Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flash Bom Bang

Canada Cup

Just in from Toronto - check out deadline for early bird registration!

Canada Cup Early Bird Deadline is Saturday
North America's Largest Floorball Event is May 18th to 20th, 2012

The 2012 Canada Cup Floorball Championship takes place May 18th to 20th, 2012 at York University in Toronto, Canada.
Register now to take advantage of special early bird pricing that is only available until this Saturday, March 31st. You can register at regular rates until Wednesday, April 18th.
The Canada Cup is a perfect fit for school teams, hockey teams, groups of friends and organized floorball clubs! 23 teams have already signed up and we expect this year's event to welcome more than 70 squads in total. Want to learn more?
Registration is open for EIGHT youth & adult divisions; so pick the one that suits your group the best... from beginner to elite level!
REGISTER YOUR TEAM or check out the tournament website at
Don't have a team? Free agents are encouraged to email us and post at at the Canada Cup Facebook page Several teams have already posted that they are looking for players so free agents should check out the page.
Are you interested in bringing a Novice age team to the Canada Cup? Please let us know as we may be able to accommodate registrations in this category!
We are also looking for Girls High School teams. If we receive four or more Girls High School registrations in the High School division we will run a separate Girls division on Friday. Otherwise, girls teams can play in the co-ed High School division on Friday. Sign up now to get the ball rolling.
Hilton Garden
Sponsor Update
The Canada Cup wishes to thank our new and returning sponsors for helping us organize this year's event. We are pleased to recognize the following companies:
Does your company want to support the tournament? Contact us to learn more.

Hotel Reminder - Book Your Rooms Now!
Traveling from out of town? The Canada Cup has you covered with two awesome hotel options.
Hilton Garden Inn Toronto Vaughan
  • The main tournament hotel is the extremely popular HILTON GARDEN INN TORONTO VAUGHAN (pictured) located less than 10 minutes from York University and close to major highways, restaurants and stores. Rates start at a reduced$115/night for up to 4 people.
  • If you prefer to stay downtown, we have an incredible deal at the WESTIN HARBOUR CASTLE located on Toronto's waterfront with restaurants and bars on your door step and the Hockey Hall of Fame, CN Tower and more within walking distance. Stay at the hotel that traveling NHL and NBA teams call home! Rates start at $129/night for 4 people.
Surf to the HOTEL INFO PAGE to book a room using the hotel's online booking system.
A reminder that all teams traveling from our of town are required to stay at one of our tournament hotels and you must use the group code to take advantage of our special rates. If you are traveling from outside Canada or the United States, please contact us for information on tour packages.
Develop Your Floorball Reffing & Coaching Skills
Hilton Garden Inn Toronto VaughanThe International Floorball Federation, based in Helsinki, Finland, will send their best floorball instructors to host free floorball refereeing and coaching sessions during the 2012 Canada Cup. This is an incredible opportunity for North America's floorball organizers, players and fans to improve their floorball knowledge and take it back to their clubs and programs.
The sessions will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be four courses in each stream and each course will be offered once per day. To attend, send us an email or stay tuned to the Canada Cup website for the opportunity to sign up for these sessions online.
Watch the Canada Cup Finals on TV!
Rogers TV is returning to the Canada Cup and will televise two games from the event!
The Elite Division Final and the Bantam Division Final will be featured on Rogers TV, York Region, with other regions expected to pick up the broadcast as well. The games will air about one week after the tournament and the games will also be viewable online at for one month after the tournament is over.
Youth Divisions are Expanding
Hilton Garden Inn Toronto VaughanThe Canada Cup continues to expand the number of youth teams participating and we are excited to announce the Atom division, introduced in 2011, will continue this year.
We will now feature three junior age co-ed divisions: the Atom Division, for players age 10 and under born 2001 or 2002, the Peewee Division, for players age 12 and under born 1999 or 2000 and the Bantam Division, for players age 14 and under born 1997 or 1998.
Questions about which division is right for you? The Canada Cup uses the same age brackets as Hockey Canada. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website for a handy reference table.

