Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 Midwest Floorball Championship scores and small Recap of the rec division.

Last years tournament the Tomah Open edition of 2012 had an article that zoomed in a lot of the team the Blind Squirrels

These guys were about to become very close to create sensation this year in the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.

The team consist mainly of St Paul, MN players and they had the same core as last year, now under the name the Unusual suspects. And as our old article reveal, they played many tight games last year and only lost with one goal in each game but still ended up like last...
Then we have the story about the Dubious Storm too from Wausau in WI and the Patriots, and the Tigers and the... well this article will focus on the results and a few words on the Squirrels that came like the bird phoenix from ashes to riches... for now the scores..

Dubious Storm - Unusual Suspects 3-6
Mostly Harmless - Minnesota 612 2-7
Tigers - Superheroes 3-4
Dubious Storm - Patriots 6-7
Mostly Harmless - Tigers 3-4 (shoot-out win - Tigers did not use the goalie as a shooter lol crazy)
Minnesota 612 - Mostly Harmless 12-1
Mostly Harmless - Superheroes 6-5 (shoot-out win)
Minnesota 612 - Tigers 4-3
Unusual Suspects - Patriots 5-2

OK, Here are some questions for you; Was the round robin too easy for last years winners Minneapolis 612? Last years rec winners, this year reinforced with females with International records as US National Floorball players with only the Tigers giving them a good run for their money?

The Blind Squirrels from last year had now reemerged as the Unusual Suspects ,, was the round robin too easy for them too - note they won over the Patriots with 5-2... And was the first group of the rec division stronger than the other?
Does not all games seem to be rather tight? Tigers only lost one goal to the Minnesota 612 for instance?

Ok let's continue...
Dubious storm (very strong team last year, but due to personal circumstances they only used 5 players this time - they were tired) won over Superheroes 6-1 and continued to the consolation final in the rec division where they lost 4-6 to Mostly Harmless and the First Champion for the first edition of the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship had finally Mostly Harmless as the Champion in the consolation Final - Congrats!

In the Championship semifinals: Unusual Suspects provides the Tigers a lesson with 8-3... and the Patriots Upset the Minneapolis 612 with (well the record is not good here, the note is missing) we think the game ended 5-4.
The final gets crazy intense between the Unusual suspects and the Patriots - after full time and many shoot-out attempts, and after the refs have to conference - the shooter from the Patriots miss the ball and shoots again on the last shoot out attempt - the refs say it was a goal since they can not see any rule mistake and the Patriots, from Tomah, WI win their first title, and Wisconsin's second (Horicon, WI has one from 2011).
That was indeed an odd goal...

Congrats to the Patriots - but a big cheer to everyone involved in this amazing event.

The very pink ball being used was very popular. A few teams were tired at the end of the day and games seemed to slow down. We have earlier allowed that Goalies can double up on both a rec team as well as being regular players on another team in a harder division or the other way around, we will change that to next years tourney players must be designated to one division - and with more teams - why not an intermediate division too? So please spread Floorball word and bring on more teams.
Reffing is still not perfect- but much better with two refs - we will however demand that all participating locations will bring at least one ref. Thanks to both Tero from Chicago and Kyle from Minneapolis that helped us reffing.

A TEAM PICTURE OF THE WINNERS in the rec division

Did U miss how the rec trophy looked like_
that is a real floorball trophy
We will shortly be back with a post on more advanced Floorball and the outcome from the Advanced Division.

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To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

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