Friday, May 31, 2013

2020 is a bit too optimistic we say

but it will not take too long...

3D printing.. more thoughts

Shapeways is interesting. Shapeways is a service that started in Holland and it is basically 3D printing on demand. So instead of buying your own rather expensive 3D printer - you send your CAD design to Shapeways and they print it for you, using their big commercial 3D printers.

So why and how could this be interesting for Floorball?

We do not know, at least not yet.
But in principle if you have a great CAD design, eh well designs like these does not just jump out of a hat - someone must know fairly well how to do this and make the design work.
However and guess what,  such a design could be a custom designed blade for a Floorball stick - maybe even including a basic logo in the blade...

So what is next? Probably to figure out if any of the plastic materials used for 3D printing would in some way work for a blade. The other way to get around this the material question, and exactly have the perfect plastic mix in a blade - you print a negative mold by using 3D printing and then make almost individual blades of any plastic mixture u like,, but its not real 3d printing is it?.

Hm, we wonder if someone already now are experimenting with homemade CAD designs to be used at services like Shapeways and if we will see the first attempts for customly designed Floorball blades soo.  Yes we know, the fitting to a shaft must be done very precise so you may fit the shaft, that you want to play around with.
Is this advertising?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Sports adapt new inventions too

Silly-con valley anyone? Huh"
and we turned into a vlog again///

Mrinal and Sangeeta

We say that these kids have much better stickhandling than many north American college kids...
Do you agree?

Thank You Mrinal and Sangeeta!

Philantrophy - its Phloorball style

We have earlier touched base on the "Floorball for" project a couple of times...
The Swedish stick brand Speedhoc just recently posed a larger interview.. and World of Floorball just ran a condensed version... so we will condense one more time....

Speedhoc recently posted am interview with Hansjörg Kaufman from Floorball4all. This is a man that’s doing good to underprivileged children and helping them through floorball.
Floorball4all goes around the world to different countries with a goal to teach floorball to street-kids in poor areas. They have been in countries like Brazil, Benin, Nepal, Mozambique  Kazakhstan etc. There they use floorball “As a sport and youth activity for the prevention of addiction in the troubled neighborhoods of this world, with a focus on third world and developing nations. And who knows… Perhaps it will reach the Olympics eventually…”
Source: Floorball4all
Here’s an extract out of the interview, read it because it’s to see what can be done though floorball and what you can do!
 Can you tell us about some countries you've been and your experience there?
I've been in a lot of different countries all over the world. Every trip had its specialty. Very impressive are the trips in Mozambique and Nepal, where the poverty is very, very touchable. For me, it’s always a little bit like coming home, when I visit our projects over there, meet the trainers, who has become good friends and when I see, what happens through floorball. Naturally it is for me a question of heart to come back to Brasil, because here everything started eight years ago.
How has the reception of the sport of floorball been in new countries?
With our sport we have the good luck that nobody knows floorball. For everybody it’s a new, attractive, dynamic and fast sport. Everybody can play floorball very soon. We don’t need much of material and the floor doesn’t really matter. That are all arguments why the reception of floorball is very good in new countries. And last but not least: everybody knows that you can’t earn a lot of money with this sport, so corruption has no interest in floorball. That’s our big advantage over football.
How have you experienced the cooperation with Speedhoc?
We are very, very glad to be a partner of Speedhoc. In this cooperation it is not the business who reigns but the heart and the personal contacts. A lot of Speedhoc material has found the way into our countries of use. With this Speedhoc helps to make a difference in this world.
Source: Floorball4all
If there are anyone of you others out there reading this that wants to help Floorball4All in their endeavour. Please contact them at

Ice Hockey and Floorball - Wronka is the man.

Via IFF Facebook page
Let us quote what they write..
"International Floorball Federation (IFF)
Patryk Wronka - a multi-talented Polish athlete who has played in both Floorball and Ice Hockey World Championships!"

I think we also read somewhere that is is considered "a wonder boy" - no wonder we think as he knows his Floorball lol

Warberg test new equip.

Warning all in Swedish - via and courtesy of klubbhuset.

Watch "Warberg testar nya innebandyklubbor från EXEL, vi följer med!" on YouTube

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2017 World Games Wroclaw Polen

Yup we do think Floorball will be here..

Floorball sweep the floor in Asia..

The IFF has released another cool story from Korea and how Floorball sweeps forward in Korea..
and paralympix... well it is spelled paralympics but if we get this right they include Special Olympics in this too and wheelchair floorball - and since we like the x-games too - well paralympix is a fun spelling, right?

Mr. Taekyun Ha from the Daegu Paralympic Committee was also impressed by the floorball tournaments:
-  I´ve been to many sports venues, but feel that the atmosphere at the floorball venues is different compared with other sports. The atmosphere here is more like in the international tournaments. I can expect floorball can be the best sport in Youth Paralympic games and I feel that the development of floorball is very fast.
The Korean Floorball Federation thought both the Special Olympics floorball and the manual wheelchair demo tournaments were great events and the KFF is now planning to develop also the wheelchair floorball sport step by step.

Full story is good as it hints what is going on in modern sports...

Monday, May 27, 2013



Humble beginnings

We are pleased, we are happy, we are in awe and we love our readers... Thanks to you guys we have today passed 200.000 hits on this site - and that goes for a fully unknown sport out on the frontier prairies of the Midwestern America.

