Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Hybrid Sport?

Take the best of a few worlds and you have a hybrid right?

One of the best things in Basketball is that you may not push players down or check/smack em' - right?
One of the best things in Soccer is that there is three main rules that promotes the game to keep on going without long delays - the game is on all the time. These rules are best described as the free-hit, a throw in and that the goalie very fast may start the game as he has possession of the ball.
One of the best things from both Table-tennis and Badminton is that the ball/shuttle is light - it provides a furious speed in what you do.
The best thing from Ice Hockey and other forms of Hockey is that you play the game with sticks - as a tool to improve the fun factor. Never heard this description before? Nor did we - at least not in this form..

Take it all  - shake it about and around a little bit and what do you have?

You know it - the hybrid sport of the future...


Monday, January 30, 2012

Hockey Day in Canada

No, we will not tell you more today about this.
Read here instead and try to figure out what is going on...

a little later...
Ah, I am not as stubborn so I can not change my mind.. here is more
On one of the activities coming up in Canada on their Hockey day Feb 11th.

Our source claim that if you would see something about Ball hockey at the Richmond Olympic oval? Well that is most likely a typo or something similar - 99% of all hockey emulkation activities are Floorball - beside of what is pure Ice Hockey.

;-)  MB

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Invitation to Tomah Open 2012

Regulations, GUIDELINES


Information - Tomah Open

Date, Time and Location: Tomah High School, Saturday and Sunday April 14-15 th. Any Middle school Teams and Elementary teams play Sunday 15th - other teams Saturday the 14th. 2012, from 10.30 AM. First game tentatively starts at 11.00 AM. The number of conferences will be decided upon number of teams in each conference. Conferences might be merged, too.
LAST day to sign up March 26th.
Game format: 3 on 3 players plus one goalie (exception in advanced conference see below), regulation size nets with goalie and max. 3 (4 in advanced conf) subs per team - max number of players in a team is 7 (9 in advanced), time per game approx. 20-40 minutes in total divided in two half's, depending on the number of teams participating. The idea is that with a relatively low number of players on the field there will be more need for substitutes and more goals - so this may be slightly more strenuous as Your normal practice. At this venue it is possible to play 4 on 4 - but with the idea to have several short games and more scoring - it is preferred to play 3 on 3. The Advanced conference play on a slightly larger venue - 4 on 4 with Goalies.  The SIL league in Sweden is very successful, as they play according to this concept. No, un-decided games - if a draw at full time a shot-out with 3+3 penalties until one team wins.

Team Format: Both Female and Male players welcome, players must be at least be 14 years old or at least be in the freshmen year at High School for conferences Saturday 14th.
On Saturday April 14th we play teen adults in three conferences: A) Rec - Floorball, B) Intermediate and C) Advanced. The teams themselves decide upon their own strength. A conference is open if 3 teams or more sign up. If not enough teams in one conference teams in this group will be moved to higher conference. For the advanced conference - we will play 4 0n 4 with goalie on a slightly larger court (still not full size Floorball). Max subs here four so max team size is fixed at 9 players.
Sunday April 15th, we play three school conferences; Elementary, Middle school/Junior High, and High school. The elementary conference and the middle school conference play four on four with small nets and no goalie. In case of not enough teams for a conference in the two youngest conferences - these will be merged to one conference. In case of not enough High school teams any team from this group will merge to the Recreational conference - and instead play on April 14th - the Saturday - one day earlier. So any High school team must verify on what day to play on - as soon as the sign up dead-line has passed. N.B. High school teams are allowed to sign up directly in the rec conference too if they prefer to do so.

Referees/Rules: Mr. Aaron Fiedler, from Wausau will be Head of Referees as well as head of instructions about the rules being used. Rules will mainly be in accordance to regular Floorball rules with minor simplifications. We aim to mark crease for goalies as well as perhaps height marks on the walls for balls going too high (tentative). We plan to educate and hire referees from Soccer and or other sports.
All players must show these NEW referees full respect and accept their judgement. Remember this is refs with experience from other sports - they still are new to Floorball.

Meetings: Before the tournament (or each conference) a quick referee meeting where the Head Ref will go through the rules used for the tournament - all assigned refs are mandated to participate. Directly followed by a short 5 minute “all players meeting”.
A quick ceremony for the winners after the tournament is the aim.

