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A Magic Hand

Magic - it's pure magic. This image makes us think about "the force" in Star Wars...

This is one of the first ever "Fun Balls" - as developed, and used by Cosom Hockey - and later on, used in what is known today, as Floorball.

But it is not just the ball. This is the ball in the very beautiful hand of one of  its own creators.
Mr. Phil Carlson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
The hand that more or less made this ball.
This is probably one of the best and most iconic Floorball images ever made - well.. at least by us here at Floorballcentral.

Take a look at it again, see the made in USA protruding text in the ball. look at the Safe-T-Play stamp. Also please notice the wear, the dirt and the tear, this is not a ball that has been laying on a book shelf - this ball has its own real history of action.

If anything should rest at a Floorball museum - this is it.

Yes, at Floorballcentral we, do not just want a Floorball statue - we'd love to see a Floorball museum - legacy is important not only for Floorball but for You too - as we all want to build the future... and we will.

1952 is our favorite year!
Minnesota and Cosom Hockey we love You!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a few quick reflections/speculations on all the recent news..

A day, late in September 2012;
First we think it is fully outstanding the Peter Forsberg believe in Floorball to the point where he makes significant investments in the sport. It is also clear that even if he initially invests towards the Swedish and Danish market - he talk with passion and indeed stress the global potential. We here hear this as the "American potential" - with some one Million licensed Ice Hockey players in North America. And we do know that Floorball has a history of doing exceptionally good in countries where Ice Hockey is strong. In Sweden for instance you have roughly twice the amount of licensed Floorball players as you have licensed Ice Hockey players. Hepp baby.

Then do anyone seriously think that Exel will offer a line of sticks without one "Peter Foppa Forsberg stick"? We do not.
Then we think that a tweet from this morning in Sweden "wonder why everyone is tweeting Innebandy today" is a signification on the importance of Forsberg's engagement. And yes he does confirm in several interviews that he plays Floorball every week and that he loves the sport.

There is one more thing that Mr. Forsberg touch base on as he discuss elite Floorball and Hockey. He say that a Hockey player often weigh in at 90 Kilograms where as a Floorball player weigh 75-80 kilograms. This direct touch base with our own recent post if the society in 2030 will turn us all to shot put, due to the prognosis rate of obesity.

Of course the Salming Floorball brand has a strong Hockey connection. But we say that the other big brands can now not rest on this. We think we will see more Ice Hockey players active as Icons in Floorball. Perhaps not with investments as Forsberg do. But we do think that several of the big Floorball brands will follow suite and offer sticks with famous hockey players names on their sticks too. Or let us say this - we would find it odd if this would not happen. This must be the way to go if you want to convince America and one company has already understood this.
Most numbers support this if we see Sweden as a test-market for Floorball and have the same penetration in America - these numbers would indicate inbetween 2-5 Million Floorball players. Roughly, a market size no producer of sticks ought to ignore. The trick is to get things going in the school systems - and yes it will cost some efforts.

Today we also learned that the city of Belleville in Canada now have given their unanimous support for the World Floorball Championships for U19 ladies in 2016 to be played in Canada . To us here that is a great step on the way to secure the American Floorball future.

On our own series on news related to Cosom, the historic start of Floorball, well we still have very much more material to share. But over the weekend our readers are not as many as during the week so we will wait until tomorrow to post more material
- let us now rest a bit on the great news from Exel and Peter Forsberg as well as from Canada. I am sure we will have more news in just 2 weeks related to this...


Shared and made by Mr. Troy

I know we are rather video heavy on the blog right now, still give it a few sec and it should be up

Friday, September 28, 2012

Maybe this blog should change name to the Peter Forsberg blog?

This is the Swedish national TV 4 - on Peter Forsberg and Floorball - all in Swedish but pictures speak too right!


Lets run a repost From BC too on Peter Forsberg

Thank You BC,
This material is re -posted under a great agreement so we may share their material. This post goes more in depth on what is written in Swedish media today from the Canadian perspective.
We do recommend that you also visit their site to read more in depth about what they do.

Peter Forsberg on Floorball

In our Floorball development work, our connectivity to Hockey has always been one of our core themes.
An article appeared today in featuring Peter Forsberg as a Floorball player, investor and strong believer in where the Sport is going.
He mentions three main benefits from Floorball in his own Hockey game:
1. Stickhandling
2. Agility and Quickness
3. On -Ice Vision, Game Sense
What Canadians are just learning is that Floorball is NOT Floor Hockey of old.  Floorball is engineered Floor Hockey with highly specialized sticks, ball and rule systems that make the Sport extremely attractive as a future Olympic Sport.  It has all the makings of becoming an Olympic Sport because of it’s dynamic play, it’s speed, athleticism and it’s accessibility to both Male and Female players.  Olympism is about universiality, gender equality and fair play.  To be an Olympic Sport in the future, it has to be exciting, global, and it has to speak for the next generation.  Floorball has all of these qualities.
Hockey and Floorball, and the integration of the two sports…
We have on record from players like Peter Forsberg, Borje Salming, Alex Edler, Markus Naslund, the Sedins and many others that Floorball is something that the Swedish youth learn at schools, and that even in elite hockey circles, they train with Floorball sticks to enhance the skills we talked about above.
In the past 7 years, we have seen Floorball grow leaps and bounds through Hockey Canada’s Skills Academies, and throughout many large minor hockey associations.  Across BC and beyond, we have had our partner company’s Modern Hockey ,Hockey Community and kommunity Hockey present at elite hockey coaches conferences and conducted hundreds of ‘hockey practices’ with Floorball equipment to thousands of young hockey players.
The Sentinel Hockey Academy alone, who have had Floorball since 2007 have put some of their own students in to the NHL, WHL, BCHL NCAA etc.  Players like Griffin Reinhart and Morgan Rielly were not just hockey standouts, they were also Floorball standouts and have had a great deal of experience with the Floorball sticks and the sport of Floorball in specialized gym hockey classes.  Years, from now…Canada will have it’s own homegrown hockey heroes speaking to the benefits and skills development that they gained from playing Floorball.
The differences between Floor Hockey and Floorball are vast.  A plastic floor hockey stick is NOT a Floorball stick, not even in the same league.  To explore the differences between the ‘activity’ of floor hockey and the Sport of Floorball, one can perform a simple google search on both variants of ice-hockey. or read here.
We invite You to contact BC Floorball to learn more, to book a demo, to see for yourself why a Floorball stick can make a ball go 200kmh and still require no protective equipment for its players.
BC Floorball

