Saturday, December 22, 2012

7.500 Merry X-mas wishes to each player in Team USA!

Our Dear friend Mr. +Steen Houman today tossed up a very interesting post that covers and interview with Mr. +Stefan Hedlund coach for the US National male Floorball team.

To just wrap this post up real quick we just want to share some of the main points from Steen's blog post.

Coach Hedlund explain how he became involved in USA Floorball and also that he might aim for the World Floorball Championships over 2014 together with team USA, that takes place in Sweden.

He further with emphasis explain what much positive energy he finds in the US National team, as the problems is obvious with short training camps, long travels and so on despite this he is honored to players that fight and play so hard.. Mr. Hedlund also describes in detail on different methods used to keep a tab on who is supposed to play on the team or not, by using different forms of "informers" as well as other coaches and ideas. He further is very impressed by this years edition of the US National Team. However he is also eager to add that there are many young promising players "bubbling" (our own words) as possible future players for Team USA. Some where unfortunatly not able to participate this year.

As the discussion slide over to Sweden and the other top teams Mr. Hedlund's opinion is that is seems like the three top teams added to their advantage during the last two years and that the rest of all the teams are becoming much better - but still he claim that the three very top teams seems to have an even greater "edge" (our own word again) right now.

As the question narrows in on what the US National team players actually have to pay, Mr. Hedlund is very fair and list several expenses that must be carried by the players. But he also underline, that he as a coach can not think in terms like what the players must pay, since as a coach that is not his main job.
He estimates however that each player in Team USA probably have to shell out from their own pockets some USD 6 - 7.500 :-

Our - comment - these guys are the larges American heroes you can imagine. These are not just only amateurs - they are negative professionals (if there now is such a thing) - these players are investing their own money in the future for kids in America. Can you do anything better?

Merry X-mas Team USA! 7.500 special Merry X-mases to every one and each of you!
And thank you all - involved in this monumental victory - over money!

Full story is available here, please use Google translate - the text is written both in Danish and Swedish so you might have to run that Google translator a bit hot...

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