Sunday, July 31, 2011

What it takes - like 10.000 times?

K Anders Ericsson is a Swedish born researcher at the Tallahasse University of Florida.

He released some interesting research a couple of years ago together with a few other people. In essence they suggested that it takes 10.000 hours to be good at something.

10.000 hours to become an expert. 10.000 hours to shine and do things that is out of this world.

The way I read this..
10.000 hours to be good at Zorro and 10.000 hours to be good at Floorball.
How many have done that... here in the USA or in Canada?
Sorry, Brazil and Jamaica I do not think I can include you on this one...

What they also figured out was that talent is way too overrated. Talent is just some form of initial progress that will take a few individuals on the fast track to do more.....
ehmm......hours of practice.
Another interesting conclusion was that a new golf club would not help a golfer very much - most likely it would instead create new feelings and problems for the same golfer (I read this as it would be valid for Floorball too).
And Yes I do have one old funky stick from like 1990 degrees cold or something that I never use...

I am thinking now. Lets see I am rather old and played Floorball for the first time in 1971 in school with a basic Cosom stick, I think... hmm maybe I have played in total of maximum 1500 - 2000 hours of Floorball. And nope I am not very good at it at all. But I do still have tonnes of fun.

10.000 hours sounds like years to me and it is the same as playing floorball 40 hours a week for about 5 years... Lets say you only play Floorball or do Zorro for about 20-25 hours a week... Opps it will take You some 10 years to become one of the best or at least an expert.

So what do you do now? My suggestion is that you go to the basement and play some more Floorball, for a few hours.

If interested in the more heavy read here is an excellent source on this kind of groundbreaking loong research.

Floorball is for everyone!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Three Maids

As three American Hockey Players arrive at a Swedish Hockey Club - they are a bit confused about Floorball.
Chris Higgins get instantly interested in the barrel with Floorball sticks and starts to play with them at once. Joe Pereira immediately check out the material and wonder what it is. Sean McMonagle talks to everyone....

Who Chis Higgins is?
and Sean
All three good guys with hockey in their veins...
Being raised in school with Floorball would not only have helped these guys with their hockey it would also meant that this vid most likely never would have been made. But we are not there yet.

For the sake of US Kids - help us to kick-start Floorball in the USA!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Floorball in Rain?

Na, I would hardly recommend it and here is some folks from Riga, I think, that in a more visual way lets us know why it may not be such a great thing...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Fantasy on Floorball Stick Development

Floorball stick development has been crazy over the years. I however, still think the largest breakthrough came as the ventilated blades arrived back in the first days of the early dawn as Carl-Åke Ahlqvist developed upon the Cosom design, and came up with the idea of ventilated blades.

Lately the design of the shaft on the stick is perhaps what has been driving technical development most with ideas on how to make the shaft itself better as a main component of the stick. We have seen curved shafts, different angles, double curves and other ideas to increase torsion or flex in the right direction and some designs on how to improve strength or the weight of the stick and other features by developing mainly the shaft.

Let us now leave the shaft behind for a moment and focus on the blade itself. Beside of ventilated blades, some different heels, curvature(s), design, size and even some secret mixtures of the plastic making up the blade and also to lower friction on the floor (sic) is what have been on the table.

Well, if we also put aside some “marketing stunts” as well as some solutions that did not catch the markets interest. I say in principle we have - more or less - the same ol’ plastic blade as we always had. Many might strongly argue with this statement, but as a sweeping burst from a pundit  - this point of view might work?

So what do I want to see in future blade development? What are the features we want to improve in a stick and how to develop the blade of the Floorball stick?
Weight? Yes, perhaps since it seems like many players like lightweight sticks, it kind of speeds up stick-handling. Endurance? I do not know  - but my general knowledge is that most blades last rather well. This might also depend if You play out side or not...
Less friction against the floor? Yes, perhaps I think so, since less friction might enhance the speed over the floor as one fire a shot. Should a stick communicate with a sensor device to a smart phone? Definitely, I think so, even if this might probably not only be related to the blade, but a sensor in the shaft would not be wrong and I am sure this will happen in the close future.
Higher speed through the air and less air resistance? Yes, without any further comment. More sensitivity for ball control? Yes, without no doubt - but I might also be on the wrong track here, so please feel free to share your own thoughts.

