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"It's though to get the tactics together"

This article is translated from They own the full Copyright on this material. It has been quickly translated by Floorballcentral and the Swedish source material is to be found here This material is now published here with kind permission by
This article is one in a series of articles about the upcoming ladies WFC 2011, this time Innebandymagazinet meet with the US coach Anne Jumppanen.


U.S.A.: "It's though to get the tactics together"

It is time for the U.S.A.  in InnebandyMagazinets women's World Cup review. American women have trouble forming the tactical pieces to different championships because the players are scattered all over the world - from Alaska to Sweden.
- Other teams have the opportunity to work together to a much larger extent, says U.S. coach Anne Jumppanen to

How do you prepare the team for the World Cup?
- Last gathering took place in Vancouver in February, where we had a week to work together. After that week I gave the players individual instructions to prepare for the championship. In November, we will have the final preparation camp, when we gather in the Swiss Bazenheid - close to World Cup city of St. Gallen, says Anne Jumppanen.

What is your goal?
- To begin with, we aim for the quarterfinals.

How does the United States play?
- With strong team spirit, good understanding for the game itself and individual strengths.

The team's main strength?
- The mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm. Some of the girls play in high-class  leagues in Europe and  others play in the United States. The younger players lift themselves several levels when given the chance to play with the more mature who have an international experience.

And weakness?
- The hardest thing for us is to put together the tactical pieces, because we have so few opportunities to play together before the championships. Other teams have the opportunity to practice at a much higher extent. We do not have that opportunity because the players live very far apart.

Which country will win the World Cup?
- Sweden. Physically, they are the strongest team. They have individually skilled players in all positions.

World Cup World USA
Coach: Anne Jumppanen.
Number of registered female players: 920th
Playing in Group D encounter: Denmark, Japan and Sweden.
Placing last World Cup: 10.
Best place in the World Ever: 9 (2007).

Keep your eyes on
Marie Häggström, forward.
"Nice feel for scoring, quick and experienced. She is a constant threat for any defender. She plays in Sweden. "

Michelle Linhart, defender.
"Another player with experience from playing in Sweden. Michelle is a leading character with a definite and physical style of play. "

Erin Carr, forward.
"Carr is from Alaska. She is a player who never, never give up. She has very quick feet and good understanding of the game. "

News, caught via Twitter

The United States Floorball Association just announced its new partnership with Floorball Gear and Unihoc. Floorball Gear and Unihoc have as a sponsor teamed up to supply the USFbA National Teams and programs with equipment and support.

The full article is to be found here:

Floorball Fashion

Photo by: Mixmaster, Audun Bakke Andersen,  Copyright all rights reserved, published under kind permission from the Photographer.

What is Your Fashion?

Who is really best in the World?

As many think instinctively about Floorball the obvious answer would be the WFC Champs, right? Perhaps that is right.
The way I see things however is that Floorball is so much more than just a sport.
It is a new thing, a good thing, a thing many citizens in risk of becoming obese needs and Floorball has still a long way to go to reach the penetration it has in countries like Finland and Sweden etc..

So beside of the sport I think there is many more games to be fought and to be won for Floorball, like in a higher global penetration - in both media as well as in the minds of people - and in real life. To this I also would like to add that I say that the most important tool to spread knowledge, increase interest and share the joy of Floorball, today is perhaps the Internet.
In particular I think about videos made to advertise Floorball on the global Internet arena.
So who is best doing that?
My winner is by far the Czech Republic with at least three serious heavy contenders to short video productions all with the ability to go viral on the Internet.
One of these masterpieces was just posted in the previous post. This is another one I like: and of course this one all from the Czech Republic.

So Floorballcentral say that the Czech Republic is the current Champion in producing good marketing videos for Floorball on the Internet - by far!
My second selection is Finland, mainly related to the very good reel they made in relation to the WFC2010.
Sweden is third with mainly Salming producing nice advertising videos and some other and private older zorro stuff is interesting too from Sweden.
Switzerland, well I do not know. It does not make me think of anything in particular, and that goes for many other countries too...

So congrats and our full honors and respect to the Czech Republic and what their video producers do for Floorball and its global growth!

