Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Floorball Fashion for your dog

This may perhaps today seem utterly crazy, particularly in America.

It is a small indication into how big floorball will eventually grow. If you'd like to purchase this for your dog and have them sport this awesome look, just follow this link.

In other news, as summer is quickly approaching, we will hit a bit of a speed bump with less readers and less material. But for the moment being, expect tonnes of material to come your way.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Swiss Teams Acquire Talented Floorballers

Several international transfers occurred in this past week, including many big-name floorballers who will now be calling the Swiss Mobiliar League their new home.

Swiss-national Emanuel Antener makes his return back home after his time with AIK in Stockholm. A playmaker, Antener has gone 5+24 in just 12 matches at the World Floorball Championships.

At the same time, Swedish-national Fredrik Djurling makes the move from AIK to the Swiss Mobiliar League. Djurling has 17 goals and 7 assists in the last 2 World Floorball Championships. Both players will be playing for Floorball Köniz when the next season begins.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zadora Blog: 2011 Canada Cup Report, Part I

Hey everyone, just had an incredible long weekend packed with intense floorball action at the 2011 Canada Cup in Toronto, Ontario. As promised, here's my report on the tournament.

I know many of you expected daily reports, but we had some difficulties getting our internet connection to work. As well, since we were playing almost all day, it was difficult to take any pictures whatsoever. Plus, some extra-curricular activities contributed as well ... think Finnsta IBK, minus the being-banned-from-tournaments part!

We'll rank this tournament (and others from now on) based on several categories, each with a possible score of 10. We'll be using a very similar format Innebandymagazinet has been using in their rankings.

Friday, May 20, 2011

NHL talks to Mr. Floorball

It is not the first time we see Juha Mikkola, also known as Mr. Floorball in Ontario, speak to the NHL.

It is not a day too late or a dollar too short and we will for sure hear from him again. Mikkola is very clear about his passion for floorball and will no doubt convey his message; and we still think this is only the beginning!

Floorball will be a massive movement here in North America, as it already is in Scandinavia and now spreads over the globe.

Update: You can now see the interview, as well as the NHL's report on the Canada Cup by surfing over to NHL.com.

A call to the American Press!

Ryan Hallden scored a beauty of a zorro goal at the opening ceremonies of the 2011 Canada Cup and one has to wonder, does the American Press understand that floorball type goals such as this are what Granlund really scored at the world championships?

Don't you dare call that lacrosse!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NEW US League development

This just came in from FloorballPlanet in Texas: Let us read...at http://www.floorballplanet.com/

The sport of floorball is experiencing phenomenal growth in the United States. As its popularity increases, we have been asked over and over, “Where can I play?” While floorball is played in school PE programs, at sports facilities, in hockey programs, and various clubs across the country, the fact is, there really has been no organized effort to form floorball leagues for regular game play. All of that is now changing. As the leader in everything floorball in the United States, we at GBK Sports have formed a new division. Let’s Play Floorball USA (LPFUSA) is tasked with starting and operating floorball leagues across the country and running various floorball tournaments at the local, regional, and national level. FloorballPlanet will continue to promote the sport of floorball and handle the sales and distribution of floorball equipment while LPFUSA will be involved with floorball activities exclusively.

Dominik Hasek Plays Floorball


Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once called him "the best player in the game".  ‘The Dominator”, as he also is called, is with no doubt one of the best Hockey Goal Tenders ever.
This summer in Ceska Lipa in the Czech Republic the Salming Floorball Games will be held over 10 days and one main thing is a 3 on 3 tournament plus goalies. 

No, The Dominator will not play goalie in this tourney. Mr. Hasek will play as a field player on a Floorball team and team up with one of Czech TV’s largest National TV personalities Mr. Robert Zaruba. Mr. Zaruba has said that he will try to re-create the already famous Floorball goal trick made by Finland’s Mikael Granlund in the recent Hockey World Championships.

- know more about this tourney? http://www.svetflorbalu.cz/turnaj-31-m87/
- know more about Dominik Hasik? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominik_Ha%C5%A1ek
- see - and hear - Granlunds goal one more time? http://youtu.be/9JgRm_U8ty0
- See Dominik Hasek playing Floorball - well copyright issues force us to link You to this page http://extraliga.florbal.cz/2011/05/exhibicni-zapas-v-ceske-lipe-skoncil-za-ucasti-dominatora-nerozhodne-66/

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

India moves into the future too


Our Friend from India, Mr. Mrinal Naugain just recently checked in with Floorball News from India. Now in May they completed the first ever “Pt. Madan lal Sharma Memorial Floorball Championship 2011”. This was an arrangement by the Floorball Association of Delhi and attracted teams from several States in India - You know this IS a very very large country. Our source state that teams from Delhi , Rajisthan , Hariyana , Chandigarh and Uttarpradesh participated.