Updated, Peter Forsberg Celebrates Floorball yet even more

- Peter Forsberg former NHL, Colorado Avalance and considered by many as the best Swedish hockey player ever - celebrates Floorball in a deeper article today at the Innebandymagazinet. Update - this news also reached a top tabloid in sweden - now see below.
- He clearly states on how Floorball helped his own stick handling technique as to become a better Ice hockey player.
- He tells the story on how Modo Hockey in Sweden used Floorball very much to practice for Ice Hockey.
- He gives his views on the future potentials for Floorball - in particular on the international markets (we are talking Usa and Canada even if it is not outspoken)
- He talks about the floorball game that will be played by the ice hockey team the ice breakers in a couple of days - Markus Näslund is another former NHL player that will play in this game.
- He talks about Baseball as a "still standing game" loved by Americans
- He talks about his relations to Borje Salming

Hold on to you hat - some winds of change will arrive very soon close to you - that is our serious take on this.

Full story - only in Swedish - use an online translate service - and get the gist out of this.

One more thing as Peter Forsberg speaks - the visits to this site - double - that is fun..too

Here is another article - now from the main tabloid Expressen in Sweden still Swedish - run that translations service hot please

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Presenting: The Very First "Floorball" Team

Phil Carlson, ret.
President at Cosom Corporation,
Minn USA.
This ball in his hands, produced by
the Cosom Corp.
Many great Inventions are often portrayed as the fruit of one person.

After long discussions with Phil Carlson at the Minnesota History Museum and Library our conclusion is that there were not one single individual that invented Floorball and Floor Hockey.

The sport(s) grew, based upon the contributions from several involved "players" in a team.
We will list the most important players here with a short description of how they contributed or their function. This list is hopefully also described in a chronological order.

Mr. Clinton Carlson, started to work on the first Fun Ball in 1948 and formed the Cosom Corporation. He invented both the production process as well as the ball and its design. He owned the Cosom Corporation and had the very first Floorball related patent. The Fun Ball is essentially the ball design that all Floorball players use, still to this day.

Mr. Phil Carlson, Mr. Al Teter and, Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Erickson all worked together to invent, design and developed not only the ball but they also invented and designed the Cosom sticks. The first Cosom stick has a "U" blade in a shape like most of today's Floorball sticks.
Mr. Erickson had a special role in this team since he did not work for the Cosom Corporation. He worked for Rainbow Plastics in Minneapolis and this was the company that produced the very first sticks for the Cosom Corporation. This is ongoing work from 1950 into the 60ties and well beyond. Cosom sticks, close to the very original design, are still available on the US and Canadian markets.

We will in another post separately describe how the first sticks evolve and why.

Mr. Tom Harter, the Parks and Rec Director, from Battle Creek, MI is the next very important player since he was able to develop the game in both its proportions as well as it came to the rules of the game (we will dive into the game rules and its marketing too in a couple of days). Mr. Tom Harter would today have been recognized as a "Beta tester" with deep connections to the larger "software development" of the full "product offer".  Mr.  Harter is by many people, mainly online, portrayed as the inventor of Floor Hockey. Go and search for him online - and you will find that he is considered to have invented Floor Hockey.
We say this is wrong - or at least a truth with some room for some serious modification. Mr. Harters contributions took place during the 60-ties. We have Mr. Harter to thank for many rules used in today's Floorball.

According to our source, there was another player involved. She was a Physical Educator in Minneapolis and she insisted that Cosom also should make plastics sticks with straight "Ice Hockey like" blades to more resemble Ice Hockey and this way attract more players to Cosom Hockey or Safe T Hockey as it was also called.
Our take on this is that she ought to be the individual that created or at least inspired the others in the direction of Floor Hockey. Unfortunately we do not have her name.
Tom Harters contribution to the game is mainly with sticks that looks like Floorball sticks do today and with rules that strikingly resembles modern Floorball rules - with a few large exceptions. This is something we will develop further.

The last very important person in this team is Carl-Åke Ahlquist. He is the Swedish man that Phil Carlson met for the first time at a trade fair in Cologne Germany during the mid 60ties. We will have a separate little story on why and what drove the stick development further - and over to Sweden soon.
Here is a recent clip on Mr. Ahlquist where he speaks, only in Swedish ;-(, about Minnesota:

To wrap this post up: Floorballcentral wants to thank J & C Irwin for their devoted work with historic material at the Minnesota Museum and Library. We of course thank Mr. P. Carlson for his time and passion. It is also very interesting to note that Mr. Carlson (both cousins, Phil and Clinton) as well as Mr. Erickson are Swedish Americans, with families from Sweden.

Another reflection could be that the USA was a very vibrant developing economy after the second world war and perhaps that makes it a natural thing that it started over here - and then the transfer to Sweden occurs as the Swedish economy revved up its engine during the 60ties..

