Monday, August 20, 2012

Rule for the Future 5 - Bank on Openness

Let’s quote three specific parts from Mr. Goetz great article on “how to spot the future.”

A) “ Kevin Kelly, wrote a story called “New Rules for the New Economy”. His focus was on networks, the “thickening web” that was forging connections of catalytic power. Many of his radical rules have become commonalities today, but two of them are just coming into their own: Connected individuals with shared interests and goals, he argued, create “virtuous circles” that can produce remarkable returns for any company that serves their needs. And organizations that “let go at the top”—forsaking proprietary claims and avoiding hierarchy—will be agile, flexible, and poised to leap from opportunity to opportunity, sacrificing short-term payoffs for long-term prosperity.”

B) “More tellingly, in many organizations openness itself has become a philosophical necessity, the catalyst that turns one employee’s lark into a billion-dollar business. Companies from Lego to Twitter have created a product and then called on its users to chart its course, allowing virtuous circles to multiply and flourish. Time after time, the open option has prevailed.”

C) “ the world at large is moving the other way: toward transparency, collaboration, and bottom-up innovation. True openness requires trust, and that’s not available as a plug-in. When transparency is just a marketing slogan, people can see right through it.”

If, you did not know this before you’d better say wow - now - since this is remarkable and powerful stuff.
It may also be seen like this, what would you prefer? - 100 members in your Floorball club that pay their dues but that is about all what they do - or do you prefer only ten members that are vocal and fully devoted to their club and have their own strong ideas too that they express on facebook and twitter?... Most modern people would prefer the later scenario.

OK, how to relate all this to Floorball as a sport? First we must admit that this might be hard to do without hurting the feelings of some people.
Second, it is utterly important to recognize that the IFF as an example has a superior democratic principle in place as they for instance publish their minutes from different meetings on the web.
That is very good.
It is however not clear to us if national federations are asked to do the same, and suddenly we run into problems on how the “floorball movement” - “banks on its openness” at the national level in some 54 countries - or at least in a few of these...

Here at Floorballcentral however we think this matter runs much deeper. We are poised to believe that the voice you have in social networks together with the number of messages and connections built are more worth than the old times “formal positions” some folks might have - at least within the context of the very same organization. In the old days a formal position would be rather fixed. But let’s say that a few of people in leading positions within the movement suddenly got very good klout scores (only as an example - and klout is only one way to measure social influence) - what could then the other formal guys and gals come up with? To us it is clear that they would be at an obvious disadvantage. Some people even think that social scores might be worth more than money - we do not know - but some thoughts are very interesting.

There are some people within the Floorball movement that act incredible good with social media. Others use it, but maybe just post on family matters and nice vacations i.e. things that is not connected to the real “movement”. The third and last group is not visible on social media (at least not to us).

We think the development for Floorball might be seen in two dimensions; A) Social media will be able to strengthen the relationship of power within the own domain (civil war within floorball) B) Social media might have the power to beat the xxxx out of other sports that are not as active and also want to go to the Olympics - eh (regular marketing war).

Then there is this idea about being modern and new as you represent something new - or instead just not do the new thing at all?

If today’s key people are not ready to bank further on openness, the only thing we may do here is to post material like this.
Floorballcentral are certain that this all will arrive one day - at the latest - as a new more modern generation will take over and steer the ship. But since we are in a hurry here right now - we want some change from, like today. ;-)

When the industrialization came - do you think it was a good idea to industrialize or not?
Well, social media is here to stay too.

Or do you think we interpret Mr. Goetz in a bad way in this post?
How Floorball rates by us on Banking on Openness as defined by Mr. Goetz? We give 15% to the good example as set by the IFF and another 15% for the relatively few active leading individuals on social media we have found out there...

According to us this means that this is the very worse score we now have in this series of posts on how to spot the future and how Floorball as a movement fits into these ideals..

Floorballcentral think if Floorball wants to go Olympic as soon as possible - then we need leaders that drive the movement through social media too.

This is our post 5 on the subject as described by Mr. Goetz - on how to spot the future - as we relate his article to Floorball. Here is our other posts:
and the second

"Thomas Goetz is Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, overseeing everything from story conception to cover packages. In addition to guiding editorial content, Goetz writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology."
It is our understanding that beside of  this article, that we refer to here, Mr. Goetz, also have been presenting the subject "how to spot the future" to live audiences. In his article he defines 7 rules on "how to spot the future".
Since Floorballcentral is convinced that Floorball is what is next in sports we take the rules - as they are defined by Mr. Goetz - and see how Floorball as a sport and a movement match up to these rules. We are fully aware that what Mr. Goetz wrote in his article mainly aim for "tech" development. This is not something we see as an obstacle. This is post 5 in a series of 7 that relates to the following article by Mr. Goetz. Read it at the source and get the real feel for what is next.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!