Monday, February 28, 2011

Texas - it is here the next Qualification for WFC will take place

We do have some odd ways to get hold of news here.
But rumors - wispering in other languages tells us that.
The next qualification round to WFC for the Male WFC in 2012 will take place in Dallas Texas.

If it is true - we do not know we can not verify this right now.
But this source have proven to be right before!

No it seems to be true!
good stuff congrats Dallas and all You folks down there in TX!

Vive La Republique

This is France - ou Le Equipe France
It sure looks like they will become good at Floorball.
Vive L' Hexagon! (wonder if I spell this one right - hmm and how many outside of France knows what this
L' Hexagon is? French is not too easy he he)

We have a Champ in Texas!

FLOORBALL U SAY - This is what is reported from Texas ///
TX Champsionship_02-26-11_4
FloorballPlanet hosted the 2011 Texas Winter Shootout floorball tournament at Lone Star Indoor Sports Center, 1800 Shady Oaks Lane, Denton TX. Four of the best adult floorball teams in Texas battled for the right to be crowned the best in Texas. After the preliminary qualification games, the Dallas Fireballs faced off against the Austin FC Elite in the Championship Round. Austin emerged victorious and obtained the right to take home the newly created Texas Championship Trophy. Final standings: (1) Austin FC Elite, (2) Dallas Fireballs, (3) Austin Team 7, (4) Dallas 2. Our thanks to those players who participated and to Lone Star Indoor Sports for their outstanding hospitality. Next up...Canada Cup!

Ultimate Floorball training in Canada

Register Now For The Most Ultimate Floorball Training Experience!
This is a Canadian Campand here is what they say:
It’s time to once again register for the upcoming Floorball Training and Skills development camp, happening this Spring Break. Participate in skill drills and high tempo games! • For kids all ages both male and female! • Price: $100 • Dates: March 14th – 18th • Time: Monday 1-3, Tuesday 1-3, Wednesday 10:45-12:45, Thursday 1-3,
Want to know more follow that link as of above..

They also plan for a tournament in April so this is moving ahead rather good...
The GHFL is proud to present the 1st annual all ages CO-ED floorball tournament. Five different age groups. 7U, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17, 18+ Exceptions can be granted to accommodate Minimum of 3 games guaranteed Tournament will be held on April 9th & 10th and will take place at Dofasco Recreation Center 10 players per team

Friday, February 25, 2011

Texas Heats UP

The first ever Texas Floorball Championship takes place this weekend in Denton Texas. It is our understanding that the heat about this is revving up both in Austin as well as in Dallas. The two hot beds for Floorball in Texas.

We hope to post more on this here as soon as either Jeff or Jukka may send us something on this groundbreaking Texan event - Tejano vaya vaya!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Local Promotion from Sweden and Holland

Do not listen - only see ok?

Why we post this one? Well it has been produced by Mr. Troy and that is a reason good enough for us.

Here is a clip from Holland. In dutch so enjoy footage only too, pls. Why some players did not dress up? We do not know, but they are in fact very, if not extremely good soccer players, and as You see - they do this very good too.

Golf in Arizona

Interview with a promising golfer in Arizona - at the University.
Guess what he likes beside of Golf?
A hint - it is about balls that move around fast.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lets sum up recent posts on Germany

First we must mention that Germany now just applied to arrange the WFC for ladies in 2015, read all about it at the IFF.

There is one more thing I would like to add to the posts on Nike and Adidas (including Reebok, CCM etc) as I posted earlier.
As I extrapolate the current development as in respect for Floorball stick-clothes producers and compare to other more mature businesses - and thus draw the sober conclusion that the BIG Boys will become highly interested in Floorball soon. My firm belief is that the current Floorball stick producing industry will not only see mergers between smaller producers but also will stick producing companies become purchased by big global players like Adidas or Nike. I also dare to say that all this will be driven or initiated or related to the development in Germany.
However - there is one more vital component to this. And it is that the BIG Boys must realize this themselves. With expos like the ISPO and blogs like this one, writing on this subject, I am sure that they are fairly updated.
No, I do not say that they read this blog. However I expect them to have a fairly advanced monitoring system for their own presence for any material posted on-line that mention their brand names. Just like in the old world of press-cuts.
So the future for a more global developed model of Floorball it looks indeed very good.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Hampshire

The Swedish site Innebandyplaneten runs a story from New Hampshire in English.

