Thursday, February 28, 2013

One thing right and one thing backwards from Nike

Big Tubas, to the sound of Drums, and the the first lady of the USA, today announced an unprecedented move by NIKE to get Americas kids back moving again.. and investments in measures to do this at some 50 Million US Dollars was announced.
That is exactly the right thing to do - or more or less what they must do... here is the release page
Thank You Nike!

And their video..

So what is backwards in this? Well, tug of war was abandoned by the Olympics ages ago, and we see at least two short clips of some Floor Hockey versions too.. Holy Majolie!

So do not Nike know about Floorball, its global expansion, the recognition by the IOC and the possibilities for Floorball to become an Olympic Sport, not only in Special Olympics? Or how Floorball works and grows in Schools across other continents, maybe they do not know?
Hm, can they invest 50 Million in the task to get kids moving in US Schools without Floorball? Maybe they can, but we must then reserve ourselves and promise that if they incorporated Floorball - their ROI - would shine, and that is what we think here - irrespective how they count the Return On the Investment (ROI).

How we count it? Simple math, more fun, more kids, doing much harder physical work through Floorball - we do not even have to count in any other way at all here ;-D. To us Fun is exactly the same word as Motivation.. tug of war is fun, yes but not that fun, so you go back doing it once a week in a club or least it will not bring the masses to do so - Floorball may.

Good Luck Nike, whatever path you might take to develop this, we salute you from

And you know we just love opinions here as much as Floor....

The IFF cover The Canada Cup

The Canada Cup Floorball Championship started ten years ago with 6 teams.
This year, for the 10th anniversary, Canada Cup is celebrating by moving the event to one of the most storied venues in hockey history: the former Maple Leaf Gardens, known today as the Mattamy Athletic Centre.
The registration is now open for the 10th Anniversary Canada Cup played May 17-20th 2013.
This state of the art venue in downtown Toronto can accommodate up to 70 teams from Canada and abroad. The Canada Cup will be one of the first major events in the building where the Toronto Maple Leafs won 11 Stanley Cups.

Want the full scope of floorball?
Here it is

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More cool stuff from TEXAS

Ha, here comes something that we like AFC, starts a series of Player profiles... you will find them here
And Fred is the first player out.. you know what - this is something more American or Canadian groups should do - yes follow the lead of AFC - so that is today's challenge to you.

Starting this season, Austin Floorball Club will present a new player interview each week in our “AFC Player Spotlight.”  Our goal is to get to know the players in the league a little better as well as to get their feedback on what we’re doing right and wrong. This week, the spotlight is shining on our very own Fred Mustacchia. Fred is currently playing in the 2013 Spring League as a forward on Cobra Kai.
AFC: So, Fred, how old are you?
Fred: I’m 38.
AFC: Are you a native Austinite?  If not, where are you from?
Fred: No. I moved here last March from Portland, Oregon.
AFC: How long have you been playing floorball?
Fred: Since March of 2012.
AFC: What kind of stick do you use?
Fred: It’s a 2013 Salming Quest 2 CC 29.
AFC: How did you discover Austin Floorball Club?
Fred: I found the club through doing a Google search for floor hockey. Before we moved here, I really wanted to get involved in floor hockey, but found floorball instead, which I probably like better anyway.
AFC: What made you want to try it out?
Fred: I’ve always wanted to play hockey, but didn’t want to play on skates, so floorball was a perfect option. I tried to learn how to skate many years back, but I discovered that it would take a really long time to learn how to actually skate. Running gets me into the game much quicker and is far more convenient.
AFC: What keeps you coming back?
Fred: Mainly just playing the game itself. I have a love for hockey, so to play a sport similar to it is really fulfilling. I enjoy the competition; it’s fantastic exercise; and the people (except for Bobby) are really great to play with.
AFC: What changes would you make to the club and/or league (if any)?
Fred: It would be to expand the club more. I’d love to see it grow, but that of course requires money to hold events and do marketing. It would be awesome to have a bigger league, but of course that requires more players, which we have gotten lately. However many of them don’t join the league.
AFC: Any thoughts on why they don’t sign up, or how to get them to join the league?
Fred: It’s not like it’s an expensive league. Possibly the schedule doesn’t work. I think we’d need a survey to find out why so few new people sign up for it. I’d like to find out what their barrier to entry is.
I’d like to see more people pitch in to help. I think it would be great if we had volunteers that could maybe hand out materials at [Texas] Stars games, possibly go to local hockey rinks and put up an ad (if they were cool with that), or do something at Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex, like host an open pickup day.
This town is probably full of people that would love this sport, but not many know about it. We need to find ways to spread the word using volunteers and the club’s limited budget.
AFC: If you could give one piece of advice to someone trying floorball for the first time, what would it be?
Fred: I’d say to not be intimidated and just try it out. There are all types of players, and everyone is welcome. The club members are very friendly and accepting of all skill levels. I think the hardest part is getting the nerve to show up the first time.
AFC: Tell us one thing about yourself that we may not already know.
Fred: I don’t think everyone knows that I moved here to go to school for game design, which is a decision I made based on putting aside playing music so I could get a career following my other passion besides music, which is gaming.
And that does it for our first AFC Player Spotlight! A big Thank You to Fred for this interview, and good luck next week!

