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The latest for free on floorball

We just picked this up as a tweet at the pool... enjoy..

LEARN ABOUT FLOORBALL! valuable resources, downloads and reference material available for Free!, please pass this link… -- BC Floorball

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The 2 largest Dimensions of a team sport

Two of the largest dimensions in sport are not of “either/or properties”, but they are rather intertwined with each other. Still much of the attention is focused on one dimension only - the sole dimension to win.

Money, advertising, media, most sport journalists as well as all the readers tend to focus on the winning dimension of a team sport.
(And in many other sports too).

In reality perhaps it is the other dimension - that is much much more important and this in particular for all the Kids out there.
Because it is only when you use the other dimension of sports, in this text known as “improvement”, that it is possible, to build, to develop, to stay on top and, yes, to win again, and again.

Why is then the current sport culture so focused upon winning? When it is obvious in terms of pure logic that it is the improvement part itself that ought to be the most celebrated dimension of a team sport?

A team that stay on a winning streak might not at all be improving.... But still they get all the medias attention and glory.

Is that common sense?

In a game between two teams, only one team may win.
In a tournament, a league, or a cup designed competition - still it all aims to create one single winner. And obviously a bunch of losers. Something that is so easy to measure...
It is also true that the harder it gets to win - the more reputation and honor comes with a big win.
To create many winners therefore most team sports are divided into different brackets with age groups and so on. But in reality it may only be one single team that is the true winner in any larger system.

If we look at the improvement dimension instead so much different new dynamics show up.
First this is a part that is hardly noticed by journalists. This is also a dimension not really tracked by today’s systems and, yes - it is in theory possible to compete with the ability to measure improvement and find a winner this way too.

However you may also end up with a league where all teams are improving and all are therefore winners - depending a bit on how one measure “improvement”. This is what we think - measurement of improvement is harder and therefore not as common or non-existent.

We do suspect that most young kids actually are the very ones improving the most - from the lower entry levels to higher levels. But I am not sure if we know how to track this. I think this may change...

We know that more data will be available for all parts of life in the future and that this includes sports too.
So it would not be surprising if advanced systems to measure and track development and improvement will be here too - just because this is a crucial part to be able to win - and we guess this will or must become common in many sports.

Whatever - if you are into a sport to win or to improve...
It feels like journalists, and pundits, and media  all will have another dimension of sports that they should or must look deeper into.

It also might be that this reasoning of the two dimensions of winning - intertwined with improvement...
...might point straight to LTAD, or Long Term Athletic Development...
...a subject we hope to shine more light upon in future posts..


This post only relates slightly to Floorball. This post was inspired after coaching a team in soccer u9/u10 - in a league of only U10 players. The team lost all games but one. And these results could in worse case push young soccer players away from the sport. But behind this - the team also went from big loses with 8-10 scores down to just a few scores down like 2-3 at the end of the season and this in return games with the very same teams. The coach learned a bunch from this experience.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gator - or a Snake Skin?

A World Sensation,

Floorballcentral has tied an agreement with one of the most renowned leather artisans - in the USA.

A crucial part of a Floorball stick is the grip. It is here that the Floorballplayer connect from the palm of his, or her, hands - to the sport itself. This connection is crucial.
The design of your stick is also crucial, as you want to make an impressive impact within your own team mates, or just on the streets - as you walk your stick - or as you want to scare of your opponents.

Together we may now offer the market the most cruel, hand sewn, fancy designed grips in real leather from one of the best artisans in the industry. His normal business is much devoted to leather and skin decorations for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and similar tools of the trade.

Forget everything you have learned about factory made plastic mass-production...

Think adventurous engravings, think exotic skins, add love and maybe a fine fur decoration ..
Now we may offer, fully custom designed grips in real Wild Western leather - made and designed in the USA - for Floorball sticks. Can You imagine to be playin’ with the first stick - equipped with a real alligator skin grip? Or a Snake skin? We can.

The cost, well it ain't cheap - as it’s fancy. So you have to estimate some 300-500 US dollars depending upon the design and possibly even more. Plus shipping within the USA or air postage for international sales, all shipping ought to be insured too, plus some tax dollars on top of this too. The price is dependent upon how advanced you want your stick to look and feel like and the artisan craftsmanship it takes to get it there.
With a hand sewn and decorated grip like this - you might end up having the worlds’ most expensive Floorball stick - but also, most likely, the most vicious.

