Monday, April 30, 2012


In one of the most developed Floorball nations only some 30% of the players are girls.
As we play Floorball in Tomah, WI. It is observed that 10-20% of our players are girls in either the recreational adult/teen group or among the kidz.
What is wrong with girls? Are they not "early adopters"? Or must we set up separate girls and ladies groups to cater to the female half of the population? Maybe?
Floorballcentral assume that girls needs to burn fat, have fun and lead the development into new things too.

Instead of repeting these questions we will now focus on the Canadian U19 Girls team that have so much fun in Slovakia.
These girls are early adopters - full of spirit - and they do write history as they are the first ever non-Europeans to participate in a World Floorball Championship for girls U19.

Canadian girls that matter to us here - Good Luck from Floorballcentral!

Go Canada GO!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Canada U19 Ladies and SW C USA

This is the most lively part of the Internet right now as it comes to Floorball activity online in the Americas.
This is the facebook page for the girls from Canada U19 that are writing history as being the first non-European ladies U19 team ever in a WFC.
Our own main criticism toward this page is that it will most likely die as soon as the tourney is over, like what happened to the Team USA's female WFC facebook page in December. We think we need consistent coverage! But right now it as of above is the best in Americas so go there - it is full of life...

Then we have footage from the US South West Championships, played in Texas recently. And Yes yet again we see a team from Oklahoma - their Twisters...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pinterest Part Princess

We tossed, up last night - the great, and so far best, Swedish clip from the Swedish final made by D. Larno and Klubbhuset onto Pinterest.
It went crazy, with probably hundreds of likes or re-pins on Pinterest.
Just now we tossed up the most seen ever clip from You Tube - on Floorball. The freestyler 6 clip from the Czech Republic....
Lets see how that one will make it..

And if you - dear Floorballer - have a great picture on Floorball or a video clip - toss it up at Pinterest.
A great place to reach mothers, sisters and other familymembers straight into their hearts...
Do something for Floorball in America pls...What I think would be fully awesome - is a ladies Floorball flick with Zorro moves and a good cut... cause Pinterest is very much about girls.

So WHO is first out doing an awesome video on Zorro girls? Or just a supervideo on Floorball girls - see it as a challenge...

Happy Pinning.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Live Top Notch Floorball Now

Here - we do not have embed code - so we link you to the Swiss TV transmission one period left at least...

Look at these plays...

WOW, Skills at the very top level. - can America match this? I wonder... not even with a Gretzky line...

A Flow Chart

For those that have a problem to decide our technicians have produced a flow chart.
If this is serious or a joke? Well that is up to you...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Can a blog like this kick-start Floorball in the United States of America?

After being online since late 2009 our dry conclusion is.....

The truth is that even if this blog generates hits that have accumulated soon to be 100.000 hits - the blog traffic stand constant, more or less since we started, so we are not growing here. We just kind of filled a hole of interest.
It is true that many blogs recently have lost traffic to other sources of information like Facebook and Twitter - Pinterest etc. But no, our general conclusion is still that our main goal to shake the USA and maybe Canada about Floorball is not possible to accomplish through this blog.

It is also true that some of the best available promotion Floorball material is not always available in English.

So how can we build Floorball in North America?
Our conclusion is that can not do this alone.  There must be another entity involved. And this organisation must be either the Federal School System, USA Hockey, The YMCA, the Boy Scouts of America or another strong organisation of a similar dignity and with the full power of credibility. This organisation also need the genuine interest...

Then in reality we have also written several folks and organisations and asked them for either support, interest, help or just maybe an answer.
Some very important folks have answered, some have been engaged and some have made a good difference.
But, there is also a bunch of recipients that - either missed our contact approach - or just decided that the initiative to wake up North America about Floorball was not worth to get engaged in.
Whatever their reason - hm maybe we should post upon some of the silent souls we have encountered? Do you want to hear who does not listen to our call? ;-)

So will we now close down this fiasko?

No, we know there will be a breakthrough one day - if it so will take until the day when real Athletes walk into the big Summer Olympic bowl and Floorball sticks are waved in the air.

For now we will hold on to this current 100.000 hits “fiasco”. Only waiting for the support that we know will be here. You may start support us yourself, already now by spreading da word about Floorball.

