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Modern coaching - win the kids for life - not a game ;D

Floorballcentral likes the big idea.

But sometimes the very small coaching is the most big idea. So this post will rather briefly touch base on some very basic ideas related to the smaller everyday kids or youth coaching we have experienced.. Not much Floorball in this post, and not much the big ideas, but a few hands-on insights in #youthsports.

Lesson one: Resources - If you end up as the only coach on a sports team - bad luck and no its not good enough. You must involve at least one or two other parents on your team - because this is about your own development as well - as the full team development. No, the other coaches should not do the snack list or be the team parent - you must find other people for that. And hey, this is not about adding two assistant coaches. You must create a full coaching team with -2-3 adults where the kids feel full respect for the full coaching team. Yes, it is OK if some coaches has specific functions like the defense coach, or the goalie coach etc - but no no-one is an assistant, OK.

Lesson two: Empowerment - You are coaching since you want to empower the Kids and not You - yourself. This means that winning should never be at focus - your job is to make all kids better at your sport - and nothing else. This means that you must always play the full team and may never top the team with your “best” players. This way you hurt some weaker players that next year might bloom out as even better players - to exclude weaker players, well you hurt them, but also the sport you love - since many kids will leave the sport because of you..

Lesson tree: Knowledge - it is a good thing if you know your sport - but it is even better if you know LTAD, never heard about it - we think one of the best sources is here

Lesson four: Efficiency - Then as you practice try to avoid anyone standing waiting in lines - pick moving exercises where everyone is engaged as much as possible with puck, ball (or what game you now do) contact as possible per time unit. Think Kaizen - Japanese efficient productivity - do as much as possible with as small resources you can.

Lesson five: Courage - skip the rules - invent rules and remember incentives in any “game” works much better as “penalties”. If you were exposed to many penalties as a kid yourself - well let the next generation experience incentives instead in their games - it just works better - trust us.

Lesson six: Motivation - if your team have fun - they are motivated. Root out all negative stuff as complaints, bullying tendencies and similar... Remember to always talk to you team about such things and be with them - do not let them be alone in the locker room etc.

Lesson seven: Teamwork - No chain is stronger than the weakest link. A new idea we have in this area is that the best coach should be devoted to the weakest kids, then to define what is the best coach might be a hard pick. But the attention to put the most skilled coach with the weakest players - ought to secure a stronger team. Give the best help you have to them that needs it the most... it Just makes sense.
And na the best coach should not coach the offensive line - as the normally do.. They should try different things as in.....

Lesson eight: Flexibility - All players should as youth players try on all positions. Do not put the fat kid in the goal - let em’ all try it. Rotate them and ask them what they like. Kids and coaches together have much more computational power than any one single coach ever might have and this could maybe expand into two more lessons Computational power and Communications - but we dive into that another day..

So will, the team win now?
No, that is not the point and it is not important - the point is to make all players better and keep em’ in sports. If you can do that then the kids are the best there is and you are the best coach they ever will have. Winning a game or a league - is peanuts to the real and larger cause... to win them for life.

One more thing - we just heard from a hockey team close to us - that parents chip in 5 bucks to some kids that score a goal.
This goes fully against most knowledge related to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and if the parents wants their kids to quit hockey why not pay them “a grand” for each goal scored instead?
Wild man - wild things, that has nothing to do with how to build a team nor an athlete...

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The New World Sport is building...

Normally as you invent a new sport - it does not make very much noise and you often can fit it into some more obscure departments and play it in the back-yard or some thing.
Few other new sports - do build new infrastructure. No we do not mean a few pipes for skateboards or a wake board ramp.
We talk about a sport that not only will replace Floor Hockey but an activity that has the potential to become much more popular than - any other youth activity you know...

This is only one of several new arenas that fully mushroom up in northern Europe - right now - for the most plastic game there is..
Watch this clip now - yes it is only a Swedish clip - but still it speaks about the global future.. Be fast since TV4 will only let this clip be available for a limited time...


Saturday, December 29, 2012

The big bIG BIG Surprise

In the American sport environment with Hockey on ice - and floor Hockey, or Ball Hockey or Foam Hockey or whatever game there is being played, that spells hockey.
Our judgement as the Americans for the first time see" the full plastic fiber carbon version with balls that top 127 MPH and then get the feel for the weight of a stick... well they tend to be a bit surprised...
then when they learn about the size of it and the Floorball "route 66" that seems to lead to the Olympics - at least to us: it seems like they scratch their head - even more.

Let us now present you with the very biggest and baddest SURPRISE of them all...
You know what - it is not what you think...
It instead comes as Europeans, raised with Floorball, for the first time see Floor Hockey.
We here want to assure you it feels like being hit by a wooden stick hard - where it is rather painful.

:D - Share this - it you think we can make a difference ;D

常青树 Chang Qing Shu

Since we have had such an increase in traffic from China lately, we will do a little re-run on Jan-Ove Waldner. He is most likely the worlds best Table Tennis player ever and - in terms of his popularity in China earlier ... well.
He has been rated at the same or as at an even better level as the most known Americans in China: like Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson... Yes Table tennis has a long standing history as China's most biggy thingy...

One more thing - no this is not an event clip - this is from an actual game in the real Swedish SIL recreational league and yes, Waldner score and yes he plays together with Appelgren..

Why would 2 Table tennis World Champs play Floorball? -  ;D please share this if you like it ;D

老瓦 Lao Wa - and a few more...

We just played around a bit here.. The idea was to create a more comprehensive listing of world class athletes that have some spectacular or other good connection to Floorball..
One problem is that we instantly missed like Ibrahimovic, since we have heard that he tried Floorball too as a youngster.. Well in principle it is not very clever to do a list like this since today all kids in School for instance in both Sweden and Finland, and at many other places do Floorball in school... So in principle today you can say that all Ice Hockey players in the NHL, locked - in out or whatever... if they are from west European countries - they most likely have been raised with Floorball as kids...

But since this list is not complete,, well we like Wikipedia here. So why not do this you may generate your own suggestions to this list too - sounds like fun?

Friday, December 28, 2012

“what the heck is - Referee Interference?”

