Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Finnish Lesson

This is a very popular video on You Tube and it is extremely popular in Finland.
I wonder why?
It is also a lesson in Finnish so please crank up the volume at max and listen closely..

Amazon with new American collection

FLOORBALL U SAY /// has just updated their Floorball collection. Out are the nice hoddies for the winter and 15 new T-shirt designs are up at
It is a pity, I planned to get a few hoddies extra, since the one I got so far was rather nice. But lets look forward to the summer now...
If You do like Floorball maybe a 15 dollar approx. T-shirt is something for You?
And I am sure -Your friends will wonder. Hey, it does not read Football - it reads Floorball - what is that, kind of?
Another idea is to get 5 gigs of storage for Your music and more at Amazon - it is new and  free of charge.
Maybe You want to save some Floorball pics there? Cause that is what we care about, right.

You will find them all if You go to and just search for Floorball in all their departments.
Here is just two out of 15 T-ShirtsThe only reason I work is to pay for " Floorball " Red T-Shirt Mens X-Large
Real guys love Floorball Olive Green T-Shirt Mens Medium


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As we pass 40.000 clicks...

Why not visit Floorball in Brasil too - and their relatively new facebook page?
Punch the like button and show Your support for what they do in South America!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Warming up for Tomah Open

This zorro is filmed at the Tomah High school.
See You in Tomah for Tomah Open April 16th

Thank U Andy!

Here is also an article from the LaCrosse tribune - an interview with the zorro artist!



Greetings from Spain!

This is my first post in English, it's difficult for me (and maybe I have some mistakes), but I think is important that everybody undestands me.

Today I'd like to speak about floorball in Japan, we all know the Japan's disaster, the earthquake which has caused the destruction of the country: more than 9000 people dead and over 15000 people are lost. From here I'd like to highlight the exemplary behavior of the japanese town, which is struggling with the catastrophe, and send them our heartfelt support.

But, how this disaster has affected floorball? After the initial panic on March 11, every japanese tried to find their friends and family. Gradually they were able to find their floorball friends alive, but not all could confirm their survival...

On March 13, the Japan Floorball Association canceled some floorball competitions; the terrible situation didn't allow them to enjoy our sport.

But the biggest dilemma came with the U19 National team of Japan. They are going to play the World Cup in May, but presently it's almost impossible to leave Japan by air, so the Japanese Association got in contact with IFF and they tought about give up this championship. However, the firm resolve of U19 japanese players has led Japan to rethink the situation and try to visit Germany whatever happens.

Today we've got better news, it seems that there aren't wounded among the floorball players, and the best new comes from Okinawa, whre people has restarted training floorball. This is the first step to return normality to Japan. LUCK TO ALL!

PS: Pronto volveré a publicar en español...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

California going for the Cup 11 Years straight

This just came in over Facebook from Fresno....
They say...Come play floorball in North America's oldest running floorball tournament.
We may be old but we keep it real, we keep it fresh, we keep it real fresh.
The tournament will last all day and feature teams from around the state playing to take home the title!
Map it!

Czech TV

No, this is not a web TV thing. This is one of the main broadcasting TV channels in the Czech Republic and when did U last time watch a program on Czech TV?...
It is two hours long and I have never seen myself Floorball being played in an elevator... Check it out and let us know what U think.
I think myself that the Webster Miriam dictionary soon will sport "Floorball U" as words too...


Floorball India Is Now Online !


Just found out Floorball India has a blog to update the floorball community about their development in India. Floorball Central team is very much interested to find out more about India as well as the most important of all, the floorball development in the country.

We wish Floorball India all the best in promoting floorball to the Indian community.

Read their blog here.


Saturday, March 26, 2011


FLOORBALL U Present ///
Eric Boman or call it living room hockey or something - lokks like a new genre to us. It is not zorro - this is a new cultural expression of the worlds fastest grfowing team sport.

Try it if U like it, OK.
Or U just sit there?


