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Mr. Floorball looks back at 2011

This is Mr. Juha Mikkola also known as Mr. Floorball and his retrospective take on 2011 in terms of Floorball.

1. Floorball gains Olympic Recognition
This is not one that the North American Floorball Community can take direct credit for, but it's something that our work here hopefully helped push along. The International Floorball Federation has done an amazing job in this area. IOC recognition is key as we work to market floorball to sports hungry North America. I hope and expect it to bring much more attention to the game!

2. Borje Salming visits Toronto as an ambassador for the Canada Cup
One of the best Toronto Maple Leafs of all-time and a Hockey Hall of Famer visited Toronto to be an official ambassador for the Canada Cup Floorball Championship. Mr. Salming appeared on TV, Radio and Print networks talking about floorball and why its a great cross over training tool for hockey players. It's incredible to think that in 2004 the Canada Cup was just 6 teams: now it is an event worthy of Mr Salming himself with 62 teams and over 1000 players participating. We hope that everyone in North America involved with floorball participates in 2012.

3. Team Canada finishes 3-1 at the U19 World Floorball Championships
North American floorball has not enjoyed a lot of International success (yet) but 2011 showed glimpses of the excellent talent that exists on North American soil. Several Canadian and US teams did well but the most impressive for me was our Canadian U-19 Men's team at the World Floorball Championships in Weissenfels, Germany. Playing with a team made up of nearly all Canadian born and bred players, who all trained in Canada, and a fully Canadian coaching staff, the squad finished with 3 wins and 1 loss just narrowly missing the medal round on goal differential. Canadian brand floorball was on display for the world to see: strong battles in front of both nets, quick transition and a never-say-die work ethic. With three Canadian Hockey League junior players on the team they proved how high level hockey players can transition quickly to competitive floorball. 

4. Hockey Canada partners with FloorballPro
Canada is without a doubt the strongest hockey country in the world and to have Hockey Canada officially endorse FloorballPro as their Official Supplier of floorball equipment is a major milestone. More important for us is the fact that Hockey Canada believes in floorball and the skills that young hockey players can develop by playing floorball when they are off the ice. They have brought the sport into their Skills Academies and Centres of Excellence. In 2012 we hope to see minor hockey organizations underneath Hockey Canada's umbrella embrace the game further, by launching off-season leagues for the game and implementing floorball into their off-ice training regimen.

5. Unprecedented media interest in floorball
The North American media showed more interest in floorball than ever before, with major television and newspaper coverage in Canada focusing on the game and helping spread the word to the masses. Highlights included televising the finals of the Canada Cup (Both men and Bantam junior divisions) on Rogers TV, an incredible column in the Toronto Star, an article on The Score's website, nationwide TV coverage on CBC, multiple profiles on (including one with Steven Stamkos) and many more, including Rogers Sportsnet with Borje Salming. Newspapers from Nova Scotia to British Columbia covered the game, its equipment and its surging popularity.

The best thing about 2011 is to know that it's just the beginning. The floorball community in Canada and the United States is developing fast. The number of players, organizers, referees and coaches is growing and there are more clubs, leagues, schools and hockey teams playing than ever before. We are nearing the tipping point for floorball. Everyone involved with the game should push in the same direction and increase their involvement with the game. 2012 will be a year that floorball breaks through in more communities than ever before!


Juha Mikkola

We at Floorballcentral hope Juha will be back with a fresh outlook upon 2012 too soon...

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Classic events

It is not so long ago since the NHL started with out-door big ice-hockey games, and it seems like they are taking off and almost become larger for each year.
In golf the trend has also been to play games with almost original wooden or hickory clubs to get some of that early antique feeling back. This is also a concept that among many seems to be rather popular.
So it seems like seeking your roots is a good way to diversity a sport and by this attract more people or perhaps a wider audience to the game.

For a more modern sport as Floorball (that has yet to grow out of the diapers) it is not as easy to seek some antique roots. And I am not sure if this is good development idea - in particular on new growing markets.
Maybe it would work in a more mature setting where thet sport has grown very large like in Sweden and Finland?
So the question remain. How would a real "antique" floorball setting look like?
Maybe with only using classic cosom sticks - but playing a game like this with some of the worlds best Floorball players.
Is this the initial seed to the Floorball stick?
Or how would you dream up your own version of a real Classic or antique Floorball game?
And would this benefit the sport? Most people would probably say no.
But the same folks would probably have said no to out-door NHL games as well as hickory wooden golf clubs too?


New video from Hungary and WFC 2011

We had a new tape sent from Hungary and their goalie - good work thanks!

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Only a Picture

But Sometimes they say more than a full Blog
Yupp in our own PLASTIC x-mas tree...

Hockey Jam Sessions

This is a re-post, with kind permission, from BC Floorball.

