Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Warp Speed Olympic Roadmap part 3

The Swedish Innebandymagazinet runs a series of articles that looks upon the prospects and possibilities for Floorball to Go Olympic soon.
We are sorry that we can not keep up with their speed. Their material is outstanding. But only available in Swedish. You may google what they say and translate it but - seriously it does not work good with these translations - and we do not have the resources to cover all this the way we want. We will try to be back with more material, that either connects directly to what they have written - or comments upon what has been said or at least is inspired by their articles - this post belongs to the last category.

Floorballcentral is based in USA and with this comes sometimes a rather US/American perspective. So when Warberg, that to at least some extent get serious sponsor money from the USA, starts to build Floorball in South Africa...and... As Storvreta that has its main homebase in Uppsala (the city Uppsala is the official sister city with Minneapolis - we would hopefully suspect that a good exchange of culture between them would take place), and Storvreta instead sets sail to help Jamaica with Floorball... And the third big European Club involved in Floorball foreign missions Happee, seems to build Floorball inside of Europe (in Spain with summer camps, we only guess that Happee is rather connected there)...well - we kind of started to wonder what in the world was going on.

The current release of articles from Innebandymagazinet regarding the Olympic dream however might explain some of these splendid club initiatives from another perspective. One of the demands from the IOC is that Floorball need 100 countries up running to be on the Olympic short-list, if we got this right (currently 54 is up). This demand comes in pure numbers of countries - to some extent this then actually discriminates against larger countries. Yepp. Sorry China, Sorry India, Sorry the United States of America, in a country count we will not make the best cut, since it is easier to catch for instance Andorra as Russia!
If the IOC did not demand numbers in count of national countries, but instead like 50 Million recreational players or 3 Million licensed players (forget the numbers in our examples - it is what they measure that creates the reality not the actual numbers), then, if they measured the number of players instead - We are sure that the Floorball world would have aimed for China, India, USA , Russia first... But now there is this “nation-count-idea” in place with the IOC. For the short-list if we understand it right.. You would expect that they have good reasons for this...and you as a reader decide yourself what you think is good.

 We do applaud the specific initiatives that the IFF have been taken towards Canada as a prioritized country with what we guess is a “German status” of priority. But with an IOC demand measured by the number of countries - then suddenly - what these three clubs so admirable do - suddenly it also makes a ton of sense.

The only thing now that does not make as much sense is that not more big Floorball Clubs obviously try to act missionary about their sport. If they do - we have not heard too much about it.

Jamaica is good, since it is a very well defined market with a super strong sports culture and if one island in that region gets the fever, more will follow and we have heard rumors on Floorball from the Dominican Republic too. Jamaica is also an important first in the latin or caribbean/american area. You can most likely easily pull several countries out from that area almost like rabbits from a hat.

South Africa might be the best way to get the ball rolling in Africa and Floorball for sure need this continent. Yes there has been some other movement in some other African countries too. But South Africa is most likely the vital trend setter for the full continent. Clever move you guys.

Spain, yes we are still in Europe. But the power of the Spanish language does not only sweep across South America, it also cover Latin America and large parts of the US American population.

On top of this we have the Floorball4all organization that seriously aim to spread the sport and if we are not wrong they actually got Brazil going with good help from Switzerland, if a specific club was involved - we are not sure. If now a club had this function - they have not been able to capitalize on this in terms of publicity and goodwill.

But maybe this strategy should have been explained better at an earlier stage? And is this a strategy - or just happenings?

Here at Floorballcentral, we just recently have detected some big rise in traffic from China. Over the last month they are second behind USA here in reading this blog. Maybe we need a Chinese version too? And yes one article in the series of articles from Innebandymagazinet, that we refer to, is just talking about the Olympics and what China would do. We may only wish that we see some strong efforts in the direction towards the world’s largest language too and that some club(s) will help out in Asia or the Middle-east in some way too.. Could Singapore be ready for Missionary Floorball actions too soon?

Since we are American based, we still dream. We dream big American dreams - mainly about way more clubs following the lead that has been shown by Storvreta, Warberg and Happee.. The 4 top leagues in Europe have some 40 teams and only three reach out? Not good enough we say, we also think that you do not have to play in the top league to mission for Floorball abroad. Then we want to kick all those communities/clubs in Europe that have sister sisters within USA in the rear.. Our hardest kick goes to Vaexsjo Sweden, that town has a top notch floorball team and one, two, three (3!) sister cities in the USA. Hey, what are your plans for your culture exchange? Wood carving? Ok, that is probably good. But so stuck in yesterday.

Overall it sure looks good - we just wish Floorball had warp speed mode too - maybe it has, but we are not in warp speed yet - are we?

We will.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!