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We have entered a mode where our written postings have been slightly limited for a while. This is due to other engagements.  We are in a 50-60% percent mode here...
This means that we rely a bit more on material sent to us from You.
This also means that we do more re-postings from other sources.

The blog should be back in full swing with deeper comments and ideas on floorball in about 60 days time - so hold out.

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Next up - either news from the US east-coast, maybeNY,  PA and NJ that we know are tentatively pending.

The final brackets for the 2013 Midwestern Floorball Championship should also be up this week.

Registration closed yesterday and we have at least 10 teams in total, we are investigating the possibilities to have yet one more team formed... Hold out...

And hey send us your story if you care about Floorball in your state, country or in the world - we take all that is fun and good...

By the way March 2013 came in as the second best month ever, only surpassed with April 2013 at 340 less hits for the full month. March also show for the first time after 7 months of staggering growth of Floorball interest around the world. USA and China are our dominant countries that we talk to.

We wish we could do this in much more languages... - hey send us your story brother and sista'


Rewrite the Floorball map... in the USA too?

Via Freeman direct url link to

Just after the WFC 2013 we had some ideas related to how to organize Floorball in Europe to improve it all - We agree some crazy ideas.. Here it is

Now we have seen that it seems like some top notch discussions in Finland and Sweden to merge SSL and SBL. We say yoohoo go for it. This is what Floorball need, a big north European league in some form. Why not invite Latvia and Norway too - it would just make geographical and Floorball sense.

Then how should this be organized in the USA, lol check out the map this is cool - or is it  how the USA looks like today - we must just we forget old lines hand drawn on a map, hundreds of years ago - (is that a reason to keep them?) and instead focus on how and where people live..and it looks like above ;-)


Saturday, March 30, 2013

One time... we did it - here again: SSL and SBL to merge?

We ran a Google translation of a document but it came out bad...

This time we have it pasted into facebook instead: Still not perfect but it fits better there we think

Read it as it touch base on how to merge the Swedish top league SSL with the Finnish top league SBL.
We wrote on similar stuff just after WFC 2013...
But here similar ideas are at swing and the top notch people are involved... Read it at facebook to the right of this page
or via this link


Friday, March 29, 2013

Top Notch Soccer - National team

Well it works in Floorball too
Via Floorball to the Olympics - same player two national teams Ms. Torstensson, Sweden

Making History in Gambia

For the fist time ever...when they played Floorball in Gambia.. moving images...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hockey Temple

and we went fully to a vlog... ;-)

Bart TOO

As we said forget Knee Hockey and Floor Hockey pls...

Special Olympics Floorball in WG 2013


Via blindsave..

BlindSave (@BlindSave) tweeted at 2:00 PM on Thu, Mar 28, 2013:

Early bird cc2013

The latest on Canada Cup - It's time...

Play Floorball at the former Maple Leaf Gardens
Early bird registration rates available until March 31st
Watch the official 2013 Canada Cup Floorball Championship trailer and sign up your team to take advantage of special early bird pricing available until March 31st.
2013 Canada Cup Floorball Championship Tournament

This year's tournament takes place May 17th to 20th, 2013 at Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, Canada. Early bird rates are available until Sunday, March 31st and the regular registration deadline is April 21st.
Registration is open for nine youth & adult divisions; so pick the one that suits your group the best... from beginner to elite level!

Hotel Reminder - Great rates available for players!
Traveling from out of town? The Canada Cup has you covered with two awesome hotel options: The Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre is connected to Mattamy Athletic Centre and the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre is in the middle of the city. Rates start at just $119.00 for up to four people per room at both hotels. Book online on the Hotel Info page.
Toronto Marriott
To learn more about the Canada Cup, surf to our website at:
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Serious? Yes Indeed.

It's not comparable to knee hockey nor Floor Hockey - not even on the same day..
Via Floorball to the Olympics

Lacrosse discovers Floorball too!!!

“I think floorball has the same effects as hockey would have on playing lacrosse,” Root said. “The idea of having the stick in the hand and that motor skill is all the same throughout those three sports.”

“In Canada, when we’re born, they give us a hockey stick,” Root said. “The kids that we were playing on the German teams, on the Finnish teams, they get a floorball stick when they’re born. That’s what they do. That’s what they play.”

Two excellent quotes from the first large coverage of Floorball from a Lacrosse publication.

