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Austin TX with the best recruitment model in the us?

via austin Floorball club

Hmm and then they might get Google fiber too right... cool place to live in... huh?

What is a Ghetto like in Latvia?

They say...

What is a Ghetto?

Ghetto is now the largest street culture and youth movement in the country. Under the Ghetto flag is held nearly 70 events of the season. Thousands of young people have the opportunity to regularly work out in a positive environment and healthy fun.

So does that mean that other street cultures like skateboarding and BMX' ing is out of style?
Not really Ghetto is a multi activity thing and Floorball is new from like now...

They have a few cool members for the"Ghetto Games" Support: "Latvian National Association of Sports", "adidas", "Sport2000", "Martins Bakery", "Red Bull", "Druva ice cream", "ABC Construction," typography "McĀbols", "Papyrus" "Opera", "Sports Spot", "Health Factory," "Plop", "RE Autoclub", Riga City Council, Riga Sports Authority and Olympic Centre "Ventspils", Riga City Council, Riga Youth Council, Aluksne County Council, County Kekavas municipality, county council Dobeles, Sigulda Regional Council, District Council Saulkrastu, Valmiera city council, county council Salaspils, Rezekne District Council, Regional Council of Jurmala, Preiļi County Council, County Council TALSU, Olympic center "Limbazhi" TC "Liiba" TC "Berry", the Latvian Floorball Union.

It's called electric Hockey

But as You see the sticks being used are... well Floorball sticks and who would settle for less if you play in a World Championship?
Let's hope some electric hockey guys from NA plan to test how they fair in this event..
We borrow from the IFF:

The International Wheelchair and Amputee Sport Federation (IWAS) announced on Monday, 22 April 2013 that the bid to host the IWAS Electric Wheelchair Hockey World Championship 2014 has been awarded to the Deutscher Behindertensport Verbande.v and the city of Munich, Germany.

The event will take place from 3 to 11 August 2014 at the Munich Olympic Park.

After receiving the final recommendation from the IWAS Committee of Electric Wheelchair Hockey (ICEWH), the IWAS Executive Board returned a unanimous vote for the event to be held in Munich next year.

Want to read the full article?

Everything under the sun in Spanish

So you never heard about this before? Hmm

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It is a reality...

Right now we are unable to feed this blog with stories. Other commitments are in the way.
We will try to come back strong with deeper material in June.

But feel free to share your stories to keep this blog alive and well as we head towards 200.000 hits. And by this fall we should have 250.000 - or a quarter Million hits....
The blog is full of crazy, bad, inspirational and odd floorball stuff, a few posts are also rather good and or possibly groundbreaking...

Can You connect Floorball to KUBB?

We can.
Both are Scandinavian modern (or ancient) expressions of culture with rather good intentions. They are not similar but they have many things in common.
Right now Kubb is with no question ahead of Floorball in the US Midwest.
But in North America and most likley in the USA too we think more people play Floorball as they do Kubb.
We are however certain that both these activities will continue to grow very strong..

Any other connections? Well, 1,39 into this slideshow - you might find a proof - check out the T-shirt...

Go KUBB go.

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Why we do games by vsauce...

This is both science and good and applies darn well to floorball too. Since it's for all..

Some crazy saves

What is Floorball Poetry?

So we searched Google for +Floorball Poetry and Floorball Poem...

What came up? - not much..
Mainly the most "fitsy" hit was a post we tossed up an eon ago on poetry and it talked about Basketball and poetry.
So it seems like Floorball and Poetry does not exist - Yet..


Let's try to change that.
From now on - if U love Floorball = many do. Well let's try to create some Floorball poetry - just to show the world.
We are by this attempt - first out:

On a slender limb they force some plastic forward.
Dynamite and silence it all came up as a mark of the kiss.
It was called salami.
Painful and weird red. A rightful tattoo.
It takes time to heal but minutes were shorter than a shoot-out.
The plastics smiled - it was not about the win - it was only about the effort to become better - real - and to get everyone onto the Mayfair.
Plastics will kiss your life...
Think brave.

