Friday, August 31, 2012

5 min and 16 sec that may change your life?

How to improve Hockey in NA - outside the “bun”

As a coach, or as a little Hockey Club, a school team - what can you do to improve your hockey?

More hours? More stickhandling? More skating? More powerstride? More backwards? More shooting? More stamina? More strength? More nutrition? More puck contact? More cross-ice? More drills? More games? More of at least something?

All are probably good or decent ideas!
But they all fall inside of the bun, or inside of the game itself, and you will only do what the other teams are doing too.  How clever is that if you wanna be good?

The main trick for North America if you want to take Hockey and develop it instead outside of the bun is to do things slightly different.
Take Hockey outside of the bun!
Floorballcentral recommends two serious routes to use and the expansion of these - Your first task is not within your own Hockey operation. Your first task is to take Floorball as an emulation sport for hockey to the school. Toss out all old Hockey emulations in school. When we say school, we mean in PE, at recess (yes Floorball is a safe version that is played at recess in Europe - whereas Floor Hockey often are prohibited on school yards in America since it is not deemed to be safe, sic), but you must also penetrate the after school programs around you - to work with Floorball.
The expansion for this route is also to have your own team to do some minor Floorball games - but the main win rests at the “school”.. the platform structure for your own players - outside of the bun.

The second task is to understand what LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) is and how to implement this into your own operation. There are development models in America that most likely rest on inspiration from LTAD. But it is not always too easy to connect on how this material is being presented, at least we have a hard time to grasp all of it.
Our Advice is to check out CS4L (search with google) and get your own idea on how this works. Today’s nasty fact is that 90% of all kids drop out from teams sports at age 13. This means that 90% of all possible talent is flushed down the drain. Madre Mia!
The numbers should be the opposite way and 90% of the kids should instead stay in team sports beyond age 13. LTAD aims to perhaps not solve all of this problem but it aims to improve the numbers of players you will have to work with. This spells - your team will become much better and you will have more members too. Not bad huh? The expansion of LTAD is when you not just understand LTAD - but change your regular activities to be in line with the ideas behind LTAD - Yeah, this is proven scientifically too.

So in essence - it is not very hard to improve hockey at all - you just have to think a bit outside of the “bun” and do some serious footwork.
And use some European secrets.
Yes, Floorball is played in the sun outdoors too ...(this one from Germany)

Nope, Taco Bell did not sponsor this post.

Thursday, August 30, 2012 checks in again - now on coaching

Earlier this year we decided to use a few guest-posts from prominent Floorball sites.
It emerged so one post from caught fire and is now our second most read post ever, still driving good traffic - and that is not bad. 
Here we go again with a new thoughtful post from
We are both proud and pleased that we are able to share this copyrighted material.
Floorball – coach for the right reasons
Posted on August 27, 2012

With the way most of our live and work these days, we have an increasingly isolated lifestyle. We sprint from our homes to our jobs, and then from our jobs to the grocery store, or to our children’s schools… and then if we’re lucky, from there to a quick dinner before collapsing into the sofa or bed, so we can get some sleep before the next day’s race. There is never time to become part of our community, never really time to do more than survive?

Coaching young players allows us to be part of the answer. Study after study has shown that when children are involved in organized activities like in floorball teams, they do better in school and within their families. So the real question isn’t how can we make time for this, it’s more like, how can we not make time for this?

I think we’ve all met the bad coach, the unreasonable guy who treats eight year olds like they are adult men in a NHL team. But we’ve also met the guy who motivates his floorball players to try new things in life, and to learn about self confidence and teamwork. You know… he’s the guy that we aspire to be, the one who generates respect from his players and their families. It really isn’t that hard… if you are coaching for the right reasons.  And, always… coach for the right reasons. You are not involved with children in order to make all of them floorball superstars or national team heroes, you are coaching them into being better people …besides developing their floorball skills.

Their full site is here

How can a single US school miss this?

OK, what we really wanted to say is that this winter it is time for the Male WFC again.
And normally our blog goes bonkers as that takes place.
August is already our second best month for 2012 in number of visits - and that is during the summer when there is not too much Floorball going on.
Share, spread, read.. or become a producer instead of a consumer.
Floorball is here to stay, and well, according to sources in Sweden it is the fastest growing ball sport ever.
This is just a little warm up to WFC 2012, and right after that for the first time ever - World Games Special Olympics, Korea in 2013.
The season will be busy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Demand Deep Design - Rule 6

As Mr. Goetz lay out rule number 6 on how to spot the future he calls it “demand deep design”.