We do not know, and that’s why we will make an attempt to try to understand it..

In principle a ref may interfere in two ways, or dimensions, in any game - either with frequency or magnitude.

A ref in either Baseball or also perhaps American Football seem to interfere a lot in terms of frequency (number of rulings per time unit) whereas a ref in Table Tennis does not interfere that very often, beside of spelling the score - since the inbuilt feature of the table itself provide the game with “self-marking” side lines...yes, there are several other things for the Table tennis ref to judge - but our main idea here is to discuss different influences by the ref in a game. You may find your own examples, and probably better than these...

Then, in terms of magnitude (what an impact one single ruling possibly have on the final score) it is probably of a much higher magnitude when a ref rule a penalty in Soccer or as he has the final word on the running clock in either American Football or in Soccer too i.e.  how many more seconds to play or - lets use the Table tennis example again  - well, their ref can almost not really give the players a penalty of the same magnitude as in Soccer or add a few minutes of play  - if not deciding a disqualification or something similar...Hm..

A possibly third form of ref interference must be just how the rules are applied in a specific game - does ref X blow the whistle more often than ref Y and how hard do they rule? But, this is probably the basic dimension folks think about as they hear “referee interference”.

So sports are not just inherently different as they are played - but also how they are ruled! Always keep that in mind as you pick your own sport. - And, then the part of how much a ref interfer is maybe often a forgotten subject as many people think of - or discuss sports?

Why is it like this? Does this relate to different cultures and their belief in authority or the opposite of self-control as the games were invented? Or is this just by coincidence? We do not know but the idea is interesting...

In essence we think it would be better with less referee interference in modern sports. No, not just for the athletes, the spectators, but perhaps also the ability for different sports to attract more young players?
Then we have the betting companies and some odd … na we are not going in that direction... no no no, that is gambling. But, hence is not also possible to see a higher degree of “referee interference” as more of a “gambling” technicality too?

So how do we rate Floorball in the midst of interference from their refs? Maybe it is too high - maybe this is an area for improvement?
We do seriously not know..and that might be our problem...
- but we think some more serious researchers should dwell into the subject of referee interference and try to figure out in “sport comparable terms” what is good and what is less good... But of course, then we have the level of interference within a specific sport too - and who owns the direction we want to move forward in?
Some high hunch top guys and gals should be on top of issues like these, we think, maybe they are - but wonder why we then never read about it in a more proactive way?
Do we know this - or is it in an old fashion way - just up to the refs?

What does referee interference mean from the LTAD perspective? Probably that we have another component to fiddle with to attract youth to our sports? Maybe?

Ideas about referee interference should not come up as some good ol’ ref has done some sort of a mistake - and a journalist writes about one little mistake using his, or her, most “swollen journalism”..

Na, instead we should have a much better understanding of what referee interference really is - and that, oh well, shit happens.

And now you know why you come back to this site - since this time we surprised even ourselves ;-)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wow, here comes more European history

From Finland, just look close - look at those blades and the face-masks they are wearing... we saw somewhere that the very first facemaskes used in Floorball was often.. face-masks for speedway..
another incredible cross-pollination between sports huh?

Just Minutes ago...

This blog sat a new monthly record as your hits just now (more or less) passed last months top number of hits. Of course the WFC 2012 have a lots of things to do with the good performance we have earned lately - thanks for all your hits!
We also in particular wants to say a special thank you to China that suddenly and rather fast have raised to become the second largest reader of this blog.
December 2012 is the new top month for this blog - and we still have a few days to go, so lets see what the month brings in - as we are in uncharted territory - right now ;-)

Thank you all readers and please feel free to share our address if you get something out of this. ;-)

Storvreta Cupen - Special News - Jamaica and more

Woops, this post turned into a link bonanza - but it all leads to some good information - so bear with us.

Storvreta Cupen started this morning and it is claimed to be the worlds largest Cup for Floorball with - well, some +600 teams participating this year... up with some 70 teams from last year.
If you want to dive deeeper into the subject of pictures and movies from this particular event, that already started, may we recommend this page? - filled with stills as well as many moving images..

It is also reported that the finals will be broadcast live online too, through this link (right now it is not up working yet) but this link is recommended too and here they have prepared 8 finals that will be shown live in real time for free on Saturday.
Unfortunately we may not embed this material - we think that has to do with the advertising involved in the transmission and that this directly generated money to the organizers. But we do not know - but hey watch the ads too and this way support this competition - and the kids too.

This tournament is a bit special to Jamaica that have two teams playing in for them, the first time ever abroad. Let's us see if we not later might find some material that connects to how it goes for Jamaica too. Beside of teams from Sweden, the Storvreta Cupen also include teams participating from Ukraine, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland and Finland. Kinda party huh?

Credits to IFF + image directly linked from their site
The IFF cover also this tournament in their news and in particular the Mika Kohonen Trophy as being played January 2nd for Special Olympic athletes. 11 teams are signed up to participate in these games, and these teams are; Blåklinten 1, Bergfoten, Örnarna I, Blåklinten 2, Heros, Kungsängen Knights, Örnarna II, Blåklinten 3, IK Sätra, and IFHA, as well as Lidingö.

Mr. Kohonen was just recently published as one of four chosen elite level ambassadors for Special Olympics Floorball. The full story news from the IFF is to be found here

Special Olympics Floorball will most likely get its well deserved level of attention later on in January 2013 as the World Games, Special Olympics takes place in Korea during the same month.  A Swdish PDF that more in detail presents this tournament - available here

The Floorball rules IN ENGLISH, the ones that will be used at the World Games Special Olympics, have been listed here - in case of someone would like to achieve a deeper understanding of the game:

Floorball is for the first time available in these games as a demonstration sport. We are not sure if we exactly remember what the Austrian coach said with the exact wordings used right after the recent Special Olympics demonstration game in Switzerland, during the WFC. But something in the line that Floorball has the power to become one of the most important sports ever within the Special Olympic movement was about what he said - and we here do fully agree.

Next on the subject of Megalarge tournament is the Gothia Cup - we will return to that subject soon - this tournament is only slightly smaller in number of teams - but more International with 30% of all teams coming from countries outside of Sweden. The Gothia Cup starts Jan 3rd.