To learn more about the Canada Cup, watch the Road to the Canada Cup trailer on YouTube or surf to our website at
We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

Johanna & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs on behalf of the Canada Cup Committee

The Canada Cup Floorball Championship
Presented by Grassroots Floorball Inc.
388 Richmond Street West Suite 922
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3P1

Oklahoma Twisters

Yes Oklahoma is up too!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tomah Open - Update

Entries are in and it looks like we will have 11 teams from IL, WI and MN to deal with each other for this years edition of Tomah Open - the only Floorball tourney in the US Mid-west so far.
I looks like teams are stronger this year even if we are one team down as compared to last year in pure numbers.
The teams this year mainly consists of new some player combinations, a couple of fully new teams and a few teams that we will miss

We plan to present divisions, schedules and games here early next week.

Until more action in this matter we would recommend all players with a smartphone to check out Bambuser - since it provides the ability to stream live Floorball from Tomah Open to for instance your very own facebook page. No we do not have WiFi access at the Tomah High school - but Bambuser still works, at least a bit.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LTAD, and Floorball in Sweden

LTAD (also called or at least related to CS4L in Canada) is a an acronym standing for Long Term Athletic Development. This is hot stuff and some of the underlying ideas is that if you focus too much on one sport too early - it is suggested that two things seems to happen,
A) it creates an environment with more players prone to injuries and
B) more players tend to not get as good at the top level as research indicate that too much too early specialization tend not to be as efficient as compared to a model where athletes are exposed to many different activities. (think again floorball for Hockey players)

One reason behind this could be that several young players in a more elitism model are demoted to B teams, as they perhaps are behind in the development curve (as related to their own age) and thus therefore they might quit their sport too early. It seems further indicative that many good players not bloom until later in their career. We've heard that Mika Kohonen, the worlds best Floorballer, did not start to play Floorball for real until he was 18 years old. Another reason could be that teams (read players) either loose too much, or maybe even win too much to create a situation that makes their training and games become less attractive.
One main idea is; to be able to build the top of a sport you must first develop the youth and the base, because it is at the base, with a wide width, you create the right pool to reach as high as possible with the very best crew. Well it almost looks like a triangle and with a wider base - the very same triangle gets higher - as a constant rule.

Floorball in Sweden is one of the early adopter of the LTAD philosophy. So according to Folkbladet (a Swedish news outlet) what they will do next year in a Northern Swedish region, looks in principle like this. Youth players of different age will be mixed into three main groups for their leagues. This means they mix ages within roughly a three year span. The main criteria for doing this is not player age but the player skill level.
Ha, this spells the end for birth certificates!
So the old idea to divide players according to age is not crucial anymore. The next thing is that they set up a dual league system with teams participating in more than one league. The teams will be matched to - in principle - play against teams that are stronger one time and the next time they are matched to play a weaker team. This ought to create a situation where teams are supposed to win and loose in a rather dynamic pattern. And no teams will end up as typical constant winners or constant losers. And hopefully all players will stay happy and inspired.

This is darn interesting to us - and maybe it could possibly curb some of the drop outs from sports as kids turn 13?

Rumors indicates that USA hockey have looked into this development model too, if they now not already are working on to have it in place at some point. Perhaps it was all just talk - dunno.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Roger Neilson's part 2

Sometimes a picture say more than 1000 words they say - We fully agree.
More here


As we have discussed social media and Floorball a couple of times here earlier. We have not mentioned Pinterest. Why? Because we wanted to have a separate post on Pinterest. What is Pinterest? It is a social tool to mainly share pictures and more online with others.
Who use Pinterest? It seems like Pinterest grew first very fast in the Mid-West of America and also among ladies and girls.
Hmm that sound like possible target groups for anyone that wants to grow Floorball.

Is Pinterest growing?
Hold on too you hat - this graph from comscore (only linked in in this post) shows the rate of adoption compared to other big networks..
So if you think you may want to do something for Floorball on the social media....
May we recommend Pinterest?
For Players, Brands, Clubs, fans and whatever we may need. Send us an email if you get something going on Pinterest and we will link you up from here OK.