The aim for this tourney was to build Floorball for the future in India and several prominent guest attended this event. Our source Mr Mrinal did also participate in a Zorro show during this event together with Jitender and he also scored most goals during the tourney with 14.
The Male final was played with Delhi winning 12-5 over Rajisthan. Dehli also won the Females final 4-1 over the team Hariyana.

Way to go India and Mr Mrinal!

EA Sports in Canada play Floorball

It was just reported over Twitter that EA (Electronic Arts) sports in Canada picked up Floorball as a sport they play at their Campus in Burnaby outside of Vancouver.

Hmm wonder if they tried the computer game Floorball League too?

What this mean in the larger picture - The Early Adopters (EA in this case) are in it and there is no going back on this one.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do You need a serious Floorball education?

Well there is not to many places you can go to if You want the best.
One would probably be this one, both as a player or a coach...

Monday, May 16, 2011

How it will look like in Toronto this weekend


Börje Salming Media Advisory


MEDIA ADVISORY - Borje Salming, Maple Leafs Alumnus and Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame

TORONTOMay 16 /CNW/ - Borje Salming, Toronto Maple Leafs Alumnus and Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame will be in Toronto at the opening ceremonies of the 2011 Canada Cup Floorball Championship.  Mr. Salming is available to speak to the media in studio or at the tournament location at York University on Friday, May 20th.
Floorball is a type of indoor hockey played professionally in countries like Sweden and Finland. In Canada, floorball is a popular high school sport and used in Hockey Canada's Skills Academies across the country for dry land training. Having received formal recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in December 2008, floorball is slated for its debut at the Olympics in the 2020 Summer Games.  The 2011 Canada Cup is the eighth annual tournament and will feature over 60 teams from across Canada and the United States.  Teams compete in eight different divisions, from Atom age youth players to Elite players.
What is Floorball?: www.floorballpro.com
Canada Cup Tournament information:  www.thecanadacup.com
WHAT: Borje Salming, media availability and opening ceremonies of Canada Cup
WHEN: Friday May 20, 2011
 6:00am-5:00pm (opening ceremonies at 3:00pm)
WHERE: York University (Tait McKenzie Centre) 
4700 Keele Street 
Toronto, Ontario  
M3J 1P3
WHO:In addition to Borje Salming, Canada Cup Co-chair and founder Juha Mikkola is available to provide tournament details and give media tours.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ball Science?


A Canadian Hockey Blog just recently discovered Floorball and said, “It looks slow” - without probably even trying it....
It is however true, as You compare the players, a player on skates is without no doubt faster as a player running. But as we all know the Floorball ball flies substantially faster as compared to a Hockey Puck. So what does this mean in reality?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We never posted a comment here before as the main POST

But here it is from PROHOCKEYTALK on NBC

"hokipro, I am not disputing the origins of airhooking or zorro goals, I am just saying that for sports reporters to say Granlund scored a lacrosse style goal versus a foorball style goal just proves their own ignorance. Everyone in Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Switzerland etc. knows that the Granlund goal is inspired by the Floorball style. In those hockey countries, the slick tricks are attempted on the ice, and then they are honed and accelerated with a Floorball stick- off-ice. ask Selanne, Omark, Zucarello Aasen, Gaborik, Edler, the Sedins the Hossas, Hedman, Paajarvi etc etc. they will set the record straight. It’s Floorball style not Lacrosse style

The real injustice of the comment is this…if American kids were playing and practicing tricks with Floorball sticks and balls, we would see these entertaining displays of skill on the ice, in Junior, College, and Pro Hockey way more often than we do now.
Lacrosse is a great game for many reasons, but developing players to score goals like Granlund did yesterday comes from Floorball and Hockey."
posted by itscalledfloorball

OLD Warm UP for Canada Cup

Do You remember this one?

Thailand goes International

Just in from Niels Colov, DEAR Floorball friends around the world. We are in preparations for the first big International Floorball tournament here in Thailand to take place in November 2011, we would like to ask for your help to suggest teams from around the world to participate in this tournament. Kind regards Niels Colov info@pattaya people.com Link: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_112315202153356So why not plan a vaccation over there this fall, huh?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Granlund, Hockey and Lacrosse?

