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Amercian NHL players play Floorball too

Photo and credits copyright by  Jean-Claude Le Pichouron

Last night 4 American NHL players played Floorball to celebrate Minor Hockey. We love it and we definitively see and say that the same development that already has occured in Europe will happen here too. Floorball will become a large support sport for Hockey. It is already on a very good path in Canada and USA will just trail a bit behind in this development
So who is in the picture? Well since I am mainly a Floorball guy I do not dare to say who is who and maybe you can help me out here? One of these guys should be Stamkos one should be Hodgson. Yes I have more names but lets see if you can in a right way tell me who is who. Why not use advice from your best hockey friends? I am almost certain that we should be able to get some kind of a prize to the winner. Just comment your guesses here as a comment to this post.

Whats more? 
- They all above use the brand new Hockey Canada Matrix Salming Floorball Stick.
- And yes live video will be up from this event at the network later on today. or...

 or this one
Our warmest congratulations to Hockey Canada that fully understands the value of Floorball.

Now I am going on a vacation for 10 days to the blog will stay dormant, if not one of our other posters toss up something interesting in the mean time.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Hockey and Floorball News from Canada

Hockey Canada, together with Floorballpro and Salming have created the worlds first Floorball stick aimed at Canadian Hockey Players. The new stick from Salming, and Floorballpro, is available now.
It is called the Hockey Canada Matrix Floorball stick.
Since we like big breaking news from Canada's Floorball scene as well as the Hockey scene we checked in directly with Mr. Floorball himself, Mr. Juha Mikkola with FloorballPro.

If We say that the release of a Hockey Canada Floorball stick is a monumental breakthrough in the aim to bring Floorball to the Americas,
what’s your comment? 
- "This is definitively a game changer for us", state Mr Mikkola, he continues to explain that they now have the worlds strongest Hockey brand ever on this new stick and that this is something that clearly will speak directly to Hockey players and tell them that - "Floorball is definetly something for you".

It is our understanding that this is a Matrix stick from Salming - has there been made any technical adjustments made to the stick, beside of graphic elements?
Mr. Mikkola explains that this is not a graphical stunt. Instead much consideration has gone into this new stick. First of all this new Hockey Canada Floorball stick has been designed with longer shafts, something that many Hockey players in America prefer. So this stick are available either as a 101 centimeter stick (almost 40 inches) or 87 centimeters (34 inches). This means that FloorballPro now may offer a long Floorball stick at a very cost efficient level. The price is CAD 55. This is a long stick and at the same time the most affordable long stick on the market. The blade has also been changed and is now equipped with the original Salming Z blade. This blade is not too much scooped, but scooped good enough for talented artist that wants to "fence" with their stick and perhaps act out almost like the old movie star Zorro. Mr Mikkola further mention that beside of the two lengths of the stick available a third development is in the pipeline.
Is this the first Floorball stick designated by a hockey organization? Do you think this would be a good idea for the Finnish Lions as well as the Tre Kronor too? (Finnish and Swedish National Hockey teams)
- "Yes, to my knowledge I think this is the first ever designed Floorball stick for Hockey Players". He continues that it is not his role to speculate on how other countries would benefit from this too, as he also explains that in most west European "hockey countries" the scene looks rather different, with often high numbers of Floorball players.
How many Hockey Canada Floorball sticks do you plan to move in the market?

- "We normally do not discuss volumes". But Mr. Mikkola admits that he expects this to become one of FloorballPro's most popular models.

Any idea why the USA Hockey is not offering a Floorball stick too? Their ADM model continuously talk about the positive impact for kids doing other sports but hockey. Any other thoughts
upon the humongous American market?

Mr. Mikkola explains that he sees USA as the natural extension to what they do in Canada. He also wants to stress that this is so much more than just a name or a brand on a stick. Anyone, with enough money could perhaps get a licence and put a good brand or logo on a Floorball stick. This is not what is done here. This is a product Hockey Canada and we believe in. It is a tool for hockey players and a beautiful project. Mr. Mikkola also reminds us that Hockey skills Academies throughout Canada already use Floorball to improve Hockey skills.

Who came up with this idea of the Salming Matrix Hockey Canada Floorball stick? Do You know what Boerje Salming himself thinks about this stick?