Now, what do You think?


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Czech Open - the feel of it

Czech Open Story from Top Class Sport Events on Vimeo.

Some stuff

Does not need further explanations..

Prince Waterhouse Cooper

Is a dynamic company - here they do - guess what? And, Yes it looks like this perhaps is from the USA

Canada and Denmark are new wWFC U19

In May 2012 Canada will for the first time participate in the World Floorball Championships for girls U-19.
The full schedule is posted here and the latest up on this is here
Both Canada and Denmark are new in the B-division and it sure looks like there are some strong teams at this level. Do I dare to guess that Canada perhaps might end up just outside from being moved up to the A-division in this their first attempt?
Hmm, I do not like how the Groups and Divisions are designated. I do not know why it must be named by using letters. Could not the A-Division be named the Täkhä division instead? I mean, should not the organization honor names of epic players, or similar ideas, to create little drama around the classification system? Now we have A,B, C groups and A and B divisions. It is not only confusing - it looks kind of like boring bureaucracy too.


A Universal Call

It has been said that one of the most important ways to get Floorball on a steady track to the Olympics is the good development of games played at a high International level - among Universities and similar institutions.
That makes fully sense.
So for next Summers 5th World University Floorball Championship, in Prague.. Well the invitations to this event have been posted and it is kind of time to get organized for this event. Not just as a Floorball team, but also in terms of planning, financial and other arrangements.

Most things Floorball teams/players at the University needs to know begin right here
I myself suspect that perhaps not too many Universities from the Americas will participate with players in this World event next summer, and that is probably not the idea since there is only one team per country. And I suspect that we only have four countries available so far. But I do think that we must start to inform Universities somewhere - we must let Universities in the Americas be aware about this. So even if You do not know anyone at your University that plays Floorball, maybe You still can send Your University the link as of above, this to make them perhaps more aware about the next upcoming event or just the sport itself?
The first deadline, for the general entry is set at November 23'rd, 2011. So if You do know a University that wants to get involved in this direction for next summer, well it's soon getting time to get the act together and the recommendation must be that they address this issue with their National Floorball organization - since it looks like the tourney is open for one team per nation. I think it would be cool if the US, Canada, Brasil and Jamaica would be able to do this....But whatever You/they do - Good luck in whatever You do for Floorball.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tournament in Virginia for the future squad, with webcasting

Invitational Sports Program Network Presents

LOCATION: Shooters Indoor Sportsplex, Midlothian VA

Division: 10u and 13u
When: Friday October 21st, 2011 from 7pm-9:30pm (13u) andSaturday 22nd 11:00am-1:00pm (10u)

Fee: $35.00 a team (4players and 1 goalie) Only 2 Shooters Player’s for each team (1 must be a goalie if u have 2 Shooters Players…Other 3 Players must be new!!!
Special treats: Playoffs and Championship Game will be broad-casted LIVE!!! To view the games go to On the front page is step by step directions to watch the games. All games will be archived for up to 90 days for your viewing pleasure.

Game Format: There will be two 5 minute periods played (1min intermissions). Each team will play 3 round robin games. Top 4 teams will make playoffs...If there is a tie it will go to (Head to Head, GA, GF and then Coin Flip)
Equipment: All players will need running shoes, shorts and matching color T-shirts. We will provide pennies if teams don’t match. We will furnish all Floorball sticks for players. All you need to do is have fun and play!!!
1st and 2nd Place will receive ISPN medals after Championship Game.

To Sign Up email with Team Name and All player info. (Age, School, Grade and Phone Number) or Call (804)744-9570

This event is Supported by and Invitational Sports Program Network. 
Yes, Floorballcentral “mentally” supports this too.

Cool moves in the woods from Ukraine

floorball (Кубок Янтаря) from Lviv Floorball federation on Vimeo.