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Sometimes but not often we only show a picture

like now

Mr. Harter part - Tres - 3

As we read what Mr. Harter writes we start to think about how often he refers to taller players that seems to be suited to other games better and why his game fills some kind of a slot in school. But that is more at the more historic perspective - as we take his observations and bring them over the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) and in particular relates this to what SIBF earlier have disclosed on the subjects of growth spurts in teens and how training should be done in line to the developing youth. Well this just gets even more interesting. We wrote on the growth spurt way back here:

Then of course in this the last part of this text he also explains how they enhanced the very first clubs from Cosom. And if you as we have tried them for real in school back in the 70's it is true that the original stick with no additional pipe inserted inside - well it was soo wobbly that it was for sure too hard to play with em'.

That is not the case today.
full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Mr. Harter, Battle Creek MI - Part 2

Here continues Mr. Harter's story...
Remarkable enough the picture chosen for this part of this printed matter shows players swinging Floorball-shaped sticks not just above the knee level but straight up in the air too -- well that is not the most interesting - the most interesting here to us is to read what Mr. Harter wrote in his own words when he significantly contributed to something that one day might turn Olympic... the sport of Floorball is at least on a good path, right now. Thank You Battle Creek too by the way..
full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Thomas Harter, Battle Creek, MI - Part One

From one of the historic documents we're able to get at the Minnesota Historic Museum, we found a text written by one of the main guys behind Cosom Hockey... This is how it all started you guys ;-) Hey just look at those sticks used - they do not look like Floor Hockey sticks do they? And yes the typical Floorball ball design was used in this game as they took it outdoors too... But indoors they kept on using the puck.

We will share it here as a picture of a scanned document - this is part one of what Mr. Tom Harter had to say some almost 50 years ago. Part 2 and 3 are on its way... too.
full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Floorball, Young Kids and Safety

Yes, Floorball is a very safe activity. But still as you bring young students at the elementary age for instance - the first time - to have em' try Floorball..

Well we tossed together a few hints in that direction that might be valuable to have in mind before you start to play.  Yes, we know it is not much of NEWS - but it is well worth to be repeated and if it is here is it always searchable OK - and still remember - play it cool.

In the more common school setting, in particular in elementary settings, it is important to observe the following as factors of possible danger as related to Floorball :

- Children tend to run very hard as they play a game of Floorball and it is of high importance to try to keep gymnasiums or other areas clean from other dangerous equipment that they might run into.

- It is also true that younger students often seem to get entangled in each others or just in themselves so another good advice at the elementary level is that the “coach” should mentally prepare them that they might fall hard, or run into a wall, if they do not play carefully and safe. 

- Of course strict enforcement of the stick height is utterly important too at this level as well as the use of protective glasses. This is in particular true if the young players have experience from an Ice Hockey program where they are more used to swing the stick blades rather high during play. Eye protection is further a must, as we see it, and no one is allowed to lay down and play.

- Both at the elementary level as well as at junior high levels the teacher further should be aware that sometime it happens with unskilled players that they by mistake might step on a Floorball blade. When this happens it almost feels like stepping on Ice and the player will abruptly fall hard on the floor. Normally this is more painful than dangerous, but with informed students it is slightly easier to avoid or at least have the students prepared for this rather rare, but possible, kind of fall.

- As adolescent girls is involved in game play thet should be talked to about ACL and the increased risk they face from all team sports - but that these risk might be curbed by some 77-90% of the risk with the right warm-up and preparations, including the awareness of ACL's.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wow, we looked back

As doing some other stuff we ended up looking back at this blog and in particular at some more older and perhaps a bit pronounced posts.
Well we are sorry that much of the material perhaps not always is good or even relevant (as this post is not). Some postings way back have further been just either weak or directly bad.
Then of course we have had some good stuff too.

But, still we think it is better to post on - bad or not bad - since what is the core at this blog is not our posts - the core is Floorball.
And you know what - that is much better than any post we have ever posted here - including this one.

We may only promise to try to notch up our own quality a bit - but hey no promises as we gear up for 2013... Then quantity is also a part of quality,, we still think..

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A post in Malay? Wet? Why not?

This is the first and wettest picture of the Santa Day, huh looks rather slippery to us...

Full article and more hard core Floorball pics from Malaysia from the Kosmo publication...

Yupp a translation service will do the rest

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A Goldmine for any ZORRO Artist? Perhaps..

ZORRO is a sort of floorball juggling...
... but hey if they can do use math and the tools siteswap for juggling and this way improve it... - if we are not wrong they have indeed developed new juggling tricks from this more mathematical strict models hmm..could this possibly be developed to be used by zorro guys too?

We are not sure as the base of numbers used for juggling often relates to the hand used in juggling, but on the other hand the height of a throw is fundamental too. So we are not sure on how tranferable this might be.
What probably is needed is a separate math language that describes zorro too from some specific aspects as a specific art of juggling - but if that is done too as with juggling... - it should maybe not be impossible to develop zorro tricks using this approach too.. We wonder how ZORRO might evolve by following this general link..
and then..
Here is an in depth study of Juggling and Matematics from the Cornell University... Maybe they should dive into the art of zorro too?

Floorball zorro? looks often like this

LTAD? How about this for a change?

LTAD, or Long Term Athletic Development, might be described as a philosophy to drive more people to sports - with the aim to both increase participation and to keep "players" in sports for life. One of the Amazing results from doing this is that the quality of sports gets better (with even more advanced athletes we'll also have better results - just as more players become involved). And it is all based upon decent good ideas, supported by research.

Oh, that is our very own very brief and short interpretation of LTAD. Just so you know if you think our short description is weak.

Still, we think it sounds rather good. OK.. We have here another way of seeing this too: We think one might state that the LTAD philosophy or its "drive" also might be seen as the main action from sports and athletic activities to "fight" or challenge the widespread time spent in front of different monitors.
Just like what we do now (lol).
Kids and adults spend more and more time if front of screens, or becoming increasingly passive, and LTAD is a reasonable and good way to fight this trend back.