Yes, we know this may turn out so good that you do not even want to play with a stick like this - but what better tourney trophy could there be as compared to a glass encased Floorball stick filled with some nice artisan art work?

Drop us a line to ulfjens(at) - replace the (at) with an @-sign....or we will not answer.

Here - custom Artisan work from the US Motorcycle business and the very artisan we have hooked up with - can you imagine this on a Floorball stick - then there is a way to make it happen.

Snake Skin Cycle Seat

Custom Leather Engravings

What’s more? You know what, I think we might be able to supply custom leather grips for Ice Hockey and Lacrosse sticks too, but " hiss " please don’t tell em’... not yet. 

As we want Floorball to be first...


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hockey Monkey

Lets us quote a leading Industry Expert:

“Here is the latest evidence for the explosive growth of floorball here in the United States.  Hockey Monkey, one of the largest sellers of hockey equipment in the country, now offers floorball sticks for off-ice training and skill development.  Visit one of their retail locations or online at”

Floorballcentral does not rest with this, hold on and join our strive to explode Floorball in the Americas for the sake of our kids.

Austin Texas and Swift

Some high lights from the latest at SWIFT - South Western Invitational Floorball Tournament.
Enjoy, and thank U guys for making this available!

RUSSIA a first

Russia is building its first designated floorball arena and it will stand ready this fall.
Floorballcentral congratulates RUSSIA to this progressive and clever move.

As it comes to floorball facilities in countries outside of the dominating 4 countries we assume that this move by Russia will most likely contribute to the Russian future Floorball development in a serious way. Is Russia the next Floorball powerhouse?

Who is next of the worlds megabit countries?
China, Canada or the USA?

Let's say we for now bet our 2 cents on China - Yes China - it would not surprise us at all ;-)

Here is full article from the IFF

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More posts from Flrball that connects to Hockey too

Two more posts from Jukka at
This material is popular and it connects between Hockey and Floorball.
We are proud to be able to re run this stuff here, and as You already know we do offer a book from at twigs to grab...
Dave Smith, NHL Officials Health and Wellness Coach
Posted on June 11, 2012
During the International Coaching Conference, we had the opportunity to listen to David T. Smith, the NHL officials health and wellness coach.

The NHL officials Health and Wellness program >>
National Hockey League Officials Fitness and Conditioning
This is a sample program for NHL Officials. As all people are different so are Fitness Programs, the following is used as a guideline with minimum standards for NHL Officials.
Consult your family doctor before starting any training program
Off season training
Start by setting some fitness goals for the start of the next season and focus on those throughout your program.
Incorporate and maintain good eating habits such as frequent small meals rather than a few large ones so your body is burning calories all day. Maintain a balanced diet between carbohydrates, fats and protein.
Incorporate a stretch and exercise routine before every training session.
5 days a week / Up to 2 hrs a day
Strength twice a week
Aerobics twice a week
Run, bike, roller blade or other activity once a week
Weight training utilizing a variety of programs with changes in repetitions, sets, tempo and exercises.
Push-ups using varying arm position and use of blocks
Sit ups, crunches – proper form is very important
Leg Strength (lunges, squats, step ups)
Use heart rate monitor to maximize training zones
Run – 15 min increasing to 60 min.
Ice sprints – 30 sec increasing to 60 sec.
Bike – 35 min increasing to 60 min.
Roller blade or Stairmaster
Jump rope and plyometric exercises with Resistance Bands to increase foot speed and agility
Cardiovascular Exercise (Run, Bike, Stepper or Glider)
Warm up (5 min)
1 minute increasing intensity intervals for 30 min in your target heart rate zone
One minute work, one to two minutes rest intervals
Lower the intensity if you are not recovering to your original Heart Rate after first work/rest interval
Cool down (5 to 8 minutes)
You should monitor Heart rate at all times
Maintaining fitness during the season
15- 20 minute warm up before games
Light jog, bike or jump rope to warm up muscles and joints and increase Heart Rate
Stretch and flexibility as a daily wellness program
Aerobic Exercise 2 or 3 times a week on non game days
Strength and Resistance exercises are done as travel and game schedule allows. Maintaining a base throughout the season will allow an easier transition into the off season training program and helps promote an overall healthy and productive lifestyle.