World Class Kids

If you want to be wise...

It is time to sign up for the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship ...

In about plus two weeks time the fee will jump from 10 dollars per player to 15 per player.

Do not waste your money - use if for gas to get to tomah instead...

We suspect a possible double amount of teams participating from Tomah only.
We are also convinced about both IL and MN teams... but do not know exactly how many at this point.

It is exiting times.


YES, we also saw a new sponsor yesterday in ACE hardware...

LTAD - Swedish Floorball - A big but right aim

Today Swedish Floorball (SIBF) released a full pressrelease ( in Swedish only but use an online translator if you want to read it from the source ) on LTAD and their own development model.

What they present goes directly in line what you find on this page if you prefer an English source on this material.

These are a few things Swedish Floorball say in their release as we use a rather free interpretation:
- Too many kids are too specialized into one sport too early with too much specific training and that drives them away from sports way too early in life.
- There are too much focus on results and performance way too early - since we do not know who gets good in a sport until the age of 20.
- This is ingrained into a culture that Swedish Floorball now aims to break up. The objective is to find new values and goals for main structures.
- These new ideas are built to put the athlete in center and how he or she develops. The main aim is not to develop elite performers, this is rather a by-product from a broader implementation of sports.
- The approach to aim for a life-long participation in sports - will also improve the very best players.

Then they establish FIVE goals for their operation

1) Sports for life
2) Individual Development
3) Floorball is for all
4) Fun and Community
5) Children's Rights according to the United Nations

Our comments? Perfect. This makes perfect sense and is exactly the way to go. Maybe some of their ideas are presented in a bit of a strict way that makes the press release much more boring that it has to be -
Hey, you guys this is good stuff, this is fun stuff - do not be so seriously boring when you talk about it - a little fun flair added to this message and it is a full wow from our side!
Then we just 100% fully love the idea that they refer to the United Nations Children's Rights - we wish so many more organizations that works with kids would do the same and follow them too.

Good work SIBF - here is one of your big fans.

Hockey Canada launches Elementary School Floorball Program

Hockey Canada Floorball
Hockey Canada has teamed up with FloorballPro and Floorball Canada to launch a brand-new program called Floorball: An Introduction to Hockey.
The program includes an exclusive 10-week curriculum & lesson plan that is designed for teachers by floorball experts. Each lesson has the following components: Getting Ready (warm up), FUNdamentals (skill drills), Ready to Play (apply skills & assessment) and Safety & Respect. It is designed for grades 3 to 6.
The Hockey Canada Elementary School package includes everything a school needs to play floorball right out of the box. It is available now for just $500. Here's what's in the package:
  • 12 Hockey Canada Campus sticks (85cm JR length, straight blade)
  • 1 Hockey Canada Salming Matrix instructor stick (101cm length, right or left)
  • 1 Hockey Canada Stickbag
  • 1 Hockey Canada Curriculum
  • 1 Floorball: A Sports Revolution DVD
  • 12 white Salming Aero floorball balls
The curriculum is available on its own for $40 and a high school friendly Hockey Canada package is available. Purchase from's Hockey Canada page or visit a Retail Location near you.

Would you like a certified floorball instructor to visit your school?
Floorball Canada will be offering workshops to support the launch of the program soon. In the meantime, you can book a FloorballPro instructor
Where can I find out more?
How do I get in touch?
We're here to help you! If you have any questions about floorball or this program, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-855-FLR-BAL1 or by email at You can write us on Twitter or Facebook, too.

phone: 1-855-FLR-BAL1



Clarification URGENT



2013 MFC 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

May we yet again present the Worlds best Floorball Club?

Do you believe in the Sport of Floorball?
Well Happee just secured the Finnish league.
And may we recommend their English page with stuff on Floorball?,
Please, sign-up with them they are cool.