So my ideas for the next decades of Floorball blades looks like this: Skip the plastic blade. What? Well at least to start with...
First, one might build a core construction of a Floorball blade out of some kind of a lightweight foam to make the construction as light as possible. The shape of every beam of the blade should, or must,  resemble a water drop, see picture of above. This since the water-drop gets it shape in the air by trying to reduce its own air drag. Of course the back-hand side may not have sharpe edges,  they must be rounded, to improve ball contact on this side too. Still the main idea must be that each part of the blade that floats fast forward in the air should at least resemble the profile of a water drop falling in the air.

Now we have a lightweight construction, but it is very weak and it ought fly fast forward in the air! Next step is to cover this foam-core material with something like Kevlar or perhaps just dip the core in a plastic solution/mixture to provide a very hard surface, and perhaps a soft surface on top of that, this to make the construction though and sturdy as a sandwich layered construction.
I do not know what material is optimal too use or how to do this, but I think this approach and design would make sense as we try to find something that is light, fast and perhaps reasonable sturdy.

If we now want to increase ball control, we might loose out on speed. But let us compare to table-tennis for a second. A cheap table-tennis racket with only one layer rubber provides the player with a very fast ball. However good players use much more rubber since they aim for optimum ball control. So the best players play with fresh double rubber layers and special glue, etc.. All to improve the "grip" on the ball.

I would sure like to see an outer layer on a Floorball blade that is somewhat like a soft like rubber and also gives a much better “grip” onto the ball so players would be able to play with more spin on “da ball” as a more conscious part of the game. The “rubber paint” or softer outer layer would lower the speed of the ball as one shoot but it would increase the abilities to curve shots, galore.

Final thing, what about the friction over the floor? I do not know, but some manufacturers have been fiddling with ideas in this area too. I think that a “sole” on the blade that is equipped with a small ball bearing or “roller bearings” most likely would provide lowest possible friction over any floor. Think Hot Wheels! and You might understand what I aim at...

The only bad thing I may think about for this kind of a blade design study as descried above - well it is probably impossible to heat it up and shape it exactly to the “bend” or curve you personally would like to have.

- So would a stick like this be legal? Perhaps not.
- Would it pass the testing institute? Maybe it can be designed to do so?
- Can rules change? Why not?
- Would a stick like this be very expensive? Sure baby.
- Would this stick break much more often? Yes, most likely but it also depends how it is built.
- Would a stick like this enhance the sport? It is impossible to say before someone tries this approach.
And perhaps this development would also evolve the game into another new version of the sport?

So what is Your ideas on stick development?
What do You have to share?

Another subject to discuss at this page would be on the subject “what is real stick development” and “what is only pure marketing tricks”? So if anyone has some ideas in this direction shoot us a line.
And we will see if we may dive deeper into that too....


OXDOG Under Construction?

Do You remember the early days of the Internet? Many sites You found looked great until you hit a page with black and yellow and maybe blinking lights that so often stated "Under Construction".

We have recently posted a few times on the new Floorball equipment provider Oxdog since they released some compelling videos. And this post is just a follow up on these -  these Oxdog postings suddenly jumped in our own statistics to receive a rather high amount of clicks. Something that indicates that You find Oxdog rather interesting?

So what is our main take on this site? Well, I kind of feel that they are under construction. There are pages stating that more material will be published, other places on their website talks about competitions that the reader not yet may participate in and there is no hints upon when the next "cartoon" movie will be out? To my surprise they also released a Czech version of their second movie, this movie almost gained twice as many hits as the English version and some images are not explained or it seems to be missing links pointing to further content. Then I do not think they never explained their other site Maybe they will one day?
Beside of this the product photos do look nice.
But if their products are as ready as their website - I would not be too comfortable

The main reason for this post is that Oxdog also invites their readers to participate in a discussion about Stick development - problem is that this link seems to be dead - at least when using Google Chrome.
So this post is therefore just a plug to our own discussion on the future of the Floorball Stick. We are right now preparing a text upon what we call "Fantasy Blade Development".