Thanks - this is our salute to You!

What do you seriously think will happen to this blog if Americans started to play this sport for real in their schools and in Ice Hockey (field, lacrosse) clubs for instance?

What do you think happens to the traffic to this blog if the Sport becomes introduced into the Summer Olympics?
What happens to traffic to this blog when Special Olympics International say that Floorball has earned permanent status as an SO sport in their World Games? Or when this happen in the Paralympics?

Just now recently the IFF reported proudly about their new membership in IWGA. It is some sort of a "farming operation for sports that want to grow bigger with Olympic dreams we think". It's good.

Interestingly enough, the World games being played this year will of course not include Floorball, since the membership came today - but since these games are played in Colombia in 2013... yes we confirm that we have had visitors today from South America to this blog..

We seriously think we will pass a quarter million hits to this blog this fall. Right now traffic is down to like 50-60% from the top but it is just a normal Floorball summer pattern and in August if not earlier traffic will pick up again.
But with a few of the other things we eye on as of above - this blog aim to surpass million hits... in a few years time.

Then let us explain the teenager effect....
NO - let us keep that for another blog post.. The teenager effect in a very cool concept... hold out.

World Games - Floorball (IFF) now IWGA member

The International World Games Association (IWGA) today decided to approve IFF as a new member.

"- The positive decision of the IWGA Annual Meeting is a great step forward for floorball. The floorball family will now do everything in its power to convey the added value that we can give the World Games, in order to be accepted on the program of the Games, says Mr. Tomas Eriksson, IFF President."

We like this, but it would not surprise us if the day arrives when the world games need Floorball more than vice verse lol.

freestyle keywords...


Second Place/// from Poland with US inspiration

We still believe it is about being better and not about winning...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial weekend?

Do you play Floorball over the memorial weekend? That question was not 100% resolved last week in Tomah, WI.
Instead... we tried. Partly, maybe, since we had big hopes to bring in a player from the Kingston Patriots - yup Jamaica.. that just happens to be in the surroundings..
So did all this work?

Na, tha Jamaica visit flunked and our regular crew was tiny,, but this in the very point of this story... instead we had prominent visits from both Washington State and Oklahoma - in Tomah Wisconsin.
And we think this was the first time players from both these states ever played Floorball in the midwest...

Floorball is a cool activity.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

There is nothing more to explain...

Well maybe to say Rrrrrunnestig..

Boys Championships in Singapore

One hour almost of Floorball from Asia's pearl Singapore..

The very best small net!

Floorball might be played in full size or scaled down. As a scaled down sport 3 on 3 with small nets is a basic form of the sport and some connoisseurs find this to be one of the most noble forms of the sport since the many touches on the ball for each player (aka "player touch per time unit") is far more efficient than large Floorball as from the personal improvement perspective and,,, also it is a heck of a way to fast provide a good work-out.
No wonder that this form of the sport,,, come with its own names like "Swiss Floorball" or Sähly in Finnish..
The best net in the USA for scaled down Floorball.
Normally we are not to impressed of the products from indoor hockey emulator producers like Mylec and Franklin.  From a Floorball perspective all their sticks and stick related products are unreal to any serious Floorball player. Most goals and face-masks are rather odd stuff too.

But this net from Franklin is almost the perfect net for scaled down Floorball on a small court., Here - some unique features. It is lightweight and comes in one piece and it folds almost automatically into four long tubes. It takes in principle one big shake of the poles to mount the net and to fold it down you gently just open the corners and fold it. This solution is a knock-out feature as it comes in one piece and no lose details. The other good thing is the net mesh - a kind that it is small enough not to let Floorballs through the net.

The best of all is that this net right now is available in some Target stores in USA as a MLS Soccer goal - and they just ask like $ 10 for one net so you can not beat this price.. We say go buy one today.

The only drawback is perhaps the lightweight ( good for kids to work with and carry) as you start to load with full force shooting these nets will start to move on the Floor. But as long as you do not do shooting activities and you play scaled down Floorball 3 on 3 - we think this is the best pick you can make.

7 games... nhl style and more Floorball like hockey

The Swedish SSL floorball league has just announced that they step up their play-off to NHL style 7 games.
The only exception is the final that is to be still played in one game only.
This to yet further bump up interest and earnings.  There are also the idea that the final one game final will remain as a large centerpiece of floorball celebration..
But if this move with all other games being first to four wins turns out good - they might develop the final too.
We think a final series of many games have the positive side of letting more people see some of the best floorball there is.

Then you have this...
Hockey Canada changes rules in youth Hockey and it will now, more turn it into Floorball on ice we think.. We say this is utterly good for both the kids and for hockey as without checking the game just gets faster too.

Friday, May 24, 2013

They Call it off-season...