Team Sign Up: Any team listed in one conference a previous year may not sign up for a lower conference. The last sign up date and day for post stamped team fees to Tomah Parks & Rec. is March 26th, 2012. You may start to sign up today.

Enclosed Team information form - MUST BE FILLED IN -and Check or Cash is to be mailed to:
The enclosed Team information form - we also hope to post online at this address

Fee: 10 dollars per player (makes this also America’s most affordable tourney we think). Elementary and Middle school teams pay $5 per player.

The City of Tomah
The Director of Parks and Rec
819 Superior Avenue
Tomah, WI 54660

The valid team sign up must include the following items:
A) Team Name, including the name of the leader or coach
B) Team Roster i.e., Player Names (4-7) (for Advanced teams 5-9 players), including assigned goalie(s) - two assigned per team
C) Shirt Color
D) Paid Fee 10 dollars per signed up player, min. sign up fee per team $40
E) Team email contact and phone number
F) Indication if you can pick up a “free agent” to your team or not
G) Your own rating of the team from “recreational - to - advanced”

We do not ask players to have a numbered shirt or Jersey - but it is good if this is possible. Pennies are supposed to be provided.

Free Agents: Some players may not be able to form a full team so we may also try to form a pool of free Agents and as soon as we have 4  - to 7 players - these may be assigned to a “united” team. We can at this stage not promise that this will work - but we do want to accommodate for players without a full team. Free agents must pay and sign up to The City of Tomah in the same way as a team - with names on the roster.

Goalies: Goalies will not be allowed to play without a good face mask. Goalie equipment may be scarce - in particular for more recreational aimed teams. So if any team have extra pants, cups, elbow or knee pads, hockey helmets with face cage or other good equipment - please maybe You want to bring this so others may share, if possible?  Floorball goalie equipment is preferred.
Using Hockey gear or similar You may have elbow pads, a cup, a big Hockey style Jersey and preferably a thicker Shirt to have under, a helmet and face-mask - if You add good knee pads for Volley ball (not the best to recommend, but a basic and “become sore” solution) - maybe a good pair of garden gloves - in principle - then You only need to find a pair of long padded pants to be fully set. In worse case a team with no Goalie, that wants to play may be tentatively considered to “borrow” a Goalie from other teams - but we do want to avoid this and prefer that each team use their own goalie.
NB, Last year one team goalie used hard shell knee pads - from Hockey or similar. This is not allowed under any circumstances since it scratches the floor and we might not be able to run this tourney again!

Boards: No boards, we will use the walls.

Tournament format: Depends on number of teams signed up in each conference - but the intention is to have all players to play at least 1,5 hours of Floorball, divided into a group round and a set of finals. Minimum four games for a team is the aim but not guaranteed. This is to be announced in more detail at a later stage as the deadline for sign up is past due and we have the final number of participating teams. The number of teams and how we divide these into groups or even conferences, length of games etc will all determine the tournament format. It is crucial that You rate your team as recreational, intermediate or advanced - this will help us decide on the tournament format.
This is what we wrote last year - “We do think we will have in-between 4 -10 teams - but this is up to you. How many teams can you send? Above 12 teams we will reach the limit.” We had 12 teams. For this year we hope for 12-16 teams but it would not surprise us if we have 20 teams.
Our solution is to use the best possible attitude we may have.

Doping, Swearing and Code of Conduct: As a gentleman's (and woman's) agreement - no doping. But if someone obviously is under influence of a substance or in other ways disturb this activity or do not follow the rules at the venue or not use a normal code of conduct he/she will be asked to leave the premises immediately. The referee is responsible for misconduct related to his/hers “own” game - game misconduct is to be reported to head ref. Mr. Fiedler.

Awards: Most of the tournament fee will go towards nets/goals for Tomah. But we will try to aim at producing a T-shirt and at least something more special for the Champions. At this point we do not dare to make any promises at all in this respect. It would be great if Chicago could bring back the Trophy - so we could pass it on to the new winner in the Advanced conference.

Insurance: Any player or team is not insured or protected by the Tomah Parks and Rec department or by anyone else related to this activity - in case of an accident or other mishap. All players teams must rely on their own solutions, insurance etc and assume their own risk related to participate in this activity.