It will be published here - only.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interview from Prague Games

Here is an quick interview done by The International Floorball Fanclub for the Young Generation with Matilda Hardmeier, captain of Täby IS IBF - Girls 16, from just before the tournament

IFFYG: What do you like best in floorball?
Matilda: I could write good things about floorball for ages. But The two things who make it to The best sport are firstly that a great team building can be one of The keys to success. Secondly it is because it makes practising and games to one of the world´s most funniest things to do.
IFFYG: What was your greatest success this year?
Matilda: Our best success this year was when we won usm( remember that usm were for 94).
IFFYG: What is your goal for the tournament Prague Games 2011?
Matilda: My and The teams goal for Prague Games 2011 is to have fun, do our best and hopefully we can bring gold Medals With us Home to Sweden. :)))

Here is a link to the final, and yes - she did take the gold with her home. 

I am sure Young Girls in America would like to do this too - if they only have the chance!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To find Identity?

Lets us now discuss music. Lets say that the music world consists of Classic Music, Opera, Folk Music and Chorals. And that was it, all finito and the end?

Nope, this is not the way music looks like. Music is something that evolves over generations and by generations. If music would have been static we would not have had Jazz, Rock, Disco, Hip-Hop, Rap and so one... Music evolves over time in new forms and provides the new Young generation with new identities that defines them towards older generations.
Good stuff I think.

I say it works more or less in the same way with sports. We have a bunch of ancient forms of sports like Football, Hockey, Wrestling, Track and Fields and so on. And newer generations has brought along things as wall-climbing, skateboards, snow-boards, wind surfing or X-games. Perhaps this "cultural" development is not as fast and clear as in music? It probably depends on who and what regulates the "governing bodies" and maybe in some cases, this most likely might be rooted in the school systems we have?  Perhaps the "educational construction" has a tighter hold on sports as they have on music? Or could it be something else?

Anyway, in this particular reasoning is where we find a possible idea behind why Floorball so fast have been able to gain full recognition by the IOC. Even if many of the delegates that run the IOC perhaps are a bit more mature and belongs to another generation as many Floorball players, they are still clever enough to understand that new generations also brings along new sports. And for the sake of full interest in future Summer Olympics it is important for the IOC to catch the audience of the future too. So identity over generations is a crucial component of what this is all about.

The only matter of concern I have with this reasoning is if we now must compare Floorball too Hip-Hop too?
And is the beat in Hip-Hop fast enough?


Prague Games 2011

This is a serious Youth tournament. Our main problem was to pick the final game to embed here in this post. I do not fully like that I this time picked the B18 final and next time I promise to post a game from the younger girls since they play as intense as these guys do - I promise!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Source for Sports is a Canadian retail outlet..

for sports equipment, they currently open up their website with...
See more here...,
Not bad at all and I am sure this will happen in the US too. Good going Source for Sports and Canada.

Floorball in 3D!!

This is the creative new promotion stuff we love.
Floorball in 3D on You Tube - put on Your 3D glasses and enjoy.
N.B. this movie will only be blurry if You do not use Your 3D glasses.
Use Red and Cyan to get the best effect, one color for each eye.

Belgium and USA

Over the weekend Belgium played the United States in Sweden.
Reports on these games are posted at the USFbA website
Enjoy and USFbA thanks for reporting!

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Hours of Floorball in July

Why not here is the Final from WFC 2011, courtesy of IFF.

This all just about what I planned to post. Then the evil eye hit me.
It works like this.. IFF publish a very good game straight up on You Tube in HD. That is fine.
But as one look at ESPN.. one of the largest Sport networks in the world... they have teamed up with Charter communications - one of the largest US cable, or high speed Internet providers in the USA and they stream either live - or sports on demand at ESPN3 here in the US. They show Cricket, Eating contests .... but Floorball well  no..
Foorball happens to nowadays be recognized by the IOC... ehh I will not go further into this matter..
But I just shared this link with ESPN 3.
What do You think?

Salming with recent ads too

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Research - Win a Floorball stick!

We like research it makes hopefully things work better or at least one might understand how things work.

So if you agree on this and want to participate in a survey with the chance of winning a Floorball stick carrying a 200 Dollar street value?
This is done by a student at a University:
Here You go with a link to the survey:

You are more than welcome to share the link of the questionnaire with people you know that are playing floorball. This questionnaire takes less 10 minutes to complete and you have until July 28th to fill it. Please note that all the information you will share in this questionnaire will remain confidential.
If you complete this survey, you are automatically qualify for a draw where you could win a floorball stick of an approximate value of $200.
Do not hesitate to email this address for any further questions at sarah.emond(atsign)
Replace atsign with regular email @ sign and if You have any further questions.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Most looked at ever

The most looked at Floorball video at You Tube just recently passed half a million hits. It is a good video but it has some obvious problems. First the music to the video is not 100% appropriate for the US American market, with a song filled with a language that most parents would not value as OK. Second the video is old, 4 years, and
the Quality of the footage is bad according to current standards. But the stick-handling is out of this world.

