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Salming Hockey & FloorballPro team up with Borje Salming & Mats Sundin

Borje Salming paved the way for European players to join the world's greatest league. It's only fitting that his hockey company is the first to introduce revolutionary KickZone and Twist technology -- inspired by floorball -- to the sport of hockey. Borje and Mats used the stick at the recent Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Classic game, both scoring a goal.

Dare to be different! Pre-purchase the Salming WRTX and be entered to win an autographed stick by Borje Salming or Mats Sundin. Available in limited quantities

Phone: 1-855-FLR-BAL1
Twitter: FloorballPro

So dear Hockey folks - what about a Floorball inspired and twisted Hockey stick - that makes Bauer and CCM and - well all the others green in the face of jealousy... Just tell Santa - in particular if he happens to be the Grinch..


And nothing else lol...

Cool Presentation from BC Floorball

And yes it all speaks for itself..

The hole - is it empty - or full of fun?

Back in the medieval ages... when Plastic was not plastic and cars looked like Jetson spaceships. And all people in Europe still only played Ice Hockey... cough cough hrm... we almost spilled our coffee now as we try to describe the era before Floorball.

At this time the Cosom Corporation from Minneapolis not only came up with a ball - they also came with the first basic plastic sticks..
In the midst of this they had figured out on how to create a ball - with holes - that should work as air brakes...
Problem was that the first balls was not designed with pre-founded or molded holes.
The solution was easy - they punched the holes out - one by one - and they did like 26 for each and every ball.

If you ever in your wildest fantasy anticipated to read something like this about Floorball - well, then you are as nutz as we are.
We think these incredible pieces of left-over plastics is something of the most incredible we ever heard of and rather well suited for the first Floorball museum ever..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Golden Hat off for Unihoc and their marketing efforts

As we started this blog like a few "globe-turns" ago, one of our first early post was a rather negative image of the then current kind of old school marketing that some Floorball brands were involved in.
I think we complained about the lack of facebook, twitter - or just social media laziness or something...
And if we are not 100% wrong we accused Unihoc (and probably others too) of being stuck in the old economy as they furiously produced great print advertising in terms of both printed matters (sooo expensive brochure versions) as well as print ads etc.
...way golly and kinda just yawn.

Well, if you do a search on this blog you might easily find what we refer to.

Many thousands of plastic scores have been counted since then. Well, this is how we measure time here.

Unihoc later on took up the responsibility as the main product sponsor for the IFF. They stated activities on a blog (kinda Swinglish still - with a little tacky warning) but still a very good effort. They started to produce video clips for youtube - and so, on including several efforts in social media. That is to us what we expected... and not that very special...

The gist of this story is - that as they just recently have engaged in the launch of their own new stick the Cavity - Now they have set a new unprecedented standard in the Floorball community for a product launch. To say it straight out - This is an introduction campaign with no comparison in the Floorball world - with the use of social and digital media in a fully new and creative way - built upon creating a need based upon curiosity in the market place.
Floorballcentral therefore not just only take off our hat - we take off or golden hat as the only existing marketing stick award in the world of Floorball. Now, think something like the Floorball's marketing Oscars or Nobel Prize or something..
Sorry - no money this time but - our full honor is rewarded to Unihoc and the marketing consultant involved in this campaign - promoting the new cavity stick.

Hmm, if we are not wrong we also in that dirt old post complained over some of the product names used by Unihoc. You do not have to know what a Player is in American slang - but if you do not - look it up...otherwise you will never know huh?. Ok we can live with this.

Then this is what most kids in America think about as they hear about Cavity -
And with the little discussion going on at places of teeth injuries related to Floorball - we can only pull our hair - oops it should read teeth here...
So it would still be rather interesting to know who comes up with all these interesting names - lol - we do not think it is the same unit that just set the Cavity promotion campaign on fire... It must be a separate name-guru, lost in space and maybe not afraid of the dentist? Who knows?

Our last comment: The Unihoc Cavity campaign is superior right now. However our main drive here at Floorballcentral is not to build the Floorball market by fighting about the already existing market. And in many ways this is exactly what the cavity Campaign do. What we like is rather when brands take on the responsibility to build Floorball Infrastructure on new markets. To be fair Unihoc do this too by sending a Florby guy to Korea and by their entry level sticks in the renew product line.
But the next brand that use as much efforts as Unihoc's in the promotion of the Cavity brand to build Floorball Infrastructure on New markets with crazy potential - well well- they will earn next years "'s award - THE GOLDEN HAT - for Floorball marketing".
We declare Unihoc as the winner this year! Congrats!

And here is their latest installment: Released today - with 2000 hits in less than 24 hours so this is a good campaign - per no question - Congrats Unihoc.

Just another Swedish Final in the year of 2012 ;-)

Now it is your turn to decide if this is just cool or uber cool and with a viking twist to it?.

Thank you to the Larnoes that made this video.

Yes, we know this is a rerun - but if you forgot this - or if you do not know your Floorball and ended up here just by mistake - well it is not boring...and it is tomorrow, what's next - eh and already today.
Why not just do something plastic and modern for once? Floorball exists in many communities across the North American continent - even if we mainly take baby steps for now.

These guys and gals - don't...

The IFF is active galore right now - here is a new APP

If you want to stay updated during the WFC2012.
Well this thing will most likely deliver much better as what we can do here.
So just be smart and use the best tool available - from the IFF.

The IFF is now introducing the official IFF Events Mobile App, which is the ultimate companion to the major IFF Events!

Get the IFF Events App now on Google Play & App Store!
IFF Events Mobile App features
With the IFF Events Mobile App you can follow the WFC 2012 game live scores, get game notifications and real-time game statistics. You can read the latest IFF news, socialize by predicting game winners and personalize your App by making your favorite list of games and teams.

Read the full presentation at the IFF here

USA at the group round WFC 2012

Ha, Team USA ended up in an interesting group.

They should have good chances to win over Japan - even if it will not be as easy as it might look like so they will have to work hard.
But most likely we guess USA will win with at least some 3-6 goals difference over Japan.
Team USA will however, on the other hand, be smacked into pieces by both Latvia and the Czech Republic and the aim for team USA in both these games will - and must be - to keep the figures as low as possible - and aim for beautiful falls. If this is done right and if a following placement game ends in favor of the USA, well then the team USA might come out from this tourney with as many good games as the bad ones...and do a rather good rally.

