Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ha USA seems to get ready

The day before...tomorrow

Moving sport images is a valuable commodity

But we do not intend to dribble us out of direction into that subject here...and now.
Here is what is new - consistent rumors on twitter now say that it has been confirmed that the WFCQ rounds from Canada between USA and Canada - will be streamed live - via the IFF on Youtube.
But we do not know where or if we may locate any code to embed here yet..
We can not promise that we can solve this since time does not grow on trees...
If we get hold of some code it will be posted here:

But until we know something more - here are 17 spanking new videos via the IFF - it is a full playlist so relax and just spend a couple of hours - these are some of the best girls in the world.

In other streams we hear that Guy Lafleur will play Floorball in Vancouver next Saturday and a new picture on Steven Stamkos playin' Floorball jumped up today too..

USA, well.............. let us not say anything more in this subject right now.

Floorball in Special Olympics is over...

Austria and Korea true Winners -
photo linked in via url from IFF

First - and this is something we do not write just to be nice - all participants in the Floorball demo, at Special Olympics the World Games are WINNERS and nothing but winners.
Then yes today we have seen two Gold medals too handed out to Finland and Switzerland in two different groups and what is more - we heard that Denmark also captured their first ever Bronze medal from any Special Olympic World Game as they won the Bronze medal...

In our eyes here we yet again want to stress the marvelous work done by the Irish delegation to generate press coverage on Floorball to people with special needs. This work by the Irish crew might show even more important as compared to the competitions themselves... Oh yes from the game point of view we forgot to mention Russia too - anyone knows how to print that mirrored R, they use, by the way..?

The engine that revs UP

Here are the US ladies getting ready to play Canada for the American Qualification rounds for the wWFC 2013.. Good Luck ladies and Go USA GO
We have also heard that maybe there might be a webstream too - but at this point not confirmed and rather uncertain...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Want to know more visit FTTO - image "liked in" via this url that points to them

What goes well?

What goes well on a Floorball blog - what content is popular...?
Hard question, but it seems like opinions draw very much attention, as well as big star Hockey players as well as the World Floorball Championship and Special Olympics... Then some more local stories or "user generated content" - or close to user generated content - we mean stuff that a reader has contributed to and feels - by all rights - involved in, seem also go very well... this include indeed some of our own local stuff.

What goes bad on a Floorball blog?
In essence one thing - when we have posts written with a stringent tone and... when we start to act as we know things or act without any flavor... And you know what the web is full of these srtingentz (yes stringent is here misspelled on purpose) held stories.. for sakes of the snakes?.
Too long posts seems to be a bit unattractive too.. So lets keep it short here..

But the reason for this post - is the amazement we feel as we have an Olympic Gold Medalist, in Basketball from the USA playing Floorball - and yes with promotion on Twitter and at places... no Basketball does not seem to rock the boat here... Wonder why.. that is not so interesting - otherwise Hockey works very good - and the Special Olympic subject too and this post relates to SO too - hm maybe our post must be promoted in another way.. Ok Lets try this.
At this time - we will post a link to the NBA related story at a NBA Basketball facebook site and see what happens.

t i m e l a p s e

Said and done is was written two hours later and we gained 1 more hit on the NBA post.... hmm we wonder, maybe the headline was not good enough? No the sad truth is probably if we want to shed light on Floorball - we should  not relate our aims to Basketball or people related to Basketball - since it does not seem to gain any traction at all.
So the answer to the headline is - not Basketball.

A Blade Revolution?

Have you seen that specific blade design before? This is not just a rhetoric question - it seems like some older Floorball blades show up, both here and there, and they often are "cross-used" on more than one shaft...
Nothing bad with that - but it hints about the reality where the molded blade cost several thousands (in any currency) to design and in particular to make a molding tool for... so big series of plastics comes, as a handy thing for the guy or gal that collects the pay. This is old school...

Here is new school...
Do you want to change this - and maybe have your own Clubs unique blade design = a club logo as the shape of your Floorball stick's blade? Well it is still not for free and you have to pay some 1500 dollars and... well maybe this company can not deliver the right tolerances yet - and  - yes there are a few ends and butts - maybe.. But here is a cool article on molded plastics - that kind of change the playing field - if it now works as announced...

If this service would not work for a Floorball blade... well this is still very interesting developments in the area of molded plastics... and if we designed Floorball blades here (we do not) we would check things out.

Then in a few years you might be able to run your own 3D printer and just print the world's coolest Floorball blade..too. Hmm, so we need some fund raising for a 3D printer I guess...
Or, maybe will we all be stuck with onepiece sticks in full carbon by then?

Special Olympic, NBA, Gold 1984, "Sleepy Sam" and "Big Smooth", Floorball

It all ties together...
One of the largest celebrities at the Special Olympics "fan-game" in Korea and the World games of Floorball include one of America's largest Athletes Mr. Sam Perkins, Gold Olympic medalist and NBA star...- O, well Floorball just happen to have deep deep roots in the Midwest...
Photo linked in via url, from, and credited to the IFF,
and Doosun Park KFF

 Same Mr. Perkins: "- Wow, floorball is a challenging sport and very exhausting. I didn´t have to run around that much on the basketball court. Great experience though and I felt that I got better all the time during the tournament. A great game and a great event"

Other people in this game was Chi Lawrence, Hilton Worldwide director, Brian Erickson, Vice President of Mattel Sales and former Special Olympics Board Director, Stacey Johnston were some of the All-Star Fan players. So now we wonder how long it will take until Mattel will start to carry Floorbal sticks too - lol.

To get the full report on this tune in to the IFF here:
This page includes all the results and - hey Denmark celebrated its first ever victory over Sweden with 3-2 and this page also reports Floorball results country by country.

The Floorball sessions are only an exhibition sport this time in the Special Olympics - but some sources hints in the direction that this might become a more permanent sport in the winter World Games Special Olympics - we think we have read that somewhere but are not able to verify this right now.
So this year there are 8 teams and Floorball is only played for two days and soon the Floorball part of these games will be over... The other Hockey emulation they play is called Poly Hockey and that tourney runs over several days..
Here is the results page..

We have also heard that the Finnish Floorball team seems to be in particular strong and some players have shown stick handling skills at - a top notch Floorball level ;-D. In our eyes though - all that plays Floorball are gold-winners and that includes Mr. Perkins and all the other people involved in this great Floorball event.

Thanks to the IFF and KFF for valuable information resources that made this post possible!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Armed Forces - this is for You - too

This is for all other armed forces out there = US Army, US Marines, The Canadian Forces, Forças Armadas Brasileiras, The Jamaica Defence Force, but also for The Royal Canadian Mounted Police...and many more
You want to know where the game is going, right - and be on top for tomorrow, too? - then Check out the Swedish Armed forces....

