Thursday, May 31, 2012

Odd News

News outlets just reported that the Norwegian Mass Murderer, is in full isolation from other prisoners. But the prison aim to hire people to play chess and floorball with him.

The summer for sure brings on some odd news. This is only news worthy to us by two reasons.
A) It indicates the power of Floorball
B) German media reports this right as Floorball - But English speaking media either seem to lose the activity or just write indoor hockey - something that translate, into the mission of this blog.

Teaser WFC2012

Let’s put some spin on Germany


We just discovered a bad mistake here - the German growth is not 18% as we say below, it is reported to be 14,5% between 2010-2011 so our numbers are a bit too high in our math below.
In reality it means that our estimation on 15% per year is a bit too high too.
But still if the growth continue at numbers in the range of 15% or slightly lower - in principle it means the same thing even if it is still a bit optimistic in terms of math.
But the big thing in this post is not the organic growth on a market like Germany - but the impact a possible Olympic game would have on these numbers - and that is something we can not figure out by using math.
We are sorry for this mistake and we will do our best to avoid embarrassing numbers that are wrong - our intent is to predict and to do this as good as possible, we missed a bit this time..
here is the original post again,

So, we look at this and say - swell, it’s good development and soon Floorball will have 10.000 licensed players in Germany.... and that’s about it?
Yes, that is more or less what we did last time. We also said that a large part of Germany’s recent growth is among younger players and that some of the recruitement is tied to their school-systems.
Both these things spell or predict that the growth is here to stay. We also note that Germany’s own Floorball Federation states that higher German media penetration also is a possible factor for the growth over the last year.

Let’s now almost skip the history and shoot for the future instead. Between 2010 and 2011 Germany grew with about 18% in terms of licensed players. If we are a bit more modest and say that the growth in Germany will continue with, on average 15% per year - for a ten year span. Then Germany will not only surpass their own number of licensed Hockey Players in about 9 years (unverified sources points at approx 30.000 licensed Hockey players in Germany) and in ten years time about 38.000 Germans will have a Floorball license. Fine.
Can the number of Floorballplayers in Germany really surpass the number of Hockey-players? - Why not - it already happened in a bunch of other high profile “hockey countries” in Europe.

Finland has about 50.000 licenced Floorball players, so in only ten years time Germany will have the backbone of players (38.000) to fight for the big gold medals, if now this development holds for true. The main difference is that Finland is a more mature, smaller and less potential market (not explosive growth) - whereas Germany today is a large potential emerging market (with explosive growth).

Let us yet again insist that Floorballcentral think that Germany holds a golden key to unlock Floorball at the Global level. Yes, Singapore is crucial too.

Now we toss in Sweden, with some 120.000 licensed Floorball players.
Their population clocks in at some 9 million.
If this the same “Swedish trend” holds true for Germany and we add some more years into the crystal ball and say that Germany’s population is 82 Million roughly...
Simple math say that 9 M goes into 82 M about 9 times and this math theory predicts that Germany - with a similar penetration as in Sweden - will have about 1.1 Million licensed Floorballplayers in like 2040-2050.

The problems with our reasoning as of above is two folded. First the base we extrapolate from in Germany is not substantial enough to make the predictions our math theory is built upon.
Second this is just a theory and too many other factors may play a huge impact upon the future development in Germany.... Now comes the creepy part...
The reality is unpredictable - and with the real possibility that Floorball goes Olympic our math theory as of above may fall apart - it could be taking way too much time and be aiming way too low. Yes, we say that our wildest estimates here are - way too low! Read this line one more time please.

Maybe we should just conclude this post by saying - swell - but well - Germany has not even started to play Floorball yet...
And hey, tuck in that shirt of yours - since our forecast seems to predict waves of Floorball players storming in from all over.

One more thing - the same “numbers game” as of above done on the US population - if done right it would hint in the direction of 4 Million licensed Floorball-players in the US - but not even Floorballcentral thinks today- this to be possible - the only problem is that this is exactly what already happened in Sweden in relative terms - and it occurred without any talks of Olympic games and with rather crappy local sports coverage about Floorball in Sweden.

N.B. It also seems obvious that Floorball in school is the way forward.

Even if you feel like a lonely rebel today - it looks like we will go mainstream tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rice Pudding

Look to the right upper corner of the pack of Rice Pudding - Yes it is a Floorball stick.

This is Unihoc in Sweden that now starts a modern consumer marketing concept similar to how they do it in the USA. So if you collect a bunch of lids - you will get a free stick from Unihoc (and Risifrutti).
They say that there now are on millions of Risifrutti packages in Sweden with Floorball sticks on it and this offer is for now only available in Sweden. You also need 6700 points (lids) to be able to buy a Floorball stick here

If this is fully 100% an ethical way to promote sports? We do not care. Because this is for a good cause. We also like this because this is modern and an aggressive way to market Floorball.
The only little reflection we have is that healthy people that already eat good stuff - most likely already likes Floorball too.
To fight obesity - the collections of coupons ought to be on candy bars and soda cans instead. The only problem then is the collection of many - it would counter-interact with the good cause. The solution would probably be to only buy one candy bar and only one coupon would be the valid incentive to win a Floorball stick.
Irrespective of this we applause the idea by Risifrutti and Unihoc. Way to go you guys.
As we do this we can not stop thinking of pop and candy bars...and how it could relate to Floorball at a much larger scale...