Ok, now it's your turn - we know u can do better...

The quest of the Blade and the leaf blower? How to figure out blade resistance..

As you all know, blades on Floorball sticks - looks a bit different.

Many of them claim specific features, in different areas “like ball control” or “softness” and “color design” and so on.

Most of the blades sold on the market are seriously tested by the SP institute in Sweden to meet the requirements set up by the IFF and SP.

All good.

But some blades look very very different and are produced with different ideas and material on what and why - a Floorball blade becomes the very best one. All of them however have that in common that they are “ventilated”, meaning that they let through air and save both material and weight.

If now it is the case that the idea of a ventilated blade - mainly was done to increase speed in air... Then we have a question.

One of the most important features for any modern car is probably the fuel consumption, something that is measured very well.

Hmm, if a Floorball sticks most dominant feature is the speed through mid air? Should we not know then what blade that flies the fastest through air?

Do they test this? No. Do you want to know this? We do. Should not a manufacturer express this in their marketing with like a blade air resistance coefficient - maybe?

Or do you want to test this yourself?

This is an instructable on how to do this:

A) Make a jig-connection, maybe out of PVC pipe to easily attach the blade you want to measure.

B) This Jig must have a pressing point at a fixed distance from where you attach the stick.

C) This pressing point must connect directly to an electronic scale.

D) The jig-connection must let the stick rest on a free hanging hinge, so a stick at rest will hang straight down by gravity.

E) Take the very strongest leaf-blower you find at the closest landscaper (gas is more powerful than electric.)

F) Turn it on

Now see how much weight the pressure point put on the electronic scale.

Test all blades/sticks You have...

The blade with the lowest pressure on the scale is the blade with least air resistance..

Yes, but of course this is a homemade measure, but it should work fairly  - well as long as no-one else is doing or even reports the number of blade-air-drag..

And hey if you have some numbers in? well please share em with us... this also goes if U have a better procedure...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Jamaica builds on

Here a cool repost on how the Build Floorball on Jamaica = school by school.

On Thursday April 11th the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) will be traveling to the other side of Jamaica in order to host its latest in a series of Floorball seminars for schools across the country.

The seminar will take place at the Lacovia High school in the parish of St. Elizabeth . Jason Anderson is the main presenter and he will be accompanied by Oplal Johnson and Chantal Harriott.  A total of 13 schools are expected to participate.

An exhibition floorball match will be played by members of the Kingston Patriot’s floorball team.  

Floorball seminars are conducted as part of the JFA’s School Programme. The rest of this story is to be found at...

More Free Sport... Spain Holland Online?

What about Spain against Holland - a top meeting in Football (soccer) but not too bad in Floorball either..
Starts early tomorrow morning US time..

OK if you miss this one ...
Well they Play Sunday too - please share away..

This is more than a real sport - it is tomorrow's life

From Latvia with love and quality...

New Cut via Switzerland and the IFF

Good work U guys and gals...

North Texas Floorball Is Heating Up!!

It is not even summer yet but +Floorball is getting really HOT in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

New Fort Worth based team, "Fort Worth Venom" is growing in member numbers quickly. Team leads Matt Nunez and David Friedman are organizing the team's first weekly game for Thursday April 25th. "We are expecting up to 30 players and big thanks to our friends at Floorball planet for sponsoring floorball equipment to our team" says Friedman.

FW Venom is warmly welcomed to the North Texas Floorball family by +Jukka Kotti with Dallas Fireballs. "Venom will bring a great addition to our existing floorball activities in Dallas-Fort Worth area" says Kotti. "We are all looking forward to our first game between our teams." There is a lot of floorball activity in the eastern side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have our first corporate floorball league starting in beginning of May. Corporate league is a very European style way to play floorball. How many teams we will see in the league remains to be seen but initial responses from 55 individuals to corporate employee questionnaire is encouraging. Can you feel the HEAT yet???

FW Venom will play in the SWIFT tournament in Austin, TX this June.