Floorball in 2113 - ?

 - maybe the most extreme Floorball post, you ever may read -

Do we dare to speculate how Floorball will look like in 100 years?
Does anyone else dare to do this - ha ha, maybe not...

First we must learn from History.
They say that about some 100 years ago most people still worked on farms with farming. But they also say (we read that somewhere) that out of these farm jobs 99% of them - well they are now gone to automatic routines and other development (think, the tractor)... As this started to happen folks also transferred en masse over to the production Industry..

Right now it seems like we are on the brink to maybe exhaust cheap labor at the more global level as reports talk about raising wages in the developing parts of the world.. What is cheap labor? Hard question, but cheap labor must only be measured in comparative terms as well as in the proximity to the market. The loss of cheap labor, if this now is occurring  has another interesting feature built in - it will only further drive the increased automation of things and more people will then have much less to do, both in production and service as well as in many other areas of "staying busy"..

Today we have airplanes with autopilots, in a few years or more - all semi-trucks will most likely drive by themselves.. Many drivers, maybe in particular in the US, since so much cargo go by truck, will lose their jobs. Some say that... it is possible in some 70-100 years time to automatically deal with the bulk of all our jobs today. Machines, Gadgets, Robots and Intelligent Computers will take over in areas like driving, service, cleaning, teaching, medical, development etc.. including maybe even in areas of research...

But even if that scenario looks intriguing to Floorball - since many more people will maybe then have much more time to do a lots of Floorball - it probably also scare the heck out of many others, if not all of us..
It could be that humans transfer into areas where machines can not work  - or where human work is much more fun than work machines can do - and do much better - what that is, the work left for humans - well, you mean beyond Floorball - then, we do not know.

It is here the lesson from Ford comes in to as an interesting idea. Henry Ford payed his workers so good that they should be able to buy the car that they made. The problem with a society driven to extreme automation is that hardly no one will work and the machines will instead make most of the money and let's just hope that the machines will not start to become consumers too ;-D.
The most reasonable thing would be probably that all citizens in some way became shareholders or stakeholders in "producing entities". This way they could make money - by some "direct share" from producers to consumers (this already partially exist in coupon system directed direct to consumers and as shareholder dividends etc) - and then the happy citizens may consume all the products/services made by the machines and hepp things should be working again, right? And yes, we would have money to spend on Floorball too.
Here is a problem since this almost describe a socialistic system when we think that capitalism indeed drives the better society. But this also kind of creates a shortcut, to bypass government taxes, and the capitalistic idea to pay consumers well - as Ford did - is still in place, and real consumers will continue to "vote" by using their money. Kind of wild ideas right and hard to grasp. Anyway, it all boils down to a distribution system of the spending power to the consumers - and that something must be in place for any capitalistic system to work. Hmm rather complicated ideas, but the spending power must get out to the consumers in some way or things will not work. This is what Ford figured out and it seems to make sense in most societies - we must have consumers to keep the economy going.
Utopia? Maybe?

But this is not all, how will Floorball look like? Already now there are stories out, describing exoskeletons for soldiers in the US Army for instance, there is also talk about the bionic human and how we can bring computational power or superhumans with superior intelligence, speed and strength to the table. Can they play Floorball too? We do not know, but in principle there are two ways to go A) You play Floorball without superhumans, just like doping is regulated today or B) A new open class of Floorball for enhanced humans will develop?

Our conclusion for Floorball in 100 + year goes like:
- Yes more people will most likely have more time to do classical things like Floorball and the health demands to do this - they will probably promote this much much much more.
- There might be new forms of Floorball played and much more technology involved, artificial refs anyone?
- The last thing we think will happen, is that we will see sports emerge that not only use negative incitements as they are and always have being played - instead we will see sports, inclusive Floorball versions or developments, that instead use positive feedback, instead of negative punishments based upon player actions mainly used - to improve the player experience.

If we are nutz?
Most likely so - but at least we have fun...
If we are wrong - most likely - since most future or fortune tellers are most of the time dead wrong - but who may present a better future, like in a 100 years ahead scenario?

Just askin'.

More Irish news on Floorball - Special Olympics

Yet another article in English that talks about the hopes to win Gold in the Special Olympics - from Ireland...

Yes the inaugural ceremonies are over and if we calculate things right the first rounds of qualifications/divisionings in Floorball should have started by now. The Special Olympics has a great Flicker photo stream here And here we can see the Russians walk with their delegation... and some of these guys must be Floorball players...However these pictures are under copyright and the twitter and facebook sharing buttons have been turned off so we do not dare to share any pictures here... Hopefully other material more fearless and available will show up soon...

YES, it is Ireland yet again - this is the first published photo from twitter from a Special Olympic Floorball event and Ireland - you rock our shoes here ;-D;;; Goood Luck Ireland

Seriously Sorry for no notice...

But here, now live, one of the important games in live feed from the females qualifications for WFC2013. BIG Thanks to IFF.

There are many more games to be sent and have already been sent - but we have a hard time to dig out the embed code here and...opps we found some..more... a bit time consuming too, oh well. Maybe we'll try to sort this post out better time wise too... in a couple of hours or so ;-D

Monday, January 28, 2013

Floorball mascot at Special Olympics

Here he is - first game Wednesday morning at 9 am local Korean time..
photo credit to Hye-jin Amy Kim, TN

What happens if we put a few Floorballers on this?

Yes, it is true that Roger Federer played Floorball, it is also true that the full Swedish ATP Tennis team with Mats Wilander and others played the national Swedish Floorball team for several years in Floorball, back in the days...until the Floorballers became too good. And yes if we are not wrong some tennis pros down in Monaco still play Floorball on a weekly basis - or at least they did so just recently...

We here also constantly tries to argue that Floorball is the best playground you can have for any level hockey player... but..
What happens if we try to find a playground for Floorballers? What support sport may they engage in?
Could this be the answer? Pickleball? Change plastics for wood?

Let us now introduce Pickleball, and hey if you are an European Floorballer - please share this post with your buddies,ok?

YES - do you see what kind of ball is being used? Hmm.

We have only two questions:

Do they use some of the most aerodynamic Floorball balls as we know them, in this game - if not how would the game evolve if they did?
What would happen if a few of the best Floorballers not just tried this but also got a bit prepared - would they be able to go to the USA and play for the US Championships?

You tell us ;-D

here's more...

2013 MFC

Since we already have some donations in to the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship... we think it is fair to share with you some of our very first early birds...

Toro, Tomah Lumber, Advance Auto Parts, and Cranberry Country Lodge.. (in no specific order - all are important to us).

