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South Eastern USA, The Game is on!

Jerseys, refs, real nets and some sort of a board - impressive Pensacola!

We just had a great report in from Pensacola, Florida (that is up on the panhandle, close to bamalama). It is the great man Olli that sent us a quick update on bubbling developments. 

Beside of what he writes in this text he mentions that there might be another new club about to form down there - and next weekend they head to Alabama to either teach or have lessons learned. The Game is on!
Floorballcentral say good luck to the Pensacola Hurricanes. xxx

They say that the greatest events start from humble beginnings. 

This was no more evident than on an early October Saturday in Pensacola Florida ( 2012 red).

What began as a small and passionate group of floorball
enthusiasts, who had to scramble to create enough players for two pick-up teams as well as find facilities
to play, became an organized club team competing against a team from a neighboring state. At first
glance, this would seem rather insignificant for areas with organized floorball but for those individuals in Pensacola this was a watershed moment.

Floorball was an unknown sport to the area just over one year earlier in a very nontraditional floorball
market in the southern United States. Through the efforts of couple very committed individuals,
Pensacola hosting its first challenge match against a team from Alabama was truly significant. Though
floorball has been played for just over a year now in Pensacola, we have witnessed tremendous growth
in both interest and participation. All those who attempt the sport are seduced by the fitness benefits
associated with the game as well as the competitive aspect of it.

Besides the regular weekdays that pickup games are played in Pensacola, we also provide Saturdays for
newcomers to be introduced to the sport and rules in a very social and interactive way. These Saturdays
provide great opportunities for those with curiosity about the sport to learn in a non-competitive and fun

Although the caliber of play for that early October game in Pensacola Florida would not rival that of the
more traditional markets, it was the first step in a long journey to grow the game. Our goal is to introduce
as many first time players as possible to the game and involve as much of the community as possible in
the games success.

/By Olli Jason

News From Alaska and Montreal - ie North up

First some news about School Floorball development in Alaska, including a youth tourney. Way to go Alaska...
 But you have to go to the IFF to see this so we do not dabble up some rights here...

7th edition of the Montreal Open - spells real Floorball in America November 3-4, 2012.

Montreal Open 2012 groups and schedule
How it looks like? Well they are on the seventh year and should have some ideas on how to trick that ball around the court. If they have fun? Most likely more than you and I do since we are not going, right ;-).
10 teams are good but I think we know about another place and tourney that sport even more teams in the Mid-West. Hint this year we hope to play in Tomah, WI April 13th - and we must get even more teams onboard.... Let's agree that competition is good..

What's more - well since Canada Cup (in Toronto Dude) next spring celebrate their 10th anniversary - May 2013... Hm maybe we should try to get up there...
In the mean time - cause that is mean time - here is what is up for the Montreal Open...

Elite: Fight Club MTL, Young Guns MTL, Ottawa Blizzard and Toronto
Intermediate groups:
A - Innebandits, Red Zone FC and Ottawa Blizzard 2
B - Franglos IBK, El Fuego and Ottawa Blizzard 1

Saturday November 3, 2012
08:45 Innebandits vs Red Zone FC (i)
09:30 Franglos IBK vs El Fuego (i)
10:15 Young Guns MTL vs Ottawa Blizzard (e)
11:00 Toronto vs Fight Club MTL (e)
11:45 El Fuego vs Ottawa Blizzard 1 (i)
12:30 Red Zone FC vs Ottawa Blizzard 2 (i)
13:15 Ottawa Blizzard vs Toronto (e)
14:00 Fight club MTL vs Young Guns MTL (e)
14:45 Ottawa Blizzard 1 vs Franglos IBK (i)
15:30 Innebandits vs Ottawa Blizzard 2 (i)
16:15 Fight Club MTL vs Ottawa Blizzard (e)
17:00 Young Guns MTL vs Toronto (e)
17:45 Intermediate quarter final A2 vs B3
18:45 Intermediate quarter final B2 vs A3

Sunday November 4, 2012
08:30 Intermediate placement 5-6 losers qf
09:30 Intermediate semi A1 vs winner QF2
10:30 Intermediate semi B1 vs winner QF1
11:30 Elite semi 1 vs 4
12:30 Elite semi 2 vs 3
13:30 Intermediate final
14:30 Intermediate bronze
15:30 Elite final
16:30 Elite bronze

/Thank You Eero

Here is a COOL WFC 2012 Promo

Thank You Miika

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breaking - Herb Brooks

Press-Release - just out....
Would you be kind and read what they write about Floorball below please...

Herb Brooks Foundation hosts Grow Hockey Summit at Let’s Play Hockey Expo in Las Vegas

BLAINE, Minn. (October 29, 2012) – On October 15, 2012, the Herb Brooks Foundation gathered 15 of the most influential people in hockey to address the subject of growing the game of hockey at the youth and grassroots level. The Grow Hockey Summit was held during the Let’s Play Hockey and Lacrosse International Expo in Las Vegas.

Here is a line-up of the panelists, with a selection of some of their insights ways to grow the game of hockey.

Ron Daniels, Partnership Development Manager, Hockey Night in Canada Play On!

