Sunday, December 23, 2012

LTAD? How about this for a change?

LTAD, or Long Term Athletic Development, might be described as a philosophy to drive more people to sports - with the aim to both increase participation and to keep "players" in sports for life. One of the Amazing results from doing this is that the quality of sports gets better (with even more advanced athletes we'll also have better results - just as more players become involved). And it is all based upon decent good ideas, supported by research.

Oh, that is our very own very brief and short interpretation of LTAD. Just so you know if you think our short description is weak.

Still, we think it sounds rather good. OK.. We have here another way of seeing this too: We think one might state that the LTAD philosophy or its "drive" also might be seen as the main action from sports and athletic activities to "fight" or challenge the widespread time spent in front of different monitors.
Just like what we do now (lol).
Kids and adults spend more and more time if front of screens, or becoming increasingly passive, and LTAD is a reasonable and good way to fight this trend back.

LTAD is a "build" of a few refreshing ideas, like Traditions Stop Development and the notion that we can change the rules of the game to make the game more attractive... or why not change the full environment like the league itself and how it is ruled - to make things yet more interesting...

We have earlier here told you how Finnish soccer for instance introduced a green and black card - for soccer kids - and how Floorball in Sweden invents new league systems - all to keep more players in their sports. Great stuff if you ask us.

How about the biggest and boldest idea of them all? Are you ready for this?
Why not design a sport - from the ground up - yupp we are thinking about a spankin' new sport - just designed to be the very first fully designed LTAD sport?

How would it look like?
We do not know. But we guess it would be a team sport. We guess it would be a constructive team sport. We further think it would be rather easy to move the ball around...and it must be scale-able, cost-efficient and very inclusive. So far this all sound very much like Floorball, well to us at least? huh?

But, we also think that such a "LTAD sport": it should also have other features that not are only related to rules that the players would break, instead the game should be filled of we want to see goal penalties or nice free hits as functions of a "reward system" instead as being parts of a part of a "punishment system". Or if a team is doing some nice plays - the ref could rule that they could put one extra player in the game for a minute. The main idea would be to replace punishments with rewards...
Have You ever heard about a successful computer game only based upon punishments but no rewards? Nope - and a modern sport must be designed with several rewards, according to us.. What positive rewards exist in team sports today beyond the score itself?

Then of course a team sport where a game is played between two teams and you have one winner and the other half part of the players are losers - it sounds like a narrow one way street too.
So why not scrap the idea of points earned in all games and kill the idea and try not to find a winner or a loser in a game. If two youth teams play each other and the score is 9-6. Well in the reality - if we stop to think about winning and loosing - and instead say - that - HEY one team won with 9 goals scored and the other team - hey for heavens sake - they won also with 6 goals scored... Then this could also lead to some sort of a handicap system, so in principle no team should compete AGAINST other teams - they should only compete with themselves - but they can still PLAY other teams, right? And it should all be based upon maybe the number of goals they score and no artificial ideas about "points" from a game won? Who invented the ideas of points won from games by the way - it is just crazy and has nothing to do with the game right - the score is king in our view.
This is also one of the "beauties in Golf" where you mainly compete against your own handicap - right?

Too much utopia?
We do not think so. But maybe a few decades too early?

But - the more we think about this the more it makes sense - and... even the idea that LTAD has put forward that "Traditions Stop Development" well that sounds to us rather defensive too in this light....

Why not instead say "Development Creates New Traditions" (traditions could be replaced with Sports too).

Why can not the sports world be as fast evolving and dynamic as the Internet or social media - why are we stuck with all these 100 years plus ancient routines? - and it is not time to break down all those old structures and ideas on how we do things - with the only main reasoning - this is the way we always have done things - That kind of logical reasoning is not good enough...

Floorballcentral thinks both we and You can do better - for the future of sports.
Or, do you think this is just wacky ideas? Whatever you think - we think it is better to think as compared to remain mute..

Merry X-mas all LTAD fans out there.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!