Thank You guys !

German Philosophy - Old School

Hegel, was either an old spoof or a very clever thinker - depending on how You see things.

Some folks claim that he was the one that came up with the idea of a Thesis - that you try to “attack” a concept or idea with by using an Anti-thesis to find the real “truth” - or this "solution" was also called the Synthesis.
Many others state that he was not at all the guy that invented this idea - anyway - that is not too important right now. 

The thought or idea I think of can also be described like this: 
You have one proponent that drives the matter forward and the opponent that tries to move the thing back again - to find the true solution.
Gee, lets talk Floorball instead.
And now You think on a few names of related activities -
Lets say that You like Floor Hockey and that is our proponent. OK.
Can maybe Ball Hockey be the Opponent to this? Hmm Floor Hockey versus Ball Hockey.
If you know Your math - You will see that there is two values of both sides of this "equation" that looks similar - maybe they take out each other? I mean the word Hockey. So now they are gone.
If so - and we take what is left from first sport and merge that with what is left of the opponent sport and hey! - we should have our Synthesis and the true solution!
This word spells:

Maybe Hegel was not such a bad philosopher after all?
This phylosophical reasoning with a twist of math may give credit to the Floorball name - even if I have argued against it earlier...Hmm. I am still thinking. Maybe there is still something wrong with this way of reasoning?


Saturday, February 19, 2011

TOMAH OPEN - April 16th



An Open Floorball tournament - 3 on 3 style with goalies, is in the works in Tomah, WI.

The date as well as venue is fixed and we hope to have 6 - 10 teams from both Wisconsin and from other States too.

A more formal invitation will be distributed to interested teams or parties as soon as it is ready and some minor preparations is done.

This invitation, or parts of it, will also be published here. ETA is most likely within approx. 10 days.
If You may be interested - please keep us posted either by commenting on this post or using the email to the right on this blog - shot for Michael.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Vancouver Floorball League is SOLD OUT

This means they have more players as they can accommodate for.
I say it is just normal for Floorball and they will add more teams to solve this temporarily.

Our Man Mr. Beaudin meets the Press

From today's Article in Richmond Canada

“In Europe, floorball is a subculture of fashion, music and gear—like snowboarding 20 years ago.”

The man behind that claim believes the sport, which in 2008 received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee, will continue to grow in popularity and participation.
“I think we’re just getting into hyper-growth mode,” says Greg Beaudin, president of the BC Floorball Federation." 
end quote
Full article from the Richmond Review is to be found here

It kind of ties Bobby Hull to the Jets and what the first Swedes brought with them - but You read it best Yourself.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

BCFF teams up with Hockey Canada and FloorballPro


Yet another re-post from BCFloorball, in vancouver with their kind permission. what is going on out there is important since they are in the lead of the american floorball revolution - 

On Feb. 16th and Feb. 18th, BC Floorball is assisting Hockey Canada and FloorballPro to deliver informational workshops and Floorball instruction.
Join us at Britannia Secondary on Feb 16th at 4pm-7pm. This session is for Hockey Coaches, P/E Teachers, and Sport Programmers. Floorball is an innovative cross-training system for Hockey skills development, To register for this great opportunity please click on the link below:
Kevin Bathurst from Hockey Canada says “I encourage you to sign up for the sessions and to spread the word to your coaches and members. Don’t miss this chance to learn about floorball and keep your minor hockey organization on the cutting edge of off-ice development.”
Kevin Bathurst
Manager, Hockey Canada Regional Centre West
Gérant, CRHC Ouest