We do not think we have to analyze in detail what he say in his article, it is kind of obvious that Apple is good on technical design and if you have a website with some bad touches of an ugly user interface....well it is not a strong candidate for the future irrespective of your brilliant idea...

But how may Floorball match up to good or deep design?
Balls first; The Floorball ball weighs in at 23 grams and you may never ever see the phenomena in floorball as you see in youth soccer - aka cluster ball. The young ones (4-6 years of age) run after a soccer ball that is so heavy for them in comparative terms...that it means that... well they move faster than the ball and the new cluster ball sport is a fact.
Against most other Ball sports, Floorball win a knockout victory here. A 600 gram basketball for young kids? Is that to be serious?
OK, table tennis and badminton also sport lightweight tools, of the trade, but these are not team sports and... it is only golf, beside of a Floorball ball ,that has aerodynamic patterns in the ball to improve its flight. A hockey puck? Maybe they will invent the aerodynamic hockey puck too in a 100 years time or so... sic.

The Floorball ball design is just superior.

The sticks?
Most reasonable streetwise kids may easily compare any Ice Hockey stick, Field Hockey stick, Lacrosse stick, or Bandy stick with a cool Floorball stick and there is no doubt that Floorball sticks are not only the coolest sticks on the planet - both in terms of graphical design, but also as a tool to play a fast and very sensitive sport with.
It is also worth to mention the “ventilated blades” you have on a Floorball stick - it drives speed, lowers weight and makes it look even cooler.
And with OXDOG’S new one piece full carbon designed stick, well we will be in the future already this fall.

We also think the clean gameplay and the relatively constructive rules used - is another part of the vital and deep design in Floorball.

Heck, Floorball defines the definition of Deep Design in all areas  - as a sport.

Yet again we say that Floorball score 100% according to how Mr. Goetz say that we might spot the future as he use his 6th rule on deep design.

Next post in this series will be on the last rule on how to spot the future and then we will try to wrap things up.

This is our post 6 on the subject as described by Mr. Goetz - on how to spot the future - as we relate his article to Floorball. Here are our other posts:
and the second


"Thomas Goetz is Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, overseeing everything from story conception to cover packages. In addition to guiding editorial content, Goetz writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology."
It is our understanding that beside of  this article, that we refer to here, Mr. Goetz, also have been presenting the subject "how to spot the future" to live audiences. In his article he defines 7 rules on "how to spot the future".
Since Floorballcentral is convinced that Floorball is what is next in sports we take the rules - as they are defined by Mr. Goetz - and see how Floorball as a sport and a movement match up to these rules. We are fully aware that what Mr. Goetz wrote in his article mainly aim for "tech" development. This is not something we see as an obstacle. This is post 6 in a series of 7 + 1 that relates to the following article by Mr. Goetz.

Read it at the source and get the real feel for what is next.

Calgary Flames.... yes here too

According to us this is smart and modern Hockey - seems like the Calgary Flames agree..

One piece world premiere

For a new stick design ... one-piece and probably lightest on the market... this ain't bad..

Fatpipe - the most light for now

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Honda, New Large Floorball Sponsor

….in Sweden that is.

In the release that the Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF) just released about their new sponsor some remarkable comments are made.

Listen to this:

NO, READ OUR LIPS - instead!
- Floorball is the very New First sport for many youngsters in Sweden

- There is no other Ball Sport, throughout history, that show such a steep positive development curve as Floorball.

Honda Sweden, further state that they like the broad penetration of Floorball, from the youngest kids to the very advanced senior level.
Honda Sweden also say that they like things like curiosity, open hearts and new ideas, something that fits well into what they do as a brand - and Floorball.

What we dream of now? Ha, why not 10 Odyssey vans full of Floorball graphics that roams the streets of the United States too. LOL,
Wheel, or well ...Maybe not today - but with the development at places like in Sweden, perhaps it is not too far fetched as the bug spreads.

Let us just repeat one line so we make this clear and obvious:
- There is no other Ball Sport, throughout history, that show such a step positive development curve as Floorball.
Yes, now we love HONDA too. ;-)

IFF takes a smart step

The IFF now has opened up a function for member nations to post Floorball videos to the main IFF channel on You Tube.
We say this is a very important step to visualize the sport at the Global and Local level.
We encourage all member nations to try to use this excellent service.
It would be great to have some larger leagues posted at this channel and - yupp, this may become very good indeed. We say Hooray!
More news here

The IFF channel is to be found here

Monday, August 27, 2012

International Wheelchair Floorball meeting

Rolling Wheels!!!