The Hockey Night in Canada Play On! program is a 4-on-4 street hockey festival that bills itself as “The Official Canadian Street Hockey Tournament.” The event started in 2002 and this year attracted nearly 5,000 teams in men’s, women’s, co-ed divisions. Events are held across Canada, leading to a national championship event in Niagara Falls that is broadcast live on the CBC.

Daniels says the Play On! program addresses three major issues that hamper the growth of grassroots hockey:  the cost of playing hockey, the idea that hockey is a means to an end (i.e. playing professionally) and a decline in sportsmanship. At Play On! Events, limited equipment is required and Daniels says, “You are encouraged to play for the love of the game in a fun, festival atmosphere, a county fair-type atmosphere.” 

A big reason Play On! has succeeded, according to Daniels: “Put the players and the sport first and deliver what you say you will deliver.”

Bob Hoffman, Director of Operations, Central Hockey League (CHL)

The CHL is a 10-team league in the Midwest and Southwest which Hoffman describes as the equivalent of Class AA minor league baseball. Hoffman says the CHL encourages its teams to use their players “to build footprints in the community that are going to last.”  

The CHL promotes events in the schools such as reading and concussion awareness programs, as well as junior hockey leagues.

“The CHL tries to teach both skills and attitudes not just in hockey, but about life,” he says.

Skip Prince, President and Commissioner of the United States Hockey League (USHL)

The USHL is the only Tier 1 junior hockey league in the U.S. The 16-team league allows players 20 years of age and younger to gain amateur hockey experience while preserving their NCAA eligibility.

“We recognize we’re already responsible for helping to grow the game,” says Prince, explaining that all team understand their role in reaching out to others to promote interest in hockey.

The USHL introduced a plan with the NHL and USA Hockey to redefine rules and talks to its players, coaches and officials on a regular basis about playing the game the right way.  The USHL is tracking injuries, reviewing rules and looking at equipment needs. 

“We’re trying to take ‘dumb and dangerous’ out of the game,” says Prince. “We can’t have an ‘idiot game.’”

Kevin Erlenbach, Manager, Program Services at USA Hockey

Erlenbach leads membership development for USA Hockey with the focus on the 4- to 8-year-old level. 

Faced with the fact that half of the entry-level players leave the sport by age 9, Erlenbach discussed the “2 and 2 Challenge” program which utilizes national programs to increase local participation – with the goal of acquiring two additional players and retaining two additional players from the total of the previous season. The steps taken start with retention (a “Welcome Back Week” is held in September) with personal invitations to return, acquisition (“Try Hockey for Free Day” starting in November, in which local rinks donate their ice time for the event) and conversion (a transition program to get kids to join a youth hockey program). USA Hockey provides marketing tools such as customizable videos, artwork templates, marketing materials and online registration websites for local associations and also provides Best Practices and starter kits for the Try Hockey for Free Days.

“We find out what local associations are doing and find out what’s working,” Erlenbach says.

Darryl Gross, Floorball Planet
Rob Coggins, USA Rollersports

Gross and Coggins talked about the potential that floorball and roller hockey can have on increasing interest in hockey since the cost is significantly less than hockey, and in the case of floorball, it’s even played without skates.

Floorball resembles floor hockey but is played with lightweight, plastic and composite sticks, a plastic ball and has rules promoting safety and skill. All that is needed to play is a stick and a ball and costs less than $50.

“We’re trying to introduce kids to a sport like hockey without the cost and commitment,” Gross says. “We need to get more sticks in kids’ hands and Floorball is the answer to do that.”  

Rick Ragan, President, Minnesota Ice Managers Association

Ragan is more involved in the facility side of hockey but stressed the importance of having a better, cleaner facility that attracts people and makes it a place where players and their families enjoy hanging out.

John Connelly, Director of Development, National Sports Center (NSC), Blaine, Minnesota

In his staff capacity at the NSC, Connelly is involved in the Herb Brooks Foundation and the Schwan Super Rink, the largest ice arena of its kind in the world in Minnesota.

“Herbie had a vision that if we had more and more players the game would get better,” Connelly says. “The Herb Brooks Foundation formed the Rink Rat Program to get more inner-city kids involved in hockey and it also formed a Sunday night league for high school kids who still love the game and want to stay involved without a huge time commitment. The goal is to keep them from dropping out altogether.”

Connelly also pointed out that the Schwan Super Rink places a great emphasis on learn-to-skate programs for youth, which can feed kids into any ice sport – figure skating, speed skating, and of course, hockey.

Michael Benoit, Founder, President and CEO of Total Hockey

Benoit, who runs the exclusive hockey equipment retailer of USA Hockey, makes free equipment donations to hockey associations and have started a Hockey Green program in an effort to determine a way to recycle broken and unused composite sticks.

“I view us as an important piece of going out and delivering, and being an important part of growing the game,” Benoit says.

Marshall Stevenson, American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA)

The ACHA, a USA Hockey member program, promotes the opportunity to continue playing at the collegiate level hockey on non-NCAA club teams, at three men’s divisions and two women’s divisions. More than 10,000 players are currently participating. 

In addition to the panelists mentioned above, the following other panelists contributed ideas during the Summit:

Keith Noll, National Chairman, AAU Hockey; Rob Pallin, coach of the Las Vegas Wranglers of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL); Sara Danielson, Marketing and Creative Coordinator, North American Hockey League (NAHL); Chuck Suritz, Co-Director, Hockey Dealers Association; John Gustafson, General Manager, Sharks Ice at San Jose.