Decades ago a couple of vintage Generals wrote a book on marketing. Sounds crazy - and maybe it was?

But a new marketing battlefield was kind of discovered and marketers tried to use military knowledge from ancient times to Napoleon as they tried to “win” over the competition.
The idea was that the success of a service, product or business was not just based upon how well you fared yourself - but also the view must be in comparison with other products, services or businesses (a.k.a. the enemy). One of the main thoughts was that in a non-growing or declining market - you must win your market share from the enemy.

Wikipedia has a decent description on these ideas here

This makes us here think about the modern election campaigns that they use here in the USA nowadays with a dominance of negative advertising about the other candidate - in this mode it is not important how good you are yourself or how many unique features you may offer - but instead the focus is how bad your opponent is.


Floorballcentral.orgl is 100% convinced that Floorball as a sport is a product - just like anything else in this world. This is something we come back to time after time.
So then, if this holds true should we - also engage in open warfare with other sports or leisure activities?

Our cognitive answer is yes - if we want to engage kids in what we think is one of the best things they may ever get involved with (it spells Floorball) - this cause ought to be larger than the reason to not identify and tryin’ to hurt the other guys or the “enemy” in the sporting/leisure world.. Therefore Floorball should use marketing warfare tactics.

Our emotional answer is no - even if the theory might say that this is a viable way - nope this does not sound like a reasonable way forward - also this seems to promote the destructive side of things - and not constructive measures.
To be constructive means that you want to do something - but you also want to do this in a new, better, more efficient and modern way.

The final answer is therefore no, most  likely not - but wow is it tempting to latch out in one's mind on how to do destructive attacks upon the enemy. Maybe in particular as we think about rigid, slow and stiff forms of indoor hockey in a gym - nope, no names - today we stop here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gold to the Czech Republic

The Czech republic wins gold - for the first time ever in a large Floorball Championship. This takes place at the FISU - the global University Floorball Championships.
We say congrats to the Czech republic and to the Swedish ladies that won the female gold.

This is very good for the sport - since we have a new nation winning the most prestigious medals. This is also good for the future. Perhaps and only maybe the home venue in Prague possible could have contributed to this gold - but no we do not think so..

Here is a better write up on this event

This is the movie

Leganes wins in Spain

They won the final over Fuengirola

Here is a report in Spanish from and courtesy of our friends at Floorball shop Spain


28/05/2012 > ¿EL PRINCIPIO DEL FIN?

¿Es este el principio del fin? Esa era la pregunta que más se formulaba en las gradas de Leganés Norte una vez finalizó un partido en el que Leganés se hizo con su noveno título de liga consecutivo.

Si echamos la vista atrás podemos observar como en temporadas pasadas Leganés ganaba la final con resultados más abultados: 7 – 3 en 2009, 8 – 4 en 2010, 10 – 2 en 2011… Este año los pepineros ganaron sufriendo hasta el final, por un solo gol de diferencia y, sobre todo, no dieron esa sensación de superioridad a la que nos tienen acostumbrados.

Fotos: UNICO

Leganés no jugó su mejor partido, algunas de sus estrellas tuvieron una discreta actuación y el equipo no era capaz de mover la bola con la fluidez que suele enamorarnos. Está claro que los campeones no tuvieron el día, pero gran parte de culpa la tuvo Fuengirola, que fue capaz de contrarrestar el juego rival, sacar de quicio a algunos de sus jugadores y evitar que Leganés se hiciera con el control del encuentro.

Entonces… ¿Es este el principio del fin? Teniendo en cuenta que Leganés venció pese a las dificultades y que se ha llevado la liga ganando 18 de los 19 partidos que ha disputado, es imposible augurar el fin de la hegemonía pepinera, pero lo que es indudable es que cada año sus rivales trabajan para ponérselo un poquito más difícil.

Ahora llega el verano, la pretemporada y a partir de Octubre una nueva campaña que desvelará esta pregunta. Como siempre estaremos aquí para contártelo.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mid Coast Hockey and Florida

Midcoast Hockey just announced that they will introduce Floorball too

This means that we have a strengthened presence on the East coast - and yes we have more operations  bubbling out there on the east coast that relates Floorball to Hockey, that we may not release as of yet. It was further just revealed that the will be Floorball sessions coming up on the south-east coast on Florida too.

This all goes in line with how the US picks up greater foreign trends. It all normally starts at the coast since the foreign impact seems larger there and then it grows all the way into the heartland.

We therefore now think it is safe to say that Hockey operations in the USA, on the West Coast, on the East Coast and in the South do have connections to Floorball to improve and build Hockey.

Missing child

This was just posted by NY floorball.

PLEASE READ AND HELP!!!! Pierce Crowley a kid from Iona Prep Hockey is missing since Friday. Please tweet, facebook, email. This sad story needs to end soon. Pierce attended our clinic a few weeks back.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Size Matters and some French

According to online services (that we used) is in May 2012 the largest hub for Floorball traffic in the USA.
Floorballplanet comes in second with about 50% of our daily traffic. The official US Floorball federation generates about the same amount of traffic, i.e half of ours.
These numbers are not exact but they indicate in rough numbers how we fare.