Miscellaneous: A Goalie may double up, that is play goalie in one team and play as a field player on another team. This to help more teams to have access to a goalie. Assigned field players may only play for one team. As a goalie is supposed to play a game between “both” his/hers teams - he/she must assume the primary goalie position.
The Rooster for a team can be changed until before the game starts as long as any new players pay their fee. Any paid fees will not be refundable.

We plan to run concessions during Saturday 15th. With Hot Dogs, Home baked items and stuff. We will also have a little mini Floorball store up and for other activities - we are open to all your suggestions.
We hope to find someone to sing the national anthem and we will invite the Tomah Mayor to come and inaugurate this years tournament, lets see if that all works ;-)

Expectations: We dream of more teams and that we have a few teams that travels even a bit further this time ;-)

Purpose: The main purpose is to have fun and come together. If we at the same time can determine the first ever very in-official Mid-West Floorball Champion “SIL-Style” - and maybe a “Rec Conference” and “Intermediate Champion” too - lets do it!
You are Invited and we look forward to see You  - and Good Luck to You All!

Questions: ulfjens@gmail.com or 608-377-2217. Further information will be sent out as soon as the deadline is past due, we have the valid email list for participating teams and we have shaped the format of the tournament, in groups, conferences or how we design the tourney based upon the teams signed up. ETA about one week before the tournament. By pasting the following link into a browser you should not get lost. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=highschool&ie=UTF8&hl=en&t=h&sll=43.977746,-90.516701&sspn=0.019116,0.033088&rq=1&ev=zi&radius=0.99&split=1&hq=highschool&hnear=&ll=43.97753,-90.512238&spn=0.019888,0.033088&z=15
You may print your own directions. A) Marks Tomah High School in the map as of above.

Disclaimer: Anything and all in this invitation may change without further notice. This is mainly a presentation on what we aim for. We do appreciate your input on this, see questions as of above.


M Borg, AFiedler & J Protz

Tomah Fury (a possible future club),
The Wisconsin Floorball Federation (an interim board is forming)
The City of Tomah, Parks & Rec.

NB: The form to fill in is posted below this post!

Form to Sign up for Tomah Open is out!

This Frame does not act very good here - and with different computers and different screen size material - we also offer the native link to this form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dDNSdXpzRkk4MTd0QXBxa1N1WGFETVE6MQ#gid=0

Full Invitation is to be out soon

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frontier Floorball

Frontier Floorball?
Yeeah, that is exactly what it sounds like, to try to build a sport - when there is no Big TV Floorball games - no main articles with pictures in the local news-paper and not very much material on-line, at all, that cover the activity in your very own area or at the National level.
So how do you do this?
Well first of all as many Floorballers know the sport/game has many inbuilt features that are just "deng" attractive and many players love it. That is fine. But then the harsh reality is that as a "Frontier Floorballer" you must not only make the game stick but you must also attract new players.

Americans love the expression hard work. I think that is good - but I myself am a bit too lazy, so I prefer "Smart Work", even so, the reality is that you must continually work with new fliers to attracts players to the game and yes you also must convince some people in person to come and try the game, and to come back to the game.
There is two main parts to this A) the part of Attraction - and B) To keep the players in the game.
Today I want to focus on the second part. I think it is essential that you know your players first names, including all the kids, and that you call them by their first name as well as you provide tonnes of good feedback as they play. This just to use common sense - and build confident players - in what they do.
And, hey to me it is obvious that you build at the base - in other words with the youngest ones.

But here is the new thing I want to share, on care and respect. Sometimes it does not take much to do the little extra thing and it is almost free of charge.
So in Tomah we just came up with a new thing - a little "letter of recognition" that we will sign and give to all our youngest players. To show respect, to build community, and to show them that we care a little bit extra.

Here is how this may look like and I think we will use this letter to all our youngest players this Sunday:

Letter of Recognition/


Tomah Fury wants to recognize you as a Floorball player. The club (in the making) is happy to not just see you play with us but also to see how you develop your own Floorball skills week-by-week. We think physical exercise is good for people of all ages, even if it might hurt sometime as a player falls or is hit by the ball. We also think that Floorball is fun and we hope you agree with us.
This letter is for you - and it is our note that try to show how much we appreciate that you play with us.