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Modern Hockey Vancouver

Modern Hockey in Vancouver reports on Twitter:
today is DEMO day with Hockey Canada Skills Camps via Floorball at Britannia Secondary

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FBL going rampant on Twitter right now

I do not know what is going on but the Tweets on FBL - the PC game for Floorball is tweeted galore.
I suspect that someone posted cracked versions of the game.
My advice would be that you go to the source and buy a legit version instead.
First Floorball is a sport for people with constructive ambitions
Second Floorball is working strongly against cheating like doping
I do not think You need further reasons.

Germany is the most important issue for Floorball

If You have read the post from last night. You will fully understand why I see Germany as a crucial component for the fast Global expansion of Floorball.
I say it all grows from the growth in Germany to open eyes at Adidas and that CCM will become interested  - and that the International governing body for Floorball suddenly will have the potential for a large sponsor or co-operating partner that is big enough to work with fast Global expansion.

Today the International Floorball Federation posted this
It sure looks like a thought or almost like we work together - but no we do not - at least not for now.
I think my thoughts and the just presented development in Germany - is not a coincidence or magic.
It is just betting on two things:
A) Extrapolation on what has happened in other, but smaller countries, and
B) A logic flow, borrowing on the development from other industries or businesses.

There is one more component to these posts - that is much more delicate and intricate. Something I will reveal in a future post.


Nike and Adidas (and their sub-brands Reebok, Bauer and CCM) are they lost?


At places where Floorball has become long time established it has comparable fast out-paced in pure numbers of players, the number of regular licenced Hockey players. It seems further like Floorball may gain Olympic status in 2020. How may this be related to two big sport brands like Adidas and Nike?

The main commercial product companies behind today’s Floorball revolution consists of several smaller and “G-local” companies (as when we compare to the two main global sporting giants as of above).

The problem with smaller companies backing up the sport of Floorball is that they do not have the resources to create a “D-day event” - to go ahead, full speed, to introduce or invade the sport to, truly large and potential areas like USA, Russia and Canada. And even if they - would be able to borrow funds, this approach would most likely be deemed too risky, since a daunting task like this may risk their full venture as a major undertaking. Yupp - that is at least my guess.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Erik is moving Floorball forward in California

Owly Images

So, now I wonder how much does it cost? I would like to have one too.


When did U watch TV from Switzerland last time?

Here is something that shows U how it looks in Switzerland, the German part

Want to see more?
Here is 101 Floorball movies

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The man from Canada - Floorball Madness

A man from Canada came and - like by pure instant magic - we have this clip from the Californian tourney Floorball Madness...
Thank You Juha!



Zone and the Ball

Here is one more product presentation from ISPO that is good this time from Zone.

The second video presents the new ball cr8er, the one ball, the next IFF WFC will be played with. Hm, I have some thoughts that I will try to share with You on that ball and ball development in general. This video however provided me with some interesting knowledge about this product. I have also figured out on how you can do Your own wind tunnel tests on a ball at home. But I must test this idea first before I may share it with you. ;-)


Friday, February 11, 2011

BCFF teams up with Hockey Canada and FloorballPro


New post from BCFloorball this time on how Hockey Canada and -well You can read yourself - cant You? ;-). What I wanted to say is that what they do up in Vancouver is outstanding and it is almost hard to keep up with them - THANK U GUYS!

Reposted from BCFLOORBALL with kind permission.

On Feb. 16th and Feb. 18th, BC Floorball is assisting Hockey Canada and FloorballPro to deliver informational workshops and Floorball instruction.
Join us at Britannia Secondary on Feb 16th at 4pm-7pm. This session is for Hockey Coaches, P/E Teachers, and Sport Programmers. Floorball is an innovative cross-training system for Hockey skills development, To register for this great opportunity please click on the link below:
Kevin Bathurst from Hockey Canada says “I encourage you to sign up for the sessions and to spread the word to your coaches and members. Don’t miss this chance to learn about floorball and keep your minor hockey organization on the cutting edge of off-ice development.”
Kevin Bathurst
Manager, Hockey Canada Regional Centre West
Gérant, CRHC Ouest
We Hope To See You There!