Las Vegas Baby

FloorballPlanet will exhibit at the "14th Annual Let's Play Hockey International Expo" which will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton, in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 16th and 17th. This industry trade show featured nearly every major seller in the ice hockey and related markets. For more information, click

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New Twig outlet online in the US

One of our "bots" sent us some new links about and to Floorball Extreme a brand new "Twig" outlet online in the USA.
We want to quote and use one of the testimonials on this site as an introduction to their new operation:
"Floorball has grown exponentially within our Hockey Canada Skills Academy programs across Canada. There's a lot of end-to-end running in the game which really helps to promote physical conditioning. The rules of the game also place a strong emphasis on stick-handling and we're already seeing how that's helping kids out on the ice."
~ stated by KEVIN BATHURST ~ Manager ~ Hockey Canada Regional Centre-West - 
All according Floorball Extreme.You'll find their site/store here and it seems like they are getting busy with several activities lined up for the fall, on the west side of Minneapolis. We hope to cover more of their activities asap.

Let me just round this post off with a little interesting language comparison.
American slang for a stick - a "twig". Hmm the Swedish word for a Stick is a club "klubba" (like in golf). The Swedish slang for a Stick is sometimes a "Sticka", but that does not mean a twig. Instead the Swedish word Sticka is more geared about a pick - like in a tooth-pick (or more exactly a splinter). Complicated, yes! But the common idea is that in both languages - it seems like slang for both a Hockey and a Floorball stick moves toward a tiny small piece of wood.
And I can not just understand why.  Tell me now if I am wrong in my observations or if You know why this is going on?


Fantasy Floorball

In case You like Fantasy Sport and want to try Fantasy Floorball. Here is one way to do this - playing on the Swedish SSL league.
You follow this link
Woops, yes everything comes up in Swedish. But that is fine. If you use Google translate or some similar translating service You should be fine since most texts are short.
Almost 3000 people are doing this, right now.  The league just started so we are a bit late announcing this. But if You hurry up - You might still be in for a nice ride?

Good Luck!

From Sweden Warberg-Mullsjö

Turn off the sound if You do not like Swedish

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Mikael Granlund

Yes, he plays Floorball too. And it will sure be fun to see him in America too.


This is the Finnish Team Happee that makes their own Floorball Calendar. They mix moose, naked folks, a swamp and Floorball sticks. If You like to see how naked Floorballplayers looks like You have to find the other parts in this serie that they have published on You Tube. I would love to have one of these calendars myself - cause I love Floorball. MB

Salibandyliiga starts today

More in depth information and links to online games at IFF.

This is the Finnish League and one of the best in the world.


Floorballplanet in Texas

They just revised their webpage and added a section with NEW DEVELOPMENTS.
I think they are right on the money - but that we are also still, yet even before the beginning of Floorball in USA.
Check it out here


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Floorball grows in the Philippines

"- We first got in contact with Floorball through a Swedish missionary worker Fredrik Bergren, who was working in the Manila suburbs. Mr. Bergren had felt that Floorball could be a good sport for the Philippines, since basket is so strong in the country, Mr. Elizaga explains."

This is from a fully outstanding story from IFF on how Floorball grows in the Philippines. One of the most interesting matters is that Philippians have a long historic relation to the USA - and perhaps that is why Basket ball is so strong in this country?

Full article here at the IFF 's site


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now, in Alaskan schools too

"The sport allows students to experience skills and concepts aligned with national and state physical education standards as well as engage in a fast paced new sport. In addition, I have found Floorball to be a maximum participation activity that students are excited to learn, practice, and play." says Luke Adams.

This is an excerp from an article published by USAfB, minutes ago, and the original post is to be found here

The main entry gate to USAfB is here


Magisto for Floorball?

Many people take out their camcorders or smart phones and take some movies of their Floorball games. We think that is a good thing.
But not all these ends up at You Tube and other places. One of the main hurdles to get through is to edit the material so it looks nice and just not consist of long clips....
So, why no try this new service that will edit your clip automatically?

Did we say free of charge too?

I think people doing Floorball - that is a new thing - should use new technology to embrace what they do. It is just the natural thing to do - so lets now hope we will see even more local Floorball movies at You Tube.

It's a breeze.

Hey You Tube likes this too and has it now up on their own editing page


Floorball in Germany Growing Fast

"Floorball Bundesliga matches will be broadcasted in Eastern Germany and matches will also be available through the Video-On-Demand service."