We have also commenced to discuss with the US National KUBB Championship in Eau Claire, WI, about a possible "sponsor-engagement" that would mean that the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship would tie some relational "knot" with the US National KUBB Championship. It is too early to determine if this will materialize at this point, but we think the idea comes a bit sweet, since both competitions aim for good things as well as the sharing of contemporary Scandinavian culture in the US Mid-west....

Sunday, January 27, 2013

IFF move the TV forward

The IFF have just told their members, ie, the National Floorball Federations - that they can request to send big league games via the IFF Youtube channel... this might not seem to be much of a move... but we think this could be one of the most important and best moves they can do..

We like all the printed matters that are available via the IFF and all other stuff they have out there - but for heavens sake it is moving images of Floorball that is the real product.. Some 4 Million spectators at the WFC 2012 would indeed agree to this.

Yes, on local markets there are already very much web and/or TV transmissions of high notch Floorball and many teams send their own games too - but for the larger International crowds this is hidden behind pay walls and local proprietary systems with the local market - insanely hard to find and not easy to pay for, bah.

If now the IFF can make a consistent flow of top league games available on their own YouTube channel, and if these games are produced at a top notch level - so the product itself is secured - and with good audience at the games. And then the basic marketing around this works good too (we think about one calendar with games announced in good time - with countdown clocks, notifications, and of course the ability to embed the game code at other sites online).
Well, it would not surprise us here if we might get the largest Floorball winner ever - or the best Floorball marketing product we may have - and yes many betting companies will for sure be interested in this too..

We think this could turn into one of the best marketing tools ever for Floorball. Here is the announcement from the IFF and - yes in this respect they rock!

The Box Problem

Great news washed the US today for all students with special needs, best described in this report from the government:

In principle this is an aim to provide all players, students and athletes, including them with special needs, to get the best possible access to sports in school and other extra curricular settings..

What we see as the box problem here is that the thinking still seem to be inside the box - as they describe in the release - accommodations..or small changes in sports already known..hmm
What about a sport, thinking outside the box, that allow access with maybe no accommodations at all like maybe Floorball?
We know that this will happen down the road but...when is it time to think outside of the box?

One more thing, we do miss a bit focus on the "age-problem" too. Traditionally many school sports in the US are very much tied to the age of birth. With some special needs, it has happen before and it will happen again, well - some students take extra semesters and becomes age wise and as measured by months - older than their peers..and then often kicked out from school sports too. That is not right.
LTAD has a nice idea on this theme - as that philosophy more focus on skill levels instead of birth dates.. We missed this in yesterday's release since that would have a great impact. Maybe it is in there and we did not just see it?

And hey, school sports is not the main thing - the main thing must be to do sports for life - and not for school.
Let's just hope the US dept of education knows this - even if they do not explicitly say so ;-P

In essence we do think that these new guidelines - just yet further pave the way for, and you know it, Floorball.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

On American Soil, this is the THING!

Probably the very must important Floorball Happening this year on American (or Canadian) soil... at least so far..... We have earlier said we think team USA will win this... But we have just recently started to become aware of how tagged team CANADA is about this so - Go Girls GO!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Bold Product Warning to American PE Teachers

We have just recently learned that there are some basic sticks available to teachers or schools in the US called Floorball Sticks.
The experienced teacher we talked to; told us that a purchaser got him sticks of a flimsy and rather bad quality.
Therefore - we want to warn all schools out there - make certain that you get sticks that are used in Europe for Floorball - they only cost a fraction more than what pure toys does - and the real ones are much much better to play with and a must if You aim for real Floorball as a sport and not just a little social game in your class.

In the USA, buy either Salming, X3M or another brand as offered by the largest supplier and quality outlet: Floorballplanet in Texas.
The outlet Floorball Gear also offer good certified European sticks from Unihoc and more.
All sticks from these guy's are certified according to a national Swedish quality institute, ask for the SP certification. Demand this certification or some other proof - so you do not buy Toys...
We also know that there has been some sticks from Stiga available in the USA and we do think these are certified too - however we have never tried these sticks ourselves so we may not give further advice in this subject as it comes to Stiga. Rumor say that Oxdog also is present at local places in the US - these are also good certified sticks.

In Canada Floorballpro offer the widest selection of certified Floorball sticks. Floorballplus and Scandian Floorball offer Unihoc and related sticks - all their sticks are SP certified too. We also know that both the brand Realstick as well as Speedhoc is available in Canada too. These are two other SP certified sticks.

But - PLEASE - do not buy junk - or some plastic flimsy toys that your kids may not enjoy - and apparently not all what is called Floorball on the American market - aimed at schools are true Floorball sticks - make certain that you separate the Good stuff from what is - just terrible.

If you still are uncertain - buy from us - via our "twigs for grab page" we supply the best selection of both Salming or X3M sticks - just let us know what you need. We will match the price of any other dealer on this market too.

Sign-Up form for 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship

A full compiled invitation will be sent out shortly to several teams. All the invitation components will also become available from our tab above on this blog that say; 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.

In the case you are a team - that would like to try Floorball and have never done this before - by signing up like a High School Team or a Hockey team - it is perfect to aim for the Recreational Division. We will have refs that will keep you in line with the game and its rules.

We expect for this years tourney; Teams from MN, WI and IL. We think that Tomah WI might bring on even more teams. We will aim to have a reffing clinic in the morning April 13th before the games start run by Mr. Buvarp from Colorado Springs. We still hope that we can lure some Canadians to this tourney - but can not promise this. We think it might be possible to arrange the first ever female game in the Midwest - this is yet to be secured - but we aim in this direction as a part of this Championship.

Here is the form to sign up with:

Ireland's political influences... updated

.....on the USA - has always been great.

Now, with Special Olympics Floorball and the World Games just around the corner it seems like Ireland emerge as a true political power house again...
Ireland have a team in these games that will play SO Floorball. Ireland use a language Americans understand and there are more and more news from Ireland that talks about Special Olympics Floorball...
Yeah, we think right now that Ireland is the very best promoter of Floorball - as we think of English speaking markets or nations... and yes all kinds of Floorball

So good luck with this Ireland - and in the SO games too.

Here is another Irish article and another one
Among many things in this article, it speculate that Floorball might become a regular sport in the Special Olympics World Games already next time around...
We here do not even speculate - we are 100% dang-on-it super sure that this will happen - we are so certain that we would not even bet on this ;-P. Since anything else would just be too crazy....

Young Pride - woah!

Young stars are the best role models for the even younger ones...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pin-Up or Down?

Linked in via kekavas ladies - cool logo huh?
Sports Illustrated top selling issue is normally the one filled with hot and sexy babes in their swim-suite issue...

Happee from Finland, the Floorball team that we think are best in the world - as a team on marketing the sport Internationally.. They have for years been producing smoking hot calendars in avant garde settings with nude or half nude Floorball both male and female players and yes, we do look forward to more from them in this respect...