BC Floorball is proud to support ModernHockey JamSessions throughout the lower mainland.
What are JamSessions? JamSessions are Hockey & Floorball development classes and games that promote the fundamentals and creativity of play, through a blend of techniques created by Hockey instructor and National Floorball Team Canada member Faez Kanji.
Each JamSession is a hyper-fun learning experience for each and every child as they advance up the charts of hockey expression and skill.
From skating to stick-handling, each JamSession is full of entertainment and enjoyment in a safe, accessible, affordable and enlightened atmosphere.
To Learn more about ModernHockey JamSessions please like us on facebook and join our team on the Hockey Community!
It is in our plans to follow up on this and talk to the man behind this Mr. Kanji, right after x-mas.

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A Darling Re-run

This is one of the first posts ever at Floorballcentral, in 2009 cold something.. It was lost in a flood of posts. But I still think it is so good that it holds for a fresh re-run. Read, digest, think and enjoy - it is only a snippet that happens to stand out like a flash.

Rules for Joe Doe spells JD

The second rule we would like to promote is something we never heard of.
But to distinguish Floorball from other sports we think it would be a good thing if the sport opened up for letters on the back on the Jerseys instead of the traditional Arabic numbers. Why? Because it would be easier to identify players if they where able to use their initials in the names on the back instead of numbers - that do not carry too much information. And the initials of the players would help either if there is a name on the Jersey or not - at least from a distance or on a TV.
Lets say Joe Doe is playing Floorball and today the might have number 44 on his back - not very informative at all since this is only a number.
But if he instead would have JD on his back then, audience, tv-reporters as well as referees would have a much easier way to identify the player - related to the name on the player. If you have another player with the name of Joe Davis? Well be creative and mark this player with JO on the back or JS?

Why do we think this to be a good idea? Beside of the reasons mentioned above there is two other reasons why doing this. A) This would be something that would distinguish Floorball from other sports B) It would be a much more modern way to mark players in a sport - and it would most likely promote Floorball even better.
C) It would make the players to have a more personal appearance on the court too! Hey would you name your child 44? Do not think so - but JD is kind of OK - right?
The the other main reason as we already mentioned is that letter markings carry more information that then the old style Arabic numbers.


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Some problems here

I do know a lots of people like this place. And
Floorballcentral has always been an experiment.

The next step in this experiment, for me, is to continue with something new.
I will dissolve people involved in the collaboration of this blog and most likely revert its address to the original address at

My intention is to be back in another form at another blog - maybe after x-mas or at new years. See you there.. More attitude, less straight facts, more pictures, less numbers, more feelin' or something..

merry x-mas in the mean time !


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We link you out again

The latest from CANADA

How to get a strong national team in floorball

The headline is not correct, it could have been, how to make talent development, or why Swedish floorball is doing something brand new, regarding their way to organize youth in floorball.
The Swedish floorball federation presented their thoughts at an international conference, abouth the good sport for kids, and their new strategy/philosophy to development of floorball.
They were inspired by a guru in this area, the Hungarian born Canadian Istvan Balyi, whose Theory, many are inspired of.

