Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two things from the Athletes Commission and our own wild comments

Just real quick we want to mention two very important people and what they say as they just have been nominated to serve on the Athletes commission within the IFF.

Let is start to quote Mr. Blinds
- I also think that we must promote floorball more in the US because this country can give very big effort in whole floorball development and I believe US has this potential as they are also big in ice-hockey."

We say therefore (and based upon other stuff he say) - it sounds like Mr. Blinds is able to not just see beyond the "big 4 countries" he is also able to see the difference in the pure sale of equipment and instead see benefits in building the Floorball infrastructure.
Infrastructure what is that?
We have earlier said that if the US car Industry did not have had the roads to put their cars on - well then it is rather hard to sell - cars.
Then we must now only figure out what Infrastructure Clubs and Schools need - to support the sale of sticks and other equipment (we have written about Floorball infrastructure before and will do so again).

And as we listen in to Mika Kohonen he say this very clever thing
- Thinking of how to increase the visibility of floorball, the Champions Cup could be developed even more, with three teams participating from both Finland and Sweden, one team from Czech Republic and Switzerland, the defending CC champion and the reigning EFC champion would be great. Also a League where the four best teams from Sweden and Finland would play against each other could increase the media visibility in the two top countries. "

This indicates a very interesting idea for development. Many other sports have a serious problem to look beyond national borders. Here Mr. Kohonen suggest a cross national league, almost like the NHL or how the Champions league works for Soccer in Europe.
Now let us take this for a full spin:
This would be the first step in a very good direction. Step two (now we will get a bit wild again) here must be a cross-European league and the final step ought to be a true global league or cup? Ha, are we fully crazy here again? Yupp, maybe - but on the other hand - no other team-ball-sport has shown growth over time like Floorball before (at places), and with some more serious money involved as well as spectators and hype. The idea of a full Global league - well it is true that this idea is fully crazy in today's reality. But if we could extrapolate the "test market" development at a Global scale (maybe it is wrong to do this) - Well then nothing is impossible. And why should this be impossible? In our humble opinion the possibility of the Olympics is only a step towards higher Global floorball penetration and a seriously deep school and kids involvement on the full scale hrrmm global level.....
Yes, we admit that we are fully out of bounce here (for now) but the thought is very exciting - in itself.
Isnt' it? Do we need 50-60 years to figure some sort of a Global league, or less? And maybe only 20 to get a full European league? At least we have visions here so we may at least not be accused of being dull ;-)

And Floorball is for sure a good thing.

Full text on what they say is here, pls read it - it is good stuff - even if they are a bit more balanced, modest and realistic as compared to what we dare to be - as we tossed in some of our wildest speculations and dreams to date...
lol. Take care and continue to have fun....

Mr. Blinds

Mr. Kohonen
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!