Today we also found a great kids movie from Quebec in HD on TV that relates Floorball to kids and Hockey too - yes it is in French but still it shows what so many LACK in good ol' USA.
Is perhaps french a more progressive language?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

No, Finland is not losing

Interesting big difference and students indicate a bit about the future too maybe...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sports 2.0

As the web is described, the first version with browsers and home pages is often called the web 1.0. As social networks exploded and interactions took over from just “browsing” they started to call it the web 2.0.... Some folks also think that the migration from computers to handheld devices is involved in the creation of the web 2.0. We’re not sure about that.

In sports many are still happy with a web site to promote what’s going on, others wants a more complicated web site, some likes facebook, a tweet, and a third group talks apps and that we the sport-people must become more social - like what happened to the Internet. They are probably all on the right track...
In the smaller picture - It is still Sports 1.0.

Floorballcentral say that there is something else much much larger lurking around the corner. We call this maybe a “mash-up” - of the sport itself, connectivity, interaction, stats, gadgets and web based computer games, movies. Add to this, why not special indoor maps...and some 3D technology.
Na, we can not define this very much more at the present time...

EMC say that the growth of data from today to 2020 will grow 45 times (we do believe them). Now think what share Floorball might have in this? 45 times of more data - will this only be game results? No, it will be deep interactive data of what goes on as that plastic balls flies over the court

Think Sports 2.0 and Floorball 2.0.

We have written earlier about connected shoes from Adidas, to be used in MLS later this year. Floorballcentral have mentioned Nikes connected armband. We have had lines on tests of sensors in Floorball sticks that indicate what’s going on and Speedhero’s phone app that use the microphone to measure the speed of a Floorball or a Hockey puck, etc.

Then there is the push from the computer game industry with physical activity that controls a computer game...
The other day we also saw that the English premier soccer league will start to use technology to determine if a ball is scored or not. Thinking of tennis, well this does not sound too avant garde to us at this point.

Would for instance a whiffle ball with some small strips of aluminium baked into the plastics be perfectly detectable by a radar?
Did you know that this product just won a big grant from the US feds
To us it just looks like Nike’s + fuelband in a school version...

Then from the other end - the toy side of life - there is maybe an even more interesting push.
Look at this
Here you’ll find some staple sports/toys (no not Floorball - this is based out from New York and only a few New Yorkers knows about Floorball yet) with electronic stuff built in - so real live play translates to bonus rewards in computer game simulations.
Maybe kind of basic play today, but it is for sure a first bold step and there seems to be some clever people involved in this..

Now you must read this article too 

These are all things going on right now. believe that the future will offer immersed connections to sports in a way that we can not dream of yet - and if we can dream of it - it for sure will be here.
Done right this can become fun in the magnitude of its own square power.  Will we for instance need refs in the future? Probably or perhaps maybe not? And yes the audience will be the one selecting MVP’s.

This all will merge in some way and evolve into Sports 2.0

What Floorball should do?
- First the industry should be aware of what is going on.
- Second it is probably a good idea to figure out what would be good to do - in line with the “values” of the sport Floorball.
- Third a new sport like Floorball should most likely be on top of things like this and most likely make certain that Floorball is in on the bandwagon with things like

This is definitely not too much about data, technology, computer power, smart phones, possibilities, creativity, money or even social media. But all this will lay the foundation for Sports 2.0.
This should instead mainly be about core values and about the identity of Floorball (as well as other sports) and it is most of all about the humans related to the very same sport or activity. This all must mainly be a human matter or it will fail.

To take the initiative and deal with Sports 2.0 - we need a plan, or at least a road map..

If you do not think about this - someone else will.

Things will change  - it is inevitable and it is just about all that we know for now.. the scary part is that not too many talk about this in terms from a Floorball perspective.


Local Ramblings

The Tomah, WI Update

Let's go back to the initial question if it is possible to start Floorball in a little US Midwestern town, just like that? From scratch?

Well, first of all we do not give up even if the Prairie seems rocky and wild. We are pioneers. Second, yes with warm summer weather storming in on us our kids session has been a bit weak lately. But the balls are still rolling on.
And yes, there is no previous culture of Floorball around. We have to travel ways If we want to play another team so that is extremely rare. There is no TV that shows Floorball and many local folks probably still sees us as an outlier oddity. This includes most folks at the local Hockey Club, but we are 100% sure they will change their minds one day. Lol (this is a serious lol).

I also now and then think about all the local Tennis installations they have here  in Town and the resources dug into that system (the truth is that I seriously estimate that we attract more players today as Tennis does - and this with no doubt over a last years cycle - but I may not prove this).
Nope, we do not have boards yet, but yes we have a pair of real nets and we do try to play with goalies as we may.
We hear from Germany that the true way to success is to have the sport planted into the school system. They say that they like it at the High School here in Tomah WI, but the Middle school is still pending - just to answer our friendly request... well, we probably have to insist on that our request.

But, we know that there is a pronounced will to have two top teams to face off in a Tomah local Floorball Championship. Let’s see if we may make that happen before the school will re-surface the floor...
What’s more to ramble about?
Well we do still think that we have the highest Floorball penetration per capita in the USA as compared to the number of inhabitants here in the small town of Tomah.