Hold out dear reader.... we do.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


For the fist time Sweden tries to catch up to the Czech Republic as it comes to producing good and thrilling video stuff that communicates the spirit.
The producer behind this movie say:
A) Sit Down
B) Rev up the Sound
C) Do Full Screen

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last summers important article and - way beyond

This is maybe a post on Utopia. But let us play with your mind for a few minutes.

First you read this

Second: we think we know that Floorball in Finland is twice as big as Hockey, so it is remarkable that the writer puts Hockey ahead of Floorball in the text, also this newspaper is one of the most dominant and credible in Finland.

Third: The Olympics bread and butter used to be Track and Fields - if you agree or not to this statement - well it's up to you.

Fourth: Floorball is on track to the Olympics. Some hope for 2020 - but more realistically maybe 2024 or 2028 is a better guess? May Floorball miss this goal? - we do not think so.

Fifth: Let us now say that the thing that the writer observe and write about in the article from Helsinki Sanomat, as linked to above, is true - and maybe his observation is a true as in respect of Finland being a model for the future (yes we know that Finland also have one of the worlds best school systems).

Let us now do some main extrapolation here.

So is it fully utopia to say that in 2050 - the Olympics will not just have Floorball as a sport, but the Olympics may perhaps also be dominated by,  Floorball in about 2050?
Floorballcentral do think this assumption to be kind of serious wild - but maybe not fully out of its own context with an aim 40 years forward in time - as we add up the information as of above.

What other tools would one use to predict the future, but current and historic trends?

Or was this just a local trend in Finland for last summer?

Any better ideas or bets?

From the IFF

Women's U19 WFC starting in May
The 5th Women's U19 World Championships are played in Nitra, Slovakia, May 1st - 5th 2012. All final team lists are now published and found on the IFF WU19 2012 web page.

The tournament is played with an A- and B-division.
* Russia withdrew from the B-division

Official event
Floorballcentral will do our best to try to follow team Canada, from a distance.


What: 4-on-4 invitational floorball tournament

When: Saturday, June 16, 2012, 10:30 am—7:30 pm
Where: Austin Recreation Center
1301 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701
Cost: $180 per team (must register by 5/16; pay by 5/25)

For more information, please contact Brandee Gomez: brandee1212 (AT)

..and to extend this post we toss in a celebration from the wolrds largest floorball magazine on the runner-ups from Swedish finals and all goals from the ladies final..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Southwest US Floorball Championships

Six teams, fifteen competitive games.  Lots of exciting new players in the Texas/Oklahoma region.

Congratulations to the Southwest Adventist University Team 1 for winning the 2012 Southwest US Floorball Championship (formerly the Texas Championship)! After fifteen hard-fought games, it came down to the wire between SWAU 1 and the Dallas Fireballs. Both teams had identical records, each going 4-0-1. Their one game against each other resulted in a 2-2 tie so the ultimate winner was decided on the third tie breaker, goal differential. Congratulations to all players for an extremely competitive, exciting tournament. For game results, standings, and tournament statistics, check the Schedules, Standings, and Scoring Leaders links from the Main Menu. (if you don't see those options, choose Tournaments from Choose a Region) - all instructions valid at, and not here... ;-)

Final Rankings
(1) SWAU Team 1
(2) FbC Dallas Fireballs
(3) Austin Floorball
(4) SWAU Team 2
(5) Oklahoma Twisters
(6) SW US Floorball Open Rec Team

Next major North American tournaments - California Championship in Fresno and Canada Cup in Toronto - both next month!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Live Tweets from The Swedish Final

The signature Torras will be back with live tweets here tomorrow for the Swedish Final. We will toss up a gadget here tonight and you may follow all the actions from Torras tweets.
Torras like Storvreta, some expertise say that they will not win this year... let see how it goes. And in Sweden they think the Swedish final - to be larger as the World Championships, eh, we are trying to change that :-) but not successful yet ;-).

This Swedish final game will also be available via Swedish TV4 online, but you must be a premium customer to see it, cost approx less than 20 dollars. This weekend otherwise live transmissions from Poland, Denmark, Norway and links available from our facebook page - go to it from right side of blog..

