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"It's though to get the tactics together"

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This article is one in a series of articles about the upcoming ladies WFC 2011, this time Innebandymagazinet meet with the US coach Anne Jumppanen.


U.S.A.: "It's though to get the tactics together"

It is time for the U.S.A.  in InnebandyMagazinets women's World Cup review. American women have trouble forming the tactical pieces to different championships because the players are scattered all over the world - from Alaska to Sweden.
- Other teams have the opportunity to work together to a much larger extent, says U.S. coach Anne Jumppanen to

How do you prepare the team for the World Cup?
- Last gathering took place in Vancouver in February, where we had a week to work together. After that week I gave the players individual instructions to prepare for the championship. In November, we will have the final preparation camp, when we gather in the Swiss Bazenheid - close to World Cup city of St. Gallen, says Anne Jumppanen.

What is your goal?
- To begin with, we aim for the quarterfinals.

How does the United States play?
- With strong team spirit, good understanding for the game itself and individual strengths.

The team's main strength?
- The mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm. Some of the girls play in high-class  leagues in Europe and  others play in the United States. The younger players lift themselves several levels when given the chance to play with the more mature who have an international experience.

And weakness?
- The hardest thing for us is to put together the tactical pieces, because we have so few opportunities to play together before the championships. Other teams have the opportunity to practice at a much higher extent. We do not have that opportunity because the players live very far apart.

Which country will win the World Cup?
- Sweden. Physically, they are the strongest team. They have individually skilled players in all positions.

World Cup World USA
Coach: Anne Jumppanen.
Number of registered female players: 920th
Playing in Group D encounter: Denmark, Japan and Sweden.
Placing last World Cup: 10.
Best place in the World Ever: 9 (2007).

Keep your eyes on
Marie Häggström, forward.
"Nice feel for scoring, quick and experienced. She is a constant threat for any defender. She plays in Sweden. "

Michelle Linhart, defender.
"Another player with experience from playing in Sweden. Michelle is a leading character with a definite and physical style of play. "

Erin Carr, forward.
"Carr is from Alaska. She is a player who never, never give up. She has very quick feet and good understanding of the game. "
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