Another quite remarkable thing is our great mix of players lately. We sport some of the very best local athletes and talents from sports like Hockey, Golf, Soccer and American Football in our little town.
Why? I think a real athlete has the vision to see beyond the childish bounce of that whimsy whiffle ball. I think a real athlete see the skill and speed required to control the same funky ball. I think a real athlete realize that a sport build upon constructive moves has some attractive features as compared to a sport when you push people over or do other less constructive moves. But maybe I am wrong?

What’s next?
I wonder if we should try it outdoors - if it is not too windy.
And perhaps it is time for a “Floorball camp for Hockey players” - and using some drills that we do know is used for Hockey players waiting for the cold...

The answer to the initial question? Is yes - but it takes some serious dedication, stubbornness and most likely a set of Floorball boards too.


A tweet..... from Canada Cup 2012

It is not in HD and we can not embed the video into this blog but it is The Canada Cup Elite Final with some extra material and commentators: 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Guest Post from

Here is another great guest post on winning at home by
We plan to have a few more of these up at our blog during the long hot summer.
Floorball – Unbeatable at home stadium
Posted on May 16, 2012

Good team spirit creates a winning climate, good team moral and believe in the success of the floorball team, and the floorball players will make more sacrifices for the team and work harder for the success.
Floorball Team size

Research shows, that depending on sport, the size of ideal amount of team members vary between sports, a common rule is that you should be able to play on your practice (two teams) with limited amount or no substitutes. In all sports the participants felt that the team was too big or too small if the member amount was increased or decreased with 25%, compared to the first “rule”.

The size of the team will also affect your and your team ability to build up the team spirit. It’s easier to focus on the task in small teams but the social co-operation will be greater in bigger teams, but reducing the task focus and also allowing greater amount of social loafing (more of this later).

Your team size will also affect the communication, it’s harder to recognize and give feedback to everyone, which will also affect the team spirit. And as an effect of this, in bigger teams the leadership from the coach tends to be less democratic.

The larger the dream, the more important the team. A leader will never get greater results than the team will deliver.
Home and away games

Other aspects that might affect the part, team spirit is “home and away” games. You can talk about three different levels of territories, primary, secondary and public.

In the primary area the team has full control and other people are not allowed (or only very limited access) in this zone, it can be the teams own locker room and other facilities. This zone is often designed, coloured and “decorated” with important symbols or pictures to strengthen the team and also club spirit. The greater control the team has in their primary territory the more they are willing to “protect” it.

In the secondary territory the team has some control, but the facilities can be used by others as well, training facilities can be shared with other teams within the club etc.

In the third territory or the public territory, you can count public training facilities and also away games, your team will be placed in a non-personal or non-team related locker room.
Internazionale vs AC Milan locker room

To the left you have the locker room of FC Internazionale and below it, the AC Milan locker room. It’s quite obvious who has spent more money on “decoration”. In AC Milan locker room each player has a Recaro skin seat and a LCD screen above their seat, in the middle you have two huge AC Milan logos. Inter has a long curved one piece wooden seat and one LCD and the team logo on the wall. Maybe it’s the strategy of Internazionale or José Mourinho to make the moving between the territories easier. In other words the step from a home game to an away game will not be that big for Inter, the locker room in an away game will look almost the same except for 18 missing championship plates and will therefore affect the team spirit either. While moving from luxury to a normal level could create some complaints among the players?
Unbeaten for nine years at home stadium

José Mourinhos teams have been unbeaten for eight consecutive years when playing at home and this season Real Madrid hasn’t been beaten at Santiago Bernabeu, so José Mourinho is heading for his 9th season without a loss in the home games. That makes at least a huge impression on me, what about you?

By Jukka Aro at

HV71 is one of Sweden's most successful Hockey Teams

Here they mix player mounted Go pro's with running in a ski hill and ski poles with, well - by now you should know...


Monday, May 21, 2012

More People!

We just think more people should have seen this one..  is doing the right thing!

Trendz in Floorball search

As we head into the Summer Season we want to get back to this graph that shows search trends over time for Floorball (blue), Innebandy (red), Salibandy (yellow) or Unihockey (green) at Google.

First we just note that we still have the fragmented name problem here since we still need to display four names  -  for one sport. This to get the larger picture on how search for this sport looks like.

Other intersting stuff is that the overall search volume still seems to go down - we think this not to be reflecting real life since; we think we know that the sport grows good. We suspect the lower search volumes instead reflects that social activities online nowadays takes a much larger share of the activity on the Internet? But we do not know - as we only guess. As we double checked this with other sports they are mainly losing search traffic too. Hm can sports as an overall activity be losing its ground? But a search for like junk food - a.k.a. hamburger seems to hold steady, and searches for like sex, love or “social media” grows good. So should one then find a search item that grows and then try to connect sports to them?... - or this a trend just because so many kids are stuck in front of their computers? If so maybe we have a real health problem at our hands. We do not know.

One search term stand out in this graph as being a bit too seasonal,
Innebandy dies out too much during the summer months - as compared to Floorball. So maybe it is time for Sweden and Norway (that use Innebandy) to get some activities going during the summer too? Activities that would affect Internet interest and search on google for the sport during the summer too? huh? Or is it too much vacation in Sweden and Norway?

Further the word Unihockey (green in the graph) seems to be on a slope to its own death. Thanks Germany for calling the sport Floorball. And YES Floorball is slowly emerging as the second largest search term during the last months.