LTAD is a "build" of a few refreshing ideas, like Traditions Stop Development and the notion that we can change the rules of the game to make the game more attractive... or why not change the full environment like the league itself and how it is ruled - to make things yet more interesting...

We have earlier here told you how Finnish soccer for instance introduced a green and black card - for soccer kids - and how Floorball in Sweden invents new league systems - all to keep more players in their sports. Great stuff if you ask us.

How about the biggest and boldest idea of them all? Are you ready for this?
Why not design a sport - from the ground up - yupp we are thinking about a spankin' new sport - just designed to be the very first fully designed LTAD sport?

How would it look like?
We do not know. But we guess it would be a team sport. We guess it would be a constructive team sport. We further think it would be rather easy to move the ball around...and it must be scale-able, cost-efficient and very inclusive. So far this all sound very much like Floorball, well to us at least? huh?

But, we also think that such a "LTAD sport": it should also have other features that not are only related to rules that the players would break, instead the game should be filled of we want to see goal penalties or nice free hits as functions of a "reward system" instead as being parts of a part of a "punishment system". Or if a team is doing some nice plays - the ref could rule that they could put one extra player in the game for a minute. The main idea would be to replace punishments with rewards...
Have You ever heard about a successful computer game only based upon punishments but no rewards? Nope - and a modern sport must be designed with several rewards, according to us.. What positive rewards exist in team sports today beyond the score itself?

Then of course a team sport where a game is played between two teams and you have one winner and the other half part of the players are losers - it sounds like a narrow one way street too.
So why not scrap the idea of points earned in all games and kill the idea and try not to find a winner or a loser in a game. If two youth teams play each other and the score is 9-6. Well in the reality - if we stop to think about winning and loosing - and instead say - that - HEY one team won with 9 goals scored and the other team - hey for heavens sake - they won also with 6 goals scored... Then this could also lead to some sort of a handicap system, so in principle no team should compete AGAINST other teams - they should only compete with themselves - but they can still PLAY other teams, right? And it should all be based upon maybe the number of goals they score and no artificial ideas about "points" from a game won? Who invented the ideas of points won from games by the way - it is just crazy and has nothing to do with the game right - the score is king in our view.
This is also one of the "beauties in Golf" where you mainly compete against your own handicap - right?

Too much utopia?
We do not think so. But maybe a few decades too early?

But - the more we think about this the more it makes sense - and... even the idea that LTAD has put forward that "Traditions Stop Development" well that sounds to us rather defensive too in this light....

Why not instead say "Development Creates New Traditions" (traditions could be replaced with Sports too).

Why can not the sports world be as fast evolving and dynamic as the Internet or social media - why are we stuck with all these 100 years plus ancient routines? - and it is not time to break down all those old structures and ideas on how we do things - with the only main reasoning - this is the way we always have done things - That kind of logical reasoning is not good enough...

Floorballcentral thinks both we and You can do better - for the future of sports.
Or, do you think this is just wacky ideas? Whatever you think - we think it is better to think as compared to remain mute..

Merry X-mas all LTAD fans out there.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

7.500 Merry X-mas wishes to each player in Team USA!

Our Dear friend Mr. +Steen Houman today tossed up a very interesting post that covers and interview with Mr. +Stefan Hedlund coach for the US National male Floorball team.

To just wrap this post up real quick we just want to share some of the main points from Steen's blog post.

Coach Hedlund explain how he became involved in USA Floorball and also that he might aim for the World Floorball Championships over 2014 together with team USA, that takes place in Sweden.

He further with emphasis explain what much positive energy he finds in the US National team, as the problems is obvious with short training camps, long travels and so on despite this he is honored to players that fight and play so hard.. Mr. Hedlund also describes in detail on different methods used to keep a tab on who is supposed to play on the team or not, by using different forms of "informers" as well as other coaches and ideas. He further is very impressed by this years edition of the US National Team. However he is also eager to add that there are many young promising players "bubbling" (our own words) as possible future players for Team USA. Some where unfortunatly not able to participate this year.

As the discussion slide over to Sweden and the other top teams Mr. Hedlund's opinion is that is seems like the three top teams added to their advantage during the last two years and that the rest of all the teams are becoming much better - but still he claim that the three very top teams seems to have an even greater "edge" (our own word again) right now.

As the question narrows in on what the US National team players actually have to pay, Mr. Hedlund is very fair and list several expenses that must be carried by the players. But he also underline, that he as a coach can not think in terms like what the players must pay, since as a coach that is not his main job.
He estimates however that each player in Team USA probably have to shell out from their own pockets some USD 6 - 7.500 :-

Our - comment - these guys are the larges American heroes you can imagine. These are not just only amateurs - they are negative professionals (if there now is such a thing) - these players are investing their own money in the future for kids in America. Can you do anything better?

Merry X-mas Team USA! 7.500 special Merry X-mases to every one and each of you!
And thank you all - involved in this monumental victory - over money!

Full story is available here, please use Google translate - the text is written both in Danish and Swedish so you might have to run that Google translator a bit hot...

Long time ago we wrote that Germany holds the Key

Well we have several posts in that direction and it is hard to point to just one... but toss in the word Germany below on the blog at our search-box - search for it and you will find more on this matter.
The key?
Now they are using that very specific key to unlock floorball to the masses: Let us borrow a quote from a recent post at the IFF:

- From the media point of view it was a huge different to the WFCs before. A semi-final spot in an indoor sport, that means something. After the win against Latvia the media interest was huge and we had to do a lot of work to cover it all, says Lena Suhren from Floorball Germany.

Full article on this at IFF

...this post above - include several references to German media - Thank you Germany - this will be good.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Feint and how to upset a Goalie

The blade goes down - tip first - then it rocks back and forth - try that if you so can. This is from the first division Sweden and yes he has been practicing to be able to do this...

4 Million Spectators saw the WFC 2012!!

LOOK at your keyboards - if you have a regular keyboard for your computer you will notice that the number 4 as well as the $ dollar sign is on the same key..
So as we hear 4 million people watching the WFC from the IFF - we say and count for the future - and we also see the future value in this - represented by the $ sign.. We think we can say and do this since the Mayan calendar said that today was the last day of the world?