We have some copied material from the Minnesota Museum and library that we want to share on this site too - but we have promised to wait until the Museum give us permission to share their records. So hold on hopefully they will not let us wait 3-4 weeks...
We still have much to tell you that does not require the permission to show copies...

Hold on for more posts on this soon.

Peter Forsberg to become serious about Floorball

One of the main tabloids in Sweden just reports that Peter Forsberg and his company 4ward will become the general agent for the Finnish Exel Floorball brand in Sweden and Denmark.
It is further stated that a sports arena in Umeå, in northern Sweden will change its name to Exel since the 4ward company also now holds the rights to this name.
The article to be found here in Swedish

We just want to speculate a bit. First it seemed like the idea that Peter Forsberg's charity Ice Hockey team the ICE breakers would play one Floorball game as a one thing happening in Umeå October 12th. Our first speculation was that - wow with the NHL lock-out: Forsberg's Floorball team might become a very interesting team indeed.

Now this business interest is announced and our conclusion or wild guess is:
We do not think that Exel will offer a line of sticks - without Peter "foppa" Forsbergs name on it - in Sweden. His name would be too big in sales terms to leave outside the sticks from Exel. This even if Forsberg's company just might be the importer. When such a stick might be available - well you can make your guess yourself. If we are wrong we will beg for your pardon!

This is great news for both Hockey and Floorball. Forsberg is the second high-profile Ice Hockey player becoming seriously involved in Floorball.

Börje Salming was first.

This is the birth place of Floorball

It is here, we have to give you two locations since the factory/company moved. Also note the Carlson field in the lower end of this map - if we would have any say so in this - this baseball field ought to be changed into an outdoor floorball arena..

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

At 6030 Wayzata Blvd, it is today not too far from a Holiday Inn, or a Double Tree Hotel. So if you as a Floorballer go to Minneapolis and do stay at one of these Hotels - well you have stayed at the birthplace of Floorball too.

Much more to follow soon...

Baseball has nothing to do with Floorball

The first "Floorball" design started in 1948
We say:
This is breaking Floorball News!

First of all, we have been wrong - and many others with us have been very wrong too. The fact is that Baseball has nothing to do with Floorball - and whatever we have stated before in this area - is 100% wrong.

Today we met Phil Carlson a previous President with the Cosom company. He confirms that Baseball and its practice "whiffle" ball had noting to do with Floorball.

Instead Floorball (or some would argue the roots to Floorball) was developed with inspiration from Golf and Field Hockey. We will dive into this deeper in a series of posts explaining the roots of Floorball. We also plan to argue abit ourselves in this subject, based upon some of our remarkable findings.

Today we will look at the first FUN Ball - and we can assure you - everything was about GOLF to start with..

We are pleased to share with you a patent from 1949. Mr Carlson say that the work for this ball was started already in 1948.

This very patent was filed by the founder of the Cosom Company Mr Clinton Carlson, a cousin to our live source. "Our" Phil Carlson started to work for the Cosom Company in 1950. This patent was granted by the US patent Office in 1952 and covers the design but also the thermoplastic process on how to seal the two halves together.
It is further our understanding that the Cosom Company also had to invent the machine to produce these balls.

The first balls were practice balls for golf - so people could practice their golf swing in the back yard.
Even if the very first balls had to have their holes punched out before the two halves were merged - still the design was the now classical, 26 holes in a very "floorballesque" pattern.

These balls came to the life about 5 years before of any other plastic ball imagined for Baseball practice. And the Baseball practice balls, did never ever really look like these - with the 26 holes.
It did not take long from the day when Cosom made small golfballs until they started to scale up their balls to the size that - we Floorballers find right today. Cosom tried several sizes and shapes too...over the years.

But remember these balls with the right hole pattern and the right kind of plastics - where never called whiffle balls - this was the FUN BALL by COSOM.
This ball was designed and produced from Minneapolis, MN, USA.

And if you as a Floorballer go out and hit a bucket of Golf-balls - please send Cosom your warmest thoughts.

Here is the full patent: In case you want to read it or blow it up and frame it to your wall - or make T-shirts out of it?

And as we are still at it - here is the patent for a machine too

Maybe we now can agree that the Ball used in Floorball originally was invented by Cosom in Minneapolis USA?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Speed comparison - two sibling sports

First we do the sport that all folks know.
Let us just add one thing here - did you know that the stick this player use is a little bit longer and that his stick is used as an exception, due to his own length.

Now lets do the new sport

As You transfer MPH to KM/H or vice verse well the Floorballer shot at almost 127 MPH or 57 meters per second. The Hockey player is doing just above some 48 meters per second.

Why? Two reasons, There are holes letting air through the blade on a Floorball stick - ventilated blades and yes - the puck is just way to heavy for a fast game.

We still wonder why they have not invented ventilated blades in hockey ;-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Check out the double feet Jump

It is blurry, it is not top notch sport and it goes a bit wrong. But still we think it is a great piece of action to share here. Just look at the double feet Jump. There are things that money can't buy

What is the Market Worth?

As you ask this to the larger manufacturers or just how many sticks they sell they normally act a bit with avoidance and it is hard to get a straight answer or any indications at all in these areas.
This is a pity since if we had straight open answers or statistics on stick sales - it would be much easier to predict the market - and this way determine the growth on different markets both short term and long term. This may also drive the market even further - in particular for those guys that have a large market-share.

Maybe you remember one of the ways to spot the future - Mr. Goetz as he say "bank on openness".