Washington DC Special Olympics

Europe 's and Floorball 's man from Denmark Mr. Houman is right now in DC and producing floorball videos for SO USA.

Welcome we say and we will have more to follow shortly.

Thank you ! Moving forward.

Ladies Live Shows = comin' up

Try these... Yet again - how to do this - with countdowns and links posted early and embed codes lol

We will toss up two more shortly if this works good...

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Manhattan Floorball shirts and how that connects to Finland..

Here is a cool story...

SC Classic, Finland and Manhattan Kings T-shirt exchange
One of the best parts about being involved in a global and international sport, such as Floorball, is that exciting things happen all of the time. 
A few days ago, Manhattan Kings were contacted by the mother of Tommi Törmä, a 15 year old Finnish boy from Tampere, Finland. Tommi plays floorball with SC Classic. He asked his mother, Eija, if she could help him get a Manhattan Kings t-shirt, after he came across some pictures of the team in conjunction with the announcement between Generation Floorball and Oxdog.
Here is a picture of SC Classic-97 and Tommi (number 22) who recently won a Silver medal at the Finnish Championship for boys born in 1997 (Photo by Ossi Kiramo).
SC Classic is one of the most successful floorball teams in Finland,  and the rest of this story you find here..


Our take on this?

Well Galante Carlstrom, the big Swedish Floorball star seems to be full hooked on New York Baseball hats so this seems to be a cool idea..
and we wonder when the first Floorballer would become keen on jerseys from the midwest too ;-D

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Seasons is over.. or did it just start?

An excellent news letter that they ask us to share... indicate that it just started - hold out and if you want more information... well visit floorball.org.

The following is an official news letter from the IFF, please sign-up with them to get the full scoop yourself direct and not second-hand via us ;-b
IFF, One World - One BallShare newsletter:

Facebook Twitter Email 

MEN'S U19 WFC 2013

The Men's U19 World Floorball Championships are played in Hamburg, Germany May 8th - 12th 2013.
The MU19 WFC is played with a total of 16 teams, eight teams in the A- and B-divisions.
The team lists are now published and found here.
Read more from the IFF MU19 WFC 2013 website »


All matches from the Men's U19 WFC will be live on IFF YouTube.
A-division is streamed on IFF Channel:www.youtube.com/iffchannel
B-division is streamed on IFF Livewww.youtube.com/IFFLive
The German fans who are not in the arena can follow the games on www.floorball.de.


Are you a floorball fan and you love big events? You want to watch many great floorball games and be part of the largest floorball event in Germany. Then this is your chance!
Become a volunteer at the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships in Hamburg from May 8th – May 12th. Volunteer registration on www.floorball.de/849.html.
Read more »


The Champions Cup will be played in Tampere, Finland, October 2nd - 6th 2013. The CC consists of 6 teams in each the Men’s and the Women´s division.
The following teams are entitled to participate if correctly registered:
Men’s CC: SPV (FIN), Falun (SWE), 1.SC Vitkovice (CZE), Alligator Malans (SUI), SK Lielvarde (LAT, EFC 2012 winner) and Classic (FIN, 2nd team of organising country)
Women’s CC: Rönnby (SWE), Classic (FIN), Piranha Chur (SUI), Herbadent SJM Praha 11 (CZE), Sveiva IB (NOR, EFC 2012 winner) and SB Pro (FIN, 2nd team of organising country)
Like CC on Facebook or go to the Champions Cup website www.floorballchampionscup.eu.


An updated version of the IFF Events Mobile App will be available in the App Store and on Google Play soon.
With the IFF Events Mobile App you can have every moment of the upcoming MU19 WFC at your fingertips!
New features:
  • Guess the final score of the match and collect points
  • Compare your game prediction skills with others
  • Get the latest Twitter feeds onto your App
  • Watch YouTube game highlights
  • Get social and share your guesses, teams and results on e.g. Facebook


The following tournaments and matches are played during the upcoming internationals weekend. Go to the tournament pages to find schedule, team lists and more:
Euro Floorball Tour (Tampere Areena, Finland)
26.-28.04.2013: Men - Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden & Switzerland