Ballmer, Nokia and Floorball

Interesting to see how Floorball is mentioned in relation to news on Microsoft and Nokia
Ok, this is not fully related as Floorball has something serious to do with this.
But, the fact that Nokia is using Floorball arenas to inform staff in Finland on what is going on - I do think it say something on how big Floorball is over there.
It is not just Sami Salo playing this. Let me quote from the first part of the article...

"Nokia informed workers of its shift in strategy via a video address at all company locations in Finland. Venues included floorball arenas in Salo and Tampere and a theatre in Oulu.
The effect of the strategic changes on personnel will be significant, according to company CEO Stephen Elop. The exact form of the job reductions, where they will hit and when, will be clarified in the coming weeks and months."


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Now we are moving forward

FLOORBALL U SAY /// Read this and dig it.

BC Floorball Says Thank-You!


Re-posted by kind permission from BCFloorball

CANADA VS USA: WOMENS’ FLOORBALL World Floorball Championships Qualifier
VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA. February 8, 2011
B.C. Floorball would like to thank everyone who attended the Womens’ World Championship Qualifier matches at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
Team USA won the series at the Richmond Oval, February 4 & 5th, 2011 and will advance to the December 2011 World Championships in St.Gallen, Switzerland. Congratulations to the US team and we would like to wish them success at the Worlds next December.
The venue proved, once again, to be an outstanding location to play Floorball, as was the City of Richmond. The setup of the arena was in accordance with IFF protocol and was inspected by Filip Suman, the Vice President of the International Floorball Federation. The games were solidly officiated by Referee Pair Tuija Heiskanen and Heli Saario from Helsinki. The CCES was tasked to coordinate the anti-doping tests. Attendance for game 1-187 and game 2-311.
Following the qualifier matches the Canadian National Floorball Championships were started. In the Women’s division, Team Ontario beat Team BC to win the Nationals, and in the Men’s division, Team BC beat Team Ontario.
It was a very exciting weekend for Floorball in BC and for Floorball Canada, Announcements regarding the Board of Floorball Canada were made:
Marc Kronewitt- Chairman, Randy Sa’D- Vice-Chair, Shane Malloy- Vice Chair, Greg Beaudin- International Rep, Juha Mikkola- Ontario Rep, Ola Mogstad- BC Rep
World Championship Qualifier Game Results
Game #1: Friday February 4th @ 6:00pm – Team USA 8 Team Canada 2
Game #2: Saturday February 5th @ 12:00pm – Team Canada 0 Team USA 8
For all the game stats visit: International Floorball Federation:
Floorball Canada:
BC Floorball
for more information contact Greg Beaudin: 778.385.7825 or

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ISPO have not learned much

hrrmm, It looks like last year, like sales-men for used cars, some struggling English....

No wonder Salming and a few others are dominating this thing - we will reserve ourselves and only post things selling the sport here.

This is good:

hey, that x3m solution is what we talked about a long time ago. not just to customize but to save shipping costs too - think postage for a stick buddy.

Hola - Here is a new post for all Spanish speaking people

FLOORBALL U se habla espangnol ///

La pasada semana se celebraba en Benidorm (España) la clasificación para el Mundial Femenino de Suiza. Finalmente España no ha logrado la ansiada clasificación, pero, desde que se tomó la decisión de celebrar el torneo en España, todo han sido buenos momentos.

6 meses de trabajo para preparar todo y 3 largos días en el pabellón par tener todo listo. El Miércoles 2 comenzaba el torneo con el partido inaugural: España – Italia. La selección Española necesitaba ganar y los nervios eran palpables. Himnos, Speaker, Música, Mesa, Recoge-pelotas, IFF, árbitros…todo preparado para el pitido inicial.