Many, more open industries, like the car manufacturing business, are amazingly open as it comes to how many cars they sell. But not companies that makes Floorball sticks. Maybe the producers think that being quiet is good? Old school - we say it is just old school and a dead end.

We suspect that they shy away from open statistics since - they are afraid that a very big sport brand would discover the sport. Or could there be other fishy reasons?
Foorballcentral thinks that one or two big sport brands in floorball - would be one of the best things that could happen to the sport - with their global power and reach.

However, one of the smaller brands Realstick, well they are not that small in Finland and they are active in 14 countries... A stick number was just mentioned in an article about them and it sounds like they have produced some 130.000 sticks.
Hm, it would not surprise us then if some of the big producers have produced like - plus a million sticks? We wish we knew... Do you?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Will obesity trends turn us all to shot put?

Heavy athletes, or fat, and sometimes maybe also obese are attracted to specific sports. Just since - to be a bit big - brings on a premium - in certain activities.
Shot put and heavy weight wrestling are some reasonable illustrations of this.

We do not think this is bad - but a good example of diversity in sports. So in fact we say this is good.

But what trouble us and the world is this

Now read that story - before you cont. reading -that speaks about how the over-weight trends will look like in 2030, here in America. Some people think that half the population will become obese within like just 18 years. Have you read it yet?

So will also half of the population then start to do shot put in 2030?

We have earlier talked about "a natural disaster" and we have done some minor comparisons to other sports on how a Floorball player burns calories compared the traditional sport. One post on this subject just became rather popular at this blog and is now on our weekly top list.

Now we will look at American sports from a fully different perspective: What American sports do have heavy, over weight , or obese players?
You know the answer yourself - so we do not have to point this out to you yet again.

In principle it works like this; a heavy body mass index-  in sports - are good as you either want to move other heavy bodies. And if the other body is heavy - well. then it is even more attractive to be yet further heavy yourself. In other words we have seen the raise of a negative "heavy spiral" in some sports.
We also think - without firm support from research - that it looks like that if you want to move a rather heavy object as far as possible like a discus or a rather heavy ball - well it does seem like you should not be way too skinny, or rather too lightweight, yourself to do this well.
Is this why skinny people ends up as runners too?

This is not rocket science, It is all just about basic principles of physics.

So perhaps as we want to fight over-weight we should focus on team sports with lightweight balls to avoid all ideas that a heavy body brings a benefit to the game?
Or maybe take all the "pushing" of other people out from the sport too? Perhaps still maybe a drastic move, huh?

Ok here is our math again - now from another perspective.
A Floorball weighs in at 23 grams, this means that it takes more than 7 Floorball balls to match the weight of a softball, and three and a half softballs to match a Basketball ball.

Do we now mean that Basketball players are fat? No, we do not, but we say that they are rather big as you put them on a scale - mainly since they are tall. They have to be able to reach high and move that 600 gram ball rather fast.

Nope, in reality you can not compare sports like this by only looking at the ball. There is so much other things that play a role. And different sports are indeed good to have since they all cater to diversity.
Another critical feature is how much the players move. Basketball is excellent in the moving respect - but some other sports looks kinda silly - as a bunch of players just stand still waiting for Godot or something...

Its good for advertising - but a disaster for people that needs to burn calories in a motivational way (read to have fun).

As it comes to the "natural disaster" called obesity - the national disaster is - as we think:  that we do not have Floorball in the American school system, yet.

Floorballcentral say - there are few other comparable tools today that would make such a difference in terms of health. We do know that Floorball is used over-seas both during PE, recess, and in many after school programs. And the kids loves it.
Look yet again on the money numbers in the article we refer to above. Floorball would in essence not cost a thing but instead bring in revenue - since it has the power to lower predicted future health expenses according to the article above. The trick is just to get a deep penetration.

Nope, Floorball can not fix the rampant obesity problem itself - but it is fully silly or a general mistake not to use some of the modern tools that we do have available.Floorball just must be a part of the solution and strive to fight obesity.

We here can not change this alone - but we hope and wish - that you can do something too. If not for Floorball - but at least for a healthy future.

Or - should we - try to just introduce - shot put - instead,
to like half of the population - in 2030?

Northern Red Leafs - on the go for Hockey and Floorball

It is a fact that the traffic from Canada to this blog has been down a bit for some time now. We think even China is ahead of Canada in terms of visits as for example over the past month. But then it is also true that China has picked up their number of visits very good lately too.

Let focus a bit on Canada. First we were happy to be able to share the latest Richmond Hill Hockey video with you yesterday, scroll down to an earlier post if you want to see it. This clip is fully awesome as it shows how Hockey may use Floorball. But remember, it is not only Richmond Hill that is doing this and even if we still are early in the North American Floorball development - we are darn certain that many many Hockey clubs - if not all -will follow in these tracks.

Here are some other news that certainly points to a bright future as we want to get Floorball into the Elementary Schools in Canada.... It is a Floorball job posting to solve this in Canada

But that's not all. Here is an outlined presentation on how to incorporate Floorball into your Hockey Club in a similar way to in the Richmond Hill video - courtesy Richmond Hill Hockey Association

In all this we do not outline every detail - but we want to hint that - if you read this closely - dynamite is baked into this material and we will get a bit deeper into these matters later on.. so stay tuned. Since these matters are not only crucial to Hockey and Floorball in Canada - it will spill over to the USA too. There is not a single doubt about that.
Let us shift gear a bit. This is the latest from the Toronto Floorball scene

Play Floorball in Toronto!
Leagues starting across the city now
What's floorball? It's hockey without the ice.
An exciting, safe and inexpensive form of indoor hockey suitable for players of any skill level.
Learn more about floorball from:
FloorballPro | The Score | Toronto Star | CBC | | Globe & Mail
Game Times
FREE Open House
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Try a Game for Free: email us
Ready to register?
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Note: you must create a Membership Profile for Floorball Canada first which will open up the ability to join a league.
Want to try it first?
Attend an open house session or contact us to try a free game. Just bring yourself, shorts, t-shirt & indoor shoes. Floorball equipment will be provided.
Don't see a league in your area?
Check out the Where to Play section for a full listing of groups or watch how yourMinor Hockey Association can start their own league
Keep in touch with us by joining the Toronto Floorball League facebook group or 'Like' thePlayFloorball facebook page. You can also follow @playfloorball on Twitter. To learn more about our leagues, check out our league website at or call us at 416-972-9305 x101
Don't hesitate to get in touch anytime as we are always happy to talk floorball. I hope to see you on the court this year.