OK, but let us now think about this from another perspective...
Folks that know their social media, sometimes claim that the development of news have emerged from big national/International news over to more local news and now through modern tools we have a new thing called "personal news".
To us however here it is clear that the last dimension, as above, does not need to replace the other thing - but they do fight about the more or less same minutes available - with every individual user..

The question is then - how may this impact sport news? Will and have they also transform from International news, over to local and now into personal... And is the best personal news when the big International superstar acts with you on facebook or twitter as a personal friend?
This is all worth to think about... and then just think about other stars like lady gaga and Justin beiber, huh?

But as it comes to personal news in sports we think that what the IFF have been doing on youtube is perfect - the only thing they miss a little is a consistent strategy - to not only advertise it - but how to advertise the function on how to use their embed code for live events. If this becomes distributed in a clear and early sense for each larger event to many digital outlets - penetration will probably rock on the receiver side, and our point is, not if people look at things like the WFC on an odd blog like this one - or at the "home-of-the-source". What matter most must be the count in the total number of views - and with more contact areas - and more places that shows this.. (embedded code at many places) - more people will be reached. Hepp.

4 million it taste like bird (this is a Swedish saying that does not work very well in English but it means it is very good indeed)

So who is the possible winners in the hunt for social, or personal news related to the sport Floorball - we - maybe..? But yes in particular the IFF too that turns into a media outlet too - that is very interesting and hold value, this must be realized and capitalized upon, though clever advertising stunts in some way.

But the other big possible winner as personal news emerge more... - and what we want to point out here is this one The Hockey Community.
It is a standalone Facebook like version that have emerged over to the phone apps scene too as a tool to connect both Hockey people and Floorballers..

It seems like they have almost all the things in place to build an amazing community - what they probably need is some big superstars on both Hockey and Floorball that connects with tonnes of more regular Joe Does.

So if you like your sport and if it is either Hockey or Floorball - todays advice from us is - check out the HC tool online or the phone app - now available at either online both for apple and android... or as a computer solution... Start from here:

Special Olympic plug from the IFF (headline to be read in 2 ways)

We noticed a plug for the upcoming World Games - Special Olympics that will take place in Korea - next month Jan 2013.
This is the first time you will find Floorball in a big global multi-sport event - but it will not the last time.. We think that Floorball has so many positive properties - so it will become a dominant Special Olympic sport for the future - and not just a little blip in space.

The IFF puts their focus on this today by more formally presenting the Ambassadors from Floorball...
We do not think we have shown the clip on Mr. Kohonen here yet either... so why not show it since he is one of the most decorated Floorballers ever...

If you want to read the full story - here is where to click..

In other news, the number of TV spectators as well as the larger number of spectators globally for the WFC2012 have been released today too , we will be back on that since we will try to spin some ideas around these numbers - so hold out...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do you know Finnish?

We do not but still we think it is cool to show how a real Floorball printed matter looks like - this is from... yeah you guess here.

America's in the focus at IFF

Yeep, we are getting closer to the Qualifications here for the ladies in February...
This is what the IFF posted today:

The match schedule for the World Floorball Championships 2013 Americas Qualification tournament played from February 1st to 2nd  2013 in Markham (Ontario), Canada is published.
The WFCQ Americas is played with two teams, Canada and USA.

This is the full link to the rest of this:

There is also an event page that we will need to keep tracking:

Only one thing we want to add - since we here kind of write our dates a bit backwards according to International standard and  then as it is posted at the IFF: Hench be aware...
01.02.  18:15  Canada W - USA W
02.02.  13:15  USA W - Canada W

Well, that does not mean that they play one game on the second of January and the other the second of February, according to US standard... Na this is International standard so...
Both games are played February on the dates, the first and the second same month...

We hope you second this ;-)

William J. Smith Police Officer, Battle Creek, MI

full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

This early advertisement (mid 1960's) from Cosom Corporation about Cosom Hockey talks about the obvious benefits for Physical Education. But as the game is described it is obvious that one part of the game is to played with a puck, and another with the "fun-ball" - the fun ball is the kind of ball all Floorballers use today, and it was invented by the Cosom Corporation, first as a miniature golf ball.

To us here at Floorballcentral we also like the kind of support this new activity got from Battle Creek in Michigan. Here the Police Officer William J Smith talks warm about the sport from his own perspective. In one part of the letter Mr. Smith state that every boy should have the ability to play this game - he also refers to this as an activity to keep the youth out from vandalism and petty theft, obviously good reasons from his very own view of things. 
Go Battle Creek Go, we say here.

It is amazing - that since this material is about 50 years old - almost no living American's, except of older grandparents maybe - and most likely much more fewer Europeans or others either - has probably not - ever seen this material before, if not found in a dusty drawer.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What John F Kennedy realLy said - and how to get 2 for 1

John F Kennedy said, -”Do not ask what Floorball can do for you - ask what you can do for Floorball”

well, at least... almost he did..

Anyway, we have realized, what people fully and truly want to read about - is often their own story. As we have had posted local stories stuff from Vancouver, Austin, Scotland, Holland, from Spain, from Seattle, Florida and from Carnegie Mellon University...and many many other places at well it is obvious that these posts gets very many readers and we think we in this respect... bla bla bla... this is also fun stuff for many to learn much more about.

This also goes in line with the social development of news - from being mainly national, til the phase where more local news became strong and today when social guru's talk about personal news... we hope.

Yes, it is true that the IFF perform an awesome job with many local stories on the local growth of Floorball - but they can impossibly not cover them all, and it seems kinda like we do fill a function or gap in this respect too. Can we do this better? Maybe with some help...

OK here is our deal - right now we have a drive that is called “get 2 for 1”. It means if you send us a story, with a pic or a clip from your own local Floorball scene...
Then it will get posted not just only here at but also at the new comprehensive floorball site - hey check it out.

So you will now get twice the attention - and that can’t be too bad huh?