OK, we might have a very different view here - but our point is that Floorball is two things that leads to the third thing - its all at the third step (today) called our idea C:
A) A sport that we play and like (nice nice indeed)
B) A growing cultural phenomena that we must share as fast as possible - if we do not do that - we are all losers (this is the revolution or the paradigm shift)
C) Now you pick your own game (or both)

We have said this before - we do think that Happee is one of the most progressive Clubs in Europe that USE the word Floorball, That use ENGLISH in their communications - that try that extra fun stuff like the theater and their moose Heimo Hirvi - or hands down they are "supernova" active on social media too.
So to us they are not only Winners in the Finnish League they are also one of the most important forces in spreading the sport of Floorball globally (to us, they are World Champs in this respect). yes there are a few other good Clubs to and in Sweden we say Storvreta stands out a bit on their own...

Instead of discussion other more quiet clubs in detail - we say - look at Happee - see and learn and try to beat them.
The main game is about to win the world - and not just one silly game drufus ;-). The world is up for grabs.
Go for it!

ehum this is also a thing from Happee and some of their friends... we call it the happee shake

Swede of the Week

U have
seen this before...
But what is amazing is that this thing - rendered this very goalie a very very prestigious award.
He was just elected as the very Swede of the week by the main Swedish national TV channel TV4 - not bad for a Floorball player huh?

InstaGrok School and Floorball - Help!

InstaGrok is such a cool thing as an educational search engine. or a seach engine for education.

They cover Floorball - but they also just recently sent out a tweet on Floorball. So we love them here since we think any modern PE education can't be done without Floorball... ;-)

OK, there is only one little problem here. And let us explain. We tossed in some material into InstaGrok on Floorball - but we could have done a much better job.
So here is what we need help with. IF you have some time. IF you know your Floorball. IF you think the future of PE should include Floorball.. Please sign up at InstaGrok, feed them with much better material, toss in a few lesson plans, yeah just do it good.

Why we ask here in the open? Well we believe in open source and the power of free will so we suspect that if someone feel for this project and have some time over then this will possibly be much more better done than if we asked some official... Ever heard about Wikipedia? Huh?
When you are done toss us a few lines and - we will have a post on what you did here too... You know what - you may have the power to do a lots for both Floorball but also for many many kids.. ;-)


or is there a roaring mouse in the picture too?
unknown artist linked in via facebook

Keep Fit - Generate several things

Photocredit Mark S MK Phantoms
MK Phantoms, in the UK, are doing a fun thing - they are involved in a fund raiser where they keep fit (we assume they will do some heavy work-out).

This is a cool thing to do, due to many reasons.
A) First of all they generate interest and goodwill for their activities, something that is good for their own club as well as for Floorball in general
B) It seems like they have figured out how to bring in revenue to their own club doing this
C) Some extra exercise does not hurt - rather the opposite.

Local news coverage here

Do you remember this one - by the way - on the importance of keeping kids fit?
Floorball is a vital tool many places in the world and may become a vital tool at many many more places ;-D

Monday, February 25, 2013

As we continue to salute China. It might say POFF!

China is behind most of the staggering growth at this blog. USA is doing a decent fine, but not really growing right now (last day tops out at some 250 hits and that is very good), and Canada used to do well too, but they ought to be doing sooo much better. Europe is with us good - but China is the main reason for our eight months long incredible growth with new continious records in counts of hits, all the time, depending a bit upon how we measure.
But China is king.
Also we want to mention Ukraine as a very strong longtime visitor and with some little help from some other Asian countries beside of China, well, this is how we go forward right now.

Of course the next big development lay in the dream to take South America with storm, to a much higher level of  Floorball discovery.

OK, but here is the main scoop in this post.
Have you seen the interest we have had for two recent posts on India, one even knocked down our six months long weekly top post on the Washington Post?
The IFF just reported that at their facebook page, that is a 15.000 likes page - here it is by the way
India is the third largest country in numbers of visits to that page.

So lets forget about South America for a minute, let's go with what has been going the most strongly - lately...

Now add these two things together...
Here China is the top dog in number of hits PLUS at the IFF's facebook page India is the third in numbers of visitors.
Then you go figure out what happens to the world of Floorball, when both China and India emerge from a little bit interested, to slightly interested, into rather or very much so interested. It might say POFF!

We think it looks like we are on a very very interesting track in the world of Floorball - no doubts here - last in is a loser. And.... where we have our more confounded doubts are now in the very most western parts of the world. So come on you gals and guys...get your own team up and running - now.


Ice Hockey begun on the Ice...

Climate change is on attack and the longer periods of cold weather are not what they used to be.

Ice Hockey started on Ice, outdoor ice. Often on a lake as shinny, or like some other sort of pond hockey. The next main development was real outdoor rinks and they have been with us for ages.
It is not until during the modern era, with much cheap energy supply, that indoor hockey rinks first emerged and then latter on took over. Today many outdoor rinks mainly fill the function of being the real rink of choice, only in small or otherwise poor communities. Today it is utterly hard - if not impossible to become good at hockey if you do not can play on an indoor rink. But still the extra pond hockey you might get done is always an extra bonus for any level Hockey skater.