Hmm as we right now are in the Summer season most new things that comes up are videos and if we would publish them all it would probably slow down our own blog. If You want to see the most published video at You Tube on Floorball. Search for Floorball and adjust to the right so You search for view count. My advice is still to turn off the sound. The fastest riser and most looked at new video is this one with more appropriate lyrics and video in HD quality. Most of You have seen this one before
Hopefully this one will catch up and surpass the other one soon.

But is it not time that we have another new one coming up that would go viral?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Swiss Summer greeting

Swiss Unihockey from Filmschmiede on Vimeo.

The Canadian National team...

They have recently released that they search for a new Male team General Manager.
Full description of this job is to be found at
If You are interested you better hurry up with Your application since the deadline for applications is set to August 5th.

Good Luck

Monday, July 18, 2011


This is Yber-cool.
A man that is one of the best - as it comes to the art to paint face-masks for Hockey.
Yes, he makes paintwork for Floorball masks too, all according to the Flooball Goalies International webpage at (even if this site seems a bit not too updated)
Here is a brochure that would make some goalies happy.

Advertising season hits hard this summer

Mathias Hofbauer from Exel Floorball on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

News From Malaysia - Floorball Bucket Challenge 2011

Who knew placing 3 buckets in a pyramid shape could be turned into a feisty competition ? That is what FBC (Floorball Bucket Challenge) 2011 was all about. 9 teams (Secondary School Division) battled it out on Saturday (16 July 2011) to claim their very first bucketful challenge.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Greg Beaudin, CB member of the IFF

We just had the pleasure to have some swift questions answered by Mr. Greg Beaudin. As most of you know he is one of the most important individuals within Floorball here in the Americas.
We thought it would be high-time to check in with him since he was involved national news on Floorball in Canada the other day (National article in the Globe and Mail, in print and on-line) as well as we have had some nice development in the Caribbeans lately...

Greg, we heard that You ended up in the National Canadian News the other day, tell us more about the article in the Globe and Mail?
Sure, we sent out two BC Floorball press releases last week, one to mention that the IOC decision was forthcoming including a Floorball facts sheet, and two, the big news release of Floorball becoming a fully recognized Olympic Sport. From that...I was contacted by Global TV, and then by Tom Hawthorn of the Globe and Mail. He told me that this was not a sports story and that he wrote Human interest pieces. I thought that was kind of cool.

I fully enjoyed to read about the part when You tell the reporter that You played Floorball with Sedin, Edler, Kessler and Bieksa. Could You describe this event for us a little bit more in detail?
During last season's playoff run, the Canucks were in between series waiting around in the Vancouver spring sunshine. A contact of mine who is close with the players called me and mentioned that the guys were talking about Floorball in the dressing room. He knew I was the Floorball dude in town so he called me up to meet Alex and Mason at a local coffee shop near the arena. I brought my sticks and gear their way, and we talked an talked about all things Floorball in Canada and what it was like for Alex growing up in Sweden playing Floorball and Hockey everyday. Mason Raymond was a quick study, and started doing tricks, tips and flips with ease. We ended up out in the courtyard where we attracted a bit of a crowd, at around this time, some other Canucks were floating in to the picture, Kesler and Bieksa as well as Henrik Sedin with his son. We basically just shot around for a large chunk of the afternoon. I was impressed at how Alex Edler had all these Zorro moves and showed me that he was indeed telling the truth when he said he used to play everyday. They all do back in Sweden, the Hockey player especially like to work on stuff with a Floorball stick when they are not in full ice-hockey mode.

How is the current Floorball development going in Canada right now, from Your perspective?
In some areas of Canada, growth is progressing rapidly. In others, we know we have a small player base and some schools and hockey academies playing, but there is a real lack of organization from a Provincial level.
I'd say that in BC and Ontario, we are ready to accept some sport funding and have enough of a base of players to really see things take-off. We've accomplished a lot, but we are really just getting going.

