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More on Canada

FLOORBALL U Watch/// As Canada Gets Ready for the Heat at the World Floorball Championships for their U19 team in Germany,in a few days!

Well why not see all members of the Team? Thanks Juha for providing this for us!

The State of Floorball in the USA

We are moving forward.

The map to the left reveals hits to this website from US States so far during 2011. There is three weak states and we must try to tie some hot spots together... But wow this is much better as of last year. And hey it is just weeks until we crunch 50.000 hits on this site. But that is nothing compared what You will see as Floorball gets a stronghold here....

Floorball Hockey America, the new organisation based in California has released a new attitude with leagues in 10 US states to be started in May, all according to them.
The same organization also recently published a video clip on facebook that allegedly showed how they introduced Floorball to USA Hockey and the ADM movement within the same organisation. Let just hope that USA Hockey not slept through this meeting.
Now they also sport advertisements about a U17 and a U19 activity in California in August as well as they prepare for the US Open Tourney.. We will back on that issue soon in another post.

We have ourselves recently detected new interest in Pensacola, FL and the US Air force in AL announced that they are up - it also seems like one YMCA in relation to this will make Floorball happen in AL - So I do not understand why AL is blank on this map as of above? 
Another new note indicated that yet another “Y”, his time in WA will start with Floorball. So maybe we have 5-10 Y’s up in the US by now? We have ourselves had new direct interest from PA and just a few days ago a “news-mail” pointed to newly written material from a University in MI.
As the ladies qualification for WFC took place we discovered a new, maybe a bit quiet, but healthy activity in Atlanta, GA.

As we have been fiddling with with our own little 3 on 3 tournament here in WI we have stumbled across maybe three to five possible places for future development with interest bubbling.
It was also not long ago since it was declared that Horicon in WI became the second High School up with Floorball in WI.

It is further not too many days ago since Floorball gained a new Olympic status from being a conditional Olympic sport  to become a potential future Olympic sport. Our own Mr. Beaudin in Canada wrote on twitter something like - now it is time for all kids between 6-16 to start with Floorball in Canada, to be able to get in on the action. The same thing is highly valid for the USA too. Or do You rather want to buy tickets to watch the 2020-2024 Olympic games as a spectator?

Disclaimer, we do not know everything that is on. What we report on above is only some of the main developments we have heard of recently.  If You hear or make other news please let us know - keep us in the loop.
It is also true that the largest hot spots for Floorball in the USA still are CA and TX. I may only wish that they would be a bit more vocal on what they do out there. The same goes for the east coast. Yes New York has signed up for Canada Cup this year again...

Is the development fast enough? No way. How make it faster? The big league must grasp the future and its implications. Who is big “the league”? So far only God knows. 

The ball is round as they say in soccer.  And I say it seems to be a few holes in it too...
And this sport happens to have only one ball? - as some folks persistently seem to say - as they try to build Floorball. ;-)

Build Baby, Build - as a former President from TX might have said.



This is team Canada getting ready for the WFC U19 in Germany.
More warm up Pics to follow soon....

Friday, April 29, 2011

Borrowed material?

Sometimes You run into material You like. And sometimes U may not be able to locate where it comes from or who wrote it.
So what do you do? Well today I take a chance and publish something that originates from - I think California.
If the author does not like that I publish this - I will take it out. If he/she likes it...Then why not add a name to this?
This is a text called
I LOVE HOCKEY and it has earlier been posted at the following page
The picture is from and is also used under this "borrowright" license. I do not think they will complain either since this is from a T-shirt up for sale.

I LOVE Hockey!

Do you love hockey? Do you love all types of hockey? I LOVE Hockey! I love ice hockey, I love roller hockey and I love floor hockey. My first recollection of hockey is playing ball hockey in the basement of the house I grew up in just outside Minneapolis-St. Paul. I used saw horses as goals and my Mom was the goalie. I started on the ice at age four. My Dad was the high school team coach and the president of our association. He would take me to the outdoor rink while he had practice and he would put me on the pleasure rink and I learned how to skate on my own.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Photo credit J Mikkola
This is just in from Canada upon their Floorball U19 team for the World Floorball Championship, including three very good hockey players....