From Norway we have seen some ladies dress up in black silk as Floorball players and when Miss Gunita from Latvia ended up in Playboy a few months ago - well that was very appreciated too in the Floorball world and today we had a new sexy calendar from the Latvian female team Kekavas jumping up via twitter...

So is this Pin-Up?
There is no doubt that sex sells and that it seems like efforts in this direction truly spread in good way through media or on the Internet. This means an increased possibility to reach new people for Floorball. Then in some cases these stunts also bring in money to a good cause - like when a calendar is up for sale. And we must also not forget that the players involved in these efforts also become a bit high lighted and recognized as photogenic pleasures. Then we would like to add that it seems like Floorball players become rather good looking - maybe thanks to the sport they play - or is it the other way around - good looking people just happen to play Floorball?

Or is it Pin-Down?
In some cultures the idea of what is proper or not is rather different - and just only here in the USA folks are doubtless much more sensitive for minor nude expressions as at compared to many places in Europe. Then we must also remember that Floorball aims for all global cultures and in some big markets for Floorball - yeah, well semi nude expressions are more or less a grave no no no...
In the dimension that Floorball also aim very much towards kids and they probably just wonder why the guy or gal on the picture forgot their shirt or something.... so as a marketing tool - in this the younger direction it might be rather questionable too.

Our conclusion is not easy - but we think if done right - on the right markets to the right target groups - and possibly done even much more artistic and driven, it could be a good thing for Floorball. But not always.
And we are certain that we will see yet more of these artistic expressions - in particular as it comes to fund raising, for the very best looking teams...

This speaks for it self and beyond..

Maybe we can add that Mr. Tiitu is one of the World's best Floorballers from Finland, now playing in Sweden ;-D

An X-hockeyplayer - Peter Forsberg part 3

The final installment of an excellent series of short films from Larnö and Klubbhuset

Peter Forsberg plays Floorball with an oval shaft, Ultra from Exel. He claim that this oval pick more makes it feel like a hockey stick and he also mention as a younger hockey player he used to grade of slightly the wood of the hockey stick, in particular on the "front side" to make it fit his hands better. But he also thinks that if he starts to play with a round Floorball stick it would work too since he say this is more a matter of taste.

The title of this movie presents Mr. Forsberg as a Legend and a co-owner in Exel, a Floorball brand.

As a hockeyplayer he used to play with some of the very most stiff sticks on the market, he also preferred a shorter hockey stick, and he actually had to change his bigger hook as he moved to the NHL since they did not fully allow the face of the blade he used earlier on in Modo Hockey. 1999-2000 he changed from wood to onepiece or carbon hockey sticks and he say that his shooting became much better after this - even if he yet again claim that he never was good at shooting and mainly scored in NHL around the net. Here it gets rather interesting - if we understand him right - he claim that normally you are supposed to do the slap-shot by hitting the ice in-front of the puck to get a good "kick". But what he seems to say is that he instead hit right on the puck instead with poor technique - but the benefit of doing this is that he had a faster release of the puck from the blade this way, and it seems like a good thing closer to the goal.

The blade Perter Forsberg use as a Floorball player is X-play from Exel, and this also happens to be Larnö's personal favorite among the Exel blades. He tell us that he has not been playing Floorball for years but used to do it with MoDo Hockey in their pre-seasonal build up phases. Now back playing every week he thought he would use a very stiff blade, but after some experimenting, and too much ball bounces, he found that a slightly softer blade would suite him better.
As it comes to the hook of the blade on his Floorball stick he is not fully certain that the one he currently use is the perfect hook, he might want to experiment and perhaps try to increase the hook of his Floorball twig too. The video clip also shows a comparison of his hockey stick with his Floorball stick.

As he describe his early Floorball career he say he played for VK Rasket, a now long gone club, and he never ever made it to their A-team, but he had some practice sessions with them. Then at the age of 15-16 his Ice hockey took over and got all his attention. But it is our understanding here that he as a youngster played lots of Floorball, and even as he became more involved in hockey and had a harder time to play Floorball he had some close friends that still played for his Floorball club so he often went to see their games too.

As it comes to more mythical rituals related to hockey, he say that the goalies where the most accentuated, no-one could even touch their equipment and it always had to hang on one specific place in the locker room. Mr. Patric Roy was also interesting from this aspect since it seemed like he never put his autograph on any puck. Forsberg himself had a few rituals himself, like always stretch in the same way, always enter the ice with his left foot and turn the end knob on his hockey stick 8 turns before every game. But he admits that it still was possible not to do all these things and still play the game - but it was an advantage - since then you won all the time ;-D

We have finally realized that it is outstanding that these clips are not done with closed captions - otherwise our own comments of referrals here would have been 100% dead, or fallen to the FLOOR.

Thank You: Klubbhuset, Larnö, Exel, Forsberg, Augustsson, Rymes

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Onepiece FLOORBALL sticks has arrived?

This came in via Twitter today:
oxdog (@OXDOGFloorball) tweeted at 11:26 AM on Wed, Jan 23, 2013: Starting to turn up photos on instagram of some wonderful news #finallyhere #onepiece #news (

This seems to indicate that, either has SP finally fixed some sort of method to certify these full carbon fiber onepiece sticks.. Or Oxdog use some kind of a temporary permit to have these sticks in the market place. If we are not wrong they, Oxdog, have had some sort of a temporary permit to move these sticks in the marketplace - but a new policy were to be defined - either as soon as SP had a new testing procedure in place - and many hoped that this should be fixed to the WFC2012 - or later.
We have also seen that the onepiece stick has been reportedly used in a high end Finnish game... otherwise it has been rather quiet about these sticks. And since it seems like Oxdog goes a bit tip toe in their announcement today... we are not certain here - right now on what exactly the larger development might be?
Onepiece linked in via oxdog's own instagram feed

This is for sure cool sticks. But if they are 100% OK now to be tested and certified by the IFF yet - we do not know. If they will be OK - we think that both the other two brands, Salming and Unihoc will not be too far behind - in particular since the months that have passed. and this fact might have given them some time to play catch up, since the day when they also showed prototypes that looked a bit "rugged".

If the verdict instead is that no SP can not test these kind of sticks (not likely) - or SP deem these sticks as not safe enough, or something. Then these kind of news might just become a curiosity.

Since we are born optimists here - we think that these sticks might be here to stay and - yes we say that Floorball will move forward with sticks like these - however we should know more soon - hopefully.

The IFF on Special Olympics

Here is a new story on the World games Special Olympics from IFF read it by following the link below... It is only days to go now!
"Eight teams will play the floorball demonstration tournament in the Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang and Gangneung, Korea."