Since Jamaica just came on-line and Brasil is also a new nation. Do you think there might emerge a need for a sub-organisation to IFF here in the Americas and when do You think some kind of a tournament or separate game will take place that might perhaps attract mainly the Countries in America. Like a "Cuppa di America" or something? Is it 5, 10 or 20 years down the road?
I believe that you are on the right thought path with this one, however the next IFF General Assemly is a year and half away, and this is when they decide to add confederations such as the one you are suggesting get going in the Americas. If all goes well, and at the General Assembly they decide to take this direction, then Yes, shortly thereafter we can expect to have an Americas Floorball Cup. In the meanwhile, let's help as many countries get going as possible, it just takes a couple of dedicated individuals as you know. The Floorball Community is a very considerate and helpful bunch, we can all help with this idea...

Floorballcentral say - thank You Greg and in particular to all Your dedicated efforts and all the volunteer hours You have - and will put in. Greg has many official titles in front of his name. One of them that we humbly respect is "volunteer of the year in west Vancouver".


Chapter 1 from Oxdog

What is Oxdog? We do not know yet. But rumor say that this is some folks that left Exel to try the market on their own. A first glance at their products looks technical advanced. We expect to be back with more here is their chapter 1.

The very latest from Texas, updated

Let's Play Floorball USA and FloorballPlanet will be hosting the 2011 U.S. National Floorball Championships the weekend of August 13th-14th in conjunction with the Texas Open Tournament.  This event will be held at NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, Texas.  The USFbA Floorball National Championship features top floorball teams from across the United States.  The Texas Open Tournament provides the opportunity for teams and players from anywhere and at any skill level to compete in one of three coed divisions - Adult, 19U, and 14U.

For additional information and online registration, please visit our web site at www.letsplayfloorball.comgive us a call at 817-560-0126, or send an email to  Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the largest floorball tournament in the United States!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jamaica - live

IFF has just released a report from Jamaica and the development from their first session of Floorball.
We can not promise anything more at this point, but it would be great to have news from Jamaica as their Floorball adventure develops. We will try to stay on top of this.
It is nice to see that they, JFA, already now look forward to International competition.


Exel, just released a bunch of new Clips

Timo Bygden from Exel Floorball on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Paradigm Shift

What is this?
Well, it is something that was described very well as the world suddenly entered the new Internet era some 15 years ago. A paradigm shift is when something monumental happens that will change many peoples life - in a rather big way. 
A few times I had the fortune to listen to - not only an Internet guru - but he was also a historian. A historian that made it his main task to study “paradigm shifts” as historical events. Some historic examples, the railroad, the telegraph, the phone, maybe fast food restaurants etc. An interesting part is that many people are confused on how to deal with new stuff and figure out the real use of something new and it usually takes some time to get this the new habit going in the most efficient way.

Let me take a local example, from just outside of Wisconsin Dells here in Wisconsin. The DOT (Department of Transportation) wanted to do something in a new way and they proposed to take a couple of traffic lights out and instead build round-a-bouts. The benefits of doing this is easy to verify in both financial terms, as well as in terms of the environmental impact and in the speed and flow of the traffic. I also think, if I am not wrong, that the number of accidents go down in a round-a-bout as compared to a more traditional junction with traffic lights.
I am now not sure if the study I saw was related to exactly the construction of the round-a-bout outside of Baraboo WI as described above. But in essence this is how it works. They first asked people, in a survey, if the wanted to have traffic lights or round-a-bouts? Most folks - with an overwhelming majority said. - We want to have our traffic lights.
But in real essence this survey does not measure truly if people wants traffic lights or round-a-bouts. I say it is instead asking if people wants what they know or if they prefer the unknown. So my take on this is what they answered, in reality, was that they wanted to have what they already knew - not the new unknown.

Now this time a good thing happens, the responsible parties did not care about this survey - or at least they acted as they did not care.
So several round-a-bouts came into place and... After some time when people got customized to the new situation they asked the same question again. 
Here is the stunning lesson from this - Now the results came out totally different and the large majority wanted to have round-a-bouts. They did not want any traffic lights any more.... And this time the survey asked about two well-known features.