About the Herb Brooks Foundation:
The Herb Brooks Foundation is dedicated to growing the game of hockey and giving the game back to the kids. Founded in 2003 by Dan Brooks and Kelly Brooks Paradise, Herb’s family and friends created the foundation to preserve his legacy by continuing his life’s work by growing the game by “making hockey fun for kids and letting them learn to love the game the way we did.” 

The Herb Brooks Foundation is based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. The Foundation has offices at the National Sports Center in Blaine, where they manage the Herb Brooks Training Center at the Schwan Super Rink, a dry land hockey training facility that fulfills the priority that Herb Brooks placed on dry land training.

Description: Barclay_Kruse

KIM Nilsson - A role model

This is all about role models for kids - or what you you think? Kim is from Oland,,  the largest town on Oland has Rockford IL as its sister town - cool fact huh...


Cosom Hockey the New Sport 1

We will run a series of pages from some very predated material here. It is on Cosom Hockey that predates both Floor Hockey and Floorball. But it is also what was the fist development steps of what became what we know as Floorball today. This is page two in a printed matter from the early 1960-ties.. More to come. Hold on... It is all on PLASTICS!

Hey, have fun.
full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Korea goes Multi sport

The IFF just had a great story up on a big Multi sport event in Korea that involved 26 teams and over 300 Floorballers - hey they played for three days too.
This is one of many actions that takes the sport closer tot he Olympics since this is the path for the KFF (Korea Floorball Federation) to gain National Olympic status in Korea.
And you know what the pictures are cool too.

Let us quote from this article
"During the closing ceremony, Mr. Kang, KFF secretary general, announced that KFF aims to include floorball as a demonstration sport at the next year´s National Sports Festival as well with even more schools and universities participating. Furthermore, the goal is to have floorball fully recognised by the Korean Olympic Committee."

Check this out

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Worlds Largest Youth Floorball Tourney

Well it is Gothia Cup, and they are now preparing for the next years sessions. The have a bunch of news here in English and of course the have a new record in the numbers of foreign countries participating - as they now this year will celebrate a 20 year anniversary.
Last 5 years they have had some 450 teams, a demonstration game with over 10.000 spectators as many players and like 120 referees...
Here is a page with their latest news - the tournament starts in Jnauary 2013.

Tipcurve advertisement from KH

OK, more posts in the pipeline, but for now just a little advertisement from Salming and Sweden

Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Information using the eye of a tiger

We are certain that more information will change sports and perhaps make them better too? Here is just another example of this - a somewhat basic product that is supposed to help a coach. It looks cool and may perhaps be something for the more advanced coaches and perhaps even also for Floorball.

It is a Phone app that are supposed to advance the graphic part of coaching instructions (like what we already see on TV as they show the big games)

If we at Floorballcentral would buy this? Na probably not, this is more for the very most advanced. Then in basic terms it is also just a way to scribble on top of some video recordings that have been tossed into a phone. In principle you may most likely do that with other software solutions too, you shot video and add a drawing interface on top and share it via social media. But yes it looks cool to have this on the phone.

Check it out here and make your own judgement - its called the coachseye

The thing we like about this is: Traditions stop Development

WFC 2012 Official Song

Or at least a little piece of it

Wisconsin Heath and Physical Educators WHPE

It has been reported from Floorballplanet that the annual WHPE convention (Wisconsin Health and Physical Educators) was a great experience, this year in Waukesha WI. Many great interested teachers, other people like future teachers keen on Floorball and opportunities to spread the light of the game of Floorball came in progress at WHPE.
Floorballplanet let's know that as compared to last year's convention - this year - some teachers and other representatives from the schools in Wisconsin have now either heard about Floorball or encountered it in some or another way.

The repeated message used by Floorballplanet at this convention is actually borrowed from the LTAD movement.
Repeatedly they tried to boost the "TRADITIONS STOP DEVELOPMENT" message.

One part of this presentation was a hands on session with testimonials from teachers that have been working with Floorball in the local Wisconsin school system for a few years.
Mr. Zieba and Ms. Gnewikow did a marvelous job as they explained their student reactions and their own experience of Floorball. 
These teachers did such a good job that Floorballplanet had to explain to the audience that they were not been bribed to promote Floorball in the way they did. 

As Floorballplanet tried to challenge these testimonials - by asking - What is then wrong or bad with Floorball?
The experienced teachers said that, they only negative thing that they could come up with was that as they had to get on with their regular curriculum and have the time to do some other units too (this could be a problem since the students mainly just want to do Floorball).

It was also reported that Mr. Zieba also brought forward a new argument in place for Floorball at a school - with  many students that are engaged in Ice Hockey. Mr. Zieba said that in his opinion "it seems like Floorball takes some of the edge of the best Ice Hockey players (since it is hard to control the ball) - but it also seems like other regular students raise their bar with a Floorball stick in their hands". So in his opinion it works very well to have both skilled Ice Hockey players to play together with all the other students.

We here at Floorballcentral thinks that this is a remarkable discovery - that fully makes sense, also in the perspective that Ice Hockey players may not use some of their "body-play" tactics in the game of Floorball.

And yes Floorball is for all.

