Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Step One - 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship - INVITATION

Here is an Updated version or rules and regulations for the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.
We plan to open registration on Monday with a formal letter of invitation and also toss up a form for electronic sign-ups... Then we should be good to go!




Date, Time and Location: Tomah High School, Saturday April 13 th 2013. from 10.30 AM. First game tentatively starts at 11.00 AM. The number of conferences will be decided upon number of teams in each conference. Conferences might be merged. Previous years two conferences formed as a Rec conf and an Advanced conf. More teams might open up an intermediate conference too.

NB - as a special offer this year - in case we have more than 10 female players - we will do our best to form two female teams and play a women's championship too. We estimate that this perhaps might be possible - of course depending upon the number of females signing up.

LAST day to sign up March 15th at regular price $10 per player.
Extended sign-up until March 31st at $15 per player

Game format: 4 on 4 players plus goalies, regulation size nets with goalie and max. 4 subs per team - max number of players in a team is 9, time per game approx. 20-40 minutes in total divided in two half's, slightly depending on the number of teams participating. No, un-decided games - if a draw at full time a shot-out with 3+3 penalties until one team wins.

Team Format: Both Female and Male players welcome, players must be at least be 14 years old or at least be in the freshmen year at High School for conferences. We are open for youth conferences too if coaches bring forward teams/players.
N.B. High school teams are allowed to sign up directly in the rec conference too if they prefer to do so.

Referees/Rules: Mr. A. Buvarp, from USAfB and Colorado will be Head of Referees as well as head of instructions about the rules being used. A separate reffing clinic will be held at tentatively 8 AM in the morning, before the tournament - Further informations in this, still pending. 
Rules will mainly be in accordance to regular Floorball rules with minor possible simplifications. We aim to mark crease for goalies..

Meetings: Before the tournament (or each conference) a quick referee meeting where the Head Ref will go through the rules used for the tournament - all assigned refs are mandated to participate. Directly followed by a short 5 minute “all coaches meeting”.
A lightning fast ceremony for the winners after the tournament is the aim.

Team Sign Up: Any team listed in one conference a previous year may not sign up for a lower conference. The last sign up date and day for post stamped team fees to Tomah Parks & Rec. is March 15th or 31st, 2013 see information above. You may start to sign up January 20th 2013.

Fees: 10 or 15 dollars per player (makes this also America’s most affordable tourney we think). Elementary and Middle school teams pay $5 per player - .in case such teams would emerge. A game with females only - would not cost extra for players playing on other teams. Females only playing in a Female Championship pay the regular fee.

Check or Cash is to be mailed to:
The City of Tomah
The Director of Parks and Rec
819 Superior Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

A basic Team information form - MUST BE FILLED IN
The valid team sign up must include the following items:
A) Team Name, including the name of the leader or coach
B) Team Roster i.e., Player Names (5-9 players), including assigned goalie(s) - two assigned per team
C) Shirt Color
D) Paid Fee $10, or $15 depending upon sign-up date, dollars per signed up player, min. sign up fee per team $50
E) Team email contact and phone number
F) Indication if you can pick up a “free agent” to your team or not
G) Your own rating of the team from “recreational - possibly also Intermediate up to - advanced”

- you may also sign up - on this email

Payments can also be done at the venue before the games - as long as you have signed up according to deadlines and can show your date of the sign-up. We CAN not add new teams after sign-up deadlines.

We do not ask players to have a numbered shirt or Jersey - but it is good if this is possible. Pennies will be provided.

Free Agents: Some players may not be able to form a full team so we may also try to form a pool of free Agents and as soon as we have 4  - to 7 players - these may be assigned to a “united” team. We can at this stage not promise that this will work - but we do want to accommodate for players without a full team. Free agents must pay and sign up to The City of Tomah in the same way as a team - with names on the roster.