The full article that starts with this, as always from IFF, - doing an outstanding job.
The article is to be found here


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here is an update from the Toronto area/ MB


Floorball season is here!

Try it for FREE at an Open House game
What's floorball? It's an exciting, safe and inexpensive indoor hockey sport suitable for players of any skill level.
Click here to watch CBC's Sports Day in Canada feature on floorball or click here to watch NHL star Steven Stamkos trying it at a Markham Waxers event.
LevelGame TimesLocation
FREE Open House
RecreationalWeds 6:30-9:30PMLa Mosaique
Danforth & Greenwood
$120 or $700/team
Date ChangeMon Sept 26th
7:00-9:30 PM
IntermediateTues 8:00-10:30PMYork Glendon
Bayview & Lawrence
$155 or $1550/team
Sept 27th
8:15-10:00 PM
EliteSun 10:00-1:00PMHarold Brathwaite
Varies by team
Sept 25th
10:15-1:00 PM
Youth Int.
Fri 6:00-9:00PMCrescent School
Bayview & Lawrence
Sept 30th
6:30-9:00 PM
Youth Elite
Fri 6:00-9:00PMCrescent School
Bayview & Lawrence
Sept 30th
6:30-9:00 PM
Ready to register?
Surf to the online registration page now!
Registration is open for all leagues.
Want to try it first?
Attend one of the FREE open house sessions. Just bring yourself, shorts, t-shirt & indoor shoes. Floorball equipment is provided.
Keep in touch with us by joining the Toronto Floorball League facebook group or 'Like' thePlayFloorball facebook page. You can also follow @playfloorball on Twitter. To learn more about our leagues, check out our league website at or call us at 416-972-9305 x101
Don't hesitate to get in touch anytime as we are always happy to talk floorball. I hope to see you on the court this fall.

Juha Mikkola & The Grassroots Floorball Team

Nationwide TV Coverage in Canada

ABC, CBS, and NBC used be considered as Nationwide TV Channels in the USA. I am not sure if they still are considered to have dominant Nationwide Coverage...
But in Canada they have CBC TV that spans the nation from coast to coast. I think this is not only Nationwide service I think there might even be funding's or perhaps it is run by the government..? That is not the main thing in this matter. The most important thing is that this is not a fragmented news outlet. Or a flimsy You Tube video. This is Nationwide TV coverage from a very credible source. This is communication big time covering one of the worlds largest countries (as we measure the area).

Last Saturday they showed Floorball. You may on your own imagine what that means for all Canadian players and Kids. This is not yet a regular sport cast covering Floorball games on CBC yet. But, they will be there. I promise.

This is one of the first main ice breakers in a land fully captured by the ice and its Ice Hockey. Not bad huh?

ENJOY, and listen to Mr. Floorball himself:

65000 and counting

Now and then we check in to see how this website is doing. Last night a quick glance gave the following interesting observations as in regards to the USA. For the first time ever Wisconsin is not the top reader of this blog - not over the last month. California have now sailed up to the top spot. But states that earlier have fared rather weak, like Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Wow they are shining in the number of visitors. Other observations is that Wisconsin is still in the top but Minnesota have slipped considerably.
Largest country outside of the US is Canada (almost as big as the US - with three well defined areas of visits). Many other visitors are evenly spread in many European countries, but geared towards northern Europe. But there is no doubt that this blog is a global one. Interesting enough some emerging Floorball markets like China and more have been visiting this blog rather frequently lately...

Oxdog a new release

We may not judge their sticks since we have not tried them. We think  that their website left one and maybe more things to wish for, or at least that is what it used to be like last time we checked.
But their videos are a piece of art. They fully blow our mind in the way on how to market Floorball sticks. Cool stuff.

Monday, September 19, 2011



In Wisconsin there is an organization that is called WHPE. They organize Health and Physical Educators here in Wisconsin. Their last news-letter had an article upon Floorball. This article was written by Greg Beaudin and  by us here at
Here is the news letter: You will find material on page 13 and 19 that is upon Floorball.