We are trying to get hold of some kind of footage from this years WHPE convention and as soon as we have something like that - we will do our best to have it posted here.. it seems though like they had some problems with the Gopro camera...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Floorball on Skates!

No no no Floorball has nothing to do with Ice Hockey. And no there are not many links at all. But if we add skates?
No no no - and no if you play Floorball in school - it can possibly not improve hockey - not with sticks handling at least - let us instead stay with Floor Hockey!!!
Or should we not?

Sorry Floorballcentral just took the liberty of being a bit facitious here.

Now go dream a bit to this..

OK, let us just explain a bit - this is a promotion part as a top notch Floorball team will play against a skating club - if we now understood Finnish good enough.
Anyway the footage is hilarious and we think it also gives some sort of a dimension to the idea that many skaters thinks that Floorball perhaps looks a little funky and maybe not serious -
Since with reversed eyes from the view of a Floorballer - maybe this how we see parts of Hockey too?

Have fun - and remember Traditions Stop Development

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canada with a new coach

We just picked-up this via twitter...
New coach for Canada's female team - and it is our dear friend Sonja. We saw her doing Zorro already in 2009, from London, Canada if we are not mistaken.
Here is the newsflash

Tomorrow WHPE start their annual convention

Floorballplanet is there and we hope to share some material with you.
WHPE stands for Wisconsin Health and Physical Educators, as we wait to get some material from that direction..

why not do something very different - here is the first good clip on how a ref works. We like the refs, they are part of the necessary infrastructure for a good game...

S. W. E. A. T.

As we think about different Sport classification systems for different kind of team sports we ask ourselves.. are there any good systems out there?
Then we just forget about just searching the net for some ideas - and instead we invented our own system.

it is called ;-)

S. W. E. A. T.

We believe it stands for:  Substantial. Work-out. Experience. Action. Team.

This is used for Team Sports that include players that not just mainly stand still on one single spot,
So included sports - by this classification - are for instance Floorball, Basketball, Soccer and Field Hockey.
These are sports providing a high intermittent load - or a rather healthy load for any player.

Excluded are Baseball and Volleyball since their players mainly stand still - yes they get a work out too - but hey is it comparable to what SWEAT sports may provide? You do the math please...

Now it your turn to come up with your own New Sport classification system.

And hey here is today's last main thought

Traditions Stop Development!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's toss around some thoughts on memorabilia

The rarest baseball card is Honus Wagner, issued 1906 by the American Tobacco Company. This is considered the most valuable baseball card in existence. In 2000, the card was sold for $1.260.000.

Baseball-player Mark McGwire launched a record-shattering 70th home run during the 1998 season, the American sports world went berserk over the historic record. The auction bidding for the ball reached like ....high. The comic book maker T. MacFarlane paid $3,005,000 for this ball at an auction.

Let us now consider this... Imagine if there would have been one specific founder of Baseball and the world would have had a bat with that autograph on it?

Or even better, take a larger sport. Take Soccer or Golf? The founders signature on a Soccer ball or the name of Golfs founder on a Golf ball - knowing that autographs by Tiger Woods have earned some $ 2600 to its sellers...?

By now you should realize what is next here... ;-)

We love Minnesota!

Manhattan Kings report a new Draft

Yupp, now they have a Zorro player added to their lines in New York - good for them.
Here he is

Only in Finnish - but real innovative

Not much of a post - here.
But follow this link

This is only available in Finnish - but wow is this some kind of a resource for any team?
Play with it, and yes - we think they have it for Soccer and Ice Hockey too ;-)

OK lets improve this Finnish post with a full length game too - presenting Finnish ladies, thanks to the IFF

The tales from BC and Seattle

Yet again we borrow a post from BC...
And we are proud to do so... Thank You BC

BC Floorball visits Seattle Floorball Club

BC Floorball’s Greg Beaudin and Coach Simon Sare have just returned from Seattle, where they met the local Floorball group, played drop-in, and had a development meeting with the founders of the club….Greg’s words below:

In the true spirit of International Floorball development, good games were had between Swedes, Finns, Canadians, Americans and a new tradition was born in The Pacific Northwest between two neighbor cities- Vancouver and Seattle.

The History of Seattle Floorball goes back about 10 years and the story is a familiar one. Stefan , Johan , Magnus, Patrik all shared with us the details of how they came together, and how over they years, the group was able to develop a couple teams worth of players from obvious Floorball nations like Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Norway and Switzerland…and amongst these players were some US players that gravitated towards the fast, fun and social hockey games that were being played each week in Woodinville, just outside the Seattle city center.

These players are very good, one of their current players, Linda Ekman, hails from the north of Sweden and is one of the best female players to ever hit US soil, for sure. The group were seasoned veterans who really knew how to move the ball. It was very exciting to see this level of play, knowing that a great friendly rivalry was being born right then and there.

I say Friendly because it is obvious that our two groups BC Floorball and Seattle Floorball share a passion for the game and enjoy the great exercise and apres-floorball socializing equally. It was a a real joy to meet new people, friends in Floorball, and a solid connection formed. This is where the development talks started…because we also shared a common goal to grow Floorball in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, and this ultimately leads to Youth Floorball development, they are the future.