Here is the link to their full story - but the best thing is the results that will be shared here

Since, USA is not in this sport - yet.... Hm we will either cheer for Ireland or Sweden,, or why not Denmark or Austria - na we will cheer for em' all! Korea, Switzerland and Russia too!

Rock hard training - Peter Forsberg part 2

First we see a recap of the first clip released Monday.
Peter say that there is no short cuts from the age 15-16 it is time to get engaged in rock hard training if you want to develop. He is concerned about the wider use of video-games and the rampant use of it in Northern Europe, even used as kids go downhill skiing and playing games in the lift going up hill.

He talks about scoring penalties and say that you must practice on a few versions to gain full confidence. The other key to be good on penalties is to learn from others - he mentions both Mats Näslund and Kenta Nilsson as good role models from the Ice Hockey World and also it is crucial to gain full self confidence.
But overall he thinks that he was not that good on scoring penalties - in particular not during the NHL career - this is said by a man that has been on a Swedish Postal stamp doing a Hockey penalty.

The penalties competition they engage in - well, you will see who wins in the video...
Next video is to be released tomorrow and then Peter Forsberg will talk about his early Innebandy career and about sticks...

Even if we prefer clips with English subtitles - well since they are not there - we are most likely the only place online that provide an English comment to this material - huh..

Thanks and full credits to Klubbhuset, Peter Forsberg, Exel, and Mr. Larnoe.

Sports for LIFE?

In Floorball that is THE REALITY - from Floorball China on facebook and on developing adventures we learn about kids from the age of 5 til 83 that... do what? Your guess is right on target! Do not stop after high school - silly you! And, yes begin in kindergarten...
Image courtesy of China Floorball (psst. right now China has 27  more hits than USA to our blog in pure numbers as measured today)

The shirt is not tucked in

The most classical Swedish chanting rhyme goes like "Hooray hooray fresh in spirit, the shirt is not tucked in". Or almost something crazy like that... We do not know why.

Here is a shirt for you
linked in via Floorballpro
We love this shirt.
But could it be done better? Maybe with a US flag on it? Or flags that cover Brazil, and Jamaica, and Canada too? Or maybe 4 different shirts?
Should it not also read the future of Hockey instead? Or why not the future of School Sports? Or the future of Sports?
Ha, it does not matter we still love this T-shirt...

Monday, January 21, 2013

This is Real Hockey and Real Journalism Update The Future of Hockey

Writers spell miles after miles around hockey - now and then a serious - a very relevant article jumps up. This recent read from the Toronto Star comes with one of the most refreshing texts we have seen in a long time.
It is called....

And if you care about Minor Hockey and in particular about the home of hockey - oh no not England - but Canada. Then you can not pass this article... Did you for instance know that the chance for the kids, described here, in the larger Toronto minor league system, are about one chance in six-thousands, to do 4 NHL seasons... Read and reflect. 1 in 6000 we said.

Our own summary of this article is that it describe a hockey system on melting ice.
The author say something like Canadians used to say that the Soviets produced cold hockey machines with no heart or flair - and he hints that maybe this is the new direction for Canada? Money is spelled out as a large problem throughout the system. Transparency or its opposite is another matter as well as a demographic shift in who is really playing? As well as the driven and even perhaps over organized system, that puts kids mainly commuting in mini vans to games or practices - instead of spending time on the ice... and the few minutes they have on the ice - parents keep yelling standardized negative phrases - we all heard before..
Declining numbers of Canadian hockey players are laid out and a yet more gloomy future is described. The author also touch base on increased numbers of elite players from the US. The author also toss in a paragraph on TBI's and describe even how global warming disrupts the Minor leagues outdoor season, even with 53 artificially cooled outdoor rinks - they can still not beat warm weather.
The Greater Toronto Hockey League sport 40.000 players on almost 3000 teams.

Why do we write about this?
Two main reasons - we have a source from inside of Hockey in Canada that say that this is not just an journalist's opinionated article - but this is a darn good description on how things exactly are.

The second reason is that this the main Canadian minor league - is able to provide the NHL with 3.7 percent of their players - Sweden provide, on a 50% larger base (the size could make it harder to keep the rate up) from minor hockey players - the NHL with 6.4%...
The author does not say more than that 3.7% for GTHL is a passing grade...

We want to say more, we still fully and seriously here claim that the broad use of Floorball in Swedish schools rock the Swedish Hockey world and we hold this as the main reason why Sweden beats the heck out of the Toronto Minor Hockey League, as we read about supply to the NHL... but let us forget about that for a while..

You said Floorball?
Yes... Let us explain a bit in a few short key points
- Floorball does not involve any larger professional MONEY salaries or over abundant sponsor contracts. It is true that about 4 semi-professional leagues exists in Europe, but most if not all players hold some sort of a job too. In this light is seems like idealism and amateurs are a powerful engine - but hey on money, even Bill Gates say that he does not have any practical use for it ;-D
- Yes, there is some costs involved to participate in games in youth Floorball in Sweden too - but these are not even on the same planet as described by the article on GTHL...
- Scholarships - well education is mainly covered by the taxbill over in Sweden - but yes there are several dossins of advanced and specialized Floorball schools in Sweden, as regular higher or secondary education schools and the RIG is the most prominent
- Floorball is bread and butter in schools over there. Take Basketball here - put a big X over it - and have all the kids do Floorball instead. Look at all gyms, look at all school yards - toss out the Basket hoops you see - and put in a Floorball net instead - well first then will it start to look like in Sweden.
- No need for artificial installations of frozen ice - in or outside - Floorball can be played entry level in a bedroom and up, global warming may only affect Floorball as it gets too warm to be outside.
- TBI, is interesting but also a mean thing and as we have asked the IFF about this, they did not have any studies in this area but the consent is that this is a very little problem within Floorball.
- Yes, we like to portray Floorball as a fast and non destructive game...

Well, the next part of this great story in the Toronto Star dig in the alternative: i.e. non contact minor Hockey league. Something that describe a much faster game - just like Floorball.. No - You can not miss this - if you care about Hockey's future you must read this one PART 2, too..

A very special and olympic greeting

From Mika Kohonen, the world's best Floorballer to all Special Olympic Athletes that will show the world what Floorball is - in Korea in just a few days time now.
We here wonder ourselves if the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will find some time to try Floorball too?

Peter Forsberg part 1 of 2

We are so sorry there is no closed captions or translation to this...
We have now updated a rough commentary to this so you get an idea of what they talk about - at least.

First he is presented as one of the world's best Ice Hockey players with Olympic, World Championship and Stanley Cup Golds.
It is then confirmed that he now, or since the spring of 2012, own a part of the main Exel company with the rights to distribute Floorball products in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The two main Exel products Peter talks about is Floorball sticks and poles for skiing. He also confirms that he both played Floorball and were also active as a skier as youngster.
As Mr. Larnö and Mr. Forsberg engages in a competition in speed shooting, checking and scoring penalties. Mr. Forsberg is rather concerned since he claim he never had a hard shot - not in any sport.