We think for many professional Educators in Wisconsin this was their first encounter with Floorball.
However it will not stop with this. In late October FloorballPlanet from Texas will host a booth at the convention that WHPE arranges in Wisconsin Dells.
And You know what - I am certain that this will not be the last time Physical and Health Educators will run into Floorball over the next years to come... Hold on!


How Doping Works

This was posted this spring by IFF. It is kind of a neat vid that goes through the doping process.

The Spec on Hockey

Let us quote them: 
"Perhaps his hockey sense that allows the 20-year-old to get open and his explosiveness have something to do with all the floorball he plays. Those who’ve seen it understand it’s a game that requires deft stickhandling and quick responses. Good players have to have outstanding hands.
How good are his? Truth is, the Sherwood grad had an opportunity to go play pro floorball in Norway this fall. It’s huge there and he could have made a decent living. But he really wanted to see if the frozen version of the game would treat him well first."
This article is mainly on a Hockey player. But as You see it relates very much to Floorball and one day the Spec will write full Floorball articles too. Here is the source...

Hamilton Public Enemies clinch Falls Classic

Saturday, September 17, 2011 - Submitted by Juha Mikkola,

 Don't let the Toronto jerseys fool you, it was the Hamilton Public Enemies who defeated the Ottawa Blizzard 3-2 in a thrilling final to clinch the first-ever Falls Floorball Classic. The Public Enemies finished the day with a convincing 6 wins and no losses to continue the domination they started at the 2011 Canada Cup. In the final, the Enemies' lethal offense struck first, staking the squad to a 2-0 lead on goals by Daniel Hewko and Andrew Radjenovic. The Ottawa Blizzard kept it close, determined to repeat the success they found during an exciting 4-3 shootout win over the Vikings in the semi-final. The Blizzard's Matthew Hubmann got on the board from a set-up by Dave Toupin to end the first period 2-1. In the second, the Enemies' manager and top defenseman Dan McKeen put away a back-hander that would be the eventual game winner, despite a goal by Miah Gaudet of the Blizzard to bring the game to 3-2. A frantic finish for the Blizzard, including pulling star goalie JR Goulet for the extra attacher, yielded no more offense and the Enemies were victorious. At the end of the tournament defenseman Dan McKeen was picked as the Most Valuable Player after scoring 3 goals and 3 assists while playing strong defense throughout the tournament. Congratulations to the Public Enemies and thank you to all five teams, the fans, volunteers and referees who made this tournament possible. Check out photos from the tournament at PlayFloorball's Facebook page!
See you in May at the Canada Cup!


Interesting promotion from Växsjö Vipers. My own problem with Växsjö (a city in Sweden)... well they have like three (3) "sister" or friend cities in the USA. So far I do not think they have tried to share the Floorball-culture to a single one of these "friends". And I do not understand why? Do You? MB

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now think if this was in America!

"- Floorball engages nearly one million people and is visible everywhere in our country. It is a sport that represents teamwork, endurance, quick tactical decisions and playfulness. It is also a sport that is included on each unit within the Armed Forces. Floorball is an exciting way to meet the many young people that in the future may consider the Armed Forces as an attractive career path, says Fredrik Svahn, Marketing director in the Swedish Armed Force."

So the Armed forces in Sweden just decided to become the main sponsor for Floorball in Sweden. Not bad in the local perspective.
We further know that in the more Global perspective the Singaporean Military play a lots of Floorball and that the Thai Military have been exposed to similar ideas. In the USA we have learned that one Major at an Air Base in Alabama recently started Floorball. That is good and much better as compared to me as I tried to get a large Army fort here in Wisconsin to do Floorball. The head guy said - without any knowledge about Floorball - he would not even let me try it out - that his Floors would not be able to keep up. I wonder if one should laugh or cry?

Anyway here is the full article on the Swedish Armed Forces, 
Thanks to IFF and SIBF!

One day I am sure the US, Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force will do Floorball at a large scale too. The only reason for them not doing this yet is probably that their intelligence service is not good enough....