The newly named INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE WHEELCHAIR FLOORBALL had its first meeting early August in Prague. Here is some high-lights from the meeting.
- Representatives from 5 countries participated.
- It was decided that the sport should aim to become a full member of the Paraolympic movement and initiate relations with both IWAS and  IPC (the International Paraolympic Committee) -( trying to go Olympic here too - Floorballcentrals note).
- Their own website was also announced at 
- The sport will also focus to create their own International calendar of events.
During the meeting some upcoming tounaments was listed as
14th September 2012 – Hannover
Holland 2013 – International tournament
Prague Wheel Open in 2013
Sweden 2014
- Another goal set by the committee is to develop the largest para games  - possibly a European Championship
- Further the meeting stated that it should create a working group for the rules and synchronise them –  as simple as possible, and take into account different types of abilities of players.
- Mr. Petr Alina was appointed as the Chair of the group.
- The meeting also states that they will investigate new nations to become involved in wheelchair floorball. A contact list for different Nations was also posted and one of Floorballcentrals contributors Mr. Borg is listed as the contact in USA,  and Mr. Adam Frost is the contact for Canada.
If you are interested in Wheelchair Floorball in North America do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Floorball in School!!!!!!

Here is another very good post from Floorball Coach that we are happy and proud to be able to rerun here.
We like what they write with only one little adjustment. We think if the kids have a hard time to score as small nets/goals are being used. Then we say a perfect way to increase scoring is to mark a goal crease/area - still playing with no goalies - and say - no player may put a foot inside the marked box/area in front of the net/goal.
This normally increase the number of kids being able to score..
Their full article is to be found here


In older literature can be found, besides the official rules, rules for minifloorball or small floorball too. Both are game modifications with only one referee, the rink size is adjusted to the size of a basketball field and it’s played without goalkeepers on small goal cages. With only 3 or 4 players on each side and usually 2×15 minutes. It’s basically floorball with some adjustments suitable for conditions in school gyms.
If goal cages or goalkeeper equipment isn’t available, floorball can be played entirely without goalkeepers. This form of floorball is appropriate for physical education in schools because it requires less time, equipment and supervision than standard floorball. But if it is played with goalkeepers (somebody is playing on this post), think about safety and never let him/her play without a face mask! For games without goalkeepers it’s advisable to shorten the goal cages by laying them down or using small goal cages. Alternatively the goal space can be marked by using cones.
There is no need to have the goal crease while playing without goalkeepers. But when playing floorball in a smaller gym with goalkeepers,  there should be a goal crease and should be adjusted/reduced accordingly to the size of the gym. The goalkeeper area is necessary in any floorball form or modification, it’s not advised to play without it. It’s size doesn’t have to be exactly correspondent to the rules, we can use lines or marks on the floor prepared for other sports. When playing without proper goalkeeper, the last player (doesn’t have to be the same one always) defends the goal with a stick while standing, he/she never sits or lays down. If you are using higher goal cages it’s also better to restrict defending the goal with kneeing on one knee to avoid head injuries.
We choose the amount of players with regard to their experience and maturity and to the size of the gym. “Minigames” with a lower amount of players on a small rink are more effective. Players get involved in the game more often during the same time segment, they are in contact with the ball, pass and shoot more often. If you have a higher amount of players available and a large rink, it’s better to play 3 against 3 on both halves of the rink separated by benches instead of playing 5 against 5 or 6 against 6 on the whole rink. Imagine how you would feel with 6 players on a football rink. You would be running the whole time but get in touch with the ball sporadically. Children feel the same way on a large rink for adults.
In school gyms boards can be replaced by benches (especially in spots with uneven walls), it’s also appropriate to use benches in corners to make them more round. If you have no boards or benches set the maximum height where the ball can touch the wall to maintain the „out“ rule. You can make or use existing  lines on the walls for this.
The coach or teacher in the role of referee is responsible for following the rules (with some prearranged changes, for example – with a shorter match time for school competitions the time of a 2 minute bench penalty is also reduced to only 1 minute and in small gyms the distances for face offs, hit-ins and free-hits is also adjusted; the 3 meters distance is shortened to 2 or even 1.5 meters etc.).

USA Hockey ADM

This is coaches teaching coaches.
Now you hang on and watch the full sequence... We love it here

100 000 new players! Yupp!

As we try to depict Floorball here we usually refer to that the sport in terms of licensed players grows like, explosive and we are not very much ashamed  about the fact that in Sweden with some 9 Million inhabitants sport something like 120.000 individuals as licensed Floorball players.

Then this little short facebook message jumps up the other day at the group "Floorball to the Olympics".
This little note in sort of a dry way just presents the fact the this week 100.000 new kids will start with Floorball for the first time in Sweden.