But what is it, Balyi have inspired Swedish floorball to do. And why should the most winning and biggest floorball country change anything.?
Emil Person, who is head of the Swedish floorball national teams told the 500 participants at the conference, what they have done. You can see more here, though the material is mostly in Swedish.
The Swedish floorball federation introduces this materiel ahead of the Swedish finals.
New path
But what is quite interesting is that  Sweden are up for some very big changes in how they will organize their youth tournament and also their way of making talent development.
They see the development as steps. When Sweden beats other nations, (not Fin, Sui, Cze) they don’t win because of their playing systems. They win because they have so many players to choose from, so the level of the national team, means that they more or less could pick random from the 2 best divisions, and still win.
The Swedish development model
Level 6 – Players Key competence
Level 5 – Game System
Level 4 – The Floorball player
Level 3 – The athlete physique
Level 2 – People
Level 1 – The basis
The interesting thing about the model, is the recognition that lays behind.
Most trainers have their focus at level 5 and level 6, and believe that this it what makes victories.
The road to victory starts from the bottom
it’s elementary my dear Watson
Because if you have no game system, if you do not have the  players who have the competence to make good pasing, and if you neither have the physics to run in a full game, so forget about game systems.
But first and foremost, you as a coach, must learn to know your players, so you know what they stand for.
The wise coach
The message is that you must build up from scratch, not from the top as many coaches mistakenly do.
What about the foundation what does this mean?. Yes, it is your whole team or your club or if we’re talking national team, all players in the country.
It is clear that clubs with few players, they have a small foundation to build on, which does not mean, that they can not cope! But in the long run, a club / team will be vulnerable, the fewer players there are to build on.
Swedes win, we do not
Why Denmark always will lose to Sweden, the Swedes’ foundation is 130,000 players against Denmark’s 6,000. Sweden could choose among all the players from their top two divisions, and still have a team who will be top 4 in the world. 40% of all players in the world are from Sweden!
Therefore it is very exciting to see Sweden take the lead in this development.
Danish Conditions
Should we transfer this to Danish conditions, then the Danish coaches and clubleaders focus more on the bottom levels. The better the foundation, the better physics, the better technique, the greater chance there is to work with gameplays. But many coaches, falls into the trap, starting with the top (level 5-6), instead of building from the ground…
Winning matches
It is not  the Swedish game system that makes them beat Denmark, no the Swedes beats us because they are in better shape and have better technique. We don’t  see the Swedish game system when Denmark play Sweden.
This is just the way it is
This is not a criticism of the Danish players, nor the Danish clubs, but an inspiration to the danish clubs, it’s about to saddle on and not make the same mistake as Sweden.
For Sweden have fallen in the soccer trap, namely that the worst players already are sorted out at 9 years of age.
Heavy dropout
Sweden loses 75% of all floorballplayers before they become seniors, the same as happens in football.
The primary reason is trophy-hungry coaches and parents who do not leave room for the players, who are not good enough aged 8-12 years.
Who will be good?
What’s interesting is that studies show that it is in no way possible to say who will be good as seniors!
In Sweden, a researcher followed footballers born in the year 1984. As a 25 year old footbaler, he looked at who made it to be a professional and can live on the sport, and which path they have taken.
Half of all the professionals have been at a youth national team, they have had the best coaches, trained with the best etc.
Despite this, only half of those who were professionals have been at a youth national team. The other half, have never had the same opportunities, but still they made it to become professionals!
Think carefully
Therefore, there is good reason to think the way you organize your youth tournament!
The Swedes have done this and they’re going to do something that will hopefully be an example to follow. The interesting thing is that all the best players and top coaches support this! Yes, you do the right thing is the message.
New strategy
The goal for Sweden is to retain as many players as long as possible in the clubs!
It will give them a better foundation, and thus is the foundation stone laid to become even stronger.
But what is it Sweden are going to do with their tournament for youth?
They will work hard to have a youth tournament, where more equal teams meet, and it will not be age that decide. It’s still to be done, so if its works, we will have to see.
The swedes have also incorporated the rule, that in youth games, the ref blows the whistle every second min, in order to substitute the whole line up, this in order to get all players a chance to play, and not only the best!
Transferring this on to Denmark, how would the tournament for youth be designed so that it retains most possible players for the longest time in your own club?
In Denmark you can only be danish champions at U19 and U17, this is quite good.
Making Danish champions for U15, U13, U11 etx, would be very wrong. Then you make the same mistake as in football, where winning the series becomes more important than developing all players and retaining them.
How to?
But how do the danish federation, arrange a tournament that keeps as many players as possible, and create as many matches to be played for the teams. Which rules must the be introduced, what structure should there be?
I was lucky enough to sit beside just Istvan Balyi at the conference and we talked a lot about this. He welcomed what Sweden have made steps to do! As he said: It’s common sense.
He showed also what USA is setting up in ice hockey. They want to develop players themselves, therefore they started to use Istvan Balyis model. He has advised them, and in this video you can see a somewhat different view of hockey over there.
Next step
Finally, it will be interesting to see what the central board of the danish floorball federation, the tournament comitee and not least the clubs, to take up this issue.
A simple way is to create a closed facebook group where relevant people would be and here could discuss the matter, and come up with
an initiative on this. I would like to make up and contribute.
Finally, try to look at the players on the team you coach, see what time of the year they were born. In the world of football there are approximately 75% of all players born in the first 6 months. Are you a better player because you are born like this ? NO, it is the system and the coaches who are the problem. This is the football trap, you are a succes as a coach, if you can keep as many players as possible in your team/club, instead of the aim just to win matches, then you will loose players

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New Floorball helmet cam

Just follow the link it is cool and in HD

Gestures and Dance

Right now, in American football, people talk about two things: The first is a quarterback from Denver that seems to honor his god each time as the team scores with gestures like he is praying and reaching out his hands to his lord alleluia style. The other thing is the quarterback from the Green Bay packers that seems to have a scoring gesture that looks like he points to his own golden belt buckle (think boxing/wrestling belts) or something.

Why is this interesting?
Some of the most popular posts here in recent weeks show a Floorball goalie that are dancing away in the net. The others include dancing teams and....
This tells us a bit about the importance of added extra visual content to Floorball too.
So our conclusion is - should this just be spontaneous?

Maybe not - maybe Floorball teams should use choreography and seriously plan for as well as practice different kinds of dances and scoring gestures. Why? Cause it obviously brings some serious attention to the sport . If you do not happen to agree to this - tell us why. But we would love to see way more dancing Floorball stars and funky moves here. And as we write this we like to send a special thought to the Australian ladies at the WFC in St. Gallen. Ladies - you won gold in this particular skill.

Dance away.

The Swedish armed forces...

Have just released their own - designed stick!
It say "Armed Forces" on the stick and the design include the Swedish national weapon.
We say - wow Floorball must be the best way to go to war with any weapon - leave all your guns at home and just bring the Floorball stick.
It is both much more fun as well as kind of healthy.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


No stick on the goalie - and yes free-hits otherwise it looks like hockey huh

The WFC 2011 set a full range of records

So the IFf have tossed up an article about it. You may find it here and we think the best record was the number of people watching the games - add then the Tv spectators too and yes - floorball is moving forward..



Would perhaps USA be an interesting piece of development for the IFF and the global Floorball movement? At least for the future..

