers or marketing guys say - that they know the rate that determine a critical mass for a product. To us that is just too clever and probably a bit crazy.

Na for Floorball it does not play the most important role in how many sticks that are being sold. Na, instead we think it is first when people start to see floorball sticks out on the town being carried across roads, on sidewalks and on bikes.. When the visibility goes up - then all the ketchup comes at the same time.
This is what we think happened in Sweden some 20-30 years ago.

The car crazy country USA pose a problem in this respect since people is not that very much visible in the streets out walking and so on ...

But we have the solution. Why not make wheel caps for regular car wheels that looks just like a regular Floorball ball?
If you make them we promise to buy a set ;-)

And here now we have a shaft that is rectangular - like a hockey stick

From Fatpipe...
The video via Klubbhuset is good - we excuse for the Swedish - but look at the images... the shaft is rectangular.. interesting huh?

Equality and Floorball?

This is what Ted Ed say on this - describing the US American sport reality...

We do miss Floorball in all this - LOL.

This is what Floorball say by the way...

And yes the Champions Cup and the EuroFloorball Cup are for both Male and Female teams...

Monday, June 24, 2013

An outstanding offer to all American Special Olympics people

Why Special Olympic Floorball?
Well the sport is one of the more safe, and more inclusive, as well as the most cost efficient, but also fastest team sports you can be engaged in.

Floorball was played as a demonstration sport at the Special Olympics World Games in South Korea, January 2013. It was a huge success.

Floorball has since met formal demands and requirements - and has the full potential to soon become the next formally recognized sport for Special Olympics.
We here would bet on the fact that you will see Floorball again at the next Special Olympics World Winter Games that are to be played in Austria 2017 - so it is time to prepare already now.

Floorballcentral and Floorballplanet teamed up and wants to help Special Olympics in the USA to get started with Floorball as soon as possible.

Here you have a firm offer as the incentive to become one of the early adopters of Floorball on the Special Olympic Floorball stage here in the USA.

Do not miss this opportunity - while this offer last.

We have tied an agreement with Floorballplanet and they may now offer a good entry level product at a very special - and unique - Special Olympic, 10% Discount.

A Floorball set have been selected as an appropriate entry level kit for Special Olympic purposes, and the set include instructions for how to play and practice floorball:

Note Bene! A few Instructions...

To be able to have your special discount the following apply

A) You as a customer must be able to use our offer for Special Olympic purposes (well, We take your word for it) and to trigger this discount you must order at least one HSCHOOL_2 product from the link as of above.

B) Second you must enter “SPECIALOLYMPICS” in the coupon code at checkout (all caps and no spaces) and you will receive 10% of the order total - But hey listen to this..
If the order is over $500, You also receive the 10% normal volume discount off the order.  So, it makes sense for You to add a few additional sticks, or other items to the package, because you will receive 20% off!

C) This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers from Floorballplanet and it is only effective until 7/31/13

And a clip we missed

From CC2013

A Seismograph Floorball report from NA

Something is going on.
We see ourselves an increased and steady stream of almost twice of what we seen previous Summer months - and USA fully dominates.

We get even more reports from the north east and today we saw this 5 year old being inspired by zorro..

We have recently heard Coachchic talk more floorball, and they are ordering boards via Floorball gear in California. We hear about a surge in traffic to Floorballpro's most descriptive videos. Then we hear a bunch of other rumors too. And even the ADM unit at USA Hockey seems to tweet on Floorball - and today we bounced into a new private Hockey institute up in Canada also promoting Floorball - and... it seems like this blog is being combed thoroughly too on older stuff..

Well we could go on like this with a few more things.

Our conclusion is that this is a little indication, small pre-trembles, that things are going forward.. but we are still in the silence before the storm. The day Floorball erupts in North America - you want to hold tight to your hat.

More Unihoc News in June 2013

They just released a triangle Floorball shaft.. Interesting since it will probably make the shaft stiffer and clearly provide tactic input to the player on what direction the blades points at.. We have however a hard time to find the text that more in detail presents the advantages.

But Oh this is a video that in detail shows some of the more advanced R&D testing going on for the worlds fastest team sport..