So, a partnership was hatched,...and read the rest and the full story here

Monday, October 22, 2012

Floorball Shop Spain goes to WFC

Here a different promotion clip from Spain as they send reporters to the WFC 2012

Notice as in regards to this week

This week we will be strictly tied up in other matters - this means posting might be rather sparse.
We have 4-5 leads on a few good stories, from the North, to the East, from the North East and perhaps in the best case from a few other places including Europe.
If any of these folks that have a little story in the works now are able to send us their material - well then we will do our best to toss em' up here.
If someone else has a good story or just a different angle on Floorball - send it our way.
But this week looks right now weak in terms of posting since we will be tied up with other assignments - so please hold out and enjoy old material.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


It was a great thing. You pushed a button and instantly you belonged to a group and instantly you could set your preferences to get all the messages from this very group.

Many Floorballgroups realized this and they sat up different special pages for their own Floorball activity. It was a smashing easy way to keep basic "club-activities" going.
And a handful of groups in America figured this out, as well as we did we and tossed up our own Facebook page too. Then in Europe we guess groups like these are probably in the hundreds if not way many more...

Then facebook wanted to make money. They changed their algorithm so instead of reaching many in your group - the grapewine say that today you reach 10% of your friends - if you do not pay to promote your posts..? We do not know but we can with certainty say that our stream on facebook does not look like it used to.

If this is true well, it is kind of obvious that Facebook is perhaps not a very good tool to use to keep a Floorball club

Do you have any better suggestions?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mylec’s Fork (as they navigate the future)

Let’s now do some pure and dirty speculations, that’s always fun...

Mylec is one of the largest providers of street hockey, ball hockey, floor hockey etc, and in principle they are very much related to this group of equipment, whatever it is called.... That is good, and there are a few other companies involved too. Cool!

So should Mylec now be afraid that one, of all these big European Floorball companies, should step up their efforts and suddenly start to compete in Mylec’s own backyard? Like in an aggressive market overtake and take control of Mylec or just flood the market with street, Ball or Floor hockey gear? Plastic straight sticks, “hockey style golf balls”, plastic nets of all sizes, etc,

We here, think that is one of the last things that will happen, because then no one do understand how things hold together and/or might develop.

So no, Mylec should not worry about that - since that idea is 100% crazy.

But if a few of the following things comes true - then we here at Floorballcentral will start to wonder - how Mylec (and other companies in this category) will handle the pressure. Because the company might find that they end up in the same situation - as the one time manufacturers of slide rules - did, as calculators entered the market... (They become way too OLD).

Here are a few WARNING signs for Mylec.
A) Floorball Goes Olympic within 8-16 years time
B) Hockey in America starts to seriously understand the benefits of organized Floorball across American schools (FOR ICE HOCKEY) and start to work hard to get it there
C) Organizations that fight obesity or aim to enhance the health issues for kids in America understand that Floorball is a fun motivational sport where kids gets good exercise since they run a lot - THEY DO NOT STAND STILL DURING GAMES - so they will also start to embrace Floorball for ALL kids in America.
D) Organizations that have special needs on their agenda realize that Floorball is one of the most inclusive activities there is and.... so on..

Then finally E)
We get a serious scientific study performed that makes a cost vs benefit analysis and compare current forms of different American Hockey emulations with Floorball...

It all , would probably mean that the law would prescribe Floorball in American schools. 
is a very interesting part, since we here at Floorballcentral dare to predict that:
1) Floorball is much safer as compared to all other Dry-land Hockey Emulations as it is played at the same level
2) Floorball is a much more economic and affordable alternative to all other off-ice Hockey alternatives, since sticks hardly ever break - and the wear of any gym floor is minimal, with less injuries we also save on the medical bill (do not even mention concussions)
3) Floorball is just much more fun - a rather hard thing to measure - but easy to feel. Ok why do we not just ask the kids - or measure Floorball sentiments on twitter - well then there is no match.

OK all this, or just even parts of this, should make companies like Mylec concerned, sweaty, shaky and...about their own line of business, right?

So what can they do?
In principle they can do three things.
A) Pretend that it is raining and not do anything, (this is their cheapest alternative) we think that this might be a good strategy to start with, since some of their core products will still sell as Floorball would rapidly grow, like nets and goalie masks etc. In the long run this approach will wipe Mylec away from earth, and the market, and the brand will die.

B) Their second option is to get onto the Floorball bandwagon half-hearted. They could start to offer their own Floorball sticks and just embrace the game as much as they want to (or want to afford to). This would most likely mean that Mylec ends up with a low line of sticks and a mass market “kind of Dollar store” appeal. No exports in that approach...

C) Their third choice is to become aggressive - find a serious good Floorball brand and just buy it - to get full control and then aggressively introduce - with their own full swing - Floorball into the American marketplace. This require commitment and investments - that most likely goes beyond their own capabilities..

D) Probably, the most likely development is something else. One dirty rich business entity, with Hockey credibility; like at few others places, like here in North America, realize the true market potential in a big American Floorball market.
Poff, Mylec is a Floorball company. The trick of doing this - is when the market value of Mylec is as low as it can be, but as they still have at least some presence in the market.... Sorry goys you just lost control..

How do we dare to speculate like this?

Well you Guys and Gals, Floorball’s power means that you have dedicated, specialized department stores in Europe that only sell Floorball equipment. YES!