The program is picked from the NHL officials page >>

4-1 System / Set Up Russia
Posted on June 10, 2012

I wrote earlier about the Swedish 2-2-1 set up and quite aggressive forecheck, if you then look at the World Champions in hockey Russia, you find almost the opposite, very defensive 4-1 or V set up. When the forecheck is started they have almost a 2-2-1 set up, that is transferred to a wall or trap when they stop the attack from the opposite team. Not maybe fully transferrable to floorball, but I hope this post still will create some thoughts outside the box…

How a vacuum connects to Floor Ball?

As we started to toss up things on this blog, we sat up a bunch of "bots" to scan the Internet to find interesting developments across cyberspace, related to Floorball.
And almost from the beginning, and consistently over months - we have notifications jumping up on a vacuum cleaner...

Yes a vacuum cleaner.

Does it relate to the sport Floorball? Not really, beside of that you use it on the Floor.
And here comes the catch, this particular vacuum is designed with a large ball on the Floor. No it is not called a Floor Ball, but a Dyson Ball by the manufacturer..
However since this British manufacturer and inventor, James Dyson, not only caught the British market but also the American market and this is big rather new things in the vacuum industry... Many people commenting or working with these vacuums call it, well a Floor Ball.
This obviously makes it jumping into the news stream of Floorball and connects the vacuum itself firmly to the sport.

Interesting, what is more is that - Dyson has a development over time that slightly goes in line, time wise with the development of the sport of Floorball. Or more blunt, it is kind of new technology too.
You may read more on James Dyson here

So why do we post this here? To try to straighten out how a vacuum connects to a sport and why it shows up in Floorball alerts all the time.
We also notice how the sport of Floorball due to its name is perhaps closely connected to a vacuum using a "Floor Ball". And how the Floor Ball vacuum kind of almost gets free advertising through the sport of Floorball due to a name, or function, or just a coincidence.
Finally we dream of the day when Dyson say - "hey Floorball - that sounds like a name we like. Maybe we should investigate if our vacuums can get even closer connected to the sport?"
Or something like it..

Sweep that floor and ball, brother and sister.
Yet again have the Dyson vacuum cleaner been connected to Floorball through this blog post

Floorball is a well known name in many many households...........

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Conductor Pin

They talk about soft hands. They talk about an eye for the game. They talk about skills...

So what do you use to find this perfection? Remember Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi... he caught flies with chop-sticks..maybe a bit extreme but in essence they were on the very right track..

The world fastest and lightest Floorball sticks weigh in at like 200 grams (its like 10 letters in the mail) and they just gets lighter by the months right now.

So how do you think you get soft hands? With an 80 pound iron rod, or a huge ax, or a big wooden plank?
You tell us... You get your speed that way too?

The most advanced floorball sticks are way lighter than any hockey or lacrosse stick,,,,

The floorball stick is therefore all the sports best conductor pin.
Now play like there is music too - its just Floorball.


Tomah Champs

Last night an in-official Championship Floorball game was played in Tomah to determine the local Champs.
The Two best Tomah teams from the Tomah Open Tourney squared of in the first ever 3x20 minutes game (in Wisconsin we think that is).
T.O.A.B.N. played Honey Bearz the result was 15-11 and the team Two Oaks And a Bunch of Nutz, claimed the title.
In reality these crews last night was a bit scaled down, but only one single player was not a part of this team as they participated in the Tomah Open Tourney. But the Championship game was played full time, with real nets and goalies, and even if the court was just slightly smaller than a regular court we also simulated boards in several ways. And this game used a ref too.

Some people claim that; "empty barells makes the most noise" - 

However the Floorball played last night in Tomah is most likely not just the best in Tomah but also Top Notch in Wisconsin. So Floorballcentral would like to say that this team also is the 'undefeated champs in Wisconsin". Until someone else claims something different.

Then there is this classic philosophical problem;
If a tree falls in a forest and no-one never heard or saw this... well, did that tree fall at all?


Next Sunday is the last Floorball session at Tomah Highschool for the summer - the schools will re-surface the floors..
Welcome to an evening with the last games at 6 PM next Sunday at THS in Tomah WI - until the fall..


Friday, June 15, 2012

Hockey In NEW YORK now use Floorball too

Here is a very interesting article that makes us think about the broadway song New York, New York...
Start spreading the news......

Iona Prep – First ever Floorball clinic in New York.


The team in New York has wanted to organize a floorball clinic for a
long time. We all know if this sport is to make it big in United States,
we have to get kids and young people to start playing. What has
stopped us in the past is not only that it takes a lot of planning and
energy, but also generating the initial interest.