OK, the only thing we demand from your texts is TWO-folded - No copyright infringements and - hey at least try to write your post a bit entertaining - why?
It is obvious to us that a text written without personality and just delivering static blur on scores or names with no opinion, well they do not generate as much interest as the ones when you write as you write to your own buddy. In other words do not be afraid to be a bit personal. Toss in some flagrance please.

So listen in to JFK, then write your personal story, add a pic or a video clip and send it over - you are only then doing a good thing - not only for Floorball but also for all those kids out there that never ever even heard about Floorball. 
And they are more than many - trust us.
Your story will be featured here as as well as at -  hey your buddies will be impressed too.... maybe even more than by your floorball skills?

Ok, come on this is a X-mas offer, with a possible time limit - depending a bit on how productive - you are... Hit the types please.

And if you do not want to do this yourself - hit a share button somewhere and we should all be set. If you live in the outer Bedaristown or on the plains of mare Atlantis - we do not care the point is your story.
Happy Holidays from us both at and

Oh, we just turned into an app store instead

Almost at least.. ;-)
This is the link for you "phone-folks" to follow if you want to have our new Android Phone App we called it... well
Floorballcentralappearently on your android phone - get it on the phone from here...

It is nothing fancy, and you may not find it at the Google app store - at least not yet... BUT it is free..
But in essence it is a blog app with mainly the same posts as we have here... But still,
at least we have our own app and many other sites are behind again... :-)
Toss it up on your phone and try it - it should work if not - let us know - and we will do something else instead.
If it works we will let it be.
We made the Android first since everybody else makes the apple version first... ;-). Evaluation is next...

Drrills, Drrills, Drrrrills

Floorballcoach continues to feed the world with superb material. Here is one of their latest..

If you want to get the full scoop - please visit them here

180 Miles....

No, not per hour just 180 Miles as a pure distance, or 290 kilometers... or 290.000 meters or... we think you get the point huh?
That is how far - two of our more regular players at our Tomah Wisconsin Floorball - with the Parks and Rec - drive - in distance together to be able to play Floorball with us.

It could mean two things.
A) Floorball has a large power of attraction.
B) There are not enough Floorball programs in place at other Rec or YMCA locations.

What do you think? Or could it mean both?

Monday, December 17, 2012

This one is for all the ladies out there...

well, and all us others too ;-)

Powerful and smart news from BC Floorball

BC stands for British Columbia and yeah,  it is the western province of Canada.
They have minutes ago released a press statement that indicate a significant support from their government that goes straight to Floorball. They are smart the Canadians...

-----News Release-----
BC Floorball receives financial support to increase participation

BC Floorball Executive Director Greg Beaudin is pleased to announce a significant BC Sport Participation Grant received from the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, administered through viaSport British Columbia.
Using these funds, BC Floorball can now introduce and activate greater participation of the sport across the province through their four main pillars: Schools, hockey associations, community centres and floorball clubs.
We say wow. This is not just good for Floorball in BC this is good for all Floorball. This talks about a serious level of recognition and we are certain it won't stop here...
So for Canada this is a very good step indeed, but what about us in the US? Ok, we do not have the full picture here but we strongly suspect that there has not been any breakthroughs like this in the US yet. Yes, we have made some minor attempts ourselves (or with others) to toss in a few grant applications. But no that has not been a larger focus from us and so far - well it almost sounds like many grant sources in the US does not have too much of an idea about Floorball yet - so indisputable it must be hard to grant money or set aside support for something unheard of.
This will change, and with Canada in the lead here - with what is a significant support...
Well, good old USA may not sit on the sidelines - that idea is fully absurd to us...
This happens to be about, schools, hockey associations, community centers and of course floorball clubs.

Congrats - BC...
Full story - is here

Our own serious analysis of the big final

Ha, we do think that the World Floorball Championships final between Sweden and Finland was something of the best we have seen. And the second period is probably the most advanced Floorball ever played by any team, as Sweden then fully picked Finland apart.
We have already read several in depth views upon the final (that Sweden won overwhelmingly with 11-5 over Finland) and we will not dwell into too much details but we want to make 2 main comments and emphasis one dimension.

First comment - The Slot
- Normally as we tell kids to play sports where you have a goal you often try to ask them to find a good place in the "slot", and preferably in more of the center of the slot before they shoot, the general recommendation is not to go too much to the side or  "wings' since it is easier for the keeper to block a larger part of the net.
Well, in the WFC final we noted that several of the goals that Sweden scored came from the outer edges and almost outside of the slot... hm we find that interesting and if someone has a comment feel free to dwell into it..

The emphasis,
...was first spelled out by Mr. Houman in Denmark, as he stated that the shooting efficiency from the final was rather different with Finland taking more shoots as Sweden did - Or Sweden scored much more consistently on the shots they took. The conclusion is perhaps that the Swedes did not shoot until they had a better opportunity to do so?

Second comment - The Play-up attack
-  We saw more plays up in the court from the Finns in the middle of the court as compared to the Swedes that tried to play up more just next to the boards on the outer wings. OK we did not count this but we have a feeling of seeing this.. So what is the difference? We are not sure but most likely you have some extra kind of security by playing up next to the boards since the board will help the ball more to stay in line with the attack.
And if you have a steal by the other team, then their counter attack is more prone to only go away from the board, and that is mainly one general direction, whereas a turn-over in the center leaves the other team to play in two directions for their own counter attack - something that could turn much more dangerous for the defending team. So to us here suddenly the boards came into play as a vital part of the strategic game too. Do you agree?

Then on top of all this there was this deep discussion if the coach Vaara in Sweden and his ideas of to much plays, defender style from the SSL, was right or not - well we do not want to get into that discussion.

But we want to point this out too...
What is he doing? Picking the other guys nose? In the final - we do not know..

Remember this post...

Way back in 2009 we wrote a post that hinted at Floorball possibly having way better sticks than Ice Hockey... We worded it like this...

Well, we have touched base on this subject a few times after that - but it is rather interesting to see how the Floorball design of the Twist X3M stick made its way to Salmings New Hockey stick.
And just to manifest this we will show you the latest from up north, as we do not think this stick is available in the US yet (in case you not order from them in Canada)... we want to share how it is marketed against Hockey folks in Canada.