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Games like Ice Hockey and Soccer have similar rules called off-side. Here either a painted line, or two, or an imaginary line between two defenders creates a game situation... That stops the game.
As a child I always tried to understand the true reason why there is an off-side.
Today I still can not understand the core true reason for the off-side rule. It is just like some extra added complication to the game, I think. Perhaps its also resting on more ancient ideas of what a gentleman or woman may do? I do not know.
In Floorball we do not have the off-side rule. The game still works and I would say it works even better since the game is uninterrupted and more evenly distributed over the field.
If You happen to know why they truly do off-side in Ice Hockey or Soccer? Well comment on this post please.
I myself will continue to enjoy the un-interupted game-flow in Floorball until you prove me wrong.

And hey if You live in Canada please make sure to watch CBC's Sports Day in Canada broadcast on this Saturday to see a feature about floorball!

I do not however think they will talk about off-side


Repost from BC on Calif.

San Francisco Floorball Club invites you the most anticipated Floorball tournament of the year. Golden Gate Cup will be played October 8-9, 2011. Located in the heart of San Francisco,a stones throw from tourist attractions like Alcatraz Prison, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Fishermans Warf, Coit Tower, AT&T park andmuch more. Floorball has come to stay in San Francisco.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kind of WOW!

This is a very interesting story.
Let us just quote
Mr. Dave Beaudin as he said:

“We have been asked by the North American International Hockey Federation to train men and women for the first U.S. Olympic team in this sport,” he said. “Speaking on behalf of Floorball Florida, USA Floorball and the International Floorball Federation we would like to engage in an ongoing development partnership. We see the potential of Freedom Harbor being a leading host facility for floorball events in North America. Globally, floorball is the fastest growing team sport and we are seeing a very encouraging trend to hosting large scale open championships that bring in players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.”

Full article is here

Today's quote

Goes to Greg Beaudin:

"Did You Know, that @bcfloorball has introduced Floorball to over 400 schools in past 5yrs Youth Floorball is in every region of BC now!"
BC stands for British Columbia and it is a part of Canada - just as a clarification.... 


Do never play Floorball on a wet FLOOR!

Floorball gets more and more attention...

Related to Hockey in Canada.
Seems like they have an idea where the game is going up there... hm

North American Floorball Championship (NAFC)

Here is a big announcement from Texas:

Let's Play Floorball USA and FloorballPlanet in conjunction with FloorballPro and Grassroots Floorball are extremely excited to announce the return of the North American Floorball Championship (NAFC)!
The NAFC was first contested in 2003 and was last awarded in 2005. The purpose of the NAFC is to recognize the top floorball club in North America.  The newly formed NAFC will include the following events in the 2011-2012 floorball season:
  • Falls Classic Sept 17, 2011 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • USA Cup Nov 11/12, 2011 in Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas
  • Canada Cup May 18/20, 2012 in Toronto, Ontario (Dates to be confirmed)
There will be two groups competing for the inaugural NAFC crowns: Adult Elite and Under-19. Both groups welcome co-ed teams.

Determining the Winner
The winner of the NAFC will be determined according to the NAFC scoring system and awarded the NAFC trophy at the 2012 Canada Cup Awards Ceremony.  The top six eligible teams in each tournament will receive points in order of their final finish. The best team will receive six points with the second team receiving five and so on. If there are less than six eligible teams at the event, points will only be awarded up to the number of eligible teams participating with the top team always receiving six points, the second five, etc.  Teams are encouraged to participate in all three events however the final points will be tabulated from their best two finishes only for the first year of the NAFC. Teams must attend at least one tournament in Canada and one in the United States to be eligible. In the event of a tie the official International Floorball Federation tie-breakers will be used:
- the victorious team in head-to-head matches
- the total goals for and against differential (+/-)
- the amount of scored goals
- random draw

To be eligible for the NAFC, a club team must participate in at least two of the three tournaments with a roster that is made up of at least 50% of the same players and using the same club name. Players may not play on one NAFC eligible team in one tournament and for another in a following tournament. For the U-19 category, players must be born between January 1st, 1993 and December 31st, 1996.  Players born later than 1996 may participate with parent approval.
The games at all tournaments will be played according to International Floorball Federation Rules. The playing surfaces will be regulation size, with regulation boards and goals.