There is not too much of that here - in America as it comes to all the other funky versions of Hockey played in a gym...  Did you ever hear about a department store for Ball hockey.... and that Ball Hockey is going Olympic - Get real brother and sister - it is time for you to to learn some real Plastic - Floorball lingo.

The difference is like between the Moon and the Earth - just so many times larger.

So for sure there is money in this - you only have to understand how things connect and put a strong drive to it all.

Just take a look at Floorball's first “test-markets” that developed just some decades ago...
We do not have any numbers, but it is obvious that other “street or ball hockey” manufacturers only sell at tiny - if not at ridiculous fractions - in countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech compared to Floorball volumes.
And that most of the other forms of Hockey emulations....will not become that very profitable at all - since it is a dead end.

What do you think?
Are we right - or dead wrong?
Do you see the dots that connects the lines here or vice versa?
What would you do if you were in control of a company like Mylec. Die with the flag in your hand? Or raise a new flag within the winners circle?

One more thing, as the company name Mylec is used in this post - we just do not just talk about Mylec, we talk about all other brands that are engaged in different street or indoor Hockey equipment...

Eh, hard golfballs, on wooden sticks to improve stickhandling (wow now that is interesting - but this will develop into another post --)

Floorballcentral like PLASTICS ;-)

Steve jobs asked one time a classic question to John Scully - it sounded like -do you want to sell sugar drinks or do you want to change the world?

The men that started it all...

There are not too many ancient sports around - that have an icon as one of the founding fathers still alive and doing well. That is one of the significant benefits of a new sport. Let's claim the Floorball is a bit special.
Phil Carlson, Former President at Cosom Corporation and Co-inventor, Developer, Marketer of not only the first plastic sticks - but also the ball used in Floorball. What a man, huh

FloorballCoach on Injury Prevention

We take our hat of for another great post at This time they develop their subject with several videos.
We are proud to be able to re-post their material here. This time however we will only post the first half of their post. If you want to see the full post you may follow this link:



Rens van Hulst and  Evita Dubbeling students of physiotherapy at the university of Amsterdam did some time ago floorball injury prevention research and created a study on this topic. In this article you can find the most interesting part of the study – injury prevention workout. 
The study is focused on most common and recurrent injuries in floorball – knee injuries and ankle injuries. The prevention program is created in a way that is not complicated and can be used for every player regardless the level of performance. The exercises are simple and special equipment is required only for few of them.  This injury prevention workout could be part of the Warm up stage of Training session or could be done as single special Training session. For ensuring the best results it is recommended to do this workout twice a week. It consist of 7 stages:
  • Warming up
  • Balance exercises
  • Strength exercises
  • Plyometric exercises
  • Agility
  • Cooling down
  • Stretching
Warming up
Warming up is a crucial part of any training program. The purpose of the warm-up section is to allow the athlete to prepare for activity. By warming up your muscles first, you greatly reduce the risk of sustaining an injury.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Let's Play Hockey.. part two

If you missed the Let's Play Hockey event in Las Vegas this week and if you heard about Floorball too and wanted to know more...
Guess what we have the presentation hand out as it was prepared by Floorballplanet.

Floorball and Hockey in America

Herb Brooks and Let’s Play Floorball (or the Let’s Play Hockey) but here from a Floorball perspective

Floorballplanet  in the exhibition hall. 
FloorballPlanet participated this week at the Herb Brooks Grow Hockey Summit during the Let’s Play Hockey exhibition in Las Vegas, NV

The main task for this panel, to discuss, was how to grow Ice Hockey in the USA.

The panel consisted of many important people, all with an aim to grow Hockey.

Some of these names includes,
John McClellan, as the Executive Director of the Herb Brooks Foundation. Besides being the moderator for the panel he is genuinely interested in Floorball.
Mr. Darryl Gross, participated as a representative on the discussion panel for both Floorball and on behalf of FloorballPlanet.
Ron Daniels of Hockey Night in Canada’s PlayOn! talked about nationwide street hockey tournaments.
Bob Hoffman, of Central Hockey League talked about community outreach as done by most of the CHL teams.
Keith Noll, spoke about AAU and Ice hockey and the interesting aspects of forming what was called Level 3 Club programs - a setup that seem to provide Clubs with a system for being non-profit organizations - under the AUU umbrella - this without forming separate non-profit organizations. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. As a multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

USA Hockey, had Mr. Kevin Erlenbach, on the panel, he is in charge of Membership Development and thus the task of introducing the very youngest to hockey.
Many people at this summit talked very positively about the American Development Model and what it accomplishes. 
To readers here, perhaps first interested in the Floorball aspect of things... related to Hockey - yes the ADM guys are definitely interested in Floorball.

Michael Benoit, from Total Hockey presented some of their initiatives for growing youth hockey.
John Connelly, spoke about some of the development programs run by the Herb Brooks Foundation.

Floorballcentral thinks now outloud here...Some of these initiatives are geared towards pre-season activities and may be very well suited for some Floorball, indeed.
What was more going on at the Let’s Play Hockey exhibition in Las Vegas this week?
Well they had a large Stiga Table Hockey tournament - and we here do know that one of Floorballs founding fathers, over in Sweden, also used Stiga Table Hockey competitions as they were trying to introduce Floorball, one day back in the darker ages... This time it was just a coincidence - but still an interesting reflection on how things connect.