Why not kill all funky names and just call it Floorball - or as we have suggested earlier, use a new name that fully describes the activity we love. Speedball, Flashoc - the list of names that describe action (actionhoc) is almost long as this blog...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Worse & Best Rulez?

What is the worse rule in Floorball according to us?
There is no such thing we think.
And we do love that it is being tested to allow receiving a foot pass.

But since the sport has the similar structure as many other team sports, like Soccer and Ice Hockey etc, the sport also share some concepts as it comes to end a game that ends in a tie or a draw.
I think some of these other sports have developed their own systems over time and today perhaps some games/tournaments and sports are more developed as they end in a tie, and then more modern rules determine how the game should be decided. This will most likely continue to be developed into the future.
I think the combination of an overtime part as well as a penalty shot-out would be a good solution. Maybe the best solution is to use both the overtime decider and maybe play this with 4 vs. 4 players to start with for like 5 minutes and then for 3 minutes play 3 on 3 (or to play 5 on 5 with no goalies)... But also after this - always play a penalty round. Both the overtime as well as the penalty shoot-out should result in additions points for the best team, as they do in some tournaments. This also creates intensity and action in the last minutes of any game.

The best rule according to us?
That there is no body-checking or off-side involved in the game of Floorball. Rules that creates a clean modern, safe and fast game with many scoring opportunities. Both these rules are a joke in most other sports and I do not understand why they cling on to such antique ideas. ;-)
I just dream to see a high level Soccer game - with no offside. Or a high level Ice Hockey game without destructive body checking. Or would't - shouldn't I?

Any 2 cents are welcome


Some few US/Californian updates..

Want to keep track of the US ladies during Canada Cup?

Youth 3 on 3 Floorball in Simi Valley here
(we just covered this as beach floorball)

Further there is talk about a male camp for the US National team...during the summer of 2012.

Friday, May 18, 2012

This morning on Canada's largest breakfast TV

We're sad to say that this is another one we can not embed into the page.

But if you care about Floorball, or the future of sports, or Ice Hockey development... We do not think you should miss this one..

Let Us Celebrate three things

We want to celebrate that the Canada Cup started today.
We want to celebrate that both the Czech republic and the Slovak as well as the Finnish team's in the World Ice Hockey Championships made it to the semi's (these are 3 large Floorball nations).
We want to celebrate you dear reader - since without YOU - this blog would not be driven.

Today's celebrations comes from last year and Brno

Flrball - our friend

The excellent site promised some new stuff:
Hockey coaching training – transferred to Floorball Coaching
Posted on May 15, 2012

"I attended the World Championship Hockey Coaching Symposium in Ericsson Globe Arena, during the IIHF World Championships in Ice Hockey. I will try to translate/transfer the latest knowledge from hockey to floorball in coming posts " promise to keep an extra eye on Jukka Aro and what he will come up with...
This site is linked to at the lower part of our blog..

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Ready for the largest tourney outside of Europe

Don't miss the highlights of Canada Cup
North America's largest floorball event starts tomorrow

Hey, are you ready for the Canada Cup?We are excited to welcome 62 teams playing in a record 8 divisions this year. Here are some of the highlights that you don't want to miss...
  1. Learn to coach and referee from International Floorball Federation instructors. There is space available at the FREE sessions and you can sign up here.
  2. Shop at the Source for Sports/FloorballPro retail store featuring over 500 sticks. This is the first stop for all players, new & experienced! Try on the 2012 Canada Cup t-shirts while you are there... sure to be an instant classic.
  3. Watch the Salming Vikings and Parkland Warriors play at noon on Saturday. Parkland's team has Nathan Dempsey, former NHL player and Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick, while the Salming Vikings have two of the world's best defenseman in Rasmus Sundstedt and Mattias Samuelsson from the Swedish Super League.
  4. CTV Canada AM will feature floorball tomorrow, Friday morning at 7:30 AM on their national broadcast. Watch it live! Here are a couple of news stories that have already appeared about the Canada Cup: CBC News HamiltonCHCH News Hamilton andOttawa Morning Live.
  5. When you get hungry, Toronto's Food Cabbie is the place to go for a quick snack or famous fish tacos. They will be set up right outside the venue all weekend long.
  6. Order team photos from ES Photography. Pre-book to make sure your best moments are captured by using this form.
  7. Watch the Canada Cup Elite and Bantam Finals in person on Sunday starting at 2:30 PM in the Main Gym. If you can't be there this weekend, you can watch the stream on the Rogers TV website next week or on the Rogers TV channel.
  8. Enjoy the Canada Cup Awards Presentation on Sunday evening at 7:15 PM in the Main Gym. This year all individual award winners will be honoured together so don't miss the chance to see all of the tournament's top performers in one place.
  9. Chill out after the tournament with your teammates by watching playoff hockey in Toronto. The Toronto Marlies have offered a special rate for tickets to the Toronto Marlies vs. Oklahoma City Barons AHL Conference Final game on Monday, May 21st at 3 PM along with Game 4 & 5 later in the week. Download the flyer and don't miss the special Zorro show at the game.
  10. If you can't be in Toronto in person, follow the tournament online with almost real-time scores and statistics on the official tournament website along with regular Facebookand Twitter updates. If you are at the tournament, remember to tweet #Floorball @TheCanadaCup
A reminder that the game schedule for the entire weekend is on the Canada Cup website. If you have any questions about the tournament, check out the Frequently Asked Questionspage.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our full honors to Canada

This TV CLIP spell Floorball explosion in Brasil

We can embed this one - the language is Portuguese - but hey look at these images....