But if we understand things right...
June 6th it seems like Minneapolis will play St Paul...
And June 8th all clubs in TX will meet for some fun games.
In So Calif. they have new kids leagues planned for the summer...

and Internationally.. via the IFF:
La SAGA, Tenero, SUI (25.-26.05)
Helsinki Junior Challenge, FIN (25.-26.05.) Cup, Brno, CZE (31.05-2.06.)
TS Cup, Tvrdosin, SVK (7.-9.06.)
Junior Republic Cup, Ostrava, CZE (14.-16.06.)
Republic Cup, Ostrava, CZE (21.-23.06.)
Hummel Open Games, Brno, CZE (27.-30.06.)
Prague Games, CZE (10.-13.07.)
Unihoc Riga Cup, LAT (1.-4.08.)
Tartu Floorball Cup, EST (5.-7.08.)
Prague Wheel Open, CZE (8.-10.08.)
Vienna Floorball Open, AUT (9.-11.08.)
Floorball Belgrade Open, SRB (10.-12.08.)
Czech Open, Prague, CZE (15.-18.08.)
Floorball SLO Open, Ljubljana, SLO (23.-25.08.)
Skala Summer Cup, Melitopol, UKR (23.-25.08.)
Latvian Open, Valmiera, LAT (23.-25.08.)
Bonn Games, GER (24.-25.08.)
X3M Berlin Open, GER (30.08.-01.09.)
German Floorball Open, Leipzig, GER (30.8.-01.9.)
Women Republic Cup, Ostrava, CZE (30.08.-01.09.)
Tournoi International Tourcoing, FRA (31.08.-01.09.)
Wellington Open, NZ (27.-29.09.2013)
More on the IFF Club Tournaments page

Missing Sweden? we too...

We arrived in Toronto .....

We arrived in Toronto excited to play a few games and also to play in the historic building of Maple Leaf Gardens. So many amazing games have been played here and now it was time for Manhattan Kings to play.

There is no doubt that this is the city of hockey, people talk about hockey on the streets, hockey is on every television in every bar and to top that off Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Toronto.Going to the Canada Cup is a bit of a tradition and we are the most successful team to ever play the Cup with 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 bronze.

Full story from the Kings,,,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top notch shooting practice

Taxes are not always evil - not at least compared to all the junk we eat, drink and smoke.

Prohibitive ideas are not viable or human solutions...

In New York they have some sort of a soda legislation that regulates how large a coca-cola bottle or serving must be. In Wisconsin they talk about legal demands for state workers that must not smoke - or they will be forced to pay like 50 dollars extra per month for their health insurance.

The intention with both these ideas are in the direction to keep people sound and minimize health costs.. That is good but since it is not connected to anything in direct and positive activities - we think this is just legislative gibberish.

Na this is what we would like to see - tax soda, tax cigarettes, tax all candy and stuff that is evil for the health..
But reinvest this immediately instead in dollar per dollar.
In what Floorball? Well, yes and no...

It's is an obvious fact that many big former Walmart retail stores stand empty in the USA. OK some other big box retail stores are also deserted. These only cost money for some crazy companies willing to take the risk to sit on large former retail buildings and property and often losses too. This is a form of big retail waste in like epic proportions.

Take a new "evil health tax revenue" direct them 100% in the direction of these empty buildings and create multi activity centers. Build indoor BMX and skateboard ramps. Build a large Sport court that can host both team Handball and Floorball (these investments are peanuts and many US schools are too small to be able to fully host these active sports)... and do this in these deserted retail stores... use em'.
Why not indoor Soccer/futsal and Football too?

In principle build an infrastructure for a more healthy America. And they could also rent out space to other commercial interests at these locations where - people might meet up... like fitness centers. Or start a new idea with a charter system for a new breed of YMCA organisations taking control of all these buildings.

An evil health tax system - will be able to support this kind of a new health infrastructure in the USA.

Taxes are not always evil - not at least compared to all the junk we eat, drink and smoke.

The IFF explains the new WFC system

* What are the aims with changing the WFC Final Round playing system?
- The aim with the new playing system is to have more even and important matches played during the WFC group stage. We want more even and interesting matches for the spectators! In addition the matches would have a higher importance for the teams playing when more teams can make it to the first play-off round.
- Increasing the competitiveness and interest of the WFC group matches is one of the biggest pros. We have received feedback from within and from outside the floorball world that we should do something about the uneven WFC matches. With the new playing system we believe that we will see tighter group matches. In the same time it is also important to strive towards making floorball a global sport with countries from outside Europe participating in the IFF Events. 

Want to have the full scope?

We think this is the right direction...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Brief news from this day in life

Did you know that the IFF is to update the rules for Floorball slightly and allow some sort of back and follow through swing.... still maintaining the safety of the sport - it will be interesting to see how the new rules will look like as finalized.

Did you know that the male team USA plan a summer camp in Sweden this Summer..

Did you know that the organizers in Gothenburg Sweden, for the male WFC 2014 already secured a main TV host broadcaster with 15 live TV games already confirmed and way more to be expected. Well, the ambition is clear to make the WFC 2014 the largest Floorball happening ever...
We say there is no doubt this will happen...

Did you know that the organizational gridlock in the UK have been resolved and..

And finally here is a new website from Texas
Other cool news from Texas is a statewide friendly:  That say...
We're also playing a special friendly against Houston, Dallas, and Austin on Saturday, June 8th.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Splendid Special Olympic Floorball News

Just a few fast incredible good Special Olympic News.

First of all Floorball has now formally met the criteria determined and reached the number of active countries with Special Olympic Floorball (24). This means that the sport now may be announced as an Official Special Olympic sport.
Norway is only one of the new countries with Special Olympic Floorball.

There has also been a coaching seminar held in Poland for Special Olympians, with officials from the Czech Republic.