Wanna read the full cha-bang? It's exeellent and to be found at the daily orange:

The latest Player spotlight from Austin TX

Full coverage on this - is only to be found at Austin Floorball dot com or visit them today...

And hey Austin we love you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Concussions...and headbanging..updated, we are wrong.

Floorballcentral is safety.
WE even think that girls doing figure skating should use a helmet. We have heard about too many young girls hitting the Ice - head first.

Then we have the NHL... the US government estimated a decade ago some 76 Billion (no not million BILLION USD) was the cost of concussions...(taxdollars baby) for the US, yes most due to war or traffic accidents. But in sports American Football does not have an impressive record and Hockey... well...

Now you should know why Floorball is a good choice.. It is indeed not protected from concussions,, but with soft boards and lightweight equipment... things looks a bit... or far more promising..

So what do you want to engage your kid in?


This is what we posted earlier - what is wrong with this?

The problem is that we compare things in its own domain. That is so wrong, since the largest problem there is - is not to pick among things.
The main problem is that not enough kids do sports or activity and that is something that we can not even put a price on. And what is worse - there are no economic incentives that kicks money into sports from all the billions of medication and treatments spent to heal people.

The economy is focused on to deal with fires - not to prevent them. And that is the problem number ONE.

The team of the teams - this clip is theirs

Storvreta beats Granlo in the fifth deciding game with 4-5 and advances to the semifinal in the Swedish Play-offs.
This is the future of sports already now ---
In a US perspective, well let's forget about knee hockey and Floor Hockey - it can never match this...


Pic of the day..

To Switzerland via Floorball to the Olympics:

Monday, March 25, 2013

More on the sandbox dilema, Storvreta part 4

Here it is last part 4 of klubbhusets and larnoes fully wonderful and epic documentary on Storvreta, the worlds best Floorball team. But it is still in code - well that is waht we call it when they do not add english closed captions..
If Floorball wants to go Olympic we think it is rather unethical to not produce material like this in English - just sayin'.
And we know Floorball can do better - if we want the Olympics..
If we worked with the task to take Floorball to the Olympics we would not approve code - ;-D

and some good wine from a hockey guru

Leif Boork is a Swedish hockey legend...
that today talked some Floorball at the news-outlet Expressen, we quote him right off below..

A short wiki on him: Leif Erik Boork (born 3 July 1949) is Swedish ice hockey coach. He was previously head coach for Djurgårdens IF, Brynäs IF, and team Norway. - and many many other high level hockey teams.
He also coached Sweden's team in the 1984 Canada Cup when that team lost to Canada in the final.

Leif Boork: 
"Jag tycker att Innebandy är en stor sport som har utvecklats till en allt mer professionell kultur. Jag har stor respekt för Innebandy."

It states: I think Floorball is a big sport that has developed to a high professional culture. I have deep respect for Floorball.

Tweets from Sweden?

Recently we learned that one player in the Swedish play-off was kicked out by the national Swedish Floorball federation when it was time for a decisive game, just two hours before game start.
Because a tweet - that we do not know if it was written by the player, or if it was up on twitter longer than 10 minutes - and in all honestly we do not know the content of the tweet either but we guess it was rather bad.

Anyway this occurred and some people have been upset about it - others not so much.

Irrespective of this - we think we have seen something operationally possibly worse.

Today it was decided that Pixbo and Storvreta both made it to the semi finals in the Swedish playoffs.
As we wanted to see this fast we turned to twitter and holey makrell as we searched for floorball on twitter a few minutes after the games - first nothing..
So we searched more and we found the news from Floorball Experts and from our old friend torras and from BC floorball too. Gold to you guys!

But guess what, none of these are fully affiliated with the official Floorball outlets in Sweden...we think,
This turns dunkel.
So, they have a federation over there with the power to react on players individual tweets (hallo what is freedom of speech worth) - but they seem not to have the power to globally announce - that two Swedish teams have been able to make it to the semifinals by using twitter - by using the word or tag FLOORBALL?

So the question remain, do they want to promote the sport outside of the sandbox or not - and should we give them a yellow or a red card? What do you think?

What is worse and what damage the future of floorball the most do you think?

It might be hard to shut others down - but if we want to go Olympic and spread the sport then for heavens sake SIBF must type up some sort of tweeting strategy. They should start with the use of the hashtag #floorball for instance... and then consider English as a second Language...

A letter about two new places to play Floorball in the USA!