Euro Floorball Tour (Arena Vodova, Brno, Czech Republic)
26.-28.04.2013: Women - Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden & Switzerland

Spain - Netherlands (El Escorial, Madrid, Spain)
27.-28.04.2013: Men

Belgium - Denmark (Norrehedshallen, Helsingborg, Sweden)
27.-28.04.2013: Men

Latvia - Finland (Koceni Sports Hall, Koceni, Latvia)
26.-27.04.2013: Men U19

Switzerland - France (Sportzentrum Zuchwil, Zuchwil, Switzerland)
27.-28.04.2013: SUI Men U19 v FRA Men
All 2013 internationals »


International Floorball Federation

Monday, April 22, 2013

Is this an understatement?

We think so.

Yes, we love the Czech Republic and think - It will not take too long - until Floorball set a new audience record - again.

Is this really on Floorball?

Dan Pink say that this is for both home and the workplace...

Floorballcentral thinks it works for Floorball too - in other words do something and - we promise to pay nothing. ;-D

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Stand up for Switzerland

Singin' in english...

Laeben write about Floorball from New York

Gfloorball gave us permission to rerun this cool article....

by Jonas Laeben

Why Floorball and why now?

Now is a very interesting time for floorball. On our website, we talk about 5 reasons why Floorball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  In this blog, I have added a 6th reason, Fun:
Hybrid Sport – combination of Ice hockey, basketball and soccer. Ice hockey because of the stick and 5on5 with a goalie, basketball for the surface and no expensive equipment and soccer for skills and movement and also absence of expensive equipment.
Safety – the sport was built with safety in mind, both for the player but also for the floor. The sticks are light and made of material that does not damage or leave any marks on the floor.
Cost – you only need a stick, ball, shoes, jersey, socks and a pair of shorts and you are ready to go. This is an extremely important factor in growing the sport; it contributed to making soccer a world sport that anyone, anywhere can play.
Global - with over 50 registered countries reporting to International Floorball Federation, this is a global and international sport.  In our association in New York City, we have active members from United States, Canada, Jamaica, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Singapore, and Australia.
Anyone, Anywhere – Floorball is available for Old-Young, Tall-Short, Male-Female, Athletic-Out of shape and Rich-Poor. This really means anyone can join a team or play floorball in schools.
Fun- without the last ingredients the sport is not going anywhere. But floorball is faced-paced and tons of fun! It really brings people together and make exercise fun. 
With all that is going on, it is not surprising that a cool young TV show like Psych is talking about Floorball. 
... is the link for the rest...it is good stuff

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Record spectator attendance 10,451 in the Czech republic + the audience beats Sweden

Our largest and most respectful congrats to the Czech Republic and all that makes a difference. 10.451 is like music for any new sport. This is so cool. Thanks.

linked in via cesky florbal
pics via ceksy florbal that knows their marketing

Floorballcentral demands closed captions!

Floorballcentral demands that either the IFF or SIBF, or someone with responsibility makes a translation of this movie and adds subtitles (closed captions) in English.

We do not need to add any Olympic dreams to this post right? And wow is this good YouTube clips - we love it...

2013 Midwest Floorball Championship scores and small Recap of the rec division.

Last years tournament the Tomah Open edition of 2012 had an article that zoomed in a lot of the team the Blind Squirrels http://www.floorballcentral.org/2012/04/rec-division-tomah-open-2012.html.

These guys were about to become very close to create sensation this year in the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.

The team consist mainly of St Paul, MN players and they had the same core as last year, now under the name the Unusual suspects. And as our old article reveal, they played many tight games last year and only lost with one goal in each game but still ended up like last...
Then we have the story about the Dubious Storm too from Wausau in WI and the Patriots, and the Tigers and the... well this article will focus on the results and a few words on the Squirrels that came like the bird phoenix from ashes to riches... for now the scores..