Tomah Open Advanced 2012, and more

St Paul Players is my fav team in the advanced division of Tomah Open 2012. This since we asked them to move up and play in the advanced group, just to even out the groups. They played well and did not end up last. That is good and they also showed some nice examples on how you play advanced Floorball.
Team International Flash had some problems with players that could not make it or was gone by other reasons. The had some help by late replacements, including a player from California - I am sure they will do better next time because there is so much skill in this team.

Before the tourney I assumed that the Tomah teams "Two Oaks and a bunch of nuts" and "Honey Bearz" would be fighting in the toilet bowl game. But no, both these teams was able to advance to the semi-finals and Honey Bearz became an outstanding surprise as they were able to lose only 4-2 against last years winners "Innebandy Chicago". (rumors say that the Honey Bearz have had secret training sessions).

The final became a pure Chicago battle with Chicago Wild Hawks playing Innebandy Chicago.  Chicago Wild Hawks started with two fast, almost surprising goals, early on and Innebandy Chicago tried to catch the other team. I do not know how many posts or odd things that came in the way for Innebandy Chicago - it sure looked like they would turn the game a round and win with some comfort. But it never happened. So Chicago Wild Hawks won this time.

In general I think we dare to say that Chicago is dominating the Floorball scene in the Midwest US right now.
Perhaps we missed a few players from Minnesota - but irrespective of this it seems like Tomah and Wisconsin is not out of the game - and perhaps Tomah may catch up to the very best one day, soon?
With this same general reflection one might also note that Chicago or Illinois probably could use a base of more recreational players to secure a more long term development.

For the growth of this tourney I think there is mainly 3 directions to grow in: The first one is to get each place to bring on more teams - that means local growth and this year we saw parts of this with Wausau close to bring two teams, Chicago added one team and another fifth possible Tomah team was in fact this year at a wedding.
The second direction would be to get some other groups to travel a bit further - and we have had interest from several places - so maybe this will happen too. The third direction would be to find new local places that just now today picks up Floorball. And I happen to know that we have a few new schools that just recently added Floorball to their activities here in WI. I also know that the first Hockey Club in Wisconsin just added some Floorball sticks to their equipment. If all these three things would come together as in a perfect storm we easily would have over 20 teams for next years Tomah Open. But yes, Floorball in the Midwest is taking its first baby steps - so we may still fall on our nose too.

The aim for next year is most likely a new pair of real certified nets - and we are still dreaming about boards, of course. Let's see how things play out....

Next big tourney in Wisconsin is the Midwest Classic, August 18th in Wausau.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

More than 1000 words...

12000 spectators

It might not sound much with US measurements.

But let me tell you that 12.000 in little Sweden is huge and this is the anticipated number from this years Swedish final - as it will be played now on Saturday.
Yes Floorball has the indoor spectator record in Sweden for any sport - not many folks knows this outside of Sweden...
And as the SM- final moves back to Stockholm next year or, in 2013 - the old record most likely will say bye bye. 12000 spectators for a Floorball game is fully fantastic in 2012. But you just wait....

There has been rumors about a free on-line TV feed from this years SM final by TV4. It is our understanding that this is only free for "premium customers" so the actual cost is some sek 79, about ten dollars so it is not too much to fuzz about. But I would not call it free.
We hope to serve you live tweets here from the final by the torras signature. Hold on.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teaser from Canada

New Tourney Announced in Wisconsin

Date: August 18, 2012 Location: Wausau, WI
Team Fees: Leisure Teams: $125.00 Select Teams: $175.00 Premier Teams: Here’s hoping for the future... $50.00 non-refundable team deposit due upon registration. Remaining fee due July 21st, 2012. Individual (Freelance) Player Fees: Leisure: $20.00 Select: $25.00 Premier: Some day Registration Deadline: July 21st, 2012
Registration is available for 12 teams.
For info contact Aaron Fiedler at:

An Olympic Flame

The Danish Floorballplayer Annika Bengtsson 24, will be one of two Danish athletes running the Olympic tourch this summer in London for the Olympic Summer games. This shows on what path Floorball is on to get closer to the Olympic dream - with Floorball as an Olympic Sport.
Yes the IOC gave Floorball full recognition last summer. In several countries (including the USA) most folks have not a clue about Floorball, yet. We and some more activists are trying to change that fact.
This picture of Annika Bengtsson comes courtesy of the Danish Floorball Union. Annika for the future yeah!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Live Tweets from Sweden

Today the signature torras was tweeting "poff" -straight in to this blog with news by the minute from the Swedish semi-final as Storvreta won.

