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Happee's popularity exploded in the social media!

This is proudly reposted from We are proud to be able to share this here on We think that Happee is the first big European Club that tries to understand social media - and how to grow Floorball - Thank You Moose Theater and Happee! Happee is a Team that plays in the Top Finnish league and they are from Jyväskylä.
Diverse, international and distinguishable - these are the communication objectives
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  2. Happee’s success has reflected also on club’s popularity in the social media. During the last few days club’s Facebook page has got a remarkable growth of more than 500 new fans both from Finland and abroad. The story has certainly reached to the traditional circles and local newspapers have as well noticed the new accomplishments of Moose Theatre.

    The men begin the red-hot semi-final series against the beloved enemy, Seinäjoki Game Brothers (SPV). A-juniors provided mostly winning entertainment to more than 350 spectators at home Monnari during the quarter-finals. So about some kind of Moose boom this spring could probably be spoken.

    Lasse Riitesuo, coordinating the marketing of the club, sees authenticity as an important part of visibility increases: 

    “Players have strongly wished to participate in the development activities in addition to the game issues, so the image has started looking like the team. Great job with the visual materials has done among others Joni Haapamäki, for who the games ended in the beginning of the season due to knee injury. Communication team has also got enthusiastic trainees, who have done professional job. The Moose Theatre and Heimo the Moose are such things, around which is good to build some fun. An example is the autumnal big seller – the Moose Calendar. The greatest thing is though, that communication and other activities are genuine and better Moose spirit."

    Happee has invested in social media content creation in particular and in the maximal usage of the different social channels. In the communication team iare currently working 4-6 people, whose responsibility is producing video interviews for YouTube’s MooseTV channel (HirviTV), live reporting of the matches in Twitter, as well as the creation of traditional reports for the club website. Stories in English can be found in Happee’s Storify page. Quality photos are being provided in Flickr.

    The versatile match anticipations have got huge popularity in Facebook group’s match events, where the people checked in for the match can participate in result bets and other competitions. These events have been a cornerstone of the home games spectator rate to near 600 viewers. Growth from last period is about 100 viewers. Praise and attention have collected the great match posters made in the autumn at the Moose Calendar shooting.

    To the boom has partially contributed the devoted mascot Heimo the Moose, which distinguishable campaigns could be followed live at the venue or on MooseTV.
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  4. Riitesuo tells how you should follow Happee: 

    “We use for communication a number of social media tools, which fit best to each of the contents. The normal Moose fan doesn’t need to follow all the channels though, for the best content could be found posted as a link to Happee Floorball Facebook-page. Of course, our activities could be followed also through the traditional web pages, where links for the different channels could also be found. The standard home page is really ourdated and clumsy and definitely something should be done also in that direction.

    The objective is, of course, that you don’t have to search for us all across the web. In particular we have received praise for the communication in English, as well as for the colorful tweets during the games. I believe that there is more colorful content left for this season.”

    Thanks to the communication in English Happee has succeeded in getting a large growth of international fans as well. The majority of “likes” in Facebook comes from Finland, but several hundreds of fans could be found also in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, next biggest numbers of Moose fans can be found in Hungary, Indonesia and Spain.

    All this suggests that floorball is making a rapid growth on the international map of disciplines and Happee has managed to meet the needs of top floorball’s foreign fans thirsty for knowledge!

    Happee would like to thank all of you! We promise to continue surprising you!
    You too join the Moose Theatre!

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  8. Happee in the different channels:

    Facebook Happee Floorball
    Flickr / Henri Käck
    HirviTV Youtube
    HappeeFloorball Storify (in English)
    KSML – Hirvimettä Blog
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