Friday, March 25, 2011


Finally a clever man in the air force Maj. Phillip Douglas, the 42nd Medical Group practice manager in Montgomery Alabama seems to be the man that will write some good military history.

This story is better than most stuff we normally publish here :-)

To the US Air Force we say congrats!

To be read by all High School Floorball players in USA too

This is what is going on.
Right now, in Canada. It may happen to You too. Here in the USA - if and when we follow their lead.
The first thing to do is to start Floorball in your high school - right.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SSL in Action

Here is a clip from the 3rd period Storvreta-Täby in the Swedish Super League.
The other periods can be seen from here
Courtesy of TV4 Sweden and through the SIBF too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

WFC 2010 Final : Finland v Sweden


How many of you did not manage to watch and catch the glimpse of Finland's succesful WFC campaign last year ? Well, now you can watch the Final on Youtube as IFF has uploaded the video. Watch the video below.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The balls of the future....

OR BUILD Your own Wind-Tunnel.
It is a long time ago we wrote on the Floorball, ball, development and the invention from 1953 in Conneticut - the main practice ball for baseball... that turned into a new sport, linked to Hockey. Search our archive and You may find it...

The latest development has been to give Floorball balls dimples like a golfball to improve the air flight of the balls.. Just the last years these dimples has been improved by a few manufacturers... like Salming, Speedhoc and others to even more make it look like - or at least fly better in the air like a golfball - with either larger dimples, better arranged dimples or a larger total area of dimples. Other improvements have been regarding making the material... sturdier and so on You know...

To me it was a big surprise when the Renew group introduced their new ball cr8er - with no dimples??Instead they use a design with linear groves. This is now the main ball that sponsors the IFF and will be used for all their main tournaments. So You will see it here and there..

It feels like a mind laps - no dimples? Well this is what they have stated: The new thing with this ball is three things; A) Two interior seems to make the ball sturdier. B) Newly designed holes that lets the air flow through the ball in a much better way. C) Some kind of a net of “latitudes” that is supposed to make the ball fly better too.

But hey, I do miss the dimples.

I am not sure if I buy the idea of linear groves and how they would improve the air flight beside of being a design feature? But the better designed hole,s as well as dual seams on the inside seems to make sense!
Anyway, what further has been claimed is also that this ball has undergone serious air tunnel, or similar tests at a University in Gothenburg, to improve the balls air flight.

Hmm, I started to think. Do You know how You may build You own air testing device and figure out what is You own best ball - in a little home made test?

This is the way to do it: Take a vacuum. Set it up so it is blowing out but fix the hose so it blows straight up. You might want to secure it with tape or something similar. Place it like a foot from the wall. Mark on the wall a very clear scale, You can use either an inch or a centimeter scale that is not too important. In front of this set up - You rig a fixed video camera that has its focus locked on the measureing scale on the wall. Start the vacuum! Now let each of Your balls balance on top of the blowing air stream. Have the camera rolling. Put all Your balls on the air stream for a minute or two...
As You assess Your movie pay attention to two things.
A) What balls flies or rest the lowest on the air stream
B) What ball tends to not balance up and down but seems to be floating rather at a similar height.

The lowest flying ball should be Your fastest ball and the most steady should have the best air - flight.
But, sometimes you do not want a to be too fast ball...Some folks even say that a too fast game does not improve the development of Floorball.

This is all the theory - You do the practical tests OK, and please report to us what ball is the best one from Your own field experiments. Is it really the new cr8er ball from Unihoc?


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From the Quoting dept.


We are delighted to get behind the Special Olympics movement and play our part in promoting respect, acceptance and inclusion for more people with intellectual disabilities” says Mr. Tomas Eriksson, President of the IFF. “This is a very exciting time for the IFF as floorball is gaining huge popularity across Europe, Asia and the United States. As we grow we want Special Olympics Floorball to grow with us.”

