Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Floorball League has announced that it will soon release an upgrade that will let you create your own leagues, stadiums, teams and players....

This is from their Facebook page, yes copied and pasted - since we assume they like some advertising ;-)
The long wait has finally come to an end.

Prodigium Game Studios is about to release official Floorball League Editor within couple of weeks. Be ready to get yours from FBL web site:

Floorball League Editor allows you to create your favourite players, teams and leagues.
Addition to that you can even customize the arena outlook, league logos, team logos/jerseys, player pictures and many more.

Floorball League Editor will be available as an update.

PS. We are also thrilled to bring digital distribution of the FBL game, as soon as possible. It will provide easy way of purchase for those who don't yet have the game.---
OK, a Tomah WI team against ... who?

TV is important

Let us quote the IFF:
"There will be a record number of televised matches from the Women´s World Floorball Championships in St Gallen, Switzerland. All WFC matches will also be shown on Web-TV."
The new record in Women´s World Championships is eight televised matches. In WFC 2009 five matches were televised."

Full story here

The short version is that four national networks will carry games on TV, plus Eurosport and all games will be on Web-TV too.

Jamaica - Sweden and America

Floorballcentral decided to follow up on the current development in Jamaica by checking in with SIBF (the Swedish Floorball Federation) since it has been indicated that they are involved in the project to promote Floorball on Jamaica. Mr. Samuelson (Competition Manager) at SIBF provided us with some very good answers.
And he let us know that the Jamaica initiative is not a promotion that is driven by the SIBF, but that the Federation chose to instead give honors to the clubs behind this initiative. He further say that this is not a large campaign from their side but that SIBF have been helping Jamaica with basic or fundamental material and they also used the IFF as a source for some material. Jamaica have been thankful and given credits back to the Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF).
Mr Anwar Samuelson continues to say “ I know that both rich and poor schools in Jamaica have tried Floorball and they love the sport, they think it is fantastic fun”.

As we ask if we may expect more actions like this, in case if this project seems to become successful he continues:
“- Each club may decide what they want to do on their own. There are clubs helping out in Spain, Polen and at more places, even if they mainly focus on their own development. To help others as a volunteer with what you are able to do is human and good, but I do not think anyone have plans for a more long-term commitment at this point.”

One of Floorballcentrals main old thesis is that International sister-cities should be used to further “spread the culture” of Floorball. So we ask Mr. Samuelsson if the SIBF thinks that this might be a possible way to spread “Swedish culture”?
Mr. Samuelsson say that the Board for SIBF has decided to prioritize International activity. But how and to what extent has not yet been determined.

When does the SIBF think that we will see more International exchange?
“One determining factor is the International Olympic recognition. I think that if the sport is on the Olympic program in 2024 or 2028.. seven years before this happens, the phones will ring hot here in Sweden, both at the club level as well at the Federation level in the subjects of exchange, education and development.

Or last question was, 90% of all exchange students from Sweden go to the USA - is not the SIBF thinking about how these could evolve into "mini-envoy's" for Floorball?
USA as well as Canada is important for the development of the sport. This is a clever idea but it demands resources.

Thank You Mr Samuelsson - for the sake of global Floorball!

So our take on this is that 2017 might be an interesting year... But many people in Europe are often very pro-active. So I would not be surprised if we see more things happening well before that. And next month we start to write 2012     hrm.


Team USA revs up

Come on Denmark, Sweden and Japan!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Germany is the key to the future of floorball!

This post was initially posted on November 25, 2011 by Steen Houman on his own blog it is now re-posted here with his kind permission.

Floorball in Germany do not have the greatest reputation in their own country, or internationally. But the Germans are coming, and after this weekend’s matches against Denmark who gave a victory to each, it seems however that Denmark is still a step or two ahead of Germany. The defeat to Germany, was more a consequence of German efficiency in a 5 min penalty to Denmark, who turned a Danish lead, to a German victory.

80,000 players
Germany has gone past Denmark in the number of players and floorball has begun to diversify away from the old East Germany. But the sport is still significantly less than in Denmark, this can be seen by comparing the number of players relative to their population. If the Germans had the same share as in Denmark, the picture would look different. That would mean 80,000 Germans would play floorball!