As we now know that Three Canadian NHL prospects from the Canadian Hockey League will be on the team that represent Canada in the upcoming U19 World Floorball Championships that starts in a couple of days. Who are they? Here is three links to pictures on the Internet:

And we also learn that Hockey Legend Borje Salming supports this team.

I now start to wonder...
I wonder what real hockey leaders in good old USA thinks. And I may pay my own “2 cents” to know what they think.
But instead of me guessing. Hmm why not let You guess instead?

So here is my question to You dear reader - what would You do if You run for instance the USA Hockey magazine or maybe just a local Hockey Club and You suddenly learned about this...
You know these guys on the picture above are not going curling or playing broomball in a little local setting...
Do not get me wrong here - there is nothing wrong with either curling or broomball if You like that - but it is not very connected to Hockey, is it?

What would You think and what would You do? Would You care at all?
Looking forward to some clever thoughts, here.

I am of the opinion that we have the leaders we deserve in whatever we do.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MEDIA ADVISORY - Team Canada Men's Under-19 Floorball Team to compete in the 2011 Under-19 World Floorball Championships in Germany

A Press release at Your service

TORONTO, April 27 /CNW/ - Canada's Under-19 floorball team is traveling to Germany to compete in the International Floorball Federation's 2011 Under-19 World Floorball Championship from May 3 -7.
Floorball is a type of indoor hockey played professionally in countries like Sweden and Finland. In Canada, floorball is used in Hockey Canada's skills academies across the country for dry land training. Having received formal recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in December 2008, floorball is slated for its debut at the Olympics in the 2020 Summer Games.
Team Canada's 20-player roster is made up of players from across Canada The roster features three National Hockey League prospects from the Canadian Hockey League, including Saginaw Spirit Ryan O'Connor, Barrie Colt Clint Windsor and the Edmonton Oil King TJ Foster. The team is supported by Maple Leafs Alumni and Hockey Hall of Fame member, Borje Salming. The team will hold their final practice before leaving for Germany with media availability at The Hangar at Downsview Park in Toronto.
What is Floorball:
International Floorball Federation:
Floorball Canada:

WHAT: Team Canada Under-19 Floorball Team media availability and practice
WHEN: Thursday, April 28, 2011
 10:00 am 1:00 pm
WHERE: The Hangar at Downsview Park (Roller Derby Facility)
1-35 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, Ontario M3K 2B6
WHO:U19 Team Canada members, head coach Anthony Herrington and General Manager Juha Mikkola

For further information:MEDIA CONTACTS:  
Ryan Bissonnette
Media Relations,
Team Canada Men's Under-19 National Team Program

U19 WFC anticipations

Here is links covering a lots of WFC U19 stuff
All from the IFF
and here a short one on Canada from the organizer

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

America’s Most Dangerous Hockey Stick?



Most people would think that a Foam Hockey stick is America’s safest Hockey stick.

I say it is wrong - it is the opposite.

I state that this is probably the most “dangerous” hockey stick on the market. I also suspect that this is something that is hurting Hockey. Why?

It is very simple. How in the world does anyone, and in particular PE teachers, believe that any kid will be able to learn how to dribble, pass or shot with a big chunk of FOAM on the top of a plastic pipe?
I say that a “thick foam bladed stick” is not just dangerous for Flooball but also it "hurts" Ice Hockey in America. I think these sticks "damage" both Floorball and Ice Hockey, if not field hockey too, cause sticks like these - do not allow too much skills development.