Then we also stumle across a great slide presentation on prezi (as we tried to figure out the triangle design) that more in detail presents the company - cool they reveal that they are aiming for shoes too - all good things for Floorball we say...

Ghetto Street Smart Culture

And of course ...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

News from Floorball Gear

We have noticed that they have been active lately and just a few hours ago they sent us this..

We say cool since the US is in dire need of more rinks..


Floorball Gear is about to place a direct order for this season and more importantly bring over full size regulation Unihoc rinks. This will be the first time these world class boards will be availbe for purchase in the US.
This is great opportunity for all of Floorballl partners to take advantage of this limited time offer to purchase and share the cost of ocean shipping direct to our warehouse for pick up in the US. Call for Details today - 714.493.9980 this offer will only be good until June 28th, 2013

For American Hockey dudes and dudettes..

How it might work with some summer sessions up in Canada... Floorball and Hockey together? Summer camps?

We're kidding?
This is what is up at Hockeyjams in Vancouver..

Summer Camps

1. Intro to Skating and Hockey Skills (All ages)
2. Power Skating and Hockey Skills (Ages 7-12)
3. Atom/Pee Wee Rep Hockey Prep (Ages 9-12)
4. Floorball Skills (Ages 4-5)
5. Floorball Skills (Ages 6-12)
6. Drop-in Floorball (Ages 6-14)
7. Adult Floorball Skills (Ages 15+)
8. Elite Floorball Training Series (Ages 14+)
Want to see the full website? Be their guests please..

Ball Philosophy - pushing the rules? Part Two

If you design rules - you must have some ideas clear on what the purpose is - and we think the rules that describe a Floorball ball should cover some important spectrum or axis in this respect.
So instead of reading the rules and trying to understand the rules as written - done before in part one - let's this time look more on the foundations for the rules... regarding Floorball balls.

First we think: Property dimension
The rules must describe; on one side physical properties of the product (how it looks like)- but also the other side; physical properties of the products function (how it works).

Second we think: Control dimension
The author of any rule must know at what level of control the rules should operate.
You may either make very simple rules that is easy to follow and easy to go outside since not too much is specified. The other side of this dimension is of course a very controlled environment that tries to do as much as possible to lock in the compliance with many specified details in your rules. This is a very interesting dimension.

Then finally we think: Intentional dimension
The rules should not be written to only keep traditions in place - rules should, if so possible, also have some sort of intentions behind them to develop and aim for future positive developments. This is a very trick foundation to write rules upon - but not fully insane we think. Can the rules be open to areas that we want to improve the game in and the obvious question is speed always good - pop-up like a letter in the mail.

So if we yet again look upon the rules covering the Floorball Ball. Damit, the IFF is doing a fairly good job that describe both the looks as well as parts of the ball function. As it comes to the simplicity or detailed level of the rules these areas also seem to be covered in some dynamic symbiosis. Good work in other words.

What do we want to change? Maybe nothing but we have a set of questions the could lead to further development of the ball, its rules, or just on how we view the ball.

So let us deliver a battery of questions to see if you as a reader will understand the ball better than we do?
- Should not the maximum speed of the ball be determined at a mechanic test?
- And should the speed in air-flight be measured at one meter from an mechanic device - or 10 meter from the device?
- What about the specific roundness of the ball?
- How can the holes be developed - as transparent windows?
- Do we care about the retardation of the ball in air-flight?
- Should not the thickness of the shell determined? Or can it be made in other thicker material with lower density? Maybe a porous material? For different retardation properties - is that important?
- Can the ball be made out of a sandwich construction? Should the materials allowed to be used in a ball be specified?
- May the surface be coated with a more sticky or oily substance?
- Should not Floorball balls come in a size for junior players too? Think about other sports and some kids are only half the size of adults..
- Should balls be equipped with some sort of reflective or fluorescence color, why not lights? So they would be more visible during TV games?
- Should there be a radar sensitive aluminium strip baked into the balls? Or even a small Bluetooth sender?

Most of these questions has not too much to do with the reality of today's balls - they speak more about the intentions of the sport. Floorballcentral thinks it is always a good thing to have a vision for the future and we know the discussion about the very fastest balls have been up - but then on the other hand the numbers of goals scored in most games are to us just perfect. The main focus we think for future developments of the Floorball ball is probably to make them a bit more visible on TV and on-line during fast games. So should the ball be larger - and the goals too?