A few months back, the momentum started when Greg Beaudin out of
B.C. in Canada contacted us. Greg is one of the pioneers of floorball in
Canada, and he is working hard to make floorball a major sport there.
His brother managed a hockey arena in Westchester, NY in the 1990’s,
giving him a connection to this part of the country.

He told us that there was interest in getting some sort of program in
place in Westchester. He provided a great contact in Mike Bonelli, a
hockey coach with over 20 years of high school and college coaching

experience. Mike is also involved with the USA/Norway Hockey Series
located in Oslo, Norway and one of the talents there when he first
coached was Mats Zuccarello, last season, an NHL’er, playing for New
York Rangers. During his experience in Norway, the technical level
European players compared to North Americans amazed Mike, and he
soon found out that one of the reasons for this difference was due to a
sport called Floorball.

“Here in the US, hockey has been stuck with the feeling that
development can only happen on the ice. With floorball I could see
how skills can be developed, techniques can be improved and team
work is crucial in playing the sport” stated Coach Bonelli. “I can
easily see how incorporating this into our routine will help with the
development of all of our players and at the same time reduce ice fee
costs that reach over $500 hour per on ice sessions”

Mike came to one of our practices to learn more. Meanwhile he
showed the kids some videos about the sport, and he was happy to
learn they were also really interested.


12th of May Iona Prep

Sebastian Agdur-Nyman, Lauris Vidzis, AJ Penoro and Jonas Laeben
from NYC Floorball/Manhattan Kings held the first clinic 12th May at
Iona Prep School. The purpose of the day was to educate players and
parents about Floorball, and we had over 50 players and parents in
attendance. We designed the first part of the clinic as an introduction
to the sport that included some of the reasons why Floorball is so
compelling for hockey players, but also for kids that might not be the
best skaters. We showed them a video from the Swedish Elite Final, Zorro skills by Peter Runnestig
http:/ /, and the amazing goal by Mikael Granlund We explained to the kids that this
move was actually a floorball move, and they were amazed.

Parents, who where skeptical at first got to see firsthand how floorball
is a skilled sport that can only develop and help their kids in not only
ice hockey but in becoming a better all around athlete.

After that, the kids wanted action, so we moved over to the clinic
portion of the day in the gymnastic hall. We handed out the sticks and
the kids were ready to play.

Coach Sebastian Agdur-Nyman explained the rules and the basics of
Floorball. We started with some easy passing to get better control of
the ball. It started off really well, and the kids moved the ball fast from
the start. Coach Sebastian gave them some instant feedback about
moving the stick backwards when the ball comes, as it’s all about
ball control. We did some other exercises and then came to the well-
known horseshoe ice hockey drill, and they mastered it while playing

We then did some more drills and divided the group in to two teams,
2 by 20 games. The intensity of the game was high and it was hard to
believe this was the first time these players had ever played Floorball.

The goals used were bigger than normal Floorball goals, but we still
saw some great plays and finishes. The game ended 7-3 to the green
team, they had some older players but the game was pretty even
overall. This goes to show that you do not need to be the biggest or
the oldest to be a strong team. It is more important to play fast and

“The clinic and game was a great time and we were all surprised at
the speed and technique involved in this cool addition to our training”
stated Kieren O’Meara a Junior athlete at the Prep.

After two hours we ran out of time, there was no sign the kids wanted
to stop, but the parents wanted to enjoy the day in the sunshine!

To sum up, the kids loved it, and coach Mike sees Floorball as a part
of his program to make his boys better hockey players. “Floorball
allows us to train longer, more efficiently and in better relation to the
sport of Ice Hockey” Bonelli added. “We also view the introduction of
floorball as a great choice for those student athletes that either cannot
skate or cannot afford to play ice hockey but are tremendous athletes

By Jonas Laeben 14th June 2012.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

World Games 2013 - Special Olympics - Floorball

Many people think that the upcoming WFC 2012 is the largest Floorball happening we have to look forward to during the next couple of months.
Floorballcentral however think that the World Games - Special Olympics in Korea January 2013 is the VERY big thing we have to look forward too - this might have a good impact upon the next Floorball development. This is the first Multi Sport Global event that include Floorball!

So we checked in real quick with one of the men behind this event, Mr. Steen Houman from Denmark.

How does it feel to be personally involved in the first major global multisport event for Floorball?
It feels good, but its not me alone who is responsible for this. We have a great team with people from Austria, Poland, Schwitzerland and of course Denmark. We are 3 from Denmark, with me being the chair of our group. Being in the same country and just 45 min away from each other, its easy for us to meet and plan our moves.
Obviously we are thrilled with the progress and looking forward to January when the games will begin. Also I must mentioned the great support from IFF.

