Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rock hard training - Peter Forsberg part 2

First we see a recap of the first clip released Monday.
Peter say that there is no short cuts from the age 15-16 it is time to get engaged in rock hard training if you want to develop. He is concerned about the wider use of video-games and the rampant use of it in Northern Europe, even used as kids go downhill skiing and playing games in the lift going up hill.

He talks about scoring penalties and say that you must practice on a few versions to gain full confidence. The other key to be good on penalties is to learn from others - he mentions both Mats Näslund and Kenta Nilsson as good role models from the Ice Hockey World and also it is crucial to gain full self confidence.
But overall he thinks that he was not that good on scoring penalties - in particular not during the NHL career - this is said by a man that has been on a Swedish Postal stamp doing a Hockey penalty.

The penalties competition they engage in - well, you will see who wins in the video...
Next video is to be released tomorrow and then Peter Forsberg will talk about his early Innebandy career and about sticks...

Even if we prefer clips with English subtitles - well since they are not there - we are most likely the only place online that provide an English comment to this material - huh..

Thanks and full credits to Klubbhuset, Peter Forsberg, Exel, and Mr. Larnoe.
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