Why we write so much about the ball and its rules? We think even the best thing can always be improved a tad bit and rules are a vital part of the development - we think. And development is what takes us all forward.

Global warming - or just stick handling in the sun?

Well, it is floorball alright...

Ball Philosophy - pushing the rule limits UPDATE ? Part one!

Do You know the Ball rules in Floorball? Well let us take a look at them and try to understand them a bit better. First we have a general question - are these rules designed to describe something that already existed - or are the rules designed to present or define what could be described at the most optimal Floorball ball yet? 
Yes, this turns a bit philosophical and sometimes we do not have clear answers - but we are of the optimistic view that a question sometimes tells more than an answer..

All rules are posted here as a copy of what the IFF have published online per today's date

2.2 Ball
The balls (10 of each type) are tested according to the SP-method 1506, point 5.3 (see appendix 1),
and are assessed according to the following requirements. The ball can have only one colour outside
and can have a second colour inside. IFF approves balls for IFF events and will only use one coloured
balls. National federations can approve other than white, vanilla or red balls for play in national series.
All of the tested balls are to meet the requirements.

The testing part seems to make fully sense. The logic behind the color selection is not obvious since the few times we have played with multicolored balls it worked fine and in some cases a multicolored ball is better if you want to better see the spin on the ball, but we guess some good reasons are behind these rules. The spelling by the way is British English and they spell like this in Europe.

2.2.1 Ball Weight
The ball is to weight 23 ± 1 grams. P's Certification Rules for IFF-marking of Floorball Equipment – SPCR 011 – September 2011 ©. 16

This makes sense since the weight difference if you play Floorball on Svalbard or on the Equator - at sea level or high up in the Andes or in the Himalaya's - well these differences is well below the tolerances provided in the rules. The more adequate question is however - why 23 grams - and is that the perfect weight for a Floorball ball - if not should it be heavier or lighter... all in the interest of game developments? 

2.2.2 Ball Dimensions
The ball is to be designed with dimensions according to appendix 11.
The dimensions must conform to the standard.
a) ball diameter 72 ± 1 mm
b) hole diameter 10 ± 1 mm
c) the hole's internal placement at joint no requirement
d) the hole's internal placement over joint c/2 ± 2 mm

The diameter rule makes sense - but only as long as we are rooted in the idea that a ball should be of this size as the optimal ball measurement. More about that later on in part two.
C) and D) are perhaps more interesting... First joints are sparsely described in these rules. And we know manufacturers have added extra joints to improve the ball so it is interesting that the joint is not more described... How many joints can a ball have up to 8 or more... and would such a ball be better? - or can a ball be made without a joint? The joint also connects to another matter eg the thickness of the shell... it seems to only be regulated by the weight?
Then the placements of the holes... hm traditionally they look the same, with two symmetric halves but as they are merged the ball has a rather asymmetric pattern. If we interpret the rules right they leave a rather open plying field for the placement of the holes - hm maybe time for some experiments here? to optimize the hole symmetry? or asymmetry? UPDATE and even more interesting observation is perhaps that the illustration, see link above, indicates that C is a distance: left unspecified - so in principle C may be huge or very small - the main requirement is then that D is half C within some tolerances - the rule maybe looks strict - but perhaps by playing around with the placements of the holes - the ball could look fairly different but still comply to these rules? Hmm.

2.2.3 Ball Surface Fineness
The ball's surface is to be even, negative embossed pattern up to 0.5 mm are allowed, but the surface
and negative embossed pattern fineness is to be between Ra 1—5 μm. Any protruding unevenness
over 0.5 mm from the surface of the ball should not be present at the joint.

It makes fully sense and we may not add anything clever to this.

2.2.4 Number of Holes
The ball is to have 26 holes.

Why? Because this is the best? And the word hole is not perfectly defined either - would different oval or octagon holes for instance be legal UPDATE Maybe we read the rule as the devil reads the Bible  but in rule 2.2.2 is states clearly hole diameter 10 ± 1 mm - this plus minus one eliminates the oval holes right? since it does not say average hole diameter.. but still a 4 - 6 - 8 or 10 sided hole could be considered to have a 10 mm diameter if the envelope is to be pushed - or an even better question - could differently shaped holes improve the ball in some way? Then what is improvement?