This quote is from todays news at the IFF and touch base on how Floorball builds its relationship with Special- and Para Olympic activities. I do not know why the USA is singled out ahead of Canada here, but it is...

“Special Olympics warmly welcomes this commitment from the IFF” say Mary Davis, Managing Director of Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia. “We are very excited about the new opportunities that will arise from stronger relationships between our national programmes and IFF member states. I have no doubt that more lives will be changed, more doors will be opened and more perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities will be changed as more and more witness the courage and abilities or our Special Olympics athletes”.

This is good news and it is my understanding that they now play Floorball as a Special Olympic activity in 15 countries.
One more thing - it is proper to say "people with disabilities" - instead of "disabled people". Mary Davis knows this and I guess the IFF will use "people first language" too, one day ;-).

Irrespective of my small comment, this is the way to go:
Full and great story from IFF here


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Re-building a Franchise

As owner and webmaster of, I figured I should do my best to check in once in a while. For those who don't know, I joined the "Floorball U" project last year in order to give Michael a hand in slowly developing floorball from a grassroots level in North America.

It's been almost 3 months since my last posts on the 2010 WFC in Finland, and so I might as well make up for those 3 months with a large post. It is difficult to find where to begin, but let's take it from the top.

As President of Floorball Alberta since September, I have been delegated by Floorball Canada of the task of incorporating a new organization and overseeing floorball operations from a managerial standpoint over an entire province. Alberta, if you don't already know, is one of Canada's 10 provinces with a total area of over 660,000 square metres (255,000 square miles). In comparison, it is larger than almost 200 countries, which includes four of the most successful floorball countries in history, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland. In fact, if Alberta were its own country, it would be ranked 41st in terms of total area in the world.

Canadian Hockey road - train?

FLOORBALL U SAY /// Nothing this speaks for itself

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grassroots Floorball in and around Toronto

As we so often say Floorball is growing at an explosive pace in Canada.
Here is a very good overview from Toronto. A Floorball Mecca in Canada right now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

This weekend "check out the czech"

A few things are going on...
The IFF has a good idea of what and when so I direct you out here

And hey there is tonnes of games available online web TV
"check out the czech".


Newsflash from Floorballpro

reposted by their kind permission..

Workshops in Alberta, Salming 2012 products, Canada Cup & Boards!
Hey Floorballers! Welcome to the new FloorballPro Newsflash, covering the major things you need to know in the world of floorball...
FloorballPro has partnered with Hockey Canada's Skills Academies to host a series of What is Floorball?sessions across Western Canada.
Up next: Edmonton, Albertaon March 15th and Calgary, Alberta on March 16th. The sessions are completely free and are open to anyone interested in learning about floorball. Visit our website at to register.
Upcoming stops on the tour include Winnipeg, Manitoba. FloorballPro is planning to host sessions in Timmins, Sudbury and Thunder Bay, Ontario independently. If you would like to find out more about these sessions or invite us to your neighborhood, please contact us.

Here at FloorballPro, we are all about getting you the latest and greatest floorball gear. We are excited to be the first retailer in North America to have the 2012 Salming Aero Tourlite 27 S11and the 2012 Salming X-Factor Floorball Shoe. Visit Salming's website to see all the tech packed into the new X-Factor Shoe.
The 2012 Salming Aero Floorball Balls are arriving soon in white and assorted colours. Keep an eye on the website for these new products and more.
The world's top floorball event outside of Europe is the Canada Cup. This year's tournament will have 66 teams and is played at Toronto's York University May 20th to 22nd, 2011.
Curious about the Canada Cup? Check out the Road to the Canada Cup video to get in the spirit! There are divisions for all age groups, from absolute beginners to professionals, so don't miss this year's event...

Is your floorball club, league or school program looking to start a floorball league? A set of floorball boards is the best way to make that happen.
For the first time ever, we will have official floorball boards available in stock and ready to ship to you from our warehouse in Toronto, Canada. Please contact us to set-up a one-on-one sales presentation. Watch the Nexxt Floorball rink video to see how easy the boards are to set up and transport (forgive the Finnish!)