What can Floorball learn from this? First lets say that Floorball is a true Paradigm shift in the world of Sports and perhaps in particular as a School sport and as a Support sport for Hockey.

Some places in the world like Finland and Sweden have already been through this and the big shift will soon happen here in America too. The main lesson is - most folks want to stay with what they already know - not the new thing. This probably means, You will still see Foam-sticks in PE and hockey players running around with plastic blades on their wooden sticks and hit golf balls like mad ones for yet another few years. 

People in general just prefer this “what they know” but only - until someone gets them to play Floorball for at least a couple of hours. If You put up a poll today and ask about Floorball - most folks will not be too interested - in particular since they do not know what You talk or ask about.
If everyone working with Floorball would understand this, perhaps the big Paradigm shift would be not just faster but also easier. And on the question if this will “stick” or not - to use a Floorball term.- in reality - there is no other possible way to go. And what happened there will happen here too. Or to paraphrase Mr. Zitrom, former chair of  the IFF, on the matter when Floorball will be played in the Olympics - “it is not a matter of if, but when”. So it all boils down to time. 
Time is probably therefore the most difficult dimension to work with together with the aim to get a critical mass of people involved.

Fotnot: Floorball just a few days ago received full recognition by the IOC.
Picture - used under creative commons.


Let us quote the Globe

Today the Canadian National Newspaper the Globe and the Mail has a full feature article about Floorball.
I will only share with You a quote from this article
"A year ago, Mr. Beaudin got to play floorball with several of the current Canucks. Some of the Swedish-born Canucks such as Henrik Sedin and Alexander Edler wanted to show the sport to Ryan Kesler, an American, and Kevin Bieksa, a Canadian."
The rest of this article is to be found here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eurovision Floorball-style

It is out,
Now anyone that wants to may vote for their fav song for the upcoming Women's World Floorball Championships 2011 in Switzerland and it is all taken care of by USA's own T Winkler.
There is for songs to vote for and you may either go to the news about it here at IFF
or at this site
Good Luck lets hope You vote for the winner.

Renew - renews in California

Recently we reported upon the merger of Floorball California and Floorball Gear. It turns out that this action also means that they have renewed their relation with the Swedish Renew Floorball group, the company behind well-known brands like Unihoc, Zone and Reactor.
For readers not aware about the situation, Floorball California has for a long time been offering the Unihoc brand, even if that activity lately seemed to be somewhat stagnant and the latest products was not always offered.

So we checked in with Mr. Erik Larsson to get the latest and here is a compiled version of what he say as in regards to a few questions:

Erik, I guess You are happy with the Renew group being with you, now with Unihoc, Zone and Reactor as well as the basic Renew brand too?
- "This is an opportunity we are very excited about. The Renew Group are the most successful Floorball equipment supplier in the world – With UNIHOC, ZONE and REACTOR we have all the resources needed to provide equipment to our growing floorball community. UNIHOC and ZONE are also known to continually push the Floorball equipment world, keeping us on the frontline of development. They also sponsor the IFF and have a brand that is recognizable all over the world". He continues: "Floorball Gear and Floorball California are merging. We will sell retail and wholesale in the United States."

Since the Renew group is the main sponsor of IFF - do You think the Renew group want to make some sponsor commitments as in relations to USFbA? - "We have not had any talks of that nature".

Erik continues by explaining that they are excited to be part of the development and growth of floorball, working together with lots of awesome people with the same goal. - "Being fortunate to work with Unihoc, Zone and Reactor, and bring to the United States another equipment option that truly has equipment for everyone. This is not only great for us but also for all floorball enthusiasts looking for affordable quality equipment or the best elite floorball stick ever made". He also state that is their outlet and they will stock equipment in So Cal. Each month they expect shipments so in principle the wait for a new stick should not be long even if a customer would like something special even if this item is not in stock.

We at Floorballcentral think this is great news and we have a long time been thinking about why the Renew group has not been more actice on this market - this in particular since we feel the US market is one of the largest possible potential markets in the world of Floorball. We also think it is good with competition and more brands for players to choose from. We are certain and hold our hopes that this will further bring the sport forward in USA.

We agree to 100% with Erik as he sums up:
It’s a Great Day For Floorball.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Moving pictures from Brasil

nope I do not know to much portugese...
but Obrigado sounds like the right word


School sanctioned sports in Ontario

Ontario is not to play with.

