Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crazy staggering record today..iyeah

Today, we have a new daily record set at this blog - it is all thanks to traffic from China. Our new record is like four-five times "normal" volume and China fully leave our regular top nation, the USA, in the dust.

It is notable however that the browser being used is logged in as ":" and we think someone is trying to hide, by using a browser that log in like : , by using no browser name just :

Then we realized that traffic spreads onto our material in a fairly even way - so it seems like it is one or just a few machines that maybe index all our materiel.. Then we saw that this seems to take time so now we guess that they copy all our stuff - Why we do not know? Maybe they want to translate what we have or sell it or promote it in some other way - the sad thing, with this new great record, is that we do not know what is going on with our current traffic spike.

Yes, we are open source let's hope they do something clever - if this continues they may push usa from the weekly throne too. Our daily deadline for traffic, is at mean Greenwich time - so it is still a few hours to go, until we have the new biggest daily record here ever.. we mean... so far...
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