Recent reports from many places describe the problems to keep outdoor rinks up an running. This is not always related to the weather not being cold - but more to fluctuations in the weather from being dynamically changing from cold to warm. These fluctuations do first of all affect the quality of the ice, but in worse case it has also at places been too warm too long to have an outdoor ice up and running. Many outdoor rinks are closed over periods of time. Of course these problems are more accentuated depending upon where you live. Think South to North drufus - na it is also different depending on other things related to your geographical location. It is also not too hard to find reports from for instance the larger Toronto area that discuss the problems to keep outdoor ice rinks up and running, due to either the relatively warm weather or larger fluctuations from cold weather to warm spells that just melts away the ice.
Even Dr. Watson could figure out that this affects the sport of Ice Hockey since many players still rely a bit on all the extra shinny the can get in under their belt...

What to do?
Well this problem is kind of sick because the main problem is not the availability of shinny but the happening of climate change. So the only main thing to do is to fix the climate change. But since it is hard do to this - and since many people would like to play Hockey,,, the other available options are Floor Hockey. - But from our point of view that is sick too, this since it is not a realistic way of emulating hockey, sticks are too long, there are no real uniform set of rules or federations, Floor Hockey is way too slow, it looks silly, it is not safe either for players or gym floors..and we may go on in that direction for a long time.

Na, even if climate change is one of the worse reason for anything in the world... still it turns out to be another sign of the times that fully points in the direction of
---> FLOORBALL baby.

Amazing spirit AIK style

A small group of fans makes it very special for all AIK fans around the world - they call themselves Hoforsgnagarna (Gnaget is a nickname for team AIK).
And yes this is another form of Floorball love..and the song well about AIK too.

Yes, they won this very important game... over Falun.

Canada Cup Registrations are Open too

Just in from Toronto, Ontario...

Registration Opens Now for the 10th Anniversary!
Maple Leaf Gardens • May 17-20th, 2013
Maple Leaf Gardens Floorball
The Canada Cup Floorball Championship started ten years ago with 6 teams. This year, for our 10th anniversary, we are celebrating by moving the event to one of the most storied venues in hockey history: the former Maple Leaf Gardens, known today as the Mattamy Athletic Centre.
This state of the art venue in downtown Toronto can accommodate up to 70 teams. The Canada Cup will be one of the first major events in the building where the Toronto Maple Leafs won 11 Stanley Cups.
Join us as we make sports history by starting a new chapter for Canadian floorball in one of hockey's most storied shrines.
Registration opens for a record nine youth & adult divisions; so pick the one that suits your group the best... surf to the REGISTER YOUR TEAM PAGE to sign up online. Take advantage of special early bird pricing that is available only until March 31st.
Questions? Visit the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or the RULES & POLICIES pages. Can't figure it out? EmailTweet, post on the Facebook page or visit the Canada Cup website at
Super rates at the Holiday Inn
Traveling from out of town? The Canada Cup has you covered with an awesome hotel offer. The main tournament hotel is the Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre Hotel connected to the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Rates start at $119/night for up to 4 people.
Holiday Inn Toronto
Surf to the HOTEL INFO PAGE to book a room using the hotel's online booking system. Space is limited.

Youth Divisions Expanding
The Canada Cup continues to expand the number of youth teams participating and we are excited to announce a brand-new Midget division for 2013.
Midget Division Action
We will now feature four junior age co-ed divisions: the Atom Division, for players age 10 and under born 2002 or 2003, the Peewee Division, for players age 12 and under born 2000 or 2001, the Bantam Division, for players age 14 and under born 1998 or 1999 and the new Midget Division for players age 17 and under born 1995, 1996 or 1997.

To learn more about the Canada Cup, watch the Road to the Canada Cup trailer on YouTubeor surf to our website at
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee

Austin TX - the most well organized league in the States

We do not know how to prove this - but we do think that Austin Texas seem to sport the most well organized Floorball in the United States..

Here is a state of the art website - their own blog

The latest just in via email looks like this (you may also find this on their blog - have fun:

Spring Season Kickoff!

The first game of the Spring 2013 season started off with a few bumbles and bobbles, but also a few highlights. After both teams went tit-for-tat with two goals apiece in 17 minutes of play, Robert Kleinman (IBK Vikingarna) ripped a blistering top-corner wristshot past goalie Bryan “Kub” Ponder to give the Vikings a 3-2 lead.