We call it the power of Floorball ourselves and share the picture too
Photo: Jonas Soderberg

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seattle Vikings

We just had a great report in from Floorball Vikings in Seattle. It is interesting to hear that they play with the same game format as they used in Brasil recently when they decided on the first ever Brazilian Floorball Championships
Our contact man Mr. Stefan wrote us the following write-up:

Vikings Innebandy, the Seattle Floorball Group has been playing Floorball in the Greater Seattle area since before 2000.  Several of the founding members are veterans of Innebandy from Sweden, having grown up playing there in the early days of the sport.  One player even claims to have been there from the very beginning, playing with crooked branches and pine-cones.  

With a core group of Swedish players, we have through the years included players from the U.S., Sweden, Finland, Canada and the Czech Republic; mostly recreational players, but at least a couple players with elite club or professional experience from Sweden and Finland.  We play a modified version of Floorball with a 4 v 4, small goal/no keeper format.  The group is open to inquiries from experienced players looking for a place to play in the Seattle area, or to anyone who has an interest in checking out this great sport.

Anyone interested in can follow us on Facebook at:

Stefan P

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This incredible image face USA and Canada

No further comments
By deviantart and here is more

Breaking news? Updated - twice

Yesterday we caught a post on Facebook that indicated that Canada wanted to bid for the WFC that we tossed up on our own facebook page.
This post was re-posted by the worlds largest Floorball community on facebook minutes later (they have almost 70.000 likes).

Today this news article jumps up in Canadian press

This is what we think:
In principle there are three things Belleville must offer:
TV - and that may not be a local cable guy but main Canadian TV
Spectators - and most likely paying spectators
Sponsors - a few others beside of the common Floorball related guys and gals
If Belleville have this in their bid - yes they might get a U19 WFC tournament.

What is happening next?
Well if I was a young gun born 97 or later, kind of and if I knew some hockey either from Ice or from the wooden club game... Or if I did Ball Hockey or something similar. Then irrespective of I lived in any province in Canada, in any State in the USA, in South America or in the Caribbean..
Heck, you will never in life have a better opportunity ever to play in a World Championship for you country.
The trick is to do 10.000 hours of Floorball until 2016 - i.e. roughly 50 hours a week - rather though if there hardly is a club around where you live.
But if you may only get some 10 hours per week in you are most likely well ahead all the others....
You can do it! This is right now a much less competitive environment - but this will change utterly fast...
This opportunity is only open now.

We have further have clarified that the WFC they apply for is the girls U19, so Hockey girls get ready if you want to represent your country in Floorball ;-)

We also hope to possibly have a deeper coverage after the weekend..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Czech Mate

We still think the best videos come from the CZ Republic

Rule for the Future 5 - Bank on Openness

Let’s quote three specific parts from Mr. Goetz great article on “how to spot the future.”

A) “ Kevin Kelly, wrote a story called “New Rules for the New Economy”. His focus was on networks, the “thickening web” that was forging connections of catalytic power. Many of his radical rules have become commonalities today, but two of them are just coming into their own: Connected individuals with shared interests and goals, he argued, create “virtuous circles” that can produce remarkable returns for any company that serves their needs. And organizations that “let go at the top”—forsaking proprietary claims and avoiding hierarchy—will be agile, flexible, and poised to leap from opportunity to opportunity, sacrificing short-term payoffs for long-term prosperity.”

B) “More tellingly, in many organizations openness itself has become a philosophical necessity, the catalyst that turns one employee’s lark into a billion-dollar business. Companies from Lego to Twitter have created a product and then called on its users to chart its course, allowing virtuous circles to multiply and flourish. Time after time, the open option has prevailed.”

C) “ the world at large is moving the other way: toward transparency, collaboration, and bottom-up innovation. True openness requires trust, and that’s not available as a plug-in. When transparency is just a marketing slogan, people can see right through it.”

If, you did not know this before you’d better say wow - now - since this is remarkable and powerful stuff.
It may also be seen like this, what would you prefer? - 100 members in your Floorball club that pay their dues but that is about all what they do - or do you prefer only ten members that are vocal and fully devoted to their club and have their own strong ideas too that they express on facebook and twitter?... Most modern people would prefer the later scenario.

OK, how to relate all this to Floorball as a sport? First we must admit that this might be hard to do without hurting the feelings of some people.
Second, it is utterly important to recognize that the IFF as an example has a superior democratic principle in place as they for instance publish their minutes from different meetings on the web.
That is very good.
It is however not clear to us if national federations are asked to do the same, and suddenly we run into problems on how the “floorball movement” - “banks on its openness” at the national level in some 54 countries - or at least in a few of these...