Let us just point out the main thing in this story - IT IS NOT FLOOR HOCKEY or any other similar Hockey emulation that have contributed to Ice Hockey like this - it is Floorball..dude.

A truly revolutionary hockey stick
A hockey stick with a twist in the shaft?
Borje Salming and Mats Sundin used it to score at the Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Game... and now you can, too!
Just arrived in Canada, the Salming M11 WRTX noticeably improves your shot with an innovative twist in the shaft. Borje Salming paved the way for European players to join the world's greatest league, so it's only fitting that his hockey company is the first to introduce revolutionary Twist technology to the sport.

Watch Borje Salming talk about Mats Sundin and the stick to after the game.
Dare to be different! The Salming M11 WRTX is available in JuniorIntermediate and Seniorversions exclusively from at a special introductory price discounted 20 to 30%.
There is still time to get this stick under your tree!
We realize your purchases need to get to you in time for the holidays. To make sure you get the products you order in time, ship with UPS Express service (additional charges apply) and order by Monday Dec 17th 5 PM EST. Pick up from Thornhill, Ontario is also possible. When upgrading to UPS Express service or if you wish to pick up, please call Sonja at 416-972-9305 x103 to confirm the cost and that your order will make it by the desired date.
How do I get in touch?
We're here to help you! If you have any questions about floorball, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-855-FLR-BAL1 or by email at You can write us onTwitter or Facebook, too.
The FloorballPro Team

Saturday, December 15, 2012

4th Period is doing a "Washington Post style report"

Zetterberg Hockey and Nilsson Floorball via Unihoc's instagram feed

4th Period is an American lifestyle Ice Hockey  magazine online. And they have just pulled a "Washington Post style" article out of their hat.

What is that?

To us it is when the reporter miss the main scoop and focus on something completely different.

Like when the main "support sport for hockey" in school across Europe have their big bang world championships - and "Z" from motown goes there to see some good Floorball with some 10000 + spectators and its is televised across parts of Europe - NO this is not FLOOR HOCKEY.

And yes "Z" has played this himself too, either for the fun of it - or as a part for off-season or dry-land hockey training.. with Hockey teams.
And the 4th period, they do not even attempt to describe what Floorball is - well then we here indeed think they miss the larger scoop.
What the 4th period talks about.. well, of course the NHL, the lock out, and Zug, and Zetterberg - that is fine and good reporting.
However... What kind of a lifestyle is that? No floorball - just imagine..?

Ok our most popular post ever may describe this kind of reporting in with a more em phased opinion and in more clear detail at:

Wanna see how the 4th period EXPLAIN what Floorball is (well since they probably do not know - they do not) here is the infamous reporting  :-)

We can not say that they deprive kids in America from Floorball - no that would be wrong of us. But we can say that they miss open goal - with no goalie in it with like some 100 yards or something - and with 5 minutes to play. It is like they do not know how to aim... But we are sure they will learn one day ;-)
Lifestyle? Bah. only parts of it... if we have our say so - and you know what - we do.

TV? Probably not!

Time after time we hear about the importance of Floorball being on TV.
Well, continue too read here and maybe you want to nuance that image a bit too?

During the recent WFC we think the sport of Floorball sat a new world record in being on Youtube - and that is what we like here - with free and nice transmissions and tonnes of good Floorball direct via the IFF.

Now back to the routine this weekend, they still pump out several good games from Sweden of high class Floorball... but you must either pay or log-in behind some kind of membership to see that - and - na that is not how either social media or Youtube works.. They need a redo there if we seriously want to spread the sport..

Social media? They say that the next thing for Social Media is - Strategic Social Media for 2013.. Huh?
So what is this? And that is best answered by who you ask, so the answer differ a bit depending on who you ask.
But one main idea is that social media is not to make certain that the marketing guys are on twitter and that the PR function covers facebook at a company.. Na, the strategic use is like when all, from the highest Boss to the newest bell boy in the same company is committed to the good use of social media.

So how would that work for a sport like Floorball instead of a company? In principle it is the same thing we must get ALL involved in social media if we want to move forward...with Floorball.
But what makes kids, players, the audience and the very highest dignitaries do this? Ha military research suggest that the best way to make a social network efficient is to offer incentives to the active parties.. But how can we do that? That is the tricky part, but maybe the joy to know that all Floorballers active on social media, including U buddy, contribute to the global conquest and the Olympic Floorball dream..

Then if you still think that TV is the golden egg for Floorball - well at least look at the TV clip below - it is good TV but also modern more powerful social media/// ;-)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Electric Wheelchair Floorball needs more global promotion

Here it is from the IFF

Let us with IFF's help cater to China too

Ha, there is no doubt that the our own trip forward here, lately, have in some larger parts been supported by readers from China.
Early on China was a non-existent blip at our blog. But since a year ago or maybe 6 months ago traffic started to rev up. Today China is the second largest visitor to this blog only shy behind the USA.
There is no doubt that China is seen as a very progressive place with a very dominant future global political presence. So even if this blog first focus on the USA and the possible American Floorball markets - well we would not be surprised at all if China soon surpass the US in pure traffic to this blog...
And yes it would be extremely good for Floorball to fast grow very strong in China too.
And as we report these news from China and Shanghai - well most US Universities Floorball action pale in comparison.
So read this and ask yourself - is it China or the United States that are to most proactive place willing for change to the better? Just sayin'

Full article on 23 Universities and a tournament in Shanghai is here:

Frontier Prairie Balls

When you play Floorball out on the Western prairie (we do not we are in Wisconsin) - but almost on the prairie,,, well a simple thing like Floorball balls is not something you run down to the nearest sport store and buy..
Oh yes, I forgot they have some similar plastic balls at the superstore target for baseball that we can buy..
But if you take a Floorball stick and draw these balls into a wall, well they crack.. no not the wall - nut - the ball and.. maybe its no wonder they ask 50 cents for these balls either...