I say that Floorball and real Floorball sticks is a several times better option since kids will learn some real tricks; like dribbling, passing and shooting with a stick - all at the same time as they have fun.
The work-out comes like free of charge.
But what about safety for the body, like real safety?
The main issue is eye injuries, and yes that is a real problem, what ever sport You do. Let’s do the numbers. In the USA every year there is about 40.000 eye injuries related to sports. About 8500 of these come from Basketball. This does not mean that Basketball is very dangerous - but that we play tonnes of Basketball.
If we now talk about the real alternative to the Foam stick in school - Floorball. This is what we know; - It is comparable safe to play Floorball as compared to almost any other sport. Comparisons from Finland indicate that 2 hours and 20 minutes of Tennis expose a player to the similar risk of eye injuries as one hour of Floorball. Something that is sightly higher if players are inexperienced and younger. But not as high or close to comparable numbers as in Squash or Racquetball. The big sport Ice Hockey almost took all their eye injuries away in some age groups after they mandated face protection for all their younger players.
In Finland they mandate protective eye wear for all their Young Floorball players and I say we can do the same thing in America. And at the same time provide sets of protective eye wear for kids in school - for Basketball too!
So in principle Floorball can provide; Not just only a good sport to introduce kids to Hockey in school - but also a protective system for other sport related eye injuries.

The Foam stick is almost a joke since it is only safe feature in its own “system” and it “HURTS” both Floorball and Hockey as it does not develop too many skills and probably obstructs the introduction of Floorball in school -  a soon to be Olympic sport. That is wild!
A Floorball stick coupled with a pair of protective glasses for school in the US is a superb “system wide” solution for safety during PE.

Finally, If You now say that I am wrong....
Then I want You to explain why You do not want to play Baseball with raw egg’s too or why not Soccer with a bath tube sponge instead of a soccer ball? - It must be much more safe to do so too, or what?

I think this would be as crazy as to play hockey with a chunk of Foam!
Grow Up America - and meet the modern era that spells - Floorball in school. Take a look at Europe for instance.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just in from Toronto so we will post what they other words a re-post.

Last Chance to Register for the Canada Cup 
Only two more days to register for the 2011 Canada Cup Floorball Championship! Registration closes on Saturday, April 23rd.
Here is a look at some of the teams that have already signed up:
  • Elite :: Ottawa Blizzard (Ottawa), Fight Club Floorball Montreal (Laval, Quebec), NYC Floorball (New York), Hamilton Floorhawks Elite (Hamilton)
  • Intermediate :: Cambridge Floorball Club (Cambridge), Team Canada Women (Toronto), Innebandy Chicago (Chicago), Dunnville Floorball (Dunville), iMove FC (Toronto), Striation 6 Striators (Toronto), St. James Floorball Club (Winnipeg), Boston Bandyts (Waltham, Mass), Ottawa Blizzard (Ottawa), Hamilton Floorhawks Elite (Hamilton), Jagerbombers (Quebec), Pilteq Carlos Bulldogs (Toronto), TBD (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Rec :: West Michigan Floorball (Grandville, Michigan), Cambridge Floorball Club (Cambridge), Mississauga Red Devils (Mississauga), Finishers FC (Toronto), Darkside FC (Toronto), The Scumbags (Toronto), Austin Floorball Club (Austin, Texas)
  • Ladies :: Darkside Floorball Club (Toronto), Jagerbombs (Toronto), St. James Floorball Club Girls (Winnipeg)
  • High School :: St. Paul (Mississauga), York Mills Vikings (Toronto), UTS Blues (Toronto), St. James Floorball Club (Winnipeg), Sir Winston Churchill Bulldogs (Hamilton)
  • Bantam :: Mississauga Red Devils (Mississauga), Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa), Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa), Toronto Hurricanes (Toronto), Carlos Bulldogs of Pilteq (Toronto), North York Bolts (Toronto)
  • Peewee :: Mississauga Red Devils (Mississauga), Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa), Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa), Jr. Danglers (Toronto), Toronto Friends (Toronto), Denlow Gryphons (Toronto), TNT Crush (Beeton), Peterborough Pulverizers (Peterborough)
  • Atom :: Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa), Ottawa Jr. Blizzard (Ottawa)
Surf to the REGISTER YOUR TEAM PAGE on the Canada Cup website and register a team today.
Don't have a team? Free agents are encouraged to email us and post on the Canada Cup facebook page and we will do our best to help you find a team.

