Friday, October 19, 2012

Mylec’s Fork (as they navigate the future)

Let’s now do some pure and dirty speculations, that’s always fun...

Mylec is one of the largest providers of street hockey, ball hockey, floor hockey etc, and in principle they are very much related to this group of equipment, whatever it is called.... That is good, and there are a few other companies involved too. Cool!

So should Mylec now be afraid that one, of all these big European Floorball companies, should step up their efforts and suddenly start to compete in Mylec’s own backyard? Like in an aggressive market overtake and take control of Mylec or just flood the market with street, Ball or Floor hockey gear? Plastic straight sticks, “hockey style golf balls”, plastic nets of all sizes, etc,

We here, think that is one of the last things that will happen, because then no one do understand how things hold together and/or might develop.

So no, Mylec should not worry about that - since that idea is 100% crazy.

But if a few of the following things comes true - then we here at Floorballcentral will start to wonder - how Mylec (and other companies in this category) will handle the pressure. Because the company might find that they end up in the same situation - as the one time manufacturers of slide rules - did, as calculators entered the market... (They become way too OLD).

Here are a few WARNING signs for Mylec.
A) Floorball Goes Olympic within 8-16 years time
B) Hockey in America starts to seriously understand the benefits of organized Floorball across American schools (FOR ICE HOCKEY) and start to work hard to get it there
C) Organizations that fight obesity or aim to enhance the health issues for kids in America understand that Floorball is a fun motivational sport where kids gets good exercise since they run a lot - THEY DO NOT STAND STILL DURING GAMES - so they will also start to embrace Floorball for ALL kids in America.
D) Organizations that have special needs on their agenda realize that Floorball is one of the most inclusive activities there is and.... so on..

Then finally E)
We get a serious scientific study performed that makes a cost vs benefit analysis and compare current forms of different American Hockey emulations with Floorball...

It all , would probably mean that the law would prescribe Floorball in American schools. 
is a very interesting part, since we here at Floorballcentral dare to predict that:
1) Floorball is much safer as compared to all other Dry-land Hockey Emulations as it is played at the same level
2) Floorball is a much more economic and affordable alternative to all other off-ice Hockey alternatives, since sticks hardly ever break - and the wear of any gym floor is minimal, with less injuries we also save on the medical bill (do not even mention concussions)
3) Floorball is just much more fun - a rather hard thing to measure - but easy to feel. Ok why do we not just ask the kids - or measure Floorball sentiments on twitter - well then there is no match.

OK all this, or just even parts of this, should make companies like Mylec concerned, sweaty, shaky and...about their own line of business, right?

So what can they do?
In principle they can do three things.
A) Pretend that it is raining and not do anything, (this is their cheapest alternative) we think that this might be a good strategy to start with, since some of their core products will still sell as Floorball would rapidly grow, like nets and goalie masks etc. In the long run this approach will wipe Mylec away from earth, and the market, and the brand will die.

B) Their second option is to get onto the Floorball bandwagon half-hearted. They could start to offer their own Floorball sticks and just embrace the game as much as they want to (or want to afford to). This would most likely mean that Mylec ends up with a low line of sticks and a mass market “kind of Dollar store” appeal. No exports in that approach...

C) Their third choice is to become aggressive - find a serious good Floorball brand and just buy it - to get full control and then aggressively introduce - with their own full swing - Floorball into the American marketplace. This require commitment and investments - that most likely goes beyond their own capabilities..

D) Probably, the most likely development is something else. One dirty rich business entity, with Hockey credibility; like at few others places, like here in North America, realize the true market potential in a big American Floorball market.
Poff, Mylec is a Floorball company. The trick of doing this - is when the market value of Mylec is as low as it can be, but as they still have at least some presence in the market.... Sorry goys you just lost control..

How do we dare to speculate like this?

Well you Guys and Gals, Floorball’s power means that you have dedicated, specialized department stores in Europe that only sell Floorball equipment. YES!

There is not too much of that here - in America as it comes to all the other funky versions of Hockey played in a gym...  Did you ever hear about a department store for Ball hockey.... and that Ball Hockey is going Olympic - Get real brother and sister - it is time for you to to learn some real Plastic - Floorball lingo.

The difference is like between the Moon and the Earth - just so many times larger.

So for sure there is money in this - you only have to understand how things connect and put a strong drive to it all.

Just take a look at Floorball's first “test-markets” that developed just some decades ago...
We do not have any numbers, but it is obvious that other “street or ball hockey” manufacturers only sell at tiny - if not at ridiculous fractions - in countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech compared to Floorball volumes.
And that most of the other forms of Hockey emulations....will not become that very profitable at all - since it is a dead end.

What do you think?
Are we right - or dead wrong?
Do you see the dots that connects the lines here or vice versa?
What would you do if you were in control of a company like Mylec. Die with the flag in your hand? Or raise a new flag within the winners circle?

One more thing, as the company name Mylec is used in this post - we just do not just talk about Mylec, we talk about all other brands that are engaged in different street or indoor Hockey equipment...

Eh, hard golfballs, on wooden sticks to improve stickhandling (wow now that is interesting - but this will develop into another post --)

Floorballcentral like PLASTICS ;-)

Steve jobs asked one time a classic question to John Scully - it sounded like -do you want to sell sugar drinks or do you want to change the world?

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!