If Denmark is to maintain their edge to Germany, it must be done by the Germans do not grow bigger. At the moment we have a better floorball culture in Denmark than in Germany, but it is something that is changing. For the Germans stick to their own players rather than a bunch of players they have picked up in the big four floorball countries, something which other countries have done in great style.

Aside from the powerful Holzbrødre, it’s a pure German nationalteam.

Positive German development
This means the German players who come along, learn a lot with the national team, which they take home with them, and it developes floorball in the country. Rather than have 1-2 line ups with players from other countries, it will mean that many German players would not develop.

Of course you must go after making the strongest team, but at the stage the sport is, yes it is wise to use players from their own country, in order to lift the sport in the long term.

The key
But Germany is the key to the floorballs future, as it is now, there are 4 countries that dominate, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Czech Republic. This 4 countries have 85% of all players worldwide. For the sport, it’s really really bad, so it is for IFF enormously important to spread the sport to countries outside the 4 big countries, in order to make floorball growth.

In Germany, almost each sports have a strong Bundesliga, which is one of the strongest leagues in the world. Therefore IFF looks to Germany as the key to floorball can grow, both in economy and status.

A semiprofesionel German Bundesliga, it would be a locomotive for the sport, and 80,000 would only be a start, the goal is to grow even more, because in the long term it could be the country in floorball, with the most players. Even bigger than Sweden?

The goal of the IFF is to get on the Olympic program in 2020, it requires that some countries will grown much more, and therefore it may be a good reason to stick with Germany …

So for how long can Denmark keep Germany behind?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Open Source Floorball

Open source is work shared or freely distributed in a community that you are free to use or further develop (or, at least something close to this definition).
A computer is a machine that has hardware (the hard plastic and other parts). And the software - it is the math that runs everything inside, you may call it programs too or why not apps..
It is mainly within the softer side of things, probably thanks to the ease of distribution, the Open Source movement started.
As we put on our farmer pants and puts a straw in the mouth - one might describe Open Source as work we do together cause it is human, friendly and nice to do work together. So in reality this has been around for ever.
As we put on more futuristic spaceship glasses we see many modern development projects directed - not as a corporation - but as a shared Open Source community movement.

Does Floorball fit into this? Yes, the sticks, the gym and all other equipment is the hardware. The software is the rules, the information, the federations, social networks and clubs etc - all things that makes the sticks etc work.
One more thing - is Floorball a new inspiring sport - or is it an old antique, same ol' same ol' activity like many others?

Where is now the Open Source movement in Floorball?
We do not know yet - but lets hope it starts here.
If you have something cool to share - you have just been invited.

This post was inspired by Mr. Yeo.

On this day...

The Swedish Floorball Club Helsingborg FC in the Swedish professional league SSL broke their audience record.

Yupp, an International soccer superstar is in the audience too. Henrik Larsson.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Paradigm shift in the way we view Gym Hockey in Canada

This post is re-posted from BCfloorball with their kind permission.

Ball Hockey + Floor Hockey + Hockey + Soccer = Floorball
This Past weekend, at the Richmond Oval, we had another festive female Floorball funathon. A large group of Women’s Floor Hockey League players tried on Floorball for the big compare. As it turns out, Floor Hockey in Vancouver and across Canadian School Districts, has a bit of a black eye. Gyms are saying no to Floor Hockey as equipment can damage their floors, and lack of proper safety regulations have skyrocketed insurance policies to the point where Schools shy away from after school Floor Hockey programs. Add to all that the aggressive nature of Floor Hockey and you have an “Epic Fail”.
It’s time to wake up Canada…Floorball is the solution. It’s Floor Hockey re-invented. It’s Floor Hockey 2.0. Floorball is Floor Hockey for the next generation. Floorball was recently approved as an Olympic Sport, it’s the way of the future, it’s a perfect balance of safety, speed and skill…and it’s pure Hockey with its ability to mimic the flow and poetic movement of ice-hockey. Floorball is simply an evolution of Floor Hockey. It opens up a whole world of opportunity to get kids active in Team sport, without high costs, without fear of injury, and without the hack and whack of traditional floor hockey. Lighter, user friendly sticks and a lightweight performance ball is all you need: no shin pads, no gloves, no goggles, no protective gear at all. Goalies need a light layer of protection, with facemasks, gloves and kneepads being the most important pieces. This sport was built for Canadians!