He explains that FloorballPro came up with the idea. But Mr. Mikkola does not want to speculate in what Boerje himself thinks about this and he may not act as a spokesperson for him. However as Mr. Salming visited Canada Cup last spring he was exited, and showed very much enthusiasm and interest in what is done in Canada.

What do you think about the idea we posted recently about Rovio, Angry Birds, a Floorball Stick aimed towards Younger players?

As Mr. Mikkola recently visited Finland he saw in the press that the Angry Bird brandname was valuated at a Billion dollars (a Finnish company is behind Angry Birds). And yes he has played the computer game Angry Birds himself. He continues to say that yes for the sake of the growth of Floorball he could not only see an Angry Birds Floorball stick but a Disney Floorball stick too. And as we conclude the discussion he mention he could also envision a stage in the computer game Angry Birds that would be about a Floorball game.

So what is the best in all of this?
Well, I think that now it is time for Floorball to make serious inroads in Canada and this sounds to be the tool to do this with. The second best is that this has the potential to grow Hockey skills too.
Third best is that we will try to offer this particular stick for sale - direct here on FloorballCentral - through an ad on this page - that takes you direct to FloorballPro. This development will be up in a couple of hours. Hold out.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact or pass them an email to or give them a buzz at (416) 972-9305. This stick is available from - now.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Hockey - Why Floorball?

Why Floorball?
I've had this question asked of me several times.
4000 years ago HOCKEY was invented! The origin of the game is unknown. Some say the Middle East, some say Europe and even some say South America. There is evidence in all three of these places that support that there was some form of what we know today as HOCKEY. The game started as a field sport. First it was 1, 2, 3 or 4 players and developed into games that pitted towns against towns and games that lasted for days.
From this original game came: the modern version of field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, maybe lacrosse (especially if hockey's origin was South America), hurling, golf (maybe), bandy and FLOORBALL.

FLOORBALL was invented in Sweden in the late 1960”s to the early 1970's after some Swedish students came to the United States and witnessed floor hockey being played in American schools. From this development came a game that is fast, fun and safe. Fast forward to 2011 and in the last two months FLOORBALL (IFF) has received full Olympic status and looks to be programmed in the 2020 or 2024 Summer Games.
I was introduced to the game at age 3! Not today’s version. But I was playing gym hockey as long as I can remember. My Father was a Principal of an elementary school where I spent a lot of time waiting for him to get done with work. In the gym I spent time stick-handling, shooting and bringing my buddies with to form games. I prayed for snow days so I could talk him into letting us kids play all day. That version was very dangerous as we used real hockey sticks, no protective equipment and a hard plastic ball that gave us welts on our legs, arms and torsos, black eyes and chipped teeth. This is where I really learned to love the game of FLOORBALL or HOCKEY!

As an ice hockey coach I have spent 15 years trying to figure out how to develop HOCKEY SENSE into the players I have coached. With the lack of ice in many areas coaches need and have thought outside the box to find ways to train their players.
Ice hockey is a dynamic game that needs many skills to be able to play at a proficient rate. But HOCKEY SENSE is the one thing you can have, and be average at everything else, and still be capable of playing at a high level. Wayne Gretzky is a prime example. He was an average skater (relatively speaking), his shot was accurate but not over bearing, yet his HOCKEY SENSE was off the charts. I’ve played with, coached against, coached players that were physical specimens that look like they should be able to play the game (any game) and can’t because they lack HOCKEY SENSE. I’ve played with, against, coached, coach against players who could skate like the wind but had no HOCKEY SENSE and never amounted to anything. I’ve also played, played with, coached and coached against players who have HOCKEY SENSE and they have been some of the best players I have ever been around or watched.