IN Search of a team for this June!

I'm organizing the Southwest Invitational Floorball Tournament (SWIFT) on June 16, and one of our teams just pulled out today. Would you mind tweeting/facebooking to your following that if there's a team interested in participating in this 4-on-4 tournament and they can sign up/pay by 5/24, we'd be happy to have them? We are going to go ahead with a 5-team tournament if we can't secure a 6th team, but we're throwing this out there and hoping something pans out. If any questions, contact me directly: brandee1212(at) Thanks!

Tomorrow's Beach Floorball

Many respected people talking about the future often refers to different areas and it seems like California often jumps up as a place for new ideas.
Recently Beach Floorball has become active on Twitter so we checked in with Mr. Torsson that is behind this concept.
He tells us that; yes they are working with different constructions of blown-up rinks and what they aim to do is to create a new form of Floorball to be played outdoors. The idea is to get away from expensive renting of gym time, just toss in the Floorball rink in the trunk of a truck, find a nice location, blow the rink up and then "poff" play Floorball outdoors.
Coach Torsson also mention that they have so far been experimenting with different sizes of rinks and ways to play Floorball outdoors in the great California climate. The aim is to have a tournament up for next summer and Mr. Torsson envision further International games on the beaches of California in this new "Floorball ala Hot Style".
He further invites any risk investor to get in contact with Beach Floorball if they like to build upon this idea..

Culture for Expats

Modern trans-world Culture for expats - like Swedes living abroad...
Is most likely still a scoop of Pippi Langstocking, eating some Ginger cookies, perhaps reading Henning Mankell or why not Stieg Larsson, a weekend visit to IKEA or HM, driving a Volvo or a Saab and maybe some interest for Zorn, Bellman or Abba.
The trouble is that these are all "consumer activities", activities you are being fed.

As many folks knows it is sometimes rather fun to be a "producer" in life too.
Yes a true Swedish expat may also bake some Ginger bread cookies.. as a producing activity or celebrate Lucia (we do not know if that is producing or a consuming activity).
But to be fully honest, not too many Swedish expats gets their kick from traditional wood carving or chopping runes into a big piece of rock.... these days.
We have the feeling that many expats, as they want to produce something fun - they do Floorball. No, not all, but a large enough body of Expat Swedes, Finns, Swiss and Czech's bring Floorball to their new life as a true modern expression of their own "living culture".

Do you know one of these odd folks? We would like to salute them here!
The next question is how to connect this to the local school system - because it is in school Floorball belongs. Can culture exhibitions with Floorball be a missing link?

If U go to Holland this Summer

First we would advice you to do your best to try to pronounce Groningen as good as possible. The next thing is to play some Floorball here...On the 25th and 26th of June the Groningen Floorball Open takes place in the Netherlands. It's a tournament where 16 mens and 8 womans teams compete to earn the GFOpen Champion 2012 title. During these two days the teams will play multiple matches. On Saturday there's also the famous GFOpen panna knock out, with a great party at the end of the night in the city of Groningen. Teams have come back over the past years for the great atmosphere and the tournament itself. For more information check

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Be a Rookie

We have earlier said that some of the very best Youtube clips comes out from the Czech Republic.
This one is well supporting this claim...
Camp on Baby

Yiiiha 100.000 hitz

Floorballcentral is happy to announce that we have passed 100.000 hits.
A Flooball blog in America?
Is that possible?

Yes, but only thanks to all devoted readers as well as thanks to all folks supplying material links etc (and some material we just link to or borrow hrm we do our best not to "steal")..

We do know that visitor 100.000 came from USA or China.

Lets look forward from this point. This is what Tim O’Reilly say in today's post at Wired on predicting the future. Tim is founder of the eponymous tech book publisher, he launched several influential gatherings of the technorati, including Web 2.0, etc.

"I don’t really think I spot the future; I spot the things in the present that tell us something about the future. I look for interesting people. I find the cool kids and then say, what are they doing?"

Is there someone else thinking about kids doing zorro on youtube right now?

Singapore and World Universities

It has been confirmed Singapore is seriously on the map, with their second big International Floorball event coming up in 2014!

Let us just share one line - here
"The FISU Executive Committee has decided that the 2014 World University Floorball Championships (WUFC) will be played in Singapore."

Next Up to study is the FISU 2012 World University Floorball Championships.

Germany fatherland and school

We have earlier stressed the importance of Germany for the growth of Global Floorball. Germany just released new very positive numbers of licensed players - not far away at all from their first main target in Germany of 10.000 licensed players - this is what their own national Olympic organisation demands for Floorball to become members of the national German Olympic organisation. The German Floorball growth clocks in at almost 15% increase of new players and 70% of all new licensed players are younger than 19 years....

10.000 players in Germany is that much. Hmm. Lets do a quick compare here
Sweden has approx 120.000 licensed players. On a population of about 9 million. Germany have about 82 million people and hm could that mean almost a bit over one million possible Floorball players in Germany alone?
Well extrapolating Swedish numbers.. and 10 times the population... indicates something in that direction... So no Floorball in Germany has not started yet.