Here at Floorballcentral however we think this matter runs much deeper. We are poised to believe that the voice you have in social networks together with the number of messages and connections built are more worth than the old times “formal positions” some folks might have - at least within the context of the very same organization. In the old days a formal position would be rather fixed. But let’s say that a few of people in leading positions within the movement suddenly got very good klout scores (only as an example - and klout is only one way to measure social influence) - what could then the other formal guys and gals come up with? To us it is clear that they would be at an obvious disadvantage. Some people even think that social scores might be worth more than money - we do not know - but some thoughts are very interesting.

There are some people within the Floorball movement that act incredible good with social media. Others use it, but maybe just post on family matters and nice vacations i.e. things that is not connected to the real “movement”. The third and last group is not visible on social media (at least not to us).

We think the development for Floorball might be seen in two dimensions; A) Social media will be able to strengthen the relationship of power within the own domain (civil war within floorball) B) Social media might have the power to beat the xxxx out of other sports that are not as active and also want to go to the Olympics - eh (regular marketing war).

Then there is this idea about being modern and new as you represent something new - or instead just not do the new thing at all?

If today’s key people are not ready to bank further on openness, the only thing we may do here is to post material like this.
Floorballcentral are certain that this all will arrive one day - at the latest - as a new more modern generation will take over and steer the ship. But since we are in a hurry here right now - we want some change from, like today. ;-)

When the industrialization came - do you think it was a good idea to industrialize or not?
Well, social media is here to stay too.

Or do you think we interpret Mr. Goetz in a bad way in this post?
How Floorball rates by us on Banking on Openness as defined by Mr. Goetz? We give 15% to the good example as set by the IFF and another 15% for the relatively few active leading individuals on social media we have found out there...

According to us this means that this is the very worse score we now have in this series of posts on how to spot the future and how Floorball as a movement fits into these ideals..

Floorballcentral think if Floorball wants to go Olympic as soon as possible - then we need leaders that drive the movement through social media too.

This is our post 5 on the subject as described by Mr. Goetz - on how to spot the future - as we relate his article to Floorball. Here is our other posts:
and the second

"Thomas Goetz is Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, overseeing everything from story conception to cover packages. In addition to guiding editorial content, Goetz writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology."
It is our understanding that beside of  this article, that we refer to here, Mr. Goetz, also have been presenting the subject "how to spot the future" to live audiences. In his article he defines 7 rules on "how to spot the future".
Since Floorballcentral is convinced that Floorball is what is next in sports we take the rules - as they are defined by Mr. Goetz - and see how Floorball as a sport and a movement match up to these rules. We are fully aware that what Mr. Goetz wrote in his article mainly aim for "tech" development. This is not something we see as an obstacle. This is post 5 in a series of 7 that relates to the following article by Mr. Goetz. Read it at the source and get the real feel for what is next.

A picture that speaks...

It speaks for itself right ;-)

The latest from Salming in North America from Floorballpro..

( for Salming customers in USA we recommend either twigs for grab on this blog or both places carry or can get most of Salming stuff too and there is no hazzle with customs)

Click to watch the video

Salming's new line of floorball sticks has arrived in North America. It includes the latest floorball innovation - the Quest 2 blade - available on many models.
The 2013 line of products is brand new from start to finish, featuring an extended 103cm shaft length on select models, the new Aero-Z blade for Z-tricks and many other advancements.
Visit your local Salming floorball retailer or to see the 2013 floorball products in more detail. Remaining 2011 and 2012 models are discounted up to 50% online.

If you have any questions about floorball, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-855-FLR-BAL1 x101 or by email at We're here to help you start or keep floorballin'!

The FloorballPro Team
Get In Touch

Think Again - this could be big thingz

Here it is!

For the first time we see a revolutionary idea on the subject of - of passive fans and the firmly closed doors to a real club management - now we turn the full thing - up side down.

My FloorballClub is a web site that claim that they need 1000-1500 members and then they will create a fully fan driven Floorball club in Sweden - If we now get this right the fans will vote on almost everything and guide the club forward through the league systems..

Is this utopia? Maybe and maybe not - why or why not - we think it might not just only work but also turn a lots of things fully upside down. If this concept works it might become seriously and spanking powerful too.

So to give this a try - well we - or they - must gather 1000 fans first (and you know what if they get 1000 fans they will also instantly more or less have 1000 fans for almost every game..) That is good for a club starting in the lower league system..