We just had a great letter from Dan Torretta out in PA.
This is what he wrote us:

I'll start with how I got into floorball. I wanted to find a floor hockey league because ice hockey is too expensive to play. I found out about floorball accidentally while searching on the internet. I was upset that this great sport wasn't up and running in my area so I decided I'd make it happen. I contacted Darryl Gross and he helped me get started along with Mitch Larnerd who also works with Floorball Planet. The three of us worked over the next couple of months to make a budget that was affordable. It took awhile to find a facility that would let us play in their gym because everyone was afraid the floors would get scratched. Now that we found our gym we're ready to introduce floorball to the public! My goal is for it to eventually grow into a regular league with a longer season than 8 games. Also Mitch wants a league in his area and we're working to get a league in northern New Jersey, so hopefully we can get tournaments between us and anywhere else that wants to join. 

If you want to know anything else please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr. Torretta

Hey you know what - they promise to be back with more stuff....

Or the Facebook page that you must like !!!

Good luck Dan we think you will write history out in PA, thanks from

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Want to tweet better for Floorball?

Watch and learn,,,

  • “When is the best time to tweet on floorball?”
  • “How can I increase engagement and conversation?”
  • “How can I get more people to retweet my floorball tweets?”
Buddy Media’s full report can be found at  The infographics is found here
twitter best practices maximizing your tweets infographic

Scouting Junior Hockey Players!!! at a Floorball blog

The legendary Youth hockey Coach, and the man behind several things including the New England Hockey Institute, Mr. Dennis Chighisola , also know as Coach chic in the Hockey world.
He was not only the first one to realize the benefits of Floorball related to Hockey in the USA but he has always been in the forefront of youth hockey development... and you know what this is his latest creation in is his own words:

"Having been a Junior hockey GM/coach, and also having scouted and helped other GMs and team owners behind the scenes, I can tell you that it's hard -- and costly -- for teams to find good players.
What I've created is a place where players (from around the world) and North American teams can connect.

Coach chic is scouting young hockey players at a new swell site - it looks like this:

Connecting Motivated Hockey Players with Great Opportunities

Our service is FREE for players, so sign-up now!

Helping hockey players and Junior GMs/coaches with player placement!

We're in our pre-launch phase right now, so we'd like to hear from players, coaches and scouts now!

Here is the link...

More secret Swedish code on Storvreta

Thank you Salming and Klubbhuset - and we refuse to translate this thank you note into Swedish too ;-D

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happee set new standard in global floorball presentations

World of Floorball is a cool site with a new story on Belgium

First of all World of Floorball is a brand new site that kind of competes a bit with us. We like that since it spurs us a bit. Then we think Floorball is so good so many more should blog hard on this subject. Finally Belgium is an important country for Floorball..
What we did? We just assumed that if we advertise a bit for world of floorball = they will like us and we can do this rerun of their post without too much fear of anger ;-D
Just in from World of Floorball...
How is the sport doing in Belgium?
“State of Floorball” is a new recurring article series where we take a look at how floorball is developing and growing in countries all over the world. We take a look at the State of Floorball! We do this with tables, graphs and interviewing key persons in that country. And it starts with Belgium. 
BFF (bel) 256
IFF Member:1995
Players: 979
Men: 285
Women: 56
Clubs: 14
ps bel
To examine the current state of floorball in Belgium we talk to Nicolas Senez, vice president of the Belgian Floorball Federation.
How developed and widespread is floorball in Belgium? 
Floorball in Belgium, not really well-know, but grow every year. The best proof is the huge increase in terms of registered players : from 119 players in 2005 to 1010 today, over 700% growth in just seven years. Clubs are doing a really good job, because on the 1000 members, only 1/3 are adults. So, the expansion of Floorball in Belgium will clearly continue.
In Belgium, we have 3 adults leagues, 1 women league, 1 U19, 1 U16, 1U13 and 1 U10. The level of our leagues improve every year, our youth are clearly strong, and we can see it with our national teams.
What goals does the Belgian Floorball Federation have for the future? 
First, we need to improve the BFF. Our structure is not really optimal for the moment. We need to follow the huge increase and adapt our work to it. We worked for it, but now we need an evolution.
Secondly, find a way to augment the popularity of Floorball, and increase the amount of clubs, to cover all regions and areas. We see when a new club born, players comes quickly.
Bel vs Fra
Source: IFF
Goals for the national teams?
We have two national teams, one Men and one Men-U19. Our goals, show that Belgian is growing and take a spot to a WFC. We are clearly not going to the WFCQ with our teams for figuration.
We are also take a look about Women. For the moment we have not enough Belgian teams, but if development continue to grow, we hope a women national team in some years. As with men, youth are our power.
How do you plan on and how can you increase floorball in the country, both numbers of players and level of top players and teams?
To increase the level, it’s easy for a country like ours. We living in a small country, so moving to play games, it’s clearly not a big problem. So for increase the level, we need to increase the number of games, and this, for all age. This is the key, and we are doing this for some years, and this is working. Some U19 teams can clearly beat some adult division 2 teams.
To increase the numbers of players, there is 2 ways, the natural one, with already installed clubs. Youth push old players to create a B-team or a C-team, even, sometimes a new club. And to other way, new clubs. This is more difficult, in Belgium, we are clearly missing of correct halls, halls are quite busy and even you want to create a club, finding hours in a hall is quite difficult. The popularity of the sport don’t help, hall’s responsible are afraid of unknown sports. So, to help creation of clubs, we need to improve our visibility in Belgium.