If you missed that?

Torras has promised to be back Saturday for the BIG Swedish Final, so from Friday evening will will yet again put in a Twitter plug here and let Torras tweet "poff" straight into the blog live from the final - check it out - it is kind of cool.
And yes we have the fastest Floorball News on this side of the Atlantic - sorry you other guys - it is all about speed!
Eh, I just fixed a typo here - so probably more speed as compared to correctness ;-)


Rec Division Tomah Open 2012

Blind Squirrels from St. Paul is our favorite team and top pick in the recreational division of Tomah Open 2012 (if not in the full tourney).
They lose with only one goal to the winners of this years edition of Tomah Open's rec division. They lose with only one goal to both the two Teams from Tomah, Tomah Fury and Brad's Team.
It is Blind Squirrels that makes this tourney a very balanced and even act. It is Blind Squirrels that personify the idea that it is the struggle that counts - and not the results. 
Our big hat off for the Blind Squirrels! Thank U Guys!
As we saw the initial rosters we suspected that Dubious Storm from Wausau, WI would be a very strong team. But the Minneapolis Millers also looked strong on the paper and only one goal differed between these two teams as they played, but Minnesota took home the first title ever in the Tomah Open 2012's rec div.
Both Tomah teams were rather well balanced to and only one goal was the difference between Brad's Team and Tomah Fury as the result ended 4-3 in favor of Brad and his team.

Grand Titel Tally after two Tourney's of Tomah Open:
Illinois (Chicago) 2 Titles in the Advanced Div, 2011 and 2012.
Wisconsin (Horicon) 1 Title in the Rec Div, 2011
Minnesota (Minneapolis) 1 Title in the Rec Div, 2012

Noteworthy is that Tomah is still without a title since 8 teams have played to win from Tomah (but that will change soon).
Report upon the Advanced Division Tomah Open 2012, will be released soon, as well as a sponsor follow-up - hold out....


Tomah Open 2012

A Tourney with no losers - only ALL WINNERS!

Result-bank Tomah Open 2012


Minneapolis Millers - Brad's team 7 - 1
Dubious Storm -
Blind Squirrels 7 - 1
Tomah Fury -  Brad's team    3 - 4
Minneapolis Millers - Dubious Storm 4 - 3
Blind Squirrels  -  Brad's team    2 - 3
Minneapolis Millers - Tomah Fury 10 - 2
Brad's team - Dubious Storm 5 - 6
Blind Squirrels - Tomah Fury 4 - 5
Dubious Storm - Tomah Fury 3 - 1
Minneapolis Millers - Blind Squirrels 4 - 3

Minneapolis Millers 4 4 0 25 - 9 12 Pts
Dubious Storm 4 3 1 19 - 11 9 Pts
Brad's Team 4 1 3 13 - 18 6 Pts
Tomah Fury 4 2 2 11 - 21 3 Pts
Blind Squirrels 4 0 4 10 - 19 0 Pts

Comments are to be found in later post!

Advanzed DIV, first round...
Honey bearz -  International Flash   4 - 2 
Chicago Innebandy - 2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts    10 - 0
International Flash - Chicago Wild Hawks 5 - 6
2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts - St Paul Players 7 - 6 Shoot out
Honey bearz -  Chicago Wild Hawks    1 - 4 
Chicago Innebandy -  St Paul Players 11 - 0
Semi Finals
Chicago Wild Hawks - 2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts 8 - 5
Chicago Innebandy - Honey bearz 6 - 0

5th place game
International Flash - St Paul Players 3 - 5

Chicago Wild Hawks - Chicago Innebandy 4 - 2

Comments are soon to be up too.........

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chicago Dominate Tomah Open

Breaking News,
Two Chicago teams dominate Tomah Open and play the final in the advanced division. Team Chicago Wild Hawks win final 4-2 over Innebandy Chicago (the former Cup winners).

The Recreational division is won by team from Minneapolis, Minneapolis Millers.

Wisconsin did not present a winner this year (Horicon won recreational division last year) but Wisconsin was able to present teams that performed almost on level with some of the best teams.