The IFF further express that they see further growth in Asia within this field and they also state that together with Special Olympic International they expect Special Olympic Floorball growth in Latin America too.

We love this, this is exactly how Special Olympians may take on the lead a show a continent - what sport today is made of... like fast plastics...

During the WFC both Paralympic and Special Olympic Floorball were played as demonstration games...

Source last CB meeting at the IFF.

More on the Health Disaster in NA (and all over)

We have earlier praised organizations like the US American based and if you have not seen their movie.... do it!
It's here

YES today SMOKING is not the BIGGEST health problem - the inactivity in kids is the much larger issue!

Today Canada initiated something rather similar. What is different with Canada's latest initiative is that they fully focus on transportation modes (or at least it looks like it when you skim through their messages).
But in essence the message is the same, not enough movement and too much sitting still. Thanks BCfloorball for leading us to this.

We like this message, we like that kids could walk or skateboard to school, we like jump rope and all kinds of physical activity.
But we do not like that these campaigns (this is done by professionals) does not have a clue about Floorball and they do not either compare physical expenditure from different kind of activities... We only feel good about the idea that we know that they one day will know what Floorball can do to kids.

Let us now add some old classic ideas from marketing. Products are normally rated as in what is called a Growth Share matrix. A cash cow is a product that is big and generates a lots of money - and in the world of School Sports - Basket Ball for instance is only one of these large "cash-cows". But all viable systems on a real market must also have - what is called a star product and that is the product that has the potential to grow and replace old cows... It is here Floorball fits perfectly into the future market mix for school sports in America.
And yes investments build the future market too.

This is the theory in brutal economic terms as described in one quote by an economist:
"To be successful, a company should have a portfolio of products with different growth rates and different market shares. The portfolio composition is a function of the balance between cash flows. High growth products require cash inputs to grow. Low growth products should generate excess cash. Both kinds are needed simultaneously." --Bruce Henderson

So what do they say in Canada?
This is clever folks they have prepared tonnes of material for use in social media inclusive a blog post - so we run it here - even if we think it is a bit long and not as piffy as can be...

In a nutshell they say - we have a lazy disaster upon us and much more kids must move much more - here is what they call a Matte story they want to have shared online - so here it is:

Are We Driving Our Kids to Unhealthy Habits?
Fewer and fewer kids are getting to places on their own steam. Gone are the days of in-line skating, biking, 
walking, wheeling and skateboarding to get to and from destinations such as school, parks and shops. In fact, current data suggests that only 25 to 35 per cent of Canadian children and youth walk, bike or wheel to and from school. 

Active transportation, an important source of physical activity for children and youth, is on the decline in Canada and it is affecting our children’s health. According to the 2013 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card, 58 per cent of parents walked to school when they were kids, however only 28 per cent of their children walk to school today. In just one decade (2000 to 2010), the proportion of five- to 17-year-olds using only inactive modes of transportation (e.g., bus, train, car) to get to and from school has increased from 51 per cent to 62 per cent.

The Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card, released in partnership with ParticipACTION and the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO-HALO), assigns a ‘D’ grade to Active Transportation this year.

“Today’s youth spend less time walking, and walk shorter distances, than their parents did as children,” says 
Kelly Murumets, President and CEO, ParticipACTION. “With only five per cent of five to 17 year olds meeting the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, it is important to find simple solutions to help increase their physical activity levels. By making small changes to the way we travel to destinations, we can have a big impact on the physical activity levels of our children. Not only will we help get them closer to achieving the recommended Guidelines, but we will also provide opportunities for social engagement with their peers.” 
Increased car time driving long-term unhealthy habits.

“By driving our kids to and from their destinations, we may be robbing them of an important source of physical activity, and contributing to lifelong unhealthy habits,” says Dr. Mark Tremblay, Chief Scientific Officer, Active Healthy Kids Canada. “Active transportation presents an easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to increase physical activity levels among children and youth, and its benefits are significant. In fact, if we encouraged our kids to walk for trips less than a kilometre, they could bank an additional 10 to 15 minutes of physical activity per trip!”

Here is much more

New Youth league sign up in Calif.

Read all about it here...

This is just a snapshot:

Beginning Floorball (Ages 5-8 year olds)

Click for Flyer and Registration Form
Fees: $109 (includes floorball stick and ball)
           $89 (without floorball stick and ball)
Location: Lake Forest Ice Palace
                 25821 Atlantic Ocean Drive, Lake Forest
60449  Sundays June 30th-August 25th 
Approximate Game Times: 12:00p-3:00p
Intermediate Floorball (Ages 9-17 year olds)
Fees: $109 (includes floorball stick and ball)
           $89 (without floorball stick and ball)
Location: Serrano Intermediate
                 24642 Jeronimo, Lake Forest
60450   Sundays June 30th-August 25th 
Approximate Game Times: 12:00p-3:00p

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canada is so much ahead of the US...

If we are embarrassed? You tell...

OK, here is another take on the smallest common denominator or #whatfloorballinschoolbringstohockey

If you strict go by #LTAD principles then the larger base of athletes will create a much better top level, and the main idea is that with a very high number of athletes involved in one sport - well the very best will become much better too and we will have the best top athletes we can get.

In theory we support this.

In Ice Hockey this pose a tremendous problem though...

