Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to really get the second best better - assessment part 2

As we heard that names like Kohonen and Blinds had been selected to the IFF Athletes Commission -  it was easy to maybe suspect that it was mainly because they are good at hitting that plastic ball that they happen to be picked and ended up in a committee like this... But as it was posted - on some of the ideas these guys had - well it is not only good stuff - and yes they do know what they are talking about from a very good, if not impressive perspective.
So this promise a lot for the future..

Still we want to mess around a bit with one thing that Mr. Kohonen suggested in his interview.
This is his statement, perhaps pulled a bit out of context here, but this is what he said: "Also a League where the four best teams from Sweden and Finland would play against each other could increase the media visibility in the two top countries."
We think he is right, and we have already spun these ideas in a more wild post into a more global scene, with a Global presence.

But let us now look at this - indeed from another perspective.

The WFC 2012 almost shattered the idea of the big quartet of countries. The Czech's was this time hurt the most and beside of Sweden it is hard to define who belongs for sure to the group of the very top notch teams and in what order. But it seems still like many top countries would benefit a bunch from extended exchange of play over the borders, nations across...

The bad part of Kohonen's suggestion is that all the Floorball skills in the world would be focused to this very kind of league version as he suggests. This would become the best league of the leagues. Here at Floorballcentral we do not think it is crucial to get the very best Floorball better or to place all this top notch group of players on Aaland or something - the crucial thing is instead to get the second best Floorball Nations as good as the very best - just to create a good sport. 
So we do not want to promote the kind of concentration as it is suggested - we want de-centralization instead

One source tossed just recently out the idea that it would be a good thing to have more Norwegians to play in the Swedish SSL league - a good thing for Floorball in Norway that is. Yep the track is right, but we do not think that this is enough.

OK, we like to take ideas to its own max so here is our own simple 2 step solution and recipe on how to make the second level Floorball nations as good as the very best one - and how to do that fast (fast is like in over 5 years or so):

A) Forget everything you ever have learned about Nations
B) Design top-leagues based upon real geography instead - this will spell into serious travel savings in some cases - and who needs a passport within the EU - anyways?

Around the Baltic Sea this could look like something perhaps like:
1) The East Baltic League - with Finnish dominance, but also teams from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, etc 
2) The North Baltic League - With teams from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway
3) The West Baltic League - Dominated by Swedes but also with many Norwegian teams.
4) The Southwest Baltic League - Mainly southern Swedish teams, Danish and possibly a German team too?
5) The South Baltic league - German and Polish teams...

A reality in ten years time - nope, probably not this will most likely only become our own little brainchild and only rest in this blog post for the future.
But hey - can you just imagine what kind of skill transfer leagues like this would bring with em'?

And since a straight line is the shortest way between two dots...
OH no, let us illustrate the full thing like this instead. A person that lives in Malmoe, Sweden that listen to the weather report on the P1 National Swedish radio station, he or she will be provided with the detailed weather report thousands of miles away up in the farthest north of Sweden. 
But the same national radio report will not say a darn thing about the weather in Copenhagen that happens to be Scandinavia's largest city, and it lays only minutes away, by train... 

So a local and - distance-oriented-league system (where we forget that ludicrous idea about a nation) it will not only spread sport skills over the nation borders and make people come closer together - it will have a potential without comparison to both save both money (think bus travel) and the environment for "team trips" and the sport would become more local too. More local could mean more "derbies" and local interest too.

Traditions Stop Development.

And yes, Floorballcentral just love development - now you do the rest of the thinking - ...

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!