Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sports 2.0

As the web is described, the first version with browsers and home pages is often called the web 1.0. As social networks exploded and interactions took over from just “browsing” they started to call it the web 2.0.... Some folks also think that the migration from computers to handheld devices is involved in the creation of the web 2.0. We’re not sure about that.

In sports many are still happy with a web site to promote what’s going on, others wants a more complicated web site, some likes facebook, a tweet, and a third group talks apps and that we the sport-people must become more social - like what happened to the Internet. They are probably all on the right track...
In the smaller picture - It is still Sports 1.0.

Floorballcentral say that there is something else much much larger lurking around the corner. We call this maybe a “mash-up” - of the sport itself, connectivity, interaction, stats, gadgets and web based computer games, movies. Add to this, why not special indoor maps...and some 3D technology.
Na, we can not define this very much more at the present time...

EMC say that the growth of data from today to 2020 will grow 45 times (we do believe them). Now think what share Floorball might have in this? 45 times of more data - will this only be game results? No, it will be deep interactive data of what goes on as that plastic balls flies over the court

Think Sports 2.0 and Floorball 2.0.

We have written earlier about connected shoes from Adidas, to be used in MLS later this year. Floorballcentral have mentioned Nikes connected armband. We have had lines on tests of sensors in Floorball sticks that indicate what’s going on and Speedhero’s phone app that use the microphone to measure the speed of a Floorball or a Hockey puck, etc.

Then there is the push from the computer game industry with physical activity that controls a computer game...
The other day we also saw that the English premier soccer league will start to use technology to determine if a ball is scored or not. Thinking of tennis, well this does not sound too avant garde to us at this point.

Would for instance a whiffle ball with some small strips of aluminium baked into the plastics be perfectly detectable by a radar?
Did you know that this product just won a big grant from the US feds
To us it just looks like Nike’s + fuelband in a school version...

Then from the other end - the toy side of life - there is maybe an even more interesting push.
Look at this
Here you’ll find some staple sports/toys (no not Floorball - this is based out from New York and only a few New Yorkers knows about Floorball yet) with electronic stuff built in - so real live play translates to bonus rewards in computer game simulations.
Maybe kind of basic play today, but it is for sure a first bold step and there seems to be some clever people involved in this..

Now you must read this article too 

These are all things going on right now. believe that the future will offer immersed connections to sports in a way that we can not dream of yet - and if we can dream of it - it for sure will be here.
Done right this can become fun in the magnitude of its own square power.  Will we for instance need refs in the future? Probably or perhaps maybe not? And yes the audience will be the one selecting MVP’s.

This all will merge in some way and evolve into Sports 2.0

What Floorball should do?
- First the industry should be aware of what is going on.
- Second it is probably a good idea to figure out what would be good to do - in line with the “values” of the sport Floorball.
- Third a new sport like Floorball should most likely be on top of things like this and most likely make certain that Floorball is in on the bandwagon with things like

This is definitely not too much about data, technology, computer power, smart phones, possibilities, creativity, money or even social media. But all this will lay the foundation for Sports 2.0.
This should instead mainly be about core values and about the identity of Floorball (as well as other sports) and it is most of all about the humans related to the very same sport or activity. This all must mainly be a human matter or it will fail.

To take the initiative and deal with Sports 2.0 - we need a plan, or at least a road map..

If you do not think about this - someone else will.

Things will change  - it is inevitable and it is just about all that we know for now.. the scary part is that not too many talk about this in terms from a Floorball perspective.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!