Dubious Storm - Unusual Suspects 3-6
Mostly Harmless - Minnesota 612 2-7
Tigers - Superheroes 3-4
Dubious Storm - Patriots 6-7
Mostly Harmless - Tigers 3-4 (shoot-out win - Tigers did not use the goalie as a shooter lol crazy)
Minnesota 612 - Mostly Harmless 12-1
Mostly Harmless - Superheroes 6-5 (shoot-out win)
Minnesota 612 - Tigers 4-3
Unusual Suspects - Patriots 5-2

OK, Here are some questions for you; Was the round robin too easy for last years winners Minneapolis 612? Last years rec winners, this year reinforced with females with International records as US National Floorball players with only the Tigers giving them a good run for their money?

The Blind Squirrels from last year had now reemerged as the Unusual Suspects ,, was the round robin too easy for them too - note they won over the Patriots with 5-2... And was the first group of the rec division stronger than the other?
Does not all games seem to be rather tight? Tigers only lost one goal to the Minnesota 612 for instance?

Ok let's continue...
Dubious storm (very strong team last year, but due to personal circumstances they only used 5 players this time - they were tired) won over Superheroes 6-1 and continued to the consolation final in the rec division where they lost 4-6 to Mostly Harmless and the First Champion for the first edition of the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship had finally Mostly Harmless as the Champion in the consolation Final - Congrats!

In the Championship semifinals: Unusual Suspects provides the Tigers a lesson with 8-3... and the Patriots Upset the Minneapolis 612 with (well the record is not good here, the note is missing) we think the game ended 5-4.
The final gets crazy intense between the Unusual suspects and the Patriots - after full time and many shoot-out attempts, and after the refs have to conference - the shooter from the Patriots miss the ball and shoots again on the last shoot out attempt - the refs say it was a goal since they can not see any rule mistake and the Patriots, from Tomah, WI win their first title, and Wisconsin's second (Horicon, WI has one from 2011).
That was indeed an odd goal...

Congrats to the Patriots - but a big cheer to everyone involved in this amazing event.

The very pink ball being used was very popular. A few teams were tired at the end of the day and games seemed to slow down. We have earlier allowed that Goalies can double up on both a rec team as well as being regular players on another team in a harder division or the other way around, we will change that to next years tourney players must be designated to one division - and with more teams - why not an intermediate division too? So please spread Floorball word and bring on more teams.
Reffing is still not perfect- but much better with two refs - we will however demand that all participating locations will bring at least one ref. Thanks to both Tero from Chicago and Kyle from Minneapolis that helped us reffing.

A TEAM PICTURE OF THE WINNERS in the rec division

Did U miss how the rec trophy looked like_
that is a real floorball trophy
We will shortly be back with a post on more advanced Floorball and the outcome from the Advanced Division.

Friday, April 19, 2013

What we have - Is what U Miss!

linked in via ftto


yet again in Swedish only but this guy won the gold for Falun in the world's hardest league... these pics also show what force Floorball has become on its first "test-market" kids love....

it only a trailer...

What Floorball adds to a small town Parks and Rec.

Sports play a valuable role in our society today. Though not every athletic competition is
the Olympics, Community Recreation sports are an incredible opportunity to not only serve our
local sporting needs, but allows us to reach out to other communities, and give them a chance
to see who and what Tomah is all about and maybe encourage a little competitive spirit.

Tomah Parks and Recreation offers a myriad youth and adult sporting events year around, swimming, baseball, softball, and volleyball to name a few. Their Sunday evening Coed Floorball program, is one event that has recently gained in popularity.

Floorball a type of floor hockey is an indoor team sport which was developed in Sweden.
Typical equipment for floorball players consists of a stick, a pair of shorts, a shirt, socks, and indoor sport shoes. Each team can field six players at a time on the court, one player being a goalkeeper. Being on a team of any kind obviously has its benefits. Benefits that include a chance to bond with people you normally wouldn’t have, a chance to play sports even if you are not a particularly good athlete and an opportunity to act like a kid for a couple of hours every Sunday evening.