Toronto Maple Leafs legend and Hockey Hall of Famer Borje Salming will be at this year's Canada Cup. Mr. Salming will be helping to kick off the tournament on Friday, May 20th. Don't miss your chance to meet the Maple Leaf legend and founder of Salming Floorball in person.

TV4 share the first period from the Final in SSL


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IBMag: presents the Swedish Finals from last weekend

FLOORBALL U Stays silent ///

Player Profile

Here is a new player profile, just in that covers how a Canadian Hockey Goalie turned into a Floorball defence man. He is off next week to defend the Canadian colors in the U19 World Floorball Championships.
I wish we could post this straight into this blog since it is such a good article. But due to copyright issues we may only serve You a link today.

Then we have another new great blog post from an educator on Floorball
This one is written by Jean Campbell - Thank You!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicago and Horicon

Chicago Innebandy wins the advanced division in the first ever Tomah Open. This is a 3-on-3 brand new Floorball Tourney in the Midwest with goalies.
Horicon Holey Balls, WI

Horicon Holey Balls becomes the winner of the rec/social division.
12 teams participated in the tourney. The home Town Tomah had four teams participating and St Paul from MN brought on three teams.
This makes us think that per capita - the penetration of Floorball (only 8500 people live in Tomah) is on the right track.
Chicago did not just only put on a show with very well played and nice Floorball they also defeated Minneapolis 612 in the finals with 8-0. It was however a very close call if Chicago would make it at all to the finals since they trailed the other Chicago based team  “With Ourselves” only less than a minute to go in the semi final.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yet another Brave Canadian league for kids!

It is like wow.
Or just the best way to build the future..?

More is on its way on - what we think - the first ever Midwestern Floorball Tourney, Tomah Open.
Hang on and I think we have some other very interesting things bubbling too. Both from Canada as well as from good ol' USA, stay tuned.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Storvreta IBK Champions once more!

For those who follow international floorball, the Svenska Superligan (or the Swedish Super League) is arguably the best professional league in the world. This year, we saw Storvreta IBK hold onto their title as one of the best floorball teams in the world by defeating Warberg IC in the final.

The game saw some intense end-to-end action which saw the match tied at 4:4 at the end of the second period and 7:7 at the end of regulation time.

Big-name floorballers such as Magnus Svensson, Hannes Öhman, Mika Kohonen, and Martin Emanuelsson showed up for the match by contributing several points each while the goaltenders both did phenomenal jobs by each facing over 20 shots.

Tomah Open - Quick notes

Several "winners" emerged during Tomah Open April 16th, 2011.
- Horicon Holey Balls won the first Rec division with a team that more or less just have been formed and is built around a Swedish exchange student.
- The team, With Ourselves, was just 40 some seconds (they had 4-3) away from kicking the main Chicago team out from the finals in the Semifinals in the advanced division. An enormous feat if accomplished.
- 612 is the moral winner since they kindly allowed Chicago to pick-up one extra player before the final.
- Chicago Innebandy the winner of the main final should not just be the winners in number of goals but also for playing a rather "clean" and efficient style of Floorball.
- Among the local teams from Tomah the D-team was the largest local surprise.
- It was also noteworthy that Horicon brought their own manager for their games.
- One individual also took a large responsabiity as it came to refereeing several games and should have extra thanks for this.

The very most important could however been stated by the custodian as we cleaned up the courts after the games.
He said: - "You Know what, The kids here at Tomah High School, You know what - they like to play this Floorball game here at the school, that is what they say to me".

Shortly some pictures will be up from Tomah Open...


Friday, April 15, 2011

The best from Singapore

Here is a very good coverage from young girls in Singapore, the best so far I think.



This is the way to go. Only thing I miss is a clock that easily say exactly when games start in LOCAL times, as in Asia or America etc...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Approach to the future, and reflections


Mr Ericsson, President of the IFF, state as late as during the ISPO exhibition, earlier this year; that the main focus for Floorball development is geared toward what he defines as the five big European nations. The five big is described as Germany, France, England, Spain and Italy.

Does Rec Style Floorball has to be bad?

No, here is an example of very advanced Rec style Floorball. Check it out these guys are rather fast and decent.