Both USA and Canada sport roughly 500.000 licensed Hockey players.

Sweden sport some 60.000 and Finland sport some just less than 60.000 and Switzerland sport about 25.000.

IF the LTAD principles would work to the 199% good then Canada and USA would beat the crap out of all the others, right.

Today's World Hockey Final was played between Sweden and Switzerland and according to LTAD that is not what you would expect. Right?

Let us now add some other numbers here..
Sweden sport about 120.000 Floorball players, Finland like 50.000 and Switzerland almost 30.000.
Canada have 320 and the USA does not even seem to know how many they have...

But that has nothing to do with hockey? Or does it?

In hidden ways dear Watson. This is how it works, With a significant high number of Floorball players with a license - it mainly indicates that Sweden, Finland and Switzerland have a heck of a lot Floorball being played in their schools.

This creates - not the top Hockey player (even if many NHL players from Europe thanks Floorball for their skills). Instead this creates a "lowest table" of  hockey skills among almost all kids. READ THIS AGAIN ALL KIDS.
Just face it if your kids bounce a basketball most of the time in school or if they play a fast stick-handling game... what group do you want to recruit hockey talent from?

This whole thing is just too silly...

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR and almost all kids in "floorball-land" are very skilled in fast stick handling skills. Even so if they do not even consider Ice Hockey.
We say, You do not have to be a professor to figure that out?

OK OK...
Just to add to this picture Sweden as a nation  is much more efficient than the Greater Toronto Hockey League (largest NA hockey player producing unit) to add players to the NHL and still to this day many Americans still scratch their head about hockey and stick handling skills delivered from parts of Europe.

Then.. The Swedish Hockey Federation early on tried to explain the Swedish Hockey wonder during the 90's with some corporate BS about significant raised standards and new methods. We think it is almost all BS, ok maybe a part of this is true but only a part. In reality the surge of Swedish Ice Hockey on the International scene - seriously coincide with the development of Floorball in school.

Do YOU not see this?

This is so wild.

Floorballcentral say - as long as North America and Russia will not have a decent Floorball culture in school compared to the countries with a high Floorball penetration in school - and as long as you do not know Floorball.

North America is doomed to the passenger seat.

The next big Hockey nation?

We here think that Singapore looks like a good bet.

IIHF just released a new World Ranking... Ice Hockey

Is it only we here that connect this to how Floorball is used in the school systems in countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic?

No the emperor is not naked. And it is only Russia that partially seems to resist - what we call - #whatfloorballinschoolbringstohockey.

Czech Republic
United States

What about North American Team logo's in Floorball?

What a subject...
We just saw a new one show up via Thunder Bay Canada, that is one of the best we have seen.. (you'll find it below.)
But the picture is diverse. Some are good, some are less good and some does not even exist. We also have the version of logos that have existed but does not seem very active any longer...
And a few is embedded into a page design online and is not readily available as an image online...

Here is a little selection, it is by all means not all, and we do need more.. so fix your design up and ship it over pls..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moshe Vardi and ideas on how things will be in 2045

Here is a great story on the future...

Why in the world do we post this at a Floorball site?

Well, not too many others in sport do look beyond their own nose or even think in terms of how sports will evolve a few years ahead - and is that why we have so many antique sports today?.
And beside of that, tonnes of current young students will be living their lives at their own peak in 2045...

We recommend what Mr. Vardi writes, being wrong or not..

Hm, we here do think that Floorball will and must evolve to into the technological demands of tomorrow. But the article above describe a much larger picture.

But beside of that too - if more people find much more time and less work (one of Mr. Vardi's conclusions) then well, there will be a heck of and lot's of Floorball played - if now not people spend time on computers creating crazy blogs instead...

Wheelchair sport of a different breed - 2013

This is not scientific... most likely LTAD is...

It is a fact that two countries with high Floorball penetration in school - do play the 2013 World Ice Hockey Championship Final.

Switzerland vs. Sweden.

Ohh, yes the world Final in U19 Floorball was played between two countries with high Floorball penetration in school too. ;-D

Sweden vs. Switzerland.


Can that just be a mere and funky coincidence? - or/and can it happen again and again?  LOL!

Oops, a dear friend from Switzerland just informed us that they now have more Floorball players in Switzerland as compared to hockey players... and another one said that a former Hockey boss in Sweden (Richard Fagerlund) once said that Floorball stole so many youth players from Hockey... (today Sweden sport roughly twice as many Floorball players as Hockey players)...

Do not worry brother and sister - look again on the countries playing the final in World Hockey... 2013  -  and NOW tell us if the Floorball presence in schools could be... bad or good for Hockey?

Let us toss in a cryptic acronym here too..


Iff with official video too

Mr. Brett and Mr. Todd - we love U!

We like Videos here... connected to the Leafs and Mr. Weekes.. not bad huh?

Thank You Canada Cup

This is Carl Gunnarsson from the Toronto Maple Leafs...


Here is Kevin Weekes...

So now let them celebrate Hockey - with Floorball - it is you see for all...

You want to follow this faster than we can share this?
OK here is their Youtube source...

Direct from

We just hate to steal material... but sometimes some material is too good not to be re-posted here..
So yet again we have taken the liberty to do an enormous "quote" from another site...

This time from and the subject is Canada Cup.