Asics - The Golden Floorball Shoe

Facts - on Club Reports

We have had a few Club Reports up - one from Scotland and a recent one from Texas.
You know what?
These reports are very very popular among our readers. So we have asked a few more Clubs to send us a Club Report... Let's see if they can get their act together...

But since it is so popular we now invite any club interested to shine some light on their club to send us a Club report. We prefer English - but you may be from any place in the world...

One classic Philosophical question in philosophy goes... If there is a big tree falling in the woods and no one sees this or even hear the tree fall - then... did this at all happen? Or not?

No, as a Floorballer you are required to let other people know about Floorball - it is just the way the light shines.

Helmet cam - illegal today - but interesting

This is from Finland as they test a helmet cam during practise. In the Czech Republic one game in their big league was played with a cam inside of a net...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greased Bolts - Jamaica

If 30 years ago in Sweden, someone would have come up to me and said - "well, they are introducing Floorball to some 70 schools now in one sweep." I would have been amazed.

If today someone would come and say to me - here in the USA (or in Canada too), - "they introduce Floorball to 70 schools during this fall". I promise I will  be rather amazed too.

Recently the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) posted information that they were about to introduce Floorball to some 70 schools and I think with the first paragraphs of this text (above) you might get a hint of the size of their project.
We at Floorballcentral became interested and decided to check in with JFA to understand a bit more about what was going on and their President Mr. Jason Daye was kind enough to answer a few of our questions:

You recently had a page published with some 70 schools listed as being school were Floorball being introduced too - did this happen or not and if so how did it go?
- Yes. We have been training Physical education teachers from Primary and high schools in three areas in Jamaica, Kingston, St. Catherine and Clarendon. In July the IFF did the training for us here in Jamaica and just 2 weeks ago Anwar Samuelsson from the Swedish Floorball Federation did training for use in Kingston and St. Catherine.
- The training that was done recently was very successful.
- We had partnered with the leading sports collage in Jamaica (G.C. Foster) and they have agreed to include floorball as part of there curriculum. (The Jamaican Government has agreed that floorball can be apart of the P.E. activities in all schools in Jamaica).
We also see connections between Floor Hockey and Special Olympics and Floorball on your webpage. Could you develop this subject a bit.
- Jamaica has a Field Hockey Federation and we are try to build a relationship with them. Our technical director is a field hockey coach.
- We have a Special Olympics team and they have on going training and floorball education.
Mr. Daye continues...
The floorball Movement in Jamaica is exciting and fun, which makes the hard work that the Jamaica Floorball Association (JFA) does rewarding.
We had our first floorball competition Saturday November 26, 2011. 8 teams will take part in that competition.
We are also using this competition to select persons for the Jamaica floorball team.
For next year, the JFA along with G.C. Foster Collage and Storvreta (a Swedish top notch team - note by FBC) will be hosting a Caribbean Floorball camp where all Other Caribbean countries will be invited to take part via two (2) or more representatives.
As I try to understand this from a more US American perspective. It sure sounds like A) Jamaica seems to have taken on a true leadership role in the Caribbeans, B) Their plans for Jamaica seems incredible even as measured by Canadian standards (some + 400 schools in Canada is up with Floorball) - but in the perspective of "Floorball per capita" on Jamaica we continue to say "wow". C) Their connections to Field Hockey as well as their Special Olympics team indicates how serious they are in their attempts to build Floorball. The only thing we here at Floorballcentral would think still might hamper the big plans to build Floorball might be the number of donated sticks, since it came in at around 100 sticks.

Let us end this article with some interesting trends. The first trend is that Jamaica is fully incredible to produce world class athletes - in particular for Track and Fields.
The other trend comes from Finland as one main news paper in Finland this summer had an article up on how Tracks and Fields in Finland have a harder time to find their new athletes - since many of the young kids in Finland instead interestingly enough play - Floorball.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's look forward to w WFC 2011

It is getting closer day by day now. The world female Floorball Championships. So to prepare us a bit here are two  ehh three interesting sites for you to visit:
a) Get inspired - only 11 days left - the main site
b) Iff's presentation of USA's group - it is not up yet but will be here
c) The presentation of the US ladies team at the National level


We celebrate....

That we have a new page up that will focus upon Wheelchair Floorball and is marked with IWFF up at the left corner... with this video - player perspective.