Tomah Parks and Recreation Floorball program provides that and more. Every Sunday
a diverse collection of individuals meet at the Tomah High School gym to lace up a pair of
shoes and take part in a team sport. Off the court these are just normal folks, get them into the
game and they turn into athletes, more importantly teammates and you can't help but notice their
increased intensity and heightened competitiveness. Its exercise, its team building, its fun and it
is fun to watch.

Recently, Tomah Parks and Recreation hosted a highly successful Midwest Floorball
Championship where teams competed at the Advance and Recreation league level. On April 13 th,
11 Floorball Teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois met for the opportunity to take home
a trophy. Both divisions provided those in attendance a chance to see what the game is all about
and an opportunity for these athletes to show their skill and team play. Teams in the recreation
league proved to be closely matched which made the games exciting for friends, family and the
curious in the stands. The advance league was dominated by Team Innebandy from Chicago,
Illinois, who held an exhibition in some truly spectacular floorball skill.

What is the definition of a successful sporting event? Is it what kind of revenue was
brought in? Is it the quality of the officiating? Or was it what fare the concession stand had
available? I’d say none of the above. In my humble opinion, a successful event is where all in
attendance enjoyed themselves, learned a new sport and where people came together in the spirit
of competition and left feeling better about their community, their team and themselves.

Our Nations Parks and Recreation Programs continue to provide opportunities like these
to children and adults alike. Athletic sports are the cornerstone of family values. Our Tomah
Parks and Recreation sports programs promote values such as sportsmanship, fair play, skill
development, helpful parent involvement, and positive coaching methods. I, for one look forward
to another year of participation in not only their Floorball program but the other numerous
programs and events they provide this great city.

Mr. Hockstedler

Bali and Singapore

Lets hope they have a plan as they go full in on Asia...
No it is a good thing to do - but America miss initiatives like these...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Player tourney in Austin TX

New Player Tournament!

It’s that time again – announcing the AFC 2013 New Players Tournament! On Sunday, May 5th, we’re having a 1-day tournament with the goal of promoting the game and league to new players. It will be from 4:45-8:45 at MYEC, each team will play 4 short games, $10 player fee. The tournament is open to everyone, and will be a great opportunity for those who haven’t played in the league yet to see what an official game is like.
This is a great event to invite your friends/co-workers/anyone to. The goal is to promote our great sport and grow the league, we’d love to get back to 6 teams. So please invite and encourage your friends, let’s make this a success! Any recruiting you can do will be great!
Sign up for the tournament at: floorballclub.com
Thanks everyone!
(Note: This is the week after the current season ends. The new league will likely start two weeks later (May 19th), signups for that will be open shortly.)

The last call from Mikkola...?

Last call to play at the Canada Cup
Registration deadline is this Sunday
Do you dream of playing floorball at the Gardens? Take a look inside this historic venue and make sure your team is signed up, as the registration deadline of Sunday, April 21st is only a few days away.
Introducing Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens
Introducing Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens

This year's tournament takes place May 17th to 20th, 2013 at Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Canada. The registration deadline is this Sunday, April 21st.
Over 45 teams have already signed up. Registration is open for nine youth & adult divisions; so pick the one that suits your group the best... from beginner to elite level!

Last chance to book a hotel room is Friday
Traveling from out of town? The Canada Cup has you covered with two awesome hotel options: The Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre is connected to Mattamy Athletic Centre and the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre is in the middle of the city. Rates start at just $119.00 for up to four people per room at both hotels. Book online on the Hotel Info page. ACT FAST - The booking deadline is this Friday, April 19th.
Holiday Inn
To learn more about the Canada Cup, surf to our website at:
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee
The Canada Cup Floorball Championship
Presented by Grassroots Floorball Inc.
388 Richmond Street West Suite 922
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3P1

A critical analysis - what went wrong with 2013 MFC

Not Much.

Let us first state - the 2013 MFC was a huge success but we think we can do a few things better..

The first complaint that came in was that the food provided was not good enough. Ok, we only ate hot dogs ourselves. The idea was to lift this out to a third party provider, to limit the work stress on the organizers, but also to get connected to the Tomah Booster club - an organisation that supports local youth sports in Tomah. Yes we lost revenue doing this - but for the future as an investment it might make sense.