Unihackers started the second half flat, allowing the Vikings to score less than two minutes into the period. The match quickly evened out, and both teams battled for possession and scoring chances until a Vikings goal on a redirected pass with five minutes remaining firmly put the game in their hands. IBK Vikingarna cemented their victory less than a minute later, ending the match 5-2.
Players of the Match:
IBK – Robert Kleinman
UH – Russell Mitchell
IBK Vikingarna – 5
Lee Payne: SOG – 19
GoalRobert Kleinman-4:421
GoalDavid IgnacioRobert Kleinman8:171
GoalErik Rune-11:311
GoalRobert KleinmanPatrick Montgomery5:302
GoalPatrick MontgomeryRobert Kleinman20:012
Unihackers – 2
Bryan Ponder: SOG – 15
GoalRussell MitchellTodd Geldon5:181
GoalTodd GeldonRussell Mitchell11:551
The second game of the Spring 2013 season saw the Innebandits roar out to a commanding lead in the first period. Rasmus Wendt (Innebandits) started the party with a goal around the ten minute mark. League Rookie Ryan Pickens (Cobra Kai) scored shortly thereafter to tie the game at 1, but it was all Innebandits for the rest of the half. Kyle Hoskins (Innebandits) scored twice to go along with an Own Goal to give the Innebandits a cushy 4-1 lead going in to half.
Momentum began to shift in Cobra Kai’s favor in the second half after Bobby Nodea’s (Cobra Kai) surprising freehit-turned-goal from just beyond midfield caught the entire Innebandits team unaware, making the score 4-2. Both teams traded shots until Esteban Sandoval (Cobra Kai) lifted a juicy rebound over a sprawling Rob Larkin (Innebandits) to bring Cobra Kai within one. Cobra Kai pulled their goalie after winning the ensuing faceoff and kept sustained offensive pressure, but several last-second attempts sailed just wide of the net, giving the Innebandits the win, 4-3.
Players of the Match:
Innebandits – Kyle Hoskins
Cobra Kai – Ryan Pickins
Innebandits – 4
Rob Larkin: SOG – 24
GoalKyle Hoskins-6:001
GoalKyle HoskinsHarrison Kass9:271
GoalRasmus Wendt-13:331
Cobra Kai – 3
Brandee Gomez: SOG – 15
GoalEsteban Sandoval-0:372
Own GoalBobby Nodea6:221
GoalRyan PickensFernando Ruiz12:351
GoalBobby Nodea-12:472

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The History of Canada Cup (floorball)

Here is a little piece of the history:

"In 2010, the Canada Cup welcomed its first European youth team, the Skogsäng Cobras from Sweden, and in 2011 we were honoured to have Toronto Maple Leafs’ legend Börje Salming on hand as a special guest at the opening ceremonies.
In 2012, the tournament welcomed a record 62 teams and more than 800 players of all ages competing in eight divisions. It marked the first year of ticket sales with over 450 spectators paying admission. The tournament was won for the second time by the Toronto Vikings, who narrowly edged 2011 champs Hamilton Public Enemies 7-6 in the final. The Vikings roster was noteworthy as it featured Rasmus Sundstedt and Mattias Samuelsson who went on to win the World Floorball Championship with Team Sweden later in the year while Hamilton played with a completely Canadian squad."

This spring this tourney will be played at the former Maple Leafs Gardens - where a prominent Hockey team won the Stanley Cup, like 11 times...
Are you ready to read the full history of the Canada Cup before you plan your own trip?
Go here

Rumors and Speculations from Tomah - 6-8 teams from Tomah?

Hmm, at this point we do not know for sure yet. But the tournament we arranged previous years in Tomah created each year 4 Floorball teams from the, Tomah Wisconsin Hometown.

This year it seems like the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship will have possibly up to 6-8 teams from Tomah. If we on top of this, toss in 8 teams from other places - like we have had before - we could possibly end up at 16 teams...
According what, we guess, we think, we know - the largest Floorball tourney ever in the USA - so far - had 16 teams..

So do you want 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship - to rock in terms of teams?
PLEASE Sign-up your team ;-D and plan to be at one of the most intense days of the year - in Tomah, WI ;-D

This is Outstanding Floorball News

We have tied a knot with Floorball News over in Europe. Floorball News is very active on Twitter and their news promise several good things.
One of the best things Floorball News provide right now it an updated spread sheet that dynamically feed in updates for the following European leagues:
The Swedish, Finnish, Swiss, Czech Republic, Norwegian and the Latvian league.
Yes, for both males and females.

We are so lucky to be able to share this in one place on our own blog up to the right - see current standing European leagues as button of above or here.
It seems like Floorball News right now is not just one of the best sources - but the very best as it comes to publish a collection of many European leagues in one place.