It feels like we take the very capitalistic means to constantly "vote with our money" on every item or service we buy - closer to the idea of perhaps super democracy? It sounds like a fresh idea to us - but are U ready for something like this?

Nope, Floorball is not first doing this - Soccer or Football in England is already up running.
So this seems like a reality

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charging up Champions Cup 2012

Some ideas from Storvreta

Yupp, Stamkos..

In a Floorball shirt too - courtesy Floorballpro

Czech Open 2012 florbalu

Czech Open 2012 ve florbalu, click this link...

No embed code. But no country restrictions either.

Follow this link above and you a have a top sports event on Czech National Television enjoy.

Product Updates from Floorballplanet

The new 2013 floorball sticks have arrived!  They are on the shelves and ready for immediate shipment.  We are really excited about the new features that can be found throughout the lineup -- from beginner through elite.  Here are just a few highlights:
At the entry level, the Campus Series is now part of the X3M line.  The popular Campus 36 straight-blade stick features a snazzy new design and sports a more durable stick/blade attachment.  The X3M M-Blade and Control Blade sticks have a new Campus design for 2013.  These popular sticks are available in lengths from 75 cm through 100 cm.

The longest Hockey Canada Matrix stick is now 103 cm, up from 101 cm.  We've also added a 68 cm stick for younger players. 
For tricks and feints, check out the new Aero-Z!  It's available in 92 and 100 cm lengths.  The brand new Quest 2 features a redesign of the popular Quest blade.  The Quest 2 includes a base frame stabilizer, a single horizontal cavity along the blade face, a deeper vertical cavity and a unique toe drag design for increased ball control.  The Quest, Quest 2, Aero, and Sniper series are available with extremely light TourLite shafts.  Now we also carry these models with Oval Grips -- a feature often requested.  

With the arrival of the new sticks, we have incorporated the clearance prices that we've offered for the past few months into the list price for all remaining 2010 sticks, most of the 2011 sticks, and a few of the 2012 models.  While supplies last, this is your chance to move up to a higher-end stick or pick up a few extras at a savings of 25-30%. 

Click here to download a pdf of our new stick catalog or updated group package catalog:

Placing an order is easy.  Visit our FloorballPlanet Online Store to study our entire lineup and place your order online. Or pick up the phone and call 866-693-0925 or 817-806-5002.  We'll be happy to answer any questions or provide additional information.

Friday, August 17, 2012

First Edition of The Vancouver Open

We are proud to be able to re-post another post from BC Floorball

Vancouver Floorball Open – VFO 2012

Greetings Floorballers, The Vancouver Floorball is all wrapped up and the event was successfully kicked off in fine form. The Event shot out of the cannon last year when discussions went deep with two Swedish teams, and a Swiss team were making plans to come to Vancouver for training camps and a Floorball outreach program. The Canadian National Men’s Team was also slated to participate in the Open. see
Plans quickly changed when our Euro Teams could not attend and the tournament took on a different tone altogether. We scaled it right back and began to focus on quality, not quantity.  The Alaska Floorball Monkeys, a real highlight of the Event, came to Vancouver and the tournament was kicked off properly.  The table is set to revisit our European teams coming to the VFO 13, in early July next year.  The other star of the show as always was the Richmond Olympic Oval.
Richmond Olympic Oval
Thanks to all the BC Floorball volunteers for putting in such hard work and thanks to our partners- the YVR Marriott HotelThe Hockey CommunityTartooful for the cool west coast medals and Trophy, Modern Hockey for the equipment donations and our marketing partners kommunity hockey.
Tournament Summary The U21 All-Stars were spearheaded by National Team players Robbie Wilkinson and Mack Saunders.  They actively recruited some top skilled players from our U19 player development roster and filled in the gaps with some local hockey talent.  They took the Alaska Floorball Monkeys and the North Shore team in round robin play, but lost a close fought match to the Modern Hockey Floorball Maniacs.  Having gone undefeated in the prelims, the Maniacs looked to be in control heading in to the Finals.  The Bronze match featured the North Shore team against the Monkeys, and our guests from Alaska played a very solid game and took third place.  On to  the Finals…the U21 squad came out flying and chasing, running and gunning.  The end result was a close victory for the U21 All Stars, and the young guns proved to all that they were the ones to be the elite class of the BC Floorball Federation. Winners:  Robbie Wilkinson, Mack Saunders, Jacob Brandstrom, Lyndon Stanwood, Faez Kanji, Colin Schmidt, Trevor Stack, Jamie Turner, Simon Huntley, Andrew Neilson, Connor Rankin. Mack Saunders took the top scorer award.
The Teams: Alaska Floorball Monkeys, Modern Hockey Floorball Maniacs, the U21 AllStars, and the North Shore/BCFF team.
The Maniacs
Top Scorer- Mack Saunders
more pictures can be viewed on FacebookB