The US News media are lost.
They refer to Lacrosse as a sport as they try to describe Todays great Hockey goal.
In Finland today there is about 100 Lacrosse players and...
some 45000 registered Floorball players, and as they play.... it might look like this:

I am upset. A Lacrosse goal? Misinformed is todays understatement....

By the way here is Granlund himself playing FLOORBALL


Selangor Floorball League 2010/2011


Selangor Floorball Association (SFA) Official Logo
Hello everyone ! Haven’t wrote much lately but I’m doing well (thanks for asking if you are wondering!) Anyway, I would like to do a write-up regarding a local league that has just ended a while ago here in Malaysia.

California Cup 2011

Some things takes time to find.
But here is the final from California Cup 11th year

OHL, Mr Widsor Goalie talks Floorball

Recreated post, it disappeared as Blogger broke down Yesterday, I think.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Google have some functionality in their shopping search I have not seen before, in short pictures on products comes up as You search for Floorball.
So what is new? Well as I adjust the search from old to new items and 809 items out of 819 are marked as NEW!
Many new vendors come up too. From earlier being in principle Amazon only - now it includes Barnes and Noble, Gopher, Sears and several other companies that most likely produce material on demand, I suspect.
So today Google's search function list 819 (eighthundredandnineteen) items for Floorball.
So do you need a T-shirt, panties, a cup, a book or even a stick? Why not try Google and use the shopping search and You might find what You need.
This is indeed going forward!
I suspect something is going on somewhere!


Ad, for a magazine

This is Floorball a well kept secret in Americas still.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Notes from a meeting

The IFF just had a new CB meeting and they are very transparent and publish everything like a true democratic organisation should do. May I say that it would be great if the many national FB Federations would follow this great democratic example? I think that the Olympic ideas is built around democratic ideas, so why not?
Anyway, to me, two interesting things stand out from this meeting:
Appendix 10a and be that is described as, IFF application for inclusion of Floorball in the XXXII Olympic Games. Not bad Huh? That sounds like the aim is still on for 2020!?
There is also talk about the need for a mobile application for Floorball without any further specifications...
I wonder if they think about gamebullet? What is that?
Try this:


Monday, May 9, 2011

Statistics, Floorball League! Interesting, kind of!

A new Video game is not too much to play around with? Or is it?
For fun I used one of the tools at Google to measure rising searches that relates to FLOORBALL. I planned to post a screen dump here. But Google has a large Copyright sign under it. So I decided to not show this graph.
But these are the numbers:
The very top search for Floorball at Google is "Floorball League" (the name of the PC game)
All the following searches are all listed as "breakouts":
Floorball League Torrent, Floorball League PC, Floorball League Download and FBL Floorball.
At 5th place in this global measurement I found "Floorball League" with an increase by 600% - the others listed as Breakouts are higher but the increase in percent is not listed. And all relates to the Computer game FBL Floorball League.
So first at 6th place there is a search term that relates to Floorball the sport - this is the first time a search term aim for the sport itself as I ran the numbers yesterday.

This from Google search tools SHOW how incredible important the FBL Computer game has been for Floorball, as I look at the brand "Floorball" worldwide. I think NOTHING has done more for Floorball recently online?
Maybe the IFF ought to recognize the folks behind the computer game is some way?

Other tests I ran from Google shows the following as a comparison on different Search words in numbers...rounded off..
Search                     Global            USA
Floorball                  135000           3000
Street Hockey           40000            27000
Floor Hockey            18000           12000

This means this blog still have tonnes of work to do. Floorball is only searched for like a quarter of the times Americans (USA only) search for Floor Hockey? Opps spilled some coffee here...
The Global number looks way better. But in total for USA only like just above 2% of all global traffic that looks for Floorball comes from USA? Dominating countries in search for the Floorball term are Finland, Denmark and Singapore. Sweden has not yet learned to search for Floorball at all and tends to be stuck in their own term Innebandy. So one may say as it comes to adopt the word Floorball Finland is almost world champs in this respect too?

Any ideas how to develop this from You?

U19 WFC Final High Lights


Hall of Fame


Since no one else was doing a Floorball Hall of Fame, I was thinking about our own virtual Floorball hall of Fame here at Floorball U.
But JetJet told me that the Czech's had one up in 2008 that related to the WFC....
Well water ran under the bridges and hepp!
The Swedish and the Worlds largest Floorball Magazine had a Hall of Fame up. So why not accept this and make it rule this part of the Floorball world too?
Yupp - it is sponsored by Asics!
I know at least one Guy that will be inaugurated one day, he he!