If there is a cool website too - huh try this one 
Not as opinionated as we are - much more aimed at advanced Floorball - but otherwise it beats the dynamite out of our own site. ;-D - Keep it up Floorball News!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

We guess Floorballplanet likes this one

Storvreta - Green Bay Packers, Shirt Benchmark

At another blog, years ago, we wrote a post about quality. We tried to first of all understand quality as a feature in general. We also tried to understand quality in a more American perspective - as related to American culture.
We came up with some interesting conclusions and question marks connected to the mantra of hard work, that we concluded prevail to some larger extent in America.

The rest of this post is fully disconnected to what we ever learned from doing that.

Today we do a shirt Benchmark between a Storvreta (floorball) replica shirt and a Green Bay Packer (American Football) shirt.
The difference is like between the Moon and the Earth, meaning we are not even on the same planet.

Price wise the Storvreta shirt clocks in at some plus 60 dollars and the replica Green Bay Packers cost like 3-4 times more. This spells several differences in itself and we do not fully compare the same thing. That in itself, is very interesting - because it raise the question why this is so very different - it is just some water in between the pond of these shirts.

But this is something we have seen in American Ice Hockey shirts too as compared to European Ice Hockey shirts. The American designed (normally not made in America since garment like these are most likely made in countries specialized on clothing) shirts have often the feature of names and numbers not being printed but; cut out and sewn on in rather sturdy ways onto the shirt. This creates a much more exclusive product and hence much more expensive shirt. The European Ice Hockey shirts often just have the name printed on - in a cheap and fast style.

From advertising perspectives these shirts are very different too. The Storvreta shirt is filled with ads or rather logo’s all over. This sends some kind of a dual edged sword message. In one perspective it looks cool - but it also, compared to the Green Bay Packer shirt, it looks cheap. It is easy to see how advertisers like the idea to have their logotypes on the shirt - but hey isn't this a bit too much - most logotypes just drown in a “logotype shaped pattern”. The optimum is probably to have one or two logotypes connected to a shirt - so they would stand out. So both the Green Bay Packer shirt as well as the Storvreta shirt do two extremes in this advertising respect.

In pure designs and colors, the design of the Green Bay Packer shirt stands out as much better but the Storvreta shirt has a much better color combinations - with that crazy difference one logo is yellow and blue - something that kind of stands out in an awkward way from the oterwise red and white shirt.

Then we have the sizes. An XL Storvreta shirt is small compared to a Green Bay Packer shirt. The Green Bay Packer shirt is slightly longer.

A very important feature might be the weight of the shirt? The Green Bay Packer shirt is much more heavy. In real numbers the difference in weight is not very high, meaning much weight is not added in grams or ounces. But in relative numbers the Green Bay Packer shirt is roughly three times more heavy. The sewn on numbers, a larger size (even if both being labeled XL), as well as a much heavier material used for the GBP shirt all contributes to this difference. How important the weight of a shirt is for an athlete we do not dare to say anything about. But it is interesting to note that the shirt is a part of the equipment of the athlete. And even if the Floorball shirt is more lightweight - as a part of the Floorball dress the weight is comparable heavier - as an American Football player carry much more protective equipment, their shirt is in comparable terms much lighter (this might also connect to the body weights of the athletes).

And, it is interesting to note that last time we took off the Storvreta shirt we heard an odd cracking sound we did not like...

This led to another idea we had decades ago. As we saw athletes in both soccer and team handball illegally pulling each other shirts in games - we invented the self-marking shirt.
What? Well a shirt for a team sport that is so badly sewn that it would fall apart as a player in the other team pulls a shirt - would be self-marking so the referees instantly would see the bad play.

In essence this shirt benchmark, is like comparing a Dodge neon to the latest Volvo - but reversed.

And a Swiss Harlem shake too

This is the third Harlem Shake Floorball style in a very short time... Good team building exercise..

Kimi Räikkönen plays floorball too

Credit to unknown on twitter

Who he is? Wikipedia knows.

Kimi-Matias Räikkönen  born 17 October 1979) is a Finnish racing driver. He drives in Formula One for Lotus. After nine seasons racing in Formula One, in which he won the 2007 Formula One World Drivers' Championship, he competed in the World Rally Championship in 2010 and 2011.
Räikkönen entered Formula One as a regular driver for Sauber-Petronas in 2001. Having previously only raced in very junior open-wheel categories, he was given his Super Licence from the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) after a performance delivery promise by his team boss, Peter Sauber.[1] He joined McLaren Mercedes in 2002, and became a title contender by finishing runner-up in the 2003 and 2005 championships to Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, respectively. Räikkönen's 2003 and 2005 seasons were plagued by severe unreliability from his McLaren cars.
Räikkönen switched to Ferrari in 2007, becoming the highest paid driver in motor sport with an estimated wage of $51 million per year.[2] In turn his move to Ferrari saw him secure his first Formula One World Drivers' Championship, beating McLaren driversLewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso by one point, as well as becoming one of the very few drivers to win in their first season at Ferrari. In 2008, he equalled the record for fastest laps in a season for the second time. After one more year in the sport, he left the Ferrari F1 team to drive a Citroën C4 WRC for the Citroën Junior Team in the World Rally Championship for 2010. Along with rallying, Räikkönen has turned his attention towards NASCAR,[3] and made his debut for Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Camping World Truck Series.