2.2.5 Breaking Stress
The ball's material is to tolerate a breaking stress of 6.0 N/mm2
 as a minimum, and 1.5 N/mm2 over the joint.


2.2.6 Rebound
The ball's rebound is to be 650 ± 50 mm.

We do not understand this rule? Should the ball rebound 650 mm as it is being shot hard into something? Or is this measurement as it falls from 100 cm or 10 m? Then we think that the material the ball bounces off also must be defined - is it steel, or some padded surface maybe like a soft sports floor? The tolerance is further rather large at almost 15%, if our calculator worked right... Maybe this test should be tighten up a bit? And we miss another perhaps more vital specification... more on that later.. in part two.

2.2.7 Ball Marking
The ball is to have a negative IFF embossed print (see also point The marking is to be of such
proportions and design that the information is clearly visible and is not removed under play. The
negative embossed print is to have the same colour as the ball.
The ball can have one print or negative embossed print in direct connection to the joint; showing the
manufactures name or the product name. The font size has to be maximum 5 mm in height. The print
or negative embossed print can have a different colour. The prints should not take up more than 1/10th
of the ball's surface.

This fully makes sense since this is the main marking for the quality sport Floorball. 

We have some additional comments or reflections on this in terms of the philosophy to push the limits a bit - as we want to discuss what perhaps can be done better in terms of defining the most perfect Floorball ball. We will wrap these questions up in part Two post,,,,,,, that comes soon - so stay tuned...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Save the Children with Floorball?

SIBF, The Swedish Floorball Federation, just recently posted more on how they plan to develop youth sports. Unfortunatly they post in Swedish. We think this is world class material - and therefore we fixed a Google translation.. We know that the translation is bad - but we at least tried to clean it up a bit.
Since we think this is important for North America #LTAD - and beyond too .. into any other youth sport.


Swedish Floorball: "Remember, children are children"

Sport contains, according to a new survey conducted by Save the Children, too much discrimination and disrespect, it also states that many children stop playing sports too early. - To break the prevailing culture, we need to develop new structures that promote different values ​​and goals, says Swedish Floorball General Secretary Mr. Goran Harnesk.

Save the Children produced a survey "Safe, fun, nice" based on interviews with 1,002 parents and it shows that prevention in sport against discrimination and violations does not work as it should. For example, 42 percent of parents stated that they heard the children and young people speak insulting or demeaning to other children and youth.

- One of our major objectives is that floorball will bring joy and fellowship and Save the Children survey are alarming for sports. The United Nations Childrens commission contains more than 50 points on provisions on human rights for children. These should we as a "Sport would" follow up but we can say that we have a lot of work left to do. To break the prevailing culture, we need to develop new structures that promote different values ​​and goals, says Swedish Floorball's Secretary Goran Harnesk, a former general secretary of the BRIS (a child's rights organisation) for twelve years.

With Swedish Floorball's Development model tries floorball to throw out the old values ​​and standards. (Floorballcentrals note - this is #LTAD for Floorball in Swedish)

- Sport has for 100 years developed a culture that in some respects is not good - we must get away from this. This makes leaders and parents to trigger kids to win at all costs. This also creates adult insulting and condescending statements that also spreads down to our children. We do have leaders who cull among players too soon. And that is also the result that many of our children and young people, in particular for an early age, are giving up sports, says Göran Harnesk.

According to the survey, 41 percent of the children who are no longer with the sport because they were not considered good enough already at 11 years age. Among other things, says Save the Children report, about a mother whose son packed his trunk myself every day when it was time for training because he loved its hockey so much. The longer the season went, the less did he play in the matches. In the end, he did not play at all. He therefore decided to not pack his trunk or go training.

- I am of the opinion that sporting activities should create a safe social environment in which the player may be involved. For remember that kids are kids. All children and young people in sport in Sweden shall be conducted in accordance with the UNCRC (United Nations Child convention). Everyone has equal rights and equal value. Anyone who wants to be involved in sports should also be, says Göran Harnesk and talks about the Swedish Innebandy Development Model:

- So-called elite efforts should not be something that a federation, an association or a coach should do - it's an active choice of the individual athlete. We will provide all practitioners a basis so that they can choose for themselves. And we'll do it with security, happiness and a community base.

