Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Festival for the Future USA

Here is some information on the strongest initiative so far to grow Floorball in the USA for the future, we will be back with more in depth information on this within a couple of days. Mike P wrote an email from California and this is what he writes...                                                                                       

2011 USA Floorball National Team Invitation

Huntington Beach, The Rinks, August 3 – 5, 2011

Dear Prospective National Team Member,
We hereby invite you to the Floorball Festival hosted at the Huntington Beach, The Rinks Arena on August 3 – 5th. At this event, you will be educated on the game of Floorball and have the chance to be selected for the National Team to compete internationally for years to come.
The USA Floorball National Team is beginning its Olympic journey by focusing on a U-19 and U-17 team to represent the Stars and Stripes during the following events;
Spring 2012 – International Tournament, Sweden (U17 and U19)
Fall 2012 - 2019 – WFC Qualifier vs. Canada and Brazil (top two qualify for World Cup), annually thereafter
May 2013 – 2019 – WFC U19 Championship, Norway (2013), annually thereafter
2020 or 2024 – Olympic Sport (USA may be host nation), USA to compete

You have the chance to start something that is destined to become as big, if not even bigger, in the USA as it is in the world. As of March 2011, the sport of Floorball has been played in almost 80 countries. The International Floorball Federation (“IFF”) has 52 recognized national member associations, with 3,983 clubs and 277,752 registered players. The sport of Floorball has been played in almost 80 countries. With the addition of Sierra Leone, Africa's first Floorball nation, the IFF has at least one national association on each continent of the world, with the exception of Antarctica. As of March 2011, IFF had 52 national member associations, with 3,983 clubs and 277,752 registered players. Here is how you can register and make history;
Go to
Click on the banner “USFbA National Festival”
Click on the link under “Where to Register and Pay Fees”
Single Player Registration Plus a Floorball Stick = $200
Singe Player Registration Without Floorball Stick = $150
3 Days of Floorball, BBQ, T-shirt and a great time

Peter Torsson & Mike Perkins
National Team Co-Coaches U17 and U19
Cell: (310) 760 – 6560 / 805-298-0169

Go, click, click? Na use this bang on


Is THIS the Boldest NEWS we ever reported upon regarding Floorball in Canada?

I say so - I also think it is one of the largest Hockey news in a long time as in relation to Canada! All Scandinavians know what we talk about... Listen to this quote and read it twice...

“There is a strong sense that the time is now to capture the
increasing momentum and promote Floorball to the mainstream in Canada”

It was recently announced that the International Floorball Federation will gear up its aim to support not just Germany, to build the sport of Floorball in Germany - but also in Canada!
So why are IFF doing this for two specific countries? 
First in the case of Germany, it happens that a large penetration in Germany is a bar to be crossed to get the sport forward towards the Olympic dream. And all I have heard so far indicates that the IFF is on a good path to accomplish what they aim for in Germany, of course together with many hard working people in Germany.

But why Canada? Well look at the bold quotation above. That is what Floorball Canada recently told the IFF.

As we listen in to Floorball Canada and their arguments it is hard to disagree on their plan and ideas of the future. They say: “Despite the sports short history in Canada, grassroots development of floorball participation amongst youth has been nothing short of staggering.”

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Finland...

As the Ice melts...
What do You do revert to Dry-land training with the Floorball stick?
Not always.
The Floorball stick is still around, but if Ice is Ice or water - is that important?
Not if You like F L O O R B A L L:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweden's largest News paper on Olympic dreams

Yes, here is something that will go media mainstream.
This is how it looks like today in Sweden's largest newspaper.

Olympic dreams?

Here is the latest on the path from the IFF.
News expected next month and lets hope they are sweet and drive the sport even further forward.
One almost certain good outcome is certainly some new media attention yet again

Sunday, June 26, 2011

OXDOG Floorball?

I think this is from out of Finland....
OK guys now you tell me what You know about OxDog!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

NHL Numbers easy to Understand

A) All Hockey players from Sweden and Finland are raised with Floorball in school - some, if not most of their hockey clubs use Floorball as off-ice or dry land training.

B) Almost all are raised with Floorball in schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia too.

C) If You only look at Sweden and Finland they produce about 10% of all hockey players as compared to hockey players produced by USA and Canada - not too many in other words. And they should not be too noticable, or..

D)  Top points in last NHL regular season, well 4 out of  top 10 players, or 40 percent came from players raised in a Floorball environment - yes the Sedins own "mother hockey club" sport Floorball too.