Womens Hockey in Canada, CWHL, makes a discovery

Yeah, we suppose You got the hint by now - but here is a very interesting story - or what do YOU think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Reporting on Q w WFC 2011 America from Vancouver

FLOORBALL U SAY /// Repost from BCFLOORBALL, with kind permission, source

TEAM USA Qualifies for Worlds, Floorball Canada emerges as the real winner

This weekend was an experience and half for BC Floorball. Hosting the International qualifier series between USA and Canada was a great test for  both the Richmond Oval and the Local Organizing Committee.
Team USA was in Vancouver, a week in advance, practicing and getting familiar with the court and the local surroundings. A few women had traveled from USA, but most of the Team had to cross the atlantic, from Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. Team USA was mostly made up of Europeans that had no real connection to the USA other than a passport.
Team Canada on the other hand, built their team from players recruited from across Canada without any more experienced European players. This decision, to develop a homegrown roster in a grassroots fashion ultimately will bring Victory to Canada for many years to come.
Team Canada had two only days of practice, and most of the team was brand new to Floorball with no real game experience. To see them bring their Ice Hockey and Field Hockey knowledge and skills to the Floorball court in such a short time and perform so well, is very encouraging for the future of Women’s Floorball in Canada.
The results were:
Game 1-Team USA 8 Team Canada 2
Game 2- Team USA 8 Team Canada 0
Canada featured hockey stars Delaney Collins and Christine Hartnoll, Field Hockey National Team Goalie Azelia Liu, and Local Tennis player and Ball Hockey player Rossi Thomas.  Former BCFFer and now Thunder Bay native, Stephanie Allam was named Team Captain.
The Event enabled Floorball enthusiasts in Canada to reach beyond their small community of players and kickstart a real Women’s Floorball explosion at the grassroots level, and we can only expect our Team to improve quickly in the World rankings.
Perhaps, the European players that played for Team USA have a strategy to build Floorball in the States…time will tell.

Täkhä, on Floorball and Hockey and much more


Asics - Floorball - ISPO - aand more


The movies are are lining up from ISPO, via the IFF - outstanding work - here a few of them
Here from Demo games
Here is on boards
And Shoot-out demo

Charity - wheelchair floorball

Here is a drive from the Czech Republic to provide more players with wheelchairs to play Floorball (and other sports too I assume). Now with English subtitles!
I think if now many players in the NHL from west European countries was raised (or at least played Floorball) at their own school growing up. Then I think they should help these guys that want to play the more expensive and exclusive version of Floorball - or at least be aware about the matter and think about it. Same goes for "rich" Floorball clubs in Europe.
Every big Floorball club should post this video on their own website and try to raise money in their own club for at least one wheelchair?
Same goes for this blog, if You want to help these guys and can afford to spare some funds - let us know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011



Last year, I was not too happy as I had realized earlier on that the males in Canada and USA had to compete for one spot, only, at WFC2010. 
In 2008 USA was the best non-European nation and after Canada kicked USA out at the qualification round in 2010, USA could not even go...Well. Canada became the best non-European team in WFC2010. So Floorball is not that bad in America.

ISPO is on, first post

Last year we found tonnes of interesting news from ISPO. That does not indicate that we will be as lucky this year. But here is an impressive set of pictures at a very good German site from the first day at one of the worlds largest sport exhibition.


The small but big picture - Canada's Floorball Championship. More to follow soon...
Canadian Floorball National Championships! on Twitpic

Here is also a pic on the ladies that will go to w WFC 2011 - from the USA this time. Congrats!

USA - Canada Women

The IFF reports on game 2

Here is the teams playing w WFC 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

As the two most important and historic games in America is underway...