Name: Robin Nilsberth
Age: 24
Position: Defender
Current Club: Granlo BK
National Team: Sweden
School: Floorball High School, Dragonskolan

“Give it a try and I promise that you'll love it,” says Robin Nilsberth, when asked to share his passion for floorball.

Nilsberth, 24, has been playing floorball since he was six years old. He describes how much he loves the game of floorball and tells Canadian youth how important it is to give the sport a try.

“It's a very fast and unpredictable game. I love everything about it,” says Nilsberth, “If you would you like to play a fast, intensive sport then try floorball. It’s a sport that everyone can play,” he says.

Nilsberth plays competitive floorball at home in Sweden for the Granlo BK Floorball Club. He played for Team Sweden in the 2012 World Championship held in Switzerland when Sweden demolished Finland 11-5 in the final. Nilsberth says that winning that game was a “dream come true”.

OK this is not the full story - the full story is to be found here...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is this the best Canadian movie ever made?

Moo - How many times do we have to compare like this?

We think Floorball is good for Hockey.

We do not say that if you play much Floorball as a Hockey player that you will become the best one.
But, we say if you want to play good Hockey and you have not had Floorball in your school system - then we say though luck - darn tough luck.. its like not something we would recommend, to anyone... dude.

Yes, we are back at one of these funky comparisons again...

Let us just lay out some facts;
A few of the countries with the highest Floorball penetration in school are:
Sweden, Finland and Switzerland (and a few more like the Czech, Singapore and so on).
Here is another fact to chew on - out of 4 countries in the current World Ice Hockey Championship...
You find Sweden, Finland and Switzerland in the semi finals - 3 out of 4 yes.
Now you dear reader do the conclusion...

Whats more... Hmm

Tomorrow morning at 10.30 - in just a few hours from now,,, one of Sweden's very best Hockey teams will do a full Floorball practice session.

The local main Floorball coach Mr, Christian Lindahl will do specific Floorball drills with em..

Why do you think?

And why do they not do Floor Hockey or Ball Hockey or Knee Hockey drills instead?

Sometimes the reality is too unbelievable to be true... 

Go America Go!

They are ready in Canada

The future of team sports - more plastics and much faster than anything you ever heard of...
Tighten your belt - seat-belt or not...
Dinner table has been set.

One and a half hour for CHARITY

From Sweden so the language is funky...

AllStar2013 from Målvakten on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beautiful news, Canada puts Floorball on the North American Map!

Image via City of Belleville Canada

A few quotes:
"Four hundred athletes. Sixteen countries. Ten days. A $1.2 million economic spinoff"

“This is incredible,” said Ellis. “This puts us on the map — not just in North America, but worldwide. It'll take the whole city to pull this off and it just shows what we can accomplish when we work together."

“Seven years ago I traveled to Scandinavia with a high school hockey team and while we were waiting one day for our tour guide, I stumbled upon a game that looked a lot like a game that I played from my childhood,” said Crawford. “I thought it would be a really good training tool for hockey, so we brought it back into our hockey program at Moira.”

“The kids enjoyed it,” said Crawford. “And, it started to pick up. So, we started a league. Now, five years later, the league has grown in leaps and bounds and we have children and adults playing in three divisions with more than 100 players."

Want to read the real deal? Full article is here...

What stick brand do the kids pick?

This picture speaks for itself and hey Floorballshop Spain we love you - Thanks!

Weak Times?

Traffic is down galore here..
But as we look at what we have.. Well it is mainly Europe and Asia that slips - USA is still chewing on at a good pace..
But we are roughly down 50% from top speed on this blog, It only means that it will take a few days more to reach 200.000 hits.

Normally traffic is weak May, June, and July with some exceptions for interesting and different content that jumps up during the summer. And it all picks up again in August.

We normally compensates with more material and we have very much to come so hold out...

But no we do not like that Europe goes down so much after their seasons is over - it could align better with marketing efforts, but leagues waiting to get started do indeed bring traffic down.

Monday, May 13, 2013

World Class Kids

It is the final enjoy and 1000 thanks to the IFF that understand how to do this..

Canada Cup is around the corner

Get your tickets for the Canada Cup
North America's largest floorball event is this weekend
Where will you be May 17th-20th? The Canada Cup invites you to attend North America's largest floorball event with games taking place all weekend long at Mattamy Athletic Centre, Ryerson's Kerr Hall and George Brown's St James Campus. Watch this video:

2013 Canada Cup Floorball Championship - Where Will You Be? 

Don't miss a weekend full of awesome floorball action, including:
  • Canada Cup Media Game on Friday at 11 AM featuring Team Canada Selects vs. Sweden's Lindås Waves IBK. The special guest coach for Team Canada is Hockey Night in Canada celebrity and No5Hole founder Kevin Weekes
  • Meet and Greet with floorball professional Robin Nilsberth, World Champion with Team Sweden, on Sunday at 11:30 AM
  • Floorball refereeing clinics on Saturday
  • Canada Cup Floorball Finals on Monday, including the televised final games of the Bantam and Elite Divisions
  • Huge Source for Sports and FloorballPro pop up shop at the Mattamy Athletic Centre featuring all of the best floorball gear
  • The best social events after the games are done!
A weekend pass is available for just $11.50 from TicketMaster. We recommend that all fans and parents of players purchase their tickets in advance as only a limited number of tickets will be available at the door from the FloorballPro booth. Please note that one dollar of every ticket sold benefits Sick Kids, more details below.
Do you have questions about the tournament? Read the Frequently Asked Questions