As Floorball will be a demostration sport at the World Games Special olympics in Korea 2013, what version of Floorball will be played?
We will play Kleinfeld, smaller court and 3 players and a goalie. We have choosen this version as an introduction to floorball. This in order to make it more easy to start floorball in more countries. Floorball is a new sport, and if we want it to be a succes, we must make it easy to start it up.

What more is done in term of Floorball towards the global Special Olympic movement - in terms of education material, and information besides of the demonstration games itself?
We have a ressource team, and we have made a development plan towards 2015. This include some of the issues you're mentioning. One of our advantage is that we play with almost excact rules as the one IFF have, this means we can use all the material from IFF.
One of our goals is to make floorball the fastest growing sport inside Special Olympic, and by 2015 to have 15.000 players worldwide and to be played in 3 regions with 24 countries involved.

Floorballcentral thinks that it is in particular interesting with these games since they also feature Floor Hockey as a discipline for the World Games. Could you develop this subject a bit? Do you think Floor Hockey athletes will be in particular interested in Floorball?
Floorball and floorhockey looks similar, but there big difference. Floorball have IFF, where floorhockey only is played in SO. Floorhockey is funny to play, but its expensive and you need much more protection gear compared to floorball.
You could say floorball is easier to play and easier to start up out of an economic point of view. But in the end, I believe that one should play what you think is the best for you. So if people like other sports better than floorball, we are fine with this, but if you get the floorball fever, then you will be hooked...

What is your personal opinion about Floorball as a demo sport at the world games - is this a one night stand or the beginning to a more lasting relationship?
This is the first step to become a regonized and official sport at SO. We have done a lot of effort to convince people inside SO that floorball is the right thing. In 2017 Austria will be the host, and floorball will be part at the games there.
Again this is the succes of our support team and IFF. Together with IFF we had a demogame at the WFC2011 for women in the intermission in one of the semifinals.
You can see a clip here 
(clip embedded at end of this post too)
At the WFC2012 for men, we will again have a demogame in one of the semifinals. Again this has been succeded in close corporation with IFF and the Ressourceteam

Is there any ideas or estimates done at this point on how much global media coverage Floorball might get from the participation at the world games?
Good question, there are a lot of media out there when the World games are played, and also you have a lot of VIPs out there. We are planning to do a VIP game, and who could participate, well it could be Bono from U2, its people in this level we are talking about.
But one of the reason for IFF to support floorball at SO, is of course to see floorball being played at all kind of levels, and this is also one of the things IOC look into when, when they are considering changes at the Olympic.

Is there anything else you want to add, at this point and in term of the planning for this big Floorball event?
Floorball fever, that is what we hope to spread. When you first tried floorball, most people says, hey this is fun, can I join. And this is one of our ambitions for the World games, to show a lot of people about floorball, so after the World games we will see more countries starting up floorball.
About the planning of the World Games, we just been out in Korea, and I believe we have a good setup and we will make a big succes together with the organizing commitee, who are very determined to make this event a succes. In total 2500 people will be part of the world games, and you will have an olympic village, just as the traditional Olympic games.

In some sports they "accommodate" the sport to fit athletes with special needs. In what way do you think that Floorball is accommodated to fit athletes with special needs this time?
We dont have to this, which is quite good. If you know floorball, then you can play. In many other sports they have changed the rules to fit the athletes, this is not the question here, which agian means we can use the material that IFF have produced, and much of the material is made in several languages as well.

9) Will Denmark win the European football (soccer and it is played as we ask our questions) championships? And what team will win SO in Korea 2013?
In our hearts we always belive that we can win, we did it 1992, so 20 years after why not...but its difficult, we need the right result against Germany in our last group match to go through to the quaterfinals...
Regarding the question of who will the first World Games, I would like to say that Sweden and Finland are BIG favorites, but we have kindly asked them not to bring forward their best players at this tournament. Its important at this demonstration to have many games that will be tight, so results like 20-0 would not be good. But still Sweden and Final are strong contenders with Russia being the dark horse, and with Denmark as a team who could surprise.