But let us also toss in a little hazard sign for Latvia in this group. We think this team is so strong that they might have a slim opportunity to even rock the Czech Republic - as only the true underdog can do. These chances are perhaps slim but not fully remote - this would also be good for the larger Floorball community since we need more countries on par with the big 4 teams.

Twitter rumors indicate that team USA just lost a little practice game over in Europe against a Swiss combination with 3-7... WE do not care as we say Go USA GO and still as the emotional being we are -at least hope that team USA will win the full WFC 2012 (this even if our intellectual abilities say that this would be crazier than the craziest speculation ever on this blog).

Floorballcentral have some reporting connections tied up to the WFC and we hope to provide you with better reporting than ever - but we have had hopes in that direction before too, so lets see how it all turns out.

Electric Wheels at WFC2012

Electric Wheelchair demonstration game

The Electric Wheelchair Hockey Floorball demonstration match is played during the 1st intermission of the 2nd semi-final on December 8th 2012 during the World Floorball Championships in Switzerland next week.
The demo match is played by the Swiss EWH national team players.

Teams and leagues in the Americas play rather similar versions of this game in what is often called  Power hockey.

Read more from the IFF on the EWH demo match ...

Special Olympics at WFC2012!

Special Olympics demonstration game 

A Special Olympics Floorball demonstration match will be played on December 8th during the 2nd intermission of the 1st semi-final of the World Floorball Championships 2012.

The demo match is played between SO Austria and SO Switzerland that will participate in the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2013 in PyeongChang, Korea.

More on the SO Floorball demo at the IFF ...  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grr - WFC2012 on twitter

We do not know how they reason but on Twitter - WFC2012 - can mean three things.

A) The world Foundry congress
B) The world Fantasy convention
C) The World Floorball Championships

Maybe the idea is that Fantasy people involved in Foundry should like Floorball also? We do not know. But since we have yet to find a hashtag for wfc2012 that will dominate on Twitter... Well let us recommend #WFC2012 since it seems like no one else has done this yet... and we think Floorball will sweep the Floor with fantasy guys that likes foundry stuff too.

Let us now own the #WFC2012 tag.


Sorry Canada - this is not your group

In a just few days it will be x-mas for Floorball as WFC2012 starts in Switzerland. Many online outlets has already speculated in the outcome... so let us now try to do the same.

OH Canada - OH Canada it seems like you ended up in a though group with Finland, Germany and Russia, Hmm.
Against Finland, well Canada should be happy if they get away with less than that 10 goals difference - in favor to Finland, but we think it might be more.. and there is not much more to add here.

Canada - Germany would most likely have been a good game just a few months or a year ago - but several reports indicate that Germany has improved seriously lately, they have a fast and strong young team and let us also remember that Switzerland is almost as close as one might come to... well Germany.

Canada - Russia could become the closest game for Canada this year in the group round. German press has speculated that the Russian team is too old and that Germany might beat up Russia. Other sources from eastern Europe say that Russia could be better than ever. And something tells us that what you might lack in age and speed is sometimes exchanged into experience and that is a very good value too. But no we think Russia will win this game - but in case Canada keeps up with scoring into the third period - well maybe baby...

We think this group's black horse is Russia. If they get their act together they will not only beat Germany but also end up second in the group since we think they will defeat Canada too.
We further think that the only team able to shake up Finland is Germany. What? Yes, with a strong German "home-crowd", some serious luck, a Finland that just takes for granted that they will beat Germany and a game that stays balanced in scoring deep into the third period and a few penalties,,,it could turn interesting.. But all this is somewhat rather unlikely.

A recent tweet indicated that Canada just lost a practice game against a local Swiss team and as much as we say Go Canada Go we are afraid that this will not be enough. Canada needs a much larger base of Floorball players to seriously take on some of the true big wigs. And we are not there - yet.
Here you find more stuff on Canada's adventure

But the momentum is mounting

The IFF has already posted live web tv links from the placement games after the group play. Let us figure out what we can do with that here...

Two things from the Athletes Commission and our own wild comments

Just real quick we want to mention two very important people and what they say as they just have been nominated to serve on the Athletes commission within the IFF.

Let is start to quote Mr. Blinds
- I also think that we must promote floorball more in the US because this country can give very big effort in whole floorball development and I believe US has this potential as they are also big in ice-hockey."

We say therefore (and based upon other stuff he say) - it sounds like Mr. Blinds is able to not just see beyond the "big 4 countries" he is also able to see the difference in the pure sale of equipment and instead see benefits in building the Floorball infrastructure.
Infrastructure what is that?
We have earlier said that if the US car Industry did not have had the roads to put their cars on - well then it is rather hard to sell - cars.
Then we must now only figure out what Infrastructure Clubs and Schools need - to support the sale of sticks and other equipment (we have written about Floorball infrastructure before and will do so again).

And as we listen in to Mika Kohonen he say this very clever thing
- Thinking of how to increase the visibility of floorball, the Champions Cup could be developed even more, with three teams participating from both Finland and Sweden, one team from Czech Republic and Switzerland, the defending CC champion and the reigning EFC champion would be great. Also a League where the four best teams from Sweden and Finland would play against each other could increase the media visibility in the two top countries. "

This indicates a very interesting idea for development. Many other sports have a serious problem to look beyond national borders. Here Mr. Kohonen suggest a cross national league, almost like the NHL or how the Champions league works for Soccer in Europe.
Now let us take this for a full spin:
This would be the first step in a very good direction. Step two (now we will get a bit wild again) here must be a cross-European league and the final step ought to be a true global league or cup? Ha, are we fully crazy here again? Yupp, maybe - but on the other hand - no other team-ball-sport has shown growth over time like Floorball before (at places), and with some more serious money involved as well as spectators and hype. The idea of a full Global league - well it is true that this idea is fully crazy in today's reality. But if we could extrapolate the "test market" development at a Global scale (maybe it is wrong to do this) - Well then nothing is impossible. And why should this be impossible? In our humble opinion the possibility of the Olympics is only a step towards higher Global floorball penetration and a seriously deep school and kids involvement on the full scale hrrmm global level.....
Yes, we admit that we are fully out of bounce here (for now) but the thought is very exciting - in itself.
Isnt' it? Do we need 50-60 years to figure some sort of a Global league, or less? And maybe only 20 to get a full European league? At least we have visions here so we may at least not be accused of being dull ;-)

And Floorball is for sure a good thing.

