Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sticks on Fire?

The other day our dear friends, and analyst, at Floorball Shop Spain tossed up some research they had done at the WFC 2012 in terms of the sticks used. This caught a little form of comment bonanza at their Facebook page so we decided to run it here too, with some added comments:

This survey shows, or at least suggest; that Exel sticks were most likely the most commonly used stick at the WFC 2012, with Salming just one single stick behind.
Hm, Exel used to be a very Finnish kind of a brand and maybe recent years Finnish golden medals have contributed to this image.
If we then add both Exel's second brand Canadien and Salming's second brand X3M, well the image is still almost the same for these companies, now with only two sticks difference.

The main IFF sponsor Unihoc is third,  hmm maybe a bit surprising to some analysts, and probably surprising to Unihoc too? They are like 10 sticks behind the two leaders and even if their "second brand" zone is doing better than the other two "second brands", they are still slightly behind.

It is further rather remarkable, at least to us, that Fatpipe is doing very good as well as that Oxdog have been able to "steal 19 sticks" from this crowd, in like almost just being around, as a new brand, for a year or two, or something*...

OK, what is important to know as you see this?
We think that it is important to know that some players (or teams) are supplied by sticks in sponsor agreements, so some sort of money or other offers might be involved. This skews this image away from the "free will and best choice" the players can make. Or the normal capitalistic principle that drive the evolution.

But still rather interesting huh...
The other dimension of this question could be to ask how many players - are sponsored in some way as it comes to their stick - and how many made a free choice? Or, the other side of this coin would be - how good are stick producers at sponsoring players with their sticks? Or how many players lack a stick sponsor?
Does this image perhaps only show the ability to have players sponsored with a stick?

Then the last question must be if these numbers fully represents all players, including substitute players at the WFC or if this is just a sample covering like a percent rate of all players? This is not indicated at this point in the slide presented. UPDATED: this is what they say -  "We had 283 out off 287 players. So we can say it´s almost all (We miss just 3 from poland and 2 from hungary)"

And still we here at are very very amazed that not any larger brand from another larger and related sport have made a move in this market yet.

In Sweden it is estimated that 850.000 people play Floorball once a week. That is on a population of like 9  millions. about *.. If the other big sport brand producers have not seen this market potential yet - we think they are blind as bats - but as bats - we are certain they instead - at least listen in to this using their radar, lol.

* n.b. Some number are a bit "rounded" in this text - if you need exact numbers use a search engine pls..
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