Let’s look at some facts.
Floorball has proven to become, not just another sport, but a major large team-sport in European countries that also have Ice-Hockey.
Finland and Sweden have together some 100.000 licenced Hockey players - but many more licenced Floorball players.
USA and Canada have about 10 times as many licenced Hockey-players or about 1 million together.
Hockey in the USA has moved from being a “northern” thing - to be rather well spread over the country.

Floorball also seems to attract field hockey players. In USA field hockey is strong, in particular with girls - as well as the sport of Lacrosse (un-known in Europe almost). Lacrosse also, at least marginal, resemble some of the main ideas in Floorball.

Both the whiffle ball as well as the very first plastic sticks came from the USA.

Now to the questions:
Where is there a multibillion dollar market for sport items to be found? Where are advertising costs (think super-bowl) as well as TV rights to broadcast high profile sporting events at a world class level? Who are the future “actors” that want a piece of that action - in the case Floorball becomes as big as any other sport in the USA (noting strange with this - as it just would follow an European pattern)?
In principle may all questions be boiled down to a few matters: Where is the market potential for Floorball? and Who is willing to take some risk as an investment in time, work and probably some dough - to win such a game?
and.. Would Floorball bring serious health benefits to a country like the USA?

How would it be done?
We have earlier suggested “scout-solutions" to this matter. But the most secure way to do this is probably not to do this bottom-up, but top-down.
It is obvious that the right political connections has paved the way for a serious local Floorball development in many countries. So perhaps we should stop whine about the large four federations and...
Maybe the truth is that this is a matter for the European Union and no one else. So who calls for Brussels?

Nope, we are not afraid of thinking large and loud at this blog. ;-)


Concussions is a serious deal. It affects different sports at different rates - but it may happen in Floorball too - here is some great resources - if you play with kids or adults - teens - maybe you want to read this?

New hype video from Finland...2012 they not do movies like this in Sweden?

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This material is a re-post from - a new great Canadian initiative:
Here is the source
When young Brodie first tried floorball with the West Vancouver Rec Centre, he found a new love. It’s always fun to be a part of a child’s discovery of new things and this was a big one. He wanted to play all of the time and wondered why it wasn’t on more days of the week! He started watching games and floorball tricks on YouTube and saw a “freebandy” blade and goal. Freebandy is a offshoot of floorball. He wanted one so bad he has created one himself and this was his rendition.

NEW promotion movie from Holland

Cars and Floorball?

Back in the days Detroit was rather quick to figure out that to be able to sell cars - well, people needed something to drive these cars on. So there is no doubt that the old car industry took several measures aimed at road constructions, bridges, and other matters that would make it more reasonable to drive cars. Some sources have also stated that the old car industry also took actions to limit things like public transportation in America...
If that was the case this negative route is not a road to learn from...
But the positive side was that they (together with the help of others) was a driving force for the creation of an INFRASTRUCTURE that made it easier to not just buy a car but to use it as well.
This is an important lesson that we must learn from as we try to build Floorball on new markets. There must be an infrastructure in place. What is infrastructure for Floorball? I think it is first and foremost Floorball in school, but also a creation of a new "platform for Floorball Clubs" too - to make it a piece of cake for them  - or to aid clubs to easy and swift be able to develop their own operations in the new brave digital world.
This is exactly what we have written about earlier - in this post:
It boils down to basics - if brand manufacturers wants to sell sticks and other equipment on new markets - hrmm, they must than seriously take initiatives to build the infrastructure for Floorball.

I am extremely excited that the IFF just have started to use words like infrastructure as they speak about future Floorball development. This is one of the best news we have heard.
One more thing, we do think that the IFF is about to develop a phone app too. Good stuff. Only one thing - an app is the package - not the content. Of course the package is extremely important (McLuhan - Canada I think, said a long time ago that the media is the message). But we also would like to know what the content perhaps would be - it is kind of interesting... Even if this discussion seems to start with the "package".


The final compilation

Running late here

We have not been able to keep up the speed here due to several factors. But there is so much interesting things to report upon. First of course the WFC and several interesting postings from the IFF.
We will try to get back to all this in due time. For now we will only toss up a little reflection on the furious stick development that is racing around or what do you think about this?


Lets do the weight numbers for some of the very latest Floorball sticks in a regular length approx 96 cm:
191 g = 6.73732 oz From Fatpipe
204 g = 7.19588 oz From Salming
214 g = 7.54862 oz From Unihoc

Crazy? Hmm let us compare with the lightest Ice Hockey stick.
Wikipedia claim that the lightest composite Hockey sticks are at 390 grams and up (probably an old article).
Hmm, still about twice as heavy, but not twice as long.

This leads to the interesting idea that maybe a Floorball producer should try to make the worlds lightest Hockey stick too? Since it seems like they have some knowledge - the Hockey guys might be missing here?

The weight spells speed, in both stick-handling as well as in shooting and delivering quick passes...
And it sure seems like the true weight race in Floorball just started.
But will they not break? Hm, we honestly do not know - some say, yes these sticks will break more easily others say na - this is better carbon-fiber from Japan or something so no they will not break....