10) Is it not amazing that it is Special Olympics that pave the way for Floorball - and not the other way around as has happened in so many other more "antique" sports?
Its been a long journey for floorball at Special Olympic, first tournament and seminar was back in 2008, and since then we have worked and now we see results. This thanks to the Ressource team, who consist of Heinrich Olsen (Austria), Aldo Donnelli (Schwitzerland, Jesper Hviid (Denmark) and Jonas Hviid (Denmark).
Inside Special Olympic its been Mariusz Damento who is responsible for sports, who have put a lot of effort in floorball.
From IFF great support from both John Liljelund, Tomas Eriksson and Merita Bruun.
All this people have supported us and made these progress possible.
Floorball is on the way, also at Special Olympic, IFF have the motto, one ball, one world, Floorball. You could add, floorball is for all.

Floorballcentral Thanks Mr Houman for his dedication and spirit in helping us with this outstanding post!

It is not a dream - it is the Olympic Flame for real

 It is real. For the first time ever has a Floorballer, Annika Bengtsson from Denmark, carried the Olympic torch. This happened last Saturday in Clydebank, north of Glasgow at 8.45. The Danish Floorball Union claims that these 300 meters must be the most awesome run ever. 

Annika herself from the Danish Floorball club Outlaws said that it was a very special experience with tonnes of spectators including her own family.

Here some coool Danish links,

Now also at the IFF

Charles Darwin was right - on fitness

Darwin explained on how the species most adapted to its environment will become most fit and survive or perhaps concur other versions of the same form of life.

In some cases it is however true that some sub-cultures might find a niche and survive in this more narrow environment, like perhaps on an isolated continent or on an isolated island.
If you already play Floorball you already knows this.

With the global connected internet the variations for more narrow niches may tend to become smaller and smaller (that is our own idea on this).

We say that this is a good thing they do in the movie. But we also think (Sorry Tom and U Guys) that this also represents an activity with slim chances to survive as it might be up to some real competition in the area of a Hockey game on a Floor.... To us this looks like an endangered life form... as we think a bit Darwinistic...

But then of course we are both raised and lived with Floorball for almost some 40 years by now....
Just another US American invention, refined and developed in Sweden.

Lighter, Faster, Safer, more Agile and Inclusive... or more fit - and is this not what fitness should be all about?


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plus 300 drills....

Yes here is another plug from - and yes you may order this one from our twigs to grab section...scroll to the bottom..

Floorball Game Drills – New set of Practices

Floorball game drills, here you will find 325 floorball game drills to cover up that part of your floorball practice. You will find a short description below each floorball game drill, or you just follow the numbering of the floorball players.
You can make the floorball game drills easier or more advanced by adding (defensive players) or removing players, moves or passes. By combining two floorball passing drills or adding a theme to a floorball drill you get new drills and challenge your players to develop. It’s although important to give time to you players to get the basic floorball passing skills in place first. I hope the floorball game drills will help you and your team and develop your floorball players.
Floorball Game Drills Practices

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Religion and Floorball

It is true that where Floorball is strong there are also some strong ties to Religion.

I think this works like when folks are done worshiping and want to do some fun and maybe healthy stuff they often end up playing Floorball. Yes some do Volleyball and Basketball too, but Floorball is sometimes handier...
B-cause, it is more scale-able than most other activities and yes you may play 3 on 3 in a tiny room that is even smaller than a basketball court - so it kind of fits well with many many churches.
Maybe some of these counts the Floorball games as a part of their worship too?

Another clear indication that Floorball goes well with Religion is that as we started to be active on Twitter we almost immediately ended up entangled into large religious networks on twitter. And the main tag we used was #Floorball and in some way this almost happened "as a miracle" the Floorball tag almost became translated into Jesus or something similar on Twitter. Hmm.

It is also true that Floorball is for all so - yes it kind of fits well into several Religious ideas since the activity is kind of inclusive...

Then there is no doubt that some of this new sport expansion into sprawling countries like Brasil and other parts of the world was connected to early Religious groups too, some Floorball was just born on missionary trips.

The natural question now is why then not a country like USA with a broad religious population not have fully discovered Floorball yet?
In USA it was just released that some 46% of the population say that they believe in Creationism - i.e. a god created the world. So there is no doubt about the level of Religion here...
We think that is the reason why, Floorball is shy, here - too.
It must work like this; since there is not too much need of missionary trips to the usa in religious matters - but most religion is instead exported out from the US - that is why the international churches with perhaps some Floorball activity is not able to make a "Floorball dent" in the Churches of the US?