Help kids in need and get a chance to win a huge prize!
The Canada Cup Floorball Championship is proud to support Sick Kids Foundation. For our 10 year anniversary we are taking the competition off the court in our challenge for kids in need! The individual or team to raise the most funds will be honoured by our Sick Kids Ambassador, Antonio, and will also receive a $500 gift certificate at FloorballPro!
Antonio has been battling leukemia. He is a brave kid and is up for the challenge but he needs your help along with all those kids who rely on Sick Kids! Register today and start collecting those donations!
The winner of the challenge will be announced during our Elite Division Finals at Mattamy Athletic Centre and will be broadcast on Rogers TV!
Remember, you can register as an individual or as a team. Go to the Canada Cup Sick Kids website, click ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions.
To learn more about the Canada Cup, surf to our website at:
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee

What happens tomorrow? More braggin' rights?

Tomorrow there will be a local press conference that will layout more details about the largest Floorball event to date in North America.
The organizers in Belleville Canada will tell us more about the 2016 U19 Female World Floorball Championship to be played in Canada.


This will be the second time that the World Championships is to be played outside of Europe. It only happened once before 2005 in Singapore.

So will we see this in the US press tomorrow? No probably not. But we do think that some Canadian outlets will run some stories on it. We also hope that this will stir up some buzz on online social media as at this site. Then we hope that the Canadian team now will have a great event to focus upon and building a new strong U19 ladies team and we hope that both Jamaica, the USA and Brasil may boost their own girls teams too. With strong sports cultures in all these countries that should be a piece of a cake - huh?

3 years to go.

What's most important? To fill the spectator stands we say without a blink. No, do not give schools free tickets.. Force kids there instead have em go on Field trips - mandatory Field trips - invite schools and hockey clubs already a year ahead - stands must be filled - at this point we think - it is all about promotion.

We think the IFF made a very clever and good decision in supporting Canada for this... Thank U IFF.

And about braggin' rights *** psych was clearly ahead of their own time - this time...

Lookin' forward til tomorrow!

Antonio 5

We have said again and again and say it again..
Floorball is for all.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

3000 hits just like that...

This is the largest NEWS ever on this blog

Canada has TODAY been awarded to host the 2016 World Championships for U19 Girls.

This is about soo much more than bragging rights - this show explosive development in the sport we love.

If we here were girls and born like 1998 or later living in Canada, The USA, Jamaica or Brasil... - and if we were good in hockey, field hockey, tennis, or racquetball - this is an unprecedented opportunity for you to fast get super-good at Floorball.
Do it 3-4 times a week and... well, a few new National Floorball Teams - will rise and shine and they will pick the very best. 

From today ie now - you have THREE years to become the best... we say you should start tomorrow..

Let us quote Mr. Todd Crawford, one of the main guys behind this feat:
"Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our quest to secure the
2016 women's U19 WFC in Belleville Ontario, Canada... Special thanks to Brett Davis, Johanna Kytola Mikkola our North American IFF rep, Kevan Lyons, Jug Lee, Juha Mikkola, Dave Soules, Anthony Herrington, Randy Sa'd,
Lisa Cook Neill, Tracey Legault-Davis, John Liljelund, and my wife Natalie Kerr-Crawford."

Mr. Brett Davis lets us also know...
"Big news press conference Tuesday May 14."

The IFF is revealing the news here

Largest na floorball news so far...

A. Herrington (@Herringbomber) tweeted at 11:54 AM on Sun, May 12, 2013: Congrats to Belleville, Ont as they are hosting U-19 women's 2016! @Bretzkyorange@Speedhoc (

Tomorrows Big Action

Some quick notes on Canada..

Here first a full game.. not bad huh..

Then why not an Interview...?

Then we think it is only hours left until Canada will know if their bid for a world floorball championship will happen or not...

Here - more reports from the IFF

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special Olympic Floorball showcase..

As we have had a minor vacation here...
This recently came in via the IFF

There will be a Special Olympics floorball demonstration game played on Saturday during the second intermission of the second semi-final starting at 16:30 CET.
The demonstration game is scheduled to take place at 17:30 - 17:40 and is shown live on the IFF YouTube channel:

If you want to know more - read full story here:

We will add the video as soon as we have found it...and we did..
The clip starts here if you follow this link..

The best off-ice or dry-land practice for any level hockey player (field hockey too)

It is world championships U19 and Sweden play the Czech Republic..
Full credits to the IFF - game starts at about 11 minutes..

Still into Knee or Floor hockey? Well well. this is a bit faster..

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

U19 Day 2 World Championships

Salming is KING

This is how it works:
Salming starts with Floorball.
Salming gets involved in other related sports too like Team Handball and of course Ice Hockey...
Salming figures out that good money is to be earned from not just sticks but apparel and in particular Floorball shoes.
Design is king. Price is top notch, Salming goes forward.
Other sports catch on and suddenly sports like squash use Salming shoes too..
So now you might say that Salming stands with both feet on the ground right? Or at least flies over the ground with two feet right?