How does a player develop HOCKEY SENSE?
It takes time and years and years of practice in game like situations in either organized or non-organized environments. A player who goes to regular practice and regular games each year, year after year, still doesn’t get the time needed to develop HOCKEY SENSE. It is the players who play pick up hockey (what I call RAT hockey), street hockey, floor hockey, roller hockey, lacrosse, soccer and/orFLOORBALL who develop these instincts to really understand and comprehend time and space, attacking and defending strategy and nuances of the game that only hours of practice can teach.
While coaching in the California five years ago I was introduced to FLOORBALL. What I have learned in the last five years:
  • Floorball promotes athleticism
  • Floorball is a great Anaerobic (Same as ice hockey) and/or Aerobic workout
  • Floorball incorporates Dynamic stretching
  • All you need is a stick and a ball
  • Floorball is safe
  • Floorball promotes quick hockey skills like stickhandling, shooting and passing
  • The players think it is FUN!
  • I can use it to walk through game and practice situations without the cost of the ice (Forechecks, breakouts, Attacking Situations 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, Back Checking, D-Zone Coverage, PP and PK, Small Games)
  • The players can play and practice in the driveway, garage, in the house (not recommended), at the park, in a gym, on sport court or any smooth surface they can find
  • Ice hockey and FLOOBALL are linear straight line games. Getting from point A to point B involves stopping and starting
  • You have to move your feet. A player cannot coast (bad ice hockey habit)
  • Teaches good HOCKEY SENSE over time
  • Floorball teaches to play in the middle of the surface (ice or court)
  • Floorball is a game of a lifetime and is for young, old, girls, boys, women, men and handicapped
In the short time I have used FLOORBALL with the players at the High School I coach at; I have seen a dramatic change in the players that play on a regular basis. They are more poised in playmaking situations, they process the game in a smarter fashion and they are really learning the nuances of the game. I haven’t coached them, I haven’t taught them, and all I have done is let them play FLOORBALL.
I believe HOCKEY SENSE wins hockey games. As long as I coach ice hockey I will use FLOORBALL to train HOCKEY SENSE in my teams!

Mike Perkins, FHA 

US Nationals and a promo

We snapped up a local promotion letter that rather good described last weekends US Nationals in Floorball at the same time as it touch base on some local activities in Dallas Texas.
Instead of editing this and just present information on the US Nationals... we will run the piece in its full glory, enjoy;

Those who played floorball with us last Tuesday night had a little extra treat.  We set up a floorball rink in the First UMC gym.  The game tempo was certainly faster with players taking advantage of passes off the boards and the ball less likely to leave the playing surface.  In addition, the "Too Cool" boys made their grand entrance with music and smoke.  All in all, it was a fun evening.

If you didn't know about the U.S. National Floorball Championships at NYTEX this past Saturday, you must have been living under a rock because I've been talking about it for months.  San Francisco was the favorite to win the title while Team Colorado featured two of the top goaltenders in the country, one of whom plays on the U.S. National Team.  The winner was Austin Team 1 who emerged victorious with an exciting 3-2 overtime win over San Francisco in the Gold Medal Game.  Our local Dallas Fireballs, with sterling netminding, finished third, beating fourth place Colorado.  There were a total of 17 games played that day with each team playing five or six games.  The most exciting game was the NYTEX Brahmas versus San Francisco.  The NYTEX team was made up hockey players ranging in age from 14 to 50 and included two current and three former CHL Brahmas players.  While new to floorball, they more than held their own with their strong hockey skills and team play.  They drew powerhouse San Francisco as their fourth game opponent and I have never seen two floorball teams battle with as much determination and will to win.  Trailing in the final period, NYTEX tied the game with a minute and a half to go on a beautiful pass and tip in front of the net.  Not to be denied, San Francisco came back with the winning goal a minute later.  Really exciting stuff!

I also must mention the outstanding job done by our local youth hockey players.  Matt Lasky and Alex Gross played for Team Colorado while Lucas Mendes and Christophe Jobin played for the Dallas Fireballs.  These boys went toe to toe with some of the top adult floorball players in the country who were out to win the Championship.  Matt (DSEHC 97) led Team Colorado in scoring with five points.  Lucas (Alliance 97) tied for second in team scoring for Dallas, also with five points.  Even though they are ice hockey goalies, Alex (DSEHC 96) and Christophe (DSEHC 97) made significant contributions as field players.  The outstanding play of all of these boys was noticed by the leaders of the United States Floorball Association who are looking to field a National U19 team to compete at the World Floorball Championships next year.  Complete game results, standings, and statistics are posted at  Select "Tournaments" at the top under "Choose Region" then select 2011 Nationals.  You can then choose Schedules, Standings, Latest Scores, or Scoring Leaders from the Main Menu.