Thank You

Tomah Fury
This will be in the name of every single player, signed by the club (still in the making here) and we will put a few logos at the end too.
Do you think other sports/games in our community are doing this? I do not think so, but I am not certain - so this could be another reason why Floorball should lead the way.

Why do we share this - we think it will have a positive impact on what we try to do - and according to the idea of working a bit smarter - well as we share the ideas we have to make things work even better....
I sounds kind of smart and lazy enough for me.



Look at this - serious development

Here is an "extensive" ;-) text that describes this event, well at least a link...;-)

New post on "frontier Floorball" will be up later today... or Friday...


First, I think they should change the name to "Multiversity" instead.
It just make more sense.
Anyway if you run a University - or if you happen to be the general of a main Floorball Federation - and have background from for instance a US University in, lets say Kansas...
Cough cough.
Now the reader should guess who I think about and fill in a name in the comments after this post.

Anyway there is many profiles that match this - and then you may definitively not miss this:

Surprise Team USA will join this time. May that possibly be from a school out west perhaps - at this point I do not know? Are we breaking the news that USA will participate in the Floorball tourney at the Universiade here? More to come I guess..


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spanish Closed Captioning

Or third most read post on this blog is written in Spanish - and you know what - it still gains some serious traffic.
Here is a Czech video - now with Spanish subtitles;

Monday, January 23, 2012

Live Video, test

I saw that Gothia Cup in Sweden used Bambuser to let their players and/or spectators stream live video from Floorball games recently - using smart phones. Hmm interesting now we have tried it out too.
Last evening at the local high school we took some video from a smart phone that was not on a wifi connection - but we streamed it live - poff - up to our facebook page.
You may find the video here https://www.facebook.com/FloorballCentral?ref=tn_tnmn

The quality is not good but I think half of this relates to the fact the we used a 3G phone connection plus I am not convinced that the phone is fully designed to make videos with. So it looked bad, kind of. Then also with a direct live feed - with no producers and only one camera angle. Yepp it is not TV yet.

Did someone watch our feed? Ha we had two live views - and about 20 people have seen the clip since it was streamed - nope this is not super-bowl yet. But to be honest I think it might crazily enough become a very big thing in the future...
Let's say that you instead use a Go-pro or other HD camera and you hook up over wifi (this school does not provide wifi) or use a wire straight into the Internet - LAN style. Then I can imagine that the next development step would be that you have 3-4 cameras and that the viewer, either manually or automatically - use a function that switch in a nice pattern between different cameras.. as a real producer do on live TV.

The future sure will look different and it is not only Floorball I talk about as I say this.

Should other leagues or tournaments use or at least try this? If you care about Floorball and you think it is right to spread the word. The answer is yes. But the next test we want to see here should be from someone that has a WiFi connection at their venue. Bambuser works from both smart phones and laptops - but I recommend that you hook up a good camera to that laptop.

Then there is always the commercial version of Bambuser too but we do not know how that works and what benefits comes with that package.

Lets see how good this might become - and yes - if there is any sport that should do things like this - it should be the new ones - right... ;-)

Wanna know more - start here http://blog.bambuser.com/


Saturday, January 21, 2012

General Update

Logo for Tomah Open 3 on 3 tourney in WI
I will tomorrow try to make the initial test of sending live streamed Floorball direct to the floorballcentral facebook page. It will not be long - but I want to see how it works as a tool. I will try to see if I might get some of the very youngest play floorball in front of the cam... If this works it will happen between 5 and 6 PM central time. After this we will report on how it worked.

Our new store "Twigs for Grab" should be fully working this week - and it would not surprise me if you already may place orders, but this will be expanded over time and we will not advertise this store until we have all connections in place.

The work on the final invitations, some local posters and more for the April 14th Tomah Open is under way.
And I need to fix some sort of logo right now... Yupp this will do - at top as intro to this post right now...

In other recent news. Houston Texas just opened a Facebook page today on Floorball and it seems like the Hockey Jam sessions in Vancouver had a great day - more on this on the Facebook page.
That page is going haywire, by the way, with 51 people talkin' about it - I think Facebook perhaps might be the tool to use to spread the light about Floorball.
SO - Keep up the buzz!

Must also admit that I start to get interested in the GoPro Hero 2 Cam - it is the cam they use for helmet video of Floorball. Hmm....