Perhaps that will change one day - we do not know.
We do not dare to pray about things like this - and we also believe there might be people out there that may say that Floorball in itself - might be a religion too?

Alleluia :-p

The Original Six

That is what they call the first six Teams in the NHL.
Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal and New York...

If we understand things right here they do today play some form of more or less advanced Floorball in 5 of these six cities.
It seems like the Steel city is the only one that does not have some kind of Floorball up?

Can you guys please help Mr. Vent to get the ball rolling in Detroit too?

How Summer sessions for Floorball..

looks like in Uppsala, Sweden

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Floorballcentral will take a little vacation here, will be back soon...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Corporate Summer Championships..

..... include 16 teams in Vancouver
We just guess that this is a new record for them. Just like in Europe different companies bring their talent together and face-off with a friendly but fast sport - to build team culture and to build spirit and maybe get some advertising done at the same time.

This year 16 teams in Vancouver have signed up to do this - and face-off is next week. To measure this with the numbers of teams Floorball engage in north Europe is not fair - but it indicates the potential growth for this kind of floorball. To measure this with us here in the midwest is probably more relevant - yes they day we have 16 teams we will shine here in Tomah. And hmm I wonder if there is any tourney in the good ol' US that attract more teams? Perhaps only Canada Cup beats this in America?

Who wins? We say that Electronic Arts will sweep this - we think they will win for their second year.
Let's say we do not need to toss a DICE to say so as this team will meet others on the BATTLEFIELD.
Now that was cryptic. Hm maybe BC Floorball Media is another strong contender too...

Here is the full game schedule too (so each company participating get some extra exposure).
June 9, 2012 9:50 AM Court 12
WorkSafe BC – PriceWaterhouseCooper's
3 - 2
June 9, 2012 9:50 AM Court 13
SNC-Lavalin – Electronic Arts
1 - 9
June 9, 2012 10:40 AM Court 12
WorkSafe BC – SNC-Lavalin
8 - 3
June 9, 2012 10:40 AM Court 13
PriceWaterhouseCooper's – Electronic Arts
1 - 2
June 9, 2012 11:30 AM Court 12
WorkSafe BC – Electronic Arts
4 - 6
June 9, 2012 11:30 AM Court 13
SNC-Lavalin – PriceWaterhouseCooper's
3 - 13
June 9, 2012 12:20 PM Court 13
Spence Software – BC Floorball Media
0 - 3
June 9, 2012 12:20 PM Court 12
City of Vancouver – Richmond Olympic Oval
4 - 6
June 9, 2012 1:10 PM Court 12
Maxxam Analytics – MDA Systems
0 - 3
June 9, 2012 1:10 PM Court 13
Vancouver Airport Authority – Sage
5 - 0
June 9, 2012 2:00 PM Court 12
City of Vancouver – Spence Software
6 - 5
June 9, 2012 2:00 PM Court 13
Richmond Olympic Oval – BC Floorball Media
6 - 2
June 9, 2012 2:50 PM Court 12
Maxxam Analytics – Sage
0 - 3
June 9, 2012 2:50 PM Court 13
Vancouver Airport Authority – MDA Systems
7 - 4
June 9, 2012 3:40 PM Court 12
Maxxam Analytics – Vancouver Airport Authority
0 - 3
June 9, 2012 3:40 PM Court 13
MDA Systems – Sage
3 - 0
June 9, 2012 4:30 PM Court 13
Richmond Olympic Oval – Spence Software
3 - 2
June 9, 2012 4:30 PM Court 12
City of Vancouver – BC Floorball Media
2 - 14

More on Floorball History and Development

This is comes from Andras Czitrom one of the early utterly important men in Floorball..
"The first ever produced floorball Video , in the middle of the 80´s , was going on to translate from swedish to english. The man who gave the english voice asked me : " Why floorball ,nobody knows or heard anything about floorball here in England ".
My answer was a question to him:
"Do somebody in England heard ever about innebandy ? "
Off course no one had heard about it.
- " New Sport - New Name, you know " -I said.
Floorball is now a full recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee since last year."

Here at we will try to dig out more knowledge about early Floorball history relating to the first Cosom products.