It is the most populated area in Canada and the second largest province in Canada - with the largest city in Canada as well as the very Canadian Capitol city --- yupp, you find it all in Ontario.

Now, I want to show a page that have the sports listed by The Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations as sanctioned sport events:
This looks like any other North American school listing of sports... with one large exception - yupp. OK, read it again PLS!

I think this is rather good - but as I look or start to think about Michigan, a neighbor and friend to Ontario,,, wazz up Folks?
Two states in the US that certainly rate very very low on this page - in number of comparable and specific visits to this site - I am sad to reveal it - but MI and IN they can do much better.
There are thousands of PE teachers and Coaches in both Indiana and Michigan - that probably never heard about one school sanctioned sport in Ontario - that is going Olympic? Is that crazy or something more about my own urge in this matter?

Notice one thing - this text was written with no mention of Floorball at all -  as a tribute to all PE teachers in Michigan and Indiana.  Good Morning! Whats next is already here - at least in Ontario.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Floorball is only for kids below 12

Yes, as you see this guy - well it is time to give in - and why not stop watching NHL too altogether..

Stick-handling is not a very good description. This is not handling - this is art - this beyond handling..
Handling is what You have in a regular street Opel, but this is a rally, racing kind of experience...
So now dear reader - what do you want to call this "stick-conducting", "stick-dancing" or something else?
And, Yes this guy is to young to have a drivers licence too. I give in!

....maybe I should try baseball instead - it looks easier to just hit a ball kinda...

U17/U19 Festival in August at Huntington Beach Ca.

One of the most important development steps for the future of Floorball in the USA is taken by Mike Perkins and Co. out in California.
They arrange the first ever U17/U19 festival in August to plant for what is next. In other words they will try to put a foundation in place for future US National youth Teams.
As we read the first notes and invitations we wanted to know more about the event as well as about Floorball Hockey America that is behind this initiative.
So we tossed over some questions and, You know what - here is the short version...

1) What do You expect to come out from this activity?
FHA wanted to have a hand in the development of a National U19 Team. There are a number of 1994 birth year players in California and across the country that have been playing floorball for 4+ years. They will be 19 year olds in 2013. We have a good base to build on.
The event will include practices, classroom sessions and games.

2) What is the most important criteria(s) to determine who fits into the teams You aim to create? Or is "team creation" the next step?
We are looking for high level athletes. The primary places to look at this point is in the lacrosse, ice hockey, roller hockey and field hockey worlds. These athletes already have stick skills and an understanding of the x's and o's that go along with these sports and floorball.

3) On The “Hockey relation” - how do You see this will benefit the festival. Is there any special plans that relates to Hockey for the festival? Something that might attract Hockey players even more?
Floorball is hockey and hockey is floorball. 4000 years ago the game was invented and started as a field sport and developed into field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, hurling, maybe golf, bandy, lacrosse (especially if it was invented in South America) and floorball. For a U19 team jumping into a developed sport we must use athletes from other similar sports to be able to compete immediately. Canada has already tapped into their ice hockey pool. Their U19 team had three CHL (Canadian Hockey League-WHL, OHL and QMJHL) players on their U19 team for the 2011 WFC.

4) The fee includes a Floorball stick. Does this mean that many of the players You aim for have never played Floorball before?
A large portion of the participants will have already played floorball. There will be a few who have not played. The stick will be an added bonus to a great experience. Players who already have a floorball stick can register for a discounted fee.

5) The fee, at 200 Dollars, may seem steep to some people that maybe also need to fly in to California and spend a few days at a Hotel too. How may the organization assure that the players will get true value for their investment? Or is there another way to compensate for people living far away but still in the USA since a long trip spells both time and money = more efforts?
This event is designed to give the participants the best floorball experience possible. The Rinks-Huntington Beach is a great location and a top notch facility. We want this festival to be run at a high level and have the feel of a National Team event. Players who already have a floorball stick can register for $150.00

6) Is there a limit of participants and how do You select them if this activity will bring on more players than expected and You can handle?
Right now we have room for overflow. If this happens we will adjust.

7) In the case a player would be just outside of the age brackets and thus not able to participate - what is Your advice to this player?
We will have a few 1993 and 1992 birth-date players participating. These players will have an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of Adam Troy the GM of the Men's National Team. Anyone in this birth year category can contact me with any questions.