The Floorball played in this Years edition of Tomah Open was more advanced as compared to last year.
Wausau, Wisconsin announce a new Tourney in Wausau in August 2012 - this tourney will feature a full size court and be played 5 on 5 with goalies. Possibly also withy some kind of a board construction.
Full reports, within a couple of days, or hours - including pictures.
Report on NEW Tourney in Wausau WI will also be posted about a.s.a.p. with further information.

Wisconsin Floorball Federation (in the making)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Can we do BAMBUSER here from Tomah Open?

THIS IS FOR NOW ONLY A TEST PLEASE IGNORE CURRENT VIDEO -ooppss we just passed 96000 hits he he - thanks and cool. We might try to live here from Tomah Open, if the signal is good enough (over G3 using a smart phone only) and if we so may make this work. Transmissions between 10 am and 5 pm might be limited due to how much time we will have.
If you see this Friday 13th (bad luck huh) then we are just testing if it works - probably after 3 PM..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Before Tomah Open 2012

The latest is that we have a confirmation that we will use cross-ice dividers to "shape" the court. Thanks TYHA.
A. Buvarp has confirmed that he will be reffing games (probably most experienced Floorball ref in the USA). Several sponsors have raised to the task - today, also much tanks to V. Wilcox-Borg.

It might be raining, but that has nothing to do with Floorball... but drive safe if You plan to drive.
There might further be an announcement as in regards to another tourney, in Wisconsin, made during the games. We also still are trying to get a national Anthem going. It will only be the US even if many players have their roots in Sweden, Poland and Finland (and some other nations too).

This will be fun on Saturday April 14th at THS in Tomah Wisconsin. Be there before 9.30 am pls.
Thank You all that have supported us so far - and thank You for your continuous support as we do something I think is of vital value for: Kids, Health, PE in USA, Hockey and you know what - that is just down right fun.

questions? contact us via facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, linked-in or just with a boring email...


Not only a link...

We say read this.
We say this will be here.
We say this is not only for old antique sports.
We say this is perfect for a sport that also use a stick and aims for the future.

We say no more.
Now, You read... this is s m a r t ... and think how you connect this to the web or a computer-game...
This is here now.

A one-piece stick, yes that's OK - but this promise so much more...

one more thing... the head guy at Adidas that they talk about in this article is Swedish - so he for sure knows what Floorball is all about - check it out here

Monday, April 9, 2012

Denmark looks forward

Originally this topic was written back in February
Denmark missed to qualify to the WFC floorball, for the first time, whats next?
by Steen Houman

Denmark missed the world championship for the first time ever! On the last day there were two things which should succeed to the Danes. A victory of 12 goals from France, and that Poland would beat Hungary. Already the first part missed when Denmark won with 1 goal for a bit! So it meant less surprising that Hungary played a draw against Poland and grabbed the last European spot!

From the 3 European qulifications, it was interesting to note that Slovakia is still in vigorous growth. But also to Serbia and Hungary are in progress. Generally it can be said that the European bottom level is raised quite well. There are not many easy WO matches as before.

Swedish Players to improve the national team?
The debate on the Danish national team will now flare up, and the question to get Swedish players is obvious. This is something many other nations have done, and Denmark have previously done.

But what would a Swedish improvement mean?
- We would probably be able to move slightly higher up

What would it then mean?
- More players starting to play floorball in Denmark, hardly there is no evidence!
- More funding to Denmark via DIF, Team Denmark or sponsors Nope DIF grants does not mean anything in relation to your international level, and Team Denmark, we are far from it. More sponsorship dollars? Hardly came no special additional revenue when Denmark was in 2 World Cup semifinals. An attempt by DafU, a few years ago to hire a company to obtain sponsorship dollars, gave ZERO dollars in box.

5 Swedish players will instead mean that 5 players from the Danish league does not go, ie less development for Denmark.

So I am in favor of taking the long haul and develop the Danish players.

World rankings as I do for fun based on the results of matches has been updated today.

Denmark still holds a place as no.10 in the world, and is thus highest ranked team not to be at the WFC. So despite a historical game that meant we did not qualify for the World championship, we are still in the top 10 in the world!