Ryan O'Connor Saginaw Spirit OHL talks Floorball


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 4 from IFF U19 WFC

Hey this coverage is better than ever before.
It is not just better as compared to the regular WFC coverage but also to the female WFC too
I am only getting a bit tired on the music they use for these videos cannot someone make them a new more up-to-date jingle?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Rock and ROLL!


Canada beats Russia 9-6

I think Canada is already perhaps on par with Denmark and maybe a stronger team as compared to Hungary?
I think further that the two weakest teams in the A division might be on par with three teams I see as strong future teams for Floorball Germany, Canada and Denmark. But one must respect Russia, Poland and the two Baltic states too. In this group You might find a team that will challenge Slovakia or Norway as the 5th best team in the future. With Hungary as a Joker even if I suspect that Hungary would have not been in the semifinal if they would have been matched with the teams in the other group.... As I wrote this they just whipped Germany. So lets say that Hungary is a very very strong Joker in this.
But, hey I still see the problem with skill and knowledge transfer from the big FOUR to make this even a better sport. Development between them seems to be molded in stone almost. We need more stronger teams at the very top level and the Czechs did a serious good effort today to try to take out Finland...

T Foster ends as the best scorer for Team Canada.

Thank You Guys next time we hope to see a US Team too and be a new joker in this game!


Press conference Can-Ger


First ever produced Lesson plan - to be used in USA

Teachers, wake up here is the first ever Lesson Plans for Floorball produced under the creative common license.
The man behind this is Spike Branius, right now in Michigan. And we are so thankful for his work.
We have earlier been chasing material like this via Sweden and SIBF as well as through the educational Floorball schools - they have over there. It all died as they started to talk about pan-European team work and the guys in charge never produced anything that they could serve to us?
But here is Spike Branius and he makes the difference.
We now have Instruction for Teachers to be used for Floorball under the creative commons license.
Now learn and teach some Floorball.

Seeing is believing


GPS and Floorball?

Yes, it is right and it is just about to happen. In Switzerland they have a larger Tournament with some 25  teams up to play in Ticino Floorball Open, in 10 days time.
Some of these players will have GPS systems mounted on them...Yes, hrmm, this is an outdoor tournament.
The idea is to measure and get a very good image on how Floorball players move during a game.
This will be the first time ever something like this is done in Floorball. They have done similar measurements in Soccer - here is a description of what came out from one test http://www.cnlab.ch/fussball/

So now You know how the future will look like. Cool huh?


Thursday, May 5, 2011

USA steps up - Forms U17 and U19 male Teams

This is the latest and greatest in From California
Read it direct on the USFbA website

More information is supposed to be posted soon and probably at the floorballhockey america website

We also notice that Erik Larsson is appointed for the west region, good stuff!
Hope there is something in the pipeline for the girls too...

Reflections from Germany-Canada 9-6

I have earlier stated that the four big Floorball nations will become Five big ones as Germany is developing fast.
I today would like to change this to Six big nations for the future after have seen Canada playing the last three games in WFC 2011 U19.
What do You think?

Canada upsets Poland 7-4 at U-19 World Floorball Championships

Here is a repost and full coverage by Juha Mikkola on the historic game of Yesterday.
Original article posted here https://sites.google.com/a/teamcanadafloorball.com/canadian-floorball-federation/Home/canadaupsetspoland7-4atu-19worldfloorballchampionships

Team Canada beat Team Poland 7-4 at the World Floorball Championships to improve to two wins in two games and first place in Group B standings. TJ Foster of the Edmonton Oil Kings scored two goals and added two assists, Joel Inouye scored twice and added an assist and Barrie Colts goaltender Clint Windsor stopped 24 shots.
Canada entered the game as the definite underdogs. Poland was considered one of the favorites to win Group B after they finished second in 2009, narrowly losing to eventual champs Estonia 8-6.
“Coming into the tournament, our goal was to reach the semi-finals,” Canada’s Joel Inouye said. “After this win, we proved we have a really good chance of competing with anyone.”

Team Canada with painted Toe nails, red and white


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Canada Surprise Upset Poland in WFC 2011 U19

Largest surprise so far in WFC U19, World Floorball Championships in Germany.
Canada wins today over Poland 7-4. Canada has never beaten a Northern European Country before.
Hockey players reported to be vital part of the Team Canada.
Full report from IFF on this game here

Do not forget Canada play a new game tomorrow, see it live on web TV, find link lower on this blog.