Friday, January 20, 2012

Magical Games 2010

Hey, Do you remember the largest Floorball happening of 2010. The Magical Games from Finland?
Either you do or not - here is a little reminder - just before we head into the Qualifications to WFC for 2012.

In the case you like this link - we would advice you to - share it with friends on facebook etc - do not just sit there and watch ok?

Photo:  Mikko Hyvärinen, Juhani Järvenpää and Jari Turunen

Thursday, January 19, 2012


from the Club-house

Floorballpro takes on lesson responsibility

Floorball Rules: Stick Contact from FloorballPro Inc. on Vimeo.

We will re-run a couple of these from Floorballpro, link as of above, with their kind permission. This is fully excellent material and it is just the way to go - add content of extra value to the main outlet hub on the web in Canada.
Not only Good work Floorballpro - it is excellente galore!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

POST number 2001

Hopefully we do not have Hubris, yet. Na, we are just now trying to experiment with live chat on the blog. This is a quick exploration that probably will last a few weeks or so. I do not think I am online enough time to run an online chat. But since the Facebook page is doing so very very well - maybe Meboo can add some extra spice to this blog?
Try it and see if I can figure out on how to reply if - I happen to be online... ;-)
I prefer questions related to Floorball.


Why in the world would anyone be crazy enough and travel far to play Floorball in Tomah?

Andy led Holey Balls from Horicon, WI to Victory in the
TORO Conference in last year's Tomah Open

Last year we arranged a little 3 on 3 tourney, with goalies, played in Tomah WI. It was a huge success with teams from three states and we involved some 100 people in total.
This year we will expand the number of conferences and invite people to travel even further.
Saturday April the 14th, 2012 is the date - and if - in case we have some school teams - well we will play these conferences the following Sunday the 15th.

Why would anyone do this?
Let us first sum up why You should NOT do this.:
A) We do not have real boards - so we use the walls to play against. (still a bit tentative)
B) Our refs were trying hard last year but we want to do this better, way better. So for this year we will try to hire refs from similar sports like Basketball, Ice Hockey or maybe Soccer. This most likely means that our referees still will be at the “entry level”.
C) We are not a professional organization and we are not sanctioned by the US Floorball Federation - so we may only try.... just a little bit harder.
D) We can not promise professional nets at this time - but the nets will be at the right size - at least.
E) We might need your help too - to get this thing through in the best possible way!

But: Beside of all that!
Here is the reasons why you must come to Tomah.
A) We think this is the only 3 - on - 3 tourney in America so far. This means non-official American Championships, dude ;-). (however there are discussions going on right now to perhaps expand the advanced group to 4 on 4 teams with goalies and play at a larger venue... hold out for now)
B) Games hold high standard so there will be lots of things to learn from some very skilled players (think about Chicago for instance they're good)
C) It is easy and cost efficient to travel with a team of 4-7 players (most people should fit into one van)
D) Right next to Tomah is where you find Wisconsin Dells, 40 minutes down the road, where you have some of Americas largest and most impressive indoor water-parks. http://www.wisdells.com/ (they call it themselves the Waterpark capitol of the world).
E) In case you fly in, well I do think there is plenty of things to see both in Chicago or Minneapolis too, and Tomah is located right in-between - with train connections and buses in both directions. But hey, check out that schedule before you board a plane, since the train only goes one trip per day.
F) We dream about International teams visiting Tomah for this tourney (but only dreams at this point). lol, and maybe we must keep on dreaming? You may change that!
G) We do this to promote Floorball in the USA/Midwest, and if you participate - you will contribute to a good cause - by just being here.
H) We plan to open up the conferences so players from the elementary school level to high school - from recreational players via, intermediate and to advanced players will play in their own brackets - as long as each conference have three teams. The philosophy is to have open conferences and then see who signs up, instead of the opposite. We aim for many winners and we believe all teams will play other teams at similar levels. If a conference does not fill up we will move the teams around and make accommodations.
I) We do this because we think it is fun.
J) If you need one more reason or you are a single player with no team - contact ulfjens(at)gmail.com and we will try to figure something out for you. NB replace the at with @ and no brackets so the mail goes through!!
K) Our attitude is - we will make this happen - you might have to be a bit flexible too.
L) All teams will be playing at least about 1.5 hours of strenuous Floorball against players and teams you have never played before.