Full text on what they say is here, pls read it - it is good stuff - even if they are a bit more balanced, modest and realistic as compared to what we dare to be - as we tossed in some of our wildest speculations and dreams to date...
lol. Take care and continue to have fun....

Mr. Blinds

Mr. Kohonen

Floorball and basic hockey? Add plastics!

From Floorball24

Be Modern - Be Finnish

Oh well, TPS is a cool team too

Prague Masters 2012...

This is a tourney for players that have very much life experience..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News on wheels from Holland

After 38 years of Dutch Wheelchairhockey, the KNHB will set up a trial Floorball Hockey League.

The Dutch Wheelchairhockey league started in 1974. Today the league has 7 different divisions and is the biggest competition in Europe (and most likely... Maybe in the world?). But the Dutch League doesn't have the same rules as the European Wheelchairfloorball tournaments, so the KNHB (The Dutch Hockey Bond - this is what is called field hockey in the US) wants to start a Dutch trial Wheelchair Floorball League. 

The wheelchairhockey competition will remain. The first day of the new trial-league will take place on the 30th of December this year.

Cool huh

One Shot - wfc promotion

Friday, November 23, 2012

ON Nov 25th IN, 2009

We tossed this up on that date

For 3 years it remained the most read post on this blog.

Yesterday it was surpassed in numbers of hits by two rather recent posts...
This is our new top notch post - it's kinda a rather sour opinionated post
But another post we borrowed from also today sailed up to a new best ever second place...

But the main thing is that we this month may surpass some 7000 monthly hits for this blog... it would be our own world record...
So help us spread da word and shaer our blog with some more friends please...
Just to tell em' bout Flooorball...

Eric - a CLEVER - playground story

Eric has a playground in his neighborhood. It looks great with swings and some regular playground equipment.
Eric's playground is also equipped with a rink. Not a Hockey rink but a fixed Floorball rink made out of wood. His rink also has 2 fixed installed Floorball nets.
Eric goes here many nights a week to play with a ball and a stick.

Do you think he has fun? Do you think he stays for hours?

Eric is 5 years old.

Eric's stick-handling is out of this world.

As I compare Eric to our own Carl-Oskar (with the best Floorball stickhandling in Wisconsin, for a 7 year old) - lets just say that Eric is light-years ahead of Carl-Oskar - but 2 years younger..

Hmm, do you think Floorball may help for instance Hockey or Field Hockey?

We think - that - without - floorball - hockey kids - in america - well they do not have the same chance or opportunities as Eric does. Or more bluntly - the Europeans will rip em' apart.\

In our world this is a true but sad reality.

The secret in this story is that Eric's mom works with one of Sweden's very best Ice Hockey teams...

Let's just say that we think she is a clever girl,

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Direct from Hot Florida - Floorida Floorball

Mr. Kivilaakso is one of the devoted souls that make Floorball experiences on American soil possible - as we now in 2012 wait for many more Schools or  Hockey like related organisations to discover the joy of Floorball.

Here is his direct report from the sunny side of Florida. If you live down there and are interested in some December Fun Floorida Floorball... Let us know - we will connect you.

Floorball FLA organized exhibition games in West Palm Beach to promote floorball and make it
more known around the region.

The exhibition games were held at a local ice hall SkateZone and at CityPlace, the vibrant city
center of West Palm Beach. The exhibition game at SkateZone was played right after a public roller
skating hour, so many interested skaters stayed to have a glance at the new sport at hand.

More exhibition games will be held in Florida in December 2012!

The fast pace of the game attracted many passers-by at CityPlace and many of them wanted to try
floorball themselves. Everyone willing to try floorball had a chance for the games were played 3 on
3. Players from many backgrounds and with different skill sets played together and had a fantastic

In every exhibition game a qualified referee conducted the game and made sure the new players
were playing the game it is intended to be played without infractions.

An information stand was set up to provide players with information about floorball and the rules
of the game. Floorball videos, hit songs and a presenter created a great atmosphere in every
exhibition game.

The games sparked a lot of positive interest in the sport and many young players asked about the
possibility of playing floorball as a hobby in Florida.

Please visit our website at

For more information
FloorBall Florida

Mr. Kivilaakso /


Heathrow in England is one of the world’s largest air-ports.
With most International passengers passing by here - in the world.

It has just been reported from last weekend that they also have a TV system to provide travelers with some programing. And one of the shows running is like a UK version of GoodMorning America or something similar...
This very weekend one of the clips on this system at Heathrow covered a happy camper from Canada - being in the midst of introducing Street Hockey to the UK.
This clip ran repeatedly on several TV-monitors at Heathrow.

Thats good if you like street hockey. In the version showed we saw Hockey sticks used by kids that were designed to be used as you have skates on (in other words too long) and we saw wooden sticks with plastic blades and kids with padded protection - playing outdoors..
The happy camper said that he had been working for 5 years to get Street Hockey going in the UK.
This is all good...
Until we put on our Floorball glasses...

In reality it is at places like this the new standard - and the new future Olympic emulated version of Hockey - aka Floorball,,, ought to be exposed.

Not some regular Hockey sticks and "pad-dings"...

What an impact and what a target group!

We may only say congrats to the Happy Camper, Street Hockey (with tall wooden sticks) and lick our wounds, since as we want to build infrastructure for Floorball we must first "own the minds" of potential people.

We hope.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boring Boards

Let's be fair to say that if You would like to play r e a l Floorball....
 - well a set of boards is a good idea.

And the largest difference as a Floorball player flies into the boards - as compared to an Ice Hockey player that flies into the boards..well it .is rather painful to tell you more in detail about this - at least from the Hockey players point of view...

Most kind of Floorball gets a bit better with boards - or at least it feels better, and we can probably write a full text just upon that subject.

Today's post is instead about what is wrong with boards:

A) Too many of them are produced in high wage countries far away from developing countries.  To fix this we suspect that another business model ought to develop where shipping - would be less, not just in absolute terms but also in relative terms. This is not a problem at places where Floorball is strong or well managed. But it is a problem where the potential for growth is the largest - so this matter has some tricky dimensions built in. Just think about it for a while. If we want Floorball to grow fast... hmm.