VA - TOP 10 GOALS (4) - FLOORBALL from Tomi Kuusela on Vimeo.

Or can You do this better?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Floorball Hockey U and Floorball Hockey America

Not long ago, a year or so, we wrote a furious article on the explanation behind the "cross-ice" movement within ADM and USA Hockey. Some mis-informed individual tried to state that cross-ice within hockey was based upon US research and was like 35 years old.. A big letter B and a big letter S we thought.
And we wrote about this...
OK, it is probably true that this US research was done. But our take was that it did lead to nothing but a place in a dusty dark drawer.
What came along was Floorball. Hockey players in Europe liked what they saw in Floorball and they took it to the ice. Viola, cross-ice was born. With small teams, fast action, small goals and a heck of lots of puck contact for each hockey-player. We called it "Floorball trancended to Ice". A darn good expression!

Why do I tell You this again?
As I tried to understand the new movement in Floorball here in USA I browsed the pages of Floorball Hockey America. Suddenly I saw a pattern of words, of lines of thought. For heavens sake that is my TEXT!.
Here it is
I must admit that the guys behind FHA knows how to do their research and they do understand what I call the "truth" on how Floorball relates to Hockey.

Cool Floorball Hockey America and thanks for re-posting my old stuff. And yes it is great that You do this!
But may I ask for a link or at least that You put a name or reference to Floorball U too?

I hope that is not to ask for too much?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do You want a free Floorball stick?

This might possibly work:
Here You find a competition where You have to punch in how You would like a stick to be designed. My take on this is that You "might" win a stick. But there is no clue on how this is done or who is behind this.
However I guess with certain accuracy someone in Finland. Like maybe Realstick or Exel or someone else..
If someone can figure out who is behind this You will win extra Kudos from Floorball U.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Live stream from Singapore's big league

This post relates to Carnegie Mellon University in PA. One of the players at CMU has his native team from Singapore in the big league, TheWeekend Warrios and Merahan Gunners, it will be streamed FREE and live at 4am EST at this URL,

You can pick up more info on this event through Facebook, Please share with all expatriotes from Singapore in the Americas and every one else. It is 5,5 hours til the game starts... Stay up!?

America is growing fast

Not long ago we mentioned that Jamaica and the Dominican Republic was thinking of Floorball.
Here it is the first serious proof that America is moving forward in that respect.
This is the first ever presentation of Jamaica.

One more thing I have detected lately increased activity from many places in South America and in particular from Brasil of course. But Argentina seems to be interested too...

ECIS PE Conference 2011

The IFF has participated in and reports from a larger International PE teacher conference. It sounds like the PE subject of Floorball became very popular. The version of the game with a "Points Master System" was also introduced. This is exactly the kind of news we like here - and this is how You build the main foundation for the sport. Good Work You Guys.

Let us quote a short passage from the article:
"Mr. Jari Oksanen, who thought that the introduction of the modified floorball version, the "Floorball Points Master", was a great success:
- Modified versions of the game, like for example the "Floorball Points Master", are easy ways to get players of different skill levels, both girls and boys, to enjoy the game while playing together. Also those who might otherwise be more inactive students in schools are motivated to play in small field games where only sticks and a ball is needed."

What do to? Read the article - send it to Your own PE teacher and see what happens?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tomah Open Update - about a week to GO

The first Floorball Tourney in Wisconsin takes place in Tomah April 16th.
As we planned for this event we hoped for all from 4 to 10 teams. And 4 teams would be something we would consider OK.
Today we have 11 teams confirmed. Three of these teams must be considered as new surprising teams. We have teams from 3 states and we will play the games in two conferences with two winners.
We will use the scaled down version of Floorball and play 3 on 3 plus goalies. We think this fits us very good and we will be back in another post to explain why just 3 on 3 might be such a good solution for us.

The other day we had our first commercial sponsor for this event and the Parks and Rec in Tomah are working to present us with a Traveling Trophy for our more advanced conference too.