Salming released a running shoe line yesterday... or something.. Good Morning Reebok and Adidas!

This is not a post about how well Salming conduct their business... In comparison with other Floorball brands.,,

This post is more about how brands like Reebok and Adidas (they dominate that world of hockey) do not have a clue about Floorball - yet.. and have a hard tine to compete with a small and fast mover on the big market.
It is all about being a big fish in a little pond. Just like Salming first started with shoes for Floorball.

You know what - the big ones could start by sponsoring this site even before they figured out what Floorball is

U19 Hamburg in a Nutshell day one

Wow Japan, that was an upset 9-6 on Australia seems to indicate that you have the right Youth programs in place... or that Australia may improve their youth focus... so far we do not know, lets see.

Hmm Canada, a close call, but at this time and point and with all the hockey culture - we think you should be able to challenge Estonia a bit more. yes .. Estonia is good and the Baltics have shown before how they with small numbers of players can produce quality teams.. Latvia is a good example.
We say Canada fails in their first game due to way too many penalties.. It is not easy to go from hockey to Floorball - you must keep the temper in place and not do things like it is done on the ice. Sissy? No Modern and safe and way way faster...
We have heard some rather distracted voices here - to much tension? Add your fastest skills instead?

Best thing of the day? That Switzerland shows where their quality Floorball is heading... 3-4 loss to Sweden and a very close call for an enormous upset - we think. Good for you!
Hey did you folks see how Switzerland have performed in the World Ice Hockey Championships the last days too - outstanding is what we think and being fictitious no Floorball does not help Ice Hockey nor the other way around - and we are laughing all the way to the bank here... Hopp Switzerland!

We do not like the Finns win over Latvia - its too big...

Still on vacation here - but who can be without Floorball?

U19 Live Wednesday

Live thanks to IFF incredible good embed service - here is more in casu you are up

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vacation note

We are on a shorter break here - or a vacation.
We are trying to think about matters like;
- Raw facts versus edutainment?
- Administrative functions if that is to primarily maintain - versus Marketing functions and how they aim to expand?
- We also like that The US President for instance has his own twitter account.
- We also dwell on the subject if you stand up for something utterly strongly - you sometimes must take a fight or at least say what you think.

Then in the meantime, till we are back... maybe it all relates to Floorball too?

Friday, May 3, 2013

#psych was only the first joke, who gets the last laugh?

Problem is obvious - if USA does not realize how the future of the sport world may look like - the risk is the USA might turn out as the next laughing stock.. after psych
RAISE YOU VOICE! (we raised ours yrs ago)

Floorball to the Olympics will happen - with or without you?

Scratchin' heads and the hockey wonder..dude?

We saw this winter numbers that compared the world's largest hockey hub - the Greater Toronto Hockey League with Sweden - and how - both these big machines are able to produce top notch Hockey players - delivered to the NHL and to other professional leagues.

The difference was not super big - like two times in favor of the Swedish player production but it was not too far away - we think it was significant. The Swedes have a clear upper hand over GTHL.

We have earlier explained much of this with the word Floorball. But we think most hockey folks in America still does not grasp how it works so let's try to aim for a push and pull study.
Let see is if all or any of our arguments fall into these two areas.

It is our unscientific opinion that the Swedish society value quality at a higher rate as many other societies. This makes a high cost labor country able to compete with top notch products on the global stage, including hockey players. We think this plays a role. If you do something you better do this good - or not at all - versus the American - The Work Hard philosophy....

Then it is also true that Swedish Hockey started a focused development plan a few years back (but what they do not say is that Floorball emerged strongly in the Swedish society/schools at the same time).
That is probably both push matters.

Then it is also true that Swedish hockey use Floorball as a minor part of their Hockey education - it is there - and it is used but not like crazy.
But... the schools are fully dominated by Floorball, like basketball here in the us, and that seems to produce kids in hordes with soft hands and an eye for the game. It also provides a very good work-out and inspiration during PE.

From the Hockey perspective, to be honest, Sweden produces an incredible amount of - not Hockey players at first - but Floorball players at first...(it is hard to grasp if you have not seen this first hand). The thing is that this spills over to hockey and we DO know that all of today's Swedish NHL players have been raised with Floorball at school - and not Floor Hockey.

In school this tickles talent, skills and interest and many of recent years exports to the NHL have also praised Floorball for both contributions to their hockey talent as well as their well being. This connects to players like +Mats Sundin, +Peter Forsberg and also +Mats Zuccarello-Aasen from Norway etc. But it also connects to the LTAD ideas the ADM unit in USA Hockey tries to promote. They say, do not get too stuck in hockey only - try other things to as you are young and you will get better.

We think this is all on the "pull" side of the matter.

All of above is boring theory that does not make too much sense to any athlete that more care about muscle, attitude and vibrant skills.

So let us present the factual practical reality.
This is a young man in a regular living-room.  He has earned his talent. He has earned his skill. He is not a Hockey player - but his soft hands beats the crap out of most any hockey player at his age... yes we said he is not a hockey player but we think he is better than most hockey players at his age as it comes to soft hands.

And then the Americans still scratch their heads over the soft hands produced in countries like Scandinavia.
Let's hope they will not stay too blind too long.

Floorball is for all and you know what that includes both hockey players and psych.

So why do you not try this now with a wood stick and a puck?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!