B) Today's boards are too basic and way too low tech. Look just at a big soccer game and the amazing advertising boards they use around their pitch. This, with moving images, is how modern Floorball boards should look like too at a WFC... Dream now away baby, and you know what - advertising pays...

C) These two "boring features on boards" are more or less each others opposite... Maybe we need cheap low tech boards available in the "bush" and the most advanced video walls as boards at the same time? - and a certification from SP would probably not hurt either...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Carnegie Mellon Update

In western Pennsylvania, hockey is a huge part of the culture. 

Fortunately for Floorball, with no NHL season people are exploring more outlets for their love of stick wielding sports. By translating hatred of Gary Bettman, who should in fact go jump off a cliff, into a new sporting outlet, we have learned many important lessons including people need something to take their anger out on.

Why not take your anger out on a Floorball heading straight for a goalies head? Great for recruitment. Not so much for the keeper. Though I usually like the idea of trying to show the differences between the two sports, at Carnegie Mellon University it has been a successful recruitment tool to actually stress the similarities.

Growth of Floorball here hinges on exposure and interest. 

Exposure takes work, but because of the thriving hockey culture the interest is not. From this sort of strategy the Floorball club at CMU has grown through a partnership with the school’s ice hockey team. This also upped the competitiveness of the team as the stick skills translate fairly well. 
Now if only we could teach a couple people to sky hook. Again, good for the players, but not for the keepers. 
I guess now we will just have to hope the next generation floorballers in Pittsburgh will be able to learn this.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you spell to Paradigm Shift?

Olympic Dynamite for Floorball?

Yeah, that is what we think this is

What it say?
Well it sounds like the International Floorball Federation's General Secretary Mr. John Liljelund is nominated to be in the election to sit on the National Finnish Olympic Committee - or at least something similar...

We send our deepest appreciations and congratulations to Mr. John Liljelund for the possible nomination

How cool is this?

We would expect further news from this - probably as soon as we have further developments in some way.

Shanghai - China

China has emerged very strong lately as the second largest number of readers at our blog (they beat Canada, Sweden, England, Finland etc right now in numbers of hits -it is only the US that stands firm in the race for hits here) and we do wish that we would have a Chinese spoken version too of this blog and that we would have much more material from China. And one day we will.

Today we were notified on a new promotional Floorball clip from Shanghai. Since we once, back in the dark ages, went to that enormous city for a mixed business, culture, and sport trip - we still to this day host special warm feelings for the city of Shanghai at this blog. Some images from this clip seems to be produced in Shanghai.

Whats more - yes we are still on vacation here, posting will be sparse or with perhaps rudimentary content.
But it sounds like we might have some serious good stuff on its way in too - from some top notch University connections we have - from both America and hopefully also central Europe. Hold out
and now back to Shanghai, China for a promotional clip.

Mission Statements are utterly boring

Mission Statements. They most often spread the light of accuracy and/or credibility and what you want to do.
Sometimes they also shine like a written complication of what an entity, or a corporation, or a community  aim to do. And often they read very "expensive" like typed up by an exclusive and executive consultant. Big - words - style.
The they also tend to sit in a drawer and not communicate - but that goes for a lots of written stuff. And yes, on this blog too ;-)

On the other hand they are rather good and important since they give some kind of guidance on what something or someone wants to do as a platform.

So here is the Mission statement from Floorballcentral: Its a dynamic one - since we think mission statements should be a bit flexible:

"We want to shed light on Floorball in all forms, for all people, in most situations. We aim to not get stuck in one idea and we are readily relaxed to change direction too.
For the fun, the health, for the future, traditions, and the inspiration - more or less whatever that drives the issue forward, in some good, maybe decent, or even questionable direction. In the first room we tend to think about the Americas - but that is not a limit. 
Join us! Make a difference!"

If it is good proper English - no way - but it is a living flexible idea, right.

Cool Mission Statement, huh?
Of course not everyone thinks exactly like we do.
But at least we think and talk about it. This also means we will make mistakes. The difference must however be compared to those that remain silent or mute all the time.
Since that must be the utterly and worse sin - as you do not even take the risk to make mistakes... we do.

Promote Floorball Please.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The much anticipated app

From IFF on floorball - for your smart phone is rumored to be in its last test run stages.

Will be interesting to see what it will cover and what environments it will be designed for...

Stay tuned.


Let us Honor 


 here today

 Just as he probably is one of the largest ever in the World's Largest Sport.

Incredible ZLATAN - our hat off!

Never seen anything like it - sorry but this is all about Soccer this time.

Here - USA today too - so we are most likely on the right news scoop here

Tigers at Black River Falls High, WI

This is Matt. One of almost 100 students at Black River Falls High School, WI that tried on some Floorball yesterday.
We had all a great time and in many groups/classes game play started out a bit hesitant as we learned the rules. But at the end of each session game play got fairly intense.
It is interesting to note that it is the school side that takes on the lead in this - and not some other sport that would almost directly benefit from Floorball in School.

Let's hope that if Black River Falls gets some kind of a Floorball act together - like some sort of a team - that they hopefully can make it to the Tomah Open Tourney in April ... or what we now will call the Tomah Tourney...

Marriage and Floorball?

Yeah, probably a world sensation the first ever wedding proposal during a Floorball game direct in from Blind Save and it show when the Latvian national team's Gints Klegers proposed to his girlfriend during the game!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Community matters

Hey, first we would like to welcome a new ambitious site They have ambitions to build something large and you find em' at
Right now they have all available rosters for WFC 2012 up.. so if you like rosters we would advice upon a visit, give em' some likes too.
--- that we have praised so many times before just recently tossed up a post on the basics of holding the stick and posture.. They promise much to come in this area want more aim here

Well on that subject, let us share a real life lesson from this Sunday.
Your own editor here is a righty.. But somehow I came from the right side of the court - crossing forward towards the goal and over in a diagonal run over into the left wing. I do not know what or how this happened. but crazy enough my stick flew over to a mirrored and backwards lefty grip.
That means that I ended up with some sort of a backwards slap from the wrong side, with the back of my stick forward, and most likely it looked fully crazy - but hey I scored like with a poff!