A big thanks to Nicolas for taking time to tell us about floorball’s progress in Belgium.
Belgium is a smal country in the floorball world, with only 0.33% of the floorball players in the world. But now the floorball are growing and this year they have passed the 1 000 player mark. As you can see of Nicolas answers BFF are putting their efforts in the right place, the youth. To have the best growth and success a country needs homegrown players. This takes time because the easiest and best way to introduce a new sport is to young persons in schools. BFF are doing a good job focusing on the U19 teams. But maybe they need to focus a little bit more on getting the sport into the schools.
----------- liked lt?
follow our friends at world of floorball here...

Play-off Time in Europe!

Our dear friend and head guy behind Floorball News Atis Rismanis, keeps on updating all results from the main European league and we Think he is doing this better than anyone else in the world..

Then on top of that we are able to feed it right into our own news tab that is displayed under the tab above:

Current Standing in European leagues

Have fun and send Mr Rismanis a thought for doing this excellent work!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Polish Sausage

Yupp, they have their own superfinal too

Kevin Weekes go Canada Cup 2013 - Floorball too

Credit via Canada Cup, Weekes and Mikkola
Weekes' career began with the Owen Sound Platers of the Ontario Hockey League. He also had a brief stint with the Ottawa 67's.
Chosen 41st overall by the Florida Panthers in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft, he joined the team for the 1997–98 season, going 0–5–1 in 11 appearances for the Panthers. The following summer he was traded to the Vancouver Canucks in a trade for Pavel Bure and compiled a 6–15–5 record in 31 appearances over a season and a half before being traded to the New York Islanders halfway through the 1999–2000 season. At the conclusion of that season he was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he played until late in the 2001–02 season when he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes.
He played in a tandem with Arturs Irbe, helping lead the Hurricanes to the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals while recording two shutouts in the playoffs, establishing a Hurricanes team record.
He signed with the New York Rangers as a free agent prior to the 2004–05 NHL lockout, winning his first start with the Rangers on October 5, 2005, in a game against the Philadelphia Flyers. His time with the Rangers looked to be promising until an injury kept him out and he lost his number one spot to Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist came in to play in place of Weekes and played exceptionally well. Weekes remained in good spirits upon his healthy return to the team even though he had been bumped to the number two spot and back up to the rookie (Lundqvist). He became an unrestricted free agent following a less than stellar 2006–07 season. On July 5, 2007, he signed with the New Jersey Devils to serve as a backup to All-Star Martin Brodeur. In the 08-09 season, Brodeur suffered an injury which sidelined him for almost the entire season. This left Weekes and Scott Clemmensen battling for the number one spot. With the two battling, Weekes would again see himself in the playoffs with the team losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in Game 7 of the quarter finals.
Weekes announced his retirement from playing on September 27, 2009.
Source wikipedia

And you know what.. now it is times for some Floorball

Delta from Oxdog

not bad huh?

Other up-comin' events in the USA

Thinking about playing floorball in Northern New Jersey / Eastern Pennsylvania? Then join us for a Floorball Open House on Saturday, April 6, 2013 from 10 am to 12 pm at the Charles Chrin Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Rd, Palmer PA. We will be hosting open scrimmages for players of all ages and will answer questions about the upcoming Spring Leagues. Sticks will be provided -- show up in shorts, T shirt, and sneakers and be prepared for some fun!