I will stick with my old heavy tool for another couple of months... but hmm...

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X-Mas Feelin'

Ho Ho Ho.
Floorballcentral is gettin' into some cozy x-mas mode here.
Yes, the full x-mas tree is full of balls


More from WFC Day 6

Cool sequences from w WFC 2011 day 6

Bang- The IFF just scored its most important goal ever

Here it is in black and white - or rather ka-bom on a webpage

We say that this is the most important post and best news we ever have read from the IFF.
This is not like a one ball and a wanna be world... This sounds like real substance.
So now the full IFF have voted and they seem to want what is important to do - good! Lets hope this gets channelized into some some real substantiated action too.

We all know that Floorball is a fully superior sport, compared to many others. We know the product is great - now it is time to plan this well, develop the product "package" and see some real action too.
Floorballcentral fully supports this from the IFF and we wish we may help them as much as possible in this direction with a clear aim for development. The only odd thing is that marketing ends up on the last part of the scale in what they want to do - this is a bit odd since marketing is a vital component of development too.
Maybe marketing was presented in an odd way for these sessions? But to burn money on campaigns with no substance is not too clever...
Just to have players in less developed countries to start to "walk their sticks" on buses, trams and bicycles is a great tool that is free of charge and perfect marketing for Floorball. Make the sticks visible in your community and many others will follow suite.  Perhaps a little pity action like this... but it is both aimed at development and marketing - it all goes hand in hand (or stick in hand)...

Time for a new era Boys and Girls - and all you others out there too - we hope - since Floorball is for everyone. And it is time for International Development! Lets develop - come on!

Thank You all hard working administrators - you are on track!

Just one more thing...
This is cut from the news as of above...
"Name: Floorball should have one brand image and one name"
This is what we have said since we started Floorballcentral - there is tonnes of post on this in our archive. Just search for it.
And the Floor name idea - idea is not something we like - we like Flash or Speed to be a word incorporated in the name since it convey the speed of Floorball and sends positive signals.

Flashhoc? Speedball? Lighthoc, Flashball? Be my guest to come up with more ideas - the word and world is free! And the IFF is a democratic function working in action - today scoring a main goal!
Hopefully a new logo would be as clean as Nikes or Addidas classical logos too... No more home made patchwork please.


Germany, the key to the floorball future

Floorball in Germany do not have the greatest reputation in their own country, or internationally. But the Germans are coming, and after this weekend’s matches against Denmark who gave a victory to each, it seems however that Denmark is still a step or two ahead of Germany. The defeat to Germany, was more a consequence of German efficiency in a 5 min penalty to Denmark, who turned a Danish lead, to a German victory.

80,000 players
Germany has gone past Denmark in the number of players and floorball has begun to diversify away from the old East Germany. But the sport is still significantly less than in Denmark, this can be seen by comparing the number of players relative to their population. If the Germans had the same share as in Denmark, the picture would look different. That would mean 80,000 Germans would play floorball!

If Denmark is to maintain their edge to Germany, it must be done by the Germans do not grow bigger. At the moment we have a better floorball culture in Denmark than in Germany, but it is something that is changing. For the Germans stick to their own players rather than a bunch of players they have picked up in the big four floorball countries, something which other countries have done in great style.
Aside from the powerful Holzbrødre, it’s a pure German nationalteam.

Positive German development
This means the German players who come along, learn a lot with the national team, which they take home with them, and it developes floorball in the country. Rather than have 1-2 line ups with players from other countries, it will mean that many German players would not develop.
Of course you must go after making the strongest team, but at the stage the sport is, yes it is wise to use players from their own country, in order to lift the sport in the long term.

The key
But Germany is the key to the floorballs future, as it is now, there are 4 countries that dominate, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. This 4 countries have 85% of all players worldwide. For the sport, it’s really really bad, so it is for IFF enormously important to spread the sport to countries outside the 4 big countries, in order to make floorball growth.

In Germany, almost each sports have a strong Bundesliga, which is one of the strongest leagues in the world. Therefore IFF looks to Germany as the key to floorball can grow, both in economy and status.

A semiprofesionel German Bundesliga, it would be a locomotive for the sport, and 80,000 would only be a start, the goal is to grow even more, because in the long term it could be the country in floorball, with the most players. Even bigger than Sweden?

The goal of the IFF is to get on the Olympic program in 2020, it requires that some countries will grown much more, and therefore it may be a good reason to stick with Germany …

WFC 2011, are Sweden on another planet?

30-0, 23-0, 15-1 and 19-0
The Swedish champions have proved daunting strength at the World Championships floorball. Iin their first two group matches against USA (30-0) and Japan (23-0). One of the founders of floorball, Andras Czitrom raised the question, should we return to the old system of A and B division with 10 teams. In order not to experience the this heavy results. (You can go to the wall of AC, and read the whole discussion).

This I do not think, 16 teams for the World Cup is a good set up, this also because it means that far fewer teams are qualified to be the next World cahampionship. In the old system there was only one relegated from A to B division, and few teams went out, and had to qualify.