E) In relation to size of the number of Ice Hockey players produced in Sweden and drafted, here is the draft from NHL a few days ago:
1. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Kanada (Edmonton Oilers)
2. Gabriel Landeskog, Sverige (Colorado Avalanche)
3. Jonathan Huberdeau, Kanada (Florida Panthers)
4. Adam Larsson, Sverige (New Jersey Devils)
5. Ryan Strome, Kanada (New York Islanders)
6. Mika Zibanejad, Sverige (Ottawa Senators)
7. Mark Scheifele, Kanada (Winnipeg Jets)
8. Sean Couturier, Kanada (Philadelphia Flyers)
9. Dougie Hamilton, Kanada (Boston Bruins)
10. Jonas Brodin, Sverige (Minnesota Wild)

Statistically there should have been only like half a Swede in this group. Here is 4 out of ten with Floorball experience...
Am I crazy to say that Floorball makes so many good hockey players? Maybe - but it is an obvious fact - with broadly implemented Floorball in school - very Young players early will be detected for skill, interest and other features that might work for hockey too. Yes other factors play a role too. But Floorball is the largest difference between NA and Europe..

To me Basketball more determines if You are tall or not ;-)


Black Sheep on Ice...

Here is a dutch Ice Hockey club. It seems like they are very good at promotions..
And suddenly we have seen two recent decent Floorball promotion movies from Holland. Good things U guys!
Yes, here is yet again another hockey club involved in Floorball - wonder why... someone knows why?

You may Yourself judge on how good they are at Floorball - I just want to say that I have never seen any nets designed like this before - maybe a new trend ;-)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Texas and USA - preparing big things! USNFC and TOT!

Just in From Texas:
Let's Play Floorball USA and FloorballPlanet will be hosting the 
2011 U.S. National Floorball Championships
the weekend of August 13th-14th in conjunction with the Texas Open Tournament.  This event will be held at NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, Texas.  The USFbA Floorball National Championship features top floorball teams from across the United States.  The Texas Open Tournament provides the opportunity for teams and players from anywhere and at any skill level to compete in one of three coed divisions - Adult, 19U, and 14U.
In addition to tournament play, the weekend at NYTEX will feature exhibitions and information for anybody wanting to learn more about the fastest growing indoor sport in the USA!
For additional information and online registration, please visit our web site at www.letsplayfloorball.comgive us a call at 817-560-0126, or send an email to  Take advantage of our early registration discount and sign up today!
2011 U.S. National Floorball Championship and Texas Open Tournament

North Richland Hills, Texas

August 13-14, 2011
All Details here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Floorball Boards ever to Alaska

Here is a great story posted at USAfB about how Alaska just recently had their very own Floorball Boards.
It is written by  John Bailey President, Arctic Floorball Monkeys

Here is another cool link on how to build Your own rink



Is one of the world largest Computer festivals and gatherings for Geeks...
What they do as they relaxx?
Floorball of course

We are working on a new big story on how Floorball Canada had the IFF to help them promote Floorball for Hockey players and hopefully we will have some interesting news from FHA too about their Camp in August..
Hold on..


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

INDIA, Floorball with an attitude and street feel!

I can just see this coming. A full fledged Indian Floorball team from India. Maybe based upon some field Hockey players going to the Americas teaching American kids, and maybe Ice Hockey Kids.
How to play 'Hockey".

I guess You may say - who ever would have believed in that - just a few years ago.
I do not think that idea is too far fetched today.
Go India GO!

Thank You Mrinal!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The World Transplant Games

Have You ever heard about a sport so good that is has several different kinds and versions of the game?
Here is the Worlds Floorball Transplant Games for people with transplants...
Maybe a few of You will grasp a new little bit of Floorball through this site?

Floorball is for everyone as we have said so many times before...
Welcome to the reality!