Interested? Keep us posted and we will send an invitation to you.

Never tried more well "serious" Floorball before? - Well this is your chance - in particular if you play Hockey! Floorball kind of tend to be the best support-sport for Hockey there is. So do not blame us in the case you did not already knew this, ok.
Invitations are supposed to be out in one to two weeks time or so - And Sign-up is to take place during March,,, 
all in all, still a bit tentatively. Hold out!

N.B. This is not the Invitation - it is only Advertising so far


Tomah Fury

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Floorball Madness
General Information:
The tournaments will be played Saturday February 4, 2012 in Huntington Beach California. The tournament offers 1 adult co-ed division.
MAXIMUM 8 TEAMS, invitation only.
The Floorball Mandness Tournament is presented by FloorballGear.Com, www.floorballgear.com
In cooperation with Floorball Hockey America, The-Rinks Huntington Beach. Tournament Sponsors
FloorballGear.com, Unihoc - Zone - Reactor, LogOnFixIt.com - HomenLoans.com
February 1, 2012, Venue: The Rinks Huntington Beach.
Tournament contact:, Erik Larsson – 714-493-9980 - erik@floorballgear.com

We picked up a tweet here

See why Roger Neilson's Hockey supports Floorball and incorporated it into our programs almost 3 years ago!

Do not someone come and tell me about Basketball again ok? ;-)
Ok ok ok there is nothing wrong about Basketball - but Floorball makes kind of more sense if you aim for Hockey.


It is a sad day for Floorball

The IFF just announced that Brasil has withdrawn from the American WFC 2012 qualifications due to financial reasons.

Well, this is things that happens as we grow from the early stages to the more mature development.
I am certain that both Brasil  will be back stronger than ever soon. It is a pity that they do not participate - but it sounds like both the US and Canada now are qualified to go to WFC 2012.
Go Americas GO!

So come on now Brasil re-charge these batteries of yours - and Jamaica - you go for it too since Global Floorball needs you - but you know what - You need Floorball too. ;-)

Can U compare a Lacrosse stick with a Floorball stick?

Lacrosse or “Lax” is the sport that journalists in the USA has a consistent history of confusing Floorball with - as Hockey players makes what we call - Zorro goals - and the journalists,, ehh call it Lacrosse. goals? Well...

This text will not explain the sport of Lacrosse due to two reasons; A) I do not know enough about Lacrosse and B) it is easy to search the subject on the Internet.

But what we will attempt to do is something that we have never seen done before. A comparison between Lacrosse sticks with - yes, Floorball Sticks.

Can these be compared? Yes and No. Perhaps the old idea of a comparison between an apple and a pear is what may come to mind?

This is how most of today’s Lacrosse sticks looks like, and what is interesting is that they do come in different lengths (depending upon if you play defence i.e. longer or not). Some Lacrosse sticks comes with the head integrated onto the shaft as in the picture of above - but most are purchased as a separate shaft and a head. How about that Floorballers? I can imagine that shipping costs will be lower if sticks are divided into a shaft and “blade part”.

Lacrosse sticks seem mainly to be made of a hexagon profile in the shaft. Their length’s are roughly as Floorball sticks at 32’ - 40’ and most Lacrosse sticks are purchased with : no - blade. The “blade” on a Lacrosse stick has a ball pocket and it is called a head. These heads are often “wired” with a mesh of straps - forming a ball pocket - that sometimes are tied in a way (with loose straps) to make them look impressive - and probably masculine?

In essence, even if it is hard to make a direct comparison to Floorball sticks.
Lacrosse sticks are heavier and the lightest shaft I have found weighed in at 185 gr, but then you - still - have to put on a head. So I think a fair estimate is that a Lacrosse stick in general are twice as heavy as an advanced Floorball stick.

One reason for the higher weight is most likely that a Lacrosse stick is used to check another stick with (read, slam in to each other) and another reason might be the weight of the Lacrosse ball - it weighs some 6-8 times more than a Floorball ball, at 140-147 gr. So most likely the need for sturdier sticks are built into this sport.