Today there is hardly anything related to Floorball on Pinterest. This is your chance to take an early dominant position on Pinterest ;-)


Bad Floorball

Bad Floorball and Football - kind of dark - kind of fast...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

YMCA, Alabama

Prattville AL is another early adopter of Floorball at their Y.
We know there is a handful out there across USA and lets hope that the main headquarter in Chicago will discover Floorball too.
Well the YMCA is kind of a large thing - with more members than some European countries have citizens.
So if we want to build Floorball in the USA - well the Y ought to be the first stop..

Good Luck Prattville!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Honestly? Yes or No?

Tell us seriously what you think about this
We are not sure if we have our own opinion formed as of yet ;-)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cheap Chinese Sticks?

Lately our automatic robots that provides us with news and other Floorball information has started to highlight several new Floorball sticks from China and other places. Some messages state that they are made out of carbon but many of these does not look like very advanced sticks. The price is often also almost unreasonable low, but these are not consumer sites - as you have to order like 1000-2000 sticks, balls or Floorball masks, at a time, so this is for retailers only.

We do not know - we have not asked - but we do not think that these sticks have been certified by the IFF and we further suspect that the producers have not sent these sticks to the SP, the Floorball testing institute in Sweden either.
We do not automatically say that this means that these new "unheard of" and cheap sticks are bad. We would love to try one.. But we think, one ought to questions sticks not approved through the SP. OK, quality on products from China and other big producing countries have risen at a very fast pace over the last years. And yes most of the best branded sticks could even possibly be made at the same factory in some cases. But who would dare to order 1000 stick of an unknown quality?

Let us now say that a larger SUMO-size retailer decide to do so on a market where Floorball is at least decently known. What happens? Is this a threat towards all the other established brands out there? Maybe it is. Let's then suggest that a bunch of these sticks does not match the quality of the more established sticks? Could that hurt Floorball? Maybe and maybe not, perhaps it would be a good thing for Floorball too with higher penetration in the market? And would the established brands then feel something?

We think this perhaps highlights the problem with only one testing institute for Floorball sticks at the SP institute in Sweden.
One day - we think - there should be viable alternatives to get a stick certified at more parts of the world - and not just in Borås, Sweden. The best would probably to have one guy relocated from Borås to check out sticks where they often are made... in Asia.

The next thing, boils down to the name. As you already know Floorballcentral would like to rename its blog to Speedhoc-central or Flashhoc-central instead (whatever) since we feel these names more intensely describe the sport - and one-name-for-us-all would be a great place to collect the number of different Floorballnames out there. Hey, You do not say Sähly one more time please... ;-)

This is not only about to gather the names under one umbrella. It is also about protection. It means that the sport should have one Registered BRANDNAME, as well as one registered Logotype, and Trade Marks and Registrations and Copyrights all over that the very same brandname and logotype - like Coca-Cola does it.
To protect the current brand names that are forced to have their equipment licensed and tested by the SP - but also to protect the sport from more toy-like sticks taking a larger chunk of the future larger retail market in more general Super stores.

Or is it perhaps better to give this part of the future market away to non-certified toy sticks, with no money feed back to the sport? Maybe there is other ways to deal with this too?


The latest promo from Toronto

Hey michael, Register for Floorball!
Develop your stickhandling, shooting & passing skills

Floorball is fast-paced, exciting, safe and low-cost indoor hockey.
It's a great way for hockey players to develop their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills this spring. [LEARN MORE]
Register at
Youth Senior (96-99)
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Crescent School
(Bayview & Lawrence)
2365 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, ON M2L 1A2
March 23rd to
May 11th
Register Online
Contact the Convenor
High School+ (96+)
Youth Senior (96-99)
Youth Junior (99-04)
Mt. Joy Community Centre
(Markham Rd. & 16th Ave.)
6140 16th Avenue
Markham, ON L3P 3K8
April 27th to
June 22nd
Register Online
Contact the Convenor
Youth Junior (98-01)
Etobicoke Olympium (Rathburn & Renforth)
590 Rathburn Road
Etobicoke, ON M9C 3T3
April 24th to
June 26th
Register Online
Contact the Convenor
Youth Junior (00-03)
St. Andrews College
(Yonge & St. John's)
15800 Yonge Street
Aurora, ON L4G 3H7
April 15th to
June 22nd
Register Online
Contact the Convenor
Youth Junior (00-04)
Holy Cross Secondary School
1355 Lansdowne St. West
Peterborough, ON K9J 7M3
April 20th to
June 15th
Register Online
Contact the Convenor
Grassroots leagues in BURLINGTON/OAKVILLE and DURHAM are NOT running this spring. If you are interested in re-establishing a program in these areas, or to start a league in a new region, please contact us!
Ready to register?
Check out the online registration page now!
Want to play in a tournament?
The Canada Cup Floorball Championship takes place May 18th to 20th, 2012 in Toronto.
We welcome new and experienced teams from Atom to Adult Elite levels.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Floorball Brands on Facebook? REPOST