Korean Ladies with big surprise in WFCQ

The following has been reported directly via IFF over facebook:
We take the liberty to repost their copyrighted material as a huge quote:

"The last match of the WFCQ 2013 AOFC should decide the last team to qualify to the final round.
The mathematics was easy, Singapore needed a win but Korea could settle with a draw.

Being the more experienced team the Singaporeans could take an early grip of the match with a lot of ball control.
The Korean defence positioning was good so there were no open chances to score. 
Quite typical the first goal was a shot that the goalkeeper normally would have taken but her view was blocked when Wileen Ong scored 1-0 for Singapore after 07:01.

Just 28 seconds later the home crowd woke up when Sun Hwa Park equalized on a rebound.

The remaining part of the first period was even and no more goals scored.

The second period saw two tense teams and basically no real chances to score. The teams took out eachother and the period ended 0-0 and it all came down to the last period.

Korea got an early power play possibility and put Singapore under a 2 minute constant pressure but no goals were made.

Singapore retained the lead after a backhand chop by Suhaida Yusof at 51:45 and the Singapore players looked relieved.

Korea again got a power half a minute after the goal but could not take advantage of that opportunity.

But at 55:24 the crowd exploded when Sae Rom Lee found her way through in front of the Singaporean goal and scored the equalizer.
Singapore took an immediate time-out after the goal to set up the team for the remaining of the match.

A good opportunity came when Korea got a 2 minute penalty at 55:48 but no goals were scored during the power play.

The last chance for Singapore came when the ball was passed through the Korean defence but with an open net the ball was missed and the match ended 2-2.

The result means that Korea took the last spot in the Women's WFC 2013.

As best players were awarded Kyung A Ko, Korea and Suhaida Yusof, Singapore."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mean - we say Mean Girrrlz!, ?

Is this a study in the mean and evil parts of the female teams?
Or is someone just playin' with the camera to portray these nice girl scouts in bad light, well we do not know... But it seems like they play a bit beyond the rules..

We are Happee!

Here a story in from storify and Finland:

Photo Credit Heino Hirvi

"The battle for dominance in the league accelerates

The previous match with Classic turned out to be an exciting thriller, but wait and see the next one, when the everlasting rivalry between Jyväskylä’s moose herd and the game brothers from Seinäjoki is going to manifest once again..."
The rest of this thrilling story about the Finnish league and our favourite moose in Finland comes from Storify here

Current - in most European leagues - beta test

This Data is kindly enough provided by Floorball News in Europe.

This time our published material is static - but we are working on both permissions as well as a solution to have dynamic feed of information into a spread sheet like this...

Not bad huh - most main European leagues in one spread sheet !

Thank you Mr. Atis!


How many of our readers remember this one...?

This is how it all started...

Perhaps it is time for a new redesign of the header one of these days thousands of posts later..... hmmm.

Services as in regards to MFC 2013

We are proud to announce that we have a tentative agreement for the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship with the:

 Tomah Sports Booster Club  

This means we will be able to offer players and spectators full service concessions, including drinks and more. The service will be set-up to meet the numbers of teams signing up.
We also have in pipe-line a larger poster campaign at the local scale to possibly attract more spectators.

Right now 2013 MFC seems to be on track to become the best Floorball event ever in the Midwest.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We have a Harlem Shake Floorball Edition


As we posted this - only 17 people had seen this ;-D

Austria-Korea Special Olympics 2013

We found some new footage from Korea on Special Olympics - this is how it looked like when Austria played Korea last month in the first ever multisport demo of Floorball at a seriously large event.
We promise that there will be many more of these and even larger ones down the road.

Today the AOFC have started their qualifications for the female WFC 2013. One team will not make it and the results will be posted here.

We know it is freezing cold over in Korea right now - but that should not affect Floorball.
We have not been able to find any embed code for live games yet.

Tomah chamber of commerce

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

TV4 just recently -

Sorry no English turn down the sound...