Registration is now open for the 2013 Southwestern US Floorball Championship Tournament. This one-day tournament will be held at Southwestern Adventist University, 100 West Hillcrest Drive, Keene TX on Sunday, April 14, 2013. (Please note that SWAU is an alcohol and tobacco-free environment) Click "REGISTER ONLINE" or "TOURNAMENTS" in the header to register as a team or individual.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ligament injury, healing and Floorball?

Na, maybe not only for Floorball. This is an interesting scientific study that deeper tries to understand if some older ways to treat very common injuries are so very good - or even the best.

Nope, this paper is a though read from the more layman communicative perspective of things. But if you end up with a ligament foot or knee injury (this is a very common injury) - it could be wise to have your doctor explain what is the latest in this area and maybe hand him or her this paper... as a start of your discussion?

As the world is moving sports and medicine forward...

Truck of the Year in Brandon Canada

credit floorball Brandon

Where is Brandon? A bit north of North Dakota,,
They have the coolest American Truck we have seen,
Dug on it - wish we had things like that in Wisconsin too...

Animated Gif?

When the Internet was new - one of the fancy things that emerged was animated gif, i.e. basic pictures that moved (since they are animated). This is even before real video hit the Internet.
So now the computer wizards tells us that we have a new era of animated gifs. Animated gifs are trendy again..

So we tried to find out who is doing animated gifs for Floorball and guess what India seems to be a big actor on animated floorball gifs..

Here is another one that you might like...

Should you not make an animated gif too - it sure looks easy - lol

Salibandy Promo by Janne Makkonen

Yeah, he made a few hockey promotional stuff too

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Superfinále Florbalu 2013 - Trailer

Let's do more language stuff - this is in pure Czech - cool trailer for their own superfinale. We love it and turned into a video blog now... lol

The latest from Brasil, South America

This is an AD campaign to move Floorball forward and further develop the sport in South America.

Hey did you know that this comes up in Argentina soon..
Follow the women's indoor national field hockey team in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our first match is 7pm on Friday!
Full USA schedule (all times local):
Fri 7p USA v ARG (U19)
Sat 11a USA v ARG
Sat 7p USA v ARG
Mon 9a URU v USA
Mon 6p URU v USA
Tue 9:30a USA v ARG (U19)
Tue 8:30p USA v ARG
Wed 9a USA v ARG

Hmm what is then indoor field hockey?

Well, it looks like this..

We do not know what you think but to us it looks a bit standing still at times, it looks a bit slow and old and otherwise - there is probably no other sport that comes closer to Floorball - maybe not even Floor Hockey.

So how to move these guys in South America into the most modern version of emulated hockey? Any ideas?

In Code (Swedish) part 2 (it's new sport for America)

OK, here is installment 2 of the incredible Swedish production covering the worlds best Floorball team (Sweden's second largest sport).
As we post this here - we also realize that we almost turn into a vlog here instead of a blog.. But due to commitments in other areas our ability to post written material right now is low -a pity since we have so much more to write about... Hold out here is installment 2 from Klubbhuset Sweden and Mr. Larnoe.

Flashback Canada Cup

We may also confirm that we at this point have teams signed up for 2013 Midwest Floorball Championships from Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Yay!

Monday, March 18, 2013

One of the best Floorball articles from this side of the pond

It came up today via and it is one of the best written Floorball articles to date, on this side of the pond.
We want you to read it in full, but we will only quote a smaller section here to kind of tease you into the idea to read the full thing...

" Hamilton Elite: Ready For Another Championship Battle 

The Hamilton Floorball Club established itself as one of Canada's top floorball programs when they clinched the Canada Cup Elite Division crown in 2011 by defeating two-time champs NYCFloorball. In 2012, the club made the finals again but this time narrowly lost 7-6 in the championship against a highly favoured and European reinforced Salming Vikings. Along with the bitter memory, the players on the team are left with more than enough motivation for this year.

Last year at York University, the Hamilton Floorball Club (formerly known as the Hamilton Floorhawks) faced a team heavy in top European talent, the Salming Vikings, which included two Team Sweden players Rasmus Sundstedt and Mattias Samuelsson. After a goal by Hamilton's Connor Smith got the scoring started in the first period, the Salming Vikings slipped four past Hamilton, quickly setting the pace of the game. Hamilton responded and was able to match the intensity tossing goals back and forth within the second and third periods, eventually losing the game by only one goal.

