Sunday, July 29, 2012

4 Stages and how they will work for an American Floorball introduction...

Science in general, has a tendency to divide things of knowledge into different categories or stages and they also love to put big labels on what they figure out..
We do not know if this is done to enhance the understanding or maybe it is done - just by tradition. But this is how many scientific people, and the papers these folks write, looks like.
We do not always like this and we think one should be careful in doing this..because you might lose the more holistic view.

This said, we will now for the first time ever discuss the Floorball development in America - in the light of 4 pronounced stages.

The Bubbling stage,
This is the first stage and it is characterized by; that close to 100% of the population has never ever heard about Floorball. Still there is a little enclave of enthusiasts that try to wake people up, but what is heard at this point, is mainly crazy postings on a blog like this one - or perhaps some sport interested kids in America that stumble across a few Floorball clips on Youtube and they scratch their heads. But that is about it.
This is the stage where we are at, in USA today.

The Discovery phase,
Is defined by a smaller interest by “real” media. There is a few news articles that jumps up and a few clips on main TV channels, or on the more mainstream Internet. - You’ll find sites that occasionally (or at least once) refers to Floorball not just as in peculiar news. Still the main bulk of people does not have a clue about Floorball - but this stage also means that news starts to jump up, not just only with early adopters, but also with some kids ahead of the curve, at a few privileged places. It is here where we start to see trends or patterns for the first time.
Floorball thinks that Canada right now are in this phase and they might be a bit down the road in this phase and become ready for the next step ahead...

The Initiation Phase,
This is the most important phase to get serious about to build further forward. This phase only start after as we pass a “bump” of critical mass in terms of interest. Here big money, big efforts and big organizations realize that this is a good thing - a cause that they must drive for either their own purposes, the health issue, or maybe just for market profits. The initiation (or investment stage) phase therefore call for three things; Commitment, Investment, and Organization. To build Floorball fast from here, the sport must find commitment from Organizations like at the federal or state level, and community level, from school systems, private sponsors and corporations with modern aspirations, but also support from organizations like the Let’s move initiative, the YMCA, Boy Scouts, national Hockey and field hockey organizations, Special Olympics, Church systems etc.

We think that Jamaica probably would not win over the USA or Canada if they played a game of advanced Floorball today. But thanks to several things, including Storvreta and SIBF - it sounds like Jamaica is on track into this the 3rd phase. Not too many more people in a country have still heard at Floorball at this stage - the difference is that the most influential and most important people kind of grasp what is going on and they are also willing to bet on Floorball in a serious manner since they understand the overall benefits...

In pure money we might say;  if USA wants 1000 boards for 1000 schools in 1000 counties. .. Toss in some more equipment and some education so we can build good teams - easily this stage need approx 10 Million dollars up front as a light kick-start investment - still we do not even think about new sport venues for floorball..(we probably will write another post on this - but in the limelight that concussions costed USA approx 60 billion, and much of this expense arrive over the tax bill, all in the year of 2000 figures according to federal sources... and some concussions came from sports - well to put it blunt - Floorball is close to be free of charge- but that is another story).

The main Development Stage,
It is now when 2 things are happening. Floorball is growing very fast in school. Floorball start to be a regular matter on sports pages. This stage is the longest and it might span for above 10 years or even more. It is first here that we find wider knowledge about Floorball among a wider population and it is first hereafter we have a larger system of leagues and other organizations in place to secure that a country like USA would be able to present a serious team to fight for the gold at the Olympics.

The main problem with our model?
It takes just way too much time - since Floorball might be at the summer Olympic games already in 2020, all according to some connoisseurs. Floorballcentral thinks that 2024 is more realistic. But still we wonder if a country like the USA might be able to get through all 4 stages as of above in like 12 years time?

So this means it is time for You out there - to get your act together and do a bit more - right...?
Lol - remember you are still one of the very very few here that has an idea about this European secret.

Do not keep this secret!
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!