So even if fiction or instructions may tell you what to do - it seems like the reality always beats the most logical thought...
Should I care - yes but I think only about the fact that I scored as that is one of the objectives of the game, right...
well, beside of having fun.

On Vacation - link bonanza

Wanna see a full game from SSL?
and part two - all free of charge

In Germany they have media frenzy right now with both TV and Radio coverage... Some of it calls it Floorball the sleeping giant and they also think Floorball is Culture - we love Germany!
Try this link if you dare[tt_news]=1780&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&cHash=b4359604976b28d74c51f2fd081035fd

Finland goes on with their different Circus themes

From the Zorro world we have a very sharp clip too, thanx HDMikzzu
This is some of the fastest most vivid champion stuff we've seen..

Then India... well India is so interesting so lets see if we can not toss together a separate post on India...
Hold out - we are on vacation here....

USA discover LTAD

Thank You V. J. Stanley Jr.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vaccation note


We are about to close for vacation here, about two weeks.

So posting will be rather sparse... if not very very sparse

But dig into our archives, share and hold out..

Maybe we will post a few items now and then....

Friday, November 9, 2012

Now, invent a new Sport with us!

Piece of Cake. Use Point Master.
First we recognize that the Long Term Athletic Development model (LTAD or CS4L in Canada) - eh well they have several ideas on the theme: Traditions Stop Development.

And one idea that is often brought forward is that Kids should do many sports - they should try what they like and not get stuck in one thing.
    (research show several negative and also ugly bad things as kids are stuck in one activity with massive hours only).

OK, now the reader might say - that is one idea. But what is the New Sport? - is it a MultiSport? - we already have that in... well.. triathlons for instance?

Fine, stay calm.. our next demand we want to use is not the very thesis of a triathlon, but the opposite - the antithesis (remember now Traditions Stop Development again here) so let's find some contradictions...

So instead of an outdoor activity we need an indoor sport and instead of an individual sport we need a team sport - but the rest we borrow from a triathlon, ok?

This should give us three suitable indoor activities for kids.

The next demands we want to add to these are based upon a few basic requirements. A) it must be relatively cheap B) it must be fun C) it can not be indoor team sports where many players just stand still in one spot - players must be moving - since we want to get as much as possible out from this.

OK, are you ready. Here is our list:
10x3 Min Basketball
10x3 Min Futsal
10x3 Min Floorball

This looks like a cool mix of both old and new, and in terms of investments - peanuts. If plus 1,5 hours is too much, just change the time for each period... you can go as low as 3 min x 3 and the game will still make sense to the youngsters.

OK ok asks now Dr. Watson, but these sports have different values as teams score - how do you deal with this... A Basketball game ends 20-12, The Futsal game ends, 2-3 and the Floorball game ends 7-3. I can not merge these numbers.
Well you don't. Again forget your Traditions - instead think Development, ok.

Now, it is here where the beauty of IFF's Point Master come in place. You may use that to score individual points in every period played and each time there is a new period in any sport you must switch the players around...and constantly form new teams (with this many periods you just change one player at a time).
Here is more on this great invention the Point Master system from the IFF

So a new game it is - what do we call it? Trigymnasial? Or do you have a better name? Do you want to change something?

Hey you know what - this is not only a new game - psst - it is a lesson plan... (hey its free of charge and Open source too).

Have Fun.

The Hockey and Floorball Community..

HC a.k.a. the Hockey Community.
Rest calm - they are kind enough to include Floorball too in their technology (since they grasp the future).
HC have now released their second version of the HC Iphone app. The version for Android is on track too.
This is a fully updated and revamped version of a tool - few Hockey players (and Floorball players) should skate (or run) without.

Canada + Gangnam = it is a movement

This is shear beauty. FUNdamentals.
Can Kids do anything better?

From beginnings like these we will need parents to get engaged in Floorball across all American continents... as leaders and to build a new future based upon what you see above. Mr. Floorball needs You now!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Europhoria - is that word for Europeans, only?

Right now this Blog is on track to set a new BIG resounding all-time-high monthly record.
Problem is that we have a planned vacation coming up.
But - ahh, well - Next Month... wow World Floorball Championships from Switzerland - knockin' the door.

While we wait for those days... let's share some Nostalgia and Europhoria from last years Swedish Super League finals in Malmö.

Words from Vancouver's New Floorball Coach

Simon Sare, Swedish Floorball Coach in Vancouver
We heard that they have a new Coach in Vancouver. So we checked in with him. His name is Simon Sare and he happens to be from a town in Sweden, that we like very much ourselves (Gothenburg).

The way he analyse Floorball and the current North American Development is very interesting - both in terms of Floorball. .. but..

He also discuss Floorball in terms of  -  in relation to Ice Hockey - but also in relation to Floor Hockey - schools - and all other things that comes up when you move across the Pond from one West coast to another West coast and you put a full Plastic Sport in your suitcase as you go.

Well it is kinda' -  a m a z i n g.

Why Floorball - and how much is Floorball to you?
Floorball has been a big part of my life, it started when I was 7-8 years old and I started to play in my local team with my friends. We practiced once a week back then and played games once a week.
I've always been interested in sports and I've been playing a lot of different sports. When I was 13 years old I played 7 different sports! But that was way too much, so when I turned 15 I had scaled it down to ice hockey and floorball and now I had to chose one of them. 
I was really good at floorball and had just been offered to play in a really good team in Gothenburg, Sweden (my hometown) and I wasn't that good at ice hockey so I chose floorball and I’ll never regret that. Since then I've played the highest junior floorball league in Sweden, I went to one of the best floorball high schools in the world, been playing in the highest league in Norway and now I’m working with floorball in Canada. Just before I left Sweden I played with my local team Frölunda IBK in division 1. 

What do you do in Vancouver?
I work with Modern Hockey and BC Floorball to grow the sport here in British Colombia. 
It’s more than a full time job and we’re working with different thing everyday! So it’s a fun, challenging, job and two days are never the same. 
Right now we’re working on develop floorball programs in different schools, from kindergarten to universities. 
We're holding a high school tournament the 24th of November, and the purpose is to start a floorball spring league in high schools across BC and in the future all across Canada and in the US as well. 