As a comment on how to become very good at for instance Hockey.. Mr. Forsberg say that it is crucial to have fun and he is rather doubtful about advanced training for 5-6 year old kids and that you should not start to train in a more serious manner until you reach perhaps, 14-15 years of age.
Mr. Larnö wins the speed shooting with 108-107 km/h... But he also question if the speed shooting equipment is calibrated in the very best way....

Mr. Forsberg acknowledges then that he the very same morning been out doing though cross country ski exercises, with one of Sweden's best skiers and that himself is going to Italy in a few days time to race in a larger Italian ski race.

The discussions continues into the more physical game of Hockey and some hints is shared on how to improve this part of the game. Peter say that it is important to do physical moves a bit ahead of what is expected and deceive the move, to make it look like it is not on its way - it is also important that the point of balance is low and that you become compact too...
The images themselves - will then tell you who won the physical contest this time

As the crucial questions come - why do you invest in Floorball?
Mr. Peter Forsberg say that he has always loved to play Floorball, the he say that Exel represents a strong brand offering good products and they have almost been in Floorball since he started to play himself.

He continues to describe the difference as he was a youngster as Floorball then was just an additional little activity to Hockey - whereas today he describes this as something completely different and is own big sport - he also refers to top performers like Magnus Svensson from Warberg and the level players like him perform at.
Forsberg also mentions that Floorball is spreading in other countries to - he wraps up this movie by saying - "No this is a product I believe in and Floorball is a good sport"

From our own point of view - we think that what Klubbhuset and Mr. Larnoe are producing - IT IS not only top notch Floorball promotional stuff. It is also some of the best TV we have ever seen - in most genres...
It is one sour matter - and that is the language - why do they keep this in the sandbox? Closed captions are not that tricky and translations for such are available too - it is a pity that Exel's and Peters largest potential market - can not understand the full scope of this movie.

However, as we will continue to whine about this, Klubbhuset has promised another excellent movie in two day time on Peter Forsberg.
We promise - with no closed captions - we will write another commentary if it so fully mess up our day here...


Step Two, 2013 MFC.. and Ladies First!

Today we open the registration for the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.

We are still working on to get some sponsors on-board and the very final form to sign-up - online - has not been released yet. We hope to have it out soon.
An emailed invitation will also be spread out to several of our contacts - do not hesitate to share this information with as many people as you may.

We are also intensely investigating if we can make the first female game in the Midwest, happen between ladies only.

The first post on this subject here describes in detail what you need to know.
Also note that the cost for this tourney is more expensive if you register too late.

But teams are free to sign up with mailing this information below, just copy and paste and toss it into an email or a letter, as an email or by snail-mail as well as payment:

Team Name:________________________

Team Strength,    A) Advanced____    B) Intermediate____    C) Rec____

Team Shirt Color:_____________________

Team Captain:_______________________







Player/ Sub Goalie_______________________________


Other Comments_________________________________________________________________



Sunday, January 20, 2013


Or Primadonna?
Do not know - it looks great and it is incredible well done. But to be honest would I use a player like this on my team if I could? Probably not since there seems to be some lack in the passing skills.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The buzz - in america - is on

America's largest Floorball Tourney is the Canada Cup played in Toronto. This year they celebrate a 10 year tournament anniversary and it was just recently released that the games are to be played at the Maple Leafs Gardens in downtown Toronto.
This is a magic place - where the Stanley Cup has been many many times...

So if you are a Floorball-nut.. Well it gets kind of swell to swing a stick, even if it is a plastic stick, under a ceiling like this one.

Here is the big thing though, from what we have detected online - this years Canada cup will become just awesome. We have seen high interest from many many forums across the US about this tourney - and we can assure you that this will be something very very special for Floorball in America... and the Europeans that come over too.

Hey, let us qoute what Juha Mikkola said today - and you know what - he if someone should know:

'We are extremely excited about the 2013 Canada Cup, which is our 10th anniversary. The North American floorball community is in for a real treat with the tournament taking place in downtown Toronto again where we started a decade ago. Playing in the  former Maple Leaf Gardens, one of the most fabled hockey arenas in the world, is sure to add even more magic to the event. We have more exciting announcements in store and hope to see all our floorball friends -- new and old -- May 17-20th, 2013!'

Too be cont.

The best of Finland... Live

The IFF has reported about live games from this page tomorrow, Saturday morning local US time:

It is the Finnish Cup finals..
13:20 CET (14:30 local time) Women´s Final SC Classic – NST‐Lappeenranta
16:30 CET (17:30 local time) Men´s final Happee – SC Classic

As we visited the page we became a bit overwhelmed about all Finnish - and even after we did a Google translate it was tricky - so just be aware. We could not find any embed code either...

But who cares - as long as we have - free live streams of top notch Floorball - right?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What Hockey Players in Minnesota ought to know

There is a new Hockey Magazine in town or... in Minnesota called

So we asked them if they would be interested in a Floorball text, however, somewhere - down the road this just somehow stalled...

But you know what - we post our article here instead - since we do think Hockey players should have some grasp about Floorball in Minnesota too - it just happens that Floorball more or less originated from Minneapolis back in the days...

Here is our text mainly aimed towards Hockey people in MN.. Enjoy!

The European Secret
   Swedish Hockey legends, Peter Forsberg, and Borje Salming, both promote global floorball brands today, yes Forsberg play Floorball too each week.
Mr. Phil Carlson, Minneapolis, MN came up with the very first plastic sticks, his cousin Clinton came up with the ball.  Mr. Tom Harter in Battle Creek, MI, helped him to design the game.
Then someone, unknown, told them to re-design the sticks so they would look more like Ice Hockey sticks - and Floor Hockey was invented during the early 60’s.