Today also the IFF openly declare on how they help emerging countries with support and material.
To us here in America it is nice to see that Chile now is mentioned too.
Full story on this more future development is here

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Swedish Royal Prince...and

Ministers, Mika Kohonen (the worlds best Floorball Player), artists and, yes some high profile folks in other words. Tomorrow they gather up, to celebrate Special Olympics and the 100 years anniversary of the Stockholm 100 years since the Olympic games were held, Stockholm 1912.
One of this celebrations include Floorball since the carrier of the torch is Mr. Kohonen.
The IFF is covering it all better here

To the main question is if the Swedish Royal Prince also tried Floorball? We can not prove this - more than to say that it would be utterly strange if he did not - since it is such a big thing in the Swedish society and the school system... We also know that the racing team the Prince has been racing cars for - just happend to do Floorball too...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

300 drills - woah

A BARGAIN @ $ 33

Floorballcentral recently hooked up with and since they focus on drills for Floorballplayers. Since they are at an advanced level of Ice Hockey Coaching as well as Floorball Coaching. Since their material is produced in English. Since their material has been offered and sold across Europe. Since have both Swedish nd Finnish roots....
It all comes as a natural match that we will offer some of their stuff here for the Americas too.

So who will benefit from 300 Floorball drills?
We say that first this is for all clubs that are already up with Floorball activities across America. We say that this could probably be a goldmine for those that think that Floor Hockey is a good thing (we however do recommend if they want to be up to date they should do Floorball instead). It would further not surprise us if some field hockey folks also would get some kicks out of this.

But we say that they true potential is with the massive amount of Ice Hockey Clubs across America - that runs out of ice during the summer - and do not know what to do..
Well this is what some of the most successful Ice Hockey operations in Europe do as they do not have any ice - they play a little bit of Floorball.

300 Floorball drills from is a unique beginning for us and if there is interest - we will offer many more of these books through and our store "twigs to grab".

33 Dollars may normally buy you one basic Floorball stick. 33 Dollars means that each and every of these drills cost about 30 cents each...

We start today to offer 300 drills as a beta test. This means that you may not download this directly from us, instead the e-book will be shipped via email. But we assure you as the drills are ordered we will send em' as soon as possible... or normally within hours..

Here is the store and you scroll down to the bottom for the first e-book we offer - 300 Floorball drills.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jewels - for floorball that is...

 We posted a year ago or so on Floorball fashion and showed both bracelets, hair decorations and a pair of shades designed from a Floorball blade. And just a few weeks ago we showed what we think is the worlds first Floorball tattoo on our facebook page.
Today we wanted to show some Floorball Jewelry from Poukar and the Czech Republic.
A Gold Pendant
Maybe earrings?
You'll find more here:

Coaching developments from and represents some of the worlds best resources as it comes to e-published practice activities.
We are proud to yet again bring you another re-post from We also plan to deepen our co-operation with

Floorball Goalie Trainer or Goal Scoring Coach

Posted on June 2, 2012

You can have a Floorball Head Coach, assistant coach, defense coach, goalie trainer and other coaching or support functions around the floorball team, but who is the goal scoring coach or trainer?

This subject was discussed during the International Hockey Coaching Symposium I attended during the World Championships in ice hockey in Sweden / Finland.

Torgny Bendelin, a famous Swedish hockey coach talked about this topic. Hockey and also floorball on elite level is changing, the game is faster, harder, quicker and the time players have to make their decissions is reduced to a minimum.

In hockey and I think also in floorball a lot of time has been put in to develop the skills of the goalies, with help from special goalie trainers. The goalies are good in positioning and working with different angles towards the shooter.

Therefore the players need to:
- Shoot quickly or quicker than before
- Shoot with precision
- Shoot hard/fast
- “Hide” the shot
- Shoot unannounced

These are the areas you also need to practice if you want to be a good goal scorer in floorball.
This topic will continue in later posts…

Special Preparations

Right now, folks from Europe went to Korea to help prepare for Floorball as an exhibition event during the Special Olympics World games - January 2013. It is roughly a half year to go.
If everything goes well we hope that Floorball will end up as an established demonstration sport for the Special Olympics.

Floorballcentral say that this is utterly important for the larger Olympic movement as from the Floorball perspective - but it is also as important for all the new athletes that will be able to enjoy Floorball.

It is true that we have tried to push Floorball in a couple of directions of Special Olympics locally here too - and it is also true that we still wait for some kind of responses. ;-)

There are several versions of Special Floorball played;
Both manual and electric wheelchairs, for players with cognitive disabilities and hearing impairments.
Floorball is for all - and the World games in Korea - will be another real step of showing the world what - you perhaps already know. Problem is that the others do not know - yet.

These guys will know for sure

And here the latest from IFF

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!