New system
With the new system, then it means that only 5 countries are ready for the next World championship, the rest go out and play qualifier matches.In Europe this means a large number of equal matches towards the next World championship in 2 years. It is only good for the development of floorball..

Power Swedes
The Swedes have after the first two great victories, followed by 15-1 over Denmark, much anticipated, but it was 19-0 victory over Norway not. The Norwegian girls is a strong bid for a 5.plads, and getting such a defeat, it puts the Swedish strength in perspective!

Who can challenge?
The three other powerful nations, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic have equally won clear victories, but not at the same level as the sovereign Swedes. So to return to Andras Czitroms questions about the old A and B league system was better? We must recognize the Swedes they are alone at a level that nobody can follow, and it is not easy to see any who can challenge Sweden to miss the third World Championship gold in a row.

It would just be Switzerland with their shortpassing style and a very experienced Mirca Anderegg in the squad who can tease Swedes.

More live Floorball here

Here is the link again

Just coming up Finland versus Poland....

The Moose being punished

In Finland the team Happee is not too happey with their own moose (the mascot) so they give him some Floorball punishment.
Now please make certain that this one goes viral....

The best development ever

Unihoc goes in and takes full responsibility to help the IFF with Floorball development.
This is the best thing they could have done - we love it.

Full article here

We have however a few pieces of criticism:
A) This is a Floorball expert that gets appointed - that is good. But what we miss is someone that knows modern social media (internet) marketing, product placement, strategic product (floorball is a product) development - this must include strategic Branding and develop of the brand "Floorball" internationally.
B) This arrangement leaves all other manufacturers out in the cold - not good. I therefore suggest that someone else develops another part time- position that aims to focus more on the strategic aims as described above.
C) Some of the smaller manufacturers will be even more squeezed out - therefore I recommend them to join in a joint venture to create another "shared-function" where perhaps a group of these, work together in an alliance, to create yet another support function for the IFF. Yes Unihoc has an exclusive sponsor deal  with the IFF - but that does not mean that angry competitors may work together to create something that is much bigger together - and then in that larger marketplace - let the market decide on what product gets strong on the market - but as we talk infrastructure (think Floorball in school or at Clubs) then we all must work together.
NB, this last part includes other manufacturers to of rinks, shoes, clothes etc.. too

It works like this - to be able to sell cars - we must have our roads in place. So we must all build infrastructure (schools and clubs) as infrastructure is in place we will be able to sell cars too (read clothes, sticks, rinks, balls etc).
This is just basic stuff - and I am so happy that Unihoc now are taking a step in this direction - so what about all you others with money invested in Floorball - how do you plan to build infrastructure - outside of Sweden - helping the IFF?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweden Advances...

I just read a report from Sweden and how their ladies have "toyed" their way through the first round of the WFC 2011 for women.
If I understand what I have read right, Sweden has now won with larger differences then before - against all of the teams they have played so far. 23-0, 30-0 and 19-0.

Here is another comment on the perspective of the A and B group in WFC

This all could mean or indicate that Sweden this year have their best team ever.
But my take on this is that they are too good and that the development goes in the WRONG direction and something must be done rather fast.

Therefore I here ask that SIBF creates a proper program to develop Floorball outside of the Swedish borders.

Will not this be expensive? No this is not an expense, this is a matter of an investment in the future of Floorball and this is an Investment that they must take.
An investment that they (and all others) will be able to gain a decent return on in both financial terms as well as in terms of the development of the sport.

FloorballCentral has earlier pointed out that Traumatic Brain Injuries cost the United States 60 BILLION Dollars per year (year 2000) and even if sport injuries are only a fraction of these humongous expenses... We guessed maybe One Billion dollars just as a wild estimate.
Floorballcentral also said that if a decent number of School Kids in the USA - by only free will and choice (think marketplace) would be gravitated from "TBI prone" collision sports to safer alternatives like Floorball.
Well, we talk about serious big money here fellas. Money I think one may prove that a country like the US can save by just doing as much Floorball as is done in Northern Europe.

How to do this? I do not know but I think there is tonnes of ways to do this.
A) Write a serious book or a documentary TV program on in English this subject based upon research
B) The SIBF could go to the Swedish government and ask them for a push in this matter towards for instance the USA?
C) Make a serious presentation on Floorball at TED
D) I am sure you have many ideas to on this subject too, so feel free to share how you think yourself.

To me this is a slam-dunk.

And did not the new General Secretary at SIBF Göran Harnesk, say that he had a background from an US collegue education? Hmm, wonder if he has some plans in this direction.
Yes, we did write him an email and asked him about it.... and I still wait for his answer..
;-). Maybe I should publish that e-mail here too?

Now lets continue to see some good Floorball action from the WFC!

Here is a cool one from Sweden-Norway 19-0


More Video from WFC 2011

This is Hi-lights from Day four...

Team USA wins again today!!

Lets us steal one line from the IFF page:
"In the placement match against Slovakia, the US team wins with a final score of 6:3. The Slovaks lack efficiency in front of the American goal."