Well, - that is not the full - nor is it the end of our main story.
Before the redesign of the first Cosom sticks, to make em look like hockey sticks, occurred in the USA, the initial Cosom Hockey game traveled to Sweden. There they fully re-invented the sticks and re-designed the game  - and Floorball was born.
It exploded and the rest is today: history in the making.
Floorball is larger than Basketball in Northern Europe. In Sweden you find today roughly twice as many licensed Floorball players, as Ice Hockey players. Floorball runs deep in all of the very strongest west European Hockey Nations, like Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia etc, and it is growing utterly fast in Germany, and Japan and Brasil... as you read this.
Floorball is something of the fastest hockey sport you can imagine, with the hardest shot measured at some 127 MPH (sorry Mr. Chára) and it is all made out of high tech carbon fibers and plastics.
Today the new Floorball sport comes in many different versions, but the full version, is on track towards the Summer Olympics in 2024 or perhaps 2028. Full court Floorball has more or less the same setup as regular Ice Hockey with two main differences - you play indoor on a gym floor - and checking is not allowed - at all.
In Europe, you find several national semi-professional leagues and they have lately been building new arenas designed for Floorball, with large areas for spectator crowds, at a frenetic pace in Sweden. Yupp, today, Floorball is Sweden’s second largest sport. But Floorball is also considered the world’s fastest growing ball sport. Yes, Jamaica and Brazil just recently picked up Floorball too and outside of Europe the sport is growing too.
In America, many have scratched their heads over amazing stick-handling skills shown by European ice hockey imports.
American media shouted out “a Lacrosse goal” - as Mr. Mikael Granlund from Finland, scored with an amazing air-hook a year ago in the World Ice Hockey Championships.
The truth is, Mr. Mikael Granlund has never played, and perhaps not ever seen Lacrosse in real life - it kind of doesn't exist in Finland - but Floorball does.
Mr. Granlund was raised on Floorball in school - just like all other of today’s NHL imports from west Europe. If you do not believe us - just ask any NHL import from Europe, what sport is most commonly played in school.
We can also assure you that as Europeans see versions of Floor, or Ball Hockey, and how it is conducted in North America - including the elementary school versions where kids use big clunky “blades” of foam, the Europeans scratch their heads in unbelief.
Recently, Canada figured out that Floorball could bring good things to Ice hockey too, so today all Hockey Skill Academies in Canada has used Floorball as a component for their dry land training. Yes, Roger Neilsons up there use it too. And of course all top notch Hockey clubs in Sweden and many other hockey teams across Europe often use Floorball as some sort of a component in their regular or seasonal training routine. Take the Sedin twins for instance, their original little first hockey club they started out with, it has today two main sports on the program - and we probably do not have to explain any further details on these two sports...
And is all of these stick-handling skills, school activity, a new Olympic sport etc more or less thanks to a certain Mr. Phil Carlson from Minneapolis?
Yes, he had a great part in this - so even if you perhaps do not know your “own” Floorball yet - it runs truly deep in many Minnesota genes, since it is a “Swemerican” activity - with the power to possibly change Hockey - as you know it - for good.
If you want to know more about Floorball you are welcome to Floorballplanet’s booth at the Let’s Play Hockey Twin City show in March. But that is another news story we will follow up on soon.

Or why not now do your own Floorball research online - and start on this blog??

Warm Up!

This is a promotional video clip for the upcoming Swedish Final - way much later this spring - eh well they play exactly the same date as the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship are to be played too./ April 13th 2013 /
hmm, wonder what we may make of that? We will be back when we have figured that out..

The clip show the same guy - at different times scoring a goal - probably a trademark goal by now..

Intelligence is intelligent stuff?

This is how - we think - a summer session of educations - related to the IFF will look like in China July 2013.
Hopefully we will know much more soon.

Let's say that this is a race - who do you think soon will have the upper hand? Go China Go!

Not bad huh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did you know that the Special Olympics World Games turn 10 this time?

Floorball as described by the official Special Olympic webpage in Korea...
Floorball began by children who played with balls in the 1950s in the United States. Since then, the play began to advance into a game and spread in the US and Canada, becoming a sports event (game). It is played with elastic plastic sticks and a ball on the floor which is a little wider than a basketball court, and is won by scoring more goals. The floor is made of wood or plastic mats (urethane), and needs no expensive gears or special venue, allowing anyone to enjoy the game.
Game details
Period : ‘13. 1. 30 ~ 1. 31(2days)
Venue : Gangneung Indoor Gymnasium
Participants : 82 participants from 8 countries (athletes 64, staff 18)
Events : 1 event (8 teams)
Stadium : 1 floor (20m×12m)
Seats : 992seats
Here is more SO Floorball from Garmich

This is how this event is described by the excellent facebook page Floorball to the Olympics... that we promote on this we dare to borrow their text straight of as a huge qoute..

"We wish Mr Hwang Joo Kim and his friends in Korea Floorball Federation a good work during this games , and with it a fantastic possibility to put floorball on the map in Korea and as a bonus eventually to other parts of the world!

The 10th SO World Winter Games is a multi-sport event for athletes with intellectual disability and will take place from January 29th to February 5th 2013.

Floorball will be a demonstration sport in Special Olympics World Winter Games in PyeongChang, Korea 2013.

Special Olympics (SO) is the largest sports organisation for persons with Intellectual Disability with more than 3,7 million officially registered athletes and 0,5 million coaches in 183 countries in all Regions of the World.

Special Olympics includes 33 different sports, 26 summer sports, 7 winter sports . Floorball being the youngest sport in this list.

In addition to floorball the SO athletes will compete in eight sports including Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Figure Skating, Floor Hockey, Snowboarding, Snow Shoeing and Speed Skating.

Special Olympics is the world’s largest year-round program of sports training and competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities. More than 3,7 million athletes worldwide (half a million in 58 countries across Europe and Eurasia) in more than 170 countries train and compete in 33 Olympic-style summer and winter sports at local, national and international events.

The Special Olympics Sports Committee (CTAC) selected 8 nations for the Floorball demo in 2013 World Games (WG) in Korea: Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Sweden and South Korea.
Floorball in Korea 2013 will be played with 3 players + goalies on the field and each team will consist of a 8 persons squad + 2 coaches in each team."

Ladies and Gentlemen - are you ready for some PLASTICS?

Step One - 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship - INVITATION

Here is an Updated version or rules and regulations for the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship.
We plan to open registration on Monday with a formal letter of invitation and also toss up a form for electronic sign-ups... Then we should be good to go!




Date, Time and Location: Tomah High School, Saturday April 13 th 2013. from 10.30 AM. First game tentatively starts at 11.00 AM. The number of conferences will be decided upon number of teams in each conference. Conferences might be merged. Previous years two conferences formed as a Rec conf and an Advanced conf. More teams might open up an intermediate conference too.

NB - as a special offer this year - in case we have more than 10 female players - we will do our best to form two female teams and play a women's championship too. We estimate that this perhaps might be possible - of course depending upon the number of females signing up.

LAST day to sign up March 15th at regular price $10 per player.
Extended sign-up until March 31st at $15 per player

Game format: 4 on 4 players plus goalies, regulation size nets with goalie and max. 4 subs per team - max number of players in a team is 9, time per game approx. 20-40 minutes in total divided in two half's, slightly depending on the number of teams participating. No, un-decided games - if a draw at full time a shot-out with 3+3 penalties until one team wins.

