Monday, April 16, 2012

Rec Division Tomah Open 2012

Blind Squirrels from St. Paul is our favorite team and top pick in the recreational division of Tomah Open 2012 (if not in the full tourney).
They lose with only one goal to the winners of this years edition of Tomah Open's rec division. They lose with only one goal to both the two Teams from Tomah, Tomah Fury and Brad's Team.
It is Blind Squirrels that makes this tourney a very balanced and even act. It is Blind Squirrels that personify the idea that it is the struggle that counts - and not the results. 
Our big hat off for the Blind Squirrels! Thank U Guys!
As we saw the initial rosters we suspected that Dubious Storm from Wausau, WI would be a very strong team. But the Minneapolis Millers also looked strong on the paper and only one goal differed between these two teams as they played, but Minnesota took home the first title ever in the Tomah Open 2012's rec div.
Both Tomah teams were rather well balanced to and only one goal was the difference between Brad's Team and Tomah Fury as the result ended 4-3 in favor of Brad and his team.

Grand Titel Tally after two Tourney's of Tomah Open:
Illinois (Chicago) 2 Titles in the Advanced Div, 2011 and 2012.
Wisconsin (Horicon) 1 Title in the Rec Div, 2011
Minnesota (Minneapolis) 1 Title in the Rec Div, 2012

Noteworthy is that Tomah is still without a title since 8 teams have played to win from Tomah (but that will change soon).
Report upon the Advanced Division Tomah Open 2012, will be released soon, as well as a sponsor follow-up - hold out....


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