Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Hockey Players in Minnesota ought to know

There is a new Hockey Magazine in town or... in Minnesota called

So we asked them if they would be interested in a Floorball text, however, somewhere - down the road this just somehow stalled...

But you know what - we post our article here instead - since we do think Hockey players should have some grasp about Floorball in Minnesota too - it just happens that Floorball more or less originated from Minneapolis back in the days...

Here is our text mainly aimed towards Hockey people in MN.. Enjoy!

The European Secret
   Swedish Hockey legends, Peter Forsberg, and Borje Salming, both promote global floorball brands today, yes Forsberg play Floorball too each week.
Mr. Phil Carlson, Minneapolis, MN came up with the very first plastic sticks, his cousin Clinton came up with the ball.  Mr. Tom Harter in Battle Creek, MI, helped him to design the game.
Then someone, unknown, told them to re-design the sticks so they would look more like Ice Hockey sticks - and Floor Hockey was invented during the early 60’s.

Well, - that is not the full - nor is it the end of our main story.
Before the redesign of the first Cosom sticks, to make em look like hockey sticks, occurred in the USA, the initial Cosom Hockey game traveled to Sweden. There they fully re-invented the sticks and re-designed the game  - and Floorball was born.
It exploded and the rest is today: history in the making.
Floorball is larger than Basketball in Northern Europe. In Sweden you find today roughly twice as many licensed Floorball players, as Ice Hockey players. Floorball runs deep in all of the very strongest west European Hockey Nations, like Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia etc, and it is growing utterly fast in Germany, and Japan and Brasil... as you read this.
Floorball is something of the fastest hockey sport you can imagine, with the hardest shot measured at some 127 MPH (sorry Mr. Chára) and it is all made out of high tech carbon fibers and plastics.
Today the new Floorball sport comes in many different versions, but the full version, is on track towards the Summer Olympics in 2024 or perhaps 2028. Full court Floorball has more or less the same setup as regular Ice Hockey with two main differences - you play indoor on a gym floor - and checking is not allowed - at all.
In Europe, you find several national semi-professional leagues and they have lately been building new arenas designed for Floorball, with large areas for spectator crowds, at a frenetic pace in Sweden. Yupp, today, Floorball is Sweden’s second largest sport. But Floorball is also considered the world’s fastest growing ball sport. Yes, Jamaica and Brazil just recently picked up Floorball too and outside of Europe the sport is growing too.
In America, many have scratched their heads over amazing stick-handling skills shown by European ice hockey imports.
American media shouted out “a Lacrosse goal” - as Mr. Mikael Granlund from Finland, scored with an amazing air-hook a year ago in the World Ice Hockey Championships.
The truth is, Mr. Mikael Granlund has never played, and perhaps not ever seen Lacrosse in real life - it kind of doesn't exist in Finland - but Floorball does.
Mr. Granlund was raised on Floorball in school - just like all other of today’s NHL imports from west Europe. If you do not believe us - just ask any NHL import from Europe, what sport is most commonly played in school.
We can also assure you that as Europeans see versions of Floor, or Ball Hockey, and how it is conducted in North America - including the elementary school versions where kids use big clunky “blades” of foam, the Europeans scratch their heads in unbelief.
Recently, Canada figured out that Floorball could bring good things to Ice hockey too, so today all Hockey Skill Academies in Canada has used Floorball as a component for their dry land training. Yes, Roger Neilsons up there use it too. And of course all top notch Hockey clubs in Sweden and many other hockey teams across Europe often use Floorball as some sort of a component in their regular or seasonal training routine. Take the Sedin twins for instance, their original little first hockey club they started out with, it has today two main sports on the program - and we probably do not have to explain any further details on these two sports...
And is all of these stick-handling skills, school activity, a new Olympic sport etc more or less thanks to a certain Mr. Phil Carlson from Minneapolis?
Yes, he had a great part in this - so even if you perhaps do not know your “own” Floorball yet - it runs truly deep in many Minnesota genes, since it is a “Swemerican” activity - with the power to possibly change Hockey - as you know it - for good.
If you want to know more about Floorball you are welcome to Floorballplanet’s booth at the Let’s Play Hockey Twin City show in March. But that is another news story we will follow up on soon.

Or why not now do your own Floorball research online - and start on this blog??
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!