Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Onepiece FLOORBALL sticks has arrived?

This came in via Twitter today:
oxdog (@OXDOGFloorball) tweeted at 11:26 AM on Wed, Jan 23, 2013: Starting to turn up photos on instagram of some wonderful news #finallyhere #onepiece #news (

This seems to indicate that, either has SP finally fixed some sort of method to certify these full carbon fiber onepiece sticks.. Or Oxdog use some kind of a temporary permit to have these sticks in the market place. If we are not wrong they, Oxdog, have had some sort of a temporary permit to move these sticks in the marketplace - but a new policy were to be defined - either as soon as SP had a new testing procedure in place - and many hoped that this should be fixed to the WFC2012 - or later.
We have also seen that the onepiece stick has been reportedly used in a high end Finnish game... otherwise it has been rather quiet about these sticks. And since it seems like Oxdog goes a bit tip toe in their announcement today... we are not certain here - right now on what exactly the larger development might be?
Onepiece linked in via oxdog's own instagram feed

This is for sure cool sticks. But if they are 100% OK now to be tested and certified by the IFF yet - we do not know. If they will be OK - we think that both the other two brands, Salming and Unihoc will not be too far behind - in particular since the months that have passed. and this fact might have given them some time to play catch up, since the day when they also showed prototypes that looked a bit "rugged".

If the verdict instead is that no SP can not test these kind of sticks (not likely) - or SP deem these sticks as not safe enough, or something. Then these kind of news might just become a curiosity.

Since we are born optimists here - we think that these sticks might be here to stay and - yes we say that Floorball will move forward with sticks like these - however we should know more soon - hopefully.
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