We hope to celebrate with yet two or three more people and we might later on even announce who is the individual that makes us pass past 637 likes on our facebook page - right now this is the magic number to become the largest Facebook page in America.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Burning Fat

We ran into this flyer today claiming that spinning was an excellent way to burn fat. The flyer stated loose 450 calories in 45 minutes...
So we dove in to figure out how much Floorball would burn. One resource that looked trustworthy on the Internet fast came up with 675 Calories for 45 minutes.
Ok, what you must know is a few things. You may not determine the calorie burn rate if you do not know the weight (or BMI) on the person doing the exercise, so in this example we punched in 90 kilograms (just below 200 pounds) for Floorball. The number they used for Spinning - we do not know.
Other crucial factors is not just how you play, hard or half soft or if you play games or just do drill skills..
It is also obvious that in a sport like Floorball your own weight is of more importance as in Spinning (you sit down) as you have to carry it around too.
The main reason for us though to do Floorball instead of Spinning does not really relate to fat burning - we just happen to think that Floorball is much more fun as compared to spin around.

But we must agree that these sports, and several more are activities with a high burning rate: Spinning, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Floorball and Ice-hockey.

From SSL and Floorballpro

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cool from kids TV...

Floorballcentral (@ulfjens) has shared a Tweet with you: "JMikkola: RT @floorballpro: #Floorball tricks from @TVOKids with @bjutla @sonjamhotke @jmikkola" --

We, think, that one essential quality is speed. That is why I used the cell phone to just post this.
It is a cool vid, check it out. The cryptic message came up as it did when we just shared via Twitter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

IF an NHL player cannot do this....

If so, we seriously think his salary should be lowered by 25%! Or lets add if they can do this well raise the salary with another 25% ;-)

SSL material is back

Most material on SSL comes from the Swedish TV4 and they have started to send again so maybe we will find more to share.


Floorball at the University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse for the first time

“It is like being back in High School again said Huang Vo,” a Vietnamese student that has been raised in the Czech republic and therefore had some good experience from Floorball.

Saturday Nov 19th marks the first ever Floorball event at a University in Wisconsin. I was arranged through the International students office in Lacrosse and some 20 enthusiastic players participated. The head at the International students office Ms. Diane Sasaki said that “this is something we must try to get going at the school and maybe play in-between different departments.”

Floorballcentral, with support of Floorballplanet, was involved in this first Floorball demonstration at the University of Wisconsin in Lacrosse.
We think this was a very good start, with two different recreational groups being able to try this fully new and unknown sport in Wisconsin.

Let us now hope that the students that participated in today’s activity will share their experience with the people at the University responsible for Athletics, Intramural sports or the health and PE teacher education at the University, so we this way may gravitate forward and see some developments.

“What may be more important as compared to Floorball? - In particular as this is a sport going Olympic - most likely many more clues might be necessary, because still too many souls are lost. And that is a pity.” The concluding comment of the day.

M. Borg
No defenders and they miss...

Friday, November 18, 2011

Greetings from Austin, Texas

We just had a postcard sent from Texas.
Here is their story in their own words.

When Floorballcentral came to us to tell people about our club -- the National Champions -- I’ll admit, I felt like we were a bit over-hyped. Despite that giant trophy currently in our possession, the club’s week to week concerns are more about attracting new players rather than refining a competitive team to win tournaments. We’ve been making efforts to increase player participation in Club administration and promotion.

The Austin Floorball Club consists of weekly pickup games at the Virginia Brown Rec’ Center and weekly league games at the Austin Sports arena. We don’t have as large or as skilled a community of European ex-pats in the club so our club’s culture is very recreational. We currently have four teams and around 40 players. It’s a pretty sizable community of players, but its growth has staggered lately.

Our founder, Jeff “Jefe” Morris deserves a lot of credit for growing the club to its current size. The first actual league began in 2009. Since then we’ve seen highs of up to six teams in a single league.

Our current problems include a lack of delegation with club administration, underutilized social media and web pages, and anemic recruiting. Player run committees will address the delegation problem and in turn begin to attack the other problems.

To increase player recruitment and retention we’ve stepped up our social media and web presence.We’ve redesigned from a mostly static information page into an active blog in order to improve communication with new and current players. Stats and recaps of our league games are now posted weekly on the blog and our Facebook page. The Facebook page allows us to cultivate a communal atmosphere. Joe Guzman is investigating the possibility of our club attempting to break the Guiness record for longest Floorball game. Friendly trash talk on the page is common as well. We’ve also started posting Player-of-the-Week polls. The winners get to choose from a collection of old music CDs.