Canada, YMCA and Ukraine

It looks like everything goes.  Here is a Canadian guy sent to Ukraine by the government in Canada and it all relates to YMCA and as he is in the Ukraine... Floorball of course

Hmm how to tie this one together? May the the Canadian government should have a Floorball plan developed in place and then send folks like this guy to the USA instead? Why not shot for YMCA's?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Floorballplanet goes Areo

This means that the latest Ball from Salming now is available to US Customers from FloorballPlanet. The FLOW ball.
As U may notice this is a ball with pregnant dimples to improve the ball performance in the air as well as an added seam to improve the durability and response of the ball.
Jukka from Floorball planet claims that this ball acts just like a hockey puck. Well, that is not what I myself want to see in a ball for Floorball.. But I do like the dimples and I do think that the dimple concept is a better route as compared to the cr8er ball being endorsed by the IFF. But no - I have not tried a cr8er ball as of yet...
Dimples like in a golfball- to me... just make more logic sense... as compared to designer groves even if the hole design seems to be the big thing about cr8er


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Germany and Canada - special support from the IFF - updated AGAIN

It is all here, direct from the IFF

In the long run - a few years or so this will slowly sip down to USA too - I am certain.

Let me add some reflections to this, It is now official that the IFF will step in to use their ways to improve Floorball in Canada as in relation to Hockey. What does this mean?
First of all - for the sake of North America this is outstanding news - for the sake of Foorball - but also for Hockey in Canada.....
Update 2!
I have decided to take most of this previous text out since it was mainly based upon pure speculation and wild ideas on my own behalf. Sometimes You go over board as You aim for too much, right?
Anyway, I have learned new things in this matter and will return with some reporting based upon substance as compared to wider and faster speculations. 

And here it is...
Hold Out. Next version of this text will be called final update! 


Monday, June 13, 2011


Mr. Ben Muessig just wrote a grand article on Broomball that he got published by AOL Weird News as well as it jumped to me via the Huffington Post.
He probably got several things right in this article and it is interesting to read about Broomball too.
But as he describes Broomball as a sort softball sport in relation to Ice Hockey or as he talk about International Olympic aspirations and how Broomball is winning the world... It sounds like it is obvious that Mr. Mesussing never ever heard about Floorball...

Here is his article - its good and interesting but would have been of more value if he knew something about Floorball too... in a more global perspective..kind of.

Do You want to help me to inform him about Foorball? I just wrote him a mail. Maybe You want to do that too?
This is his address: bmuessig(at) and replace brackets with snail-a pls.

I think Mr. Muessig should be informed about a few basic global Floorball facts:
- This is a support sport for Hockey. Several NHL player play this as they go back to Europe - or if European - many hockey players are raised with Floorball in school
- It is on track to become Olympic by 2020
- It seems to be the worlds fastest growing team sport
- It is larger than Hockey in several European "Hockey Nations"

-Would 3 Million Global Floorball players be comparable to the numbers of Broomball players that is presented in this article? Probably not.... But still this does not mean that there is something wrong with Bromball - just that the need to present Floorball broader... is way larger...


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alberta Also Plans Major Announcement


The Alberta Floorball Association's Competition Committee plans to make an announcement regarding a club competition called the "Alberta Cup" on Wednesday.

EDMONTON (June 11, 2011) — The Alberta Floorball Association announced today that they wish to make the first of several releases regarding a new club competition called the "Alberta Cup" on Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 at 3 p.m. MST.

More details regarding the Alberta Cup will become available once the release is made. The announcement will be distributed in the form of an online press release at 3 p.m. MST through several sources, which include the the Alberta Floorball Association's official website and various social media and networking sites.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Newton was Wrong!

Here is the latest summer flick that shows that Newton was wrong as he got an apple in his head.

Norwegian Thoughts

I recently read an article from Norway that tried to explain why Floorball did not grew as fast in Norway as it did in Sweden and Finland...
First lets set the map straight; Norway has for a long time been considered to the 5Th strongest Floorball Nation - but has recently been highly challenged by several nations for this their 5Th position.
Floorball in Norway is organized by the Norwegian Bandy organisation. Something I do think has to do with the answer of the matter at stake.
Anyway, the Norwegian author claimed that there is mainly two factors that made Floorball grew slower in Norway as compared to its neighbouring countries. The article claimed that the development of a very early Norwegian national Floorball league before true local development fully started - hampered the Explosive Floorball development in Norway. But it was also said that Norway does not have the same traditional relationship to hockey as they have in Sweden and Finland and this was the second reason to why Floorball did not explode in Norway.

This is interesting since if Ice Hockey now is important to the expansion of Floorball - well then we truly have a serious case here in the Americas...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adidas - teach us some Dutch here

Dank U Wel!

Edmonton to Make a Major Announcement


The Edmonton Floorball Committee is set to make a major announcement regarding an annual endeavour it will be introducing in September.

EDMONTON (June 9, 2011) — The Edmonton Floorball Committee has announced that they wish to make the first of several "significant community announcements" on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 3 p.m. MST.