Then they may not provide more food options as compared to the audience... so more people playin' more and better food OK.

The biggest flunk otherwise was to aim to arrange the first ever Floorball game in Tomah for just girls (prob in the Midwest too). Yes we had enough girls and we had them down as willing for a game... Problem was that games were scheduled to be a bit too long so as the day progressed... everyone was exhausted and we did not have the time to do this - SORRY LADIES - next time we will schedule this instead with fixed times.

The game time 2x15 is a bit on the longer side when you play approx 2 hours total, in particular in the rec division - it takes too much time and the speed slowed down at the end of the day in some games due to fatigue.

Reffing is always weak, but Randy and Brad did miraculous work and we had the best reffing year ever. Two refs per game is now a guarantee for the future. But we can not only have Tomah refs. Both Tero and Kyle are excellent refs and we will demand that both MN and IL and other states have refs as they come with their teams - it is just a matter of being fair to all teams.. So we must shape this up further.

We will post much more on the 2013 MFC as time arrives.

We note: 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship has now been arranged 3 years straight - the first two years as a Tomah Open tourney:
We do think that the largest ever arranged tourney in the USA sported 16 teams...
Tomah's tournaments have produced:
12 teams in 2011
11 reams in 2012
11 teams in 2013
And we have moved from being a 3 on 3 tourney - to become a 4 on 4 with goalies ....do the math, all teams have been growing all the time. WI had 7 teams this year, the best ever. MN had 3 the same as their first year. IL went down from 3 teams last year to one team this year,, Toss in Horicon and Monticello... add one team or two from Wausau as they have started Floorball in their High School, We know that Floorball is going very well in Font du lac too, Madison used to have a team, we have other movements up north in WI and we know about at least one Hockey club in WI, and a YMCA that tries Floorball up north in WI. Toss in Thunder Bay Canada... Eau Claire talked floorball for years now,,,
You know what - we might be on track to become a very large tournament for the future USA.

Yes, we have had two expressed requests to make the MFC into a two day event too.

more stories soon... and we promise we will be back,,,

Just for braggin' rights... Psych on nationwide US TV

Is this not cool? On NBC last night, Psych as the Tv show is called... is a comedy on usa... Does that mean that comedy shows are better to serve news as other news outlets?
Probably, since places like SNL, The Colbert Report, and many more are better to cover political news.. why not sport discoveries on a comedy like Psych?
Washington Post, The fourth Period and most other sport publications seems to be lost any way at this time and point..
Thanks Psych!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Psych is a comedy on USA network - TV dude (nbc)

Tonight they had an episode that made fun of female WFC 2012 in style of - not for the money - I do it for bragging  rights.... and then there was a "gus" talking fantasy floorball.
We have an old post titled fantasy floorball and it jumped in reads tonight..

Anyway, we think this is good. Twitter and the floorball stream is filled with floorball #psych tags tonight according to floorball standards and well this is good - maybe not a very well planned communication campaign from - anyone... But it ought to work for a few people and let us hope another more serious journalist here in the usa picks this up...

We have not seen this yet but will link it in if it ever shows on YouTube...
thanks #psych and NBC.
You might make a difference for many American kids - welcome to the tomorrow...

we think this is the show

The latest is in from PA and up north...plus a hint

Dan Torretta, a great guy.. and someone that live setting great examples for others here in the US, well we will let him talk on his own,  as he just sent us this...

On Saturday April 6 the NJ/PA Floorball League had its first open house! It was very successful in my opinion. Everyone who went had a lot of fun. We had about 20 people there! Of course we wished more people would show up, but we won't be satisfied until the world is playing floorball.