It remains to be seen how these efforts will help us recruit and retain players, but I hope this starts a conversation about tactics to grow the community around this sport. Are there any techniques you’ve used in your clubs to increase recruitment, interest, and participation?


We say thank Norman, and we will definetly follow up on their world record attempt. We also have some snapshots from Austin that we will toss up at our facebook page.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Markus Granlund, not Mikael!!!, Not Lacrosse!

Mikael Granlund, nope, this time it is his brother. I know this is a Floorball site. But this copy of his brothers goal is just too good. And if his brother does not play Floorball too then we are speechless.... ENJOY!
Ha Twitter is Yet again full of LAX references. That is not RIGHT. All clever sport commentators must read this


Wanna make a Billion US dollars or more?

In 2000, TBI or concussions was estimated to cost the US American society 60 billion dollars.
(Source is the CDC - the US government, source link at bottom of this page. Today, in 2011, we may only guess this number.)

How much is 60 Billion Dollars? According to Forbes 2006: $60 billion would fund the American Cancer Society for the next 103 years.  Let us agree upon that this is a large number.

Most or many of these TBI costs are related to military activities and traffic accidents but it is also true that some are related to collision sports or other sports accidents.

Floorballcentral does not think that it is a very good idea to prohibit sports with kind of dangerous patterns - it would be waaay too totalitarian for us. We like the free will.
So we also do like the basic idea of the open capitalistic market - where consumers (think students) may vote with their own choice - on what they want to do or get engaged in.

So maybe we need more choices?

If one now would be able to increase the amount of sports in the society, or read school, not considered to be collision sports and this way have future athletes move or gravitate from sports that seem to have higher incidences of TBI (collision activities) to more safe activities by a free choice...
Yes it is the way the capitalistic market works.

Just yet again, let us stress what we try to get across...
Nope, We’re not talking about legal prohibitions. We are talking about making sports less prone to TBI’s - more popular - or as in respect of Floorball just to make it available in the US school system... One obvious reason would be to save some serious dough.
We are talking tax dollars here buddy!
Well, it is kind of clear that the society would have the opportunity to save many many US dollars by only move 10-20% of Athletes from “collision sports” to safer alternatives like Floorball.

So in principle if Floorball gets as big in USA and Canada as it is in northern Europe.
Hey, the society would not just save millions on TBI care we would perhaps have the potential to save billions?
And this perhaps by just getting kids in the schools to play Floorball. If you do not know Floorball (most students gravitate to it like magnets as soon as they have had the opportunity).

There is another possible benefit from this concept beside of the money involved. It is about the individual human, that might get a chance to end up in a school sport with a lower risk of a TBI - and this way - maybe live a life without such a serious disability... All based upon the free choice.

So, who is now in charge of this and the future?

Hmm maybe someone else should make a presentation upon the TRUE economic benefits in the society as in relation to the broad implementation on Floorball? Some International comparisons would be good too. How many Billions (if now one) in tax dollars would this save - o n l y related to TBI?

Who is good with the numbers and what is possible here? Or is this just wrong - thinking? If so what is wrong with this? Pinch this balloon please!


CDC on TBI, the 60 billion is marked at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OXDOG the full story

This comes from our great friends in Spain
Floorball Shop Spain and is under their copyright.
We have asked for their kind permission to post this here since many readers seems to be interested in oxdog at our site.


Floorball Shop Spain: Hello Mattias, could you tell us how appeared the idea of OXDOG?

Mattias: Hello, well since me and my partners Joacim Bergström and Marko Sompa have more than 20years experience together of production and selling floorball we took that chance to start our own brand from the start. It’s been very many long days and nights but we are very happy with our decision. And as you know this is only the start.

FSS: What's the meaning of the name: OXDOG?

From TGI and FHA

If you happen to live close - Uncle Sam would probably ask you to participate in this!

Breaking from USA Floorball

Hey, they just tossed up an interview that relates to the upcoming w WFC and USA.
Please follow this link

But please come back too....


Nope, this is pure love and it will get a few..... hits on You Tube.
Be happy You are among the first 100 to see this. Let us introduce Bratwurst99 from Switzerland!