Here is the full report

Wow, do I wish that some of the ladies were willing to send some more personal material upon this - maybe they will - one day.


New Site Design!

Hey everyone,

Our new website design is now LIVE! I hope you enjoy the site's new, sleek look. It's very clean, with none of the clutter that plagued the old site causing it to load slowly. We want to make it look more like a webzine, and hopefully this will be the charm!
There still are tonnes of changes to be made so don't be distraught if the website isn't working for a few hours in the next few weeks. Until then, enjoy!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HD TV FROM the Czech Republic

I do recommend this one - it is from Czech TV

Second largest team sport there too ;-)

And large parts of the world - still at sleep..



Blog Status

As some of you have noticed we are in a slow mode here.
We hope to be back with a better blogging solution as soon as possible.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 3

Sweden - USA 30-0

Maybe it is not that very easy to win a Floorball game with 30 - 0. So all the kudos to all good hard working players, leaders the organizers etc. On both sides. Yes, thanks for a decent game.

But this is not the main and most important "game" for Floorball. The main and most important game for Floorball is to not just spread the sport in quantitative numbers - it must also be to spread in qualitative numbers. 
But also the full package of Floorball must be included, with children, schools, health initiatives, special Olympics etc.

So now let this question ring out as a New Years Bell for 2012; How may Sweden work to build Floorball in the USA? In a way so the difference only boils down to a much more comfortable difference? We want Floorball to be a real sport right? And a real sport must be interesting, with fairly equal teams and games.
Who is really interested in a "whipping" exercise - is that exciting?
The Olympic movement? I do not think so.

No, the way I see this - Sweden must start to take some serious International responsibility for their own sake and for the future of the sport. (The same thing goes for Finland, Switzerland, and The Czech republic).

There is hundreds of things that they may do and Jamaica, Spain, Polen is just a few small but good initiatives on International expansion. But it is not even close to being enough. If we want to build an exceptional sport - exceptional things must be done.
When will someone talk about Floorball on TED for instance?

Let us now hope that this matter will not continue to echo unanswered - cause that is not a good thingy.

Video from Day 2

Monday, December 5, 2011

This years most important post

If you live in the USA

Site to be Taken Down

Hey there everyone,

Haven't written anything in a while for the website, as I've been traveling and been caught up with schoolwork. We're taking the site down for several hours and up until a day to work on some of the technical stuff.

Thanks for supporting the blog, and Michael especially.

Facebook posting team USA

We have never posted a Facebook posting direct into the blog before - well everything has its first..

India Rocks

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mr. Eriksson

It is clear that Mr Eriksson understands the true value of a "PRODUCT" and a "marketing strategy". I think so since I just read his main message ahead of WFC 2011. This is the best message ever from him.
And Yes I agree fully with this message.
He is also right to focus on TV.
I miss a few things, there is nothing on social media in his speech/address and the impact of social media - wow it is not here yet.. and I think TV will become only a part of social media too.
He should also perhaps focus more on children and school if we want to build something for the future to last. I also miss more force or directions on International expansion  - where strong helps weak.
Are any club allowed to do Floorball without a youth group and promoting it in schools? Are not the four strong Floorball countries required to help other strong Hockey nations? I also think the stance towards all players including people with disabilities must be included in every speech if we truly mean that we want Floorball to be for all.

Here it is in its full flavor, welcome the future..

More Information to follow soon?

Nja, that is not a very good way to explain that all games will be streamed at this the same address.
But that is what is going on- ok
IF up early tomorrow - here it is


The sound is messy, but they talk about preparations...


Re-posted from Mr. Houmans own blog - a very well worth read

Floorball for all, please

Today starts the WFC in foorball, where the top 16 nations in the world will compete for World Championship medals. But there is not only medals at stake, or rather the medals are only to be sorted out between 4 nations, the others must fight for the secondary positions, and then see if they have come closer to the top 4

The big four
The 4 major nations in floorball are Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. The 4 nations have at the previous 7 World Championships, snatched a total of 19 of total 21 medals! Norway has been the one to break the dominance with 2 bronze medals in 2001 and 1997.

But the 4 nations is also totally dominant, because if we look at the number of players around the world, then comes 81% from these 4 countries.
Therefore, you can look through this list below and see how many players are there in each country and how many players have come to the country in 10 years.
If floorball wants to be at the Olympics program, it requires 2 very basic things.

1) Floorball is to grow in size
2) Floorball for all

The last is believed that each country must be far better to have floorball for all. This means that the individual clubs, are to start up with youth, it is no use it is a bunch of Swedes and Finns running around abroad and enjoy themselves a little. This little caricatured, but that the last 10 years, the top 16 nations haven’t growth more, may worry when everyone has the ambition to get on the Olympic program.

Floorball for all
But floorball for all, also means that floorball not only be played by children and adults, no floorball is ideal for the disabled.
Down in Switzerland, there will be played an exhibition match in one semifinal. It will be between Switzerland and Austria, and played in Special Olympic (SO) style. SO is the intellectual disabilities, and they have their own Olympics, it is run in 2013 out in South Korea, where it actually is happened floorball to join as a demonstration sport.

