Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Stage is set for WFC 2012...

..and tomorrow Team USA get's into the heat (local time of the game start is 7.30 PM in Switzerland) - and if you look closely on our own page - SEE THE TAB UP TO THE RIGHT ON THE BLOG - you will have all USA and CANADA games streamed live..

Did we need to add that this service is FREE OF CHARGE and that the IFF is the world's best sport Federation ever?

But before it all starts let us do some other quick reflections:

A) The Streaming LIVE TV Internet service that the IFF now presents is without comparison to any other Floorball related event. And many other International sports events too... It is on new uncharted territory, welcome new beautiful world. Hey you better watch out if you are into "old school sports" you guy's and gal's... This is modern, this is important and just a plastic wow. It is also good that Mr. Eriksson mention this in his opening remarks. And we say this is Internet age sports.

There is one way that this could have been enhanced however... and that is if instructions - on how to embed this into pages - as well as the request for web masters to do this would have been sent out - well, maybe they'll do this next time huh - or maybe it was done without out us knowing, oh well...?

B) The new mobile app from the IFF is also a wonderful gift that shows how progressively they work with modern apps and social media - good work IFF.

C) The rest of social media aspects could however have been a bit more emphasized, also in Mr. Eriksson's introduction note. But what we feel is indeed harder to take... is what has been done from Switzerland on twitter... Since it is not too much (last tweet came like 2 weeks ago), we mean from the local organizer, since IFF know their own twitter game.
We miss also one official twitter tag. Is there one - or do we just not know about it?. We therefore recommend to use #WFC2012. Some players are on twitter, others are not. The idea to invite players to use tools like twitter, bambuser and facebook or google+ pages would have not hurt as we want to promote the sport - right? RIGHT?
If all players and leaders etc on Twitter would have been asked to use a twitter tag like #WFC2012. Well we still can make much better impact there too... since this is still not too late to change - so please, please, please use #WFC2012 on twitter, instagram or whatever YOU like - (like bambuser and other social tools).
AND HEY if you as a player put in #Floorball as the tag for Instagram - well it comes up on this page too..

D) From Sweden the national coach just stirred up a larger discussion that mainly claim that the SSL is not developing too much, and that they should play more offensive Floorball. We like discussions and critique here ourselves. But we think he miss the main scoop. Our opinion is that SSL is only too isolated, both in terms of geography and intensity. It is probably not too defensive, but it is too local and national like in a duck pond. So we agree 100% with Mr. Mika Kohonen that talks about an international league exchange like maybe a Fin/Swe league to start with - and if they also add some 50% more games - well then we do not think that the matter of being defensive or offensive is the subject we should put in the current main focus. Sorry Mr.Vaara but we think you focus is too narrow.

To all players, leaders, spectators - or what ever your interest is - good luck and have fun during the #WFC2012.
Let's rock da world and show em' some modern pieces of fast dancing plastics.

One more thing - if you want to see games not listed on our tab up to the right - click the Youtube IFF image on this blog and you should find live games more or less at any time from tomorrow morning and on.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!