Girls Day in Switzerland and our true heros

Today it is girls day in Switzerland. That means that some 30 plus clubs are involved to recruit the female future for Switzerland.
Good stuff and we are sure they may recruit many ladies.

From the International perspective though.. We still think that the BIG potential to bring on more Floorball players is larger out side of the big four nations. It is fine if they do this within in Sweden, Finland, The Czech republic, Switzerland etc. But it is also some kind of  a "sand-box" project. We like it, but we think folks must start to take serious initiatives outside of the national borders...

For the International future of Floorball the International ambitions must be ramped up, not only with local initiatives. But with global initiatives.

Let us therefore in this post also salute Floorball4all and all other people from Switzerland that have been involved in getting Floorball going in Brasil (including some local people too).
And let us also salute Storvreta and SIBF that are making serious progress on Jamaica (including locals too).
It is within projects like this the true, global and real spread of Floorball rest. You are our true super-heros! Ok we like "local" initiatives for girls too...
But the main question is who takes on the next country - and how? Is there something global in pipeline from Finland or the Czech Republic too?

Full story on the Swiss girls project here from the IFF

дома на востоке

Na, we do not know too much Russian.. But it sounds cool and we think this one is from Ukraine.
U16 boys

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update NAFC from let'

Let's PlayfloorballUSA have some updated figures on the North American Floorball Cup and from the last round in Texas. Most of the content in this post are a re-post with the kind permission from let'

Next round valid for this series is the Canada Cup - May 18-20, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario.

Last Results:

Round-Robin Play Game
Austin Floorball2
Toronto Vikings3
Round-Robin Play Game
FbC Dallas Fireballs7
Austin Floorball0
Round-Robin Play Game
Toronto Vikings3
FbC Dallas Fireballs4
Round-Robin Play Game
Austin Floorball1
Toronto Vikings7
Round-Robin Play Game
FbC Dallas Fireballs4
Austin Floorball1
Round-Robin Play Game
Toronto Vikings3
FbC Dallas Fireballs1

League Leading Players:

1Vesa Mikkola13-Toronto Vikings464102.50
2Blair Leslie16-Toronto Vikings44592.30
3Kimmo Lahteenlahti77FFbC Dallas Fireballs46282.00
4Juha Mikkola28-Toronto Vikings43471.80
5Niko Leinonen9FFbC Dallas Fireballs43361.50
6Sasu Marikainen17DFbC Dallas Fireballs42241.00
7Henry Korhonen21-Toronto Vikings41230.80
8Ilkka Harkonen27FFbC Dallas Fireballs40330.82
9Joe Guzman-FAustin Floorball42020.50
10Veli Vesala19DFbC Dallas Fireballs42020.50
11Tiia Kunnari21FFbC Dallas Fireballs41120.50
12Juha Lappalainen24FFbC Dallas Fireballs41120.54
13Antti Lounavaara71DFbC Dallas Fireballs40220.50
14Alex Gross12-Toronto Vikings21010.52
15Mika Saario27-Toronto Vikings21010.50
16Tatu Holopainen29FFbC Dallas Fireballs41010.30
17Bobby Nodea--Austin Floorball41010.30
18Robert Stapp42DAustin Floorball41010.30
19Chris Holderreith11DAustin Floorball40110.30
20Rob Larkin

Current Standings

FbC Dallas Fireballs43106164.0071.750.7503-1-0
Toronto Vikings43106164.0082.000.7503-1-0
Austin Floorball4040041.00215.250.0000-4-0

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jamaica, wow

This is how they arrange and toss Floorball up to speed on Jamaica.

Is there someone else thinking about a greased lightning now?

I say wow and wonder if what we have here in the US school system... - well if it feels kind of poor and pale in comparison.
Good luck Jamaica and in some crazy way we soon might be forced to play catch up...
In other words Uncle Sam will need large crowds of Floorball players or we might end up importing them from Jamaica? Huh.

Twitter Runestig and Penalty

Fast news looks like this:

Runnestig in Pixbo penaltyshot!  

It just came in and is fresh very fresh...

The Advertising Agency & beyond

As you have a product, service, sport or almost whatever you want to promote... Many then often end up at the advertising agency. They can help you with ad's, slogans and ideas etc.
That is good. But sometimes their slogan is perhaps not as good as you want it to be. We are well aware about the current slogan or "pay-off" for the sport we like and will not dwell further on that..