WFC 2012 come closer for every second now


As you might have discovered already we have been playing with an Instagram widget - to the right on the blog - my dear..
It works like this.

If you want to be featured here at Floorballcentral - well you use Instagram. You take your picture and if you happen to tag your picture with #floorball in Instagram- well then it is supposed to show up here. Let's see how it works.

So instead of taking Floorball pictures and trying on your own to have your friends see them like only on Instagram - tag the picture right and hundreds of people will see it here everyday - but make certain a few things:

A) We are not responsible for the content of these images - if you post something bad - well you are the source and you are responsible
B) We can not promise that we will keep this service running - for now this is like a modest beta test
C) We are not responsible if your picture would not show
D) It would not surprise us if you post good stuff that your own presence on Instagram might become a bit better too. But as we just said - no promises what so ever.

Have fun - that is why we do Floorball here.

Cartoon from IFF

Sorry, but we could not just resist to borrow this little cartoon from IFF's printed matter
Learn Start Play

You know if you are in Switzerland for the WFC 2012 or if you are in Wisconsin, the land of cheese-heads  - well let's say it is a very nice cartoon.
Credits to IFF and the cartoonist.

Here is the full publication, and the link to it

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Victoria in Singapore

This video clip deserve much more attention - right ;-)

One specific subject seem to drive traffic here...

Let's say this -

No name today. Here is number 21. Orange shirt on this picture. 708 NHL games, 249 goals, 636 assists.

He had his own letter stamp in Sweden a few years back.

Played mainly for COL in the NHL.

One of Scandinavia's best Hockey players ever. 

Fourth all-time in career assists-per-game in the NHL, behind Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Bobby Orr.

The only Swede that have won the Hockey World Championships, The Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup - well like.. Twice.

He played Floorball in his youth for team Raskens and Hockey for Modo. He still plays Floorball every Wednesday. Here he use a nano 2.6 stick from Exel. Right now a company that he controls have made invests in Floorball as well as in the Exel brand. Let us finally add that he is as a rather clever businessman...

Beside of adding up who he is - you should be able to add together and figure out a few other things - as on the subject of:  where the game is going - doing etc...

Lets add that plastics is beyond cool...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is the best way to define "a big sport"?

What a question? - we think it is a sport that everyone not only can do - but - also attracts most people.
Here - a promotion clip from Salming Summer Camp. Do you want to have your community moving? Then move on forward.

The full Monty - the birth of a new sport.. How it looked like

Further comments on this seem redundant
full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Monday, October 15, 2012

Local Floorball in Tomah, WI - on track - to halloween

Druzilla with a pumpkin in his eye
Floorball in Tomah,WI are on track and we have engaged some +/- 30 players for our last three sessions in two age groups, in total - with bystanders and parents we have been close to 50 people in the gym for the last couple of weeks. We like that.

And with just a few more additional players we will hit the ceiling for how many people we can cater in one gym - during the time we play for, like plus one hour. So that is a good problem.

Therefore we will now do some kind of a feasibility study on how to host and arrange some kind of a league - with the purpose to provide room for even more players in our teen/adult session. This will most likely become the first Midwestern Floorball league.
Hey is that not amazing - a league in a little town in the norhern heart of the US Midwest? Let us see if we may pull this off.

In case we get a Tomah Floorball League going we will most likely post results and standings here - in some sort of way.

The kids session has earlier this fall been slightly slower, but last night we had 18 kids playing and it seems to build in a very good fashion too right now.

To create a little extra craze for the kids we plan a costume Floorball session around Halloween - with monsters and candy for our young Floorball players.  That's the promotion picture for that event... Let's see how that goes - and if you play kids - why not make a special little Halloween Floorball session for your players too? Still ask them to use protective goggles, but let em' play in monster costumes, decorate the ball as of above, put a few plastic monsters in the nets and maybe the "coach" should use a druzilla face mask - the dollar store have them for one dollar. Then just have some fun!

Candy is optional.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It was not just Martin Luther King that had a dream.

Would any other sport in America use diversity and special needs
as a core selling point in marketing material from the early 60-ties?
This is not just remarkable - but way ahead of its own times.
When many of us talk Floorball, we say that:
Floorball is for all,
and we embrace not only the inclusive activity that takes place during a regular PE session with Floorball, or perhaps at recess...

We also like when we see modern videos of Floorball in other settings like Wheelchair, electric and/or manual chairs and we are very fired up about the first ever World Games in Special Olympics - with Floorball - that is just around the corner. And so on...

You might, and many with you, think that this is some recent marketing stunts around the game to get some extra hype? Maybe invented at an expensive advertising agency?

I America in 1963, we are like 10 years ahead one of the main and first laws, "section 504", that came into play to protect people with disabilities from discrimination.  Ten Years!

It is 5 years before Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. The civil right movement had a long way to go...

Still, this marketing material from Cosom Corporation from about 1963.... Well, we do not have to explain what these exclusive photos show or what the text say. But lets just agree that the Cosom Corporation was ahead its own time like few others in 1963.
Yes, the language used today would sound different - but the main idea that Floorball is for all - is not a very late fix.
It was founded and implemented into the game by people like Phil Carlson and Tom Harter during the early 60ties.
Two men that knew how to create dreams...