One of the most important things we have learned already this far is - already before this process and our games - we have tied some new connections to at least 5 new possible locations for Floorball in Wisconsin. This is not places that will bring us a team this time. But we have had some expressed interest from five brand new locations - intriguing and exciting at this point.
Much more to follow.


Some news are just bigger...and more Olympic

In full expression read all about the latest on how the IFF is on path with the IOC to make Floorball an Olympic sport.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

California Cup

Here is not just a great poster - but also a great Tournament

Location: Hoover High event center
Time: ‎8:00AM Saturday, April 23rd

Updated News on Tomah Open April 16th should be up by tomorrow.

Floorball to be a Potential Candidate for 2016 Olympics?

Earlier today, at an Executive Meeting in London, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided on inclusion of 6 events into the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. The IOC President, Jacques Rogge, made this decision after the respective world championships of the 6 events that are now to be included.

With women's ski jumping, ski halfpipe, mixed relay biathlon, team relay luge, and team figure skating now on the schedule for the Sochi Games, we beg to wonder, can floorball make a short list for inclusion at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? It was made an official Olympic sport earlier today, an upgrade from the provisional status it was given in December, 2008.

Now, if anyone has been following developments for the Rio de Janeiro Games, they would know that rugby sevens and golf are to be included in these games now that baseball and softball were removed from the Olympic programme. Of course, they were chosen from a short list of just 7 sports for inclusion, which did not include floorball.

Wallpaper Wednesdays, I

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you would know that we are planning a brand new feature for the site.

Wallpaper Wednesdays, as we will call it, will be a bi-weekly feature where we share a brand new wallpaper with everyone. The wallpapers will be based on user-submitted photos, and will be look similar to the format our site has in terms of its header image.

Although we have no wallpaper as of this week, next Wallpaper Wednesday we will debut our first one, which hopefully all of you will set as your desktop background immediately. We will be posting in eight common desktop wallpaper formats, including 1280x800, 1366x768, 1280x1024, 1024x768, 1440x900, 1920x1080, 1680x1050, and 1024x600.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zadora Blog: A History of Floorball

It's been a while since I checked in, but I figured I need to be doing it much more often, especially as my University semester is ending and I have a few months off of school. I think it's time to introduce a new feature to the site, and so I'll be writing what we've coined the "Zadora Blog" every two weeks in order to talk about issues that affect the world of floorball today.

So today, in my inaugural "Zadora Blog" post, I will be talking about one of the issues that affects floorball as we know it. The history of floorball is really unknown it seems. Many seem to claim that they "invented" floorball, and it seems to have originated from every corner in the world.

I've decided to do some (actually, a lot) of digging to truly determine the evolution of floorball. I talked with many sources, and seem to finally have deduced what really happened in terms of the sports history.

Now, here's what I found and can state as being an almost official history of floorball.

PDF's - On Your own risk?

First a warning. We have not tried these links, not any of them. But from this page....
It seems like a full library is posted as PDF-files on different subjects related to Floorball. Some articles we recognize from other sources like the IFF. And to be on the safe side I would recommend that most of this material should be downloaded from its original sources like the IFF. Since they should have the most accurate and updated material. Some of these things posted in this library looks like new, to me. Or at least i have not seen them before.
However, if this is a third party library with no hidden bogus quirks behind it. It looks like a possible decent supply of information. Let us know if You try this and if You would recommend others to try it too.

Here is another PDF from the University of Michigan. It looks like very good stuff!



Means Finland on Finnish. But this is not a "finish" it is a beginning..

One of the teams in Finland presents what they do best..

The Map

Did You ever wonder how the US Floorball Map looks like?
Well here it is courtesy of Floorballplanet in TX.
Good stuff, and if You are not on this map make certain that You join this map.
No it is not just a static image.
If You follow this link you will see the full fashion of it

One more thing, lets see if we can add another 25% of dots to this map within a year....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Write up on Floorball from the south

Here is a good write up from Montgomery, AL
It sounds like Floorball is growing in healthy ways both here and there. Since we like this please do not hesitate to send us Your own report and share with others whats up as it comes to Floorball in the Americas or elsewhere.
We are happy to publish what is going on - right here.