We’re also working with hockey teams, to develop their skills and off-ice training, to practice stick handling, game sense, and to find more opportunities to practice with their teams, since it’s so busy with all the ice-rinks here in BC. 
We’re also running floorball programs for youth and BC’s U-19 team. And right now were preparing BC’s 3 national team players for the world cup in Switzerland. 
We've been trying to get a floorball setup at the concourse at a Vancouver Canucks game, but because the lockout we haven’t been able to to that. 
But as a good practice we had a floorball rink at the Vancouver Giants (junior hockey, WHL) and it turned out really good, so we’re prepared for more giants games and also Canucks games when/if the NHL starts again.
It is great to work with Modern Hockey on BC Floorball projects, because they have a real vision and real passion for growing the game. 
In the daytime if we don’t have any work, we just drive to a school, walk in the gym and ask the gym teacher to let us run a class. We bring in the sticks and the students just love it. One school at a time is probably going to take too long to grow the sport here, but once a hundred schools are up and running, the next thousand will come much easier. 
BC Floorball has developed the sport here with the right attitude and a real strategy. Let's hope it catches on in other areas across Canada and in the US as well.

Have you seen any Floor Hockey yet, and if so what do you think about it?
When I first came here I saw those plastic sticks and asked what they used them for, and it’s amazing that people play with those sticks. We've seen players play floor hockey indoors and also seen the sticks on the ice and I can’t understand how you can choose to play with that stick, its too long, heavy, bulky, hard to steer, straight and with a soft wobbly blade. To me it’s a no brainier if I could choose one of those sticks.
We've been to many different schools and I don’t think the PE teachers want to see a change, they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. It must be something that keeps them playing with those sticks and the aggressive sport that floor hockey is and I think that is something we need to change!

Here at Floorballcentral we think that one of the most important things Floorball have to do is to get educated coaches and leaders - what do you think?
I totally agree with you, we need educated coaches, but we’re not really there yet. I think that we need people to step up and just be there for the kids, and run their practices. Right now we don’t need the highest level of coaches, we need dads and moms to get involved and get more kids playing. People who are good with kids and good leaders, and eventually it will get more serious and we will need more tactics and good coaches but for now I think we need volunteers that are interested and learn them the basics to get more floorball sessions being played all around Canada!

Do you dare to expand your views upon the name Floorball and how you think it works on English (as compared to the Swedish name Innebandy?)
Innebandy has 9 170 000 hits on Google and floorball has 5 980 000 hits. But I’m not sure how we should expand this so the sport grows internationally. Maybe tag everything as floorball, so it’s at least a tag with floorball in each innebandy article or website. That’s one way to grow the sport internationally and get the sport more recognized worldwide and get it into the Olympics. 

What is the best food they have in Vancouver?
I must say Ikea's meatballs. No I’m just kidding. Vancouver is much healthier than I thought. I had imagined more big people and more unhealthy food. But you see sushi restaurants all over, and people out running and walking everywhere you go. Of course there is more unhealthy food here than back in Sweden. But the best food in Vancouver is served at the Church-Beaudin house.

How did you end up in Vancouver?
I've always wanted to live in america and experience the lifestyle here. When I started to look into it I found that it was really easy to get a working visa in Canada and started to google ”floorball Canada”. So I found the Canadian floorball via social media and through a former coach of mine, David Jansson, I was introduced to Greg at BC Floorball. 
BC Floorball is taking major steps forward to grow the game the right way; through schools and hockey teams. They embrace new media, and focus on making Floorball attractive to the youth. The work is very hard right now, because every school has to be educated on what floorball is. The connection to floor hockey is a good and bad thing. On one hand floor hockey is in every school in BC, and the teachers are ok with it...because it's familiar. On the other hand, because floorball sticks, and the rules are different it takes a lot of energy to convince the schools that floorball is the same thing as floor hockey but more like an upgrade. 
BC Floorball gives structure to the sport of gym hockey here and from what I can tell floor hockey has no structure and they have these plastic sticks that don't work very well. 

Do you have any education in Floorball?
I've played for a long time and grew up with the sport as a big part of my life. I also has a licence to coach and a licence to referee.

What do you think about Floorball in Canada, how is it?
Since the sport is already big in Europe they don’t have to start from scratch here. They have a template to work from and it’s already a big, recognized sport in many European countries. We just need to put sticks in people hands and get people to get involved, learn the rules and we want to develop this sport with leagues, referees, clubs, training-camps etc..

How do you think we should grow the sport in Canada and the USA?
We should work with the kids and schools to get them interested and get them playing. Then they will grow up with the sport and in a few years they will be adults who has played floorball since they were young and could start some adult teams.

Best floorball memory in America so far?
I have 2 things that I want to tell you about. First I ran a ”real” floorball practice, the way we do it in Sweden, with some tactics, things to think about, goalie drills etc. and it was just awesome. You could see the players grow so much in just a 2 hour practice. There is a lot of potential in this country but we just have to use it and trigger it with some good coaches and find the players that really want to learn more about floorball. 
Then I have to tell you about our trip to Seattle. Me and Greg packed the van full with floorball equipment and drove down to Seattle. We found the Seattle Floorball group online and had been in touch with them, so we went down to have a practice with them. 
Since the border is pretty strict and floorball isn’t really a recognized sport we had to say that we’re going down to play a ball hockey game. 
We’re just waiting for when you can go across Canada/USA and say that we’re going to play a floorball game. That will be a big milestone for floorball in America!
So we went down there and had a look around downtown Seattle, which was super nice for me who’s never been there before. Then we headed up to Woodinville, just 30 minutes northeast of Seattle.
They have a really nice group people there! 10-20 players and a good level of floorball! There were a lot of Swedish players, but also some Finns and American players. We had a blast with a fun, fast game with excellent players.
After the floorball game we went to the local Mexican restaurant for some nachos, burritos and beer and had a really good conversation. They were all interested of growing the sport and some of them had good contacts with schools and community centers  It’s good for us to see that there are opportunities to grow the sport in the US as well and we will keep working with the Seattle floorball group to play games Vancouver-Seattle and also help them start up a Washington State Floorball Federation and help them grow the sport in schools and for kids.