Juha Mikkola & The Grassroots Floorball Team

Friday, September 21, 2012

Carnegie Mellon University

Has developed their Floorball activities to now include a facebook page also so please go here and show your support (I do not expect Kent Goransson to do this).

We hope that they might have a little write-up in the works too - listen to it Carnegie Mellon - sounds rather ok doesn't it?

We wonder what US University is next in line? (there are some others up with Floorball too but we prefer to catch the new ones)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

To all Minor Youth Hockey associations across America

This is for you
It is big and it is now - more material to follow soon

Black River Falls - Dry-land training

Michael Phelps just recently said that he would interest himself a bit more about Ice Hockey - after all, he said, hockey involves water too even if it is frozen.

Yesterday the first session ever of Floorball took place at Black River Falls in Wisconsin.
It was also most likely the first time in America that a Swim-team used it for dry-land training.

A Swim-team? Yes.

Here are a few reasons: Swimming demands both fast reflexes as well as good co-ordination and good balance. Floorball may offer that.
Swimming is typically a sport where the athlete are subject to rather constant loads. Floorball offer the sometimes more efficient intermittent load. So that is a good feature as you want to vary your training.

On top of that Floorball is rather fun and therefore also motivational.

And yes, there are no problems to play in a swim suite too.
- Guess what!
They will do this again.

Passion - Blue and White - Sisu

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Icebreaker for Floorball - with the best...

As we already told you Peter Forsberg will play Floorball October 12th 2012 in Umeå, - well that is in just a few weeks time and this is only one part of the larger story.
One of our post on this subject went crazy in terms of readers - very fast - so we guess you liked it.

The team that is called the Icebreakers are not just another ordinary Ice Hockey team. Nope it is a Hockey team formed of players that play for charity and the proceeds goes to children and youth that either have special needs or are ill in northern Sweden. So this is a team that plays for the very best and good cause.

Then the players on this team are not normally the average Joe.
Here is a list of some profiles that earlier have played for the Icebreakers Hockey team in Sweden: (the list is borrowed from wikipedia so if you want to know more about these players the names are linked to more stuff)

That looks almost like a Swedish National Hockey team.
Then if the NHL lock-out is going on it would not surprise us - here comes the speculation again - we might see some new players with NHL relations that might end up in this Floorball game for charity.
But, even if we already now have detected that some NHL players already are back in Europe - it is most likely also true that most of them are fast tied up in other hockey teams and schedules...
This could possibly however IN THE BEST DREAM CASE result in a remarkable NHL related Floorball game.

Is that good?
We think it could be fully awesome if it would help the Americas to discover Floorball for kids in school - both for reasons of health and joy, a bonus beyond the initial charity cause.

But even if no new famous hockey players are added to Forsbergs Icebreakers - he still has an impressive team with a former National female superstar from the Swedish National Soccer team as well as a former player from the Brittish Soccer club Crystal Palace, and other interesting names on his roster.

If Forsberg played Floorball himself? Yes for the now gone club VK Rasket. Here is team action from that era, we do not have a clue who is in the picture though:
Rasket playing Ö-vik
Who Icebreaker will play? A local team from Umeå - called the blue wings...
If we would like to see the game - You betcha.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The longest experience from Floorball in School...

...happens to rest in Sweden.
That means that much of this knowledge are to be found both within the Swedish school system as well as in sport organizations.
We may not translate it all. But Google can..

This time we took one page from the "riksidrottsförbundet" (the Swedish national sports federation) on Floorball and we ran it through the translator:
Out comes a translated page that is not perfect and oh, well the red thread is still there... and the material cover some examples on activities from first grade all up to higher grades. Hope it will help.

Top 10 Floorball Saves

Speed? No faster than that... this link became rather popular on twitter today.. so here it goes.

Ein Stunde Free Sport via Swiss Sport TV


Samstag 3 Strovreta-Warberg 1 from Swiss Sport TV on Vimeo.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Meme - for Floorball?

As one look for the formal definition of a Meme. It is described as a form of cultural exchange that survives and continues to thrive and spread. The Punk rock in the 70ties is often described as a pre-digital meme, a new culture that spread the world in a short time. 
A Meme has also been described as a form of the genes like the ones we have in biology. They develop, they survive and the thrive and some genes take over the world.. A Meme is the same gene but for a culture.
And we would like to add that this is used for low budget and mass-viral marketing - and it is also an area that is studied by serious scientists.

As we instead ask our  10 year old son he say it is something that you find online as a picture or a video that goes viral and spread galore. And it is true that this his own new more modern description is also easy to find online.

We at Floorballcentral are 100% convinced that Floorball is a cultural sports expression. We also know that the sport and school activity has been "insanly" successful at many of its first "test-markets" (well before the Internet).
We are also clear that this will happen in America too.
The question at stake is more how much time this will take.