IFF also has a ranking, but it is based on the last 2 World Championships, where Denmark is number 12.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

History and some remarkable findings

We think we have found some interesting and remarkable facts. As you might know we claim that the first plastic stick came from the US company Cosom. We think that the man on the picture above is Philip or Phil Carlson one of the main guys behind the Cosom plastic toy stick from Minnesota. 
In other words we think this picture might show not only Floorball history but here is one of the true inventors behind the sport?
Maybe it is time to develop a Carlson stick or a Carlson tournament too?

The following is an except from a court case - upon a damaged eye from 1985. A sad story -  still full of interesting facts. It could be that liability stories like these is what derailed the plastic Floor Hockey stick development in USA? But we do not know.
This following text is an excerpt or quote with some interesting parts cut from this source page: 

"Cosom Corporation (Cosom Corporation became a subsidiary of Thermotech Industries in 1963); ITT Corporation from May 14, 1970 (when ITT acquired the assets of Thermotech, including its Cosom operation and trade name "Cosom"), until July 26, 1976; and Kusan, Inc., after July 26, 1976, when it purchased the Cosom manufacturing division of ITT. In purchasing the assets of Thermotech, ITT agreed to assume all the liabilities of Cosom Corporation. Accordingly, ITT is responsible for any indoor hockey sticks sold by Cosom Corporation.

Cosom Safe-T-Play hockey, ........... a Cosom Corporation pamphlet describing and touting Cosom Safe-T-Play products, together with what appears to be a separate booklet bearing a Cosom Safe-T-Play logo and the word Cosom at the bottom entitled: "Hockey Official Rulebook for Indoor-Outdoor Play."
These materials were part of a marketing effort by Cosom Corporation to induce elementary schools to institute indoor floor hockey. As explained by Phillip Carlson, who had been involved in the original concept of floor hockey, Cosom Corporation started manufacturing plastic hockey equipment in 1961 at the suggestion of physical education teachers. Prior to that time, "there had been some floor hockey played, but it had been with wood sticks with some type of wrapping on them so that they didn't mar and scratch the floors. So, it became apparent that there would be a market for a -- for a plastic stick that would be lighter, safer, and it could be used on gym floors without messing up the floors."

Cosom Corporation's pamphlet, which lists the "advantages of Cosom Hockey for schools and recreation departments," states that it is a simple game that anyone can learn quickly and is readily mastered by children as young as nine or ten years of age In large letters, the game is described as "Inexpensive. No Need for Protective Equipment"; in smaller letters the brochure states, "Thousands of the Indoor Hockey Kits are in use, throughout the country, and yet no case of serious injury has been reported." Under the heading "How Cosom Hockey Grew," the pamphlet includes a copy of a letter from Thomas Harter, a Michigan director of civic recreation, originally published in Recreation Magazine in 1964. The letter enthusiastically endorses the sport of indoor hockey, sets forth the inexpensive cost and durability of the equipment -- the Cosom Safe-T-Play Kit -- and points out that the total cost of the game for a league of fifteen to twenty teams is the cost of one kit plus the cost of plastic face masks recommended for goalies.
The various products of Cosom are described at the end of the pamphlet. The kit referred to in Harter's letter, Safe-T-Play Hockey, "includes 12 regular Cosom Hockey sticks of Polyethylene, 36 and 1/2" long and 6 1/2 ounces, 3 Cosom Fun Balls and 3 pucks; 24 page instruction book."

"Another publication prepared by an organization known as the "Athletic Institute," but bearing Cosom's name, describes floor hockey as follows: "It's really ice hockey without ice. Instead of skates, the players wear sneakers or rubber soled running shoes, and, instead of an India-rubber puck you substitute a light-weight plastic disc or ball."
"The official rule book put out by Cosom states that the first indoor hockey games introduced under an organized recreation program were in Battle Creek, Michigan, and that the program "was developed and instigated by Tom Harter . . . who devised the simple rules of the game." The plaintiff repeatedly claims that the game was invented by Cosom. Passing the questions whether the game was a new creation and, if so, who was its inventor, we assume, in the plaintiff's favor, that the game, or its rules, is what was sold."