To make a long story short. Finally we're able to get hold of and try out ONE cr8ter ball - you know the ball they use at the wfc...
OK, here is our report.
We have seen reports that some folks do not like them. But, irrespective of the longitudes and latitudes and if they work as advertised or if the phased off holes makes such a difference...
The largest thing we think, with this ball, was not these features - but the plastic itself. We do not know how to describe this, but the surface felt almost greasier and softer as compared to many other balls we have played with and we did like this feel of the cr8ter ball - it was cool with a good touch.
Then 4 minutes into the game some elephant stepped on that very only we had ball.

Here comes the next lesson for the prairie, way back during the ice-age, when balls also was a scarce commodity some inventor came up with the trick to boil the balls you stepped on - and pop - they came out as almost new.
No, this trick does not work for all balls someone jumps on// but at least some.

Hm, in this case it almost worked, The cr8ter came back but it had some lingering bulges and ha guess what - one of the latitudes on the ball had functioned as a "crease fold indent" so as the elephant struck the ball, yes a tiny crack came up exactly where the latitude was engraved.. Hm Hm Hm.

OK whatever you think - we liked the feel of the plastics and the softer feeling of the ball and still if you are out in the bush or on the prairie - well the boiling trick might still work if you need to rescue some balls.
Or what was it they say at the IFF...
One world - one ball? we add - if the only ball you have is mushed - then just try to boil it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The hi-shiny lights from the Final WFC2012

We think we missed this one as it was played - so let's be a bit retrospective here..
Presenting WFC2012 - via IFF Youtube - the world best Sporting channel online...

Jamaica - Goes to Sweden

Yes, Sandy, the storm that later took out New York, hit the island and almost crushed the dream of taking players and Teams to Storvreta Sweden, and their big cup...
But due to larger donations and support around Storvreta the additional last funding for the trip has been solved. We think it is important to also indicate that a large part of the funds needed for this was still raised on Jamaica - if we now did get things wrong from this other source we saw...somewhere earlier.
OK here is the news from the IFF

The next natural step must be to get some Floorball interaction for Jamaica here in America too with countries like the US, Canada or Brasil..
Other additional things of interest in this area. Something called Floorball Chile just recently jumped up on Twitter as a little account. I know we had a bunch of visits to our own site here just days ago from Peru and as we reported earlier there has been some movement on the Cayman islands too... Lets see what is next as we hope to be sensitive to what is going on in our more south direction here.

How to Celebrate a Goal or a Score?

Our friends over at (they wrote the piece that is the second most read piece ever at this blog) released a few weeks ago an interesting piece on how to celebrate a goal/scoring or not. These ideas does not only describe Floorball - but how to do this in other sports too.
We found this piece rather interesting and a valuable lesson - for many - and something that you perhaps should discuss within your team?

We will not re-post today but instead send you direct to their material - have fun and please come back for more good stuff.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to really get the second best better - assessment part 2

As we heard that names like Kohonen and Blinds had been selected to the IFF Athletes Commission -  it was easy to maybe suspect that it was mainly because they are good at hitting that plastic ball that they happen to be picked and ended up in a committee like this... But as it was posted - on some of the ideas these guys had - well it is not only good stuff - and yes they do know what they are talking about from a very good, if not impressive perspective.
So this promise a lot for the future..

Still we want to mess around a bit with one thing that Mr. Kohonen suggested in his interview.
This is his statement, perhaps pulled a bit out of context here, but this is what he said: "Also a League where the four best teams from Sweden and Finland would play against each other could increase the media visibility in the two top countries."
We think he is right, and we have already spun these ideas in a more wild post into a more global scene, with a Global presence.

But let us now look at this - indeed from another perspective.

The WFC 2012 almost shattered the idea of the big quartet of countries. The Czech's was this time hurt the most and beside of Sweden it is hard to define who belongs for sure to the group of the very top notch teams and in what order. But it seems still like many top countries would benefit a bunch from extended exchange of play over the borders, nations across...

The bad part of Kohonen's suggestion is that all the Floorball skills in the world would be focused to this very kind of league version as he suggests. This would become the best league of the leagues. Here at Floorballcentral we do not think it is crucial to get the very best Floorball better or to place all this top notch group of players on Aaland or something - the crucial thing is instead to get the second best Floorball Nations as good as the very best - just to create a good sport. 
So we do not want to promote the kind of concentration as it is suggested - we want de-centralization instead

One source tossed just recently out the idea that it would be a good thing to have more Norwegians to play in the Swedish SSL league - a good thing for Floorball in Norway that is. Yep the track is right, but we do not think that this is enough.

OK, we like to take ideas to its own max so here is our own simple 2 step solution and recipe on how to make the second level Floorball nations as good as the very best one - and how to do that fast (fast is like in over 5 years or so):

A) Forget everything you ever have learned about Nations
B) Design top-leagues based upon real geography instead - this will spell into serious travel savings in some cases - and who needs a passport within the EU - anyways?

Around the Baltic Sea this could look like something perhaps like:
1) The East Baltic League - with Finnish dominance, but also teams from Russia, Latvia, Estonia, etc 
2) The North Baltic League - With teams from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway
3) The West Baltic League - Dominated by Swedes but also with many Norwegian teams.
4) The Southwest Baltic League - Mainly southern Swedish teams, Danish and possibly a German team too?
5) The South Baltic league - German and Polish teams...

A reality in ten years time - nope, probably not this will most likely only become our own little brainchild and only rest in this blog post for the future.
But hey - can you just imagine what kind of skill transfer leagues like this would bring with em'?

And since a straight line is the shortest way between two dots...
OH no, let us illustrate the full thing like this instead. A person that lives in Malmoe, Sweden that listen to the weather report on the P1 National Swedish radio station, he or she will be provided with the detailed weather report thousands of miles away up in the farthest north of Sweden. 
But the same national radio report will not say a darn thing about the weather in Copenhagen that happens to be Scandinavia's largest city, and it lays only minutes away, by train... 

So a local and - distance-oriented-league system (where we forget that ludicrous idea about a nation) it will not only spread sport skills over the nation borders and make people come closer together - it will have a potential without comparison to both save both money (think bus travel) and the environment for "team trips" and the sport would become more local too. More local could mean more "derbies" and local interest too.

Traditions Stop Development.

And yes, Floorballcentral just love development - now you do the rest of the thinking - ...

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!