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World of Floorball is a cool site with a new story on Belgium

First of all World of Floorball is a brand new site that kind of competes a bit with us. We like that since it spurs us a bit. Then we think Floorball is so good so many more should blog hard on this subject. Finally Belgium is an important country for Floorball..
What we did? We just assumed that if we advertise a bit for world of floorball = they will like us and we can do this rerun of their post without too much fear of anger ;-D
Just in from World of Floorball...
How is the sport doing in Belgium?
“State of Floorball” is a new recurring article series where we take a look at how floorball is developing and growing in countries all over the world. We take a look at the State of Floorball! We do this with tables, graphs and interviewing key persons in that country. And it starts with Belgium. 
BFF (bel) 256
IFF Member:1995
Players: 979
Men: 285
Women: 56
Clubs: 14
ps bel
To examine the current state of floorball in Belgium we talk to Nicolas Senez, vice president of the Belgian Floorball Federation.
How developed and widespread is floorball in Belgium? 
Floorball in Belgium, not really well-know, but grow every year. The best proof is the huge increase in terms of registered players : from 119 players in 2005 to 1010 today, over 700% growth in just seven years. Clubs are doing a really good job, because on the 1000 members, only 1/3 are adults. So, the expansion of Floorball in Belgium will clearly continue.
In Belgium, we have 3 adults leagues, 1 women league, 1 U19, 1 U16, 1U13 and 1 U10. The level of our leagues improve every year, our youth are clearly strong, and we can see it with our national teams.
What goals does the Belgian Floorball Federation have for the future? 
First, we need to improve the BFF. Our structure is not really optimal for the moment. We need to follow the huge increase and adapt our work to it. We worked for it, but now we need an evolution.
Secondly, find a way to augment the popularity of Floorball, and increase the amount of clubs, to cover all regions and areas. We see when a new club born, players comes quickly.
Bel vs Fra
Source: IFF
Goals for the national teams?
We have two national teams, one Men and one Men-U19. Our goals, show that Belgian is growing and take a spot to a WFC. We are clearly not going to the WFCQ with our teams for figuration.
We are also take a look about Women. For the moment we have not enough Belgian teams, but if development continue to grow, we hope a women national team in some years. As with men, youth are our power.
How do you plan on and how can you increase floorball in the country, both numbers of players and level of top players and teams?
To increase the level, it’s easy for a country like ours. We living in a small country, so moving to play games, it’s clearly not a big problem. So for increase the level, we need to increase the number of games, and this, for all age. This is the key, and we are doing this for some years, and this is working. Some U19 teams can clearly beat some adult division 2 teams.
To increase the numbers of players, there is 2 ways, the natural one, with already installed clubs. Youth push old players to create a B-team or a C-team, even, sometimes a new club. And to other way, new clubs. This is more difficult, in Belgium, we are clearly missing of correct halls, halls are quite busy and even you want to create a club, finding hours in a hall is quite difficult. The popularity of the sport don’t help, hall’s responsible are afraid of unknown sports. So, to help creation of clubs, we need to improve our visibility in Belgium.

A big thanks to Nicolas for taking time to tell us about floorball’s progress in Belgium.
Belgium is a smal country in the floorball world, with only 0.33% of the floorball players in the world. But now the floorball are growing and this year they have passed the 1 000 player mark. As you can see of Nicolas answers BFF are putting their efforts in the right place, the youth. To have the best growth and success a country needs homegrown players. This takes time because the easiest and best way to introduce a new sport is to young persons in schools. BFF are doing a good job focusing on the U19 teams. But maybe they need to focus a little bit more on getting the sport into the schools.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

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