If the Floorball movement (this includes everyone involved - including the youngest players and fans - not only federations and leaders) would like to move from the current 54 member nations to the 100 that the Olympic short list seems to ask for..

Well, we here think a few things could be good to have or develop:
First we must know our own Memes and how they work for us, both at the larger cultural transfer level as well as in virtual stunts online like in video clips or pictures.
Second - we must not only know this - we must also work with this at a deliberate level - and not even that is good enough - we must become the world's sport experts on Memes. Why not?
Cool huh?

Let's us take this as an example - This is the most watched Floorball video ever with 720.000 some hits on Youtube The Floorball movement could either try to produce one even better - that would have a yet better chance to go viral.  Or we could just stick to our guns?

Anyway, what we ask for here is some direction to push the best we have even stronger as a low-budget marketing campaign to promote the best we have over all social networks and include as many Floorballers as possible to do this. We need a Floorball community promotion activity - maybe just "a go viral Floorball day" that we all celebrate and we pick one image or movie clip to promote? It would not cost a dime.

Hey, one more thing if you liked our own home made meme - that man with the dos xxx - well share it for heavens sake on all the social networks you have... 
Thanks for the inspiration behind this post goes to my son, Eric Anderson, and the online service (go there and make your own funny Memes - ehhh ...on Floorball only please.)

The latest penalties

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Salming shows deep Design

One of the rules, by Mr. Goetz, state on the subject - how to spot the future - reads:


We are today happy to announce that this page

Is nominated for the Swedish Design Award.

Hey, future here comes Floorball.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Warberg - Storvreta Live Free NHL style direct from Bern

Here it is full feed from the game Warberg - Storvreta premiere, soon to be played live from the Swedish Super League - Floorball. This game is played abroad in Bern (NHL style) at one arena that also will be used for this years World Floorball Championship.
This game is sent free of charge thanks to Swiss TV - we love Swiss TV here.

This Game starts at 20.30 CET (central European time). Saturday
So to see the game in the USA you must back up corresponding number of hours and for most people in the Americas - so this game will be an afternoon game.

But you can See it here: Game over...

Transmission is over. Storvreta won 8-1. Floorballcentral was only able to see the first part of the game, since we were engaged in a Stunt for the local Boys & Girls Club (Floorball of course).
We would like not to comment too much upon the game but what we saw indicated that Warberg did not have too much ball in any dangerous plays...

Next up on Floorballcentral..
Hopefully a report from Montreal and one from Carnegie Mellon University..
We also will wrap up the series of post on "how to spot the future" by Mr. Goetz and we will monitor closely
the NHL lock-out. No we do not like the NHL lock-out. But the interesting thing is if they are in a lock-out over mid October then the incredible thing might happen that Peter Forsbergs charity Floorball game in Umeå Sweden might turn into the largest NHL Floorball bonanza ever... let's see.

Today's big news - was otherwise a deep analyse of the largest Swedish Newspaper upon Floorball on Jamaica - wow brother and sister it sounds like Jamaica might rock the Americas. And as we measure not by size but by relativity,,,the  number of Floorball impact in terms of people or economy etc.
Jamaica is for sure in the lead - and yes our bet that Jamaica will build the first special arena for Floorball in America stands firm..
Here is Google translates version of that cool article

Forsberg and Floorball Front page stuff

This is just a picture of a FrontPage of a current News in Sweden. To us it say more than lot.
Let's say that they guy to the left knows how to play Hockey and that he lived earlier in Colorado - if you want to know more - well scroll down this blog.

Wow this post had 90 hits in two hours!

One Love from Jamaica! (including Special Olympics)

We decided to check in with Mr. Jason Dye President at the JFA on Jamaica since there has been a lots of things going on down there recently and they have more in pipeline.  We have this exclusive post for you here including;
Floorballcentral's own take on this post is that it almost sounds like they turn the PE education kind of upside down on Jamaica - and that reggae tune sounds fun.
So, it sometimes sounds like that Jamaica now have the highest Floorball penetration in the western Hemisphere - how does that feel? 
I am not sure about that, however the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) is very driven and motivated and that feels irie, lol.

We have seen that Floorball in Jamaica earlier was introduced to some 70 schools, how many of these today do you estimate might use Floorball related to PE, during recess or in after school programs? 
I would love to say all, but we have notices that the players are the ones taking the lead and contacting the JFA to assist them in finding facilities where they can play floorball after school.

Could you also try to develop a bit on how the age and gender structure looks like for people doing Floorball? 
The JFA promotes gender equality in all our events; however there are more males playing floorball then females.

Is there any programs planned yet for people with special needs? The Jamaica Special Olympic
took part in our first floorball training and all trainings thereafter. And as a result they have formed a floorball team.

We here at Floorballcentral are convinced that a main component for a successful development of Floorball - is not only to attract players - but to develop support functions like leaders, coaches, teacher and more - could you tell us a bit on how that is coming along for you. 
That is our biggest challenge going forward. We are trying to get someone to come and live in Jamaica for 6 months to a year and train a pool of people to be trainers, coaches and referees. If we are able to do this then the JFA would be in a position to develop floorball in a very effective manner and the result would be very far reaching.

Any detected interest from any other Caribbean neighbors yet? Not yet. We are in the final stages in signing a memorandum of understand (MOU) with the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus , and one of the agreement is that we would use the University as a channel to promote floorball in other Caribbean countries where they have other campuses.

As you now try to build a team to send to Sweden later on this year - does the bulk of your players have some relation to any other sport - that you suspect makes them more prone to develop their Floorball skills? The advantage we have is that Jamaicans are athletic and are involve in many other sports. I would say field hockey, but they tend to play floorball a little bit like when they are playing field hockey, they have to unlearn field first, almost. On the other hand non-field hockey player grasp floorball skills more naturally.