But in the name of free thinking and ideas under the open source movement... as well as how it looks like in the USA, I have decided to from now on work with one new tag-line as we communicate on Floorball here.
It will say; Floorball - the world's largest support sport for Ice Hockey.

Why? Because I think this phrase might make Americans understand a bit what this is all about, second I do believe that Floorball is the world's largest support sport for Ice Hockey. I think that Floorball is way larger as Floor Hockey and then some say that Floor Hockey is not a sport either since they do not have the organization in place needed to call something a sport.
After that tag-line, that place Floorball in its right American context - the communication from Floorballcentral also must cover the sport itself as a large sport, as well as a school and after-school activity, etc.

Next thing you might get at the advertising agency is a slide presentation... and I just wonder how many slide presentations on Floorball there is out there? That is crazy. So many people do so much things in parallel.
Why not have one basic slide presentation on Sliderocket for Floorball that X numbers of authors collaborate on together? Then you just easily exchange a few of the slides to fit your specific needs (beside of the language).
So who is first to post a superb Floorball presentation on Sliderocket as an open source and full collaboration project with the coolest possible graphical solutions?


It is first as Floorball have a good penetration in a Spanish speaking country, like Spain, that material in Spanish will start to "flow" on the web.
Well that time is here. So now there is more and more material available that should interest people in South and Latin America.
Why not share this link with your friends in Mexico and beyond?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ipad and Iphone breaking from Nordstjernan

Floorball top next issue of Nordstjernan. Nordstjernan is the main and leading source of information for Swedish-Americans. Since this is breaking right now - we will be back with more on this soon.

Dallas fireballs - wins the USA Cup
More to follow....
It has recently been reported from Texas that Dallas Fireballs won this weekends tourney, the USA Cup, that counts toward the American Championships for clubs..The most reliable source of information so far..!/FloorballPro

Letsplayfloorball just posted an update;

The 2011 USA Cup Floorball Tournament is now history! Congratulations to the Dallas Fireballs who emerged victorious after a thrilling final match against the Toronto Vikings. Going into the final game, Toronto led in points and goals scored after defeating Dallas in an earlier game. Dallas came out firing on all cylinders and quickly built up a 4-0 lead. The Vikings came storming back in the 2nd and scored three unanswered goals. The Dallas netminder was up to the task and along with tight defensive play, the Fireballs finished with the win, 4-3. Congratulations to all players for an extremely competitive, exciting tournament. For game results, standings, and tournament statistics, check the Schedules, Standings, and Scoring Leaders links from the Main Menu. (if you don't see those options, choose Tournaments from Choose a Region)Final Rankings
(1) FbC Dallas Fireballs
(2) Toronto Vikings
(3) Austin Floorball
Next tournament in the North American Floorball Championship (NAFC) - Canada Cup in May!



Friday, November 11, 2011

Last conclusion on Feschuk

There is no doubt that Toronto Star's Dave Feschuk wrote the best piece on Floorball to date in America. This is our last comment upon his great article.

Is Feschuk right?
Our final conclusion is bold.

I suspect that Hockey players in America - that are not raised with Floorball like kids in Sweden and Finland etc - I suspect that today’s Hockey players in America, kids and adults are at an dis-advantage as compared to players raised in School systems that sport and embrace Floorball as a main activity FROM EARLY ON - perhaps also if they belong to Hockey clubs that do play Floorball too.
Feschuk is right as he say that Floorball gives Hockey players a creative edge. But his perspective is limited to the national level. 

- This is not about to have or get the extra creative edge for the game in Canada.
- This is about today's North American hockey players being raised in school systems and hockey clubs - without Floorball. Without the worlds largest support sport for hockey - at school. 

This is about the obvious dis-advantage that face young American and Canadian Hockey players.

THIS MATTER is not about an option, it is about a problem.

Can you be serious about Ice Hockey if you not are serious about Floorball too? We do not think so, - at least not in school.

My last question in this matter, for now, who is in charge of this and who shows real leadership in this matter?
Is it this blog? (no it is not - but so far, rather few people care about this serious issue in America). But winds of change starts to howl....
And we will soon present some ideas on who own this matter.

If you missed the main point - We are not only promoting Floorball in American schools - We think it must be mandated, from elementary school and up!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!