The qualification between Team Canada and USA for the womens World Floorball Championship is underway (now just hours to the first game of two) we just got this in as a comment from Vancouver:
John wrote: "Just got back to the hotel....watched the practice this morning and USA were looking pretty solid. They have an excellent goalie this time time out and couple of other good additions. Trying to get some photos online now, but the Richmond Oval has free wifi so we're also planning on trying to post during the game :-)

So lets see if we can have direct pictures in almost live as the first game starts in hours:
Here is the address You want to follow for this great service:

I call this the first fully serious article on Floorball in America

Vancouver Sun dominates the American media scene right now, chuckle.

You be the judge read it here:



It sure looks like you may tune in here to the first time ever USA and CANADA's women meet in Floorball.
It is two important games since it is all about ONE single spot for the World Championship later on this year.
Game 1) Time tomorrow Friday is 6-8 PM local in Vancouver's Olympic arena
Game 2) Time Saturday is between 12-2 PM also at the same place.

Here is the magic link.

This link will take You to the sponsor Salming/Floorballpro and other interesting information on this event.

Delaney Collins, Team Canada

..or, how a current female Canadian Hockey superstar picks up a Floorball stick - to defend her own country.
Almost all You need to know about her very impressive International Hockey career is to be found here
As an athlete she, or D.C. as her friends calls her was also selected as athlete of the Year in Manitoba 2007.

Tomorrow this Canada Hockey icon will represent another and new Team Canada.
Canada's National Floorball Team.
As they clash with team USA in the first round of two for one ticket to the womens World Floorball Championship - an event that is played later on this year in Europe.

Here is "D.C." Floorball style before the game, be our guest, courtesy of Floorballpro.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Järveds IF, the club of the Sedins and Näslund and a Quiz

Järveds IF is a small Hockey club in Sweden that have raised some BIGGER than big NHL players.
Ever heard about the Sedin Twins or Näslund?
Take your own little local club and think - how can such a small hockey club accomplish this initial sprout of talent?
Is it work ethics, tradition, hard work, focus on skills or play, maybe superior ingenuity or just pure luck -mad practice or something secret behind a little club like this? Or just all of it?

I do not have that answer.

Sorry, beside of the names mentioned above, there is one more NHL player and several players that played in the highest hockey league in Sweden - both Male and Females - one girls played Hockey a long time in the USA - all from Järveds IF

The main thing I see myself as I today compare this club to the other Hockey clubs outside of Sweden I am aware about - is what I hold myself so very dear.

Järveds IF, this little club, does today not only have an Ice Hockey operation on their program they play Floorball too, with youth teams all according their own web presentation from 2008. So this information is not fully fresh...
Here is a presentation of one of their younger girl Floorball teams:
As You see this page does not even have a back page button.
(WARNING all links in Swedish - sadly - including a great history file - the pictures may be fun to see though - one shows NHL players from Järved, if You scroll down a bit   ->

Here is the quiz?
Why do you think they play Floorball in Järveds IF?
Can You figure out something else?
And, do You want to have fun?


Just in from Floorballpro over twitter

Womens Q WFC 2011
Guess the combined score of Team Canada Floorball vs. Team USA Floorball and win the brand new SALMING AERO 27!...
Search for @Floorballpro on Twitter if You as I have a problem to reach the facebook page this link points to.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Q w WFC - Pictures

Direct from twitter:
Floorball photo's of today's games: Spain-Italy 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


As we get closer to the battle of the year here is the Team presentation for USA.
This is the first time ever USA and Canada play!

A picture say more..


ISPO Floorball Village

It is time again for the worlds largest sporting fair. Yet again we will see a Floorball village.
And yes full coverage on this story from the IFF.
This is very good for the fast development of the sport and we can suspect many new product videos.
But I do hope that the manufacturers use some people good at English this time - last year was not impressive in that respect - with a few excellent exceptions.
The IFF also promise to reveal a new partnership - they describe this using these words as a teaser "coopetation agreements" - that sure sounds interesting?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!