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Czech Open - is opening tomorrow

Stamkos, Hodgson, Del Zotto, and Gaunce x 2

Yepp, these are all players from the Waxers alumni and play for teams like the Lightning, Rangers, Sabres, Avalanche and the Canucks.
On Saturday they will play Floorball in Markham Canada - just so you know ;-)

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Floorball can't Change this

This map was just released by the CDC (a kind of US gov agency).
They also say this: "During the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States and rates remain high. More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) and approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese."

Another observer said - "Well, we're pretty much all obese".

We say, Floorball can not change this. 

We also say a completely different approach - like to get Americans into sport for life - for instance by follow the basic principles of LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) and by the use of new tools like Floorball. This might have a serious good impact in the right direction on this catastrophic trend that is only on par with a Natural Disaster. 

And we think it is fully irresponsible not to use modern tools to turn the ship around.

Floorball and LTAD can not solve it all - but it would be a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Nobel Prize in Floorball?

No no no, that is just too crazy.

Yes, but if we look on this from another angle. Mr. Alfred Nobel created the Nobel prize to both give back to science and art but also to in a way to create his own legacy.
He did that rather good.

Since there were no Prize available for Music the ABBA producer Mr. Andersson created his own, today rather prominent Polar Music Prize.
A Russian Billionaire just started to reward his own Physic's Prize - with way more money as the Nobel Committee does. Then there is the Oscar awards that cover alot in the Movie and TV industry...

If we now take this to sports - is there a "Nobel or Global Prize" for Sports?
Not at least a one big enough to make a good media impact. So if we were Billionaires we would definetly create a big Global Award to Sports. And with so many Billionaires and so much money involved in sports, it is almost funny that this has not happened yet. Are sporting Billionaires not looking at their very own legacy?
A Hall of Fame is a good thing - but not large enough as we want to think big and global here.
Could not Carlos Slim do this - yeah but he would never focus on Floorball. Maybe Ingvar Kamprad... he would at least heard have about Floorball..

Anyway, Floorballcentral would like to nominate a Mr. Carlson from Minnepolis and a Mr. Ahlquist from Gothenburg for this the non-existing "Nobel Prize for sports" as the creators of the new sport Floorball.

And that ain't too bad.

Floorball in Special Olympics - The World Games

As we have mentioned before Floorball will be featured for the first time as a Demonstration sport in Korea in like 5 months time at the World Games - Special Olympics.
The version being played will be 3 on 3 plus goalies. As we have tried to dig out some good footage the closest we get is the larger version 5 on 5 plus goalies - if you have not seen Floorball as a Special Olympics sport before please enjoy.


Ref Signals- a brush up

We're proud to be able to repost outstanding material from - this time a HD clip on ref signals - can't be done better than this.. Thank You Floorballcoach.

Brand New Stuff from Brazil

Monday, August 13, 2012

Team USA 2012...

Just released a large part of their squad today for wfc 2012.
Let us quote today's posting at their web site
"First 15 for the W.F.C 2012 have been Selected!Men

12.08.13 USA: It is time to reveal some of the players selected for the 2012 World Floorball Championships squad.

... following players have been selected to represent Team USA at the upcoming World Floorball Championships in December in Switzerland.
Michael Adamek
Terence Frank
DefendersJesse Andersson
Michael Binder
Fabian Länzlinger
Philip Winkler
ForwardsStefan Zimmerman
Ryan Winklar
Kalle Förare
Vince Faso
Raphael Möri
Philipp Fischer
Umang Patel
Mikko Vähä-Vahe
Alexander Granvald
The remaining squad including reserves will be selected on the 10th of September." end quote.

Rule 4 on the future - Give Points for Audacity!

What does that word mean, Audacity? Well it is to be bold and like bragging or to be brave and act forward in a loud way - about what is going on.

This is how Mr. Goetz talks about Audacity:  “Audacity is easily written off as naïveté, as overshooting your resources or talents. And that’s a danger. Plenty of would-be Napoleons have called for revolutions that never found an army. But you can’t make the future without imagining what it might look like.” Mr. Goetz continue - “Peter Thiel told wired two years ago, “Am I right and early, or am I just wrong? You always have to wonder.” This kind of willingness to take a chance and be early is what keeps the world moving.”

Can we give Floorball any Points for Audacity?