Goalies: Goalies will not be allowed to play without a good face mask/helmet. Floorball goalie equipment is preferred.
Using Hockey gear or similar You may have elbow pads, a cup, a big Hockey style Jersey and preferably a thicker Shirt to have under, a helmet and face-mask - if You add good knee pads for Volley ball (not the best to recommend, but a basic solution) - maybe a good pair of garden gloves - in principle - then You only need to find a pair of long padded pants to be fully set. In worse case a team with no Goalie, that wants to play may be tentatively considered to “borrow” a Goalie from other teams - but we do want to avoid this and prefer that each team use their own goalie.
NB, two years ago one team goalie used hard shell knee pads - from Hockey or similar. This is not allowed under any circumstances since it might scratch the floor.

Boards: No boards, we will use the walls with some use of soft ice dividers from Tomah Hockey.

Tournament format: Depends on number of teams signed up in each conference - but the intention is to have all players to play at least 1,5 hours of Floorball, divided into a group round and a set of finals. Minimum four games for a team is the aim but not guaranteed. This is to be announced in more detail at a later stage as the deadline for sign up is past due and we have the final number of participating teams. The number of teams and how we divide these into groups or even conferences, length of games etc will all determine the tournament format. It is crucial that You rate your team as recreational, intermediate or advanced - this will help us decide on the tournament format.
This is what we wrote the very first year - “We do think we will have in-between 4 -10 teams - but this is up to you. How many teams can you send? 
Tomah has earlier been able to provide 4 teams to this tourney - it would not surprise us if Tomah might bring on even more teams this year.

Doping, Swearing and Code of Conduct: As a gentleman's (and woman's) agreement - no doping. But if someone obviously is under influence of a substance or in other ways disturb this activity or do not follow the rules at the venue or not use a normal code of conduct he/she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The referee is responsible for misconduct related to his/hers “own” game - game misconduct is to be reported to the head ref..

Awards: Most of the tournament fee will go towards nets/goals for Tomah. But we will try to aim at producing a T-shirt and at least something more special for the Champions. At this point we do not dare to make any promises at all in this respect. It would be great if Chicago could bring back the Trophy - so we could pass it on to the new winner in the Advanced conference.

Insurance: Any player or team is not insured or protected by the Tomah Parks and Rec department or by anyone else related to this activity - in case of an accident or other mishap. All players teams must rely on their own solutions, insurance etc and assume their own risk related to participate in this activity.

Miscellaneous: A Goalie may double up, that is play goalie in one team and play as a field player on another team. This to help more teams to have access to a goalie. Assigned field players may in principle only play for one team, any exceptions must go through the Tournament Director. As a goalie is possibly supposed to play a game between “both” his/hers teams - he/she must assume the primary goalie position.
The Rooster for a team can be changed until before the game starts as long as any new players have paid their fee. Paid fees will not be refundable.

We plan to run concessions during Saturday the 13th. With Hot Dogs, Home baked items and stuff. We will also have a little mini Floorball store up and for other activities - we are open to all your suggestions.
We hope to find someone to sing the National Anthem.

We plan to officially announce that the registration is open from Monday January 20th - we also plan to post a sign-up form to this site and continuously share information on this site about the tournament. All information about the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship will be moved to that tab on this blog - for quick access.

Expectations: We dream of more teams and that we have a few teams that travels even a bit further this time ;-)

Purpose: The main purpose is to have fun and come together.

Questions: or  608-377-2217. Further information will be sent out as soon as the deadline is past due, when we have the valid email list for participating teams and we have shaped the format of the tournament, in groups, conferences or how we design the tourney based upon the teams signed up. ETA about one week before the tournament. By pasting the following link into a browser you should not get lost.,-90.516701&sspn=0.019116,0.033088&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.99&split=1&hq=highschool&hnear=&ll=43.97753,-90.512238&spn=0.019888,0.033088&z=15
You may print your own directions. A) Marks Tomah High School in the map as of above.

Disclaimer: Anything and all in this invitation may change without further notice. This is mainly a presentation on what we aim for. We do appreciate your input on this, see questions as of above.


Tomah Fury (a possible future club),
The City of Tomah, Parks & Rec.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!