Here is another cool link on something Phil or Philip Carlson seem to have written him self and it pin-points to that Battle Creek in Michican was the first place they ever seriously played "floor Hockey with Plastic sticks",395687

Then try this page on Tom Harter - where his rules truly describe a stick with a curved blade..
Yes it is clear that Floor Hockey do recognize this man as the father of Floor Hockey - but since it is obvious that they started out with cosom sticks - well this is Floorball too - I think.

Our comments?
Wow. OK first to the main cause in this legal case as of above. Is Floorball dangerous? Research from Finland suggest that one hour of Floorball pose a risk of eye injuries at the same level as playing Tennis for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Should one wear protective glasses? We think so and definitively among younger players - yes. Why is so few players playing with glasses? That is a mystery to us - but we know that it is mandated in some European systems for kids. So we do recommend protective eye wear, yes with no doubt.

Did we here find one of the most important individuals behind Floorball Mr. Philiph (or Phil) Carlson? Yes it sure seem like it. Do we think hes family immigrated from Sweden. Betcha.

Battle Creek, Ha. So that means right in-between Detroit and Chicago in Battle Creek they played plastic Floor Hockey for the first time probably in 1962....
Lets say that right in-between Chicago and Minneapolis (Philips hometown) - we now 50 years later celebrate the return of the plastic stick - with the Tomah Open tournament.

Deng - we must get Battle Creek to get up and play again with sticks made of carbon fiber...!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Strong Promotion for KIDS

Just in from Australia.
Thank you guys this is outstanding material that shows how Floorball mushrooms up all over the globe.

Friday, April 6, 2012

HirviTV or Moose theatre

HC a.k.a. the Hockey Community

As many have seen we endorse the Hockey Community here at Floorballcentral. Why? Because they build a system that also include Floorballers to find connections and games.

This is the latest from the Hockey Community
We're pleased to have you as a partner on our blogs directory and we wanted to update your about our new Iphone App that just hit the App Store after fourth intense months of hard work!  

We focused on 4 main areas for the first release of our iPhone app:

  • 1. Rink schedules: we built a software for rink managers so they can upload their schedules and ice times which feed directly to our iPhone App and a dedicated mobile site. QR Code posters are also provided to the rinks, making it easier for players access HC (see screenshot attached). Planet Ice has 5 locations using our technology in BC.
  • 2. Social Discovery: Teams can request an extra player or goalie at any time and players in the area will be informed about this new opportunity. Our goalie finder tool will help organizers find a goaltender in a record time. In a city like Vancouver, we have more than 150 goalies signed up.

    In each of our 8800+ facilities across more than 60 countries you will be able to know where local teams are playing and when future games are scheduled.
  • 3. Reputation: We think players should be able to build their hockey reputation, we created a number of badges rewarding the players based on how much they play and contribute to the community.  It helps to give the player credibility so others will see that this player is reliable. 
  • 4. Team pages: a place where you can discuss with your teammates easily.

More info:

Download more materials here:

Every section is enhanced by smart algorithms that suggest teammates or potential players based on your previous games. Currently we are also working on an HC Android app. Our fastest growing countries are Canada, USA, Sweden and Belgium. 


Alex Toulemonde & the HC Team

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just In: 4 North American Floorball News

2012 SOUTHWESTERN US FLOORBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Registration is now open for the 2012 Southwestern US Floorball Championship Tournament. This one-day tournament will be held at Southwestern Adventist University, 100 West Hillcrest Drive, Keene TX on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As Kids Weigh in..

Let's compare balls!

Basketball ball - approx 600 grams
Soccer ball - approx 420 grams
American Football ball - approx 400 grams
Volleyball ball - approx 270 grams
Hockey Puck - - approx 170 grams
Softball ball - approx 160 grams
Baseball ball - approx 145 grams
Floorball ball - approx 23 grams


There is no need to be an Einstein to figure out that in team sports - kids have a much better way of moving that ball around; a bit faster and further as the ball is light-weight.

But in the case you want to start to relate the comparative weight of a young player versus the ball he or she plays with, related to the weight of an adult? You might need a class in astrophysics first. Just trust us - there is no thing such as Floorball as you play with kids.