Facebook? (this is a repost from a week ago - with an updated addition below)
How do the big producers do on the Superbowl of social networks?
eh. Todays date is March 15, 2012 and eh..

It is only Salming and X3M that have changed to the new timeline (the rest are in line to be forced over to it by Facebook). Wonder why?

This is how many likes they have as we type this up:
Unihoc 6.912
Oxdog 3.098
Zone 1.830
Salming Sports 1.438
(plus local Salming groups, but these relates also to the larger brand Salming as compared to Floorball sticks)
Fatpipe 910
X3M 507 (also local groups)
Exel 354
Jolly 196
Blast 49

N.B. This is not a complete list we just took a few names we wanted to know about. So feel free to add your own fav brand. The two remarkable things are that only one company (brands Salming and X3M) have changed over to the new timeline. The other remarkable thing is that Oxdog is doing this very very well. Remember they are a new actor on the scene and hungry.
As a competitor I would start to wonder myself if not some action at least would be appropriate? Or maybe Facebook is not the thing for a Floorball brand?

As a comparison the IFF blows almost all of them out of the water with 8.653 likes on Facebook.
Good work IFF!
We have excluded other large actors like media, tournaments and retailers. But this one page surely stands out with 63.766 likes and this must be the benchmark we all must aim for.
Hmm should not the guys that tries to live on their sticks do a bit better as in the respect of building their international community? What is brand loyalty worth? Can you not build that on Facebook?

What do you think?
This post went crazy and almost instantly we had well above 100 readers.

IFF have however just released an interesting question on social media and the answer to their own Athlete's Commission. Here it goes:

Your willingness to participate to IFF activities on the web or on social media. Would you like to write 
an athlete blog (in English) to the IFF web pages, or some other activities in IFF Facebook or IFF 
• Willing to participate in AC blog or some other activities as long as they are not too time consuming 
tasks and fits to their timetable. 
• Willing to participate in web interaction, maybe to write blog or something similar.

We like this initiative even if it sounds like a bit unspecified and blurry, both as an answer and question. We guess that this is good but also to be social is not something you just do, or is it? Some people are more social then others and some are also social with a drive in them that might stake out some direction, others more like to chit chat for the sake of being social in itself. Still we like the idea or the question. But it feels a bit on the defensive side to us.

How to be on the offensive instead;
What we do think that the IFF should do is the following: They should take the leadership. This means they should not just encourage others. They should set up ideas and recommendations on how to use social media - should floorballers use metrics like KLOUT or not, or other metrics available? Should not the IFF also keep track on things like Floorball tweets per hour (TPH) (also covering names like Innebandy, Salibandy, Unihockey etc - yes, the name problem hits us again).
Right now the Tweet per Hour for Floorball is about 10 per hour - but at peak (in reality when Singapore is up) we reach some + 30 Tweets per hour.. or one every other minute.  Thank You Singapore! You make the difference, we think here.
One place to buy metrics like this over time is available at The next thing is to measure the sentiment. It means who is positive and negative to Floorball - something you may do here
As TPH and/or sentiment and/or more statistical analysis would be posted in the open - we are certain that this would further drive Athletes going social... We call this to act offensive to take ownership or act proactive. If not the IFF do this - it would not surprise us if someone else might?  But would that not be crazy?

So let us ask again, what do you think - are you social? And if so, is Floorball social too?

Indonesia via Finland

As you might understand - we are happy about happee.

This is what they have up in a new English posting in Finland on fans from Indonesia as a quote from....

