Thursday, January 24, 2013

An X-hockeyplayer - Peter Forsberg part 3

The final installment of an excellent series of short films from Larnö and Klubbhuset

Peter Forsberg plays Floorball with an oval shaft, Ultra from Exel. He claim that this oval pick more makes it feel like a hockey stick and he also mention as a younger hockey player he used to grade of slightly the wood of the hockey stick, in particular on the "front side" to make it fit his hands better. But he also thinks that if he starts to play with a round Floorball stick it would work too since he say this is more a matter of taste.

The title of this movie presents Mr. Forsberg as a Legend and a co-owner in Exel, a Floorball brand.

As a hockeyplayer he used to play with some of the very most stiff sticks on the market, he also preferred a shorter hockey stick, and he actually had to change his bigger hook as he moved to the NHL since they did not fully allow the face of the blade he used earlier on in Modo Hockey. 1999-2000 he changed from wood to onepiece or carbon hockey sticks and he say that his shooting became much better after this - even if he yet again claim that he never was good at shooting and mainly scored in NHL around the net. Here it gets rather interesting - if we understand him right - he claim that normally you are supposed to do the slap-shot by hitting the ice in-front of the puck to get a good "kick". But what he seems to say is that he instead hit right on the puck instead with poor technique - but the benefit of doing this is that he had a faster release of the puck from the blade this way, and it seems like a good thing closer to the goal.

The blade Perter Forsberg use as a Floorball player is X-play from Exel, and this also happens to be Larnö's personal favorite among the Exel blades. He tell us that he has not been playing Floorball for years but used to do it with MoDo Hockey in their pre-seasonal build up phases. Now back playing every week he thought he would use a very stiff blade, but after some experimenting, and too much ball bounces, he found that a slightly softer blade would suite him better.
As it comes to the hook of the blade on his Floorball stick he is not fully certain that the one he currently use is the perfect hook, he might want to experiment and perhaps try to increase the hook of his Floorball twig too. The video clip also shows a comparison of his hockey stick with his Floorball stick.

As he describe his early Floorball career he say he played for VK Rasket, a now long gone club, and he never ever made it to their A-team, but he had some practice sessions with them. Then at the age of 15-16 his Ice hockey took over and got all his attention. But it is our understanding here that he as a youngster played lots of Floorball, and even as he became more involved in hockey and had a harder time to play Floorball he had some close friends that still played for his Floorball club so he often went to see their games too.

As it comes to more mythical rituals related to hockey, he say that the goalies where the most accentuated, no-one could even touch their equipment and it always had to hang on one specific place in the locker room. Mr. Patric Roy was also interesting from this aspect since it seemed like he never put his autograph on any puck. Forsberg himself had a few rituals himself, like always stretch in the same way, always enter the ice with his left foot and turn the end knob on his hockey stick 8 turns before every game. But he admits that it still was possible not to do all these things and still play the game - but it was an advantage - since then you won all the time ;-D

We have finally realized that it is outstanding that these clips are not done with closed captions - otherwise our own comments of referrals here would have been 100% dead, or fallen to the FLOOR.

Thank You: Klubbhuset, Larnö, Exel, Forsberg, Augustsson, Rymes
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