Almost all Lacrosse sticks I have seen have the typical hexagon shape

Floorball producers have a long time been working on ideas to improve their stick shafts with curves, dents and other design features to improve the “kick” or other features in the stick etc. Lacrosse sticks does not seem too advanced in this area but this is showing an “I-beam” i.e. - a Lacrosse shaft with a narrower part of the shaft to improve the stick in these respects (it is hard to see in the picture - but this shaft has a part that is narrower to improve the stick tension).

Companies like Reebok, Nike and Easton are all involved in the production or marketing of Lacrosse sticks.
This is a cool fact since we have earlier discussed the abundance of the big brands in the Floorball market.
I have tried to figure out the size of the Lacrosse stick market as in comparison to the Floorball stick market - but have not been successful.

As it comes to the graphical design I say that the Lacrosse producers have very much to learn from the Floorball side as I do find Floorball sticks to be much more graphical attractive. But some Lacrosse sticks often comes in a full range of colors and this is something I have not seen in the Floorball market - one particular Lacrosse stick (or shaft) may be offered in a full range of colors., even if it is the same stick - the customer may get it in red, blue, brown, yellow etc.. I also tend to like the loose straps that a lacrosse stick often feature on its head and maybe some loose straps at the top of a Floorball grip could possibly advance the aggressive feel of a Floorball stick too, perhaps?

It seems clear that Lacrosse sticks are a bit more expensive as compared to a Floorball stick. Or at least the upper range of more exclusive Lacrosse sticks seems to feature more versions of more expensive sticks. It is possible, for instance, to buy a shaft that cost almost 200 dollars, and that is with no head included. The most expensive head may dig further and deeper into a wallet.
The most expensive Floorball sticks on the US market - are a bit cheaper. But I do not think that is because the Floorball sticks are less advanced. I think the American market with a lower tax pressure promotes a market for more exclusive and the advanced sales of more expensive products. Or in other words maybe many American players have more money left to spend on their stick? If this is true, I think the future Floorball market in America will see sales of more expensive, exclusive and advanced Floorball sticks too - and most likely higher profits in the Floorball industry?
The trick is to make the Floorball manufacturers to grasp this - and to make them involved to build the market - through the path of building the INFRASTRUCTURE for Floorball in America.
This is not done primarily by selling sticks - it is done by building Floorball in the school system..

Could the Floorball producers take their advanced stick knowledge and make even better Lacrosse sticks? I think so - but they do need a very strong brand name to do so - and I do not think we have seen these strong brand names in the sense of marketing from the Floorball Industry as of yet. Instead the Floorball industry seems to dilute itself with even more new brand-names and producers every year. I think some consolidation and the action of big global sport brand names would be a good thing for the Floorball market.

There are Lacrosse sticks available on the market - made out of - wood (hickory - bamboo) and some leagues allows these sticks too. Metal shafts made out of aluminium etc seems to be very common  too.

Caution, his text may contain errors, since the writer has never played Lacrosse. Please let us know if you may have any additional comments that would guide this content in any enhanced direction ;-).


Monday, January 16, 2012


Wisconin aims to form Floorball Federation

Tomah and Wausau has teamed up and will form an interim board with the aim to form a Wisconsin Floorball Federation. This work will take some time and a fully functional federation at the state level might be a reality in 2013 or beyond.
We have however already now opened up the opportunity for anyone interested in supporting this idea to become a supporting fan-member free of charge. This membership is open to anyone and you may sign up as well as read more about this initiative if you click the tab WFF as of above, or you may also click here http://www.floorballcentral.org/p/wisconsin-floorball.html


Team USA is ready

Team USA just presented their roster for the WFC qualifications.
We note many new names and it is also interesting to see many names that plays in the Swiss league system.
The full article is available here
and we say go "heda" go.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happee - the Movie

Happee from Finland is the first team in Europe that understands the value to expose themselves as a media happening on Internet's more global scene - in other words - World Champs - according to us.

Boot Hockey

California Boot Hockey Is Here! 
Floorball Hockey Pick Up
Floorball Hockey America Presents 
"Boot Hockey" at the Rinks in Irvine.

Get out and have some fun like when you were a kid on the ponds &  gyms. 
Floorball Hockey is for Everyone All Ages and It's Lot's of Fun.  

Come give it a try....$5 to play and all you need is gym shoes, t shirt, shorts....and Just.....
Pick up a Stick and.......... Have a Ball!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!