How long do you think it might take until Jamaica Floorball becomes a member of the National Jamaican Olympic movement? In the next two weeks.

What is the worlds best club in Floorball? Storvreta,

Mr. Jason Dye wraps up our conversation with the following words of wisdom:
The floorball movement in Jamaica has been fun and exciting. Having Storvreta coming to Jamaica was great. The high point for me was no the exchange of floorball knowledge and skills, but instead the exchange of culture, at the end the camp every floorball player we using the Swedish expression ‘’ho yo yoo’’. It was great for me to experience that.
The JFA team has and is doing a great job and I am honoured to be a part of that great team of people.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salming show how Floorball leads Hockey

In some part of 2009, as we started this blog with the intention to wake America up to Floorball. One of our first rather serious posts was a post that argued for Floorball sticks and say something like that they are even more advanced as compared to Hockey sticks.

This post is still our most popular post ever at this blog, with close to some 2500 hits and yes, you may find it here:

Some water has been flowing under the bridges since then and let us now talk Salming/X3M:
Two of their latest inventions for Floorball sticks are the twister as well as the kickzone. We think both are trademarked and most likely patented too. Both are designs that affect the shaft of the Floorball stick, to move the flex of the stick closer to the blade to increase the bounce of the ball of the stick blade and Salming is rather clear as they advertise this as you shoot even harder with a stick like this.

But as you know Salming is also a Hockey brand. And yes Salming are not fully "out on their bicycles" (this is a Swedish saying that means that they know what they do) - of course their stick technologies have been transfered to Ice Hockey too. Both the KickZone technology as well as the twisted stick shaft. Look at this stick buddy! It is to us here - just another Floorball idea transferred over to the Ice.

Image, Salming. Comment; We do think Salmings advanced versions of sticks are readily available in Canada, but not yet   in the USA.

Hmm, wonder if I should not import a Salming Hockey stick to our son, here...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UPDATED twice now!! Peter Foppa Forsberg ret Colorado Avalance change sport

I has just been declared in Swedish press that Peter Forsberg will switch to Floorball too.
He say in a local interview in Sweden yesterday that: "Yes, well since I do not know to skate anymore it is probably time for me to switch to Floorball, but he adds since I do not know to run either - I wonder how this will go..."
This is the funny part of this.

The serious part is that Peter Forsberg has a Hockeyteam, with some of the best possible Swedish players ever, called the Icebreakers - this is a team for good fundraising and it has been traveling Sweden recently drawing huge crowds - and yes they have also smashed several more local Hockey teams into scattered parts of themselves - uh, the Icebreakers play rather good that means.

But as they go to Umeå, in northern Sweden well they will play Floorball instead - to raise money for good causes.

UPDATE, There is a low quality interview too with Peter Forsberg all in Swedish:
He admits here that he plays Floorball every Wednesday in Stockholm and that he used to play regulary in a Swedish team like 24 years ago so he thinks this will be a good game. The date for the game is October 12th, and yes Markus Näslund is included in the Icebreakers team too.

Here is the Swedish article - if you do not believe us


One more thing - one of the largest Floorballblogs in Sweden just recently described the status of Floorball in northern Sweden as..."Floorball is Hot as in a frying-pan"


News From Small Town USA - Tomah WI

On Saturday Floorball will be featured as a demonstration activity with the Boys and Girls Club in Tomah, WI for their own "kids day out" at 4PM in Winnebago park, yes this is an activity that also feature free Ice cream for the kids. ;-)

On Sunday Free Drop-In Floorball will be back at the Tomah High School at most Sundays (well, when there is larger holidays we will not be there). The drop-in nights play kids at 5PM and all the Kids (adults that play drufus) above 12 years and up (including geriatrics like myself) play at 6PM. This is an co-ed activity and everyone is invited, the only thing needed is a pair of good indoor tennis shoes with non-marking soles and perhaps a bottle of water.

For the young guns we will play a few games like Baseball Floorball and Indians and Cowboys, beside of just playing Floorball. In the young group we will strongly recommend protective eye wear - and we do have a bunch of them to borrow. But for your own best personal fit we would recommend that our young players invest in their own glasses.

Drop-In Floorball is an arrangement together with the Tomah Parcs and Rec and is supported by the local Tomah Area School District as we use their facility. Drop-In Floorball offer Fun, a decent Work-out, camaraderie, all free at charge (we have sticks to borrow for free too - courtesy of the Tomah parks and rec and Mr. Borg). You can not ask for more? There is no need to sign up - you just need to show up.
Everyone is invited.
Announcements are being made over Tomah as we speak this week - but of course if you live outside of Tomah and want to try Floorball - you are welcome too.

On the annual tournament we have been arranging here in Tomah earlier.. as Tomah Open
We aim for April 13th this year of 2013. The idea is to try to secure this date a bit earlier and this way try to attract a few more teams. The two previous years we have had 11 and 12 teams. We do know that there is some new groups bubbling out, here in the Midwest and we will try to build this tournament even larger if so possible.
Earlier this tournament has been called the Tomah Open - we are considering to make a name change to the US Midwestern Floorball Championships instead - a championship for teams 4 on 4 being played with goalies in an advanced as well as a recreational group.
We aim to be back with more on this as soon as we have secured the date - April 13th 2013.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The new arena in Växjö, Sweden FACTS

Let us just share a few facts from the new Fortnox arena in Växjö Sweden that is designed for Floorball only:

1 250 seats,

250 more spectators may stand,

20 wheelchair spectators,

2 VIP-lounges,

100 meter boards system with LED-lights,

14 squaremeter LED-jumbotron,






During the inauguration they played segway-Floorball and had many other activities..