For any players interested, we have new 2012 sticks available.  If you think it doesn't make any difference which floorball stick you play with, just ask Lucas.  He traded in his old floorball stick purchased in Sweden for a shiny new Platinum-Z and promptly scored two goals in his team's decisive win over Colorado!
With all the interest generated at NYTEX this past weekend, we have a lot of new names on our local floorball email list.  We are looking forward to seeing them at our next floorball night -- which is tonight!
First United Methodist Church Gym
5601 Pleasant Run Rd
Colleyville, TX 76034

When:  Tuesday, Aug 16, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

People are finally getting home from vacations and camps.  Some have started school and some will be starting in the next few weeks.  Hockey practices are begining this week for most organizations.  In addition to our Tuesday evenings in Colleyville, we can schedule floorball on other days and times so let us know your preferences.  We are going to continue our Mini League program of 4 on 4 floorball and everyone will get five games with their team with no fixed end date.  Register online or at the gym when you arrive.
For additional information and online registration for the league, please visit our web site at www.letsplayfloorball.comgive us a call at 817-560-0126, or send an email to

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This is mainly a repost from Lets Play


Congratulations to Austin Floorball Team 1 who emerged as the gold medal winner in the 2011 U.S. National Floorball Championship. It was Austin versus San Francisco in the hotly contested finals. With the scored tied 2-2 at the end of regulation, overtime was needed to determine the winner. Kudos to all players for an extremely competitive, exciting tournament. For game results, standings, and tournament statistics, check the website at

Final Rankings
(1) Austin Team 1
(2) San Francisco
(3) FbC Dallas Fireballs
(4) Team Colorado
(6) Austin Team 2

More to come soon including pictures


Friday, August 12, 2011

Player from CHL participates in US National Championships

We only have this as a forum posting at this point, on how a CHL Hockey Player will play for the National US Floorball Chapionships, still enjoy

More on the US National Floorball Championships will be up after the weekend

TV from Czech Open

IFF just posted information on TV games on both Czech TV as well as on Eurosport. There are also games streamed over the Internet this weekend including some of the best teams in Europe.
For full information pls visit IFF here

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And the winner is here

Bulls from Spain

Here is some feelings on how a camp from Spain might look like... Thanks NaturFloorball MB

How to Hockey... and Floorball too

Hockey Community - How it works!! from Hockey Community on Vimeo.

This is a groundbreaking service from Canada that helps people to Hockey, or How to play Hockey. The best about this solution to us is that it works for Floorball too. In the respect that most areas in Americas is not yet as developed in the field of Floorball as in Hockey. Something that is changing right now.
Anyway, check this out and keep it in your mind and we will be back with another posting that somewhat expands upon some of the concepts presented in this video.

Ehh, one more thing try this
and see extremely fast what rinks are the closest...this is kind of wow - or just a modern service that is here for you. Play around with the website and discover things so fancy that your own Hockey Club does not even know what is going on (that includes Floorball too). How about a goalie finder?

This is how it works on a phone... And it works now... play with it and let us know what U think.
Mobile Goalie Finder


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US Open Floorball Tournament Doubles as Introduction

Miko -A Young player for the Future of US Floorball!

Huntington Beach, CA - The Rinks-Huntington Beach was the site of the 2011 US Open Floorball Tournament on August 6th. The event featured an Elite-Adult Division, a U14 Division, a U10 Division and a Girls Division.
The most exciting division was the girls division. The Lady Ducks hockey program has been working with Floorball Hockey America to cross train over the past month. The US Open was an opportunity for the Lady Ducks to compete in a game environment for the first time.
“Kathy McGarrigle (Lady Ducks Head Coach) is the heart and soul of the Lady Ducks program,” stated Floorball Hockey America National Advisor Doug Sheridan. “Her ability to think outside the box has given her athletes an opportunity to try floorball as an alternative training tool. It was great to see how much fun they had.”
In the Elite Adult Division, San Diego FC defeated the Titans 4-1 in a game that was closer than the score indicated. San Diego defeated SoCal FC in their semi-final and the Titans defeated the Orange Crush in their semi-final.
In the U14 Division, the Titans A beat the Titans B to win their division championship.
The U10 Division pit two teams from OC Hockey Club that Sean Beaty formed. All players received medals.
"Every year this event gets bigger and bigger," said US Open Event Director Erik Larsson. "We want to thank all participants for attending and look forward to expanding next year’s event."