Andreas TedjasukmanaFloorball Indonesia´s Managing Director, admits the benefits of floorball: "Floorball in Indonesia is growing substantially among the school students from high schools and elementary schools. The sport is growing because it´s safe, simple and a great sport for youth. Floorball is also a tool for character building and for developing strategic thinking as well as improving discipline and concentration." 

I am not sure if Floorballcentral could have said that much better.

Full story on how a Finnish Floorball Club gets fans from Indonesia: 

Moose Theater


Happee's popularity exploded in the social media!

This is proudly reposted from We are proud to be able to share this here on We think that Happee is the first big European Club that tries to understand social media - and how to grow Floorball - Thank You Moose Theater and Happee! Happee is a Team that plays in the Top Finnish league and they are from Jyväskylä.
Diverse, international and distinguishable - these are the communication objectives
  1. Share
  2. Happee’s success has reflected also on club’s popularity in the social media. During the last few days club’s Facebook page has got a remarkable growth of more than 500 new fans both from Finland and abroad. The story has certainly reached to the traditional circles and local newspapers have as well noticed the new accomplishments of Moose Theatre.

    The men begin the red-hot semi-final series against the beloved enemy, Seinäjoki Game Brothers (SPV). A-juniors provided mostly winning entertainment to more than 350 spectators at home Monnari during the quarter-finals. So about some kind of Moose boom this spring could probably be spoken.

    Lasse Riitesuo, coordinating the marketing of the club, sees authenticity as an important part of visibility increases: 

    “Players have strongly wished to participate in the development activities in addition to the game issues, so the image has started looking like the team. Great job with the visual materials has done among others Joni Haapamäki, for who the games ended in the beginning of the season due to knee injury. Communication team has also got enthusiastic trainees, who have done professional job. The Moose Theatre and Heimo the Moose are such things, around which is good to build some fun. An example is the autumnal big seller – the Moose Calendar. The greatest thing is though, that communication and other activities are genuine and better Moose spirit."

    Happee has invested in social media content creation in particular and in the maximal usage of the different social channels. In the communication team iare currently working 4-6 people, whose responsibility is producing video interviews for YouTube’s MooseTV channel (HirviTV), live reporting of the matches in Twitter, as well as the creation of traditional reports for the club website. Stories in English can be found in Happee’s Storify page. Quality photos are being provided in Flickr.

    The versatile match anticipations have got huge popularity in Facebook group’s match events, where the people checked in for the match can participate in result bets and other competitions. These events have been a cornerstone of the home games spectator rate to near 600 viewers. Growth from last period is about 100 viewers. Praise and attention have collected the great match posters made in the autumn at the Moose Calendar shooting.

    To the boom has partially contributed the devoted mascot Heimo the Moose, which distinguishable campaigns could be followed live at the venue or on MooseTV.
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  4. Riitesuo tells how you should follow Happee: 

    “We use for communication a number of social media tools, which fit best to each of the contents. The normal Moose fan doesn’t need to follow all the channels though, for the best content could be found posted as a link to Happee Floorball Facebook-page. Of course, our activities could be followed also through the traditional web pages, where links for the different channels could also be found. The standard home page is really ourdated and clumsy and definitely something should be done also in that direction.

    The objective is, of course, that you don’t have to search for us all across the web. In particular we have received praise for the communication in English, as well as for the colorful tweets during the games. I believe that there is more colorful content left for this season.”

    Thanks to the communication in English Happee has succeeded in getting a large growth of international fans as well. The majority of “likes” in Facebook comes from Finland, but several hundreds of fans could be found also in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, next biggest numbers of Moose fans can be found in Hungary, Indonesia and Spain.

    All this suggests that floorball is making a rapid growth on the international map of disciplines and Happee has managed to meet the needs of top floorball’s foreign fans thirsty for knowledge!

    Happee would like to thank all of you! We promise to continue surprising you!
    You too join the Moose Theatre!

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  8. Happee in the different channels:

    Facebook Happee Floorball
    Flickr / Henri Käck
    HirviTV Youtube
    HappeeFloorball Storify (in English)
    KSML – Hirvimettä Blog
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!