What we at Floorballcentral now hope for is that Växjö now tell their three sister-cities in America what Floorball is, why they build a unique arena and so on. (other interesting fact is that Växjö does not even play in the highest Swedish league, yet
and why not read the full article (google translate maybe) or see the pictures.

Rumor say that next Arena soon opening in Helsingborg will have 5000 spectator seats for Floorball (it is about what most top hockey rinks have too in Sweden)

Monday, September 10, 2012

The best thing you can do..

The best thing you can do for Floorball?
Is that to donate money to this site? To invite a friend to Floorball, or to get engaged in your club, to advertise the sport, or in other ways promote Floorball?

Well, all these things as of above is good - but we think there is something else that is even better.

We think if you buy yourself a new stick - that is the best thing you can do for Floorball.

Let us explain.
First of all - a new stick means that you cater to yourself - and if you not become a better player with a new stick you will at least get some broader experience and in essence you might also therefore become a better player. So the first reason is that you take care of yourself.

The second reason is even better. Now you have two sticks - so what do you with the old stick? Here is where the serious best benefit kicks in - there is three things you can do. First you either sell your stick to someone that does not have a stick. This someone will with this stick become even more glued to Floorball, since she or he now own their own stick. Or if you feel that you like someone good enough why not just donate your stick to someone that would make good use of it. 

The main idea here is to have your second stick still used and not sitting in a closet - it must be used by someone else. 

This trick - to buy a new Floorball stick - each season - also means that you yourself will have the latest version of the stick you want. This means you take the initiative - and it is not Mister or Mrs. Newbeginner that comes hauling in to the gym with the latest, as in -  the courts coolest stick. No, you are.
In America you have another rather cool option for your old stick. If you take it to the Goodwill they might actually give you a donation receipt - something you can deduct from your taxes - and this means your old stick will be back on some sort of a market - even if just as a toy - and your new stick will be supported by the money you may deduct on your taxes.

If you by chance live in one of the countries where Floorball is a big thing, you might find it hard to donate your old stick to another new player. We would advise you to look for instance on Facebook and find a friend outside of your area/country and send the old stick to a friend at a place where Floorball is rather unknown or small - instead.

OK, we know some people will say - no I will not buy a new stick just to feed that Floorball industry complex. Well in essence - first of all a lot of the money some companies makes on making sticks are invested back into the sport as support for tournaments, clubs, players and stick development.
And the truth is if someone in the USA would like to become rich they would most likely have opened a dry cleaners instead (we have heard that there are few industries compared to dry cleaners that generated such a bunch of millionaires). So do not worry not too many people have become millionaires on Floorball - yet.

Our own Sticks shop is here - now you get ready for the fall.

Sunday, September 9, 2012 Da Capo

We have said it before - is outstanding.
One of their latest creations is a post on shooting.. Perfect.
This time we ask you to visit them for the full scoop - but hey this video is not bad.

Minor hockey development in Belleville Canada

A look back at yesterday's #Belleville Minor Hockey development day #floorball  -- FloorballPro (@floorballpro)
From twitter via mobile. Post to be updated soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Future Rule 7 - Spend time, with time wasters

Let us  first quote Mr. Goetz on his 7th rule on “how to spot the future”;

-”The classic business plan imposes efficiency on an inefficient market. Where there is waste, there is opportunity. Dispatch the engineers, route around the problem, and boom—opportunity seized.
That’s a great way to make money, but it’s not necessarily a way to find the future. A better signal, perhaps, is to look at where people—individuals—are being consciously, deliberately, enthusiastically inefficient. In other words, where are they spending their precious time doing something that they don’t have to do? Where are they fiddling with tools, coining new lingo, swapping new techniques? That’s where culture is created.”

As we now try to find our “time wasters” in Floorball we boom hit all zorro artists. A new lingo are you kiddin’? No one needs to do the world’s best Zorro or air-drops to play good Floorball - still the phenomena is there.
Take the splendid example Innebandysajten in Sweden (now closed) an immense load of work with no real payment, just based free will - and such a strong will? Take all the volunteers at the club levels - that maybe not waste their time - but they do things from an intrinsic drive instead of money earned.
Take this blog - no.. We think that Floorballer’s do not exactly waste their time - but it is almost like big parts of the drive in the full movement ahead is dependant upon a large part of wasted time.
How is that? 

Well, yet again we think that Floorball as a movement score 100% on one of the rules stated by Mr. Goetz on “how to spot the future”.

The time waste rule is Mr. Goetz last rule. We will follow up this little series with a final that sums up our conclusions. It is mainly in two areas that Floorballcentral envision some improvement - on our track into tomorrow.

This is our post 7 on the subject as described by Mr. Goetz - on how to spot the future - as we relate his article to Floorball. Here are our other posts:
and the second


"Thomas Goetz is Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, overseeing everything from story conception to cover packages. In addition to guiding editorial content, Goetz writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology."
It is our understanding that beside of  this article, that we refer to here, Mr. Goetz, also have been presenting the subject "how to spot the future" to live audiences. In his article he defines 7 rules on "how to spot the future".
Since Floorballcentral is convinced that Floorball is what is next in sports we take the rules - as they are defined by Mr. Goetz - and see how Floorball as a sport and a movement match up to these rules. We are fully aware that what Mr. Goetz wrote in his article mainly aim for "tech" development. This is not something we see as an obstacle. This is post 6 in a series of 7 + 1 that relates to the following article by Mr. Goetz.

Read it at the source and get the real feel for what is next.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!