Get Ready for the Falls Classic

Image courtesy of
Here is a new interesting Tourney coming up. It is the Falls Floorball Classic and it will take place at Brock University (near Niagara Falls) Sept 17/18. They will have adult and youth divisions and more information on this will be up soon.
Cool logo huh?

On TV in Singapore

Something is bogus with the embed code but here is a clip from TV in Singapore from today.
It is in English...

American Kids Play Floorball

Huntington Beach, CA
 – The Rinks-Huntington Beach played host to the first ever U19/U17 USFbA Floorball Festival on August 5th. The event featured a morning practice and tactics session while the afternoon generated a heated battle between Team White and Team Blue.
“We have some very talented floorball players,” said U19/U17 Co-Coach Mike Perkins. “Everyone is excited to see how these players will fair against international competition in the future. We will continue to build and grow this concept.” In game one Team Blue outlasted Team White with a solid second half performance. Game two was a different story as Team White jumped out to an early lead and never
looked back. The third and final game was a hard fought contest. The game was tied after
regulation and then went to penalties. After ten rounds the coaching staff called it tie.
"It was a great event with a good turnout and some really promising talent," said USFbA
U19/U17 Director of Coaching Adam Troy.
Troy who is also the GM of the USFbA Men’s National Team flew in from Sweden for
the event. Troy works with youth teams in Sweden.
“Adam (Troy) has a wealth of knowledge about the game of floorball and it was very
exciting to have his expertise at our disposal,” commented Perkins.
The majority of players were from California, although players came from as far as
Duluth, MN.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony; The Best Offensive Player went to
Charlie Edson (Hermosa Beach, CA), the Best Defensive Player went to Brandon Smith
(Castaic, CA) and the MVP went to Connor McPherson (Lancaster, CA).
The event was hosted by Floorball Hockey America in conjunction with the USFbA.

USFbA U19/U17 Staff: Calle Karlsson-USFbA President, Adam Troy-Coaching
Director, Doug Sheridan-GM, P. Erik Larsson-Event Coordinator, Peter Torsson-U19/
U17 Co-Coach, Mike Perkins-U19/U17 Co-Coach and Jeff Ferguson-Goalie Coach.

This material has been provided by Floorball Hockey America and Floorball Gear. - Thank You guys!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Think inside of the Box!

In American English a goal is often called a net. That is nothing wrong with that since it describes rather good what it is. Perhaps, with only one exception. You might think that a “net” always must have a net?
Malaysia just recently showed a very creative approach to a “net” as they held a “Floorball Bucket Challenge”. What?, if I understand this right, it is a game where you replace the goals with a set of buckets instead, lined up so they resemble a goal in a creative way.

This idea brings on another very bright solution for some of the cheapest goals or nets You may use. Take a regular big storage Box in plastics like the one we show You on the picture. 
Then take two of these and cut out one of the long sides of both boxes.
Viola, You have two, very cost efficient, and good working nets - with no net at all but they should work perfect for any low budget form of Floorball. Take of the lid too - guffus.

And you may perhaps not do this cheaper even if you try to build something out of PVC or Conduit as so many so often do...
So to think inside of the box is sometimes good too.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

A tweet on Stamkos

This just came in over Twitter from Floorball Canada.
I think it is so interesting that the full Tweet goes straight in here - and I do suspect way more material is to follow in this story.

From Twitter:
come watch stamkos and hodgson play some Floorball and celebrate minor hockey 

No, they do not play Floor Hockey - they play Floorball and they do this in Canada as I am still waiting here to mark the first day in the calendar with a big X when USA Hockey starts to mention or talk about Floorball too

Team USA Needs Female Players

We have mentioned this before. But to get the extra exposure here and do what we can to spur some ladies to get ready read this
Uncle Sam  - almost - needs you! And if you are good it is not everyday that you have a chance to represent your own country in a new sport!

Angry Birds

The following is an Open Letter sent to the Finnish company Rovio just a few weeks ago. This company owns one of the strongest Global Brand names aimed at young people - Angry Birds. Their computer/cell phone games is a world wide phenomena.
Angry Birds is expected to release a big screen movie in the near future and our own imagination runs wild as we think Floorball at the same time as we think Angry Birds. Just imagine a Floorball version of the Angry Birds game...

Anyway here is what we wrote them:

One of the Worlds strongest Brand names in the well-defined target group aiming at
young children,  is “Angry Birds”.