I get asked how I got into floorball all the time. It was really an accident. I was looking for a floor hockey league to play in because I love hockey, but ice hockey is just too expensive. No matter where I looked there was nothing in my area, but I kept looking in the hopes that I would find something. Luckily I didn't find any floor hockey program, I found floorball instead. I had never heard of this sport but was immediately interested. After I read up on it I knew I had to play, but it is so uncommon in America that hardly anyone has heard about it. I took it upon myself to spread the word about this amazing sport to everyone I knew, and everyone in the surrounding area. I was able to contact Darryl Gross of Floorball Planet in Texas, and he introduced me to Mitch Larnerd of Cherry Hill, NJ since Texas is a bit too far away to meet up. Darryl and Mitch proved to be the biggest help anyone could ask for. They answered all my questions and walked me through everything I needed to start my own league. 

The thing that I love about floorball is just how different it is than hockey despite looking just like it. The only real similarity is that you hit a ball with a stick. Other than that it's a lot like soccer in many ways as well. The goalies have no stick or glove, there are free hits instead of face offs, you can't use your hands etc. The other major difference between hockey and floorball is the weight of the ball. If you try to finesse your way through you'll probably lose the ball all the time. It's just too light to try to do everything yourself. This forces you to pass so everyone can be involved. That's why this sport is so addicting and appealing to everyone. The more you play the sport the more you realize that this is its own sport with its own opportunities. I was shocked to find out that it's headed to the Olympics, and that there is a World Championship. I was very pleased to know that the USA has a team that competes regularly. Hopefully one day I myself will be able to wear a USA jersey and play for my country one day. 

For anyone interested in getting into floorball, my advice is to get a stick and a ball and just have a blast. Floorball Planet is the largest supplier in the USA so I would recommend them. They have many articles about what floorball is and how it got started as well. The website is worth visiting for sure. That's how I got started as well. I ordered just one stick and ball and practiced everyday. Now I have three sticks of my own, as well as two nets, 36 sticks, and over 50 balls for the league. 
Eventually my goal is to have many leagues set up all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, everywhere. We want to have mini tournaments to see who is the best team in the area, and maybe one day get a big tournament as big as the Canada Cup. It's a long way off but we're working hard to make something happen. The cool thing is that the more people that get involved the easier and more fun it will be. I encourage anyone with even the smallest thought to try it. I 100% guarantee you will love it. To be honest I haven't see a single person play it for the first time and not immediately fall in love. 

It's just that fun!

/// Mr. Dan

Then we just heard from Thunder Bay, up north in Canada that they are going to Canada Cup with a team - congrats from us and good luck..
Hint,, more than one person think that the Midwest Floorball Championship must be extended into a two day event for next year - so maybe we must bring on new teams and new groups of play... We will be back on that!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How about 6 hours top notch Floorball?

Turn off the sound, its Swedish, start iTunes or spotify (also Swedish) and have fun..

Monday, April 15, 2013

When we played the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship...

Well, last weekend.

Things turned very very International. There are teams with many foreign connections. We had Polish, Canadian, Swedish, Finnish and even one guy that used to play Floorball in Abu Dubai.. Well I think we miss some other nationalities too, did we not talk to a Russian guy too? But that is not the key - the key is instead to celebrate the cool International diversity that Floorball can bring to a little town like Tomah in the middle of the Midwest....
Even if the team the "Patriots" won in the rec division - we think all nationalities became a bit patriotic a day like this one. It all boils down to basic fun spelled F U N.
And yes Innebandy Chicago is yet again back at the top in the advanced division... Congrats to both winners - more reflections will arrive as time allows..

Until then we want to add some nostalgia here via Phil Carlson in Mnpls - did you know this video have now been seen by some 6000 people - cool hah. Most in Latvia.. hmm.

A Floorball Zamboni looks like this!

Well they are human and more than one...
From the Swedish Final last Saturday.

SWUFC... here is the latest

Just in from Jukka:
Registration is now open for the 2013 Southwestern US Floorball Championship Tournament. This one-day tournament will be held at Southwestern Adventist University, 100 West Hillcrest Drive, Keene TX on Sunday, April 14, 2013. (Please note that SWAU is an alcohol and tobacco-free environment) Click "REGISTER ONLINE" or "TOURNAMENTS" in the header to register as a team or individual.

Wanna read the full chabang?

TRY this: 

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!