The North American Floorball Championship was created by Juha Mikkola in December 2003 as a way to promote the development of American and Canadian floorball by unofficially recognizing the continent's best floorball club team each year. In 2011, the NAFC has been reinstated by Juha Mikkola (FloorballPro & Grassroots Floorball) in partnership with Darryl Gross and Jukka Kotti (FloorballPlanet & Let's Play Floorball USA). Hannu Mikkola, 1983 World Rally Champion, donated the NAFC trophy. The Boston Puukädet franchise has dominated the North American Floorball Championship in the past, winning the trophy in 2003, 2004 and 2005.
New tournaments interested in joining the NAFC circuit for 2012-2013 are encouraged to contact us and will be considered to be included in the series in the future.
For further information, visit, or send an email to or

The latest from FloorballPro and NHL - a bit late but...

This and more came in the mail a couple of days ago from FloorballPro.
Otherwise the latest we know is that today, I think, is the day when, yet again, NHL refs and officials will be playing... Floorball. Yes, today Wednesday. More to follow soon....

The following was not the full advertisement from FloorballPro and if You visit their webpage you will find more material, offers and news.

More news and updates to follow soon:

Introducing Salming's freshest floorball innovations:
the Aero blade, the Hockey Canada stick & more!

FloorballPro Inc. is proud to announce that the 2012 Salming floorball line has arrived in Canada and the United States. The 2012 line is Salming's best yet, featuring fresh designs, unbelievable new technologies and better prices than ever before...
What's the Aero blade all about?
The New Salming Aero blade brings shooting power, passing precision and performance like never before.
Featuring a Dual Crossbar Stabilizer (DCS) that results in a 25% stiffer upper frame and enables you to keep your shots below the cross bar. A Dual Cavity provides increased ball control, feel and power when launching wrist shots and passing the ball. The Shooter Pocket gives you increased ball control and places the ball in an optimal position prior to launching wrist shots. Finally, the Toe Drag Design (TDD) makes it easier to pull the ball towards you with enhanced ball feel.

Tell me more about Hockey Canada!
Hockey Canada has teamed up with Salming and FloorballPro to create the Hockey Canada Matrix floorball stick. Floorball is excellent off-ice training for hockey players, as the light stick and ball emphasize hand eye coordination and improves stick handling, passing and shooting skills. The stick won't damage floors and can be used in the gym, at home, in the basement or in the driveway, the street or at the rink before games. Used by European NHLers and Hockey Canada Skills Academies across the country.

Disclaimer: This is a mainly a re-post from FloorballPro and contains Intellectual material and copyrighted 
images/material owned by them or/and by other parties.


Due to travel and foreign visits this blog has been in slow mode for a couple of days.
Blogging should resume shortly.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One more ad...

This one has been up for several months. Hm still not too many hits at You Tube. I guess our posting might improve the numbers?

Friday, September 2, 2011




welcome to the future

Here is a fun, like it or not thing, that ends with...Floorball

Positioning - Marketing

An old marketing book by Reis and Trout from 1981.. ok they have tonnes of versions and editions of the same book out today,
Anyway this book lay out the main marketing strategy on how to get into the mind of the prospective buyer.
It tells the reader on how to position a product or service on a "ladder" in the mind of the reader. This to be able to market or sell the service or product as effective as possible.

One World and One Ball - the pay off or slogan picked by the IFF to market Floorball does not work at all from the perspectives as described by Reis and Trout.

May I suggest that the next time a slogan is up for voting, that this pay off is up for voting too FLOORBALL - "The Worlds Fastest Growing Team Sport".
This is a tag line that will position Floorball on top of a very important ladder in the mind of prospective Floorball lovers.
May I also suggest that someone else but me that loves Floorball read the book by Reis and Trout - Positioning, the battle for your mind.



From the Czech Republic

Czech Open Story from Top Class Sport Events on Vimeo.

Love it or not?

Radio in the Americas is doing it too

Listen in it is about for an hour..

This is for all PE teachers and Hockey related players out there

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!