“That game was a heartbreak overall. That's a game that me and the rest of the guys will remember for the rest of our lives,”says Hamilton's Andrew Radjenovic."

The full article that is long and very well written by Ms. Laura Lehman is to be found here...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Four Percent and some updates...on 2013 MFC

Did you know that the most read post ever at this blog has way over 7.000 hits and it is still (or right now) the second most popular post - on a day-to-day basis. It means that some 4% of all our hits is aimed for one post. We think that is well balanced and impressive - thanks to you.

Our main head ref for the 2013 MFC (April 13th in Tomah, WI), Mr. Buvarp from CO, now has his foot in a cast so we will try to use local referee pairs instead for all games in the 2013 MFC, since we do know that reffing is always a hard part. Let's see how this works out.. So all earlier mentions of a Ref clinic is not valid but we will have a refs meeting.
We have a sponsor, Exopack, that has announced its willingness to pay refs a symbolic fee, and if someone feels that he or she is a skilled ref, well let us know. The cool thing with Exopack is that they have operations in Tomah, WI, but also in Battle Creek, MI. Yes the very same Battle Creek, that invented some of the very first rules for Cosom Hockey. Is that not magic so say?
Right now we are almost covered with about 8 people willing and able to ref. But, to be fair, we are a bunch of happy and learning amateurs...

We still have consistent rumors that we might be able to pull together a mini youth demo tournament too as the 2013 MFC is played. We have Mr. Willy in charge of this and he is trying to pull this together. These games will be played after the main tourney and we will probably use no goalies for this and play cross court on a smaller surface, in a four by four format. We are certain that this would be a cool thing for the kids.

We still have plans to try to pull two female teams together for a demo game at 2013 MFC, it seems however like some ladies are working.. But even if we so use male goalies.. This is nothing we may promise yet, the estimate is that we have 6-8 girls at this point. We probably need 12 to make this happen in the best possible way... so the project is slightly pending. Sign up will be at the venue.

Then teams are becoming full and if you do not have a team and want to play - let us know now. There are a few loose players still floating around and in best case - maybe we need one more team. But we need some 4-5 more players for this and a goalie... Let us know asap... under the sign up tab..

Video Instructional...

This is how it should look like - if you now wonder - from today Swedish SSL quarter final Pixbo-Warberg (Pixbo in red stripes)

We wonder here.. indeed wonder here.

This is a very good Floor Hockey Video, our hat of for it.
But we have some problems with it too... ;-D
Se our questions after you have seen the clip please..

First we ask how much good stick-handling or dribbling to you see in this clip?
Ha they use the right ball - but where in the world did they found those sticks lol?
Then we ask if is this the sport that has a large International sports federation, with unified International rules behind them?
Is this one of the worlds fastest growing team sports? Is this the sport that Hockey Canada now introduce to elementary schools across Canada?
Is this sport recognized by the IOC?

If you want to be kind you could answer something like maybe or almost...
But our answers to most of these questions are a simple: No.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

MAMA (singing) from Prague..

We have nothing more to add on this... it is for sure Bohemia..

How big is the Floorball business?

Well, some stick producers have earlier not been too willing to release how many sticks they sell. But during the last year we have heard updated numbers from two different and large Finnish stick producers - that both pointed in a slightly higher direction as compared to what we show you below..

So the other way to figure out the market size could be based upon the certification stickers that SP/IFF supply to all tested products. This excludes all cheap and bad stuff. And our recommendation is clear; never buy anything that not has been certified - you might end up with a bad dream..

The IFF just recently released the following numbers of the number of stickers they provide to Floorball companies: Let's quote em...

"The amount of pre-sold marking stickers for total year 2012:
 From the start of the year 2012:
Balls        2.057.889 pcs
Sticks         720.659  pcs
Goals              2.470  pcs
Rinks                  362 pcs
Face masks     1.408  pcs"

We think the number of rinks are surprisingly high since a rink could cost some 9000 US dollars so this is a very good indicator on the growth of the sport - and a rink system normally last for a long time so the need to replace em it is not too frequent in time.. Then face-masks is a bit low - but how many does not use other face-masks, like from hockey or street hockey?
The number of balls hoover around 2 Million and seems to be close to the number released earlier (we did not double-check this) but it is obvious that the market is full of non-certified balls too.

The Stick volume seems to be growing, since last figure was a bit lower. We think however if you include non certified sticks the total number of sticks could be close to a Million.. The numbers released earlier, as we begun this post with... would hint in a higher direction - but we only guess

And you know what - Floorball has not even started yet and we have Millions of schools (almost) to introduce the sport to.