- A new sport that only 30 years after its own birth becomes recognized by the IOC?
- A outstanding constant positive stream from Students in Singapore on twitter?
- A little sport that does not only play a large tournament at the Zurich train station and now this year take the Swedish leagues opening games to Bern - just like how the NHL do their thing?
- A sport where one of the world’s best teams fly people to Jamaica and introduce what they do there on the national TV?

- A sport where kids post zorro movies to youtube like crazy?
- yes, even a mad blog like this one...

It is all about audacity and with no doubt Floorball score another 100% as we try to match up on how this new sport match the rules - on how to spot the future, by Mr. Goetz.

We have three more rules on the future to cover.

Our first post on this subject
and the second

"Thomas Goetz is Executive Editor of Wired Magazine, overseeing everything from story conception to cover packages. In addition to guiding editorial content, Goetz writes frequently for the magazine on health and technology."
It is our understanding that beside of  this article, that we refer to here, Mr. Goetz, also have been presenting the subject "how to spot the future" to live audiences. In his article he defines 7 rules on "how to spot the future".
Since Floorballcentral is convinced that Floorball is what is next in sports we will take the rules - as they are defined by Mr. Goetz - and see how Floorball as a sport match up to these rules. We are fully aware that what Mr. Goetz write in his article mainly aim for "tech" development. This is not something we see as an obstacle. This is post 4 in a series of 7 that relates to the article by Mr. Goetz. Read it at the source and get the real feel for what is next.

First clip 2012 open water

This is the world Championships in "Panta Rei". We think that is latin...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

May we learn something from Handball?

First there is no doubt that American journalists have written long, deep and good stories on Handball from the 2012 Olympic games in London. And they like what they see.

The core things they say goes - something like this;
They love the game, They are surprised about the speed, the intensity, the excitement, and the rough game play, Then they try to view it from some kind of Basketball standpoint too, and one guy even dare to suggest new rules ( sigh, borrowed from Basketball) to improve the game. They wish the USA was stronger in Handball and that more Americans would watch this sport too. So to us it looks like that the USA somewhat perhaps might be able to discover handball.

Handball is not a sport that is very big in the USA. Why?
We think first of all it has a name problem too - but not the fragmented name that Floorball lives with, but more like the soccer-football problem. So yes, there is another sport, that is only called Handball in America - played like a racquet-less squash (racquetball) or something - you play it with your hands
So yes some Americans call therefore “real” Handball - Team Handball instead. Confusing - Oh yes.
We think ourselves that the Soccer-Football name confusion (well Soccer is also a very very strange name) probably delayed the introduction of that sport with a decade or three. But with the Internet live and going strong all these name problems will be sorted out - it will just take some time

The second problem for Handball as some teachers tries to be progressive and introduce it into their school. Well most gyms in America are still being built for Basketball and they are not simply large enough. It is our opinion that Handball perhaps could be slightly harder to scale down as compared to Floorball to fit smaller gyms. But since a lot of the Handball game is based around lines outside of the goals/nets. Well, that should not be too hard to work around in some way. 

Another obstacle that Handball has if you want to play it in US schools is that the goals/nets are; a rather expensive and robust construction. We have seen Handball nets here that almost looks like a scaffold piece of equipment used during the construction of a building.
So as we compare the cost of the nets, it is probably a bit hard for Handball on the expense side to even compare with Floorball. A set of real Handball nets are probably like 5-10 times more expensive - no we did not check this up.

We know that at some places a new sport like Floorball runs into problems with ignorant people that thinks that Floorball will destroy their floor. Let us repeat this again - it is wrong and it is not the case at any other sports venue in the world (that we know of).
This could perhaps also be an issue if Handballers start to use the resin, or glue they sometimes like to add onto the ball as it also spreads on a court.

In part maybe Handball has very other similar issues on the cultural side that are very similar to Floorball as a new activity and maybe we can not just learn stuff from each other - but also perhaps help each other to get North America on the bandwagon?

Is it a sign of the time that the Salming brand carry both Floorball and Handball equipment?

However as some American Journalists say they like the rough game play actions from Handball. Floorballcentral is not with them on this.
We mainly like and picked Floorball once in our life because it is a game that strives toward constructive, skillful, and a rather clean gameplay.
If we would have liked a rough sport - well there is plenty of them.

This may also indicate that Floorball by some people may be categorized together with “friendly” sports like Volleyball, and Badminton, or Tennis/Table tennis.

We say Floorball is probably more rough then all of these - its more like Basketball - but it stand out as a “clean” or non-destructive skill-based activity compared to all other Hockey emulations there are.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!