Team Format: Both Female and Male players welcome, players must be at least be 14 years old or at least be in the freshmen year at High School for conferences. We are open for youth conferences too if coaches bring forward teams/players.
N.B. High school teams are allowed to sign up directly in the rec conference too if they prefer to do so.

Referees/Rules: Mr. A. Buvarp, from USAfB and Colorado will be Head of Referees as well as head of instructions about the rules being used. A separate reffing clinic will be held at tentatively 8 AM in the morning, before the tournament - Further informations in this, still pending. 
Rules will mainly be in accordance to regular Floorball rules with minor possible simplifications. We aim to mark crease for goalies..

Meetings: Before the tournament (or each conference) a quick referee meeting where the Head Ref will go through the rules used for the tournament - all assigned refs are mandated to participate. Directly followed by a short 5 minute “all coaches meeting”.
A lightning fast ceremony for the winners after the tournament is the aim.

Team Sign Up: Any team listed in one conference a previous year may not sign up for a lower conference. The last sign up date and day for post stamped team fees to Tomah Parks & Rec. is March 15th or 31st, 2013 see information above. You may start to sign up January 20th 2013.

Fees: 10 or 15 dollars per player (makes this also America’s most affordable tourney we think). Elementary and Middle school teams pay $5 per player - .in case such teams would emerge. A game with females only - would not cost extra for players playing on other teams. Females only playing in a Female Championship pay the regular fee.

Check or Cash is to be mailed to:
The City of Tomah
The Director of Parks and Rec
819 Superior Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

A basic Team information form - MUST BE FILLED IN
The valid team sign up must include the following items:
A) Team Name, including the name of the leader or coach
B) Team Roster i.e., Player Names (5-9 players), including assigned goalie(s) - two assigned per team
C) Shirt Color
D) Paid Fee $10, or $15 depending upon sign-up date, dollars per signed up player, min. sign up fee per team $50
E) Team email contact and phone number
F) Indication if you can pick up a “free agent” to your team or not
G) Your own rating of the team from “recreational - possibly also Intermediate up to - advanced”

- you may also sign up - on this email

Payments can also be done at the venue before the games - as long as you have signed up according to deadlines and can show your date of the sign-up. We CAN not add new teams after sign-up deadlines.

We do not ask players to have a numbered shirt or Jersey - but it is good if this is possible. Pennies will be provided.

Free Agents: Some players may not be able to form a full team so we may also try to form a pool of free Agents and as soon as we have 4  - to 7 players - these may be assigned to a “united” team. We can at this stage not promise that this will work - but we do want to accommodate for players without a full team. Free agents must pay and sign up to The City of Tomah in the same way as a team - with names on the roster.

Goalies: Goalies will not be allowed to play without a good face mask/helmet. Floorball goalie equipment is preferred.
Using Hockey gear or similar You may have elbow pads, a cup, a big Hockey style Jersey and preferably a thicker Shirt to have under, a helmet and face-mask - if You add good knee pads for Volley ball (not the best to recommend, but a basic solution) - maybe a good pair of garden gloves - in principle - then You only need to find a pair of long padded pants to be fully set. In worse case a team with no Goalie, that wants to play may be tentatively considered to “borrow” a Goalie from other teams - but we do want to avoid this and prefer that each team use their own goalie.
NB, two years ago one team goalie used hard shell knee pads - from Hockey or similar. This is not allowed under any circumstances since it might scratch the floor.

Boards: No boards, we will use the walls with some use of soft ice dividers from Tomah Hockey.

Tournament format: Depends on number of teams signed up in each conference - but the intention is to have all players to play at least 1,5 hours of Floorball, divided into a group round and a set of finals. Minimum four games for a team is the aim but not guaranteed. This is to be announced in more detail at a later stage as the deadline for sign up is past due and we have the final number of participating teams. The number of teams and how we divide these into groups or even conferences, length of games etc will all determine the tournament format. It is crucial that You rate your team as recreational, intermediate or advanced - this will help us decide on the tournament format.
This is what we wrote the very first year - “We do think we will have in-between 4 -10 teams - but this is up to you. How many teams can you send? 
Tomah has earlier been able to provide 4 teams to this tourney - it would not surprise us if Tomah might bring on even more teams this year.

Doping, Swearing and Code of Conduct: As a gentleman's (and woman's) agreement - no doping. But if someone obviously is under influence of a substance or in other ways disturb this activity or do not follow the rules at the venue or not use a normal code of conduct he/she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The referee is responsible for misconduct related to his/hers “own” game - game misconduct is to be reported to the head ref..

Awards: Most of the tournament fee will go towards nets/goals for Tomah. But we will try to aim at producing a T-shirt and at least something more special for the Champions. At this point we do not dare to make any promises at all in this respect. It would be great if Chicago could bring back the Trophy - so we could pass it on to the new winner in the Advanced conference.

Insurance: Any player or team is not insured or protected by the Tomah Parks and Rec department or by anyone else related to this activity - in case of an accident or other mishap. All players teams must rely on their own solutions, insurance etc and assume their own risk related to participate in this activity.

Miscellaneous: A Goalie may double up, that is play goalie in one team and play as a field player on another team. This to help more teams to have access to a goalie. Assigned field players may in principle only play for one team, any exceptions must go through the Tournament Director. As a goalie is possibly supposed to play a game between “both” his/hers teams - he/she must assume the primary goalie position.
The Rooster for a team can be changed until before the game starts as long as any new players have paid their fee. Paid fees will not be refundable.

We plan to run concessions during Saturday the 13th. With Hot Dogs, Home baked items and stuff. We will also have a little mini Floorball store up and for other activities - we are open to all your suggestions.
We hope to find someone to sing the National Anthem.

We plan to officially announce that the registration is open from Monday January 20th - we also plan to post a sign-up form to this site and continuously share information on this site about the tournament. All information about the 2013 Midwest Floorball Championship will be moved to that tab on this blog - for quick access.

Expectations: We dream of more teams and that we have a few teams that travels even a bit further this time ;-)

Purpose: The main purpose is to have fun and come together.

Questions: or  608-377-2217. Further information will be sent out as soon as the deadline is past due, when we have the valid email list for participating teams and we have shaped the format of the tournament, in groups, conferences or how we design the tourney based upon the teams signed up. ETA about one week before the tournament. By pasting the following link into a browser you should not get lost.,-90.516701&sspn=0.019116,0.033088&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.99&split=1&hq=highschool&hnear=&ll=43.97753,-90.512238&spn=0.019888,0.033088&z=15
You may print your own directions. A) Marks Tomah High School in the map as of above.

Disclaimer: Anything and all in this invitation may change without further notice. This is mainly a presentation on what we aim for. We do appreciate your input on this, see questions as of above.


Tomah Fury (a possible future club),
The City of Tomah, Parks & Rec.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!