8) Many people consider it to be an incredible honor to represent the Nation on a national sports team. What do You think the chances are for players participating in this activity - to go that far?
This is the first step in that process. It is an incredible honor to represent your Country and that is part of the reason we are doing this.

9) Explain the relation between USFbA and FHA - how do You work together and what role or "ownership" does each organization have in this and other activities?
There is no official relationship between FHA and the USFbA. FHA wants to support the USFbA and do its part in growing the game of floorball.
This event is open to any American born or nationalized floorball player or potential floorball player. We welcome players from all states and hope that in the future the game grows and we have representatives from all states participating.

10) What is the next step?
The next step is to develop school and youth programs. Without growth at the youngest levels we will never sustain the advancements on a national and international level. The success of floorball in the United States depends on our kids. And the great thing about floorball is all you need is a stick and a ball.

We sincerely say thank You - Mr, Perkins, good Luck in August and please drop us a movie if someone shoots one...!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Sun n' Fun

International Olympic Committee grants IFF full IOC Recognition

We have fully wonderful news from Durban, the IOC and IFF. Floorball has now full IOC recognition.
The IFF has just now released three main press releases and they state that they now hope for a possible Floorball spot in the Olympics by 2024 or 2028.
The slightly mixed news in this is that a spot in the 2020 games seems to be otogher to get on the table. Still the track and the speed of Floorball to get this far seems to beat most any other sport that ever tried to get to the Olympics. This seems to be a record in itself.
Enough speculations from me.
Read about it all in detail here:

In these big news You might find a comment from the IFF Secretary General Mr. Liljelund;
If the Floorball community really wants to enter into the Olympic Games, we might need to change the way we work, in order to ensure all those who don’t know what Floorball is today, can be convinced that we are worthy of entering the Olympic Games, Mr. Liljelund adds.

We like to hear this cause the main purpose of this site is exactly what he describes. So if You have a buddy that never heard of Floorball and if he or she has any relation whatsoever to a school - please whisper Floorball in their ears. We also look forward to someone that would be able to put like Floorball on the agenda for a sports network like ESPN3, since they show some odd ball sports like "eating competitions" well I think Floorball must in there too.
ESPN3 Includes Sport online that is either on-demand or streamed - this site is free of charge to all US Charter customers - and that is big business if you want to be seen and heard.


Floorball with the full IOC recognition,

The International Olympic Committee has during its 123rd session on the 8th of July in Durban, South Africa rewarded IFF and Floorball with the full IOC recognition, based on the recommendation of the IOC Executive Board.
Mr. Tomas Eriksson, IFF President, expresses the situation in the following way:
- Floorball has been given the full IOC recognition, for which Floorball is very thankful to the IOC and its administration. I see this as an important step towards participation in the Olympic Games, and the Youth Olympic Games, and we consider this a token of the good work that all Floorball stakeholders have done during the 25th years of IFF’s existence.
IFF first applied for the IOC recognition in 2003 after having received the provisional recognition of General Association of the International Sport Federations (GAISF), but then the IOC was in the process to change the procedure for recognition and therefore the application was never even discussed. IFF then received the provisional IOC recognition in 2008 in-line with the new requirements and application in 2007, after a decision by the IOC Executive Board.

When the IOC EB decided about the provisional recognition, they raised a requirement for IFF, to further focus and enhance the activities in order to develop the sport on a more universal level, spreading the sport especially outside of Europe was stressed. IFF took this advice very seriously and continued to work with the IFF Development Programme Activities, which are designed to increase the outreach especially outside of Europe. Floorball has strengthened its presence in especially Asia and is also growing in Africa and in the Americas.

The IOC member Peter Tallberg (FIN) congratulated Floorball for the achievement:
- The real work will only start now for Floorball in order to reach the ultimate goal, a participation in the Olympic Summer Games, Mr. Tallberg expressed.

IFF has also followed the advice, that it is important to have only active and functional members. IFF has now 53 member associations and the number of countries where Floorball is played is growing steadily.
The full recognition will give our member associations a better possibility to apply for membership in the National Olympic Committees, and by that strengthen the presence of Floorball in their respective countries. We have now taken yet another step forward to fulfill our vision by becoming a Olympic Sport, says Tomas Eriksson, IFF President.

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!