Special Olympic
IFF will during their President meeting at the WFC, meets with head of Special Olympics mr. Colin Todd, who will report on floorball in SO, and to encourage more countries to take floorball in SO reign .
So begins floorball, to be floorball for all, and the IFF, this is one of many must-be to highlight the sport compared to the IOC that floorball is a sport that is worth betting on.
But it requires floorball for all, and it requires that floorball is growing in size worldwide.

More players please
While there are many nations that works quite elitist, there should instead be far more countries who are using resources to grow, the number of players, also says something about your chances for a World Cup!

players 2011
players 2001

Players 2011
Players 2001

Players 2011
Players 2001
Czech republic

Players 2011
Players 2001

A simple message, keep as many players for as long time as possible, and you will se growth.

High rate?
The percentage rate, is for many nations quite good, but if you look closely at the numbers, so take Slovakia, who has almost 10-fold increase in the number of players at 10 years, so it’s actually just an average 340 players a year more! Or if we say there are 20 players to a team, it’s 17 new teams that have come to this spread of existing clubs and new clubs.
But let us rejoice in the growth, but hope that there will be many more players in each nations.

Way to go
The Czech Republic is super story in this context. Denmark played them at the WFC quarter-final in 1996, and the game went into extra time. Back then, both countries have approximately equal numbers of players, the Czechs a few hundred more, but developments in the hockey happy nation has been explosive, compared with the Danish.

So the for the sake of floorballs, help with the development of sport, get youth to start up and spread the joyful message of floorball, floorball for all

Friday, December 2, 2011

Team USA News as of today

Reposted with copyright permission from USA Floorball
WFC2011: US Women's National Team Woman
11.12.02 Bazenheid, Switzerland: Team USA played local Swiss team (Hot Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf) in an exciting 6-6 game at the end of regulation.

Anne "Jasu" Jumppanen led the charge with 3 goals, and Erin Carr, Marie Haggstrom, and Valou Reinhard rounded out the scoring with one apiece.
The match went to a shootout to determine a winner, and the US team did not disappoint. Alex Morgan scored first for the US team, and after two unsuccessful attempts, Valou Reinhard buried one quickly in the net to clinch the win.  
Hotshots were unsuccessful on all five of their chances, and ceded the victory to the US National team.

Playing for Team USA: 

Meile (30. Gomez); Williams; Jumppanen; Bluhm, Carr; Häggström, Reihnard, Wattwil; Morgan, Hansen, Stübi, Camp, Linhart, Thoene; Odegard. 

Winkler (injured); Muuri (work), Nurmia (absent).

No Grant from Pepsi Gatekeeper

This is what we had from Pepsi yesterday;
"Your idea is not eligible for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant because it didn't follow all of the Refresh Everything Official Application Guidelines."

Feel free to read these guidelines they are soo good that they loose the main point. I see them as when bureaucratization chokes a good idea.

We did apply for a  $ 50.000 grant by Pepsi - to use that to fund Floorball sticks to schools in USA - and we must have missed something in their application rules.... so our idea will not be up for a vote. And we may not spread some 100-200 Floorball school-sets across the USA.
Sorry Kids.

So it was decided by someone or something at Pepsi that our idea did not meet their guidelines. And maybe we did not fill everything in right, but our intentions were pretty clear.

Ok, what cola soft drink do you think we will prefer from this point forward?  
This is  not about us being crushed - it is more a pity for many kids and Pepsi (and us too) since we now all missed an opportunity "galore" to associate with something indeed very good for the future.


Now, Floorballsticks listed as x-mas gifts in Canada

Yes, Floorballpro is on a roll.
Here is the link

And you know what, this is the Editor's pick.
Our recommendation is to go for the stick, but also hey look what other things they suggest in Canada now before x-mas.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey, here is english and on the most important stuff WFC 2011

Blogger has problems right now

The post below was a draft and it looks like you may watch the post on the blog.
But our blog posting system does not work so we may not be able to change our text.
To be able to post this message we had to do some work around.
Hopefully Blogger will be up soon again since we have so much to tell you.

Old but Gold

You must watch this one on Youtube. It is old but very good. It is a typical example on how old stuff becomes dug down in a herd of Finnish on Youtube and no-one not even a search machine may find this on Youtube - in the case they not speak Finnish. There is nothing wrong with Finnish  - it is not just optimized to communicate on-line with an International audience..
Perhaps also the music choice is another problem since we now have to ship you away from this site.
Have fun though.


Android - Yup first SSL team with an app

It is free so you can not go wrong and it has tonnes of features. I am sure that every team will have this as a basic component from their own home page in the future.
I like it - even if I do not check in all the time.
This is the way that Floorball should be working.
A new sport brings on new ideas and new features. Thank You Linköping

We are warming up to WFC 2011

With new informations from IFF

"There will be both a Special Olympic (SO) Floorball match and an Electric Wheelchair Hockey (EWH) demonstration match played during the 8th Women´s World Floorball Championships in St. Gallen, Switzerland."

Full article here

and we recommend this page too

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!