More details regarding this major community involvement will become available once the announcement is made, which is believed to be regarding an annual endeavour the committee wishes to host in September of 2011. The announcement will be made in the form of an online press release at 3 p.m. MST through several sources, which include the Edmonton Floorball Committee's official website, the Alberta Floorball Association's official website, and various social media and networking sites.

What is wrong with this video?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


America looks at some good development as we talk boards.
We just had two sets delivered to USA, Texas and Alaska (AK's system being shipped to the left) as well as a new set to Vancouver in Canada. There is also a new kind of board system up for grabs at Called Nexxt and that is about what we know for now...
We are moving forward a little step at a time... In real numbers not much but in percentage of full size professional boards available for Floorball in America - the right development indeed.


As Floorball grows at an incredible pace as a global sport - it opens up for true entrepreneurs that believe in Floorball and their own power to change the traditional and local sport scene.
Some folks would say that these unsung heroes are crazy - others would say they are the most important folks ever for any sport. Some of these heroes looks even further than just at the local scene.

As it comes to America it is easy to swiftly mention a dozen of several talented individuals that 100% fully bet on the fact that Floorball will explode. They all make a difference for the future expansion of Floorball and for the physical well being of people.

Lets now look at Thailand, maybe we can learn something from their example? 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angry Birds?

If You happen to find a more cool Floorball mask send it to us...

A Blitz on South America

We know that Brazil is in for their first ever male Q WFC in 2012 (see
We know that Jamaica just formed a Federation and that there has also been talk about the Dominican Republic from IFF.
The latest otherwise is that the IFF also has been helping Costa Rica out with gear...

Hold on to Your hat, many more countries will follow suit I am certain.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Re-post from Floorball Canada

Floorball Canada announcement
posted 4 hours ago by Greg Beaudin

Floorball Canada Announcement

Dear Floorball Canada Members,

We are pleased to announce the election of a new Floorball Canada Board of Governors and Provincial Board of Governors. The goals of Floorball Canada are to build upon the foundation on the hard work and dedication of all Floorball Canada members of the past. Together we shall grow this exciting sport across Canada from the grass roots level to the Canadian National Teams. We invite all members and non-members of Floorball Canada to participate in the growth of Floorball and we look forward to passionate contribution.

Over the next months and year we will be dedicated to establishing new a framework to allow the expansion of Floorball at the grassroots level.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rare Ball Hockey Match in Sweden

In Sweden, activities such as ball hockey are so rare that there is no real name for it other than 'streethockey'. Relatively unknown, and because the majority of the population plays floorball (or innebandy, in Sweden), they are actually very intrigued by such a sight.

Here we see the confusing nature of ball hockey to the Swedes. Although a fun example, you can see the difference between the floorball and Ice hockey players in this video. A small audience for a sport that is not well known across Scandinavia, the two teams took a floorball court and nets and played a small 3-on-3 streetbandy-style ball hockey match.

This exhibition match was played between FC Helsingborg of the Svenska Superligan (blue/black) and Helsingborg HC, a Division-1 hockey club of Sweden's Elitserien (red).

This time, HHC won, but give them floorball sticks and the story would be the other way around.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spotlight: Wheelchair Floorball

Although in just its initial stages, wheelchair floorball is growing quite quickly around the world. First spotlighted at the 2008 Men's World Floorball Championships in the Czech Republic, wheelchair floorball has been adopted by many International Floorball Federation (IFF) nations and is assisting in the growth of the IFF's International Olympic Committee (IOC) bid.

The IFF of course has its own wheelchair floorball function, called ParaFloorball. Established during the 2010 Men's World Floorball Championships in Helsinki, the ParaFloorball function is associated with the Special Olympics and the International Committee of Electronic Wheelchair Hockey (ICEWH). It has gone far in a short period of time, with floorball now being a demonstration sport at the Special Olympics games and expected to be adopted full time into the program by 2012.

Another recent initiative had the IFF sceptical at first, but has turned heads recently after its establishment in January of 2011. Still seeking co-operation from the IFF and in talks with the Česká Florbalová Unie (CFbU), the International Wheelchair Floorball Federation (IWFF) has taken the next big step in the international promotion of wheelchair floorball.

Canada Cup Goodies

The opening ceremonies and celebrity shootout of the 2011 Canada Cup:

As well, if you wish to watch the elite final match of the 2011 Canada Cup floorball championship, click here.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!