- It was not many weeks ago I saw a custom painted goalie face mask for Floorball, with Angry Birds on it.
- I have also last week learned that a Floorball Club in the Philippines named themselves “Angry Birds Floorball Club”.

Most producers of Floorball equipment would not on their own initiative involve other interests in the production and sales of Floorball sticks since that would take a piece of the revenue out from their “own cake”.
Most National federations as well as the International Federation governing Floorball is emphasized towards maintaining a framework and perhaps to a less degree involved in expansion tactics.

May I suggest the following?
It is time for a “concept design” of a custom designed “kids” Floorball stick, Angry Birds, a design to be studied together with one of the main Finnish or Swedish manufacturers of Floorball equipment. This concept study should be offered to larger outlets and they may from this concept study (a picture in essence) decide upon their interest.
If interest is reported - this specific Kids stick should be produced according to orders. In other words production in relation to demand and storage cost would become a low part of the equation.

Benefits for Rovio, The strong brand name will be related to a new Young sport that is well rooted in Finland. Floorball (Salibandy) is also on the path to make Olympic debut within perhaps 10-15 years time. Floorball carry many positive values. This action would also build future exposure and build an even stronger brand name and recognition for Angry Birds. Rovio should also in financial terms be able to benefit directly in terms from the sales of a stick designed like this.

Benefits for the sport of Floorball, As the sport tries to introduce itself to many new countries a high profile stick designed with Angry Birds illustrations would seriously heighten the interest exactly in the target group most prone to adopt Floorball as a new sport in new parts of the world - Young children. Angry Birds would become a vehicle to assist in the introduction of Floorball to many new schools, etcetera across the world.

Without any further input, it is my own judgement that a good Kids designed Angry Birds Floorball stick would have the full potential to become a slam dunk.

Yes, I do know that this is a long-shot ..but sometimes they go in.


Let me today just add one more thing to this post - Information wants to be free!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

May we tease you a bit?

This might one day become one of the most prestigious Trophies in North America.
No, I am not nuts, I just do some extrapolation on the actual development in Northern and Central Europe and move the demographic development across the pond.

Floorball has risen very fast in some European countries to become a mainstream sport very fast. In some places it is one of the dominant sport and school activities.
If You missed it, Floorball has since this summer full recognition from the IOC.

If this development also takes place in the USA (why should it not?). This will become one of the most sought after trophies ever.....

This is not yet the case. Floorballcentral are just ahead of the curve.

In Texas at the NYTEX SPORTS CENTRE in the middle of the month of August we will find out what team win the US National Championships 2011.

History will be made - may the best team win!


News from a day or so ago...

First - Have YOU noticed guys what is going on with Twitter?
It used to be slow and kind of dominated by folks in Singapore as You searched for Floorball at Twitter.
Even if you do not see this at our own Twitter gadget. But...
First Twitter started to divide Floorball tweets in Top Tweets, Tweets with links and All Tweets. I suspect they do that at a certain volume.
Now it is kind of obvious that the amounts of Floorball tweets are raising fast, this since You have logged on to Twitter with a search for Floorball - new Tweets comes up almost all the time.

Secondly, On Canada, we snapped this up from Yesterday - according to the source a Canada first player is going to the European league:
Canada sending a player to play Floorball in Europe, a historic first...congrats to the trailblazer Joel Inouye from Hamilton, an outstanding hockey goalie and leader of our Floorball National Team.
Here is the source in Czech and use Google translate if you want to get a grasp of the full story here

On the USA:
A brand new blog,  jrthegoalie, just tossed up a post on Floorball in the USA in English that looks fairly accurate:

Enjoy, more things - on its way - in pipeline already...


U Want kids to play minor Hockey?

Why not try this prescription from Canada it involves some Barbeque, Live Music, Equipment Swaps, Floorball Demonstrations and Workshops and...
Well, here is the full story

Czech Open

A picture say more than 1000 words..

A new meaning to the word Beachball

Our friends from Brasil just gave the word of "Beachball" a new meaning... Or what do you say?

Other things coming up very soon is the U17/U19 Festival in California as well as the US National Championships in Texas - hopefully we will get some nice material from folks out there..

Monday, August 1, 2011

On parlez Francais nes pas?

This is from Roger Neilsons Hockey clinic... and yes I think you grasp where the game is going...

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!