Simon - Floorballcentral wants to thank You - and we wonder why we do not have 100'ds of folks like you over here in America already... The Kids need You.

Magic from Fat Pipe

Old tricks seems to work huh

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The WFC 2012 is running out of Tickets

Next Month. In Switzerland. Both USA and Canada will be there. From two sources we hear that tickets are running out fast right now.
In other words the anticipation is not just here - it constantly increases.
This is the very latest from the organizers in Switzerland

A Fumble? In another Plastic Sport?

In the days as Floorball spread to Finland some 35 years ago it merged from Sweden across the Baltic Sea and landed in the Finnish Schools.
The form that arrived was a scaled down form, with small nets, and often games in style 3 on 3 and no goalies. Pang, Bom, fast, style, kind of.

It was called Innebandy in Sweden (Indoor Bandy - like an indoor version of Field Hockey or something). But as this game came to Finland they thought it was so hard to play so they called it Sähly.

Yes, that means Fumble in Finnish.

Now, it did not take too long until the larger version was discovered in Finland too with like 5 on 5 players on a large field, with nets and goalies..
So a name like "FUMBLE" was not that very sexy any longer..

So the Finns came up with the new name Salibandy for the larger version of the game.
This dual-name strategy has since persisted and is in place - still to this day, Floorball in Finland is played either as a "Fumble" game or as an indoor version of bandy..hmm

This distinction is so interesting so, this summer some pundits in Sweden wondered if it not was time to use two words for Floorball in Sweden too - with the intention to describe the different variations...

We here think that the Floorball sport already have way too many names, so we should not lose the ball on this.

But if a headline on a Fumble - only could bring one single American Football fan over to Floorball - we think that both American taxpayers - as well as we - will be happy.

Prague Masters - Experienced Floorballers

Well this tournament starts more or less now, in its 2012 edition - with age groups plus and above...

Today's Picture - Is here

You said world championships, and Olympic too maybe?

Team Ireland - Special Olympics - Floorball

The On-line Magazine Waterford Today in IRELAND just released news about the Irish team that will be sent to Korea to compete in the World Games Special Olympics - in Floorball.

This is what they state:

"from 26th January to 6th February 2013.
Team Ireland, which consists of 14 athletes and a management team of 5 volunteers will participate in both the Alpine Skiing and Floorball events, with this being the first time for Irish athletes to participate in floorball at a World Games. George Fitzgerald from Waterford is one of the eight athletes who will represent Ireland in Floorball at the Games."

The full article cover much more including a picture. Due to copyright issues we prefer to link you to Waterford Today in case you want more information.

Here is the Irish Special Olympics presentation on Floorball too

Well, One day many more countries will do this too, hrm

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hands-on LTAD - when we skip the age requirement

One of the ideas in LTAD say that you must realize that Traditions Stop Development - if we want to develop Sports.
So from that stand point you should try to do new things.

One of the ideas you may then use if to toss out the basic notion that player must be born the same year - and instead one should let players play according to skill levels - and also play in more than one league so the teams will both win and lose.

Here is now an real example of this from a Floorball league system in Northern Sweden

Yes it is hard to grasp this, but in reality what goes on is that teams play in a division depending on their strength instead of their age. In reality this does not change very much and the age bracket variation is still limited with a 3 year max variation window - and it is only a few teams that stand out in terms of the age groups - compared to their skill level - as they will play in this system.
But if as you find different team names (under the read headlines) you will notice that they participate in 3 divisions at the same time, one where they should be a strong team, one where they should have reasonable resistance as being on par with the other teams and the third where they might be a weaker team...

It is like a new - Dynamic Transitional League System.

We like this and think it is very interesting.

So our question is to all folks out there that hard want to defend strict age brackets for kids in Sports (irrespective if you do Basketball, Hockey or Soccer) - why do you want to defend it?

More on LTAD is to be found here
And the inspiration for this post came from this Swedish site Kudos to you guys!

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Top Flashes from Sweden - Finland

Courtesy TV4 Sweden


Proverbs? Bah!

Experts on social media - early on figured out that to break through, or be heard, or have a lots of followers... you may toss proverbs around you.

So that is not only what many of them do, at places like Twitter and Facebook etc... they also say that proverbs is a good way to attract readers. Hmm..

The problem is that many of these proverbs is not things that they have come up with themselves. They run it (and borrow stuff from famous people) - mainly to generate traffic.
Maybe that is fine - maybe it is not? An the art of this - lay perhaps in the eyes of the beholder?
But there is no doubt that proverbs seem to interest readers and well you know... we need to interest readers too...

OK let's do this. Maybe these are not proverbs. But it is a few lines with a rather cool and advanced or spaced out perspective. Then on the other hand it kind of describes some of the intentions behind this blog
If you want to use them feel free to do so. If you do and also refer back to as a quote - you might drive traffic and - this way promote what we like a little bit extra too?


Floorball is not something you only do a regular Tuesday evening - Floorball has the power to change your life (as we already ran this one on Twitter it became utterly popular and was re-tweeted several times)

Floorball is not for the Millions of People that already play the sport - Floorball is mainly for the Millions that does not have a clue, - at least not yet

The drive to get Floorball into the Summer Olympics is not a cause in itself - nope, it is just a little "trick" to get Floorball into the hands of ALL the kids out there

Ok, the field is open - you may now write your own hilarious "pro-verbs" on Floorball.

Take it from here on Baby!

Exel Advertising - but first...

....a few words on traffic,

Normally visitors go down during weekends and traffic is slightly slower.
However as the IFF provides hours and hours of high quality - live streaming video of top notch Floorball - during this weekend, for instance. Well this affects our number of readers in a highly positive manner and way.

Then of course as we ran a few stories recently on Peter Forsberg and confirmed that he was raised with Floorball, that he still play Floorball once a week, and that he made significant investments in Floorball, and also recently played Floorball for charity in Sweden. Well that notched up our visitors too in a rather good way.
No wonder - one of both Sweden's and NHL's best Hockey players ever - it should attract readers

But as we yesterday posted one text on Mr. Shiraz Bandhoe, a Wheelchair Floorball player from Holland.
You know what - on this yesterday - a Sunday - when Traffic should be low - this rocked way past all the other posts on how Peter Forsberg relates to Floorball as well as the interest related to our live feeds of top notch Floorball.