On a more basic hint, yes that Goalie on the picture above sit on his knees, Why, we do not know but this is one of the earliest action images of what we would call "darn close to Floorball". Is he sitting on his knees because he was disabled? Or because he would be a better goalie - we think modern Floorball show that this boy was sitting to be a better goalie. But we do not know.

full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

Peter Forsberg no 21 score in Floorball

,Not much more to add but a thanks to nordbon that got us this.
Here is the big star from Colorado Avalanche,

Friday, October 12, 2012

1963-1964 - We say this is Floorball in the USA

Minnesota Historical Society has cleared some interesting material to be released on this blog.

We have two documents that we would like to post in full flavor. One is however on several pages. For now we will just start with two Floorball picture from the 1963-1964 era.

This is from 1964, perhaps taken in 1963 and it was the then current offer of sticks, balls and pucks. It is interesting to note that there were no straight "ice hockey inspired" sticks in the early offers from Cosom and that sticks were color coded already at this time. One source claim that the first game was played in 1962. However as we asked Phil Carlson about this, he did not dare to confirm this from his own memory. In case it was 1962 - then we sit on a 50 year jubilee for Floorball - NOW. Floorballcentral wonder if we will be the only place that will celebrate Floorball 50 years - before this year comes to an end? What about you? Do you think it is worth to celebrate?
This marketing image is most likely taken in Battle Creek, MI. It is from marketing material by
Cosom Corporation released,1964. If this is not Floorball then we might have to eat our own hat - or something, ;-)

full credit to the collection and Minnesota Historical Society

395 Scores in NHL is not enough...

...As you want to play as a wing man or center on Peter Forsberg's Charity team the Icebreakers as they played Floorball for the first time today.
This is what Markus Näslund learned as he ended up being a defender on Peter Forsberg's team the Icebreakers.

We read this and more, just now at one of the largest Swedish blogs on Floorball a.k.a. "innebandybloggen". They also let us know that well, Markus Näslund is probably still preferred to be seen as player that instead use a straight wooden stick with skates on his feet.

The same source however praise Peter Forsberg's divine ability to deliver passes across the Floorball field like few other can do, he was outstanding according to the same source. But then he has played a lot of Floorball both as a youth, and he still play - every week. That is cool cause that is what we do here at Floorballcentral too, ;-)

Other players that stood out was this one and this one
If you do not have time to check out the clips - one is one of the very best ever in world down hill skiing and the other is one of the worlds best ever in soccer... Then on top of that tonnes of other "famous" Swedes including a few of the world's very best Floorball players too.

As Floorballcentral speculated about if this Charity team would be able to bring on more power from NHL, since there seems to be a lock-out going on, well we were mistaken. But the idea was sweet.

Otherwise this was a magnificent success. It had been advertised as the game of the year in the Swedish town of Umeå and the venue was sold out.
Here are some pictures - under copyright by Vasterbottenskuriren and Torbjorn Jakobsson

Now we hope that someone will post a clip on youtube too and we will share that here too.

OK we have this one from Nordbon, via Beaudin and yes number 21 score!

Peter Forsberg's team the Icebreakers won this time with 6-5 over the Blue Wings team.
But that is not very interesting - what is indeed interesting is that this single Floorball game for charity raised almost a quarter Million in the Swedish currency SEK - and this was done for kids, with special needs.

More live direct TV thanks to the IFF

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Great information on Stick lengths from Floorballcoach

Yet again we want to firmly recommend Floorballcoach.
This is an outstanding site that brings much to the larger Floorballcommunity.
Today we are proud to be able to re-post an excellent post on the new stick length. Thank You VC and Floorballcoach.
Original article to be found here


You may have noticed that on some floorball sticks the number indicating the stick length has changed and is now bigger. The reason is that, starting from 2013, stick lengths will be measured based on a new standard mandated by the IFF. International Floorball Federation thinks that the new standard will be more uniforming and more comprehensible for customers.
In Material Regulations paper IFF stated: “The communication to the customer regarding stick length has to be better and more uniformed. Today most brands communicate the shaft length as the stick length. IFF’s intention is that in the MR edition 2012 introduces the requirement that stick length (measured as described in MR) is the stick length to be communicated to the customer.” As you can read in the quotation the new length of the stick is the old one (indicating only shaft length) plus the dimension of the blade (which is somewhere around 10 or 11 cm):

old – new
60 cm – 70/71 cm
65 cm – 75/76 cm
70 cm – 80/81 cm
75 cm – 85/86 cm
80 cm – 90/91 cm
87 cm – 97/98 cm
92 cm – 102/103 cm
96 cm – 106/107 cm
100 cm – 110/111 cm
101 cm – 111/112 cm
103 cm – 113/114* cm
* 114 cm (according to new numbers) is the maximum length of a stick allowed by IFF.
Floorball stick manufacturers are using the new number alongside with the old one for now -  like for exampleOxdog. It seem that they don’t want to confuse their customers with new numbers which may seem like the sticks are now much longer than before. The stick are the same, only the numbers changed and thus choosing a floorball stick is the same as before.
Floorballcentral own idea is that a stick should be long enough to be almost right around your own bellybutton - we have tried some of the longer sticks. Yes, the reach comes out in a nice way but the speeed and the intermixed changing of different stick-grips gets kind of tangled.... into the T-shirt kind of... So we will stick to a 96 cm twig and the new number for us will be 106/107
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!