Let's try this anyway, here some math with the more nitty numbers, an average 5 year old is about 18 kilograms. It means that this kid weigh like 30 basketballs or like 783 Floorball balls. What is the comparable weight for an adult? And what do you weigh yourself in basketballs or hockey pucks?
The most important number though is the relation between the adults weight - to the ball and how that correlates with the kids weight. But we will not go there today, it easily gets too complicated.
But it is obvious that if a kid weigh 18 kilo, maybe 4 times less than an adult - perhaps the object should be considered to be 4 times heavier too? At least for the 5 year old?

Hm is it not good with a heavy ball? Yes, for strength it is good. But if we talk about motivation and to run after a ball time after time... Toss a basketball 100 times is about 60 kilo (piece of cake for an adult and maybe 240 kilos or almost a quarter of a ton, to move for a kid?). To hit the Floorball ball 100 times is moving about 2.3 kilo for the adult and, as correlated to an adults weight, less than10 kilo for the 5 year old. What do you think a five year old is most motivated by - and what does he or she run a little extra for? How tall is an average 5 year old... No we will not discuss heights here - that probably will come up in another post as we could discuss perhaps both volleyball and basketball for 5 year olds. ;-)

And many adults complain about "magnetball" as they see their kids do Soccer. It is not magnetball. It is heavy to kick that ball, my friend. In particular as you are like 5 years old.

Yes many sport tools are therefore accommodated "down for kids" with lighter balls.
So is Floorball with shorter sticks for kids.
Most sport balls are designed for adults and then accommodated down - not Floorball. Could this be one of the main reasons why it is so utterly popular with kids?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Tomah Open April 14th - late details

Teams are supposed to be at THS between 9.00 am and 9.30 am. At 9.30 and we will have a quick gathering and follow this with a captains meeting.

Games will start at 10.00 am. We have a schedule that aims at the last game to start at 5 pm - but we hope to catch up and be done before 5 pm if so possible. Both divisionss to be played at the same time on two courts. Courts will have a new layout this year. We have in total 20 games and no game is shorter than 24 minutes in total. Hopefully the rec division should be done at the time the finals is played so we have many spectators for the advanced final.

Rec division is tentatively to be played like this: 2x12 minutes, draw = shoot-out with three players at a time and one goalie. Won game 3 points. Draw 1 point plus one shout out point. Team with most points win this tourney. Scoring difference is next criteria and the last criteria is the scoring factor.

Minneapolis Millers - Brad's team 
Dubious Storm -
Blind Squirrels
Tomah Fury - Brad's team 
Minneapolis Millers - Dubious Storm
Blind Squirrels  -  Brad's team 
Minneapolis Millers - Tomah Fury
Brad's team - Dubious Storm
Blind Squirrels - Tomah Fury NB 15 min break after this game.
Dubious Storm - Tomah Fury
Minneapolis Millers - Blind Squirrels

Advanced division is tentatively to be played like this in two divisions: The one loser among these three teams A) Honey bearz, International Flash and Chicago Wild Hawks and - The one loser among B) Chicago Innebandy, 2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts and St Paul Players end up in placement game for 5th spot. The other teams goes to semi-finals with chance to play the final.

Games in advanced division to be played 2 x15 minutes, other ranking issues will be based upon shot-out etc as of above.

Honey bearz - International Flash 
Chicago Innebandy - 2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts  
International Flash - Chicago Wild Hawks
2 Oaks and a Bunch of Nuts - St Paul Players
Honey bearz -  Chicago Wild Hawks 
Chicago Innebandy - St Paul Players

Winner A - Second B
Winner B - Second A

Placement game
3rd A - 3rd B

Winners from Semifinals

Disclaimer this is tentative at this point changes might still occur - and we reserve the right to make these changes. But to the best of our knowledge this is how April 14th 2012 might look like in Tomah.

Groningen Holland

Yupp they play in Holland too and here is invitational material that just came in:

On the 25th and 26th of June the Groningen Floorball Open takes place in the Netherlands. It's a tournament where 16 mens and 8 womans teams compete to earn the GFOpen Champion 2012 title. During these two days the teams will play multiple matches. On Saturday there's also the famous GFOpen panna knock out, with a great party at the end of the night in the city of Groningen. Teams have come back over the past years for the great atmosphere and the tournament itself. For more information check

Sunday, April 1, 2012

While we wait....

Hopefully brackets to Tomah Open and teams will be up here tomorrow - or Tuesday at the latest..

In the mean time enjoy this:

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!