This is in code - deep code

Its a deep documentary on the world's best Florball team; Storvreta IBK, the coach say he has never seen anyone ever played better Floorball.

We are utterly sorry that there are no closed captions on this cause this is one of the best Floorball video productions ever..

Oh, well we guess seeing the pictures is better than nothing..

and as you see the book.. its signed by Borje Salming himself - also known as the King ( in Toronto Maple Leafs).

If we would translate in one word... r o l e m o d e l s

Friday, March 15, 2013

How long may USA Hockey...

Sit on the side lines? ....

Before we call a serious off-side on them?

If you do not understand what we mean... well check out the main front page of Hockey Canada and how they now rake Floorball into schools with high priority up north!

The main question is if we should call a red line or a blue line off side on thw white ice and USA Hockey..

Try this dear brothers and sisters...

Why is Latvia better than Denmark?

Steen Houman's Blog, in Denmark tries to figure out how the Little country Latvia always to seem to be better than Denmark in Floorball even if Denmark has more players..

This promise to be one of the best post ever from Mr. Houman, and it is only part one...

We share here the bulk of Mr Houman's post - if you want to read it in full click his name as of above...

Floorball in Latvia is at a very good level, in the last 10 years, both the men and womens team have been in top 6 at World Championship.
This, despite the numbers of players are less than some og the nations that are behind Latvia.
There has been a saying that, the total numbers of players in a country, will decide how good you will be at the World Championships.
Latvia have fewer players then the nations ranked 7-10, and still they have for a decade been just behind the top 4 nations.
I spoke to former national team player Zane Klabere, who has just been elected to one of IFF boards (congratulations), and she kindly answered my question, in order to put some light on the success of Latvian floorball, and are there some lessons to be learned from a Danish point of view. 
#1 How is floorball regarded in Latvia
Floorball in Latvia is a fast growing sport that has reached a stabile position among the other big sports in country. Number of licensed players and clubs are growing every year.
#2 you have had a high level for both men and women in many years, how come
Comparing to the “big floorball countries” our number of players and clubs are still small. So we compensate that with hard work to became better and better.
#3 How popular is floorball among the youth?
Among the youth – floorball is one of the most popular sports right now. Schools are more supportive in the last years and the interest is growing.
#4 how do you get so many good players in Latvia?
About the good players – like I answered some questions earlier – is it done with hard work. A lot of practising, a lot of work to build a good physical condition. Some players are playing abroad to develop their skills and level in higher leagues like Switzerland, Sweden or Finland.
Cont. in full here... Steen Houman's Blog

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Excuse us but we took the liberty to share the Euro Play-Off rounds

Dear IFF we hope you do not dislike this..
But the coverage you put up with links to the play-offs in different European leagues is outstanding.
So until you tell us to remove this we will copy your code here, it is just too good to not be shared... at more places..
In case you want to see the native page: Here it is:

Swedish League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Finnish League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Swiss League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Czech League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Norwegian League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Polish LeagueMen´s play-off
Women´s play-off
German LeagueMen´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Estonian League
Men´s play-off
Women´s play-off
Slovakian LeagueMen´s play-off
Women´s play-off

LTAD for Ice Hockey?

Does that mean that you must go an play Baseball (a sport we often portray as a rather "sitting-still activity for half the team").
Yes it could, since in the principles of Long Term Athletic Development say that kids should play many different sports to improve many basic functions and also to prevent them from injuries down the road...

Now let's focus on this post real content and it is called:

Ok, as we talked to Mr. Faez Kanji, Vancouver, the other week and as we discussed different "Floorball activities for younger Hockey players he said something very interesting... "The feeling of the experience or the atmosphere you design for a kids group - maybe even more important than the technical skill you try to develop. "
We loved it here... Since it makes fully sense to us.

Here is the very latest from Vancouver, and how they tie Young Stars together with all from Floorball to Ice Hockey.
They call it - "CAN YOU FEEL IT?"
Our question is now... - "Can you feel it too?"

So you do Youth Hockey and you see this and can now connect how Floorball fits into all this then - well lets say that we welcome you to a new brave world? LTAD or Not, but for sure aimed at Hockey Kids...

OOps.. One thing more - you want to know more about Hockey Jam sessions for Kids?
Try this, "Dear Brutu" ;-D

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!