Interesting huh? So do we try to increase traffic for our own good - Na, we do it for those kids that never have the opportunity to play Floorball - you know what - there are millions of them out there.

One more thing we have two posts right now that constantly pump in visitors to this blog and yes that is the two on top in the weekly top chart to the right. One is a strong opinion, the other is a guest-post, we did not really expect these two posts to come out so strong...

Yet again with the risk of turning the blog into a vlog (video-blog).

Anyway this is a cool video from Exel (yes, it is the company Peter Forsberg invested in - by the way)

Timo Toivonen, SSV eng_sub from Exel Floorball on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shiraz Bandhoe, DOING Zoetermeer - One of the worlds most decorated athletes in Wheelchair Hockey and Floorball.

Mr. Bandhoe - one of the Men on Wheels
Shiraz started to play wheelchair hockey - another rather similar or scaled down “Wheelchair Hockey game” - and a relative to Wheelchair Floorball, as he went with his brother to do wheelchair sports at a local club called DOING in Holland. 
His brother was also able to play wheelchair hockey in school.

One of Mr Bandhoe's first memories was that he was asked by Doings coach to try to play the game already at the age of six and he felt strongly that his chair was way too large. 

DOING Zoetermeer is a club that believes in inclusion that means that they have both players that are not disabled as well as players with a disability.

His first game in competition also brings vivid memories since he remembers his own mother watching the game and since his team lost he started to cry.

Shiraz performance record is inspiring; He is the only one that have won all the Dutch awards like the Dutch champion, Dutch Cup Champion, National Top Scorer, winner of the one-on-one and two-on-two tournaments in the sport Wheelchair Hockey. These are extra activities designed for the specific sport of wheelchair Hockey, a sport that today relates very much to the new sport Wheelchair Floorball.

Wheelchair Hockey is related to and have its roots in what we call field Hockey in the USA. So we will most likely soon toss up another post on Wheelchair Hockey here so we can explain it better. It is interesting to note however that the very first Plastic sticks that came around in Minneapolis - they were also inspired by field Hockey (and golf).

The first International Floorball Wheelchair Tournament Mr. Shiraz Bandhoe played was the International Prague Wheel Open 2011. 

He say himself that he won the most beautiful individual price: the most valuable player.
But his best accomplishment… is the Gold Medal at Prague wheel Open the following year 2012 - with his team. 
This is a price with a lot of emotions for Mr. Bandhoe since the team trained day in and day out in the summer before, and it payed off. Also this tournament marked a 10 year celebration, for them being together as a team.

In this context is is well worth to point out that the team Mr Bandhoe represents is the DOING Zoetermeer, it is a team that promotes inclusion and therefore several of the activities at this team involves both students with disabilities as well as people not classified as such. Mr. Bandhoe express some concern for future International Wheelchair Floorball competitions since it seems like the rules and regulations might determine a specific number of athletes with disabilities on a wheelchair team. This seems to become a regulation that would directly affect a team like the Dutch DOING Zoetermeer - since they would not be able to have enough players with disabilities that the regulations might require.

On the subjects of tactics in Manual Wheelchair Floorball Mr Bandhoe state that he finds significant differences between Dutch, Swedish and Czech Wheelchair Floorball. However the largest difference is as you do a comparison between electric wheelchairs and the manual driven chairs. According to Mr. Bandhoe, the electric powered athletes often use a tactic with ways to block the opponents, whereas in manual wheelchair the focus is instead to find the “free agent” and deliver a good pass to that same player.

Another part of tactics and training that Mr. Bandhoe is keen on to discuss is the length of the stick, a subject that relates to the transition from the current form of Wheelchair Hockey that dominates these activities in Holland and to the use of Floorball sticks.
Let us quote Mr. Bandhoe as he say “I think that defense need to play with long sticks and the center also because they need to defend and they has to shoot hard from a distance. The offense players, wings, need to handle fast and they don't get much space to shoot so that's why I play with a shorter stick (I did cut my stick to 65 cm), but I can't defend good because of the size of my stick.  I think that is a plus for a forward..... I think there is no link between a long or a shorter stick and players with specific disabilities.”

It seem therefore that a short stick and a lots of stick handling is a good path to forward success in Wheelchair Floorball. Mr Shiraz also envision a game that promotes both short and long sticks where the short ones should be used for attack missions and the long stick is more for defense activities.

Mr. Bandhoe, 24, has played his sport since the age of 6, and he has been playing on a regular basis two times a week. As the Dutch team became invited to the Czech Wheel Open tournament in 2011 the team Doing Zoetermeer started to practice almost every day (4-5 times a week).
However Shiraz also practice on his own “at home in the living room, dribbling from left to right, in different rhythms or as fast as I can. Our in front of my door, or in the street.”

Mr Bandhoe continues; “You have to feel your wheelchair, like it is not an extra attribute but it is a part of your body. The same about your stick, it's a part of your body. The basics are important. Like driving the ball, passing/shooting and receiving the ball. Then it's important to read the game, know your team. It is important to be a valuable player for your team, do your job and that you never give up. The ball has to be yours.”

As Mr. Bandhoe provides specifics on the exercise a driven manual wheelchair Floorball athlete is provided with, he mentions the shoulders on his back, his forearms and in particular his fingers. An interesting notion is that many of these players use protective gloves, often gloves used in golf as they control their wheelchairs.

In ten years time Mr Bandhoe hopes to see a full flavored European Floorball Wheelchair Championship and also a World Championship for Manual Wheelchair Floorball.

Since Mr. Bandhoe comes from an inclusive background where he grew up with people in wheelchairs he belongs to the exclusive group of people that has developed skills in a sport designed for people with disabilities - without carrying a disability himself.

As he reflects on this subject he claims that early on in his career many comments were heard from others within the disabled community that showed deep respect for his commitment, practice, and interest in wheelchair sports. However as he has become utterly successful in what he do, he also admit that some of this respect - later on - turned into somewhat perhaps less respectful comments as other athletes makes verbal judgement in this area.

This relation between the able, and the ones that are less able, seems to mirror the debate from the regular Olympics where athletes with disabilities by using prostheses are able to run almost as fast as the other runners and in many cases much faster than many of our readers...

In the case of Wheelchair Floorball - we have the reversed reality.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!