Any trainer who conducts Swedish Innebandys new management training receives practical applicable tools to develop the individual. This will allow players to feel competent and motivated to continue with their sporting activities.

- What is best for the individual should come first. You are entitled to your own progress at your own pace and according to your circumstances. Our development model is based on physical, cognitive and emotional maturity in children and adolescents. During the season 6000 floorball leaders trained in how to train players in the specific age category they operate.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How long have we told you that Floorball is for Hockey players...?

Are we nutz?
Some people think so. But we do not think so ourselves..
Here today another great story on Floorball for Hockey (what they have done in Canada for 8 years now). 
No we will not repeat how this looks like in Sweden Finland and so on...This time from USA and the north east...

Let us yet again introduce and u want to be last with this/ LOL
Original posting is to be found here..

Floorball Introduction, CT Yankees Youth Hockey

Last weekend, we spent a great day with a bunch of enthusiastic kids at Chelsea Piers Stamford, most of whom had just learned about floorball and were seeing it for the first time.
We were scheduled for 60 minutes, but finally after three hours, one brave parent finally said, "Well it is REALLY time to go now, these kids haven't wanted to stop for hours!"
Seeing kids pick up the sport and get so immediately enthralled is so exciting to The Generation Floorball team! 
The CT Yankees Youth Hockey Organization was established in 1989 to help boys and girls excel in the sport of hockey. CT Yankees is one of the leading youth hockey programs in Connecticut.

Please check out some photos and videos! 
Coach Lauris is instructing the players. They have never heard of the game prior to the clinic, so for sure some bending of the rules! 
Thanks to Chelsea Piers in Stamford for hosting the introduction! 


Wanna see Salming's latest?

Here is their NEW product catalogue..
It jumped up online via a Russian server and is probably not the official release..

But goalie - or golly this is sweet and wicked stuff...
Follow link please and be happy that you did see it first..

It is the kids that will introduce all new sports

This is Kids TV - what more can we say as we speak the future? (ps we think it is done in New York)

Germany Kleinfelt

Klein means little and Felt means well field.. so this is Floorball on a smaller court - and we think they play 3 on 3 plus goalie..
Cool. Starts in a few days..

Happee rules the world as it comes to communicate about Floorball and should earn an award for this!


Why? Because they show the world how to play Floorball. Because they communicates and can USE ENGLISH. Because they do Swamp training. Because they are Happee. :-)

OK for this video a little WARNING though - some language used in the music to this video can be seen as indecent in North America - so if you want to see but not hear foul language - please turn sound down - or mute,,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

If you love a sport...

linkedin via facebook floorball photo northphoto.Pl

American to set World Record in Floorball?

It has been reported that Mr. Costi from the USA will be part of the attempt to set a new world record in playing Floorball longest in the world.

At this point reporting is mainly in Finnish and facts are rather limited - but as always we do recommend that you follow this page!
On facebook:

Adidas in Switzerland

This post is reposted from

all credits to swissunihockey and celebrations that they write in English!

Adidas, the official outfitter since 1993 of Swiss floorball, extending its commitment for another four years.
The adidas Group, which clothes them in their role as official supplier of swiss floorball addition to all national teams and junior selections, all volunteers at the Swiss floorball occasions, extended the contract with Swiss floorball for another four years.
"Adidas and dynamic sports brand stands for the same values ​​as we do and is therefore the perfect partner equipment!" shows the Swiss floorball CEO Daniel Bollinger happy about the extension of the existing contract since 1993.
Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer based in Herzogenaurach, Germany world. Became world famous brand that from the nickname ("Adi") and the first three letters of the surname of the founder Adolf Dassler results, with the "Miracle of Bern". At that time the German national football team was a complete surprise Football World Champion in adidas shoes. Today adidas equips various national and club teams in various sports. The adidas Group achieved in 2012 a turnover of EUR 14.9 billion, a gain of EUR 524 million.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Another Prediction - this time on Floorball in the USA

In sports many people try to predict the results. We have tried that too - with very mixed results. But we have also made predictions more related to Floorball developments and we have some interesting stuff to share in that area - we will be back a bit later on that.