Highlights Day one WFC 2011 U19 Germany


The IFF reports upon Canada's first WFC U19 Victory
Full article here http://www.floorball.org/news.asp?id_tiedote=2013

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some of the best Photos ever seen..


These Photos are Proud Courtesy of Andreas Varro Photographer.


Report in from FloorballPro

This is a repost with the kind permission of FloorballPro

Salming is proud to be the Official Supplier of Floorball Canada
Hey Floorballers! Welcome to another edition of the FloorballPro Newsflash...
Team Canada's roster includes high school floorball players from programs in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario schools. The team welcomes three Canadian Hockey League players: Clint Windsor of the Barrie ColtsT.J. Foster of the Edmonton Oil Kings, and Ryan O'Connor of the Saginaw Spirit.
Support Canada by watching the games at home, with your class at school, or with your friends at work!
  • May 3rd at 6:30pm vs. Spain (12:30pm EST)
  • May 4th at 6:30pm vs. Poland (12:30pm EST)
  • May 5th at 7:00pm vs. Germany (1:00pm EST)
  • Playoff games may follow on May 6th & May 7th
You can watch the games live at www.leipzig-fernsehen.de
Remember to follow FloorballPro on twitter for updates during the game and post your own game comments on FloorballPro's facebook page. If you are interested in learning more about the U-19 program & how to get involved, please email co-GM Juha MikkolaGo Canada Go!

A Thailand premiere - including their military?

This is just in from Thailand and we do here a repost with a quote - Picture and text are intellectual property of the Pattaya Media group and Mr Niels Colov

"It was a fantastic day for Thai Floorball, when on Sunday, 1st May 2011 the Pattaya Floorball team beat the Floorball team from Bangkok with a very impressive score of 14-1 in the first ever official match of this new exciting sport in this country.

Thailand is a provisional member of the International Floorball Federation and the sport is played in Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Phuket. In Pattaya, Floorball is played every Sunday at 2 pm at the Pattaya Sport Complex located in Soi 5 off Potisan Road in North Pattaya.

Thailand needs to develop players for a National team as Floorball is expected soon to become an official Olympic sport. Therefore the match on Sunday was watched by a representative from the Thai Ministry of Defense, and as a result, the plan is now to have the Thai military set up Floorball teams in various cities around the country. These military teams will as such become the player base for a Thai National Floorball team together with players from other teams around Thailand."

Here at Floorballcentral we are fully amazed about this idea to involve Floorball with the Military and this way fast get teams going. Just wonder about the US Army - that would be a lots of Floorball... Maybe they should send an envoy to Thailand?


Monday, May 2, 2011

The Czech team prepares and speculates on WFC U19

WFC U19 Starts tomorrow in Germany, here is a few words from the Czech Republic.

If You want to watch some of the games here is the Web-TV link

Team Canadas games are scheduled like this
Tuesday 18:15 Spain MU19 - Canada MU19
Wednesday 18:15 Canada MU19 - Poland MU19
Thursday 19:00 Canada MU19 - Germany MU19

You must Yourself figure out when a game start depending on Your own local time zone since times noted above relates to central European time.
More games listed from this page including other information.

USA does not participate this time.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Curtis Joseph checks out Floorball


"Joseph is nicknamed "Cujo" and has worn the number 31 for the St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, Phoenix Coyotes and the Calgary Flames. Joseph is a three time NHL All-Star (1994, 1999, 2000), and he was awarded the 1999–00 King Clancy Memorial Trophy for exemplifying leadership qualities on and off the ice and making noteworthy humanitarian contributions to his community. Perhaps his greatest achievement came in Salt Lake City 2002, where he was a member of the Olympic Gold Medal winning Canadian men's hockey team."

On this picture he checks out Floorball together with Sonja Hotke, she is not only a member of the ladies Team Canada Floorball team, she also works for Floorballpro and was raised almost on the the US - Canadian border. Sonja reports that the living Global Hockey Legend was very interested in Floorball.

MUSICIANS make 3000 Swiss francs

USA's own Tiffany Winkler has just been involved and released the news via the IFF that if You can make a hit song for the female World Floorball Championship in 2011
(I would love to see a viral You Tube video too myself).
Anyway, Your hit song must include the line "get inspired" and be done by the last of June.
3000 CHF is not bad - so go to work now.

I love that it is an English catch phrase they decided upon.
What you need to know more is served here:

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!