Finland Express

Asia takes on the leader shirt

We are so delighted about the news the Floorball will be a demonstration sports in the SEA games in Asia - this is dynamite news.
So far we have been unable to find a good SEA story, from SEA, on this, beside of what Brunei Times wrote and - IFF covered it very well too
This is what Mr. Eriksson said:
- The IFF Vision approved by the General Assembly includes as an objective that we would be included in multi-sport events, latest in 2020. And as a part of our strategic vision, IFF has together with the Singapore Floorball Association worked for the inclusion of floorball in the SEA Games. The inclusion of floorball in the 2013 SEA Games is of course fabulous news for the development of our sport, says IFF President, Mr. Tomas Eriksson.
You may read the full scope here

Then the IFF just released the latest from Asia - we have the Qualifications coming up for the Asian (Oceania) and you find team presentations and all the other goodies here
Who will win?
We do not dare to say - but we wildly speculate that Australia, Japan and Singapore will advance - but you never know - and the team that is kicked out - they will be back.
Good Luck to all the girls -

Change Management and old Shoes

Change is something that comes a bit....., or very different, over time.
Life in general is rather diverse, but most people share in essence most of the basic things.
Then as you connect the concept of change to the concept of life you start to wonder.

Here are a few questions;
- Why does change come so fast within technology crazed areas? - What drive this development? - Is it only market forces that drives change or something else, and maybe much larger?

- Why are sports in general so utterly unchanged over the last 100+ years? Most sports looks more or less the same - compare sports just to the development of the telephone over the last 100 years.
Stunning huh? And should sports be more stable - or not? - Yes, it is true that we have new sports invented all the time - but still - they have not replaced all the old stuff - like in the phone business, we compare with above (with a few exceptions do exist but not really in the team sports respect).

There are people devoted to something called Change Management. To us, most of this looks like serious rules and methods made by the brave ones - done for the less brave ones - and the less brave is the guys that pays... But, there is indeed one very valuable idea that comes out from Change Management, and that is the part that tries to understand the resistance against everything new - or the fear for the unknown. To us this is the core strength of Change management.

Let us connect back to the changing pace of technologies... Many old sports are affected by this in an indirect way - goal cameras, offside lines, graphical presentations, camera angles etc. And right now shoe sensors, wristbands and other sensors will become more and more integrated with apps and... We still here however, think it is not the core of the sports that changes - but instead more the wrapping around them.

We seriously think that Floorball - is not just another additional new sport. We seriously here think it has the power - and the proven track record - to come in as a new - not evolving - but a new revolutionary sport.
A sport that will - surpass some other old ones, just because it is a better and more fun way of doing sports or things.

This post does not serve too many solutions. But it is 100% clear to us that a sport, that is called Floor Hockey and have plastic sticks designed in the 70’s and to this date still have no visible product development at all - are poised to fade away.
Floorball, presents new high tech or stylish sticks - almost several times each season.

It could be that future main changes in Floorball - might come from the sticks too - and yet again we might see an example of the incredible pace of societal changes - through - technology.


One more thing - some serious thinkers might believe that we treat “Change Management” a bit fearless or respect-less here.
Ha, that is one of the most important things, we think - to be able to change things you must be a bit - fearless and perhaps a bit respect-less too... or you will never get out of your own old habits, or shoes.

It seems like...

...When the blog does not relate floorball to ice hockey.... then it seems like the visitor numbers from Americas - to us here go down.
Hm, to us there is no brainer that floorball whips the hockey skills out of any other possible hockey emulation at all - in particular in school.

The day more hockey folks realize this - ha we will have a heyday here ;-)

Next up a post on change management - with a rather respectless attitude - hold out.

Monday, February 18, 2013

BC Floorball on Floorball in School

BC Floorball did today post a new article that explains how Floorball can live in school. What is unique about their post is that they compare it to other existing versions of Hockey emulation in schools.

We do recommend that if interested you may read the full story here at the source
Copyright BCFloorball, used by permission

So what is our take on this picture?

A) First we think this is a very good description - and this image explains very much where Floorball fits in as compared to other hockey emulations in school.

B) Perhaps we miss the comparison with the odd form of Hockey emulation - we have seen for elementary school kids - where they are supposed to play using straight round plastic sticks (plastic pipes) - with a big blob of foam as a blade. Depriving dribbling and shooting in a very efficient manner. Uhh holey smokes.

C) Then in our own very humble opinion - we think that it would be a good idea to toss in a set of ANSI certified protective eye wears for the kids too - at least as the very youngest do Floorball. That is what they use in Northern Europe as the youngest play Floorball. It is a good protection and it only cost a few dollars more - and the price per athlete would more or less still be the same - and one more thing - the kids think they look cool too - and you know what - we think they do.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!