As we think here that the largest game in Floorball - right now - is not how to play the game - but how to grow the game - this is things that we do care about.

Well, this post is rather interesting and for sure several things can go wrong or turn out in a different way...
But Floorballcentral say that the USA has an incredible chance to become the very most significant powerhouse in Floorball - in like 30-40 years time.


First, USA has the culture with much Hockey and second it is fact that much of the game was invented here. And Floorballcentral claim that these are two bold cultural factors that have the potential to make a huge difference down the road.

Second, the time line 30-40 years time is very dependent upon how Floorball will relate to the Olympic development, something that may either speed up or slow down this process - but this is what we think will happen as Floorball gain a strong foothold in the US.

We think, that even if many kids would start to play Floorball in the USA not too much of the main infrastructure will change. With this we say that community projects to build new and nice Floorball gyms - or gyms big enough will be rather scarce since, well infrastructure is not that very much of an priority here.

As we have arranged our own tourneys here, we are forced to play games 4 on 4 since most gyms are built for Basketball and not for team Handball.
We say this will stay the same 30-40 years from now. Americans will not very often build new larger gyms. This will create a rather interesting situation. We know that 3 on 3 games are very beneficial to fast develop Floorball skills. But if Europe mainly plays Floorball 5 on 5 on big courts - and it is true that smaller and more intense games faster build skills due to much more ball contact.. Well in 4 on 4 games the players in theory should have like 20% more ball-contact or player involvement in the game as compared to the traditional 5 on 5 game.
OK it is not that easy or fundamental - many other factors play a part too - and in particular how you practice.  But lets say that the 4 on 4 game model is 5-8% more efficient than the 5 on 5 game. And lets guess that a bunch of American would play the game in gyms mainly made for Basketball in a 4 on 4 setting 75% of most their games due to reality? Lets say that most Europeans play 95% of all games on a full size court at the same time...

Hmm, we suspect that the Americans could have a small little upper hand here - just due to smaller gyms..
Does it make sense? Maybe it is not 100% waterproof. But still it is not 100% crazy either.
Floorballcentral - with all things considered - do think that America has a serious opportunity to become a big powerhouse in Floorball - due to fundamental basics built into both the culture as well as into their often smaller gyms.

Tonight on Vine from Canada

Kinda cool, but can not get it to open here...

Toss U'r Gloves - be more sensitive

As many hockey players become animated of affected... they toss their gloves..
We suspect they do this to come closer to the environment - in a more natural and sensitive way...

Ehrm. or ouch? :-)

In reality there is only one kind of Hockey (besides Field Hockey) where you play the game with no gloves. In most other forms of Hockey people tend to keep thick and padded gloves on.

Maybe this is not just only for protection could it be related to a culture too?

This is an old observation from the world of racing. US Nascar drivers was (back in the day) said to use cowboy boots to put "best" pressure on the throttle.. At the same time as the Formula one drivers, back in the day, was said to use ballet shoes. Then depending upon your own perspective - the other guys shoes would be hard to understand - depending upon your own culture. What can we learn from this? Probably that both the cowboy and the ballet dancer had things to teach each other... If this story is fully true or not we do not know.

Let's turn back to the gloves again. Would you play Floorball with gloves? OK, maybe if you are a goalie - I did myself - since I had a blue left hand one day.
But it is also true that most goalies play with no gloves - to optimize their sensitivity for the game.

The grip on the Floorball stick is crucial - it is in fact the main interface between you and the game. And a skills game like Floorball demands full sensitivity and control as you fly your stick through the air.

Some hardcore Floorballers might watch the Swedish Klubbhuset productions on YouTube and we have shown a few here too. One thing that often comes back as a promotional little stunt from them is their own grip called; The Klubbhuset Grey.
We say this is not only a marketing stint - the grip to your stick must be perfect - for the perfect game.

And to you that never ever played Hockey without gloves?
To You We say!

Toss your gloves - give Floorball a chance - u will not regret it as you dive into a new land of sensitivity.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!