Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Golden Hat off for Unihoc and their marketing efforts

As we started this blog like a few "globe-turns" ago, one of our first early post was a rather negative image of the then current kind of old school marketing that some Floorball brands were involved in.
I think we complained about the lack of facebook, twitter - or just social media laziness or something...
And if we are not 100% wrong we accused Unihoc (and probably others too) of being stuck in the old economy as they furiously produced great print advertising in terms of both printed matters (sooo expensive brochure versions) as well as print ads etc.
...way golly and kinda just yawn.

Well, if you do a search on this blog you might easily find what we refer to.

Many thousands of plastic scores have been counted since then. Well, this is how we measure time here.

Unihoc later on took up the responsibility as the main product sponsor for the IFF. They stated activities on a blog (kinda Swinglish still - with a little tacky warning) but still a very good effort. They started to produce video clips for youtube - and so, on including several efforts in social media. That is to us what we expected... and not that very special...

The gist of this story is - that as they just recently have engaged in the launch of their own new stick the Cavity - Now they have set a new unprecedented standard in the Floorball community for a product launch. To say it straight out - This is an introduction campaign with no comparison in the Floorball world - with the use of social and digital media in a fully new and creative way - built upon creating a need based upon curiosity in the market place.
Floorballcentral therefore not just only take off our hat - we take off or golden hat as the only existing marketing stick award in the world of Floorball. Now, think something like the Floorball's marketing Oscars or Nobel Prize or something..
Sorry - no money this time but - our full honor is rewarded to Unihoc and the marketing consultant involved in this campaign - promoting the new cavity stick.

Hmm, if we are not wrong we also in that dirt old post complained over some of the product names used by Unihoc. You do not have to know what a Player is in American slang - but if you do not - look it up...otherwise you will never know huh?. Ok we can live with this.

Then this is what most kids in America think about as they hear about Cavity -
And with the little discussion going on at places of teeth injuries related to Floorball - we can only pull our hair - oops it should read teeth here...
So it would still be rather interesting to know who comes up with all these interesting names - lol - we do not think it is the same unit that just set the Cavity promotion campaign on fire... It must be a separate name-guru, lost in space and maybe not afraid of the dentist? Who knows?

Our last comment: The Unihoc Cavity campaign is superior right now. However our main drive here at Floorballcentral is not to build the Floorball market by fighting about the already existing market. And in many ways this is exactly what the cavity Campaign do. What we like is rather when brands take on the responsibility to build Floorball Infrastructure on new markets. To be fair Unihoc do this too by sending a Florby guy to Korea and by their entry level sticks in the renew product line.
But the next brand that use as much efforts as Unihoc's in the promotion of the Cavity brand to build Floorball Infrastructure on New markets with crazy potential - well well- they will earn next years "'s award - THE GOLDEN HAT - for Floorball marketing".
We declare Unihoc as the winner this year! Congrats!

And here is their latest installment: Released today - with 2000 hits in less than 24 hours so this is a good campaign - per no question - Congrats Unihoc.

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To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

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