Herrn Stoll in Germany, has explained that their recent growth number in particular focused on young players relates to a program where German Floorball clubs have a very tight co-operation with schools (source S. Houman).

Hmm, maybe we should tie in schools here in Wisconsin, or the midwest, too?


Douglas Adams was wrong!

The meaning of life is not 42.

As we add up the numbers corresponding to FLOORBALL we get...
F= 6
L= 12
O= 15
O= 15
R= 18
B= 2
A= 1
L= 12
L= 12

If you add this up it looks like 93...
Therefore the meaning of life should be 93.
Whats next? We now want to find players with either 42 or 93 on their back.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tv in CANADA...

Democracy and Carbon fiber

We have earlier praised the democratic level at the IFF and we love to read their meetings posted. This post will just share a few reflections upon the last CB meeting posted at the IFF.

First we want to say that the material is comprehensive, well written and wow this is a productive group. It is also interesting to try to figure out what is communicated "between the lines".

The one-piece carbon fiber stick seems to have been cleared as legal by SP, the equipment certifying body. It sounds like methods for testing these sticks are underway and here at Floorballcentral we do now believe that we will see these sticks in the market this fall. Our guess is that many manufacturers scramble right now.
Since the question of Floor-wear&tear came up, most likely in relation to new one-piece carbon fiber products, it sounds like Sweden, Finland, The Swiss and Czech will do some deeper investigations in comparison to other sports (I think the University of Tampere would be a good place to start since they have done a scientific report on the floor earlier).
The meeting also talked about other scientific studies related to Floorball and initiatives will be initiated, sounds exciting.

It further sounds like there is a phone app for Floorball on its way. It is our understanding that this will be more a tool to build the Floorball community as compared to a place to report results and scores...

It was reported that Malaysia is developing in the right direction from some earlier issues and that Russia is trying to cope with some new national bureaucratic problems they ran into - that shut down their own national federation. Bummer kind of...

The test of receiving a foot pass was concluded by inviting national federations to try this out, if they so want to. Equity throughout all parts of Floorball was also in focus at this meeting
The minutes also talk about an audit for national federations - something that fully seem to make reasonable sense as a good idea and it is our understanding that the IFF representative for Americas will perform a comprehensive audit..

The main thing from this meeting that Floorballcentral was not too found of, is Appendix 13. But we will not gripe about this more (we hope). This our viewpoint is not only based upon taste but also functionality, we think. What this is? look it up here.

Have fun!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Perfect (hat) Selection?.

One might suspect that hard Unique Selling Prospects would be the most important factor as players/parents or kids select their own main sport. A USP can sound like “Soccer is an outdoor-game with not too much equipment to carry around” or Ice Hockey is a cool game since players looks though.

Here at Floorballcentral we think this assumption is to be fully wrong.

The true selection of a sport is not based upon specific arguments for a sport. We instead think all these factors play a role:
- Parents Teachers Peers
- Traditions
- Availability
- Costs
- A Cool-factor - is this a cool thing to do?
- Future opportunities
- Safety
- Specific Unique Selling Prospects
- How much exercise will I get out from this?

- Identity
- Luck
- Fun
- And the list goes on and you can probably come up with more reasons

If this is true, then no one can make a fully neutral selection of their own sport until both parents and the local traditions/history support a new activity, this means to have the full platform up for the perfect selection - well it will take both broad implementation and time for a new sport to cover all these areas..

Floorballcentral say that this has - in Floorball’s case - so far perhaps only occurred at places like Finland and Sweden. But then also - Floorball has a now reached a serious dominant position as a sport in these countries. Yes, some other European countries are not laggin’ far behind...
Unihoc claim that Floorball is northern Europe's largest indoor sport...

In the English speaking world of Floorball; Singapore seems to be very well developed and many may be surprised on how fast Floorball grew so strong in the school system in Singapore. The big thing here is that we must understand that Singapore still lacks some important features to create the perfect and a complete platform for their kids to “select” their own sport. We think that both history/traditions as well as Parents involvement or influences are still not very developed in Singapore - when kids starts to have these features in place too - well Floorball will become yet even more popular.

Speculations - Maybe - But they seem to make sense.
In case you agree to this post - hold onto your hat.
In case you disagree to this post - well our advice is still - hold onto your hat.


National Canada TV Today

We do not need to add anything

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The basic understanding of developing things..

In education you have two ways to go. Either you focus upon WHAT students should learn - or you focus on HOW students should learn.
The first model more or less limit the knowledge transfer to the students to things already known. And a model locked into this mode (many schools works like this) would in principle hinder further development - and yes we would still today be at Medieval times if going strict on this route.

The other way is more aimed to provide students with the right tools for learning of knowledge far beyond of what the current generation or teacher knows today. This is a model that aims at development.
And since the world is developing fast the education part in some way seem to address this side of learning and development too.

How in the world does this relate to sports?
We say that sports develop too. And we think students are provided with tools to learn HOW instead of WHAT in this field too. But we suspect maybe not as much as in other academic areas - since honestly we have not seen as much invention in sports as in other academic areas and Floorballcentral think that sports may develop in two ways..

Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, and Hockey etc are old almost “medieval” games - but we are certain that the ways these games are played today is not just according to WHAT the earlier generation said was right. But more modern forms of these sports also rest upon the idea on HOW you may play these games - the development rest on newly acquired knowledge by later generations. And yes we say that today's top teams would beat most any other historic team due to this incremental development.
This is development within its own context. 

The more interesting form of development occures when there is a shift of the paradigm and something truly new forms.
Let me just compare it to dumbphones and an Iphone and I think the reader may relate to a leap in development.

Half-Pipe snowboarding, Parkour and Floorball are three excellent examples on how a paradigm shift occurs and how something new and bold forms out from the old. This is a leap based on the notion on HOW we may learn and play in more modern times.

Or in short - if you like the future and development in sports - well, then you will love Floorball too.


Become an Expert!

Learn to Ref & Coach Floorball
International Floorball Federation Clinics at the Canada Cup

International Floorball Federation
Development Clinics
Canada Cup, Toronto, Canada
May 18th-20th, 2012

Hey, do you want to learn how to ref and coach floorball?

This is your chance! The International Floorball Federation (IFF) is hosting Development Clinics at the 2012 Canada Cup Floorball Championship May 18th to 20th at York University in Toronto.
The Development Clinics will feature two streams: Coaching and Refereeing. These sessions are designed for beginner to intermediate coaches and referees and are perfect for teachers, hockey coaches, city recreationists, players or floorball parents. Best of all, there is no charge to attend.

Below is a breakdown of the sessions that will be offerred:
 Coaching Refereeing
C1Defensive TacticsR1Basic Floorball Rules
C2Offensive TacticsR2Referee Movement
C3Game Transition/Buildup ("Breakout")R3Referee Signals
C4Player RolesR4Refereeing a Game

These sessions are open to everyone. Learn more about floorball and bring this knowledge back to your local club and community to develop the sport further.
IFF Clinics Schedule and Registration
Registration is completed online on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no charge for the sessions but non-Canada Cup players will need to purchase a ticket to enter the tournament site. To receive a formal certificate to prove completion of the course, partipants must complete all four courses in the stream of their choice and become a member of Floorball Canada for $10. Floorball Canada membership is NOT required to attend the sessions.
FRIDAY, MAY 18 2012 
8:45-9:30C1 Defensive TacticsREGISTER
9:30-10:15R1 Basic Floorball RulesREGISTER
11:00-11:45C2 Offensive TacticsREGISTER
11:45-12:30R2 Referee MovementREGISTER
1:15-2:00C3 Game Transition/Buildup       REGISTER
2:00-2:45R3 Referee SignalsREGISTER
5:00-5:45C4 Player RolesREGISTER
5:45-6:30R4 Refereeing a GameREGISTER
SATURDAY, MAY 19 2012 
8:45-9:30C1 Defensive TacticsREGISTER
9:30-10:15R1 Basic Floorball RulesREGISTER
11:00-11:45C2 Offensive TacticsREGISTER
11:45-12:30R2 Referee MovementREGISTER
1:15-2:00C3 Game Transition/BuildupREGISTER
2:00-2:45R3 Referee SignalsREGISTER
4:15-5:00C4 Player RolesREGISTER
5:00-5:45R4 Refereeing a GameREGISTER
SUNDAY MAY 20 2012 
8:00-8:45C1 Defensive TacticsREGISTER
8:45-9:30R1 Basic Floorball RulesREGISTER
9:30-10:15C2 Offensive TacticsREGISTER
11:00-11:45R2 Referee MovementREGISTER
11:45-12:30C3 Game Transition/BuildupREGISTER
4:15-5:00R3 Referee SignalsREGISTER
5:00-5:45C4 Player RolesREGISTER
5:45-6:30R4 Refereeing a GameREGISTER

IFF Instructors

John Liljelund:

Mr. John Liljelund has a vast experience of coaching in Floorball, he has during his 20 year experience coached the Finnish women’s and men’s U19 national teams, Finnish elite teams and during his employment in IFF he has focused on training male youth players born 1996 and now acts as the head coach for the age group in Finland. He has also played as a goalkeeper in the highest leagues in Finland and Sweden, participating in the EuroFloorball Cup
John has taken a professional coaching exam organised by the Finnish Olympic Committee and has actively been a part of the coaching education of the Finnish Floorball Federation as a lecturer and developer. He has been the creator of the IFF Floorball Development Programme and its Seminars. During the Clinic John will be responsible for the Coaching instruction.

Janne Ögren: 
Mr. Jan (Janne) Ögren is an experienced Swedish elite referee and coach, who has been refereeing for over 20 years and has also worked as a coach in both elite teams and later in district teams in Sweden. Additionally he has a vast experience of educating both referees and coaches and has passed the highest Floorball coaching level in Sweden. Since the beginning of 2012 Janne works as the IFF Development Coordinator, with the task to support IFF member associations in their development and assist new countries develop the sport of Floorball. Janne has a fair knowledge of the development of Floorball and has seen it from both on and off the pitch and has a capability to explain the different phases of the game in a very concrete manner. He has additionally been building the Swedish Floorball Federations Coaching system. Janne will be responsible for Refereeing instruction.

To learn more about the Canada Cup, surf to our website at:
We look forward to seeing you at the sessions!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee 
The Canada Cup Floorball Championship
Presented by Grassroots Floorball Inc.
388 Richmond Street West Suite 922
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3P1
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!