FLOORBALL U SAY /// Hace unos días escribí sobre la situación del floorball en Japón. Hoy tenemos malas noticias, la Asociación Japonesa de Flooball ha tenido que renunciar al Mundial Sub19 debido a la terrible situación que allí están viviendo.

La IFF contactó el pasado Jueves con la Asociación Española de Floorball para informar de la renuncia de Japón al Mundial. España, que se quedó a las puertas de clasificarse para este campeonato, recibió esta noticia con alegría, ya que la IFF ofreció a España el puesto de Japón en el Mundial.

Para nosotros fue una gran noticia, pero lo primero que sentimos fue tristeza por todos los japoneses. Carlos López (Seleccionador Nacional Sub19) habló para la IFF: "We are of course pleased with getting this opportunity but very sad about how we got it. We have all seen on TV from Japan and feel sorry for our friends there and can only hope that everything will come back to normal as soon as possible"

A menos de un mes para el Mundial España tiene mucho que trabajar: encontrar vuelos, hotel, convocar a los jugadores, entrenar... Esperemos que todo esté listo para llegar al 3 de Mayo a Alemania y comenzar el Mundial enfrentándonos a Cánada.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A new dawn in America

Here they are - finally up. And most likely they will beat the h-ck out of us here at Floorballcentral. But that is not the important thing. They aim for exactly the same as what we do here. So far I suspect us to be faster, more agile and also larger as it comes to pure communication. However, this site will be instrumental as it comes to re-write the US Floorball landscape... They represent power in a way we most likely never can match.
Read my lips - as a few Presidents so often have said....
Welcome Floorball Hockey America to the world!
Good Luck and lets bring a new well needed sport to the good old USA.


USA Hockey and the ADM wakes UP

I say Nothing - You check this out:

Here is the source link since something messes my abilities to post this here..


Back to the environment...

There is some material that look upon different sports and the environmental impact of these activities. Most of these studies does not involve Floorball - as of yet. And one of the more interesting articles I have found is geared towards "spectator-sports". Floorball is only on its way to become a larger spectator sport. This article does not however provide any too clear answers but it reasons in similar ways as I have been reasoning myself lately.

In this article they mention that they think Basketball is more friendly to the environment as Ice Hockey is. This can be understood since the need to use energy to keep the ice frozen as well as all the plastic equipment and textile used as protective gears used in Hockey - and how this impact the environment.

So how would Floorball then match up? Honestly I do not know, I can only guess. As I compare to Basketball I would think that the environmental impact from Floorball is less since the ball is so little and lightweight. But as You add a number of sticks - that does not exist in Basketball - I think Floorball must be considered to be worse from the overall environmental impact?
However, a Floorball net is much more light and a simple construction as compared to the basket itself used in Basketball. Yet again a Floorball team need some extra equipment for the goalie - so in total Floorball should most likely loose out as compared to Basketball and Volleyball, I think.
It is as You add a full set of boards that goes around the Floorball field that You must likely fully crash from the environmental viewpoint - as You compare Floorball to other indoor sports...

So my final conclusion must be that Floorball is probably a comparable rather environmental friendly activity. In particular as You choose to play without boards. And most likely as You compare Floorball to sports that more intensely need protective gears and other kinds of boards - I think.
This might also the case as Floorball is compared to activities outdoors that require a well groomed grass field, like soccer, field hockey etc... But here I am fully uncertain since the need to heat a gym would most likely negatively impact all indoor activities too. I further suspect the boards to be the real environmental problem as related to the environment... Some manufacturers claim however that their boards are designed in a more environmental friendly way... But that is probably not judged from a more independent stand point.
As we compare Floorball to other indoor activities. I think that both Basketball and Volleyball might be considered to be more friendly for the environment... But someone else should know more about this.
Today's final thought on this issue is that the IFF should figure out this matter in more detail and try to define Floorball from the environmental aspect too - Maybe they already did and I just do not know...
Or maybe they will do this in the near future?

Or what do You think - is this important? Is global warming and climate change important to You?
And how does this relate to Your favorite sport of choice?

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!