FloorballPro's partners Grassroots Floorball are launching Youth Floorball Leagues for youth players across Ontario. The leagues will start after hockey playoffs. Confirmed leagues includeToronto EliteToronto IntermediateDurham 6-8Durham 9-13 and Burlington with leagues about to launch in Hamilton, Vaughan, Brampton, Scarborough and Peterborough.
FloorballPro Inc. is your one stop shop for all your floorball needs. To set up or join a league, purchase equipment or for any information please contact Juha Mikkola at 416-972-9305, follow us on Twitter or join the FloorballPro facebook page!
All the best,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr. Crawford - Canada - and Hockey

This makes sense:

SSL Update

The IFF has published an update on SSL here.
The team Linkoping is interesting since their coach has earlier been coaching the male Team USA and will be doing this in the future too.
Linkoping was a brand new team this year in the SLL - and is now playing in the play off with some very impressive results during the year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Map of America, will include Jamaica?

Yes it is mainly about Canada and the good old USA so far. But what was newly released was the formation of a federation in Brasil too as we mentioned here a few weeks ago. Other news that sipped out was that the next Qualification for next WFC will take place in Dallas TX.

To add to this picture it also seems to be some new actions in the nation of Jamaica?
In the latest notes from the last CB meeting at IFF it is clearly spelled out that there is some movements in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic too. They are not ready for an official federation as of yet. But some interest has been show - if I understand this right.
I Hope and wish to see more on Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and Floorball here soon, or on twitter - stay tuned.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

German Floorball fashion

There is a few things as sweaters You can order from and I promise they look good.
But if You want to go over the ocean to get the right Floorball T-shirt. try this

Some footage from preparations for final rounds SSL

Sorry all in Swedish. But there is some clips here that shows this sport at its current peak. So turn of sound and enjoy. It was a couple of weeks since we last visited the SLL (Swedish Super League)

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Environment and Floorball

We saw somewhere, something about someone... that took a Floorball blade and fitted a bamboo stick to it and made kind of a primitive Floorball stick out of it.
What a splendid idea for the environment we thought - until someone else said: -Nope, to make a stick out of Bamboo might be dangerous. Just think what happens if it breaks?

So our thought about the environment friendly stick - kind of broke at the same time as this visual idea came up :-(.
But then we heard something else. About utilities like a dishwasher. This idea goes like this: The producer of a dishwasher will legally not be able to sell his or hers product. Their only option is to lease the product to the "buyer" and the seller/producer must be responsible to take his/hers product back after either the lease is up or the product needs to be replaced. The producer is now mandated to re-cycle the dish washer and hopefully refurbish parts and re-use them for another newer machine.
That is a very interesting concept. Suddenly the producers is involved in the full product cycle - not just like yesterday a responsibility for the selling and shipping part. No the new deal includes a re-cycling part but maybe also a continuous service agreement?
It sounds like a cool idea for a dish washer, a washer, a dryer, maybe even a car and why not...
A Floorball stick?

A Floorball stick is often made out of different kinds of plastic. Some people say that paper production can be seen as not much more of an environmental neutral alternative to production of plastics - I think they say that there not too much of a difference from the environmental view if re-cycling is involved. This has of course to do with what kind of plastics or paper is used and so on...

But from the view of someone that does not know to much about Floorball it might be seen as not good to the environment to have the most crucial equipment made out of plastics only? Well I do not know. Since I do not have this perspective.
Still I think the idea as of above would revolutionize the idea on how to buy, service, use, replace and recycle a Floorball stick. Most likely it would be slightly more expensive to "lease" a stick since the recycle part must be paid for, in some way too. However, if Floorball as a sport this way would be able to lower its impact on the environment - then it would be well worth it I say.
Just think about it - the first sport (yes this is a modern sport) that had producers willing to take a serious responsibility for the global environment?
Think about positive press coverage. This about positive big news like this to propel the sport even further into the future?

