Saturday, February 23, 2013

Korean Ladies with big surprise in WFCQ

The following has been reported directly via IFF over facebook:
We take the liberty to repost their copyrighted material as a huge quote:

"The last match of the WFCQ 2013 AOFC should decide the last team to qualify to the final round.
The mathematics was easy, Singapore needed a win but Korea could settle with a draw.

Being the more experienced team the Singaporeans could take an early grip of the match with a lot of ball control.
The Korean defence positioning was good so there were no open chances to score. 
Quite typical the first goal was a shot that the goalkeeper normally would have taken but her view was blocked when Wileen Ong scored 1-0 for Singapore after 07:01.

Just 28 seconds later the home crowd woke up when Sun Hwa Park equalized on a rebound.

The remaining part of the first period was even and no more goals scored.

The second period saw two tense teams and basically no real chances to score. The teams took out eachother and the period ended 0-0 and it all came down to the last period.

Korea got an early power play possibility and put Singapore under a 2 minute constant pressure but no goals were made.

Singapore retained the lead after a backhand chop by Suhaida Yusof at 51:45 and the Singapore players looked relieved.

Korea again got a power half a minute after the goal but could not take advantage of that opportunity.

But at 55:24 the crowd exploded when Sae Rom Lee found her way through in front of the Singaporean goal and scored the equalizer.
Singapore took an immediate time-out after the goal to set up the team for the remaining of the match.

A good opportunity came when Korea got a 2 minute penalty at 55:48 but no goals were scored during the power play.

The last chance for Singapore came when the ball was passed through the Korean defence but with an open net the ball was missed and the match ended 2-2.

The result means that Korea took the last spot in the Women's WFC 2013.

As best players were awarded Kyung A Ko, Korea and Suhaida Yusof, Singapore."
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