So, who is first out? And who is in charge of creative ideas like this? Me only? By the way tell me what is wrong with this idea - is it really impossible to re-cycle a Floorball stick, and if so why?


Japan Championship?

We do not have any further information but it looks like warm up before the Japanese Floorball Championships

Here is also a very fresh link from footage from SSL Pixbo versus Umeå.
Filmed by Mr. Troy. Follow the link.
There is also several news posted at in relation to news to Floorball in the USA.
Please visit them. We have not fully kept up to date on all their posts lately.


TOMAH OPEN - April 16th

Floorball - INVITATION


April 16th, 2011 Regulations, GUIDELINES Information - Tomah Open

Date, Time and Location: Tomah High School, Saturday April 16 th. 2011, from 11.30 AM. First game tentatively starts at noon. If you need further directions see Questions below. In case of two conferences, the more advanced conference may start later.

Game format: 3 on 3 players plus one goalie, large goals with goalie and max. 3 subs per team - total number of players in a team is 7, time per game approx. 20-40 minutes in total divided in two half's, depending on the number of teams participating. The idea is that with a relatively low number of players on a relatively larger field there will be more need for substitutes and more goals - so this may be slightly more strenuous as Your normal practise. At this venue it is possible to play 4 on 4 - but with the idea to have several short games and more scoring - it is preferred to play 3 on 3.  The SIL league in Sweden is very successful, as they play according to this concept.
No, un-decided games - if a draw at full time a shot-out with 3+3 penalties until one team wins.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cambridge, Canada

Here is a long video from Canada. So long that we just decided to provide you with a link.
The title is Cambridge and TSN. Yes it is Floorball too.

A Question

Business Week just mentioned Floorball with one single word. But that is not my main point. Since I am certain they will write more on it later on...
They also wrote on, listen to this "indoor field hockey".
Ha, I had never heard about that before.
But this is how it looks like:

I do not know what I think about this. Seriously I do not.
But I would love to hear what You as a Floorballer thinks about this?


Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canada Cup Registration is Open

Here is the re-post from the Mikkola's in charge of this the largest North American Floorball event:

Registration is OPEN for the 2011 Canada Cup
Take Advantage of Early Bird Rates
North America's Largest Floorball Event is May 20th to 22nd, 2011
Hey Floorball Fans,
The 2011 Canada Cup Floorball Championship takes place May 20th to 22nd, 2011 at York University in Toronto, Canada. Get your team together and join us for an action packed long weekend of floorball.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is the day to end the R-word across the world

We had today a video sent to us - with only one English word going with it:
 - Respect -.
Our answer is full of RESPECT

It goes hand in hand with todays big campaign to stop the other R-word and use the word
Respect instead.

More on the specific R-word campaign here
In short it is about to en an old american derogative name for people with disabilities

Kindergarden in Malaysia

In the beginning lies the future

Floorballpro teams up with Hockey Canada

Yes, more sessions to be held in Edmonton and Calgary.
Promoting Floorball for Hockey Players.

Then you may wonder what USA Hockey is up to?

I do too. ;-)



Everything You need to know about the soon up-coming U 19 WFC in May 2011 is to be found at
It is comprehensive and kind of informative.
As You already may know Canada is playing in group D.

FloorballMagazine in Germany...

Just revamped their website.
It sure looks good and no - we can not keep up with the - Good luck You guys!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Zorro in Tomah


Last Sunday Andy from Strovreta Sweden brought Zorro to Tomah Wisconsin.
He also promise to bring some Zorro to the little tournament we plan for April 16th.
Invitations and regulations for the 3 on 3 with goalie tourney called Tomah Open will be out shortly.
Interested drop ulfjens (at) - you know how to replace the at with a @ - do you?

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!